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DJ Mustard, Travis Scott - Whole Lotta Lovin' (Explicit) ft. Travis Scott -
Published: 2 years ago By: MustardVEVO

By: MustardVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

18, 658, 075 views

180, 508 Likes   7, 482 Dislikes

DJ Mustard – Whole Lotta Lovin (Feat. Travis Scott)
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Director: Alex Nazari
Producer: Ryan Hahn
Cinematographer: Isiah Donté Lee
Editor: David Schenk
Visual FX: Evan Langley
Animation: @Susboy
Colorist: Adolfo Martinelli
Production Company: HPLA

Music video by DJ Mustard performing Whole Lotta Lovin'. (C) 2016 Roc Nation Records, LLC

Brandon Garcia
'Brandon Garcia' 1 day ago
2018, still going hard
Zorem Sanga
'Zorem Sanga' 1 day ago
Hope this song blow up
Joshua Calvin
'Joshua Calvin' 2 days ago
They should a released the video over the summer!
Noel Renteria
'Noel Renteria' 3 days ago
It’s lit🔥cactus jack got plaques on plaques yea
Trap Girl
'Trap Girl' 4 days ago
Happy birthday to me 🕷🤑
Im Cath
'Im Cath' 5 days ago
I love it! I knew this song bcos of Bobby of IKON :)
Ankush Mishra
'Ankush Mishra' 5 days ago
Another underrated song . I feel sorry.
Alex Boro
'Alex Boro' 1 week ago
Nice video
_5 99_
'_5 99_' 1 week ago
If anyone came here from that lil singing of Bobby at IKON school trip ,,,.. then GURRRLLL/BOIIIIII LUV YAH
killer trap rich gaming
travis savage lovin aye rich nigaas
Melissa Caputo
'Melissa Caputo' 2 weeks ago
Still fire when that beat dropssss🔥🔥2O18
The girl that got infired ?!?!?!
Thank u j-hope for bringing me here i love the part after gotdamit im fcked up😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Mandilakhe Matyana
'Mandilakhe Matyana' 2 weeks ago
Who's here in 2018?? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gesa Nalapunda
'Gesa Nalapunda' 2 weeks ago
I can hear Kanye on 3:44
Claudine Mindus
'Claudine Mindus' 2 weeks ago
Song brings back much memories or 2016
Xlx Entertainment
'Xlx Entertainment' 2 weeks ago
anyone here in 2018 ??????????
JC Squad
'JC Squad' 3 weeks ago
I need a whole lotta lovin!!
teona wu
'teona wu' 3 weeks ago
bobby maaaan
Alfredo Ramirez
'Alfredo Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
All hail La Flame 🔥🔥🔥3Feb2018
'Yaq' 3 weeks ago
still here
Aysha Edmondson
'Aysha Edmondson' 3 weeks ago
Love it 😘😍💦💖
Qaqamba Papu
'Qaqamba Papu' 3 weeks ago
I love this song and it's the best
'Longevity' 4 weeks ago
Yami Monbebe
'Yami Monbebe' 4 weeks ago
Bobby 💕💕💕
Trisha Cayabyab
'Trisha Cayabyab' 4 weeks ago
Oh Bobby💕 #iKON
'mosso' 4 weeks ago
I still does listen to this song
Music is awsome... <3
Emmanuel Bason
'Emmanuel Bason' 1 month ago
1:19 what's wrong with my mans face😂
Amir Hossen
'Amir Hossen' 1 month ago
I loved 1:16
Clochan Twomey
'Clochan Twomey' 1 month ago
Why 2 travis Scott’s
Edgardo Martinez
'Edgardo Martinez' 1 month ago
Its liiiiit
'asianhipppy' 1 month ago
Still vibing to this in 2018
'SG' 1 month ago
Pozdrawiam Naturala
Fifa16 Goalz
'Fifa16 Goalz' 1 month ago
Braid my hair like snoop🔥
Fifa16 Goalz
'Fifa16 Goalz' 1 month ago
Ikon Bobby brought me here👍🔥❤
Charlecia Brown
'Charlecia Brown' 1 month ago
I only like the beginning no hate
Kat Kat
'Kat Kat' 1 month ago
Didn’t know I can feel like I’m on drugs sober love this Song:)
vrjz brrr
'vrjz brrr' 1 month ago here bcoz of ikon bobby singing this on der idol school trip
Alex Mulenga
'Alex Mulenga' 1 month ago
Dope still here fire2018
Klevis Haxhiaj
'Klevis Haxhiaj' 1 month ago
Kenneth StacksTV
'Kenneth StacksTV' 1 month ago
I'm Mad Asf Bro Lol
Ryan Thomas
'Ryan Thomas' 1 month ago
Who’s watching in 2018🔥🙏
Princesssa P.
'Princesssa P.' 1 month ago
18M? step it the fuck up, this that fiya! love all the way from New Orleans 😈
Chad Bingham
'Chad Bingham' 1 month ago
Still my favorite. Mustard is so underrated.
Tobi Größler
'Tobi Größler' 2 months ago
their faces are so creepy
Ministre & HarDium
'Ministre & HarDium' 2 months ago
Julius Franke
'Julius Franke' 2 months ago
Good song to have sex to I think
Jake S Mario5537
'Jake S Mario5537' 2 months ago
Im lovin this 🎶 🎧🤟❤️
