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Women Try Extreme Pogo Sticking -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

2, 366, 008 views

39, 181 Likes   929 Dislikes

“I have never laughed this much doing a fitness challenge."

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Pogo Fred @PogoFred

Silas Orteza: Editor

Ian Britt, Vurtego Pogos

Made by BFMP

Danica Allison Wayne
'Danica Allison Wayne' 15 hours ago
"Aren't you proud of me, mom? This is my job!" Fred quickly replies, "Me too!" My face. (-_-) "Dork."
'SilentSheep' 3 days ago
1:57 no wait it’s your google glasses
Rochelle ro
'Rochelle ro' 3 days ago
@3:20 is just purely adorable 😂😂 Michelle+Fred ❤
Ashley the Lamb
'Ashley the Lamb' 4 days ago
I see them as powerpuff girls
sir Ethan
'sir Ethan' 6 days ago
WOMEN!!! Try Extreme Pogo Sticking
xDramaLlama_ にゃ
Me doing ANYTHING during gym class
Donskyhotie p
'Donskyhotie p' 1 week ago
Michelle you're too obvious ... haha love your attitude in this episode :-)
Rosey Draws
'Rosey Draws' 2 weeks ago
when he said “ive broken over 15...” i legit though he was about to say “ive broken over 15 bones” ... yeah.
jenna jones
'jenna jones' 2 weeks ago
The thumbnail looks like a guy on a giant syringe lol
- -
'- -' 2 weeks ago
I dont like the white girl with blonde hair 🙄
Mea Mata
'Mea Mata' 2 weeks ago
I thought he would say “ i have broken 15 bones” 😂😂
'DSIAI I' 2 weeks ago
When is was 9 i could flip on pogo
OL Gaming
'OL Gaming' 2 weeks ago
i thought he was going to say ive broken over 15 bones
spongebob cat lover 10
Im ten and I can pogo better than u guys 😃😄 seeped for the back flip
Azael Garza
'Azael Garza' 3 weeks ago
Michelle looks like a old version of my ex and its making me feel weird
Mharlowe Abuan
'Mharlowe Abuan' 3 weeks ago
The blonde lady is trash
Schyzo Scherzo
'Schyzo Scherzo' 3 weeks ago
Honestly, Michelle and Jordan were so annoying in this video.
Theresa Dunn
'Theresa Dunn' 3 weeks ago
i wish all of them did a back flips
'Julita' 3 weeks ago
Is the dude polish because of his mame and look
Hjalte Ramsland
'Hjalte Ramsland' 4 weeks ago
Jakub Kozubski
'Jakub Kozubski' 4 weeks ago
I can pogo stick with out hands both I'm only 12
Irie Wright
'Irie Wright' 4 weeks ago
You should try professional scootering
Bailey Beiting
'Bailey Beiting' 4 weeks ago
"i'm an extreme pogo sticker" sure that's a great way to impress a girls father😂😂
shineloves you
'shineloves you' 4 weeks ago
Aww i wanna use a pogo so bad now😍😍😍😭😭😭😭
Midnight Titan65
'Midnight Titan65' 1 month ago
The pogo stick is easy
'Sparkylimecap' 1 month ago
'terrance' 1 month ago
I never seen people fail so hard at something i learned in 2 hours
EverythingDIY AndTrends
When he said he broke over 15 world records, I thought he was going to say that he broke over 15 bones
'Destiny' 1 month ago
1:32 When I see cheese fries
'HannahDIY's&Gamez' 1 month ago
Those 3 can be the new, Try Girls
'TheMistySnowField' 1 month ago
Michelle looks exactly like one of my old classmates.
muffin gaming
'muffin gaming' 1 month ago
I saw pogo fred at the fair
hanaa playz
'hanaa playz' 1 month ago
Berry alen
Random Raeleigh
'Random Raeleigh' 1 month ago
When he said that he has broken over 15 world records or whatever, I thought he was going to say I’ve broken over 15 bones. 😂 Anyone else think that? 😂😂
patatito 1
'patatito 1' 1 month ago
michelle looks like mia khalifa ;)
'Alfie' 1 month ago
The guy said that there pogosticks don't use springs like others and then says the more air you pump in the tougher the spring gets Seems legit
Isaac the Trans Edgelord
me: *quietly* is she okay?
gman random
'gman random' 1 month ago
I thought he was about to say i've broken about 15 bones.
LaDonna Scharberg
'LaDonna Scharberg' 1 month ago
He was staring😳
Roblox Radman
'Roblox Radman' 1 month ago
I thought he was gonna say I have broken 15 bones 😂
'TivoB1' 2 months ago
Hold up hold up HOLD UP he said "uses air n not a spring" Emediatly after says "the more air you add the stiffer the spring becomes" Did anybody catch that?
Madison Dupree
'Madison Dupree' 2 months ago
all i have to say is.. "wow" THATS COOL
Narmi Perfect
'Narmi Perfect' 2 months ago
Kir To
'Kir To' 2 months ago
Wake me up before you pogo
i dont give a
'i dont give a' 2 months ago
4:33 his face after he sees michelles face😂😂
The One And Only Osha Aly
At 1:32 Fred's face is like "....what??"
Bennie Travis
'Bennie Travis' 2 months ago
Thanks for making me buy a pogo stick
Jaini Yoshilover
'Jaini Yoshilover' 2 months ago
0:14 who else thought he was going to saw he's broken 15 bones?😂😹
