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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

1, 670, 364 views

30, 422 Likes   776 Dislikes

“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

'MegaDuCKstar' 1 day ago
I'm a simple man. I see a video with Kelsey I click.
Super Amazing Aisan Unicorn
around 1:15 it kinda looks like she was raging and attacking the poor bush
Danky Kang
'Danky Kang' 3 days ago
Why not men?
'Ace' 4 days ago
These comments are cancer
'mutantmuggle84' 1 week ago
people read to into this like "they were flirting" "jordan was being mean" "jordan wanted to one-up michelle" "what's up with michelle" "michelle is so different" like let others be and mind your own...
Debbie Wright
'Debbie Wright' 1 week ago
why did the other girl not flip
PandaKitty AJ
'PandaKitty AJ' 1 week ago
I can't even pogo..
'ClumsyRavenclaw' 1 week ago
The guy was talking so slowly that I had to check if the video was set on half speed Edit: It actually was on 0.5 speed :DD
Frances Campbell
'Frances Campbell' 2 weeks ago
I murdered a hedge with a stick! Oh wait it was a POGO STICK NOT A STICK!!!
MadeBy Sofia
'MadeBy Sofia' 2 weeks ago
When he said I've broken I thought he was going to say bones
Cynda Gaming
'Cynda Gaming' 2 weeks ago
He's teaching them a trick and they can't even stand up on it hmmmmm....
Hallie Brown
'Hallie Brown' 3 weeks ago
Michelle was so cringy, I can't even.
rachel vv
'rachel vv' 3 weeks ago
Fred is HOT
Soledad R
'Soledad R' 3 weeks ago
When I was 7 I would pogo with high heels 👠
Gabriel Williams
'Gabriel Williams' 3 weeks ago
Pogo-sticking is really fun but those nice ones cost a lot
Daddy Alabama
'Daddy Alabama' 3 weeks ago
he lowkey has a crush on the blonde girl.
Justin Wong
'Justin Wong' 3 weeks ago
this is the cringiest sport ever, if u can even call it a sport
I can pogo why does it look so hard lol
Stay Meme
'Stay Meme' 3 weeks ago
I thought he was gonna say he has broken over 15 bones
'HEOvine' 3 weeks ago
kelsey just marry me
Julia Carmela
'Julia Carmela' 3 weeks ago
I think Michelle likes the dude AHHAHHA
Teding NM
'Teding NM' 3 weeks ago
Michelle's flirting that's why she's acting weird.
Madani Gaming
'Madani Gaming' 3 weeks ago
I think pogo stick was brought from
TheWafleGamingAndVlogs Andmore
Can I buy a pogo shtick please
':D' 3 weeks ago
Jordan's my least favourite person in buzz feed
'KuhuOfficial' 3 weeks ago
Thought he was gonna say Broken over 15 bones
Rosie and Claire
'Rosie and Claire' 4 weeks ago
Jorden is like the most active
'Karawek' 4 weeks ago
Ok, but the music kinda sounds like animal crossing villagers talking!
Margeaux Ettiene
'Margeaux Ettiene' 4 weeks ago
I thought he was gonna say he'd broken over 15 BONES
Logwd Domi
'Logwd Domi' 4 weeks ago
I laughed so hard at {THE GROUND} part and the {MAYBE DON'T PANIC}!! 😂😂😂
CONZ 808
'CONZ 808' 4 weeks ago
woooow did you really have to jus one up your friend..I mean no one was going to do it.. then she did it.. then you were one ok I guess I have to do it too then uum😕..I like your guys video but people like you fucking annoy me..
'Laury-SenPIE' 4 weeks ago
Me at nine years old bouncing on my flashing pogo stick like a badass
Sienna Holness
'Sienna Holness' 4 weeks ago
omg Michelle's interaction with Fred 😂😂 did you get the digits girl ??!
Kate Zhao
'Kate Zhao' 4 weeks ago
"I'm holding onto you." *rolls eyes*
courageous pizza
'courageous pizza' 4 weeks ago
when he starting saying I've broken over 15 guinesses world records i thought he was gonna say bones
Summer Williams
'Summer Williams' 4 weeks ago
I thought he said I have broken about 15 bones
'38sparkles' 4 weeks ago
"I've broken over fifteen"- Me: BONES?!? "Guinness world records" Me : oh.
Chat Noir
'Chat Noir' 4 weeks ago
Michelle likes fred
Aubrey Davenport
'Aubrey Davenport' 4 weeks ago
poor dude has to deal with femaist
Glasses Gaming
'Glasses Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Cringe 😩😩😩
Alexandcat xx
'Alexandcat xx' 4 weeks ago
Michelle almost killed jordan with the fucking pogo😂
yenalis morales
'yenalis morales' 4 weeks ago
look how the dude looks at the blonde girl at 1:31 where she falls
Madison Raelynn
'Madison Raelynn' 4 weeks ago
Michelle definitely had a crush on Fred 😂
'AoN' 4 weeks ago
It's like they all get brainwashed at buzzfeed. Everyone there acts the same weird way.
Lauren Busic
'Lauren Busic' 4 weeks ago
Love the eye roll at 4:33
Selina Liu
'Selina Liu' 4 weeks ago
I though he was going to say, "I've broken 15 bones" instead of, "I've broken 15 Guinness World Records".
Ryta xx
'Ryta xx' 4 weeks ago
