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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays -
Published: 1 year ago By: Gamer Chad

By: Gamer ChadPublished: 1 year ago

1, 270, 731 views

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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays - Thanks for watching!

Play MeepCity Here:

INSTAGRAM: chadalanofficial


Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Mohammed Yusuf
'Mohammed Yusuf' 4 days ago
Giv me a gift in meep city my name is kilesuperblue pleas i will giv you a gift
stanley thirkles
'stanley thirkles' 5 days ago
I mean meep
stanley thirkles
'stanley thirkles' 5 days ago
I got 20000 coins on keep city!
Mary Odriscoll Batt
I love it.
Steven Mcgrath
'Steven Mcgrath' 6 days ago
U deserve alot of subs
'xxxlockhart' 1 week ago
That is amazing
friends with mr. soda Diet Coke
A&N prdochen
joe plays roblox
'joe plays roblox' 2 weeks ago
Meep city's name is meep shitty
joe plays roblox
'joe plays roblox' 2 weeks ago
More keep shity
Chloe Jenkins
'Chloe Jenkins' 3 weeks ago
I have ten baby meeps
Rachel Gardiner
'Rachel Gardiner' 3 weeks ago
You said the same thing as dollastic
Shirley Mills
'Shirley Mills' 3 weeks ago
Hi chad I love you videos you are soo cool
jacob 1234567891011121314
They should add doors
slime channel
'slime channel' 3 weeks ago
My meep is the same exactly the same as yours. OMG lol
Gaz Benson
'Gaz Benson' 3 weeks ago
WOW! :()
Gaz Benson
'Gaz Benson' 3 weeks ago
WOW! :)
'LILLY ROSE' 4 weeks ago
Milly White
'Milly White' 4 weeks ago
There is a bigger house then that it has a 2 story so ha
Ashley Moncus
'Ashley Moncus' 1 month ago
Name it Cherry
Chang Lu
'Chang Lu' 1 month ago
Chad you have 40260money? how come you get so many money I am also plus in meep city I love your vids chad.
psy chi
'psy chi' 1 month ago
name your meep stacy
Owens Boogies hilton
I have 3078
Ceyshawn Platt
'Ceyshawn Platt' 1 month ago
You should have gotten a blue meep because your meep is blue and tweeter is blue
brandon fc
'brandon fc' 1 month ago
Jovanni Vassallo
'Jovanni Vassallo' 2 months ago
'IPL- MÜCAHİT' 2 months ago
Give me the link to the game
Ken Dean
'Ken Dean' 2 months ago
hi chad
Holly Altman
'Holly Altman' 2 months ago
Aqua gamer
'Aqua gamer' 2 months ago
I wish you can get 2 meets
Vivian Rangel
'Vivian Rangel' 2 months ago
Call her emyily
Sam Mayne
'Sam Mayne' 2 months ago
Hey chad you should name the baby meep
Arli Saldaña
'Arli Saldaña' 2 months ago
Iam your bigest fan
'BigBlueGibbs' 2 months ago
Your the beas
Miles Francisco
'Miles Francisco' 2 months ago
i love ur vids chad and ur minecraft vids omg😅😅😅😅😅
jeffrey edwards
'jeffrey edwards' 2 months ago
I like u and cookie
Sebastiao1 Mavitidi
'Sebastiao1 Mavitidi' 3 months ago
Name her Rosie she is the color of it
ammarah khan
'ammarah khan' 3 months ago
ItZmiraXie 360
'ItZmiraXie 360' 3 months ago
Alexnewtron should be ur friend in roblox like if u agreeee
'HIATUS DUNSEPH' 3 months ago
Not far😥
Wanda McKinney
'Wanda McKinney' 3 months ago
or name the baby chad or alan
Wanda McKinney
'Wanda McKinney' 3 months ago
name the baby jake
juliene erich:3 panes
In the plaza
Ayana Thomas
'Ayana Thomas' 3 months ago
Name the baby meet Barito
'vamsi536' 3 months ago
WOW I love your videos but I cannot subscribe sorry
meow meow meow meow Peters
😭😢🤐😯😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔 Meek Mill videos cuz you're all I have
meow meow meow meow Peters
Can I go in your house and be the visitor because I don't have any houses in Roblox and I'm just sad cuz everytime I play like a baby gave me upload picture baby but the baby Alan videos I could sad cuz he's always asking the home and I don't have a home so thank you for letting me know
Caillou Fan
'Caillou Fan' 3 months ago
How do you should make a party by going to the party hat singing and it only says only plus can bake a party
I Am Boodles Slime n
Two more days until Christmas
