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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

2, 530, 200 views

41, 254 Likes   979 Dislikes

“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

Emma Jean
'Emma Jean' 11 hours ago
Make me a Pogo man! He cried.  But the Pogo Master did not answer.  He just kept on Pogoing
Quency Silien
'Quency Silien' 1 day ago
fred sexy asf
InVisbleGaming Yt
Light skinned girl is like WOOO
Angela Toth
'Angela Toth' 1 day ago
so lets start with some easy things like: NO HANDS!?!?!? IS THAT EASY...
Angela Aquino
'Angela Aquino' 4 days ago
This looks like so much fun. How do I work for buzzfeed?!
Ciara Bradley
'Ciara Bradley' 5 days ago
his gaze at 1:33 :'D
muffin wizzard
'muffin wizzard' 6 days ago
*what the hell fred* lol 😂
| mileHIGHpro |
'| mileHIGHpro |' 6 days ago
It offends me that the wyman in this video are not wearing helmets. WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THE YOUNGINS, BUZZFEED? This is a load of crap!
Mvc Dd
'Mvc Dd' 6 days ago
Jordan 😍😍😍
noel budhram
'noel budhram' 7 days ago
Look at the girl in the pink face at 3:00
Max The Psychic
'Max The Psychic' 1 week ago
Jordan: okay maybe don’t panic???? Also Jordan 2 seconds later: aaAAAAAAAA
Ronnie Caporuscio
'Ronnie Caporuscio' 1 week ago
Never broken one bone on a pogo stick I am by far the world's best no ifs ands or douse the best there was the best there is the best there ever will be
'vdsbvdVISD' 2 weeks ago
Title says expert guy says basic
savanna Allen
'savanna Allen' 2 weeks ago
Why dot they have the try girls you know like the try guys but the try girls
Giselle Salazar
'Giselle Salazar' 2 weeks ago
Can u please try colorguard we’re not a well recognized sport
'TheSlimyNoodle' 2 weeks ago
Why was he always staring at Kelsey lol
'IWantToDie' 2 weeks ago
''I've broken over 15 Guinesse Records''. I would have broke over 15 BONES if I tried
Max Vovan
'Max Vovan' 2 weeks ago
3 extremely scared women jump up 1 meter on a pogo. SO SCARY
Xander Thibodeau
'Xander Thibodeau' 2 weeks ago
Girls are dramatic
Geetika Kaur
'Geetika Kaur' 3 weeks ago
Michelle is like hitting on pogo Fred
anusha iyer
'anusha iyer' 3 weeks ago
Kiera Jones
'Kiera Jones' 3 weeks ago
1.48 so funny
The cheesy cheese
'The cheesy cheese' 3 weeks ago
That intro though
hayhay Martin
'hayhay Martin' 3 weeks ago
At 0:15 who else thought he was going so say bones
Larry S
'Larry S' 4 weeks ago
Broken over 15 world records, nice. But, how many bones have u broken sir?
Qbert Advaark
'Qbert Advaark' 4 weeks ago
1:46 nice to know
pan flip
'pan flip' 4 weeks ago
Ashley Eriksen
'Ashley Eriksen' 4 weeks ago
When I was younger I used my pogo stick a lot but after I got massive boobs I can't anymore.
Taylor Stewart
'Taylor Stewart' 4 weeks ago
The reason she didn’t land her backflip/tuck was bc she didn’t set at all she went straight for her knees (edit) No hate just constructive criticism
Ilikestuff ok
'Ilikestuff ok' 4 weeks ago
How does he do that with people screaming at him
Lol McLol
'Lol McLol' 4 weeks ago
00:14 I thought he was gonna say "I have broken over 15 bones" 😂😅
Funnycool Girl
'Funnycool Girl' 4 weeks ago
'Marianne' 1 month ago
wait a sec is he polish or what
Mad Oryx
'Mad Oryx' 1 month ago
I had a pogo stick ....I loved it
Muki 360
'Muki 360' 1 month ago
I think fred is macedonian like me because his last name ends with ski
Maya McCullough
'Maya McCullough' 1 month ago
I thought he was gonna say he broke 15 bones 😂
Bob Saget
'Bob Saget' 1 month ago
the girl in the pink is a cutie....
Nathan Takahashi
'Nathan Takahashi' 1 month ago
Michelle is wearing the same shirt that Michelle from the next step wore in season two
Susan Castro
'Susan Castro' 1 month ago
"I'm pissed, I'm gonna go pogo..."
Egidijus Kalesinskas
4:15 Anyone knows what brand of helmets they were using?
Cash Carter
'Cash Carter' 1 month ago
same bro,same.
# Flawless
'# Flawless' 1 month ago
Let’s be real Fred was hitting on Kelsey the whole video
A Tapia
'A Tapia' 1 month ago
I remember when I was younger I had a pogo sticking was pretty cool, I wonder if I could do it now
'GZO' 1 month ago
*gives handjob: "One and done! That was amazing!"
Johnny Test311
'Johnny Test311' 1 month ago
I’m actually really good at pogo jumping
Tessa Fradella
'Tessa Fradella' 1 month ago
All the girls in the vid are my fav
Tahi Govan
'Tahi Govan' 1 month ago
ithought he was gonna say i broke 15 bones
Urtė Radušytė
'Urtė Radušytė' 1 month ago
I laughed so much😂😂
