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Trump recognizes Russia's role in hack after intel briefing -
Published: 1 year ago By: Fox News

By: Fox NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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The president-elect pointed fingers at Democrats for trumping the issue of the cyber-attack; John Roberts reports for 'Special Report'

'smokeythehobo' 1 month ago
Comrade trump getting ready to kiss Putin's ass AGAIN!!!! President Homer (trump) Simpson is just a puppet of Putin.
'Sayinwhat' 3 months ago
Does anybody care what Joe Biden has to say. He didnt have anything to say when he was VP either. I think Pence has said more his first yr then Joe said in 8 yrs, lol.
hjalmar poelzig
'hjalmar poelzig' 9 months ago
Trump's White House says “any father” would help his son cover up a secret meeting with a hostile foreign power to gather dirt on his dad's political opponent.
'Nikeimizhong' 10 months ago
Russia is getting its ass pounded by the sanctions. Using viruses to scam for money is their only way to earn some money to run their country. Its obvious that the number of hack and terrorist attacks on the rest of the world (except russia) has increased after the russian sanctions have been inmplemented.
Sam Hill
'Sam Hill' 1 year ago
So Putin hacked the DNC, thereby causing Election Fraud by State Democratic committees in CA , NY RI, and else where thereby giving the primary to Clinton , who was destined to lose in the general election, due to her actions as Senator and Secretary of State.
Edd P.
'Edd P.' 1 year ago
Dizzy Duke
'Dizzy Duke' 1 year ago
Don't know what to believe. All I know is there were U.S. (Trump/Hillary) political posts on Facebook, that when clicked on (not by me), set Windows 10 sirens off saying "Someone is trying to hack your computer and steal credit card and banking information. Call Microsoft". May not be word for word, but was basically what came through the laptop speakers. Sirens too. When scanned with Malwarebytes, no threats were found. Weirdest thing.
Ju Geen
'Ju Geen' 1 year ago
"...russia, china and others are trying to hack us..." so where is the evidence russians dit it?
'enjay' 1 year ago
Just search on youtube "James Clapper lie on NSA".
'enjay' 1 year ago
James Clapper lied to Senator Wyden about the NSA collecting American phone records. I can't believe Clapper on this hacking allegation.
Tyler Montana
'Tyler Montana' 1 year ago
Hi. I em uh konsurvative, and know buddy betta critersize my Fuhrer or else I gets ma gun. USA USA USA USA!
'mrwarmind' 1 year ago
Not an american but i got a question, why the american intelligence hide it till now? And what other stuff "maybe too dangerous stuff" are they hiding?
Nato Zyrak
'Nato Zyrak' 1 year ago
The Worse Attach against the USA Ever: All Directors of US Intelligence Agencies, who Obama personally handpicked, Discovered, Agreed, Confirmed, and Unanimously Approved that for the last 8 years every time Vladimir Putin picked his nose he was thinking about picking Obama and Hillary! Beyond the Doubt that is the Declaration of war and direct attack against America, we have no choice, but to hit Russia with everything we got, including Preemptive Nuclear Strike. This is Top Secret Report and released to the Media only. Long Live Boogers, Hopefully the Idiocracy ends after January 20, 2017!
He's not even full president yet and already went on air inviting a foreign state to commit a cyber attack on U.S Soil. That's tantamount to treason.
Bigfoot-Alien Timetraveler
Roger Thornhill
'Roger Thornhill' 1 year ago
Ok let's let the elephant out of the bag.Russian authorities have videos of trump cavorting with prostitutes and trump is afraid people will find out about his dirty dealings in Moscow. All makes sense that Trump would put himself first rather than the security of the USA.
Saul Dean
'Saul Dean' 1 year ago
national interest before personal interest, this is just the beginning America, trump is a sellout who don't care whatever it takes be president and not giving a damn about security of America, you can take my word to the bank, tighten your seat belts America this ride is about to go down with the wheels in the hands of trump.
