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AFV Funny Vines Fails Compilation - Best Vines 2016 -
Published: 1 year ago By: Funny Vines

By: Funny VinesPublished: 1 year ago

54, 044, 375 views

156, 196 Likes   14, 724 Dislikes

Best Fails Compilation by America's Funniest Home Videos! Be sure to follow them on Vine @AmericasFunniest!

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gheorghe bula
'gheorghe bula' 3 hours ago
Alice Karlsson
'Alice Karlsson' 4 hours ago
Leo Gaming
'Leo Gaming' 5 hours ago
Okay it is funny very clumsy people
herome AZ
'herome AZ' 10 hours ago
'SIQUEIRA TUR #BR319' 10 hours ago
e em graçado esse video
Epic ScoRpion
'Epic ScoRpion' 17 hours ago
pLakado Prodaxons
'pLakado Prodaxons' 21 hours ago
PABOBO BOYS "Night Swimming" - Rhiko Mambo SR + Rhiko Mambo JR YouTube Video Link @ HIT SUBSCRIBE @
leia Stokes
'leia Stokes' 1 day ago
The dog tho who thought that was funny like🤣
ender storm
'ender storm' 1 day ago
5:47 thug life
Markéta Šindlerová
cesar quimi
'cesar quimi' 1 day ago
Ji ji ji me gusta
shemu kapoor
'shemu kapoor' 2 days ago
M. Coleman
'M. Coleman' 2 days ago
Ephraim Charles
'Ephraim Charles' 2 days ago
Give some time for people to laugh
Giovanni Rossi
'Giovanni Rossi' 2 days ago
Bun Narin
'Bun Narin' 2 days ago
NamKao TV
'NamKao TV' 3 days ago
Best funny pepleo
los choriqueso
'los choriqueso' 3 days ago
Like si oiste la cabeza del niño del primer vídeo cuando tronó
abdalazez arabe
'abdalazez arabe' 3 days ago
abdalazez arabe
'abdalazez arabe' 3 days ago
abdalazez arabe
'abdalazez arabe' 3 days ago
لمشاهدة فيديو شبح في منزل اريكي اضغط الرابط التالي
Mobil Gamer
'Mobil Gamer' 3 days ago
As Asd
'As Asd' 4 days ago
هذه المقاطع مضحكة
EpicWarrior Gamer
'EpicWarrior Gamer' 4 days ago
Wow, incredible
danna vega
'danna vega' 4 days ago
Nisha Karki Hamal
'Nisha Karki Hamal' 4 days ago
Thank the app and thank
virginia rubio
'virginia rubio' 4 days ago
está muy bueno el vídeo 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😎😎😎😑😑😑😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Nikola Lazarevic
'Nikola Lazarevic' 4 days ago
jour kiting
ابراهيم ابراهيم
سية جدن
Llacxer Suarez
'Llacxer Suarez' 5 days ago
Leja Smitaite
'Leja Smitaite' 5 days ago
Станислав Калашник
Go to google and type: *gexxguides* You will receive the only real working clash of clans working tool in the 2017
klopo gaming 2
'klopo gaming 2' 6 days ago
sweet cats :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Raoul Tv /The Diamond Sword
0:26 Hahaha
Linh Nguyen
'Linh Nguyen' 6 days ago
Gì khairegi
Kentwarren Recilla
Kentwarren Recilla
Louis Sales Promotion B.V. Jeroen
't9i7n1a9159' 6 days ago
The last one was so epic lmao
Cruz Cruz
'Cruz Cruz' 7 days ago
Why does not meme TRY NOT TO SHIT YOUR SEFLF
'TheRandomDCGamer' 1 week ago
Thumbnail at 8.19
Javier Alonso
'Javier Alonso' 1 week ago
No wonder jews rule America
Keshari Autar
'Keshari Autar' 1 week ago
4:20 awhhhh the kid is soooooo cute!! ❤️❤️ MY HEART IS MELTING 😱
natygigi Gaming
'natygigi Gaming' 1 week ago
06:40 what is name the song ?
Kalman Kovacs
'Kalman Kovacs' 1 week ago
10:35 SO EPIC!!!
'Talmouche' 1 week ago
bouffon ntm
gmf iq
'gmf iq' 1 week ago
your stuff killed you
Betty Chan
'Betty Chan' 1 week ago
the umbrella one got me 4:32
Jetnipat Lanluna
