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Dan + Shay - Nothin' Like You (Official Music Video) -
Published: 2 years ago By: DanAndShay

By: DanAndShayPublished: 2 years ago

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Cyclone Gaming
'Cyclone Gaming' 3 days ago
So cute
'Racco 'D' 4 days ago
I'm big Fan
halsbooknook s
'halsbooknook s' 6 days ago
eddie johnson
'eddie johnson' 6 days ago
This is officially one my favorite songs and videos of Dan and shay and watching this video always makes me feel good and smile
linda miller
'linda miller' 1 week ago
nice bros sweet video thanks k9
Haylie 59
'Haylie 59' 1 week ago
I've been going through a bunch of their songs and I thought most of them were by the Rascal Flatts. So apparently I'm in love with them not the Rascal Flatts😂❤️
Jeff Merritt
'Jeff Merritt' 1 week ago
Madison. Amis
'Madison. Amis' 2 weeks ago
i love you guys
'EmilyAnneLaurent' 2 weeks ago
when i saw the little puppies running all by themselves, it made me sad seeing them without a battle buddy lol
Jona Vee Joyce
'Jona Vee Joyce' 3 weeks ago
Very #Mayward. *wink wink
Mazza Cristiano
'Mazza Cristiano' 3 weeks ago
amazing tune!!!!
Lisa Peterson
'Lisa Peterson' 3 weeks ago
Thank you guys SO much for combining this great song with a wonderful cause! I just LOVE the video - and all of my animals, even my horses, are adopted!
msred boot
'msred boot' 3 weeks ago
this Vid is soooo freaken cute! See y'all at the WGAR COUNTRY JAM in Berea OHIO 2017♥♥♥
Don Finn
'Don Finn' 4 weeks ago
Looks like a bromance video.
julian brizuela
'julian brizuela' 4 weeks ago
i have never liked a country music video so much
Cassandra Sanders
'Cassandra Sanders' 4 weeks ago
My favorite part of this video...the puppies. I want them all!!!!!
'EmpressGaz' 1 month ago
SO not what I was expecting :D Gr8 song BTW
Charlotte Jordan
'Charlotte Jordan' 1 month ago
My God bless country music
Adam Herrera
'Adam Herrera' 1 month ago
I love this video. I wish I could have been in it. .lol
Ben Aschenbrener
'Ben Aschenbrener' 1 month ago
why is this about dogs?...
'swiftie_bee' 1 month ago
Because of the KISSMARC loveteam ..I got here <3 😘
Alyssa Koke
'Alyssa Koke' 1 month ago
This was so much better than I expected!!!!!!! <3
'wendy' 1 month ago
Love you both!!! Amazing talent!!!
axean V.
'axean V.' 1 month ago
MayWard brought me here
Kiarra Mae
'Kiarra Mae' 1 month ago
Against the crowds
'Against the crowds' 2 months ago
the puppies made me smile thro the whole thing . def loved this
Priska Uli
'Priska Uli' 2 months ago
iloveyou somuch
'Korn1holio' 2 months ago
Lol, what?
christine jefferies
'christine jefferies' 2 months ago
Tracey Smith
'Tracey Smith' 2 months ago
Love this video and song. And Dan and Shay 😍❤️
Beth Day
'Beth Day' 2 months ago
You guys are kind!
Taylor Najarian
'Taylor Najarian' 2 months ago
You know Brittany Terio she's my sister
kyle gilbert
'kyle gilbert' 2 months ago
that is so sweet i think i will adopt now thank you for bring this to my eyes
tophatcat100 plays
'tophatcat100 plays' 2 months ago
so many puppies i love it
Cory Casagrande
'Cory Casagrande' 2 months ago
They know girls eat up this dog stuff.
'SoundSlam' 2 months ago
Trent Luttrell
'Trent Luttrell' 2 months ago
Too cute
Megan Gillespie
'Megan Gillespie' 2 months ago
i have all ways loved this song say i love this song to if you like this song
George villafane
'George villafane' 2 months ago
nonsense vídeo, I like the song though
'BFF SQUAD' 2 months ago
Can you come to Topeka Kansas please
'BFF SQUAD' 2 months ago
I love your music and you did an amazing job with the puppies I bet they had an amazing day with you I am a dog lover and. Again you did a great job
Cassie Clark
'Cassie Clark' 2 months ago
Michael Kennedy
'Michael Kennedy' 2 months ago
You Gaye's should come to Merrimack nh
Moe Rodriguez
'Moe Rodriguez' 2 months ago
theyre so cute😍🙈❤❤❤
Rebecca Contreras
'Rebecca Contreras' 2 months ago
I hit the like button solely for the dogs.
Elijah Jacobson
'Elijah Jacobson' 2 months ago
Just gotta say, what a breath of fresh air y'all are. So inspiring to see celebrities and artists do things like this. Giving back to the world that positive energy (and to the world's inhabitants). Y'all rock. I'm not a huge country fan outside of all-things-Dolly-Parton, if I'm being totally honest, but y'all won me over. Look forward to researching the other music y'all already have out there. Mahalos from Hawaii (and from a proud Navy vet)! Keep up spreading the love and the positive energy! <3
Andru Hart
'Andru Hart' 2 months ago
all the dogs in this video got adopted because of them! Mad respect guys!
