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The Chainsmokers - Closer (Video) ft. Halsey -
Published: 1 year ago By: ChainsmokersVEVO

By: ChainsmokersVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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The Chainsmokers debut album 'Memories... Do Not Open' out April 7th featuring ""Something Just Like This"", ""Paris"" and 10 brand new songs from The Chainsmokers!
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""Closer"" ft. Halsey
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""Closer"" ft. Halsey
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Directed by: Dano Cerny

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Directed by: Dano Cerny

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Dionel Walker
'Dionel Walker' 33 minutes ago
April? Day 23?
Комментирую Ущербных
лапает холзанчика по полной
Mustufa Ali
'Mustufa Ali' 4 hours ago
Just go to gym and work out Mr Chainsmokers
Mirielly Emanuelly
'Mirielly Emanuelly' 6 hours ago
Halle Groh
'Halle Groh' 6 hours ago
Omg he kinda looks like twan
MOhamed alhashme
'MOhamed alhashme' 9 hours ago
soo nice it music the best for me❤❤
Zayngirly ever
'Zayngirly ever' 9 hours ago
still watchng!!😍😍
Channel J
'Channel J' 16 hours ago
WTH 1:18 ?
Steph Weller
'Steph Weller' 22 hours ago
I fucking love this song! Reminds me of someone who I don't speak to anymore but wish I could just to say things that were never said.
No Pet No Lif e
'No Pet No Lif e' 23 hours ago
This song .....i don't like it because this shitty video shows them doing SEX!!!Every time i hear this song i want to throw out everything i ate!!!Jesus guys!!!This would be the best song with the best video if the video wasn't that bad !!!!!Also...the video doesn't match with the lyrics so much!!!!😡👎👎👎👎
'Ap's world' 24 hours ago
So baby pull me closer in back sit of ur Rover😘😘
Golden freddy
'Golden freddy' 1 day ago
Brenda Miyue Duran Lopez
caticorn life
'caticorn life' 1 day ago
They are still dating right
Patricia De Lima Santos
Love forerer 💖
'SARMILA SAHA' 1 day ago
anyone 2018 April here from 2016??
Ayush Kumar
'Ayush Kumar' 1 day ago
aman bhakta
'aman bhakta' 1 day ago
This song is full of stupid lyrics 😂😂😂😂
'二熊' 2 days ago
Pandi Durai
'Pandi Durai' 2 days ago
Best song ever
cathena 3194
'cathena 3194' 2 days ago
We aint ever getting older (Best part)!
W.Jayzion Rodriguez
thais manaia
'thais manaia' 2 days ago
amei essa música 😍
Lexi conde
'Lexi conde' 2 days ago
I love your songs
No Pet No Lif e
'No Pet No Lif e' 2 days ago
So many scenes with them understood.......
Arkan Altaiy
'Arkan Altaiy' 2 days ago
876333 anyone??
abhi singh
'abhi singh' 2 days ago
This is blasphemous. this is against the church.
'Jonathan' 2 days ago
Very New Jack Swing 🖒🏿🖒🏿
Radhika Singh
'Radhika Singh' 2 days ago
Román García
'Román García' 2 days ago
Copied from fetty wap
'윤상현' 2 days ago
Ahana Shabnam
'Ahana Shabnam' 2 days ago
Throughout the video, I am like..Go on KISS for god's sake...
Jonathan Busch
'Jonathan Busch' 3 days ago
I listen to this song on the radio on Star 102.1 in state Ohio USA.
Nellie Ruff
'Nellie Ruff' 3 days ago
I am here because of an app that uses this song. Today i finally figured out the name and omg this song is perfection
I´m sorry did was from this so that you put a URL.
Gibran Casados
'Gibran Casados' 3 days ago
Andrew 😍😍
Cristiane Gonçalves
Madara Br
'Madara Br' 3 days ago
20 de abril de 2018 , 23:49 , algum BR ae !!!!
Christen Guzman
'Christen Guzman' 3 days ago
I ship them so hard 😍
Briana Verdin
'Briana Verdin' 3 days ago
