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SURAH QIYAMAH - Heart Touching Recitation - By Basheer Chisty -
Published: 1 year ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 1 year ago

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Reciter: Basheer Chisty

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chakong dota
'chakong dota' 2 months ago
Faris Mohamed
'Faris Mohamed' 7 months ago
The Divine Message
JazzakAllahu Khairan for uploading, May Allah forgive us all and grant us all Jannatul-Firdaus. Ameen
'Blue' 1 year ago
Amazing recitation
Chammie Kamara
'Chammie Kamara' 1 year ago
SamLoves MAC
'SamLoves MAC' 1 year ago
Molly Sandera
'Molly Sandera' 1 year ago
Is eating too much has to do with relationship wuth Allah? Well i eat too much snacks.
'Aisha' 1 year ago
Allah make it easier for us on that day!!!
( O_〉O)?
'( O_〉O)?' 1 year ago
May Allah forgive all of our past, present, and future sins, Ameen.
Bossk !
'Bossk !' 1 year ago
fatah Ali
'fatah Ali' 1 year ago
very relaxing and remainder beautiful
'shilan' 1 year ago
Mashallah this was so beautiful
Mohammed Rahman
'Mohammed Rahman' 1 year ago
is there a playlist of basheer chisty and his recitations
muhammad kurdi
'muhammad kurdi' 1 year ago
کوردینە سبسکرایبم بکەن.جزاکم الله خیرا
R Islomzoda
'R Islomzoda' 1 year ago
Here are 25 Tips that involve how you can earn the mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, earn a position in Jannah, have your prayers answered and earn multi-billions of good deeds and in conclusion please Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala: 1. Whoever recites Ayatul-Kursi (Surah 2:255) immediately after each prescribed prayer, then nothing can prevent him from entering Paradise except death! – Memorise and recite this ayah if you want Jannah. There are other virtues to Ayatul-Kursi! 2. No one will enter paradise because of his good deeds but because of Allah’s mercy (Bukhari) – Always beg for the mercy of Allah and repent for taking any wrong path. His mercy you will Insha-Allah earn as Allah is Al-Afu (The Most Forgiving). One of the best times for this is prayer times as you know. Remember: Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you (Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1924) 3. Whoever performs wudhu (ablution) and does so well, and then says: Ashhadu al-la ilaaha illallaah wahdahu la shareeka lahu wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluhu (I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. He is Alone, having no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and messenger) all 8 of the gates of Paradise are opened for them and they can enter from whichever they wish! (Sahih Muslim) – Wudhu in itself has many virtues to help you enter Jannah. 4. Whoever prays the two cool prayers (Asr and Fajr) will go to Paradise. (Sahih al-Bukhari). - NEVER miss any of your daily obligatory prayers. Each participates enormously in making you among those who enter Jannah. For sure you wouldn’t miss one of the 5 pillars of Islam? 5. Performing the non-obligatory prayers e.g. the Sunnah of the 5 obligatory prayers and night prayers boost your chance of entering Jannah and Jannah-al Firdaws TREMENDOUSLY. It will be the wisest decision to pray the non-obligatory prayers too. If I listed the virtues of different non-obligatory prayers such as night prayers you sure would be reading way too much. . 6. OF COURSE AS A MUSLIM YOU SHOULD KNOW AND NEVER IGNORE THE 5 PILLARS OF ISLAM ALONG WITH THE 6 PILLARS OF FAITH 7. Whoever asks Allah for Paradise 3 times Paradise will say, ‘O Allah, admit him to Paradise.’ Whoever seeks protection from the Fire 3 times, Hell will say, ‘O Allah, protect him from the Fire.’ (al-Tirmidhi, 2572) 8. Whoever calls the Adhan for 12 years, Jannah will become mandatory for him. (Sunan Ibn Majah). - If this is so perform the Adhan even when you pray alone! (IF YOU ARE NEW TO ISLAM: A female doesn’t perform the Adhan). 9. After every prayer you can Insha-Allah have wrong actions forgiven even if they are abundant as the foam on the sea. For this when you are performing the Tasbih say: Subhana'llah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 33 times and Al-hamdu lillah 33 times, and seal the 100 with La ilaha illa'llah, wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu'l mulku wa lahu'l hamd, wa huwa ala kulli shay'in qadr – Remember Allah is Al-Afu (The Most Forgiving). He shall Insha-Allah bless you with his mercy (Proof: Muwatta Imam Malik) 10. Laa 'illaha 'illallahu wahdahu la shareeka lahu, lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu, wa Huwa 'alaa kulli shay'in Qadeer Subhaanallahi, walhamdu lillaahi, wa laa 'ilaha 'illallahu, wallaahu 'akbar, wa laa hawla wa laa Quwwata 'illaa billaahil-'Aliyyil-'Adheem, Rabbighfir lee - Whoever says this will be forgiven, and if he supplicates Allah, his prayer will be answered; if he performs ablution and prays, his prayer will be accepted. (Al-Bukhari, cf. Al-Asqalani, Fathul-Bari 3/39, among others. The wording here is from Ibn Majah 2/335) – PERFORM THIS WHEN YOU WAKE UP (go to the following link to read the IMPORTANT comment about this hadith in page 132. This is a must!) 11. When you beg Allah for his mercy for all your sins ensure that you also beg for his mercy for any SHIRK that you may have committed knowingly or unknowingly in your life. After one dies, they are at the mercy of Allah, who may choose to forgive them of their sins or punish them for it, according to what is just. Allah may forgive all of one's sins after they die, except SHIRK. After a person dies, they will not be forgiven for shirk. The only chance of forgiveness for shirk is if one repents BEFORE they die. 12. "Indeed, anyone who fasts for 1 day for Allah's Pleasure, Allah will keep his face away from the (Hell) fire for (a distance covered by a journey of) 70 years (Bukhari)! – Fast regularly e.g. Mondays and Thursdays. 