Matt Berg
'Matt Berg' 1 year ago
How much bullshit can you possibly suck out of your thumb.. my god. The best children story writers have less imagination than this west propaganda machine..
Ade P
'Ade P' 1 year ago
Mick Passenger
'Mick Passenger' 1 year ago
trump is a communist
George Micheal
'George Micheal' 1 year ago
what about the DNC hacking into other states
Marc James Levesque
The title of this video is a lie. There was NO HACK, even U.S. intel finally admits it!
hjalmar poelzig
'hjalmar poelzig' 1 year ago
The ONLY reason that Trump doesn't like intelligence reports that conclude that the Russians hacked into the DNC's and John Podesta's emails is that it tends to diminish--or at least question--his election victory. Trump seems to have a narrow standard for what he believes to be true. His criteria is not evidence-based. What matters to Trump is this: does it make him look good? Our hair spray-using president-elect has a rather unmanly concern about his appearance...
Ethan Hill
'Ethan Hill' 1 year ago
trump is a lying, saving his own ass, fingers crossed behind his back little boy. The Republic cannot afford an infant at the top.
'Scarletnight69' 1 year ago
trump wont take cia or any intel. agent. word after they said that they would lie to him when he goes in for intel. info.
Little Missy
'Little Missy' 1 year ago
Biden- ugly pedophile.
'EMM MOO' 1 year ago
more lies by media, becareful and listen to what they say and then the spin!, they said TRUMP APPEARED TO GIVE AT LEAST A TACIT ACKNOWLEDGMENT THAT RUSSIA HACKED DNC.........does a nuckle head know what this means? IT MEANS trump did not agree BUT was listening to what they said. The media are clever liars and have been doing this for years, time now to take the licence of this kind of journalism........
Dorothy Green
'Dorothy Green' 1 year ago
Where are the briefings he was supposed to releasing on Wednesday or Thursday??? Where???
Anindo Mahmud
'Anindo Mahmud' 1 year ago
Putin is much more clever and manipulative than Obama, HIllary Clinton or Trump. He is trying to attack the USA in ways Americans cannot even imagine.
This whole bruhaha about Putin having direct influence on the hacking of the DNC is dangerous waters for our national Intel community to engage in --- without absolute, 100%, irrefutable, rock solid, evidence! They must approach this just as JFK approached Kruschev regarding missiles in Cuba! JFK would not confront the USSR without absolute, irrefutable evidence! Trump is wise because the CIA and NSA has not yet presented him irrefutable evidence linking Putin directly to cyberterrorism on the US. Has the CIA and NSA caught Vladimir Putin in the act of ordering cyberattacks on the US? Are there written evidence or emails or voice recordings or video of Putin ordering cyberattacks on the US? Are there credible Russian witnesses who can prove that Putin ordered cyberattacks on the US? The CIA and NSA must be absolutely, 100%, certain of such allegations or we near the dangerous scenario posed in the film, "Sum of all Fears," where a renegade Nazi group almost caused World War III and deadly hatreds between the American and Russian governments. Maybe the hackers were all of Russian descent but had absolutely nothing to do with Putin. It would be TRAGIC if we inched towards another Cold War over a big misunderstanding.
'hmong7819' 1 year ago
The US is trying to hack everybody so what??
Donald Grump
'Donald Grump' 1 year ago
If there wasn't such an issue with the character of my opponents, then the hacking would've been irrelevant.
ribeault george
'ribeault george' 1 year ago
omfg never seen a borderline criminal clic bait lie title like this one. He just said that he acknowledge that chian and russia were trying to hack the usa. How many fucking countries does the cia/nsa hack every day for fuck sake. Are they all retarded or just in a rush to start a war against russia that they tho hillary would do later.
courge bahn
'courge bahn' 1 year ago
"You're just in denial mode trying to divert from the fact that Putin wanted you to be president to weaken America." lol Good luck America you will son learn. You were warned.