That Gaming Channel
'That Gaming Channel' 1 month ago
I’d like to pogo on her 😫
Alex Rahali
'Alex Rahali' 1 month ago
I ship Jordan, Kelsey and Michelle as a group of besties
Majd Baddah
'Majd Baddah' 2 months ago
4:51 she looks like a nazi solider
'Couches' 2 months ago
blonde looks like grant gustin
'TheMander8' 2 months ago
At 3:03 there is a weird quivery sound in the back round if you focus.
Flaming Keys
'Flaming Keys' 2 months ago
These guys remind me of the powerpuff girls
Olivia Risling
'Olivia Risling' 2 months ago
When he said "I have broken 15 world records" I thought he was going to say bones
Tyler Playz Reacts & more!
Pause at 0:08 haha
Syndrome 616
'Syndrome 616' 2 months ago
0:16 who else thought, Bones
Emma Bridegam
'Emma Bridegam' 2 months ago
At 0:15 I thought he was gonna say bones 😂😂 lol
'BroOlympus' 2 months ago
Lol. 1:32 - 1:34. The look of the guy ;)
'Goodangel06' 2 months ago
Lol I can jump all the way to my freinds house 🏡
Haylie Hooper
'Haylie Hooper' 2 months ago
Women try AERIAL SILKS!!
Salma Adel
'Salma Adel' 2 months ago
2:24 does she not realize she is making fun of him and his job
'PBJFish PBJFish' 2 months ago
be one with the Fred.
Michael Aaron
'Michael Aaron' 2 months ago
Kelsey's mouth is so gorgeous man I wish I knew her ancestry test Kelsey please
abc defg
'abc defg' 2 months ago
Omg Michelle... I cringed all the time
Mariam Miled
'Mariam Miled' 2 months ago
I laughed Soo much
Muppet _playz
'Muppet _playz' 2 months ago
when i was 9 i did 211 on my old hello kitty pogo stick
Nicky Darbyshire
'Nicky Darbyshire' 2 months ago
Michele is wearing what michele wears in the next step
Landen P.
'Landen P.' 2 months ago
Raven 101
'Raven 101' 2 months ago
Please do stillz
Kelly Page
'Kelly Page' 2 months ago
And Jordan
Kelly Page
'Kelly Page' 2 months ago
Michell won I think
Caroline Bitter
'Caroline Bitter' 2 months ago
When he said "I've broken over 15..." I def thought he was gonna say bones
Jillian McWhorter
'Jillian McWhorter' 2 months ago
I thought he was going to say I've broken over 15 bones
Vick Crafted123
'Vick Crafted123' 2 months ago
I used one of these things in preschool, ended up in the hospital 30 min later, had springs instead of air though.
Peter Parkourz
'Peter Parkourz' 2 months ago
finnaly from what ive got lately theres load of feminists acting like men its nice to women being themselves :) no replys plz i dont read them
'DerpyPotatoKing' 2 months ago
*Instant replay* The guy didnt even flinch OMG
Joanna Cruz
'Joanna Cruz' 2 months ago
i love how michelle and jordan try everything
Cameron Apoll
'Cameron Apoll' 2 months ago
I’m very good at pogo stick
dazzle art the pony
'dazzle art the pony' 2 months ago
does anyone know the intro song? at 0:09
book unicorn15
'book unicorn15' 2 months ago
Wow extreme pogo sticker
Mike Hunt
'Mike Hunt' 3 months ago
the pink top chick wanted to smash
Georgina Dunsmore
'Georgina Dunsmore' 3 months ago
I thought he was gonna say he’d broken over 15 bones 😅
Coolness Life
'Coolness Life' 3 months ago
That’s the vat19 pogo stick!!
'Leah4Ever' 3 months ago
At 0:15 I thought he was going to say “I’ve broken over 15 bones”
Salvatore Chiolo
'Salvatore Chiolo' 3 months ago
You girls are great I love all your videos so funny
Rip Harambe
'Rip Harambe' 3 months ago
I thought he was going to say I've broken 15 bones
InvisibleSkeleton Gaming & More!
The one handed and the tucks are really easy for me
kill me
'kill me' 3 months ago
“I’ve broken over 15 Guinness World records...” I tHouGht hE wAs gOinG tO sAy bOnEs
'유민/ゆみん' 3 months ago
5:34 he's just totally staring at her even on a pogo
Malic Alex
'Malic Alex' 3 months ago
1:45 close your eyes and listen
Malic Alex
'Malic Alex' 3 months ago
1:31 I thought she died
mariax videos
'mariax videos' 3 months ago
"Jesus Christ , Michelle
xiuxiu ld
'xiuxiu ld' 3 months ago
Jordan was a gymnast though
Danica Allison Wayne
'Danica Allison Wayne' 3 months ago
"Aren't you proud of me, mom? This is my job!" Fred quickly replies, "Me too!" My face. (-_-) "Dork."
'mcfish' 3 months ago
1:57 no wait it’s your google glasses
Rochelle ro
'Rochelle ro' 3 months ago
@3:20 is just purely adorable 😂😂 Michelle+Fred ❤
Ashley the Lamb
'Ashley the Lamb' 3 months ago
I see them as powerpuff girls
sir Ethan
'sir Ethan' 3 months ago
WOMEN!!! Try Extreme Pogo Sticking
xDramaLlama_ にゃ
'xDramaLlama_ にゃ' 3 months ago
Me doing ANYTHING during gym class
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