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Iran former President Rafsanjani dies - BBC News -
Published: 1 week ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 week ago

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Iran's former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has died at the age of 82. Catriona Renton looks back at his life.

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'Hesam0000' 6 days ago
A great charlatan, he put the current leader in power by orchestrating a lie about Khomeini's final Will. In 1983 he removed the travel ban so the people who hated the regime could leave Iran, in early 2000s he joined the Green movement against the hardline Mollahs while keeping friendship with the fake leader he himself appointed.
Michael Night
'Michael Night' 1 week ago
He were a beloved leader of his nation. They were able to give Iran a good economic condition and a good security compared with all neighboring countries.
Kiumars Irani
'Kiumars Irani' 1 week ago
Rafsanjani was a Mogul Turk, his ancestors decimated the Iranians and killed over 20 million Iranians. Rest in shit you filthy Turk
Neo Bear
'Neo Bear' 1 week ago
He was a kid when WWII happened.
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 1 week ago
Ding-Dong The Bitch is Dead.
2inch Tiger
'2inch Tiger' 1 week ago
as an american whos despises the revolutionary guard and the ayatollah, i think he was a great man who commands international respect, one of the great leaders of our time.
Lanester 101
'Lanester 101' 1 week ago
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