Yo Its Ale
'Yo Its Ale' 1 year ago
Leon Powe
'Leon Powe' 1 year ago
Why is Trump so pro-Russia? They are not rich country and will need aid from us. Shouldn't he be focused on helping us get jobs? Also, Russia has a huge decaying nuclear arsenal. It seems like if we should provide any aid to Russia, we should insist they disarm their nuclear arms. It must be costing them a bundle maintaining their nuclear capability and they don't have the money to do so. They need us. We don't need them.
'PhaseDragonia' 1 year ago
Stop ignoring the bona fide contents of the leaks, and stop blaming russia. The false narrative of "the russians did it" is a joke.
'Elenhith' 1 year ago
Trump can't recognise himself in the mirror. USA USA USSA USSA USSR USSR.
'Marcus' 1 year ago
There was an effect on the election that idiot Trump got elected...
'Heptagon' 1 year ago
Good. He was the last person in the world who hadn't realized the Russian involvement.
'Mamo' 1 year ago
Trump: Fucking Liar. Fucking Hypocrite. Fucking FRAUD.
WatchwomanOnTheWall 2015
everyone knows that Russia didn't hack the DNC.  a guy died for that. this is all about HIDING the sins of the people who are running human trafficking and many murders and other sins.  Anyone who tries to help cover that up by blaming Russia, is also GUILTY!
'speedoflite1' 1 year ago
❤ Putin & Trump sittin' in a tree.   K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Flora Moreland
'Flora Moreland' 1 year ago
I don't blame not trusting anybody under the Obama Administration,they are all crooked, don't forget Trump knows what went on the other side before he run for President!
Roberto Viana
'Roberto Viana' 1 year ago
I read Fox's Headline for this video, and I read trumps quotes. The ones that were posted. I don't see how they are connected. The ELECTION was NOT hacked. Podestas Email was hacked. So what!! Explain to me, how an individual by the name of Podesta who used the word password for his password turns into a national security issue because his password was obtained from who knows who via a simple scam? The Russians my @ss. Bottom line, The US attempts to hack other governments, they in turn attempt to hack our government. The governments security needs improvement, NO SH!T. BUT what does that have to do with an individuals email getting hacked? The government has been HACKED several times during the Obama administration, and that fool did NOTHING. This is nothing more than a red herring, put on by the democrats and Clinton supporters. P.S. Fox, nothing in that video has anything to do with the title of the video, how misleading. Are you trying to join the Ranks of the Washington Post, Huffington Post and CBS?
'Buzzkillaz' 1 year ago
To be honest, Hillary would have started a fuss with russia that they wouldn't have wanted to deal with. Russia didnt want her in and so with america, she would have been trouble.
Fraiz Tao
'Fraiz Tao' 1 year ago
what if Intel is just lying?
jasper budiono
'jasper budiono' 1 year ago
Trump and Putin gonna be like Bush and Putin bromance. The only difference is that Bush is facing middle east. Trump has set his goal toward China.
paul stanley
'paul stanley' 1 year ago
Get ure 💵 💵 out your paying for the wall 😂😂😂😂👍👍
paul stanley
'paul stanley' 1 year ago
Putin will eat trump alive!!!!
Giovanni Sanseviero
Trump doesn't / won't recognise shit. And he'll deny Russian involvement to the end. I supported Trump during the election, but I will not support his egotistical stupidity at the expense of Putin doing whatever he wants to the USA. Country first, all else after. Was a supporter, but now rapidly losing my trust in Trump. He's not even in office yet, and he's already skating towards treason. Not good.
'hhumca' 1 year ago
Trump got schooled by the intel guys, hope he learns a little and stop twitting Stupidities.
Mike Dwoz
'Mike Dwoz' 1 year ago
The only thing he is worried about is
'MeBituman' 1 year ago
Grow up Biden stop fondling children.
