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Cult of Chucky - Teaser Trailer - Own it now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital -
Published: 1 year ago By: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

By: Universal Pictures Home EntertainmentPublished: 1 year ago

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Cult of Chucky
Own it now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for the past four years, Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) is erroneously convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new therapeutic “tool” to facilitate his patients’ group sessions — an all-too-familiar “Good Guy” doll with an innocently smiling face — a string of grisly deaths begins to plague the asylum, and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn’t crazy after all. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Chucky’s now-grown-up nemesis from the original Child’s Play, races to Nica’s aid. But to save her he’ll have to get past Tiffany (Oscar®-nominee Jennifer Tilly), Chucky’s long-ago bride, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved devil doll.

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Matthew Van Luven
'Matthew Van Luven' 2 months ago
abdulhai KORDO
'abdulhai KORDO' 3 months ago
Fock you
'MisoTv' 4 months ago
Naruto Shipuden kjlhklk9plojkn,x sdee dredge uh huh
Saba Ghasemi
'Saba Ghasemi' 6 months ago
Andy is love
The Awesome Beaver
'The Awesome Beaver' 7 months ago
hey guy's clut is chucky is on netflix!!! go check it out and when i saw it.. it was awesme and bruital
CultOfChucky 2017
'CultOfChucky 2017' 7 months ago
Fuck no there's no way I'm paying 5 dollars it's for free on nexflix
Barbearia do cabron
'Barbearia do cabron' 7 months ago
Acabou no 3°
Marion Knight
'Marion Knight' 7 months ago
I still can’t understand why they can’t make it like the first chucky movies. They were fantastic. Even the doll itself in curse of Chucky looks ridiculous and the cgi were horrible. The 1988 has better movement and visuals than curse of Chucky did. Stick to what worked.
'GimpyGaming.' 7 months ago
If only the made chucky look like he did in the orignal 3 and not too much CGI b.s. I'd probably be into getting in to it
Arturas Karbocius
'Arturas Karbocius' 7 months ago
Real plastics doll is PLASTICS is Mean girs (i am Barbie girl in the Barbie world :) ), and clown of Ronald in McDonald that creepy clown scares shit from everyone.
Arturas Karbocius
'Arturas Karbocius' 7 months ago
Real plastics doll is PLASTICS is Mean girs (i am Barbie girl in the Barbie world :) ), and clown of Ronald in McDonald that creepy clown scares shit from everyone.
EarRapeProductions Molina
EarRapeProductions Molina
'Gabriel' 8 months ago
🔴 *[WatchNow] Cult of Chucky 2OI7 M0VIE Here* [ ]
'ZOMBIE Zone' 8 months ago
It's fake go see the real trailer 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
beb teh tohmaitoe
'beb teh tohmaitoe' 9 months ago
Sorry, Jack, Chucky's back! Again!
Ass Burgers
'Ass Burgers' 9 months ago
Lemme out ... lemme out .... lemme out, lemme out, lemme oooooout !!!
vanoss fan and his friends
not real
'CRISIS EVIL BR STUDIO' 10 months ago
why isn't in the theaters?? omg universal the box office in cinema must be amazing #cultofchucky,i just fucking love Childs play 6 and this one will make me crazy <3 <3 <3 the best horror movie ever!!, and is fucking back!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Lee Beal
'Lee Beal' 10 months ago
can't wait to see my boys Chucky Andy and 3 girls
Davi Santoro
'Davi Santoro' 10 months ago
quando estreia no Brasil alguém já sabe?
Sean Grim
'Sean Grim' 10 months ago
As long as this Chucky looks better than the Curse of Chucky Chucky Doll I'll be happy.
'03bgood' 10 months ago
Where the hell is an actual trailer? It's almost July and still no trailer? If memory serves right, Curse of Chucky's trailer was released in July 2013, just 2 months before it was released on video. Same situation here?
'KingStr0ngStyle' 10 months ago
Release date anybody?
'Runaway1777' 10 months ago
I hope there's some comedic relief like some of the previous sequels. The last sequel had NONE!
'ANKUR ELECTRONICS' 10 months ago
Nice doll
Kaylee Z
'Kaylee Z' 10 months ago
Thank god this is coming out
David Smith
'David Smith' 10 months ago
Are we back to this bullshit again? Curse of Chucky was back to its serious horror roots and now we're back to this comedy horse shit.
'BinkTinks' 11 months ago
lmao, this channel is not even an official account.
C.J. Saputo
'C.J. Saputo' 11 months ago
480p. Nice...
gabriel anthony
'gabriel anthony' 11 months ago
they left out the first film...