Sophia awesome
'Sophia awesome' 3 months ago
the blue one is a boy the red one is a boy the yellow one is a boy the green one is a boy the pink one is a girl💋💗💗💋💋💙💘💚💋❣💤💖💛💜💙💚💚💛💜
Alvin Punzalan
'Alvin Punzalan' 3 months ago
i ment 399
Alvin Punzalan
'Alvin Punzalan' 3 months ago
how does she has more money then me i onely have 3999
Jordan Loera
'Jordan Loera' 3 months ago
Gloria Gaming
'Gloria Gaming' 3 months ago
oh my poopy cookie fart life YOUR MONEY!!!!
mommy gamer
'mommy gamer' 3 months ago
waterrose the fruit bat
So good
kawaii cookie
'kawaii cookie' 3 months ago
Name him jr. Chad!
Esther Sebastiao
'Esther Sebastiao' 3 months ago
Chad can you name the baby meep name Harry
Bryce s Smith
'Bryce s Smith' 4 months ago
Stella O
'Stella O'Hare' 4 months ago
I luv you epsod l
Brenda Garcia
'Brenda Garcia' 4 months ago
Can you show us your wit bord
Amy Lewis
'Amy Lewis' 4 months ago
Love your videos and merry christmas
Jack is awesome
'Jack is awesome' 4 months ago
I don't have plus :( I don't have many robux :(
Sek Ugama Bebuloh Brunei IV
i go to parties like everytime
shauntel head
'shauntel head' 4 months ago
Renee Rainbow
'Renee Rainbow' 5 months ago
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chad alan plays roblox omg
SwirlGirlStar 2007
'SwirlGirlStar 2007' 5 months ago
I hope you had a nice new year eve
cat Lover
'cat Lover' 6 months ago
Kathleen Wang - Castlebridge PS (1657)
U should be at 109299999million subscribers
Theresa Wakefield
'Theresa Wakefield' 6 months ago
Great video
Theresa Wakefield
'Theresa Wakefield' 6 months ago
Mack a name
Theresa Wakefield
'Theresa Wakefield' 6 months ago
Never stop doing vids
Theresa Wakefield
'Theresa Wakefield' 6 months ago
I'm a plus are you
Kamron Newland
'Kamron Newland' 6 months ago
Breana Coe
'Breana Coe' 6 months ago
Cool I'm bre I'm sure a fan of your videos
Roblox Lover
'Roblox Lover' 6 months ago
Joseph Martinez
'Joseph Martinez' 6 months ago
I. Love you
Carly Aguirre
'Carly Aguirre' 6 months ago
Chad the babies in meep City they do save in the game
Rachel T
'Rachel T' 6 months ago
Gamer chad what is your username in roblox cause I wanna friend request you
Rebecca Clapson
'Rebecca Clapson' 6 months ago
Hi chad i wish you a happy 2017 this year Now bye
Tania fun with sister Gallardo
Chad can you play Sister location
Carly Holmes
'Carly Holmes' 7 months ago
But you friends love you so very much fun with you friends love you so much fun with the new one job. But by no and no one job and my sister and my family is Evie descendants2
Teens Fakes e Oficial!
You Have a Lot of Money!!!
'Primadirani16' 7 months ago
Chad play wonk at a pizza
Anisa A
'Anisa A' 7 months ago
Chad I love you you're my favorite YouTube or's who are the best I love you roblox videos
Chantelle B
'Chantelle B' 7 months ago
Name it rosey
Jay GamingYT
'Jay GamingYT' 7 months ago
Mauricio Jacomes
'Mauricio Jacomes' 7 months ago
Hail cowcow
Mauricio Jacomes
'Mauricio Jacomes' 7 months ago
Did you hear people saying that meepcity is an oder place. You are cause of roblx downfall
Mauricio Jacomes
'Mauricio Jacomes' 7 months ago
The down fall of roblox
'MrGamerGuy' 7 months ago
Chad you are a ODer
James Salazar SR
'James Salazar SR' 7 months ago
lol chad
Raelyn Garcia
'Raelyn Garcia' 8 months ago
Chad buy a rocking chair for the baby
Ashley Waychoff
'Ashley Waychoff' 8 months ago
i love your show you also inspired me for my house
kelvin mcconney
'kelvin mcconney' 8 months ago
it will saved
'Kousiki' 8 months ago
I have a red baby too!!!!!!
'THE M.L SISTERS' 8 months ago
I saw youre house and i realised i went to youre party
'Nemony' 8 months ago
Jennifer O
'Jennifer O'Brien' 8 months ago
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MoonStone Wolf
'MoonStone Wolf' 8 months ago
Click on the baby when holding it!
Iliyana Medrano
'Iliyana Medrano' 8 months ago
u should watch little Kelly 😃😎😘😍
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