Jordan S
'Jordan S' 1 year ago
After reading the intelligence report "Accessing Russian Intentions and Activities in Recent US Elections," I can't find anything specifically in there that said Russia or Putin did anything illegal or out of the norm of any politician anywhere in the world, including the U.S. The U.S. admitted publicly to spending 3 billion dollars to overthrow the Ukrainian government, which seems far worse than anything Russia is even being accused of doing. Putin has certain right-wing views, which are shared by a large percentage of Americans, and attempts to influence the world in that direction, because he believes, that not only is it Russia's best interest, but in the best interest of the world at-large. Of course, Russia comes first, but then again, its the duty of any politician to act in his own country's best interest, first. He may have personally had a grudge against Clinton, which is believable, because since Clinton was attacking him verbally, I can understand why he would want to defend himself. The report by-itself does not paint Putin in the best light, but if another country wrote a report about how the U.S. has tried to influence world affairs in the past few years, it would read far worse than that.
Mysticalgod Wizard
Do you believe in hypnotism? Do you believe in mind programming? Let's hope that Trump doesn't have a brain implant.
'G G' 1 year ago
It's terrible that Trump lied and acted like it was concluded that the Russian hacking did not effect the outcome of the election when the intelligence agencies NEVER examined whether or not the outcome of the election was effected. Trump mentioned Wikileaks circa 164 times in the last month of the election, with the anti-Hillary stories and 'fake news' being repeated by news organizations countless times - so it's impossible to imagine that this had no effect whatsoever on people's perceptions. It is also disappointing that Trump made out that the Republicans were not hacked when the intelligence report said that the Republicans were indeed hacked, but the Russians simply did not spread their emails as they wanted Trump to win.
The Cocktail Critic
Let me translate what all of this is: If all of our media convinces people to vote for Hillary by telling you Trump is a KKK loving, homophobe, Islmaphobe, racist, Hitler James Bond Villain, and taking everything he says out of context on a 24/7 hit piece on him, than that is ok. If someone reads actual true emails discussing Hillary and her campaign's disgusting corruption and chaos, and decides they do not wan to vote for her, that is not ok. Get how this works?
The Cocktail Critic
Notice how none of these "official reports" mention just what was hacked exactly and they NEVER say "wikileaks"? You notice this? For all we know Russia could have hacked info that had nothing to do what anyone in the public read, but through clever wording, they make people think all that was in the public was by Russia. Notice the manipulative way they use their words. Obviously if they cared, they would discuss the content of what was leaked and Obama's failed cyber security, but notice how this seems to not be talked about. This is simply a carefully calculated hit piece on Trump!
Quasar Nogan
'Quasar Nogan' 1 year ago
no he did not that story is complet bullshit
'electrofymyiz' 1 year ago
Trump I still an asshole. History shows us that every person that followed an ignorant, pompous idiot whose goal was based on something else than what is objectively right, like the 1900s Kaisers, the 1930s Nazis and Japanese war pigs, the 1980s Serbs, even Al-kaida and isis, had to suck in the blowback of their shitty chosen leaders. We'll see how Chump's idiocy plays out.
benjamin whelan
'benjamin whelan' 1 year ago
actually trump has been an outspoken critic of the Intel they showed him. more and more lies.
'WINSTON SMITH' 1 year ago
Believe in the "Movement". Were taking this country back from the progressive liberals!
John Jolson
'John Jolson' 1 year ago
trump is a fucking idiot. the more they talk about Russian hacking the more he should talk about investigating Hillary... they would drop it like a hot potato
Walter Wiperi
'Walter Wiperi' 1 year ago
Sharing secret info to news agencies is not very secure. How does the media feel that they get security briefings so the can put the info on the public arenas - does not make sense.
Karel Koky
'Karel Koky' 1 year ago
russia has technological,financial and human resources to hack and influence us vote,they already used their cybernetic weapons against Georgia, Lithuana and Ukraine this is fact, only russia and isis did want trump to become president abroad, it is more then likely that it is true
Paraiba blue
'Paraiba blue' 1 year ago
Russia had nothing to do with Clinton's defeat. That was all down to her and her sleazy pedophile team
chris mclaughlin
'chris mclaughlin' 1 year ago
"intel briefing"  = even the world's leaders must be properly brainwashed Woolsey:  "Waaa, Waaaa, Me, Mee, Meeee!!!!"