HumanLight GT
'HumanLight GT' 11 months ago
Michelle Garcia
'Michelle Garcia' 11 months ago
Can they make the doll look like Chucky again, the last one had Chucky looking like a girl/more fake and was so bad lmfao
'Syrus54' 11 months ago
fanmade faggot-assed fakes.
If it has a hole, there is a way
How is this a cult
Brandon Spain
'Brandon Spain' 11 months ago
I heard Chucky's new design will NOT have the scars like in Bride, Seed, and Curse. I saw the behind the scenes and he looks kinda similar looked it a hybrid of Child's Play's 2 and three.
'CHUCKY' 11 months ago
Suscribanse a mi canal...
Jaden Kindler
'Jaden Kindler' 11 months ago
Mehtap Cosgun
'Mehtap Cosgun' 11 months ago
Hello Chucky.. my dear friend
coolsisters DANIEL
'coolsisters DANIEL' 11 months ago
I've been waiting for this moment for so long😄
zagrajmy z bartkiem
'zagrajmy z bartkiem' 12 months ago
Ten Głos Brada :DDD jest Zajebisty Ten jego smiech To juz wgl majstersztyk XD
Bel Sky
'Bel Sky' 12 months ago
No there's not going to be cgi. No, there's not going to be a lot of comedy. It's classic Chucky horror!
Mia Mysterio Browne
'Mia Mysterio Browne' 12 months ago
A Chucky reunion.
Dark Hermione Jean Granger- death eater
Sorry Jack Chucky's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dark Hermione Jean Granger- death eater
OMG I cant wait to see the new cult of chucky movie! I'm going to dress as Tiffany when I go to theaters!
nathaniel filion-roy
'nathaniel filion-roy' 12 months ago
All the Chucky movies are great...... Except Seed..... And 3........ I just found a pattern. The first two are great, the third is shit, Bride is great, Seed is shit, Curse was great..... Does that mean this will suck? Please let it be good. It's all I ask.
David W.
'David W.' 1 year ago
This is not a teaser trailer. It's nothing but a goddamn collage of previous Child's films. What the fuck?
mael cruz
'mael cruz' 1 year ago
It's fake copying chucky movie scenes 1 2 3 chucky's girlfriend if it were official I would have the trailer for my favorite villain 3 or fast and furious 8 is fake the channel and the only real trailer is the name of the movie that so Se Is going to call the cult of universal chucky do not pull trailer but good and this year will leave the trailer TRUE and better 2017 will leave or the 2018 depends on the delivery anque who knows maybe it is but probably not
Michael Myers
'Michael Myers' 1 year ago
I can't wait!
Toxic Isabel
'Toxic Isabel' 1 year ago
eric hall
'eric hall' 1 year ago
Hi jason
mikal simmons
'mikal simmons' 1 year ago
up how many scenes in cult of chucky
David the new Batch
yo this is not a fan trailer this is real
'AcidGlow' 1 year ago
I'll check it out
Movie 1053
'Movie 1053' 1 year ago
please be an actual horror movie, because the bride and son of Chucky I never watched because of more on humor, less lore and serious.
Movie 1053
'Movie 1053' 1 year ago
Sorry but at first this seemed like the kind of bull that fakers pull in "fan-made" trailers.
Super Good
'Super Good' 1 year ago
I ask you to show the "Cult of Chucky" in cinemas. #cultofchuckyintheaters
Dylan Cole
'Dylan Cole' 1 year ago
My favorite is 1st 2nd or curse
Lil Boonk
'Lil Boonk' 1 year ago
this cant be real
Bel Sky
'Bel Sky' 1 year ago
Child's play 1 Child's play 2 Child's play 3 Curse of Chucky Cult of Chucky ^fav movies from series! (I know I'll like Cult of Chucky)
'Raven' 1 year ago
This was uploaded the day before my birthday 😃
Pearl Crystal Gem
'Pearl Crystal Gem' 1 year ago
I cannot wait until the movie finally comes out!! omg!!
'david' 1 year ago
you do know this is fake, right.
Wonders Aimlessly
'Wonders Aimlessly' 1 year ago
am I the only one who loves all chucky movies..?
Wonders Aimlessly
'Wonders Aimlessly' 1 year ago
why did this kinda give off a FNAF trailer vibe?
Dustin Martin
'Dustin Martin' 1 year ago
Treat it fairly and put it in theaters. Oh yeah, they ignored the first film.
Ary Escalante
'Ary Escalante' 1 year ago
'Unitedia' 1 year ago
I'm excited hhh
Creepy Noodles
'Creepy Noodles' 1 year ago
in every chucky movie he has a different look, I wonder how he'll look in this one
Janet Patillo
'Janet Patillo' 1 year ago
not yet
DA Drama
'DA Drama' 1 year ago
why do y'all make it seem like y'all have a now damn got peoples thinking yes a new chucky man whatever I want damn 3 something mins back
Raiden Shields
'Raiden Shields' 1 year ago
I notice Universal still hasn't gotten the rights to the first Child's Play from MGM and United Artists. Notice how all the clips are from Child's Play 2 on. Didn't see any clips from Seed of Chucky either but I'm sure Universal wants fans to forget about that disaster.
