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What Does This Argentinian Island Have To Do With Hitler? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
A forbidden island points to a strange South American town that locals claim was the home of Adolf Hitler.
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Bonayr 1930
'Bonayr 1930' 1 month ago
(((science) channel heheh goysss
Asma Nasruddeen
'Asma Nasruddeen' 1 month ago
What does this have to do with Hitler
'SylkaChan' 2 months ago
It's a beautiful place. I would like it if they kept the people there hispanic though.
Larry Johnson
'Larry Johnson' 3 months ago
Global Nazi Network is all over the World Vatican and American Government smuggled Nazis all over the World. Argentina,America,Turkey,Egypt,Iran,Syria,Brazil, Paraguay,Australia. Yom Kipper War was Nazi Trained Arabs in German Surprise Attack Operation Domeclies Israel fights against Nazi Missiles produced by Nazi Germans in Exile in the Middle East in there War Allied with the Arabs. Hitler and Arabs were in Alliance. Documented History but Fools who have Contempt for History Lie.
'Kyberik' 3 months ago
Princeton kept his head alive....and they say he's still directing the stage of world events from a glass jar.
Doge PhD
'Doge PhD' 3 months ago
unsubscribe squad!
Sad Sad
'Sad Sad' 3 months ago
That in the end was right, we the argentinians are actually keeping hitler in an ice cube in Bariloche, awaiting for the nuclear war so the fourth reich can rise
Luciano Albarracin
'Luciano Albarracin' 4 months ago
what a load of crap. i thought this channel was serious
'AceKulpster1988' 4 months ago
I don't believe Hitler killed himself. I think he escaped & lived somewhere else after World War 2. Someone like him, being a powerful leader & all, wouldn't just end his life like that.
Mark O
'Mark O' 4 months ago
haha if you think they didn't "crack" it and they just failed and moved on... You must be smoking some good stuff. Those people are beyond decades ahead of us
ASMR ForDays
'ASMR ForDays' 4 months ago
the guy at the left said that about hitler to put the word "argentina" in the mouth of everybody.( so lie ) The ( "hitler copycat body double" ) dead body found with a bullet hole in the center of the forehead in the bunker in berlin was hitler . he took the pill then someone shot him in the head. hitler couldnt suicide by himself with a bullet on the side of his head. the remaining soldier left the bunker quickly , so no time to burn the body. you can see the dead body of hitler in this video named : Did Hitler Really Commit Suicide? ( at 2:36 minutes )
micha awad
'micha awad' 4 months ago
I confirm that this channel is completely bullshit and is all about cinematic production.. Despite that i believe that Hitler lived peacefully after the WWII somewhere else
joshua lieberman
'joshua lieberman' 4 months ago
Literally less scientifically sound then almost things on YouTube fail of a channel
Hernan Carrizo
'Hernan Carrizo' 4 months ago
Hitler invento los viajes de egresados
Gabe Newell
'Gabe Newell' 4 months ago
Alejandro I
'Alejandro I' 4 months ago
For those that aren't educated on "science" while being subscribed to a "science channel": What people refer to Atomic Bombs = Fission Hydrogen Bombs / ThermoNuclear Weapons = Fusion You can also use both for energy, but fusion is much better [once we make it much more efficient]. Fusion is what makes the sun, the sun.
aaron36 cumlat
'aaron36 cumlat' 4 months ago
Adhi Kusumo
'Adhi Kusumo' 4 months ago
Science Channel I signed up at this link (Full Episodes Streaming FREE: But still confused on How to watch full episode! I'm furious! How come your advertise something in this way??
Dinosaur, Giraffes And less MORE!!!!!
Because I put a nazi flag there
Claudio Palacios
'Claudio Palacios' 4 months ago
Qué flasheas boludo
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 4 months ago
Like #134 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful evening filled with positive energy and healing light x) 🦋
Mahfooz Alam
'Mahfooz Alam' 4 months ago India’s updates in 02 min.... Highly recommended to all Indian youths....
MÄtęo RЭzk
'MÄtęo RЭzk' 4 months ago
I'm Argentina and I'm basically mind fucked
'dude14377' 4 months ago
I thought it was fission that was required for nuclear bombs?
Yo Waddup
'Yo Waddup' 4 months ago
What about Israel and US
Rural War Room International
You don't need to be a scientist to know that it's nuclear "fission" not "fusion" at work in atomic explosions. Totally bogus channel and program.
'schmobot' 4 months ago
"Science" Channel
'Dracardoe' 4 months ago
What does this have to do with a science channel...?
Orange koala bro
'Orange koala bro' 4 months ago
i call absolute-bullshit there's no way prove an argument with evidence and explanation you can't just claim that shit!!
Macky Cabangon
'Macky Cabangon' 4 months ago
Most mysterious thing Last time I was this early, Hitler was conquering Europe
Ricardo Hernández
'Ricardo Hernández' 4 months ago
In argentina we call this island "cuantas copas tenés" which translates to "our greatest pride"
Firebreath 87
'Firebreath 87' 4 months ago
He will live FOREVER
Sophia Beizaee
'Sophia Beizaee' 4 months ago
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