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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

2, 241, 219 views

37, 633 Likes   889 Dislikes

“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

Itz Millz
'Itz Millz' 2 days ago
1:04 "ok maybe don't panic." TEN SECONDS LATER "Panics"
xiuxiu ld
'xiuxiu ld' 4 days ago
He almost touched her butt
shelly amor
'shelly amor' 1 week ago
Dirty thoughts anyone
I am 9 and I did no hands while jumping for about 30 seconds
Super Savannah
'Super Savannah' 1 week ago
3 girls 1 pogo stick
Lennay Duncan
'Lennay Duncan' 2 weeks ago
0:7 Kelseys face 😂😂😂😂😂
Toxic Playz
'Toxic Playz' 2 weeks ago
1:50 dat face do
nirvana rampersad
'nirvana rampersad' 3 weeks ago
I thought that he was gonna say that he had broke over 15 bones
Lashonda Malveaux
'Lashonda Malveaux' 4 weeks ago
Andrei Alex
'Andrei Alex' 4 weeks ago
Is that Mia Khalifa? =))
Rosswel Reyes
'Rosswel Reyes' 4 weeks ago
Yet my favorite girls
Aj Rivera
'Aj Rivera' 4 weeks ago
people try pro scootering. Do irtttt
Gaby Chuels
'Gaby Chuels' 4 weeks ago
Honestly me too im the same w the reaction
Stella Doggo
'Stella Doggo' 4 weeks ago
I think Jordan was wearing her Nike gold sports bra from the sports bra video.
Lucinda Vincent
'Lucinda Vincent' 1 month ago
I love logo bcs it's so fun and you feel proud doing it bcs it is hard
RaYze dark
'RaYze dark' 1 month ago
jesuS ChRIsT My EaRS
Horse Wind
'Horse Wind' 1 month ago
This is why I prefer staying on the ground
Horse Wind
'Horse Wind' 1 month ago
That was Scarry to look at and I don't judge thoughts girls for screaming like alote
Alpha ツ
'Alpha ツ' 1 month ago
The real pogo stick guy from happy wheels
Bonita Griffin-Ritter
back flip dismount!
Gabriela Garcia
'Gabriela Garcia' 1 month ago
Of all the crazy and daring things that they've done who knew jumping on a pogo stick would be the scariest and the most challenging! Hahhaa
Roblox Poe Poe
'Roblox Poe Poe' 1 month ago
"Jesus Christ Michelle" 😂😂😂😂 she's like "ahaha" I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BREAK YOUR EYES "JUST" 😂
Roblox Poe Poe
'Roblox Poe Poe' 1 month ago
1:31 made me poop my pants when she fell down 😂😂
Kayla Hines
'Kayla Hines' 1 month ago
Harsh Agarwal
'Harsh Agarwal' 1 month ago
0:07 love that expression on Jordan's face
'heyoitscatdango' 1 month ago
They should make a women try series!
Henry Carter
'Henry Carter' 1 month ago
Fred is alway staring at their bums hehe Fred I see you
GamerSteven 9000
'GamerSteven 9000' 1 month ago
Try Xpogo sticks
Kate Rain fall
'Kate Rain fall' 1 month ago
When he said "I broke over 15" I was like "please don't say bones please don't say bones" 😂😂
VeX Aquuaa
'VeX Aquuaa' 1 month ago
Those tricks r so easy
'ADEELA LAW' 1 month ago
Is that Natalie
Li Family
'Li Family' 2 months ago
This was cringy
Nathan Musschoot
'Nathan Musschoot' 2 months ago
I thought he was going to say he has broken over 15 bones.
'LORRY LOVER 2000' 2 months ago
My most jumps on a pogo stick is 200 and something
'HateMeCauseYouAintMe' 2 months ago
Anyone realised his surname is polish and means mushroom 🍄
Andrea Gerova
'Andrea Gerova' 2 months ago
Those tree are just squad goals😄
simple white human
'simple white human' 2 months ago
2:46 everyone with that confused face
roman baron
'roman baron' 2 months ago
1:31 is it me or he is looking at her really creepy ?