13. Fast in Ramadan as it is one of your 5 pillars and continue on with fasting in the 6 days of Shawwal where it is Sunnah for you to fast in which you get a blessing of fasting for a lifetime (At-Tirmidhi) – Imagine the good deed behind fasting for only 6 extra days 14. Whoever takes a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him the path to Jannah (Jami` at-Tirmidhi) 15. Whosoever last words are: La ilaha illa Allah, will enter Paradise. (Sunan Abu Dawud). Beg Allah every day to make your last words La ilaha illa Allah. Allah shall Insha’Allah respond to you. Why? Because he is Al-Mujeeb (The Responsive)! Never quit begging Allah! One of the best times to beg Allah almighty is when you beg Allah almighty for something in the times of obligatory prayer. 16. If you want a very high position in Jannah beg Allah to be blessed with one of the best positions of Jannah-Al-Firdaws. BEG IN ALL YOUR OBLIGATORY PRAYERS and other good times about 3 times or more. NEVER STOP this! You will Insha’Allah get a response of a Yes. Many reasons for this e.g. Allah is Al-Mujeeb (The Responsive) and he is Ar-Razzaq (The Provider) he shall provide you with the good answer Insha’Allah. 17. Recite Durood/Salawat regularly. So many virtues from a Durood. Many different Duroods available to recite with great benefits to increase your chance of entering Jannah. Research them. Reciting a Durood is showing love for our Prophet (PBUH)! 18. The most beloved deed to Allah is that which is done regularly even if it is small. Perform a specific good deed regularly for example reciting a specific surah of the Holy Quran several times in a specific part of the day every single day. One good example is Surah al-Fātiḥah that gives a reward of reciting 2/3 of the Quran which is equal to about 2,157,807 Good Deeds (this is from the view that Quran has 323671 letters). 19. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘Whoever reads Surah al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah, a light will shine for him from beneath his feet to the clouds of the sky, which will shine for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will be forgiven (his sins) between the two Fridays. – Your chance of entering Jannah is MUCH HIGHER if you recite this surah. 20. There is a surah in the Qur'an, with thirty verses, which will intercede for its companion (the one who recites it) until he is forgiven (Surah Mulk) (Sunan Ibn Majah) – Recite this surah every day. If you do so Insha-Allah you will gain the mercy of Allah (a solid help to enter Jannah) 21. Allah has ninety-nine names, one hundred less one. Anyone who learns them will enter Jannah. (Agreed upon by Al-Bukhari and Muslim) – By definition memorizing the names, understanding their meanings, acting in accordance with their implications and calling upon Allah by them will earn you a position in Jannah. 22. One can earn good deeds even after death: “When the human being dies, his deeds come to an end except for 3: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” (Sahih Muslim 1631) – Note that the beneficial knowledge is one of the 3 ways to earn good deeds even after death. For this give all out there your beneficial knowledge of Islam to help them for their afterlife. Whenever they practice what you teach them you gain good deeds. Even if you pass away you gain good deeds because the help you gave out will Insha-Allah be spread out for generations and you would gain good deeds whenever anyone practices from the help you once gave out after it reaches them due to you. Imagine earning multi-billions of good deeds Insha-Allah!!! Your position in the afterlife will Insha-Allah be Jannah from something simple you do. So why not do it? Now that there are many new ways of entering Jannah I believe you may have been introduced to; take these ways, practice them and introduce them to all out there. 23. Subhan Allah wa bihamdihi (Glory be to Allah and Praise Him) - Whoever says this 100 times a day, will be forgiven all his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea (Bukhari) – Recite these strong words every day and Insha-Allah the mercy of Allah you would gain (a solid help to enter Jannah). There are other virtues from reciting this. 24. Earn the strong supportive Dua of Your Parents for your afterlife 25. REMAIN IN THE RIGHT PATH ALL YOUR LIFE (avoid doing major and minor sins etc)
'Abdul' 1 year ago
May Allah Aza Wajjal allow us to please Him, and may He (swt) grant us Firgivess, Mercy, and Jannah, Ameen.
Asim Khan
'Asim Khan' 1 year ago
Masha allah ... I suggest to listen Idrees abkars version of qiyamah ...
'JABBE GAMER' 1 year ago
Could you guys make dua for me to get back to the right path Thanks in advance :)
Adnan Kaukovic
'Adnan Kaukovic' 1 year ago
Allahu Akbar
Halal Chef
'Halal Chef' 1 year ago
⚠ Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله تعالى said: "Congratulating (on Christmas) is worse of a sin than congratulating drinking alcohol, killing, zina etc." [Ahkām, 1/441] Maryam 19:88-91 88: They say: "((Allah)) Most Gracious has begotten a son!" 89: Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous! 90: At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin. 91: That they should invoke a son for ((Allah)) Most Gracious.
Naif Khaiar
'Naif Khaiar' 1 year ago
Mashallah 😍🙏🏼
Ahmed Abu-jabal
'Ahmed Abu-jabal' 1 year ago
'TheProphetsPath' 1 year ago
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