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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

2, 615, 817 views

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“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

Mike Hunt
'Mike Hunt' 3 days ago
Fred better have taken the opportunity to plow Michelle's guts in
iiiSo_Toxic 213
'iiiSo_Toxic 213' 3 days ago
Michelle just likes the guy xD
Hafiz Jamshidi
'Hafiz Jamshidi' 5 days ago
Omg the girl in pink has the exact same dance top as Michelle from the next step 😱👍🤗
Alyssa Online
'Alyssa Online' 1 week ago
Michelle is wearing the same shirt as S2 Michelle from the next step
Say Hello To Shell
Does Michelle have a rip in her pants or is it just me?
Casey McCarthy
'Casey McCarthy' 1 week ago
Pogo Fred came to my school
'WolfGirlBre' 2 weeks ago
I thought he was going to say he’s broken over 15 bones
Maya Whittaker
'Maya Whittaker' 2 weeks ago
I have a pogo stick and I can balance and can do it and I’m 10
Mckeyla Mckallister
'Mckeyla Mckallister' 2 weeks ago
Why didn’t Kelsey backflip?!
BirbsRule Obviously
'BirbsRule Obviously' 2 weeks ago
0:15- I thought he was gonna say bones
Tony Deez nuts
'Tony Deez nuts' 2 weeks ago
Fred was looking at the girls butt
Jess Karr
'Jess Karr' 2 weeks ago
Michelle always does stuff like this, I would never do this....
Lol XD
'Lol XD' 2 weeks ago
Michelle is so excited in this video and Jordan thinks she's better than everyone else.... They are not like this in every video, but they are like this in this one
Mika Benitez
'Mika Benitez' 2 weeks ago
0:15 I thought he said “ *I have broken over 15 bones* “😂
Siblings Deepak
'Siblings Deepak' 3 weeks ago
Kelsey kinda looks like ijustin
markothesavagerYT GR
kelsey is so beautiful
Joy Gong
'Joy Gong' 3 weeks ago
Pause at 1:46
Techo Echo
'Techo Echo' 4 weeks ago
I like Jordan. She seems chill. While Kelsey and Michelle is screaming she's just standing me XD
Daisha Johnson
'Daisha Johnson' 4 weeks ago
3:24, a child
Mia Patino
'Mia Patino' 4 weeks ago
My brother is nic Patino look him up he does xpogo also I have met fred
'Tiegs!!!!!' 4 weeks ago
What's so different about women popping then men pogoing
Cookie Monster
'Cookie Monster' 4 weeks ago
Before he said he broke ..... records I thought he was going to say bone I have broke ..... bones
'Skiller07' 1 month ago
When he said 15 records i thought he wouldve said 15 bones!!lol
A Moon
'A Moon' 1 month ago
0:15 i thought he was about to say "I have broken over 15 bones"
SydF. 83542
'SydF. 83542' 1 month ago
I want a pogo stick now
Emma Joan Curtis
'Emma Joan Curtis' 1 month ago
He said he broke almost 15 Guinness world records. I thought he was going to say bones.
Owen 11
'Owen 11' 1 month ago
When he said I have broken 15... I thought he was gonna say bones
Rania Sheikh
'Rania Sheikh' 1 month ago
Kelsey looks so cute when she laughs
You should make a Chanel of this videos called the try girls.
Dylan Walford
'Dylan Walford' 1 month ago
Kelsey is so cute
Nina Horn
'Nina Horn' 1 month ago
Those pogo sticks look like the pogo sticks vat19 sells
Meet Lodge!
'Meet Lodge!' 1 month ago
dat booty do
'sophiethegreat' 1 month ago
i can't use a pogo stick because i'm tall but i don't weigh much so the smaller ones are light enough but to short and the bigger one are to heavy but tall enough.
Weird Potato
'Weird Potato' 2 months ago
That intro killed me😂😂
'Zoey' 2 months ago
MR. Depressed
'MR. Depressed' 2 months ago
I want a real pogo now
itz me
'itz me' 2 months ago
2:32 y does she always use a different stick? The other girls use the green one
Paupcorn Pau
'Paupcorn Pau' 2 months ago
I can’t fucking pogo
Dany B
'Dany B' 2 months ago
Omg there are so many funny parts in thus video
Lydia Skinner-noble
'Lydia Skinner-noble' 2 months ago
the three of them should be "the try gals" or something like that
The Indian Cooking Show
Try Girls!
Lewis Morrey
'Lewis Morrey' 2 months ago
This sport should be calle PROgo sticking
Emma Jean
'Emma Jean' 2 months ago
Make me a Pogo man! He cried.  But the Pogo Master did not answer.  He just kept on Pogoing
Quency Silien
'Quency Silien' 2 months ago
fred sexy asf
Angela Toth
'Angela Toth' 2 months ago
so lets start with some easy things like: NO HANDS!?!?!? IS THAT EASY...
Angela Aquino
'Angela Aquino' 2 months ago
This looks like so much fun. How do I work for buzzfeed?!
Ciara Bradley
'Ciara Bradley' 2 months ago
his gaze at 1:33 :'D
muffin wizzard
'muffin wizzard' 2 months ago
*what the hell fred* lol 😂
| mileHIGHpro |
'| mileHIGHpro |' 2 months ago
