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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

2, 031, 278 views

35, 006 Likes   845 Dislikes

“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

Nash Sweets
'Nash Sweets' 12 hours ago
3:21 awkward 😮😮😮😂😂😂
'Steve-o' 1 day ago
°☆°Hi Sunshine;~)Once you concord the fear in your mind, then you can start having fun! Thank you for sharing an spreading your Beautiful Light ~ Energy Waves around the world of Freedom, for all those who want or desire to have it. ✌💖🤗~☺🌎⚬ ...
Briony Evans
'Briony Evans' 2 days ago
I once tried a pogo stick, I was too light for it and I fell in to a nettle bush! 🙄
'FOXXESRCUTE234' 4 days ago
Kelsey is too cute man! I just love her smile!
Katherine Grube
'Katherine Grube' 5 days ago
I thought he was going to say, "I've broken over 15 bones." 😂
Sunny Haladker
'Sunny Haladker' 1 week ago
1:32 His reaction lol
Nesty Punk
'Nesty Punk' 1 week ago
I've seen Fred in Ottawa at the buskerwick festival
Zoey Sparklez
'Zoey Sparklez' 1 week ago
Just watch me break my limbs and die trying to this
Darlene Lesmana
'Darlene Lesmana' 2 weeks ago
"we're gonna do a backflip" "it's okay i'm holding on to you" i'm trash bye
Katie Light
'Katie Light' 2 weeks ago
3:22 It was so adorkable
Katie Light
'Katie Light' 2 weeks ago
2:22 lol he sounded so offended
Random Gamer
'Random Gamer' 2 weeks ago
the 3 hottest women from buzzfeed
Ernest Hems His Way
'Ernest Hems His Way' 2 weeks ago
Wish I can ride fred's pogo stick.
'Vicki' 2 weeks ago
OMG at 0:6 look at Kelseys face she looks like this 😱😮
'Teaminq' 2 weeks ago
was that Mia Khalifa ?
Emily Williams
'Emily Williams' 2 weeks ago
hello there !! oh my gosh talented this is truly fini zork pause
Lizkebab Lok
'Lizkebab Lok' 2 weeks ago
'I'm a extreme pogo..." An*
'Mr.Sinigima' 2 weeks ago
This guy is Polish ?
Angela Tabios
'Angela Tabios' 3 weeks ago
I think Michelle has a crush on the boy
'billythebigbob' 3 weeks ago
the blonde girl look like the flash, from tv show.
abbie howard
'abbie howard' 3 weeks ago
I was laughing the whole time😂
Tiano Oros
'Tiano Oros' 3 weeks ago
michelle has a cute face butt a ripped body
Ibrohim Hakimov
'Ibrohim Hakimov' 3 weeks ago
Warning ⚠ headphone volume under 25 my ears learned the hard way
Marlon Pineda
'Marlon Pineda' 3 weeks ago
anyone else wanna use fred's pogo stick? ;)
marnix kamminga
'marnix kamminga' 3 weeks ago
pogo sticker haha ;)
Phan Ham
'Phan Ham' 3 weeks ago
My most amount of jumps is something like 130
Eliz S
'Eliz S' 3 weeks ago
so fun looking!
Laetisha marie
'Laetisha marie' 3 weeks ago
Anyone else feel the chemistry?
Mysterious_ K
'Mysterious_ K' 3 weeks ago
3:29 that snort tho XD
Elouise Wills
'Elouise Wills' 3 weeks ago
who else thought that when he said "I've broken over 15 world records" he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones"
'McRibGig' 3 weeks ago
I though he said he had broken over 15 bones ._.
Victoria V
'Victoria V' 4 weeks ago
lol Kelsey is your long awkward friend ahhaha.
'SEÑORITA Guava' 4 weeks ago
i love how perky and optimistic kelsey is in all the bfb videos
John B
'John B' 4 weeks ago
"10 feet in the air." Yeah, sweet cheeks, you're lucky if you cracked 12 inches.
nina bagby
'nina bagby' 4 weeks ago
I don't really like Michelle
Lynsey Gould
'Lynsey Gould' 4 weeks ago
Jordan: maybe dont panic. 2 seconds later Jordan: AHHHHH!!!
