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6 Science Tricks - Amazing Experiments -
Published: 1 year ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 1 year ago

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Don't miss these six amazing experiments with such normal materials as coke, balloons, candles... and even diapers! Insane stuff.

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Suci Cici
'Suci Cici' 1 day ago
Pratham Kumar
'Pratham Kumar' 2 weeks ago
is jelly coke safe to eat
Allison Rose
'Allison Rose' 1 month ago
what is she thinking fresco ?
Allison Rose
'Allison Rose' 1 month ago
no. 2 looks like jiggling yellow boobs
Sadanand Mukherjee
'Sadanand Mukherjee' 1 month ago
look how they spell water 1:44
Bret Anselmo
'Bret Anselmo' 2 months ago
I done that
'RAJENDER ARORA' 2 months ago
*Interesting video*
luuk fredith
'luuk fredith' 2 months ago
im gonna die from cringe
Sameerrao Rakesh
'Sameerrao Rakesh' 2 months ago
'ORTON GO' 2 months ago
Sahil Chabra
'Sahil Chabra' 2 months ago
can we eat coca cola jelly
Rahul chahal
'Rahul chahal' 2 months ago
Mohd Qasim Ibrahimi
'Mohd Qasim Ibrahimi' 2 months ago
can we eat the jelly
Sanjiv Shah
'Sanjiv Shah' 2 months ago
Wow... I love Dis yr... 😍
Nandadulal Das
'Nandadulal Das' 2 months ago
we can eat the jelly
Ghana Amir
'Ghana Amir' 2 months ago
ya green green kia hai
Hi Hello
'Hi Hello' 2 months ago
the ballon was jumping like a fish without water
Affan Ali
'Affan Ali' 3 months ago
perfect bro
inocent shazad
'inocent shazad' 3 months ago
all are boring
Surya Prakash
'Surya Prakash' 3 months ago
can we eat the one
'WILSON' 3 months ago
anda exp caseros que hacéis aquí :v
Munaza Fatima
'Munaza Fatima' 3 months ago
can that jelly cocola be eadieble
amita Bharti
'amita Bharti' 3 months ago
Haqies Zulkarnaien
'Haqies Zulkarnaien' 3 months ago
shreekavi kavi
'shreekavi kavi' 3 months ago
ramsingh ramavath
'ramsingh ramavath' 3 months ago
Sania Rehman
'Sania Rehman' 4 months ago
amazing 👍
Azeem Ibrahim
'Azeem Ibrahim' 4 months ago
Joshua Gupta
'Joshua Gupta' 4 months ago
krishna panta
'krishna panta' 4 months ago
Valentina Dominguez
'Valentina Dominguez' 4 months ago
Que ladrones no se suscriban a este canal , estos vídeos son de exp caseros , choros !!!!!!! Y nadie se dio cuenta
Fardin Khan
'Fardin Khan' 5 months ago
'실순' 5 months ago
good ^^
Mahesh Guntur
'Mahesh Guntur' 5 months ago
can we eat it
Mushfique Islam
'Mushfique Islam' 5 months ago
alejandra zeas
'alejandra zeas' 5 months ago
i hate you
Shahzad Khan
'Shahzad Khan' 6 months ago
3я∂ σиє ιѕ яєαℓℓу ¢σσℓ
'RAHUL TUBE GAMER' 6 months ago
that looks tasty
keevii Damer
'keevii Damer' 6 months ago
quien sabe que este canal le roba los vídeos a Exp caseros??
moloy manna
'moloy manna' 6 months ago
sub me i will sub u back
CAMI 20005
'CAMI 20005' 6 months ago
hello i'm from Argentina and i want say that this channel is waste since it i stealing the videos to exp home i want them to go and look for exp home and that it is worth suscribing to this channel
Laureano Bobrovsky
'Laureano Bobrovsky' 6 months ago
you suck because you copie youtubers
freeze seed
'freeze seed' 6 months ago
she was about to suck it
Saijin Jien
'Saijin Jien' 6 months ago
now girls knows how to make an dildo at home ... nice lol wtf
Teby 777
'Teby 777' 6 months ago
se lo copian a EXPCASEROS
A7d llli
'A7d llli' 6 months ago
1:21 hahahahahahahaha
Capped miner 369
'Capped miner 369' 6 months ago
Coke flavour jelly
Hugo  Magallanes
'Hugo Magallanes' 6 months ago
pinche canal culero
Hugo  Magallanes
'Hugo Magallanes' 6 months ago
this channel is robed this videos is from Expcaseros
'JustMarkNL' 6 months ago
SUBSCRIBE 998,096,097
05:05 👐
Asian player
'Asian player' 7 months ago
Dislodge coke
Aria Shiina
'Aria Shiina' 7 months ago
so what is the point off trick 2 ???
