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Cyprus talks: Could there be an end to decades of division? BBC News -
Published: 11 months ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 11 months ago

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The chairman of President-elect Trump's inaugural committee, Tom Barrack, gave reporters a taste of what's in store for the big day.

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Andy S
'Andy S' 5 months ago
Maybe one day.... I have a dream!!!!!!
'eleos' 6 months ago
Classic british propagandists The cancer of the world He tells the half truth He forgot about the oil under cyprus which turkey desperately wants
God Jehovah
'God Jehovah' 9 months ago
the Turks should invade the other side of the island problem solved
ugaas wiilhoog
'ugaas wiilhoog' 9 months ago
Interesting how the BBC doesn't mention how Britain was involved in starting the conflict.
'burtlangoustine1' 11 months ago
Look see what the Turks did to Armenia 100yrs ago...
Comrade Doge
'Comrade Doge' 11 months ago
Your green line is wrong. Its not in the correct and actual line of control.
'laga' 11 months ago
There is something which foreigners don't get. There are 80 million Turks right above Cyprus and there is nothing to stop them from migrating on the island which will probably become an economic powerhouse with the gas. Greek Cypriots have no political nor military power to stop them nor reinforce any deal agreed, thus a deal which gives political influence to "turkish cypriots" over greek cypriots and makes the island accessible to Turks, results 100% in the ethnic cleansing of Greek Cypriots, just look at the history and current state of Turkey and the number of Turks who migrated, turkish-cypriots are now a minority on the northern part.
Mr Honest
'Mr Honest' 11 months ago
Watch.......1974 cyprus conflict ambiguous differences between greeks and turks. interesting documentary between all cypriots.
Travis Mitchell
'Travis Mitchell' 11 months ago
They need to give Cyprus back to the Greeks, if Russia invaded a country there would be uproar and mentions of war but Turkey gets away with it
'Devil's Advocate' 11 months ago
Depends... If it is anything like the Annan Plan than the Greek Cypriots (and rightfully so) will say no. The last plan favoured the Turks WAY too much. They make up 18% of the population but they wanted 50% of the power in the Presidency, Supreme Court, and Senate... Only reason the Turks of Northern Cyprus want it is because they are being strangled economically and want that to end (Without giving up too much power)...
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