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The Perils of Searching for Sunken Treasure -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Secrets of the Underground
Rob and Stefan search for Captain Henry Morgan's rumored treasure in the waters of Port Royal, Jamaica, using the latest tech.
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roberto mascolo
'roberto mascolo' 2 months ago
what metal detector is using?
Lancelle Samuels
'Lancelle Samuels' 3 months ago
Finally Jamaica is in a vid
crimson knight
'crimson knight' 3 months ago
A True Wisconsinite
'A True Wisconsinite' 3 months ago
What country and what not were they in?
'adrian33161' 3 months ago
5 feet of visibility? Looked a bit more clear than that.
Joe Green
'Joe Green' 3 months ago
1m subs 1 hour later 280 views
Hacky Thieves
'Hacky Thieves' 3 months ago
Love your vids
CMDR Terrorfirma
'CMDR Terrorfirma' 3 months ago
now we will never know the secrets of the past because... sea urchins!
CMDR Terrorfirma
'CMDR Terrorfirma' 3 months ago
when sea urchins attack!
Daniel 12345
'Daniel 12345' 3 months ago
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