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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays -
Published: 6 months ago By: Gamer Chad

By: Gamer ChadPublished: 6 months ago

965, 953 views

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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays - Thanks for watching!

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Entity Gamer
'Entity Gamer' 9 minutes ago
name the baby soul becouse its gender is unknown
Jean Abordo
'Jean Abordo' 9 hours ago
Is this a god name Emaly
jacky wong
'jacky wong' 3 days ago
you totally need to play roblox rob the bank
Matin Shahriyari
'Matin Shahriyari' 4 days ago
you are the best you tubeer ever!! im a YouTuber to but I don,t records and I like you
Mikayla Lee
'Mikayla Lee' 2 weeks ago
me to the one with pupil chair most John day John life he I to to the new movie most view by zone quickly play deal his John of age on used most at zone by most by John good and quickly play on the more king he I saw Dan TD play post
Ashley Maldonado
'Ashley Maldonado' 2 weeks ago
and Chad name you red one Alan Jr
Ashley Maldonado
'Ashley Maldonado' 2 weeks ago
I love you
Ashley Maldonado
'Ashley Maldonado' 2 weeks ago
Julia Uyliong
'Julia Uyliong' 3 weeks ago
Chad I really want to request to you that I want to play with you and your friends and since I go to school we can play saturday to sunday.
Disha Mathrani
'Disha Mathrani' 3 weeks ago
Yammy I got a lot of posters of you and I put them inside my house I put them all around
Ejeremiah wil
'Ejeremiah wil' 3 weeks ago
Ben Reece
'Ben Reece' 1 month ago
they have your own poster
Morgan Roper
'Morgan Roper' 1 month ago
chad can you friend me I'm a youtuber
Farhan Roblox
'Farhan Roblox' 1 month ago
ChadAlanPlayRoblox i m your big fan
Phuong Vu
'Phuong Vu' 1 month ago
Yay I like chad
Adrina Keenan
'Adrina Keenan' 1 month ago
barbara odle
'barbara odle' 2 months ago
izzatun nafsi
'izzatun nafsi' 2 months ago
yammy that so cool they have a posters of you!!!
Daniel Villaseñor
'Daniel Villaseñor' 2 months ago
how did you get taco
magda w
'magda w' 2 months ago
chad why dont u do the floor and because u got loads of moneu buy so much stuff so ur house will be full of stuff and everyone goes to see your house
yo y nadie mas
'yo y nadie mas' 2 months ago
Matthew Rycroft
'Matthew Rycroft' 2 months ago
there was a poster of chad
LittleBird LB
'LittleBird LB' 2 months ago
The baby will save
Eduardo Soto
'Eduardo Soto' 2 months ago
hi Chad
Shannon Firman
'Shannon Firman' 2 months ago
You should name the baby Miss poo
Xander Planet
'Xander Planet' 2 months ago
I love roblox
Emily Taylor
'Emily Taylor' 2 months ago
Chad it's called an island
Emily Taylor
'Emily Taylor' 2 months ago
You should name the baby meep Cherry!
Kristina Bruziene
'Kristina Bruziene' 2 months ago
Omg hiiiiii i love your vids soso much
Coolest Gurll
'Coolest Gurll' 2 months ago
hi i saw u chad in meep city i said hi but u telported some were👋
mason gg
'mason gg' 2 months ago
i heard a phone call in the background
Linda Slater
'Linda Slater' 2 months ago
yammy xox i love u
Joey Rowlands
'Joey Rowlands' 2 months ago
Chad be my friand plz I love your video 😍😍😍😍😍 and I love toco 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮I really won't to see you 😰😰😰😰😰
Joey Rowlands
'Joey Rowlands' 2 months ago
Chad talk to me plz I love your video a picture of you not a lie
Xochilt Jacoby
'Xochilt Jacoby' 2 months ago
Lin Roblox Gaming
'Lin Roblox Gaming' 2 months ago
angela nevaeh
'angela nevaeh' 2 months ago
please like me
angela nevaeh
'angela nevaeh' 2 months ago
wow baby
stephen arteaga
'stephen arteaga' 2 months ago
name it meeparina
Kristy Johnson
'Kristy Johnson' 3 months ago
I named my meep chad
Autumn Pinion
'Autumn Pinion' 3 months ago
yammy ox I love your YouTube channle
TheLegit Miner
'TheLegit Miner' 3 months ago
Omg they look so adorable!
Annie Magpantay
'Annie Magpantay' 3 months ago
i love a meep😍😍😍😍
sparkle the sylveon
'sparkle the sylveon' 3 months ago
Maxim Pivtorak
'Maxim Pivtorak' 3 months ago
wot or you going to name the Baby meep?
Jeannine Ayres
'Jeannine Ayres' 3 months ago
my meeps name is bubbles
Vincent Lim
'Vincent Lim' 3 months ago