Melanie Martinez SUPERFAN!!!
If u watch reaction time I think you would also agree Michelle kinda looks like Michael except a girl version
Fatima Ali
'Fatima Ali' 2 months ago
you make the best videos ever
'AlecFerro' 2 months ago
Best channel yet! I love the drama and Michelle crying in some athletic videos. They also encourage me to have muscles and stop watching youtube all daaaaay looooongg
Maggie Eisner
'Maggie Eisner' 2 months ago
Michelle is awesome
Carissa Romero
'Carissa Romero' 2 months ago
1:49 I laughed 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
Susan Pootieo
'Susan Pootieo' 2 months ago
Michelle looks like Natalie's Outlet
yingru ruan
'yingru ruan' 2 months ago
A can pogo stick but not extreme
'zzzoe' 2 months ago
I thought he was going say I broke 15 bones...
Armani HerVlogz
'Armani HerVlogz' 2 months ago
Omg I really want a pogo... 😞
Jamie Lound
'Jamie Lound' 2 months ago
when he said I've broken over... I thought he was gonna say bones
Marusa Guzej
'Marusa Guzej' 2 months ago
when he sad i broke 18 records i swear hes gonna say bones
'NotMyDivision' 2 months ago
I thought he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones..." O.O
TheReal Horizon
'TheReal Horizon' 2 months ago
Legend has it... they all had a foursome after the vid.
Jesslyn DS
'Jesslyn DS' 2 months ago
wow you gise are really talented and lucky becaus i wish to do all the things that you gise done well done women 's
'OanasDrafts' 2 months ago
When he said "I've broken over 15..." I could have sworn he was gonna say bones. *BUT NO, GUINESS RECORDS BE*
Hanne Smet
'Hanne Smet' 2 months ago
At 2:52 he was just looking at her ass😂😂😂
Dorthy Gale
'Dorthy Gale' 2 months ago
Pause at 0:07 lol
'CosmicBadger' 2 months ago
Ha he broke 15 world records I have broken 15 of my bones
'323karen323' 3 months ago
I wish I had arms like Jordan
Kelsey cunnah
'Kelsey cunnah' 3 months ago
Hey My Name Is Kelsey Too But i have to go on my mums account
elise banks
'elise banks' 3 months ago
I like how, because she did gymnastics, Jordan went to do a Y after her tuck. gold
Geeky Reads
'Geeky Reads' 3 months ago
when he said "I've broken over 15 world records," I thought he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones" oops...
Jomana Akkawi
'Jomana Akkawi' 3 months ago
Kelsy looks so hot
Ariana 3456
'Ariana 3456' 3 months ago
I thought he was going to say "I have broke 15 bones" instead of world records 😂😂😂
Mint Suga
'Mint Suga' 3 months ago
PUNS Excited ones: I can't wait to POGO on the stick Homesick ones: I want to POGO home Kpop fans: POGO SHIPTA
Eli Dagdagan
'Eli Dagdagan' 3 months ago
Can you have people look for a secret pool in the Mojave desert that is useable? Can you also have people who are computer geeks meet Kevin Mitnick? Cam you also have horror fans visit Mckamey Manor Haunted House in San Diego, California also known as the world's scariest haunted house please? You guys would really make me happy and I will be able to cross something off my bucket list for having a YouTube channel actually make a video I requested.
Claudia Rivera
'Claudia Rivera' 3 months ago
In the beginning I thought he was gonna say "I've broken over 15 bones". 😂
Jada Horn
'Jada Horn' 3 months ago
Who else thought that when Fred said, "i have broken 15..." He was going to say bones? 😂😂😂
Frankie Puppy
'Frankie Puppy' 3 months ago
When he said I broke over 15 world records I thought he was going to say I broke over 15 bones. Lmao
'JanPospisil42' 3 months ago
Discount Emma Stone there is not half bad.
