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The battle of the iOS interface iPhone P1 vs P2 -
Published: 1 year ago By: Sonny Dickson

By: Sonny DicksonPublished: 1 year ago

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To understand the iPhone today, and how it has shaped Apple and pushed the world forward, it's important to have a sense of perspective. A critical part of that is understanding how it all started - where the iPhone of today got its roots. Back in the beginning, there were two iPhone projects, the P1 and P2. Tony Fadell had the clout of being “Godfather” of the iPod, but Scott Forsall had been working with Steve since NeXT. The iPhone P2 is what came to be known as the original selling model of the iPhone, paving the foundation of where we are today, 10 years in the future.

Jonathan Rodriguez
That sucked
Criss jj
'Criss jj' 1 year ago
Los primeros prototipos del iPhone se enfrentan! Con la conmemoración del décimo aniversario del iPhone se siguen conociendo nuevos detalles de cómo surgió este increíble proyecto que ha cambiado el mundo de la comunicación. Y también seguimos haciendo su particular “historia” para conocer cómo surgió todo y como se fue construyendo. Ahora tenemos más información para saber los distintos prototipos que se plantearon para el dispositivo estrella de Apple, y cual finalmente se acabó llevando el gato al agua, una batalla que enfrentó a Fadell contra Forstall. Había que impresionar a Jobs, y para ello, se crearon dos proyectos que se enfrentaron entre sí. El proyecto P1 es el proyecto de Tony Fadell. El iPhone P1 era esencialmente un iPod OS en un dispositivo de pantalla táctil. En ese momento, el iPod tenía el control del mercado y la gente estaba muy cómoda con el dispositivo. Luego estaba el proyecto P2, de Scott Forstall. Contrariamente a la interfaz P1, el sistema operativo P2 utilizaba iconos individuales para interactuar con el teléfono en lugar de una rueda de desplazamiento. Fue el primer elemento táctil y de experiencia de teléfono impulsada por aplicaciones.Cuando el iPhone estaba en desarrollo, ambos proyectos ejecutaron lo que se conoce como Acorn OS y se ejecutaron en el mismo hardware. Ambos equipos fueron muy competitivos porque ambos equipos querían impresionar a Steve Jobs. El P1 es la interfaz de rueda, con el método de entrada táctil que se aplica a la rueda de desplazamiento icónica. El P2, por otra parte, es la base de lo que tenemos hoy, usando iconos individuales para representar funciones específicas del dispositivo. Fuente:
Bas_ Lightyear
'Bas_ Lightyear' 1 year ago
Michael J Fox demos early iPhone operating systems
SoloArt Studio
'SoloArt Studio' 1 year ago
Interesting.  huuummmmm
Matt Vlogs
'Matt Vlogs' 1 year ago
Shane Ysais
'Shane Ysais' 1 year ago
The OS on the left is like the original iPod OS. I actually really loved the scroll wheel. #Goldenage
'imicca' 1 year ago
wow isn't this ugly - battery level 0
'imicca' 1 year ago
what does screen on the right show? I don't recognise it as iOS or iPhone OS
Thunder Killa
'Thunder Killa' 1 year ago
Youtube done goofed again. What is this garbage doing in trending?
Brandon Tomm
'Brandon Tomm' 1 year ago
Why the fuck is this trending?!
Delaware Destroyer
waist of time
benny lambert
'benny lambert' 1 year ago
Dumb as shit
'TessellatedGuy' 1 year ago
What a shitty phone it was
'cremefraicheeee' 1 year ago
Sonny! Sheffcon
'MazdaBass971' 1 year ago
Trap † Reggaeton
Wooow... so you watch Everything ApplePro huh....
Austin H
'Austin H' 1 year ago
Mario Ramirez
'Mario Ramirez' 1 year ago
Someone explain please
'Søcial_Pressure' 1 year ago
