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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Gamer Chad

By: Gamer ChadPublished: 3 weeks ago

578, 558 views

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Roblox / I Adopted a New Baby! / Meep City / Gamer Chad Plays - Thanks for watching!

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Amy Glover
'Amy Glover' 2 days ago
I have three of the babys
Tihomir Gueorguiev
can you name her puffball
Edward Mensaj
'Edward Mensaj' 3 days ago
Chad u need to play Minecraft story mode
Zehra Mehdi
'Zehra Mehdi' 4 days ago
I have a crib And i took a red baby
chistine Dela Pena
Oh my goodness you have a cool but I fully house wow
Salvador Vasquez
'Salvador Vasquez' 5 days ago
chad name it rosie
Afsha Riyas
'Afsha Riyas' 5 days ago
Yammy xox please play with gamer Chad and deeeeeee nnnnnn issss Denis
'GR FUNK' 6 days ago
What is your name in roblox?
Kim Swedberg
'Kim Swedberg' 7 days ago
i have all the new stuff i played today
Farzana Anny
'Farzana Anny' 7 days ago
i have a baby
Ruth Fitzgdrald Long
I saw myself in the video
Plushgamer 87
'Plushgamer 87' 7 days ago
Oh yeah 4got to tell u yea the creator should ad more furniture like a bath tub 🛀
Plushgamer 87
'Plushgamer 87' 7 days ago
Hi chad lol I just started waching your vids like a week ago and I had my meep 4 like a year and my named him taco 🌮 and I did not know your meeps name was taco
Gracie Morgan
'Gracie Morgan' 1 week ago
like the comment if you think Chad should play hello neighbor
Pink Plays
'Pink Plays' 1 week ago
Baby meeps are cute
'AIMZ CALAMARES' 1 week ago
name it dorito
Bianca Nunes
'Bianca Nunes' 1 week ago
Yay I love the new update in meep city first let me say your house omg it's the best house I have ever seen and I love the new features you can put in your house and love that you can adopted a baby meep it's so adorable and awesome
Tasha Sebastian
'Tasha Sebastian' 1 week ago
you should name the baby Carly
Seth Neeland
'Seth Neeland' 1 week ago
Chad they have a poster of you!!!!!!!
Don Gelwick
'Don Gelwick' 1 week ago
Jayla Ramsey
'Jayla Ramsey' 1 week ago
Mack Sally play with you
Edith Luna
'Edith Luna' 1 week ago
Edith Luna
'Edith Luna' 1 week ago
gamer Chad I haven't seen your videos since 2 yeara
Brian Debra
'Brian Debra' 1 week ago
hey tweeter dont be silly all the time
Leah bleach Girl (LeahMelv)
Why don't they have pewdiepie or jacksepticeye or any other yts posters...???
Christine Masters
'Christine Masters' 1 week ago
where 's the party room er
Brandy Musick
'Brandy Musick' 1 week ago
yummy omg
Elliott Clark
'Elliott Clark' 1 week ago
Call the meep rosey
Shadow CadetsCatDoritos
I want an LDShadowLady poster! But it hasn't been added!
Destini Hill
'Destini Hill' 2 weeks ago
I am a fan☺☺☺☺☺
Julian Ortega
'Julian Ortega' 2 weeks ago
I like your house but I'm sure your not going to see this 😍 i love you i love your vids.😘😘😘your 💪🏻👈🏻
Lily 17
'Lily 17' 2 weeks ago
Chad you are a Taco 🌮
Yo desiree Here
'Yo desiree Here' 2 weeks ago
Colette Carroll
'Colette Carroll' 2 weeks ago
Alexnewtron keeps adding new stuff and I love it
Angelina Marie
'Angelina Marie' 2 weeks ago
If u push the baby icon while u hold the baby it will rock
khuong tang
'khuong tang' 2 weeks ago
You can name your baby sweetie
Chelsea Song
'Chelsea Song' 2 weeks ago
i wish he would open the kitchen again it makes me mad that alex did that so now i have to play with hours trying to get money from every 5 minutes you play and i dont have 80 robux to spend on this game 400 for 80 robux that no where near cheap
LPS diamond funny girl
baby Sarah
'Jolienknol;)' 2 weeks ago
I want to more money >:[
Eli Davis
'Eli Davis' 2 weeks ago
If you are you a YouTube you get a Po of tour safe if he knows you
'fred' 2 weeks ago
I'm on roblox my name is ariana4505
I'm ganna start a video sometime
Congrats yammy I'm a big fan of ur vids
'It's Pookie' 2 weeks ago
I have 5
Drop The Beat!!
'Drop The Beat!!' 2 weeks ago
Let's Go Party!!And celebrate because taco have a Brother or sister 🙌🙌
Sharon build a big cake
OMG that have a poster if me to ayyayayyayayayay
Jason Blagg
'Jason Blagg' 2 weeks ago
chad you +taco =chaco
Victor Gonzalez
'Victor Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
Pepe García Elizalde
my sis is fat in roblox
Sabrina Flores
'Sabrina Flores' 2 weeks ago
hey gamer chad why don't you make the baby a room
Little Miss Youtuber - Mrs Cookie
Look how much Meep City coins he has... 40060 meep coins... I only have 1000
