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Published: 1 year ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 1 year ago

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Farhana Kalam
'Farhana Kalam' 3 weeks ago
Maa shaa ALLAH ! 😍😍
mo ali
'mo ali' 2 months ago
SubhanAllah Brillinat
Naimulmusfiq Naim
'Naimulmusfiq Naim' 3 months ago
Can anyone give me the complete recitation of Al Juhani taraweeh1422!
Nasra Hassan
'Nasra Hassan' 4 months ago
Allaahu Akbar
Claudio Lima
'Claudio Lima' 4 months ago
Assalamu 'alaykum what do you mean with new?
Noshaba Khalid
'Noshaba Khalid' 5 months ago
Subhan allah. Touching recitation
M.D Records
'M.D Records' 5 months ago
if you resite quran in scale than it wll be so good to listen.. this is one of them..
Skynaat art
'Skynaat art' 8 months ago
Who recited this??!!!
Nur Uthman
'Nur Uthman' 9 months ago
“Peace was on on him the day he was born, the day he died and peace will be upon him the day he will come back to life.” Ya Allah what I would do for you to say that to me.....
Manuar Yassar
'Manuar Yassar' 11 months ago
Assalamualaikum, Brother, please attached quran text on display, it would make me easier to follow what you are reading. thanks you for your attention.
Ayan Nur
'Ayan Nur' 1 year ago
ماشاء الله. الله يحفظه ويطول في عمره.
'Million2one' 1 year ago
Voice....what can I beautiful,may ALLAH reward you!
Naheedah Uddin
'Naheedah Uddin' 1 year ago
can someone please tell me the recitors name ??
Mohammed Ali
'Mohammed Ali' 1 year ago
wats the name of the reciter?
Nadeem md
'Nadeem md' 1 year ago
Its Yahya.....U wrote John. Translate as it is.
'Anas' 1 year ago
The most read but not understood book is the Quran... subhanAllah we have taken the Quran mahjura, just as the Quran mentions. Brothers and sisters, strive to learn the ahkam and the tajweed of the Quran as well as memorising with understanding. A trend now all over social media is for anyone just to sing the quran with no understanding of tajweed and ahkam, or alot of us even the meaning of the Quran. We need to wake up to this reality brothers and sisters.
Abida Noor
'Abida Noor' 1 year ago
speechless ... ... i am addicted to listen to this recitation alhamdoliallah .... please upload more...
'Cluwei' 1 year ago
subhanallah Omar HIsham Al Arabi's recitation is just extraordinary
Mohammed Golam Abdul Quadir
Extremely beautiful recitation..... who is it ? Who is the reciter ?? Can we get the whole quran in his voice somewhere ??
Prince Khan
'Prince Khan' 1 year ago
Subhan'Allaah there is no 'Style' in Reciting the words of Allaah its just calm Reciting and understanding and Allaah knows best 😇
umar sayyad
'umar sayyad' 1 year ago
What surah is this?
Amir Bryant
'Amir Bryant' 1 year ago
Whats the name of the reciter?
Aliya Abeeda
'Aliya Abeeda' 1 year ago
Love this style of Qur'an recitation.
PokYan Dukol
'PokYan Dukol' 1 year ago
MashaAllah so soothing
Ibrahim Ahmed
'Ibrahim Ahmed' 1 year ago
Who is the reciter ?
Ibrahim Moussa
'Ibrahim Moussa' 1 year ago
So Nice mashallah sounds like the songs of the Chinese/Japanese
Durray I
'Durray I' 1 year ago
Please upload the full version of this surah Maryam.
Amaroquai Playz
'Amaroquai Playz' 1 year ago
Wow! Mashallah!
khalid babikir
'khalid babikir' 1 year ago
No comment pure beauty 😢
suleiman sully
'suleiman sully' 1 year ago
Does anyone know if the respected brother has a full Quran recitation available anywhere?