awesomest song ever
Peewee The Lad
'Peewee The Lad' 3 days ago
Better than him n i video
rous alevasqz
'rous alevasqz' 3 days ago
Hey 🙍🙍🙍🙎🙅🙅🙅🙅
'Katie' 3 days ago
Bing bong bing bong
Jaime Baturin
'Jaime Baturin' 3 days ago
'LAURA 04' 3 days ago
April 2018?
Carolina Vitória
'Carolina Vitória' 3 days ago
OMG!!! My music favorite
Raissa Figueiredo
'Raissa Figueiredo' 3 days ago
br 2018
Angel Bear MollyG/
They should date in real life
Ayang Gita
'Ayang Gita' 3 days ago
when they can get closer?
Lucimar Moisés
'Lucimar Moisés' 4 days ago
Mano eu amo muito essa musica
Nicole Mendez
'Nicole Mendez' 4 days ago
que cancion tan bonita😘😘😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😝😝😝😝😝😝
Kamille Tanedo
'Kamille Tanedo' 4 days ago
2018 and still. I listen. Who still listen to this? 💕
SFox - Kızıl Tilki
Aga, sen cok yanlis gelmissin. Burasi P0rnHub degil, Youtube...
roblox squad
'roblox squad' 4 days ago
I wonder how g eazy will react to this xD
Ray 002
'Ray 002' 4 days ago
Ray 002
'Ray 002' 4 days ago
Geek Gamer
'Geek Gamer' 4 days ago
2019 <3
Azim Ahmed
'Azim Ahmed' 4 days ago
we ain,t never getting older.................
geovanna aguiar
'geovanna aguiar' 4 days ago
99 Lives
'99 Lives' 4 days ago
Santiago Olvera
'Santiago Olvera' 5 days ago
Iandra Lara Feliz
'Iandra Lara Feliz' 5 days ago
Nancy Martinez
'Nancy Martinez' 5 days ago
i love this song 💞💖💕💗💔❤💚💜💙💛😘
Sira Gabriela Torres Tejada
Muy buena la cancion
Chuck Noia
'Chuck Noia' 5 days ago
Chupa meu pinto
Anah Sofia
'Anah Sofia' 5 days ago
Kauana Kauana
'Kauana Kauana' 5 days ago
Algum brasileiro
سكرتيرة ابليس
شنو هل جمال 😍😍😍😍😍 I love you so much
helen blakh
'helen blakh' 5 days ago
it's my best song
Asha Bhagia
'Asha Bhagia' 5 days ago
Closer.....never getting older..... 🇮🇳
'Milan' 5 days ago
3:29 What a voice! 😱
little white
'little white' 5 days ago
Alex Power
'Alex Power' 5 days ago
Sounds like 'Steal My Sunshine' by Len. Even the girl singing second. LATER that week...
Danierp 2004
'Danierp 2004' 5 days ago
Like 2018 😜✌️
Owais Maqbool
'Owais Maqbool' 5 days ago
Alexis Dykes
'Alexis Dykes' 6 days ago
DAMN!! I LOVE THIS!! #2018❤❤
Janet Lugo
'Janet Lugo' 6 days ago
Random Video Girl 1011 yo
I like the song not the video
Dema Syr
'Dema Syr' 6 days ago
He is so hot
bel santos
'bel santos' 6 days ago
Mrsongo GTS
'Mrsongo GTS' 7 days ago
Mehek Khanna
'Mehek Khanna' 7 days ago
These two have such amazing on-screen chemistry and I love it! <3 <3
Ritcheru Chan
'Ritcheru Chan' 7 days ago
It made me wet
Rose Lee
'Rose Lee' 7 days ago
U were not dating e zay or how ever u spell his name but anyway then right cuz if u were is this call cheated or u were not dating him yet
canal Dupador
'canal Dupador' 7 days ago
Samantha Unicórnio
2018? Okay✅😂❤ I Love Closer
YaQooB KhAn
'YaQooB KhAn' 1 week ago
'naiara' 1 week ago
A quien le gusta por el nopor
'naiara' 1 week ago
Silvana Santiago
'Silvana Santiago' 1 week ago
Q merda,agora sempre q escuto a melodia fico imaginando q é como pode um peixe vivo viver fora da água fria.aaaaaa pq fui ver aquele vídeo,sempre q escuto essa música eu fico rindo
henry bartolon
'henry bartolon' 1 week ago
buen video (#Karina
Avigail Medina
'Avigail Medina' 1 week ago
I listen to this song everyday every night
Riley Moore
'Riley Moore' 1 week ago
I was playing overwatch while listening to this song
'F1R3PLAYER1 4a' 1 week ago
2056?? Btw where in mars because of this song THANKS a lot
Samsy Chiratc
'Samsy Chiratc' 1 week ago
Lenar Jones
'Lenar Jones' 1 week ago
I eat to much and that’s an issue but I’m okay 👌🏽
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