Tasmiya Saib
'Tasmiya Saib' 2 months ago
Kivawn Jenkins
'Kivawn Jenkins' 2 months ago
I kind of like that supreme la flame is wearing 👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vansh Lal
'Vansh Lal' 2 months ago
blckfyre i agree with you
Monkeys Squad
'Monkeys Squad' 2 months ago
Song is so underrated. 18M views only ???
Daniel Murfit
'Daniel Murfit' 2 months ago
This makes me moist
'Aqua' 2 months ago
For some reason Dj Mustard fell off since this song
'SandyMan100' 2 months ago
no one can beat mustard in mixing and club beats
karen wulf
'karen wulf' 2 months ago
I can't believe Travis invented edm
Guilherme Freitas
'Guilherme Freitas' 2 months ago
Yourjelly 6
'Yourjelly 6' 2 months ago
خالد الطارقي
rad dynasty
'rad dynasty' 2 months ago
Found myself bumping to this in 2018 anybody else
Britany Neil
'Britany Neil' 2 months ago
Deadass probably the littest songs for him 🔥🔥 it went hard
'Trickster' 2 months ago
vanshika talreja
'vanshika talreja' 2 months ago
Who is listening in 2018?
Jake russett
'Jake russett' 2 months ago
Lit asf
chill yo
'chill yo' 2 months ago
Bobby recommends me this song
Gabriel Lozoya
'Gabriel Lozoya' 2 months ago
Don't matter what I'm going threw this song gets me going
'Kevster2828' 2 months ago
rUf Ta
'rUf Ta' 2 months ago
My favorite song 🔥❤️
Kingman Memes
'Kingman Memes' 2 months ago
Radio could've make this a hit
Ann Marie
'Ann Marie' 2 months ago
My Favorite Song
'Aexirr' 2 months ago
'mikeko' 3 months ago
this used to be my shit when this came out! still cant believe it didn't blow up.
Ali Tahir
'Ali Tahir' 3 months ago
Get the middle .... !
Evangeline Owens
'Evangeline Owens' 3 months ago
Hendazaki Aqeed
'Hendazaki Aqeed' 3 months ago
Ikon Bobby got me here😍
'MPJ' 3 months ago
The world slept on this...HARD...I'll never forget hearing it the morning it dropped. I was anxious to hear a Mustard and Travis collab...Sure enough, it was amazing, but better than that...It was INCREDIBLE...THE BASE, THE SYNTHS, THE MELODY, THE VOCALS....THIS WAS AND STILL IS A MASTERPIECE...Its sad that this didn't get the recognition it deserved because this should've been at one billion views by now. Bless you Mustard and Travis for making this masterpiece...🔥🔥🔥
claudia kim
'claudia kim' 3 months ago
Bobby ikon Brought me here...
kürşat Musa Kurt
'kürşat Musa Kurt' 3 months ago
'Njm' 3 months ago
Bobby got me here and I stay for the song 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it’s really has a great & smooth rhythm ㅠㅠㅠ
Zizou XavierD3rd
'Zizou XavierD3rd' 3 months ago
DOPE ! MuziK 👍😎 but wats wit da Melting Faces 😨 !!!
winda pratiwi
'winda pratiwi' 3 months ago
Bobby love this song
angie mika
'angie mika' 3 months ago
iKON Bobby brought me here.
Anatoly Loegering
'Anatoly Loegering' 3 months ago
I feel my soul dancing within me.
'lmao' 3 months ago
Who's listening to this song in 2017
Walter Johnson
'Walter Johnson' 3 months ago
Walter Johnson
'Walter Johnson' 3 months ago
this song gives me life. so many different vibes at once, especially when the bass drops.
Cade Flores
'Cade Flores' 3 months ago
0:45 gives me the chills
Finally I can move after listening to u trav
sohail zakir remix
'sohail zakir remix' 3 months ago
Love this
Soulja 786
'Soulja 786' 3 months ago
Jeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!!! the way that beat drops when your mollied out sitting in car full blast
Rocco Amati
'Rocco Amati' 3 months ago
'SCAR LXRD' 3 months ago
Nuke town 2025 vibes??idk why?
Nikhil Chopare
'Nikhil Chopare' 3 months ago
Why 18 million views? 😯😯😭😭😭 This song deserve 5 billion views...
RDT 205
'RDT 205' 3 months ago
I roll balllllllls to this knocker.
'grabapiethrowapie' 3 months ago
die and live by you 👌
'OutOfControlGamer' 4 months ago
You know a songs lit when a Travis Scott song features Travis Scott
Shivam gupta
'Shivam gupta' 4 months ago
Listening in 2017 !! Way beyond awesome
Justin Sadhray
'Justin Sadhray' 4 months ago
Travis scott ft his own song lol
Aurélio Mendes
'Aurélio Mendes' 4 months ago
Irma love you
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