'OutBreak' 1 year ago
Change the title its confusing
Miry Miry
'Miry Miry' 1 year ago
mashaAllah ❤❤❤
Zoleykah Yusuf
'Zoleykah Yusuf' 1 year ago
A Surah da Família de Inram . Lindíssimo! Allahu Akbar 💚 Everything is possible with Allah The Lord of all Powers !
rahman khan
'rahman khan' 1 year ago
it sounds same?. please don't mislead people with these titles...ive heard this styl of recitation b4. Nothing new. afterall we shouldn't be listening to the style rather what Allah is commanding.
rahman khan
'rahman khan' 1 year ago
it sounds same?. please don't mislead people with these titles...ive heard this styl of recitation b4. Nothing new. afterall we shouldn't be listening to the style rather what Allah is commanding. hence why we are weak. we are into styles than application of the quran.
Rikky Pancake
'Rikky Pancake' 1 year ago
Huzaifa ibnul yamaan narrates that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam said “Recite the Quran according to the clear and eloquent language of the Arabs. Recite it fluently without any pretension. Do not recite it according the singing tunes of the people of the book (the Jews and the Christians), nor the tunes of ahle fisq ( the transgressors). Some people will come after me who will recite the Quran in the tunes of songs or like the recital of monks or like someone doing nawha (lamenting). Quran will not surpass their throats. Their own hearts will have fallen into fitnah and those who admire their recital will also have fallen into fitnah” (by tabarani in al awsat and by al bayhaqi) THINK ABOUT IT!
Rafa Syed
'Rafa Syed' 1 year ago
wow masha Allah
PriNCesS oF AKhiRaH
Maa Shaa Allah!! Its soo beautiful ....
Md. Masud Hossain
'Md. Masud Hossain' 1 year ago
Wow! This voice is far better than the previous one! Want more videos of this voice!!!
Sumeya Maya Hussein
isn't it kind of rhythmic
Mehlam Tahir
'Mehlam Tahir' 1 year ago
why dont you join PATREON, for those who wish to automatically send a donation everymonth?
Junaid Shakoor
'Junaid Shakoor' 1 year ago
I love your videos but i hate your titles man
Sohaib Paracha
'Sohaib Paracha' 1 year ago
who is that Qari...which is reciting QURAN i really loved that voice can somebody tell me the name?
Harry rew
'Harry rew' 1 year ago
watching this is a perfect start for my day..Jazakallah prophetpath's team!
Adhil ZUB
'Adhil ZUB' 1 year ago
Masha allah great sounding
Omar Hassan
'Omar Hassan' 1 year ago
i want to become and i want my ummati become better Muslim may allah grant all muslims anbiya and us to go jannah please say ameen
oumesma al
'oumesma al' 1 year ago
We live in time quran recitions White beautifel voices but te harts are dead. Beautifel mosks etc etc. A time people showing of. Hasboen Allah wa ni3mal wakiel
'UtterlyGutsyEddy' 1 year ago
I'm confused, what is the difference between this recitation and others
mohamed abdisalam
'mohamed abdisalam' 1 year ago
Masha Allah wallah i enjoyed every second of it ❤📍
Takamura Mamoro
'Takamura Mamoro' 1 year ago
It sounds amazing!
yes yes
'yes yes' 1 year ago
it's not actually brand knew they made some kind of mistake put the name wrong he should put the surah name not some other kind of name which confused Muslim who has weak imaan they may think that the Quraan changed . brother what I recommend you to do for is to put surah name please when I look at the title I was shocked .
Sufi Miah
'Sufi Miah' 1 year ago
absolutely mesmerising so you havr more recitation of this pace pitch and tone akhi
Anwar abdul khader
Wow.............I can't believe really in a new style it
Kiron Kabir
'Kiron Kabir' 1 year ago
What's the name of the Qirat style?
Ahmed Al mostafa
'Ahmed Al mostafa' 1 year ago
It's good and bad ( his voice is beautiful ) but Don't try to add a New reading styleYou're going to find yourself making whole new religion Stick to the original religion No need for Islam 2.0PsDon't be hard headed Think about what I said
'kingofgames' 1 year ago
Real Madrid
'Real Madrid' 1 year ago
People relax, they don't mean a NEW quran. They just mean the recitation of it, and that is fine.
rhami ghandour
'rhami ghandour' 1 year ago
Salam Aleikum dear brothers and sisters is this not too much singing?