Jayden Avelino
'Jayden Avelino' 2 weeks ago
name your baby meep the house baby
Luke Somera
'Luke Somera' 2 weeks ago
gamerchad. your so rich in meepcity
fox guy
'fox guy' 2 weeks ago
Monica Rodriguez
'Monica Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
have a party
Tinisha McClellan
'Tinisha McClellan' 2 weeks ago
Cool vid love you gamer chad
Karen Walker
'Karen Walker' 2 weeks ago
chad somone had 5 crims and 5 baby meeps
Guava juce
'Guava juce' 2 weeks ago
I love your vids
Cora LaRosee (CoraTheExplora)
chad I have the hot tub too but I'm not plus but I'm planning to
Vivian Blogs
'Vivian Blogs' 2 weeks ago
You should name your baby Meep Rosey because she's the color of a rose
ashleigh johnson
'ashleigh johnson' 2 weeks ago
Can I get 100 likes plz my great nan died today
DJ Glitter
'DJ Glitter' 2 weeks ago
it's name should b Taco Jr.
DJ Glitter
'DJ Glitter' 2 weeks ago
the baby should b a by and his name should b taco jr.
philip john bonifacio
Declan Cash
'Declan Cash' 2 weeks ago
they should add a stove
Lacie Holden-berresford
hi Tammy xox
iiKitty Gamer
'iiKitty Gamer' 2 weeks ago
Hey Chad I Loves You're Video And I subbed!
Lizzie The Fox
'Lizzie The Fox' 2 weeks ago
chad i love love love love you!😍 😘😚❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘❤️ 💝 💟
Cyber nova
'Cyber nova' 2 weeks ago
Rose as shes red
Cyber nova
'Cyber nova' 2 weeks ago
i was trying to get another baby meep because i already had one and my game lost connection
Gamer Sam
'Gamer Sam' 2 weeks ago
chad:look taco we got a baby Taco:umm... did u just stole that in the hospital *walkout* HAHA
miya doesminecraft
'miya doesminecraft' 2 weeks ago
miya doesminecraft
'miya doesminecraft' 2 weeks ago
My Life As Doll Video
how many robux do you have I have zero, I really want 400 for the blueprint would you mind giving me some of yours or give a tip in a video on how to get them free. cutecatslovetigers is my username tell the guy that made this game he is awesome and has a good taste in furniture tell him thanks for the baby meep cribs for me and I am one of his biggest fans although ask if he can give me 400 robux please. you both are the best and I look forward in seeing your next video and again thanks you really cheer me up both of you do.
Gaming Kitty
'Gaming Kitty' 2 weeks ago
When u do go live on YouTube do a party in meep city
Ethan Castro
'Ethan Castro' 2 weeks ago
Chad can u plz send me a friend request on roblox it Leila the slayer
Azaria Wilson
'Azaria Wilson' 2 weeks ago
name her kate
Gevy Yang
'Gevy Yang' 2 weeks ago
joe kirven
'joe kirven' 2 weeks ago
Name the baby meep ruby!
thomas buckley
'thomas buckley' 2 weeks ago
Chad how do you get a roblox ackownt?
Ava Spencer
'Ava Spencer' 2 weeks ago
someone sent you a friend reqest wy did,nt you answer
Sobun Lou
'Sobun Lou' 2 weeks ago
xoPink Octane
'xoPink Octane' 2 weeks ago
I know I'm like an ordinary kid watching you and wishing to meet you but it is my dream to play with you and see you and meet you and I want to say that you can accomplish anything if you try. 😊
Lola Felidhouse
'Lola Felidhouse' 2 weeks ago
When are you doing your next bloxburg video
JBoy Super 12
'JBoy Super 12' 2 weeks ago
and this bully at my school his my name is evan it is making my day worse please make me feel better
thong vu
'thong vu' 2 weeks ago
Chad you are the best
TinaThe TigerRawr
'TinaThe TigerRawr' 2 weeks ago
You should name your baby meep meat because you first meep taco and the baby meep is like the daughter right so yeah I just saying you can call baby meep meat
TinaThe TigerRawr
'TinaThe TigerRawr' 2 weeks ago
Chad your so funny never stop being funny
TC Games
'TC Games' 2 weeks ago
Chad you should be the meet day care
TC Games
'TC Games' 2 weeks ago
Chad your living room looks like a day care
Thawana Harris
'Thawana Harris' 2 weeks ago
Aritz Unai Bercetti Jara
Chad i have some codes to meepcity to use you need click the twitter bird. The codes are (i think) carrots djcat paperhat first try to pull in the game 1 of they give a think its a cool accesorie for Taco
Muraad Playz
'Muraad Playz' 2 weeks ago
Chad gets a phone call at 11:17
wiktoria Jozwiak
'wiktoria Jozwiak' 2 weeks ago
chad i have tree babys and when dont you name it olivia because you said its a girl
My Life As Doll Video
Please friend me cutecatslovetigers
'MARIUS PRINCESS' 2 weeks ago
I see chad in meep city
'ALVIN REYES' 2 weeks ago
hi XD
'TRACERS BLINK' 2 weeks ago
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