Sonia y Alex Pros
'Sonia y Alex Pros' 7 months ago
Anda Yanti
'Anda Yanti' 7 months ago
coca cola jely
Soy luna channel
'Soy luna channel' 7 months ago
exp caseros
Khate Dianne Calingasin017
wow amazing
Blur5 WTF
'Blur5 WTF' 7 months ago
exp caseros
Classic Handloom
'Classic Handloom' 7 months ago
Can we eat Coca-Cola jelly
Fatima Rdriguez Pereyra
oigan hay que ponerle fin a este canal
Fatima Rdriguez Pereyra
lo bueno que demandaron a esos tontos copiones de amazing stuff
Fatima Rdriguez Pereyra
mariam burbano los canales de expcaseros son en español
'PusheenDIY' 7 months ago
I know Third one we do it school
Maríam Burbano •_•
jejeje tranquilos los de expcaseros tienen un canal en ingles
Alex Degnim
'Alex Degnim' 7 months ago
what does 1:22 remind me of? I cant put my finger on it
the random gamer 57
'the random gamer 57' 7 months ago
No copa stupid
Beyza Çetintaş
'Beyza Çetintaş' 7 months ago
Harshraj Ahirwar
'Harshraj Ahirwar' 7 months ago
is the first one eatable ?
Angel Rose
'Angel Rose' 7 months ago
I'm ready to eat Coca-Coly Gummies 😂
Markellos T.
'Markellos T.' 7 months ago
1:21 Doesn't it look weird the way she waves it or am I just dirty-minded? xD
melisa gomez
'melisa gomez' 7 months ago
#MLG Bryan
'#MLG Bryan' 7 months ago
he spelled water wrong
Mia D. Suastegui
'Mia D. Suastegui' 7 months ago
hey that stupid boy is coping from exp caseros
Gabii carp
'Gabii carp' 7 months ago
6:22 jajajajajajajajjaaj
'XXMAC WARFAREXX' 8 months ago
coca gela
Mari Martínez08
'Mari Martínez08' 8 months ago
Este contenido es de expcaseros 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Aryaman Bhutani
'Aryaman Bhutani' 8 months ago
hi there. can we eat the the jelly of coca cola
Pulak Katyayan
'Pulak Katyayan' 8 months ago
2 one is oobleck
Szitter Richárd
'Szitter Richárd' 8 months ago
harshit gupta
'harshit gupta' 8 months ago
watter lol
Sly Ice
'Sly Ice' 8 months ago
LordGaloel Gaming
'LordGaloel Gaming' 8 months ago
1:21 imagine its a dildo XD lol
Flub a jeho kravinky
'Flub a jeho kravinky' 8 months ago
i tried the cocacola but i have it lie more than 3 hours in refrigerator and nothing
Murugen Chairthmee
'Murugen Chairthmee' 8 months ago
Zarin Tasnim
'Zarin Tasnim' 8 months ago
Ramya Khandel
'Ramya Khandel' 8 months ago
ya funny!!!!!!!!
Keshew Bhatia
'Keshew Bhatia' 8 months ago
ooo hello do you know the spelling of water
Yusra Ijaz
'Yusra Ijaz' 8 months ago
can we eat it
Luis. Gerardo Gonzalez Garcia
is experimentado Caser canal
Häst Älskaren
'Häst Älskaren' 8 months ago
I am doing the firat experiment with my brother and i wonder hon Many jelly blades you used?!
Arthur Rogers
'Arthur Rogers' 8 months ago
whats a watter?
'3Helium3' 8 months ago
this is the most awkward video making i have even seen.
Nela Porlam
'Nela Porlam' 8 months ago
umm Mr. amazing stuff sir? um is the first expiremeant eat able?😃
Luka Saradzic
'Luka Saradzic' 8 months ago
and this is how dildo was made
Avril Ruiz Cardamone
'Avril Ruiz Cardamone' 8 months ago
is the chanel of expcaseros butvin Inglish
'Neocrypted' 8 months ago
Stealing ideas from other Youtubers /-/
Reinaldo Alonso
'Reinaldo Alonso' 8 months ago
Incluso se ve que copias porque en el minuto1:16 se ve a Mayden
Sweet sugary
'Sweet sugary' 8 months ago
Rahul Shaw
'Rahul Shaw' 8 months ago
Very good
Gislainy Ramirez Amezquita
son unos la drones
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