Kiana Parnell
'Kiana Parnell' 4 weeks ago
Michelle looked like a stoner about to sneeze at 3:01 😂
'LFwolf' 4 weeks ago
Actually all three of these girls be the try Girls?
Anzel Joubert
'Anzel Joubert' 4 weeks ago
Sorbojit Dasgupta
'Sorbojit Dasgupta' 4 weeks ago
Chuck the sport !!! You are completely fun and delightful !!!!
Michaela Wuthrich
'Michaela Wuthrich' 4 weeks ago
Michelle has changed soooo much
Falcon Hosier
'Falcon Hosier' 4 weeks ago
you should do people try horse back riding
Dom and letty Edits
'Dom and letty Edits' 4 weeks ago
Michelle was crushing on the guy but he was crushing on Kelsey
sam pearce
'sam pearce' 4 weeks ago
when he said i broke over.. i was like bones?! and then he said records and i was like ahh lol
Trisha Lamarre
'Trisha Lamarre' 4 weeks ago
Jordan's attitude towards Michelle kinda sucks 😐
Roman Reigns is that dude
This looks like so much fun!!!
Gianna Uhler
'Gianna Uhler' 4 weeks ago
I think me and Jordan have the same glasses😂😂
'Linda' 4 weeks ago
I actually love Michelle so much like ..
Laine Jones
'Laine Jones' 4 weeks ago
I met pogo Fred at the Edmonton fringe festival
Annie Ramos
'Annie Ramos' 1 month ago
when he said "I've broken over 15 different world records" I thought he was gonna say "I've broken over 15 different bones" 😂😂
Bear Kononow
'Bear Kononow' 1 month ago
Is Jordan and Michelle dating ?
'The'Sev.' 1 month ago
if only i was Kelsey for a day :D much love ❤
'BlackKraya' 1 month ago
Michelle doing the backflip definitely triggered Jordan's competitive nature.
Jing Wang
'Jing Wang' 1 month ago
yeah everyone try that sport.... if you can even afford one of those pogo sticks.
'Cheyenne' 1 month ago
Jordan: I'm not really sure why I am doing this, or why I agreed to do this.. Because you are obviously insecure and way too aggressive all the time with everything, and you desperately wanted to one up Michelle. Ew.
BlueSheet Moon
'BlueSheet Moon' 1 month ago
Jordan to Michelle "Maybe don't panic?" Jordan when it's her turn *panics* 1:02
Amber Dus
'Amber Dus' 1 month ago
That intro hahaha.
Roberto Sotolongo
'Roberto Sotolongo' 1 month ago
When she said "proud of me mom..? And he said "this is my job too" CRINGE
'MECREE Main' 1 month ago
'MECREE Main' 1 month ago
Jenna Sexton
'Jenna Sexton' 1 month ago
I was bobbing my head watching this whole video
Justino M
'Justino M' 1 month ago
4:21 Kelsey 😍 Damn
'R.I.P. ME' 1 month ago
3:20 "you make it look like your going slow, but YOUR GOING FAST! *hides behind Kelsey*
Elias Heikkinen
'Elias Heikkinen' 1 month ago
prompt convinced electronic out instance honest broadcast spring.
Aryanna Miramontes
'Aryanna Miramontes' 1 month ago
Michelle sooooooo has a crush on him.
Lee- MusicLover
'Lee- MusicLover' 1 month ago
i think fred liked michelle lol
Sophia Rice-Straus
'Sophia Rice-Straus' 1 month ago
How exactly does one pronounce her s last name? And I thought people had trouble with MY last name.
Angel Flavia
'Angel Flavia' 1 month ago
I could not stop laughing for the whole video 😂😂😂😝😝😝
Tommy Han
'Tommy Han' 1 month ago
These women are badass, no wonder why they have their own group on buzzfeed.