If you don't have any clue what your watching please don't like or dislike the video just move on to another video. AND no am not gonna explain it for you! Just move on!
lol lol
'lol lol' 1 year ago
your on trending wtf I'm subscribing
'KR!RK' 1 year ago
It's amazing how Apple made the right choice to go with P2 which obvious in this video, it's the uglier interface.
'ndgo' 1 year ago
A. Muñoz
'A. Muñoz' 1 year ago
El iPhone extremeñooo xD
Er C
'Er C' 1 year ago
This is what COMPS or early designs are to you fools out there, spewing hatred for something you've never understood. Yet you name call like children and talk so much negative, useless garbage on products you wouldn't have an inkling about developing AT ALL.
Diana Garza
'Diana Garza' 1 year ago
who can see on the right phone at the bottom "wow isn't this ugly"
Noah 2
'Noah 2' 1 year ago
31 on trending
Jeff Davis
'Jeff Davis' 1 year ago
This is amazing.
'G123' 1 year ago
this would have never seen the light of day! simply an early beta for the OS.
Keely P
'Keely P' 1 year ago
Сергей Колесников
лайк, если с 4pda
'bors2908' 1 year ago
You're trembling, M8
Billy Peterson
'Billy Peterson' 1 year ago
What am I watching?
Gregory Krisa
'Gregory Krisa' 1 year ago
are these demo interfaces or just someone playing around with new horribly designed roms?
'Aldoggy' 1 year ago
Da fuk I just waste 1:30 seconds of my life for
Kwon Yeung
'Kwon Yeung' 1 year ago
Ten years later and the touchscreen is still more responsive than Android phones :D
EpicNumber 79
'EpicNumber 79' 1 year ago
70k views and is on Trending?
Isaac Newton
'Isaac Newton' 1 year ago
another isheep who is completely clueless about the history of smart phones. Apple didnt pushed the world foward, wake up dude.
jamari !
'jamari !' 1 year ago
did you work at apple at any time ? how did you get these ?
K Man
'K Man' 1 year ago
Operator TLG
'Operator TLG' 1 year ago
Теперь мы знаем, что логотипом Apple был Nut и вообще он был на Windows. P.S. Советую не брать что-либо от Apple. Возьмите лучше хороший флагман по типу последнего Asus Zenfone.
'VideoPajaa' 1 year ago
It's fake :) Language setting is containing Czech option - at that time Apple didn't supported such small country language.
Ryan Mitchell
'Ryan Mitchell' 1 year ago
To think, the first iPhone was windows formatted.
Сергей Аксентьев
нихрена не понятно что это
Navid All Gharaee
'Navid All Gharaee' 1 year ago
Hey Sonny, did you work at Apple? How do you have these?
Bob Burrough
'Bob Burrough' 1 year ago
FYI...the screen on the right is neither iOS nor iPhone OS. I ought to know. My team was responsible for writing it.
Romeo White
'Romeo White' 1 year ago
Можно было бы снять нормально, а не на сотовый телефон с дрожащей рукой
Steve Mullins
'Steve Mullins' 1 year ago
'KiloSierraAlpha' 1 year ago
What a fascinating piece of history! PS: Are you depressed at the current state of Apple? Post SJ Apple has been a disaster so far.
Gabriele Corossi
'Gabriele Corossi' 1 year ago
Can you do some other videos showing those two prototype? It would be really interesting see the design, what happends if you plug in through Itunes, and other little things
Naseem Shawarbah
'Naseem Shawarbah' 1 year ago
i would like to dump them and crear ipsws for them
'AppleTechLikes' 1 year ago
What happened to the iOS 10.3 update????????
Michael Kostrukoff
"Wow isn't this ugly"
Thomas Anderson
'Thomas Anderson' 1 year ago
Meh. Android took over anyway.
Johnny skys
'Johnny skys' 1 year ago
Wow imagine these woulda released lol we prolly would have loved it
'HolowatyVlogs' 1 year ago
This blows SkankPhone out of the water!
Greg Sarafian
'Greg Sarafian' 1 year ago
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