( O_〉O)?
'( O_〉O)?' 1 year ago
May Allah forgive all of our past, present, and future sins, Ameen.
Blank Omega64
'Blank Omega64' 1 year ago
mshaAllah tabarakAllah
'Aisha' 1 year ago
Omg ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ I could listen to him the whole day 😌😌😌😌 his voice is soooo amazing Mashallah. May Allah bless him.
Fizzy Tv
'Fizzy Tv' 1 year ago
shadd o
'shadd o' 1 year ago
please change the title i was shock when i see brand new quran style lol alhmadolilah
Mohamed Mohamed
'Mohamed Mohamed' 1 year ago
'dagdagdag' 1 year ago
MI gaming
'MI gaming' 1 year ago
didnt the prophet pbuh say that there are only 10 styles ... why add another one
salman faris
'salman faris' 1 year ago
mashallah💕 such a beautiful voice
Fahad Shaikh
'Fahad Shaikh' 1 year ago
Wasim Rahman
'Wasim Rahman' 1 year ago
Brand new Qur'aan style? Sounds like the original beautiful Qur'aan recitation.
salwa nehdia
'salwa nehdia' 1 year ago
Alif Productions
'Alif Productions' 1 year ago
Asalam, I openly invite you all to subscribe to my channel in'sha'Allah. Feel welcome to join us on our journey. Jazak'ALlah
rozerin yalcin
'rozerin yalcin' 1 year ago
😍😍 MasAllah
'Tastemyskills' 1 year ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❄️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so beautiful
Myrium K
'Myrium K' 1 year ago
could you please put English translations and these videos because I cannot understand the Arabic jazak Allah khair
'Abdul' 1 year ago
SubhanAllah, indeed there is no greater word than the word of Allah swt :)
Tal ha
'Tal ha' 1 year ago
In my opinion it reminds me a little bit of pop music. Nevertheless it is a recitation which is very extraordinary 👍
abdijabar takar
'abdijabar takar' 1 year ago
mashaAllah what a voice
fazz 101
'fazz 101' 1 year ago
Mashaallah amazing i would love to hear more from this man ❤️❤️
Najm Nayal
'Najm Nayal' 1 year ago
Salam brothers
AFFAN khan
'AFFAN khan' 1 year ago
so so beautifull the recitation of quran speciely when hisham ricited...this sound compress all other sounds.
lodi lofa
'lodi lofa' 1 year ago
it feels like there is Melody on it! i don't know if its me or they make it sound like Melody on it. naudhubillahi. brothers i ain't try to sound a bit extreme but all i see here is the signs of heading the wrong direction. Quraan should be clear. Not echoes and backgrounds melodies. slowly we are Turning Quraan to entertainment. This is Wrong Ohh Muslims. Quraan IS NOT ABOUT sounds Ikhwani.
The Queen Of Pop
'The Queen Of Pop' 1 year ago
mashallah! this is beautiful! better than music! May Allah swt give us all ameen
Sheela Anwar
'Sheela Anwar' 1 year ago
SubhaanAllah May Allah swt forgive us and grant us highest rank in paradise.Ameen💞
Dawah aan Jongeren
what do you mean with 'new style'? There are only official 7 qira'at. It doesnt sound like Arabic at all, more like chinees. Astaghfirullah
kiin Mohamed
'kiin Mohamed' 1 year ago
masha Allah so beautiful sound. can i get
'Attiqah' Mohd' 1 year ago
This is so beautiful. Omar Hisham need to do more recitation style like this one and also the style from al muzzamil recitation.Its always send chills down my spine.
Albion Arifi
'Albion Arifi' 1 year ago
please make more Quran recitation like this...
kaziboygamer !
'kaziboygamer !' 1 year ago
'TheProphetsPath' 1 year ago
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