Tiyonna Klein
'Tiyonna Klein' 3 months ago
lol when he said "I've broken over 15 guiuness world records", I thought he was gonna say, "I've broken over 15 bones"
Joshua Ogunlolu
'Joshua Ogunlolu' 3 months ago
Lol Fred: "You guys did backflips" Kelsey: umm....
Joshua Ogunlolu
'Joshua Ogunlolu' 3 months ago
3:21 what?? 😂😂😂😂😂
Aqib Malik
'Aqib Malik' 3 months ago
at 3.29; Michelle and pogofred had a beautiful moment together.
Alondra Orozco
'Alondra Orozco' 3 months ago
Michelle and Jordan do a lot of these challenges and things together
jarl olsen
'jarl olsen' 3 months ago
i can do 2613 on a pogo stick
Andrés Felipe Martínez M
Michelle is so cute.
WeirdPerson 55
'WeirdPerson 55' 3 months ago
the new pogo mobo-pro
Alena Pak
'Alena Pak' 3 months ago
I thought he was going to say... "Ive broken over 15..." bones
Monty Tero
'Monty Tero' 3 months ago
give me a like if you hate Turkey
silverbow 123
'silverbow 123' 3 months ago
Pogo Fred And Michelle tho. 😍😍😍
gymnastics tutorials
'gymnastics tutorials' 3 months ago
when he said I broke 15 I thought he was gonna say I broke 15 bones in a year
Jumana K
'Jumana K' 4 months ago
Kelsey, Michelle and Jordan are like the girls version of the Try Guys, except those girls have legit potentials xD they should have their own series
Jessi Carter
'Jessi Carter' 4 months ago
It looked like Michelle had a crush on Fred I SHIP IT
lunar clipse70
'lunar clipse70' 4 months ago
when he said i have broken 15 records instead i though he would say bones instead of records
Pumpkin cat
'Pumpkin cat' 4 months ago
My favorite part is where he say "mine too" so he doesn't feel left out. 😂
Bianca Visagie
'Bianca Visagie' 4 months ago
Did you notice that Michelle had the same top as Michelle in The Next Step
BZD Channel
'BZD Channel' 4 months ago
The three of you should have your own trademark. Like the test friends and the try guys..
Nashaly Vega
'Nashaly Vega' 4 months ago
3:21 awkward 😮😮😮😂😂😂
'Steve-o' 4 months ago
°☆°Hi Sunshine;~)Once you concord the fear in your mind, then you can start having fun! Thank you for sharing an spreading your Beautiful Light ~ Energy Waves around the world of Freedom, for all those who want or desire to have it. ✌💖🤗~☺🌎⚬ ...
Brionyqueenbee Vlogs
'Brionyqueenbee Vlogs' 4 months ago
I once tried a pogo stick, I was too light for it and I fell in to a nettle bush! 🙄
'FOXXESRCUTE234' 4 months ago
Kelsey is too cute man! I just love her smile!
'WalkerKillers' 4 months ago
I thought he was going to say, "I've broken over 15 bones." 😂
Sunny Haladker
'Sunny Haladker' 4 months ago
1:32 His reaction lol
Nesty Punk
'Nesty Punk' 4 months ago
I've seen Fred in Ottawa at the buskerwick festival
Zoey Sparklez
'Zoey Sparklez' 4 months ago
Just watch me break my limbs and die trying to this
Darlene Lesmana
'Darlene Lesmana' 4 months ago
"we're gonna do a backflip" "it's okay i'm holding on to you" i'm trash bye
Katie Light
'Katie Light' 4 months ago
3:22 It was so adorkable
Katie Light
'Katie Light' 4 months ago
2:22 lol he sounded so offended
Random Gamer
'Random Gamer' 4 months ago
the 3 hottest women from buzzfeed
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