Bryan Salazar
'Bryan Salazar' 1 month ago
Freds face when they go up and down
dasha gibbin
'dasha gibbin' 1 month ago
0:07 ahahah, watch it
0:16 i thought he has broken 15 bones
Taleen Toby
'Taleen Toby' 1 month ago
Anyone else bothered when he said "I'm A extreme pogosticker?"
Dom Gaming
'Dom Gaming' 1 month ago
He polish
Rohan Khubchandani
'Rohan Khubchandani' 1 month ago
90% of these comments are about how the girls were flirting with Fred
blox bro
'blox bro' 1 month ago
Itz Frogz
'Itz Frogz' 1 month ago
Everybody is hating on Jordan for trying the backflip too she is not being cocky it's either buzz feed taking her look like that or she genuinely wanted to do it now stop quoting her mean kids with no life xD
Kanoe Montaño
'Kanoe Montaño' 1 month ago
I just love michelle. Anyone else think she should start a Try Girls?
'CHAU NGUYEN' 1 month ago
Did they got these green pogo from Vat19 🤔😱
Fernanda Rivera
'Fernanda Rivera' 1 month ago
look at his face at 1:33
Chana O
'Chana O'Connell' 1 month ago
"I'm pissed I'm gonna go pogo"
Parker Bogart
'Parker Bogart' 1 month ago
These are the same girls from hitting bulls eye with arrows
Claudia McCabe
'Claudia McCabe' 1 month ago
anyone know where kelsey's leggings are from
Mia Patino
'Mia Patino' 1 month ago
My older brother works with Fred and is really good at it(not lying look nic Patino up)
'tabletennisrubysuet' 1 month ago
Would like to see the women do cardistry.
Jovan Savic
'Jovan Savic' 1 month ago
I tought he was going to say I have broke over 15 bones xD
'KittyKatYuno' 1 month ago
3:22 Aaaaaaaaaaaand, awkwardesst girly "flirt" ever. Who else cringed? Lol, Michelle acted so "girly" in this one. Also, Fred had the creepiest grins throughout the entire thing. All you have to do is pause and look at his face. -_-
Ana Lopez
'Ana Lopez' 1 month ago
they should make them try Pole Vaulting
beatrice lim
'beatrice lim' 1 month ago
let's be honest... we all thought Fred was gonna say he broke over 15 bones
'cp' 1 month ago
The one in the pink was hilarious 😂
Molly Chang
'Molly Chang' 1 month ago
I love watching these "Women Try..." vids-- they make me want to go out and try some of the super fun stuff y'all do! One thing I've always wanted to get into is parkour, so it would be cool to see y'all try it out (vicariously living through you lol)
Amanda Kreger
'Amanda Kreger' 1 month ago
Anyone else think in the beginning he was going to say he broke 15 bones? No? Just me then? Ok
Ema Ema
'Ema Ema' 2 months ago
yessss jordan! her and Michele's athleticism always makes me proud.
cole mannion
'cole mannion' 2 months ago
my mom took my pogo away because she thought i would "kill myself"
Bella Keyworth
'Bella Keyworth' 2 months ago
These girls are acting so differently... Hmmm 🤔... 😧😏 they are ssoooo crushing on him.
'Sqirtle' 2 months ago
Hi it's the try girls
The Girly Tomboy
'The Girly Tomboy' 2 months ago
Anyone notice how pogo Fred looked at Kelsey(the blonde one)
Mekrab J
'Mekrab J' 2 months ago
I like watching people do things outta their safety zone. Makes me wanna do the same thing till I see the next YouTube video that looks good.  Next thing I know the sun is going down.  :(
III World War
'III World War' 2 months ago
my mom thought I was watching porn.....o my God I my God LOL
Call me Kitty
'Call me Kitty' 2 months ago
When I was 10, maybe 11, I started pogo-ing, I got so good so quickly I didn't even need someone to help me. My highscore was 200 without stopping.
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