Jean Jearman
'Jean Jearman' 1 year ago
I do not believe anything that comes from our intelligence agencies. They confirm my disbelief by giving the information to NBC before he received it. NOT an ethical or professional thing to do. They can not be trusted. They are political hacks, common crooks who are not serving our country as they should.
Bill Houston
'Bill Houston' 1 year ago
The Democrats lost the election primarily because they lost their credibility with the American public. Now all they can do is act like babies and cry over spilled milk. And Joe Biden is telling Donald Trump to 'grow up?" Laughable.
Terry Brisas
'Terry Brisas' 1 year ago
Misleading headline. Listen to the actual report.
Cody Brown
'Cody Brown' 1 year ago
trump knows quiet
Hector Huerta
'Hector Huerta' 1 year ago
my question to all of you is this how does a country turns from democracy to socialist first we get rid of all the politicians to begin the role of a dictator the relating hip with Russia brings us close to that possibility take for example Venezuela and Cuba go back to the year of 1957 when Russia started the friendship with Cuba is this were mr trump is taking us I do believe that Mr trump is employed by the USA at cost of 400 dollars a year that means that when he ran for the position of president he was applying for a job not for ownership of a country he is there to comply with needs of our residents and not his personal needs
'LookEvenDeeper' 1 year ago
lol the dnc fucked up and they are blaming russia its ridiculous.
madman austin
'madman austin' 1 year ago
Biden, Trump is a 70yr old man who beat you guy's badly, how much more of a grown-up do you want
Lourdes Corrick
'Lourdes Corrick' 1 year ago
all men shall stand in the judgment sit of Christ and shall give an account .for all. you have done. Some Christian do not tell like Christian anymore they stood for holy principal.
Ferris Vueller
'Ferris Vueller' 1 year ago
If I were Trump, I still wouldn't trust the CIA. The CIA is evil. They've conducted mind control experiments on Americans, they've controlled the American media in the past, and still are, they've sold drugs to Americans. What kind of idiot would trust these people? CIA is evil.
Jini Steffani
'Jini Steffani' 1 year ago
Clapper and Comey and the rest of those fucks are the swamp things that need to be DRAINED!!!!
'MlSHKlN' 1 year ago
"grow up donald" -biden this coming from a guy that has been caught on video telling kids that they make him horny and groping them in front of their parents
'MlSHKlN' 1 year ago
hillary was funded by china and saudi arabia and had classified info on a drop box server where she would put things after she got paid for "speeches" but thats not important because russia may have done what every country has done for the past 50 years which was never a problem until now
Dave Catleugh
'Dave Catleugh' 1 year ago
Where did NBC get the confidential report? From the Russians?
Nyet nein
'Nyet nein' 1 year ago
Basically democrats cant handle the shame of losing under the Clintons corruption so they would prefer to start ww3 with russia and die in a russian nuclear hurricane.
Joe Chiara
'Joe Chiara' 1 year ago
It is incredible that these reporters are so dim witted or so in the bag for anti-Trump types that they cannot understand or will not report facts accurately. Trump gave no tacit acknowledgement that Russia was involved in the DNC hacks. He acknowledged that espionage occurs among nations, including Russia, China, and others, which, of course, include the US. Is Roberts this stupid not to recognize this? I did not think so. Or is he this compromised not to state fact correctly? As for Biden, who has been a parasite on the taxpayer for all his professional life, who likes to message the shoulders and give unwelcomed kisses to younger woman and young girls, and getting away with it because of his title, otherwise he would be punched in the face, telling Trump to grow up is Biden at his most capable, that is stupid and irrelevant.
Nyet nein
'Nyet nein' 1 year ago
And this is why Trump uses twitter cause otherwise the media will continually misrepresent him.