Brad Connors
'Brad Connors' 3 months ago
love this video :)...... my medicine..... very therapeutic when da white blood cells r down ..... still makes me smile :)..... thx Dan n Shay and all dem beautaful lil crittars :)
Haley Allmendinger
'Haley Allmendinger' 3 months ago
True gentlemen
Alicia Murgolo
'Alicia Murgolo' 3 months ago
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen 😭
Dave Carroll
'Dave Carroll' 3 months ago
This video is SOOOOOO stupid.
Anna Blendermann
'Anna Blendermann' 3 months ago
This is quite possibly my favorite thing in the universe <3
Lizzy Wolfe
'Lizzy Wolfe' 3 months ago
Justin Jarrell
'Justin Jarrell' 3 months ago
the little brown puppy is so damn cute (;
'janicejanisjan' 3 months ago
best video!
Mk C
'Mk C' 3 months ago
I love u guys it would be a dream come true to meet you u guys get me through a lot and u touch my heart btw Pittsburgh is the best!! U guys r a blessing to many!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Chris McMahon
'Chris McMahon' 3 months ago
This video makes me so happy!!! 😂😂😂
pee wee
'pee wee' 3 months ago
i love this song, my name is jeff and i am gay as fuck
Jacoby Baptista Jr.
'Jacoby Baptista Jr.' 3 months ago
great stuff! love there songs
Lidia Tindle
'Lidia Tindle' 3 months ago
you guys are so awesome I added you ever social media you both are very amazing singers I love you both more than anything I listen to your music in class and everything my dream is to see you guys I will forever stay your fan💘
Hannah Krenek
'Hannah Krenek' 3 months ago
lol i love this video! its so cute!
Kane Kent
'Kane Kent' 3 months ago
Video has nothing to do with the song. I was hoping for a sappy college library scene and them spending time together 😂🙄
Tina Spillers
'Tina Spillers' 4 months ago
Are you ever coming to Texas we country people love your songs .xwould love to meet yall 
Jen Miller
'Jen Miller' 4 months ago
Love this song
Christine Sellers
'Christine Sellers' 4 months ago
love this song!!!!
randy viper
'randy viper' 4 months ago
this video is better then any of the another videos thay made
'happyisasmile' 4 months ago
What an adorable video! <3
Rey Hilig
'Rey Hilig' 4 months ago
I think it would be awesome if these guys sing with Rascal Flatts... Who's with me?
Melissa Rogers
'Melissa Rogers' 4 months ago
So cute the look the one puppy gave was too adorable
Jason Hamilton
'Jason Hamilton' 4 months ago
I just enjoy watching this video because I have a huge heart when it comes to dogs
addie awm
'addie awm' 4 months ago
sarah mcleod
'sarah mcleod' 4 months ago
Awwwww such a cute music video 
Dj Eide
'Dj Eide' 4 months ago
Thank you guys soo much for supporting the puppy adoption community! My family and I foster puppies for a pit bull rescue in my local town (You might have heard of us recently, the bride with the puppies belongs to our rescue) and this is awesome! Thanks again for all the support
randy viper
'randy viper' 4 months ago
that black dog is me when I want to go play with my best friend that I'm in love with and shes in love with me
Tobi Ditmore
'Tobi Ditmore' 4 months ago
Love, love, love a million times. Such a wonderful thing to do to help dogs find homes!
kris hauenstein
'kris hauenstein' 4 months ago
KT Renol
'KT Renol' 4 months ago
Here because of PAWS New England animal rescue group. Not a country music person in general, but sure did like this song and love to support any person/group/band that supports animal rescue! Our 2 shelter dogs and 1 rescue cat approve, too!
'Oaktree66' 4 months ago
Monde Maiba
'Monde Maiba' 4 months ago
Jenna Kell
'Jenna Kell' 4 months ago
ahhhhhhh! I love this! puppies! puppies everywhere!
tracy dobson
'tracy dobson' 4 months ago
can i have the puppys
lexie holmes
'lexie holmes' 4 months ago
Those puppies
blondiee_ 1016
'blondiee_ 1016' 4 months ago
'megamachamp' 4 months ago
why did you put puppies in the video is it only because you want to spread awareness?
Katie Patterson
'Katie Patterson' 4 months ago
love you dan an shay❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Caught Bodies
'Caught Bodies' 4 months ago
Dope video
'kattwin1' 4 months ago
Haha puppy love ;) <3
Amber Humphries
'Amber Humphries' 4 months ago
you guys are so good at singing
Megan Jade
'Megan Jade' 4 months ago
Best. Video. Ever
Payton Jones
'Payton Jones' 4 months ago
milky way
'milky way' 4 months ago
wow this video is so nice".!!!
Mary Weatherholt
'Mary Weatherholt' 4 months ago
Think you
Annie S.
'Annie S.' 4 months ago
I love this :)
'EllaEats' 4 months ago
I love that they are all about animal rescue! I wonder if they are vegan??
Ben Raifsnider
'Ben Raifsnider' 5 months ago
the doberman is adorable, I had one, but he died back in april.
Makinley Martin
'Makinley Martin' 5 months ago
Makinley Martin
'Makinley Martin' 5 months ago
I'm such a big fan
Victoria Hightower
'Victoria Hightower' 5 months ago
Terry Kelly
'Terry Kelly' 5 months ago
that is so cute
Kylie Duffy
'Kylie Duffy' 5 months ago
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