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iamAURORA - 70 Stories above Los Angeles at OUE Skyspace LA ft. Lizzy Plapinger -
Published: 6 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 6 months ago

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Lizzy Plapinger and Norwegian rising star Aurora brave the Sky Slide 70 stories above downtown Los Angeles before diving into a deep conversation where they discuss starting young, developing as you grow, and Aurora's fear of singing in her native tongue.

Daniel Mugica
'Daniel Mugica' 2 weeks ago
I dont want her next album sounds different 😞☹️ i like the style of AMDGMAAF
eggs n salsa
'eggs n salsa' 2 months ago
I truly hope the industry doesn't change her. I love her sound and her quirky personality.
Fernanda Gadelha
'Fernanda Gadelha' 3 months ago
I love it how Lizzy made me feel represented as a fan. She said everything I would like to tell Aurora. <3
Amelia Healy
'Amelia Healy' 3 months ago
i ship it
Mimpi- mimpi
'Mimpi- mimpi' 3 months ago
Your hair is natural color?
'hypoeddy' 4 months ago
I really hope she doesn't let any of the negative stuff in at all, I hope she maintains every bit of her purity.
'Twilight' 4 months ago
Stolen Halo
'Stolen Halo' 4 months ago
I saw her play live at the Fonda Theater this very same day. She even mentioned it in stage during the show.
'Margoil' 5 months ago
It's nice to see Aurora interviewed by someone who doesn't ask her ludicrous questions!
'notanyerz' 5 months ago
I wanna meet Aurora and be her friend.
Eden Sharon
'Eden Sharon' 5 months ago
"Maybe it's because I was a foetus in a tree, a thousand years before I was born." - I believe it ! Aurora, you Beauty.
Olivia Axon
'Olivia Axon' 5 months ago
She is literally the cutest human being in the entire world. I'm proud to be a fan since the beginning.
Jùlia Priscila
'Jùlia Priscila' 5 months ago
que amorzinho
leo carona
'leo carona' 6 months ago
Is it only me who has seen Aurora for the first time without making a looot of different movements with her hands and hair and also without using the word "strange"? Not that it's anyhow something that bothers me, it was just that I really found this interview very different from the many others I've watched. :) Maybe the interviewer is actually saying more than the interviewed this time hehe
'Ottee2' 6 months ago
Utterly charming.
'WeroChan' 6 months ago
This is the best one. <3
'ana' 6 months ago
nossa eu quero escorregar ali
Qiang Wu
'Qiang Wu' 6 months ago
Jordan Sprinkles
'Jordan Sprinkles' 6 months ago
Aurora is Björk's lost child.
Danny BallsofDoom
'Danny BallsofDoom' 6 months ago
I really hope she does a rock or metal song on her next album! \m/ (x_o) \m/
Jay Bleize
'Jay Bleize' 6 months ago
She will be mine. Oh yes.....she will be mine.
'losangeleslovesyou' 6 months ago
Brising Conan
'Brising Conan' 6 months ago
Keltor Rochridge
'Keltor Rochridge' 6 months ago
Aurora is the avatar.
Shoaib Younis
'Shoaib Younis' 6 months ago
so cute
Micael Prata
'Micael Prata' 6 months ago
She is so sweet! I hope I can go to at least one of her concerts during my lifetime.
Giga buachidze
'Giga buachidze' 6 months ago
I love you aurora!!!😍😍
Annie Avoxis
'Annie Avoxis' 6 months ago
just a beauty young talented artist with clean soul
Vanessa Carvalho
'Vanessa Carvalho' 6 months ago
i died a little when i heard her voice on girls
'Dvo' 6 months ago
saw her at melt, she has the sweetest voice
'jiggrinder' 6 months ago
Don't miss her live show,she kicks ass !!!
Angelico Morteson
'Angelico Morteson' 6 months ago
Aurora please put a haunting folk song on your next album sung in Norwegian :)
Jason Bourney
'Jason Bourney' 6 months ago
norway 🌇
carolina cabrera
'carolina cabrera' 6 months ago
i love you aurora ♥
Dayang Nabeela
'Dayang Nabeela' 6 months ago
i really want her to be succesful but i want her to be our little secret
YoYoYoLoL Tv
'YoYoYoLoL Tv' 6 months ago
Aurora I was here before she blew up
'stargirlwonders' 6 months ago
I freaked out when they posted a picture together and now this I'm so happy
Brianna Tejada
'Brianna Tejada' 6 months ago
I would love to see her live, her music is amazing!!
'imkow' 6 months ago
aurora kidnapped by a red woman..
'Paola' 6 months ago
'madly' 6 months ago
chicos pasen por mi canal. sub sub sub
Len Crespin
'Len Crespin' 6 months ago
Ayyy que hermosa que es, more Aurora
'sudanesearmy' 6 months ago
don't they look like two lovers , lol
'ALUCARD' 6 months ago
cara eu sinceramente adoro a música dela e o sotaque dela também, ela vai se tornar uma artista muito boa, mais do que já é
'Ren11' 6 months ago
She's such an angel ❤❤😍
'PlaylistMaster' 6 months ago
We love Aurora!
Somayya Upal
'Somayya Upal' 6 months ago
omg yes!!
Sara Simoes
'Sara Simoes' 6 months ago
She's an adorable human being! ♥ BR
italo jadson
'italo jadson' 6 months ago
'julianaq357' 6 months ago
pon a lenay como vevo 😣😣😣
John Tripler
'John Tripler' 6 months ago
Faizan Kazmi
'Faizan Kazmi' 6 months ago
loooovvveeee 💙💕💚💕💛💕💜💕💖💞
'MB PRODUCTION' 6 months ago
s'abonné moi Svp
Agatha Olivera
'Agatha Olivera' 6 months ago
Nessa Cheriee
'Nessa Cheriee' 6 months ago
I love Aurora so much!!❤❤❤
lucas lannes
'lucas lannes' 6 months ago
Não preciso nem dizer, né ? come to brazil.
Alvaro Uribe
'Alvaro Uribe' 6 months ago
primer comeent
dyla Lima
'dyla Lima' 6 months ago
Vevoo mostre o festival da fanta ao vivo pfv!!!
Alexandra Soares
'Alexandra Soares' 6 months ago
fifth harmony cadê
Eskadron- Suchti
'Eskadron- Suchti' 6 months ago
Eskadron- Suchti
'Eskadron- Suchti' 6 months ago
Eskadron- Suchti
'Eskadron- Suchti' 6 months ago
Eskadron- Suchti
'Eskadron- Suchti' 6 months ago
'Linxxx-' 6 months ago
second brazil
Ingrid Vaz
'Ingrid Vaz' 6 months ago
fifth harmony
Eskadron- Suchti
'Eskadron- Suchti' 6 months ago
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