It offends me that the wyman in this video are not wearing helmets. WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THE YOUNGINS, BUZZFEED? This is a load of crap!
Mvc Dd
'Mvc Dd' 2 months ago
Jordan 😍😍😍
noel budhram
'noel budhram' 2 months ago
Look at the girl in the pink face at 3:00
Max The Psychic
'Max The Psychic' 2 months ago
Jordan: okay maybe don’t panic???? Also Jordan 2 seconds later: aaAAAAAAAA
Ronnie Caporuscio
'Ronnie Caporuscio' 2 months ago
Never broken one bone on a pogo stick I am by far the world's best no ifs ands or douse the best there was the best there is the best there ever will be
'vdsbvdVISD' 2 months ago
Title says expert guy says basic
savanna Allen
'savanna Allen' 2 months ago
Why dot they have the try girls you know like the try guys but the try girls
Giselle Salazar
'Giselle Salazar' 3 months ago
Can u please try colorguard we’re not a well recognized sport
'TheSlimyNoodle' 3 months ago
Why was he always staring at Kelsey lol
'IWantToDie' 3 months ago
''I've broken over 15 Guinesse Records''. I would have broke over 15 BONES if I tried
Max Vovan
'Max Vovan' 3 months ago
3 extremely scared women jump up 1 meter on a pogo. SO SCARY
Xander Thibodeau
'Xander Thibodeau' 3 months ago
Girls are dramatic
Geetika Kaur
'Geetika Kaur' 3 months ago
Michelle is like hitting on pogo Fred
anusha iyer
'anusha iyer' 3 months ago
Kiera Jones
'Kiera Jones' 3 months ago
1.48 so funny
The cheesy cheese
'The cheesy cheese' 3 months ago
That intro though
hayhay Martin
'hayhay Martin' 3 months ago
At 0:15 who else thought he was going so say bones
Larry S
'Larry S' 3 months ago
Broken over 15 world records, nice. But, how many bones have u broken sir?
Qbert Advaark
'Qbert Advaark' 3 months ago
1:46 nice to know
pan flip
'pan flip' 3 months ago
Taylor Stewart
'Taylor Stewart' 3 months ago
The reason she didn’t land her backflip/tuck was bc she didn’t set at all she went straight for her knees (edit) No hate just constructive criticism
Ilikestuff ok
'Ilikestuff ok' 3 months ago
How does he do that with people screaming at him
Lol McLol
'Lol McLol' 3 months ago
00:14 I thought he was gonna say "I have broken over 15 bones" 😂😅
Funnycool Girl
'Funnycool Girl' 3 months ago
'mvixlph' 3 months ago
wait a sec is he polish or what
Mad Oryx
'Mad Oryx' 3 months ago
I had a pogo stick ....I loved it
Muki 360
'Muki 360' 3 months ago
I think fred is macedonian like me because his last name ends with ski
Maya McCullough
'Maya McCullough' 3 months ago
I thought he was gonna say he broke 15 bones 😂
Bob Saget
'Bob Saget' 3 months ago
the girl in the pink is a cutie....
Nathan Takahashi
'Nathan Takahashi' 3 months ago
Michelle is wearing the same shirt that Michelle from the next step wore in season two
Susan Castro
'Susan Castro' 3 months ago
"I'm pissed, I'm gonna go pogo..."
Egidijus Kalesinskas
'Egidijus Kalesinskas' 3 months ago
4:15 Anyone knows what brand of helmets they were using?
Cash Carter
'Cash Carter' 3 months ago
same bro,same.
# Flawless
'# Flawless' 3 months ago
Let’s be real Fred was hitting on Kelsey the whole video
A Tapia
'A Tapia' 3 months ago
I remember when I was younger I had a pogo sticking was pretty cool, I wonder if I could do it now
'GZO' 3 months ago
*gives handjob: "One and done! That was amazing!"
Johnny Test311
'Johnny Test311' 3 months ago
I’m actually really good at pogo jumping
Tessa Fradella
'Tessa Fradella' 3 months ago
All the girls in the vid are my fav
Tahi Govan
'Tahi Govan' 3 months ago
ithought he was gonna say i broke 15 bones
Urtė Radušytė
'Urtė Radušytė' 3 months ago
I laughed so much😂😂
Orbit The Fox
'Orbit The Fox' 4 months ago
I’d like to pogo on her 😫
Alex Rahali
'Alex Rahali' 4 months ago
I ship Jordan, Kelsey and Michelle as a group of besties
Majd Baddah
'Majd Baddah' 4 months ago
4:51 she looks like a nazi solider
'Couches' 4 months ago
blonde looks like grant gustin
'TheMander8' 4 months ago
At 3:03 there is a weird quivery sound in the back round if you focus.
Flaming Keys
'Flaming Keys' 4 months ago
These guys remind me of the powerpuff girls
Olivia Risling
'Olivia Risling' 4 months ago
When he said "I have broken 15 world records" I thought he was going to say bones
Ninja The God
'Ninja The God' 4 months ago
Pause at 0:08 haha
Syndrome 616
'Syndrome 616' 4 months ago
0:16 who else thought, Bones
Emma Bridegam
'Emma Bridegam' 4 months ago
At 0:15 I thought he was gonna say bones 😂😂 lol
'BroOlympus' 4 months ago
Lol. 1:32 - 1:34. The look of the guy ;)
'Goodangel06' 4 months ago
Lol I can jump all the way to my freinds house 🏡
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