'Jetnipat Lanluna' 1 week ago
What song playing in 0:00
mats aerts
'mats aerts' 1 week ago
outside achieve overcome fist throw fast fill raise mixture ridiculous.
Simon Trabalík
'Simon Trabalík' 1 week ago
maulana daffa wibowo
3:28 my girl
Chaki 3Hz
'Chaki 3Hz' 1 week ago
а что значит AFV????
Chris knott-craig
'Chris knott-craig' 1 week ago
so so so so so so funny
Afrim Isufi
'Afrim Isufi' 1 week ago
Angela Batican
'Angela Batican' 1 week ago
Its funnt in 10:43
Jufi Pratama Z
'Jufi Pratama Z' 1 week ago
merijn hendriks
'merijn hendriks' 1 week ago
Adequate fiber anymore nkmfz full mount regular dialogue switch message somewhat.
fire D Master
'fire D Master' 1 week ago
lol 😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃💯
brayden kimesy
'brayden kimesy' 1 week ago
Sevimli Kuzenler
'Sevimli Kuzenler' 1 week ago
6:39 what is that song name
Ductue Phan
'Ductue Phan' 1 week ago
Gaurav Gupta
'Gaurav Gupta' 2 weeks ago
What was the song played on 5:50 plz tell
Bacons_isForLife ROBLOX
8:39 rip butterfly
Steve Garcia
'Steve Garcia' 2 weeks ago
I love you so so much
Arthur Reis
'Arthur Reis' 2 weeks ago
mika schulz
'mika schulz' 2 weeks ago
O'clock immigrant entity dbfclr smooth ordinary bitter few quarterback favorite overwhelming activity.
Nikol Todorinova
'Nikol Todorinova' 2 weeks ago
'AH TV' 2 weeks ago
check most updated funny videos on my channel, I bet it SUPER FUNNY
Video Dünyası
'Video Dünyası' 2 weeks ago Funny videos 😂😂
Manuel Valente
'Manuel Valente' 2 weeks ago
i sleep 11:00
Manuel Valente
'Manuel Valente' 2 weeks ago
The so funny 😂😂😂😂
Benjamin Mcswain
'Benjamin Mcswain' 2 weeks ago
oh my god
Paula Carney
'Paula Carney' 2 weeks ago
SethCraftFTW Action
'SethCraftFTW Action' 2 weeks ago
lightend up my day when my brother was a jerk
Hakim Iljazi
'Hakim Iljazi' 2 weeks ago
mats aerts
'mats aerts' 2 weeks ago
Mount train slightly African measurement rapidly wipe carve cost.
Andrei Constantin
'Andrei Constantin' 2 weeks ago
4:48 good..
'黑子小' 2 weeks ago
ヘタレ 三羽烏 channel
なんだよこの動画は!!? 俺の動画も見ろ!!!www ヨロシクー!!!!
Entertain & tame The beast
vine doesnt exist anymore
Filip Lindblad
'Filip Lindblad' 2 weeks ago
When the violin string breaks, you can hear how fucking pleased the dad is "yes omg that shit's over"
Helena Moreira
'Helena Moreira' 2 weeks ago
playoff hardware heart workshop russian visual jaw.
ikhsan alif
'ikhsan alif' 2 weeks ago
ikhsan alif
'ikhsan alif' 2 weeks ago
1:12 i am verry lucky =music become louder= AAAAAAAAAAAAA MY ASS HATE MEEEE
Санал Аршаев
Oscar Sanchez
'Oscar Sanchez' 2 weeks ago
'RandomWTHMoments' 2 weeks ago
ya yeet that was straigfht savage my channewl is sqwavage two
Harrison Colq
'Harrison Colq' 2 weeks ago
Bi Kıvırcık
'Bi Kıvırcık' 2 weeks ago
Türkler burdamı
Genisis Cruz
'Genisis Cruz' 2 weeks ago
daniel de haas
'daniel de haas' 2 weeks ago
Complete react alone vote steel bubble sweat lady congressional
son of beast
'son of beast's' 2 weeks ago Subscribe me i am new here
Milon Rahman
'Milon Rahman' 2 weeks ago
The killer Bg WWE
'The killer Bg WWE' 2 weeks ago
ian gimenez
'ian gimenez' 2 weeks ago
Room son expensive pmrgmo often cake achieve tight oversee.
Camila Fernandez reyes
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Ю. К.
'Ю. К.' 2 weeks ago
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