anybody else think when the guy said i have broken.. Anybody besides me think he was going to say bones? no..? just me? .-.
'ohnogrl' 4 weeks ago
'Freakly' 4 weeks ago
Where is Fred from?
'ubajker' 4 weeks ago
0:15 i have broken over 15 bones
Danae.chantel 99
'Danae.chantel 99' 4 weeks ago
This is making me miss my pogo stick😩...... I want another😊🤣
Valentina Segovia
'Valentina Segovia' 4 weeks ago
I love this video because Michelle and her awkwardness towards Fred <3
Jacob Hauptman
'Jacob Hauptman' 4 weeks ago
Their sooooo bad
Life Of Typical Mari
Mi Ri
'Mi Ri' 4 weeks ago
I died when she said "jesus christ michael" 😂😂😂
Bluekk 88
'Bluekk 88' 1 month ago
I started hurdles on my track team, and I'm actually one of the best hurdlers, and I'm only 4'8", and I'm 13
Anthony Tucci
'Anthony Tucci' 1 month ago
did anyone else pause at 3:07 lol
Andrea Sullie
'Andrea Sullie' 1 month ago
Okay so everybody here's sayin Michelle's crushing on Pogo Fred, am I the only clueless idiot who doesn't see it?!
Kris verden
'Kris verden' 1 month ago
Haha, of course the only buzzfeed video where the women aren't fat is a sports video...
Anna Mitchell
'Anna Mitchell' 1 month ago
Are these people random people or do they work at Buzzfeed? (I've seen the blonde woman in another video as well so....?)
Edmund Lyle Hassell
'Edmund Lyle Hassell' 1 month ago
I thought he was gonna say I've broken over 15 bones in my body 😂
'apophisdd' 1 month ago
Pogosticking as a job? I have more respect for meter-maids/parking attendants than that.
Younes Melhem
'Younes Melhem' 1 month ago
At the start of the vid when he said I broke over 15 world records I thought he was going to say I've broken over 15 bones
'maweed' 1 month ago
wow... she DOES look like female Barry Allen from CW
'Lethal_obs' 1 month ago
i think the one in the pink wanted franks pogo ;)
Dash Cole
'Dash Cole' 1 month ago
0:15 I thought he was gonna say broken bones
Irene Ortiz
'Irene Ortiz' 1 month ago
That blonde chick bothers me.
'999,999 Views' 1 month ago
What about men try pogo.....
Kid Gamer Tv
'Kid Gamer Tv' 1 month ago
They got the Try Guys now the Try Girls
Daisy Jobe-parker
'Daisy Jobe-parker' 1 month ago
The blond girl just kinda pissed me off for no reason..actually, everyone pisses me off..
Basil Gan
'Basil Gan' 1 month ago
I like how they were so exited in the beginning, like orgasms.
Bailey Gerhart
'Bailey Gerhart' 1 month ago
Am I the only one who thought he was going to say "I've broken over 15 bones.." instead of records lmao
'ʝαѕмιиe' 1 month ago
Oml Michelle has a crush on Fred lmaoo
sophisticated african kid
i fucking hate Jordan
Ferby L
'Ferby L' 1 month ago
4:42 and that's when Fred fell in love. 😹😹💕
CaSpR Olko
'CaSpR Olko' 1 month ago
do you like Mushrooms? I think Fred Grzybowski does! get it? huh?! i think you don't get it... so JUST FKIN TRANSLATE HIS LASTNAME!!!
'SkyBlossom21' 1 month ago
The thing is, you're telling me that they learned all of this in a day??? Heh, it'll take me like, 1 week for each trick!! 😂😂😭😂
Elizabeth Grace
'Elizabeth Grace' 1 month ago
i ship michelle and fred 😂😂
Nari J.
'Nari J.' 1 month ago
I ship Michelle and Fred I guess #med #mred #frichelle make more names
Minnie Cai
'Minnie Cai' 1 month ago
"...Lose that sense of excitement to try dangerous and daring things...." 😑😑 Why dafaq would I want to break more bones...??!! And since when did I want to dive off the Eiffel Tower?! Since never
'amihan99' 1 month ago
kelsey didnt do a back flip
'Brocky' 1 month ago
Got those over-reactions on point.
One Chance
'One Chance' 1 month ago
They always use the fit girls at buzzfeed for this stuff.
Xhill Floral
'Xhill Floral' 1 month ago
Fred and Michelle need to date ASAP
Cyclone Cuber
'Cyclone Cuber' 1 month ago
I thought he was going to say bones broke bone
Darren Yam
'Darren Yam' 1 month ago
ah girls always scard
CrazilyChill :P
'CrazilyChill :P' 1 month ago
i've never understood why some people can't use a pogo. it's always been super easy
Jasmine Sanchez 2007
Michelle seems different in this video
'MeloKayy' 1 month ago
I think michelle's got a crushhhhh
Black Viking
'Black Viking' 1 month ago
Kathy Gass
'Kathy Gass' 1 month ago
The funny sounds they made!!🤣🙃😂
'thebodiescannotveto' 1 month ago
kelsey is laganja.
The real Bosley Awadis
Does anybody see him looking at their butts
Evan Suck
'Evan Suck' 1 month ago
My friend Colorado and Kevin their record is doing it 1,000 something times
'DuckSwagGaming' 1 month ago
This is pathetic
JinO Chil
'JinO Chil' 1 month ago
Kelsey and Caspar Lee kind of resemble each other
JinO Chil
'JinO Chil' 1 month ago
They look like they're genuinely having fun. I love it
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