Raiden Shields
'Raiden Shields' 1 year ago
The first three original Child's Play movies were good and scary for their time. Bride of Chucky pushed the envelope but in 1998 it was a good movie and it still is a pretty good Chucky movie. Seed of Chucky was ridiculously stupid and should've never been made. Curse of Chucky went back somewhat to the seriousness of the franchise. Lets be real though Bride of Chucky was goofy too. Child's Play 3 was the last serious Chucky movie in my opinion. Curse of Chucky still had that lingering feeling left over from the previous film but Curse of Chucky turned out to actually be a pretty good movie. I like how Universal went back to the beginning with Charles Lee Ray's background.
Dr. Gaming
'Dr. Gaming' 1 year ago
why don't they ever show the first Child's Play?
'Futó' 1 year ago
Michael Myers Better.....
iam torres
'iam torres' 1 year ago
esto es el trailer? son imagenes de las peliculas anteriores... tssss aburrido
Joseph Ballard
'Joseph Ballard' 1 year ago
He's back !!!! 🔥
carson turnipseed
'carson turnipseed' 1 year ago
this is fake or wrong because in the description it says that any has to fight off tiffany but if you have ever seen seed of chucky you will know that she is human again and with her son. I'm not trying to be that person but i have seen all the movies and this just doesn't add up. Like if you agree.
Manuel Kazan
'Manuel Kazan' 1 year ago
Curse of Chucky was terrible...Chucky needs to get his normal scary face back
Emily Ame
'Emily Ame' 1 year ago
James M
'James M' 1 year ago
I watched this with ad block and disliked the video. Kys
'gnc623' 1 year ago
This is the Chucky movie I'm definitely most anxious to have come out. Tiffany and Andy crossing paths is going to be interesting. Something else I'm wondering, did Tiffany know about Nica's mom? I've noticed that in both Bride and Seed Tiffany ended up turning on Chucky. I wonder if in this film there will be a possibility of Tiffany ending up helping out Andy? Tiffany has shown she can be fiercely loyal, but honestly, her loyalty is pretty fair-weather.
'TacoShell' 1 year ago
Cant even wait any longer
Colton Robinson
'Colton Robinson' 1 year ago
I hope Jennifer Tilly isn't in "doll form" she can still pull off an extremely attractive psychopath as Tiffany xoxo
'EP PRODUCTIONS' 1 year ago
Man you could of at least introduced some clips but it seems alright?
TØP Septiplier Twaimz Magical Green Day
You are the reason my brother and older cousins tried to tie me to my bed and put a sock in my mouth as a little kid and they also chased me around the house in a chucky mask You also gave me horrible nightmares and you were also the reason as to why I would never want to throw away the trash during the night and if I ever did I would run to the trash can and back to my house as if I were about to get stabbed
TØP Septiplier Twaimz Magical Green Day
Guys stop complaining there is a reason why is called a TEASER trailer it only teases you and gives you very little or no details as to what the movie is about
Alex Fiegl
'Alex Fiegl' 1 year ago
"Not yet rated" gee, a chucky movie, I sure wonder what the rating could be
Shenika Sanni
'Shenika Sanni' 1 year ago
This need to hurry up and fast too taking to long man
Chafic Itani
'Chafic Itani' 1 year ago
they just started filming. i'm pretty sure once they have finished filming, they will put together an official trailer. remember, it's just a teaser trailer. usually teaser trailers don't have movie footage. it's just used to let people know there's a new movie in production
Crazy Teddy Bear FilmzTM
YES YES YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!!!! no all I have to do is turn 18 just 8 more years away I CAN'T TAKE IT I'M GONNA DIE
Sergio Castellanos
wtf was that
Danny Sterling
'Danny Sterling' 1 year ago
i want to go see this movie i love all the Chucky movies
Asirel Dremmuur
'Asirel Dremmuur' 1 year ago
The guy that made chucky bring Glenda and Tiffany again pls
'L30' 1 year ago
0:43 that looks like Glenda / glen
Morlee Ricks
'Morlee Ricks' 1 year ago
this was a real trailer? This was just reminding us of the prequels. wtf. This doesn't hype me up. At all. Show a couple clips of the actual movie, damn
Sky Rocket kid
'Sky Rocket kid' 1 year ago
he never dies
Liz Turner
'Liz Turner' 1 year ago
AHHHHHH I need to see the actual trailer. *Le sigh*
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