Chad you should name the baby sugar cane.😊
Nik Amirul Faiz Nik Md Yusof
It must be a girl because she is red and her name is Rosie🌹🌹🌺
agung sri
'agung sri' 3 months ago
the baby will be saved in your house
Gaming with Agimanna
'Gaming with Agimanna' 3 months ago
Can't wait for Chad to hit one mill #onemillion
Christiana Green
'Christiana Green' 3 months ago
Tap the baby 👶🏼
Gaming With Katie
'Gaming With Katie' 3 months ago
the hot tub is the bath tub alex just put hot tub to trick people
Noah barks
'Noah barks' 3 months ago
my baby suck my dick
Belle Bananalee
'Belle Bananalee' 3 months ago
Taco is cute
Cherry Tam
'Cherry Tam' 3 months ago
Hi Chad, this is my first video seen by you, I know you because of Audrey, I think you, Micro, Audrey, And Dollastic should hang out at meepcity one time
Ruben Payumo
'Ruben Payumo' 3 months ago
i love your videos chad
Rafal Krawiec
'Rafal Krawiec' 3 months ago
oo omg yammy you you hir i your big fan in thr world
Brandon Broussard
'Brandon Broussard' 3 months ago
Brandon Broussard
'Brandon Broussard' 3 months ago
Maria Vlahopouliotismaria
do exstrem hide and seak pppppppppplllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 3 months ago
yammy xox i have your poster in my meep room
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 3 months ago
but im chads big fan
Yolande Adedokun
'Yolande Adedokun' 3 months ago
yammy and chad im your fan
Jeanette Amaya
'Jeanette Amaya' 3 months ago
Chad you should name it jen
wr zhao
'wr zhao' 3 months ago
OMG it me
'CarlTheFox' 3 months ago
What is a "Meep"? I'm confused but Meeps are cute!😋
Roxane Ramirez
'Roxane Ramirez' 3 months ago
Cute meep 🐬🐾💐
Paula Kruger
'Paula Kruger' 3 months ago
Natasha Nichols
'Natasha Nichols' 4 months ago
OK who disliked this video huh huh? 😡😡😡👍👎👍👎👍👎✌
emma anderson
'emma anderson' 4 months ago
chad please can you send me one of that sd in a box becose i been looking all day
Kati Evans
'Kati Evans' 4 months ago
Stephanie Mendoza
'Stephanie Mendoza' 4 months ago
Chad give me robux-!!!!! and I love tacos your pet
ajeng kartika
'ajeng kartika' 4 months ago
lucu banget
Tatiana Woods
'Tatiana Woods' 4 months ago
I send you a friend
Katie Town
'Katie Town' 4 months ago
U should name the baby meep fransene
Nicolas Michalakis
'Nicolas Michalakis' 4 months ago
Nelson Pamintuan
'Nelson Pamintuan' 4 months ago
Chad thats a bathtub in meepcity!!! I have one!!!!
Victor Cosio
'Victor Cosio' 4 months ago
The baby meeps are so cute!!!awwwww
Juliabella V
'Juliabella V' 4 months ago
Alex Neutron should add something where you can take care of your baby meet that way you can have way more fun that game
Lol gamer5
'Lol gamer5' 4 months ago
'charmanderpokiemontv' 4 months ago
hay chad can i join you some time
Jamie Guilmette
'Jamie Guilmette' 4 months ago
Ahhh it looked like some tentacles poped out when he went in the the furniture shop did anybody else see that?
Aidan and Sam
'Aidan and Sam' 4 months ago
Kathryn Scott
'Kathryn Scott' 4 months ago
XxKatie CatxX
'XxKatie CatxX' 4 months ago
Cecile Nazareno
'Cecile Nazareno' 4 months ago
For Audrey make a. Toilet chair their in your kitchen hahaha funny right
Jovanie isnadin
'Jovanie isnadin' 4 months ago
You sound like a girl
Kourtney Qualls
'Kourtney Qualls' 4 months ago
i named my meep taco too and my meep is blue 😘😘😘😘i love u gamer chad u are my favorite youtuber
Noob-Noob99 Sec
'Noob-Noob99 Sec' 4 months ago
i hate chad because he hacked me
cookie quake
'cookie quake' 4 months ago
Ya the baby will save so u can keep him forever 😄
Kayla Hewett
'Kayla Hewett' 4 months ago
sheylas favorite youtuber is zaira naranjo yass
when he did the fart sound that my me laugh HAHAHHAHHAHA
Rehan Ahmed
'Rehan Ahmed' 4 months ago
I play meepcity
Cat Lover
'Cat Lover' 4 months ago
I love your vids I watch all of them and I love u so much
Little Heidi
'Little Heidi' 4 months ago
but how did he give you money
Kendall The Gaming Cat
Chad do you know how to spell Why how to spell why is y
Kendall The Gaming Cat
Chad I Rate your Channel a 38885
F Dzigal
'F Dzigal' 4 months ago
Chad How Do You Get Robux
OG Ponys & Toy Reviews
I read it
Olga Ruiz
'Olga Ruiz' 4 months ago
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