'Amalgamaite' 1 year ago
TRUMP should "fire" ALL DEMOCRATS from the federal institutions in the hierarchy, AND subordinates! WE CANNOT trust them! Even if Trump places Conservatives in top positions, many subordinates will be Democrats who are OFFENDED that Trump won, and will have no desire to support Trump's presidency! DEMOCRATS are anarchial. They are not patriotic to anything but THEIR OWN LIBERAL AGENDA TRUMP'S presidency will be brought down from THE INSIDE, if he does not COMPLETELY REPLACE ALL LIBERALS WORKING IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! He has to get rid of ALL OF 'EM' You can't leave a little cancer in the body, it ALL HAS TO BE CUT OUT!
'Wafflezombies1964' 1 year ago
Shut up Joe you old Fart Go home
'HatRatt' 1 year ago
Times changed, technology changed... but the US government did not keep up with protecting our secret cyber communications and information which was being hacked and shared among our foe.  It's like putting a camera in a motel room or an airplane and keeping all the secrets recorded until it's time to knock someone out of the race.
'HatRatt' 1 year ago
I find it so slop[y that our government allows us to be hacked by other nations!  Who is responsible?  We now know hacking occurred (duh!).  I for one have hacked (snooping) where I would not have been (which I will never do again).  I bet your bank snoops (hacks) when you take out a loan, large companies snoop into competitors' computers, insurance companies hack where they can...... but I would have thought that our government was PROTECTED from snoops!   Lame government!  Deal NOT with our government if at all possible!  Don't even call the police if you can possible deal with a problem yourself!  Keep government out of you healthcare if possible.  So let's BUILD THAT WALL!  ....a Firewall that is!  Then lets pay a reward to our citizens who are able to break through!  (ha ha ha... take it from the salaries of those who built the wall).
Brooklyn Loesch
'Brooklyn Loesch' 1 year ago
Biden what a tool
'WINSTON SMITH' 1 year ago
Don't give me this shit about the Russians hacking. For instance Hillary Clinton and John Podesta sold the farm with and insecure server and a password of, believe it or not, "password"! Just more cover up for Hillarys mistakes!
Dennis Vance
'Dennis Vance' 1 year ago
Yes, Trump, grow up, and some day you could be President like Biden…er…never mind.
Live Free
'Live Free' 1 year ago
Nobody believes the Russians had anything to do with the election result. The Dems are rabid with fury their Clinton fix failed and will try anything.
Miele Rodriguez
'Miele Rodriguez' 1 year ago
Brennan should be sacked. Hes dangerous.
Jamey Cordery
'Jamey Cordery' 1 year ago
This title is misleading. "Trump accepts that Russia TRIED to hack..."
'davenetdog' 1 year ago
I love it! Trump short circuits the Democrat PR machine with EVERY TWEET! Hahahahahaha
colin minhinnick
'colin minhinnick' 1 year ago
he's right to be sceptical.. the intel agencies are headed by Obama nominees and they want to invalidate his presidency.. NOONE was talking about cyber attacks on the election before the vote, Obama himself said so! - its juts sour grapes because the corrupt witch Clinton lost.... Trump needs to clean house with the CIA etc and remove intel leaders
Sue Rarick
'Sue Rarick' 1 year ago
I guess seeing all the pictures of dead Syrian and north African children's bodies floating in the Mediterranean caused by Clinton/Obama wasn't enough to give the Neo-cons their happy happy joy joy ..... So now we can start a war with Russia-- In Russia -- In the Winter ................... Gonna be a lot of dead frozen American and Russian corpses for them to really get off on -- CNN-MSNBC - FOX ratings will be through the roof and shown at 4K -- ohhhhh boy
'rossiikhan' 1 year ago
Joe Biden : Grow up Donald, grow up Me : Shut up Joe, shut up
Midblu Metal
'Midblu Metal' 1 year ago
trump handled that perfect. agreed cyber hacking exists. he already has a plan to try and fight back.. we just need everyone leaving to leave anf trump team takeover. I believe we will stary getting truth. Biden is the one that needs to grow up. the Dems belief is government knows best so wr will control everything.. they are acting like kicking and screaming children right to the bitter end
Tiger Thornton
'Tiger Thornton' 1 year ago
Joe Biden is a creepy pedophile.
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