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Dan + Shay - Nothin' Like You (Official Music Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: Dan And Shay

By: Dan And ShayPublished: 3 years ago

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Jenn Smolka
'Jenn Smolka' 2 days ago
1:39 <3 I want him!!!
Jana and Suta
'Jana and Suta' 6 days ago
I love this song
8700 Cc
'8700 Cc' 2 weeks ago
Namastey I am from India... my father name is Dan Shai.. means loves to donate...the same I was writing in YouTube search and find you guys.. you both are great artists.lots of wishes to you..namaste..
i Amour
'i Amour' 2 weeks ago
It’s 2018 and I’m just hearing this song and OMG I thought it was Rascal Flatts singing! Wow.
Maddison Taylor
'Maddison Taylor' 3 weeks ago
Dan is soooo cute but i love puppies they are my whole life 😍
Maddison Taylor
'Maddison Taylor' 3 weeks ago
Maddison Taylor
'Maddison Taylor' 3 weeks ago
This song made me cry bc i love dogs sooo much my dog is my whole world and i love yall sooo much too!!! 😍😍😍😍😢😢
Raffiella Yvonne
'Raffiella Yvonne' 4 weeks ago
Awwww❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ best video eveerr!!!!! 💕💕💕 Love you guys even more
Xavier Conley
'Xavier Conley' 4 weeks ago
Great music
Zachariah Swarnes
'Zachariah Swarnes' 4 weeks ago
So cute
Cody 123456789 gaming and vlogs
Thx best band ever
Zach Allan
'Zach Allan' 1 month ago
Great song. Amazing
Zack Dakin
'Zack Dakin' 1 month ago
i love thatt song
Hannah Freeborn
'Hannah Freeborn' 1 month ago
I didn't even know I needed this and yet here it is making my sad day better!😍😍😍
Emergency Drawings1302
I forgot the name of this song and I just searched "That country music video with dogs" and it actually brought it up 😂
best grace ever
'best grace ever' 2 months ago
Soooooooo cute I like the little bulldog
Angeline Moss
'Angeline Moss' 2 months ago
I love all dogs
'HaileaSimclair13' 2 months ago
It was probably a blast giving those dogs/puppies a
Jay Wat
'Jay Wat' 2 months ago
Love the song. I don’t know about the video tho
Kat TheFanEnthusiast
'Kat TheFanEnthusiast' 2 months ago
If the song and the video are supposed to be connected, apparently dogs twirl their fur, read books, wear shades and jeans, etc... Lol...
Bev Mason
'Bev Mason' 2 months ago
Here for the Doberman! Lol
Eric Newton
'Eric Newton' 3 months ago
Lol u muddy
Kurt Hohl
'Kurt Hohl' 3 months ago
Top schönes Video! Hunde!
Jãçksëptïçëyë Lïfë
This video made me *cry* it's so sad about how many puppies go through so many bad thing like starvation, abuse and so much more! This video takes my heart! 💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤
'justcuzogre' 3 months ago
i want that ppug man i wil give u 167
Maren Anderson
'Maren Anderson' 3 months ago
Best music video ever made
Dark Spiderman
'Dark Spiderman' 3 months ago
Soooooo this whole song is based on a dog?
Emma Ballard
'Emma Ballard' 3 months ago
R.I.P to that jacket Jul 13 2015 you will be remembered
'dogsrock9120' 4 months ago
Cutest dogs ever awesome song
'Ja'Lynn' 4 months ago
They are
Makaila Johnson
'Makaila Johnson' 4 months ago
Dan's voice is sooo deep
Valen Neptune
'Valen Neptune' 4 months ago
I sang this song to my gf, and she slapped me in my face because she thought I was referring her as a dog. ... alright I didn't... I mean I didn't have a gf...