Bryce Peters
'Bryce Peters' 2 months ago
They are all feminists and they all had to be helped when the "flipped" so they technically did not do a flip
Alicia Fogarty
'Alicia Fogarty' 2 months ago
Jordan's arms 😲💪🏼 actual goals
Emily L
'Emily L' 2 months ago
Jordan always wants to show off
Liam Batemyr
'Liam Batemyr' 2 months ago
When he said the number 15 I was so sure he would say I have broken 15 bones
Bella Southlock
'Bella Southlock' 2 months ago
I'm proud honey
Paola Garcia
'Paola Garcia' 2 months ago
I thought that he was about I’ve broken about 15 bones I was pls god no
Anoosha Thambi
'Anoosha Thambi' 2 months ago
I thought fred was going to say " I have broken over 15 different BONES "!!
'Dash' 2 months ago
Of u subcribe to me i will subcribe back
Rylie Oleson
'Rylie Oleson' 2 months ago
Who else thought he was going to say I broke over 15 bones instead of saying "I broke over 15 world records"
'OB TOXIC' 2 months ago
this man was looking at their asses the entire time
'Venets' 2 months ago
1:31 a face of confused disgust
Srinivas Ilango
'Srinivas Ilango' 2 months ago
the look on his face!! he's like "seriously?"
PGN Killswitch
'PGN Killswitch' 2 months ago
The one in gray looks like Collins Key
Itz Millz
'Itz Millz' 2 months ago
1:04 "ok maybe don't panic." TEN SECONDS LATER "Panics"
xiuxiu ld
'xiuxiu ld' 2 months ago
He almost touched her butt
shelly amor
'shelly amor' 2 months ago
Dirty thoughts anyone
I am 9 and I did no hands while jumping for about 30 seconds
Super Savannah
'Super Savannah' 2 months ago
3 girls 1 pogo stick
Lennay Duncan
'Lennay Duncan' 3 months ago
0:7 Kelseys face 😂😂😂😂😂
Toxic Playz
'Toxic Playz' 3 months ago
1:50 dat face do
nirvana rampersad
'nirvana rampersad' 3 months ago
I thought that he was gonna say that he had broke over 15 bones
Lashonda Malveaux
'Lashonda Malveaux' 3 months ago
Air Dolomiti Virtual pilot
Is that Mia Khalifa? =))
Rosswel Reyes
'Rosswel Reyes' 3 months ago
Yet my favorite girls
Aj Rivera
'Aj Rivera' 3 months ago
people try pro scootering. Do irtttt
Gaby Chuels
'Gaby Chuels' 3 months ago
Honestly me too im the same w the reaction
Stella Doggo
'Stella Doggo' 3 months ago
I think Jordan was wearing her Nike gold sports bra from the sports bra video.
Lucinda Vincent
'Lucinda Vincent' 3 months ago
I love logo bcs it's so fun and you feel proud doing it bcs it is hard
RaYze dark
'RaYze dark' 3 months ago
jesuS ChRIsT My EaRS
Horse Wind
'Horse Wind' 3 months ago
This is why I prefer staying on the ground
Horse Wind
'Horse Wind' 3 months ago
That was Scarry to look at and I don't judge thoughts girls for screaming like alote
Alpha ツ
'Alpha ツ' 3 months ago
The real pogo stick guy from happy wheels
Bonita Griffin-Ritter
back flip dismount!
Gabriela Garcia
'Gabriela Garcia' 3 months ago
Of all the crazy and daring things that they've done who knew jumping on a pogo stick would be the scariest and the most challenging! Hahhaa
Roblox Poe Poe
'Roblox Poe Poe' 3 months ago
"Jesus Christ Michelle" 😂😂😂😂 she's like "ahaha" I WAS JUST ABOUT TO BREAK YOUR EYES "JUST" 😂
Roblox Poe Poe
'Roblox Poe Poe' 3 months ago
1:31 made me poop my pants when she fell down 😂😂
Kayla Hines
'Kayla Hines' 3 months ago
Harsh Agarwal
'Harsh Agarwal' 3 months ago
0:07 love that expression on Jordan's face
'heyoitscatdango' 3 months ago
They should make a women try series!
Henry Carter
'Henry Carter' 3 months ago
Fred is alway staring at their bums hehe Fred I see you
GamerSteven 9000
'GamerSteven 9000' 3 months ago
Try Xpogo sticks
Kate Rain fall
'Kate Rain fall' 4 months ago
When he said "I broke over 15" I was like "please don't say bones please don't say bones" 😂😂
VeX Aquuaa
'VeX Aquuaa' 4 months ago
Those tricks r so easy
'ADEELA LAW' 4 months ago
Is that Natalie
Li Family
'Li Family' 4 months ago
This was cringy
Nathan Musschoot
'Nathan Musschoot' 4 months ago
I thought he was going to say he has broken over 15 bones.
Schleich horses 4 life 4 life
My most jumps on a pogo stick is 200 and something
'HateMeCauseYouAintMe' 4 months ago
Anyone realised his surname is polish and means mushroom 🍄
Andrea Gerova
'Andrea Gerova' 4 months ago
Those tree are just squad goals😄
simple white human
'simple white human' 4 months ago
2:46 everyone with that confused face
roman baron
'roman baron' 4 months ago
1:31 is it me or he is looking at her really creepy ?
Melanie Martinez SUPERFAN!!!
If u watch reaction time I think you would also agree Michelle kinda looks like Michael except a girl version
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