'Annette' 4 months ago
This is the cutest music video ever made
Lisa Voss
'Lisa Voss' 4 months ago
we all love this song.
dayka lock
'dayka lock' 4 months ago
dan's mother in law lives next to me and my dad is Nathan sanders on l sanders rd
Andrea Taylor
'Andrea Taylor' 4 months ago
the dogs are so CUTE as specially the smallest one
Ashley Ruedy
'Ashley Ruedy' 5 months ago
the puppies are so cute!!!
Stanley Anderson
'Stanley Anderson' 5 months ago
nothing like you
angel travis
'angel travis' 5 months ago
Maria Guadalupe Madrigal
They used their platform for a good cause, to bring awareness of adoption and animals. THIS is what I call perfection.
Nothing like DOGS! <3
Milo Tevan
'Milo Tevan' 6 months ago
Cute little puppers
Cheryl Copeland
'Cheryl Copeland' 6 months ago
Connie Cota
'Connie Cota' 6 months ago
Cute video
Liliam Vera
'Liliam Vera' 6 months ago
los acabo de conocer recien y su musica me encanta muchooo😍😍😍
Laura Gregory
'Laura Gregory' 6 months ago
My Shelby is from Proverbs 12:10!!
Brianna Harris
'Brianna Harris' 7 months ago
2:46 the cutest thing ever
Russell Rowan
'Russell Rowan' 7 months ago
Luv this song!!!🤙👌😆😆😆
duduetsang kgosiemang
the last puppy to arrive at the muddy place murders me with laughter. it's big and heavy but it arrived. i miss my dog.
Sam Kohut
'Sam Kohut' 7 months ago
Love bogs but I love Dan and shay batter
Sam Kohut
'Sam Kohut' 7 months ago
Best song ever
Sam Kohut
'Sam Kohut' 7 months ago
Love Dan and shay
Sam Kohut
'Sam Kohut' 7 months ago
I love the contery
Josephine Sybers
'Josephine Sybers' 7 months ago
this a cute music video and I loved it! to cute
Tuấn Anh Đỗ
'Tuấn Anh Đỗ' 7 months ago
I like this video very much 👍
Danica Kingsbury
'Danica Kingsbury' 7 months ago
Anyone else wondering if dan got his jacket back?
Tanya Curtis
'Tanya Curtis' 7 months ago
Great song ,great video , great harmony & great vocals too
Fala Nah
'Fala Nah' 7 months ago
Ariel Green
'Ariel Green' 7 months ago
anything for dan and shay right everybody loves them
Hannah Renee
'Hannah Renee' 8 months ago
If Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes had a kid, this is what'd they'd sound like.
Serena Williams
'Serena Williams' 8 months ago
These guys are amazing
Carissa C
'Carissa C' 8 months ago
Yes I love this omg!!! you guys are awesome may you always feel the Lord's blessings
Austin Pollard
'Austin Pollard' 8 months ago
im currently trying to open a rescue center in Atlanta and im trying to raise money to help us open up a safe and amazing friendly place to adopt furry friends. please help us raise money
Austin Pollard
'Austin Pollard' 8 months ago
im currently trying to open a rescue center in Atlanta and im trying to raise money to help us open up a safe and amazing friendly place to adopt furry friends. please help us raise money
Faith Chandler
'Faith Chandler' 8 months ago
lol not what i expected but very cute music video! and loveeee the message at the end
Stang Project
'Stang Project' 8 months ago
Love the video I actually work for big dog rescue ranch in west palm beach Florida check it out everyone it's a great place and see the awesome dogs we have and if anyone lives in Florida and wants to rescue a dog in need call big dog rescue ranch and tell them I sent you and dan+shay keep up with the great work guys not a lot of celebrities actually take the time to do minor things like this you guys will go very far and succeed with your music it's people like you guys who care that make this world a better place thanks again guys god bless
O2 Fanatic
'O2 Fanatic' 8 months ago
Not what I was expecting but it was still a cool video
becca I won
R dan and shay dating??????
1architec t
'1architec t' 9 months ago
i mean cry every time
1architec t
'1architec t' 9 months ago
i cray every time i watch that video, and I have no idea why
Dual Gaming
'Dual Gaming' 9 months ago
I came here from Jake Martin Daddyofive, bus fight. This song was being played while the two of them were fighting. Reply if that's what happened to you. LOL
Alan Seo
'Alan Seo' 9 months ago
I love your songs, Dan and Shay!!!
Carley Bonar
'Carley Bonar' 9 months ago
Omg IM CRYING 😭😭😭 so cute the dogggsss 😭😭😭
Tyler Sullivan
'Tyler Sullivan' 9 months ago
The Dogs and Puppies are so adorable it's just MINDBLOWING
Gelaii Libres
'Gelaii Libres' 9 months ago
Nothin likee dogs LOL
brianne davis
'brianne davis' 9 months ago
Nikki Schroeder
'Nikki Schroeder' 9 months ago
I going to get married to nothing like you
Nikki Schroeder
'Nikki Schroeder' 9 months ago
Dan and shay are go singers
Nikki Schroeder
'Nikki Schroeder' 9 months ago
I love the song nothing like you
Rhianna Flory
'Rhianna Flory' 9 months ago
Monce Vargas-Horn
'Monce Vargas-Horn' 9 months ago
That was beautiful I'm going to cry 😢😀
'stormychild67' 9 months ago
before i say this video i thought the video was for a girl
'dadude7' 9 months ago
Nice haircuts.
halo 3 gamer
'halo 3 gamer' 9 months ago
I am so obbsesed with this song.
Annika Strand
'Annika Strand' 9 months ago
Great show in Milwaukee last night! And thanks for doing this video with dogs featuring a Doberman! Love it!
Diane Meyer
'Diane Meyer' 9 months ago
You do sound like Rascal Flatts--love the music--Can't wait to see you today at the Country Concert in Ft. Loramie, OH
Brad Connors
'Brad Connors' 9 months ago
my kinda video :)..... gotta luv dem..... Gods gift ta humankind :)
Tawnee Gunderson
'Tawnee Gunderson' 10 months ago
I always thought this was Rascal Flatts until today. Mind blown...
Amy Costas
'Amy Costas' 10 months ago
OMG! I'm in love with these two. The fact that you dedicated your video to animal adoption and rescue is the BEST thing! I couldn't love you more for doing this. It really says what kind of amazing guys you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And very talented at that!!! xoxoxo
Amy Costas
'Amy Costas' 10 months ago
This is the ABSOLUTE cutest video EVER!!! Love it and these guys. They know the way straight to a woman's heart for sure! DOGS!!!!!! (and handsome men with great voices in suits) I love how they help their new buddy chase down the girl...
Ressanacorin Scoring
'Ressanacorin Scoring' 10 months ago
did they ever try to sing one of the rascal flatts hit? hopping so...
Kennedy Hopkins
'Kennedy Hopkins' 10 months ago
oh my god, a music video couldn't get any better than this.
'SpyderTactical205' 10 months ago
I wonder who wears the pants in the relationship.
Owen OConnor
'Owen OConnor' 10 months ago
Nice like if you agree
Maxie Moo
'Maxie Moo' 10 months ago
I can't explain how much I love this video because their running after puppies and not a girl.
Zo Lovebug
'Zo Lovebug' 10 months ago
you guys are amazing and i love your music keep being good people
'Ohgreatspiritoffire' 10 months ago
Each time I listen to this I notice something new like the hidden + logo thing. haha. Great song though.
'Ohgreatspiritoffire' 10 months ago
Each time I listen to this I notice something new like the hidden + logo thing. haha. Great song though.
Brittany Faye
'Brittany Faye' 10 months ago
that puppy down the slide though
'PreciousArlene' 10 months ago
ugh. i wish they wouldve used another song for the awareness.. i did not like the video.. the song is too good to have a video of them chasing dogs... just my opinion
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