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✨ Mystery Apple Goodie Bag! -
Published: 10 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 10 months ago

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Gosh! The knife she is using!
'Kittykittykitty65aj' 23 hours ago
If I had a Apple Pencil I would use it everyday I love drawing
Pearl and Krystal
Gina from bf vs gf anyone??
'Tinyseal34' 2 days ago
Wow. Way to brag about everything you dont use! GOOD JOPP iJUSTINE!! #iJustineORiJustbrag
Julie Barnes
'Julie Barnes' 3 days ago
'ADDALYN NELSON' 3 days ago
I need an Apple Pencil so badly
Pizza pug1234
'Pizza pug1234' 4 days ago
I would use an apple pen if I had one because I'm an really good drawer
Melanie via
'Melanie via' 4 days ago
I would use that stuff
Derek Anderson
'Derek Anderson' 5 days ago
Hah ha she says d it will still strap on lol
Unicorn Cannibal
'Unicorn Cannibal' 6 days ago
... I don’t believe this. I have found another alien. YOU HAVE EARNT A NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!
Harrison Williams
'Harrison Williams' 6 days ago
Weird.........every single product that you take out of that bag is from BELKIN not APPLE. Sure they might be made for apple products but still...................CLICKBAIT!!!
grace wostal
'grace wostal' 6 days ago
Anyone know where she got that knife? I NEED IT 😍😭
The Galaxy Is Mine!
Love ur rainbow 🌈 knife I want it so much where did u get it from
The Galaxy Is Mine!
I am an illustrator and I use my apple 🍏 pencil ✏️ all the time like allllll the time
Fatma Kalifah
'Fatma Kalifah' 7 days ago
Adrienne Luong
'Adrienne Luong' 7 days ago
yeah they should better add all Apple pens to all the iPhones
Hailey Nicole
'Hailey Nicole' 1 week ago
I only use my Apple Pencil for school
Lenie Mejares
'Lenie Mejares' 1 week ago
That knife though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cassandra Adidas
'Cassandra Adidas' 1 week ago
Michelle D
'Michelle D' 1 week ago
This video is annoying.
Yanilet Medina
'Yanilet Medina' 1 week ago
Lol she says “sillicon”😂😂😂
Giselle Rodriguez
'Giselle Rodriguez' 1 week ago
Cheyenne Conkey
'Cheyenne Conkey' 1 week ago
DAT knife tho!!!!!!!
Nixie Lps
'Nixie Lps' 1 week ago
I used my apple Pencil
thug life gamer forever
I wold have been i wold never send somthing to you meybe a used condom
'LSlays' 2 weeks ago
Brody Connell
'Brody Connell' 2 weeks ago
I use my Apple Pencil everyday
Saniyah Price
'Saniyah Price' 2 weeks ago
I love your knife its so cute
Cord Johnson
'Cord Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I love the Apple Pencil case with the spots for your replacement nibs, but I still prefer my Wacom mobile studio pro and that pen, sorry Apple, it’s better in my opinion.
Cliffymetal598 [GD]
'Cliffymetal598 [GD]' 2 weeks ago
Ayyyy Pennsylvania crew
21 Pickles
'21 Pickles' 2 weeks ago
I like apples
Anastasija Gisic
'Anastasija Gisic' 2 weeks ago
Where did you buy and how much did you pay for these?
Nata k
'Nata k' 2 weeks ago
u sound sorta like Miranda sings lol
James Boyle
'James Boyle' 2 weeks ago
At least it was the last item.
Jenna Caccia
'Jenna Caccia' 2 weeks ago
Her phone is in her right sleeve lol 😂
The Ravenclaw Princess 1
I’m a slowly progressing artist and I so would like a iPad and an Apple Pencil but I use an android tablet and a stylus
Chloe Gross
'Chloe Gross' 2 weeks ago
If I had an Apple Pencil o would use it everyday
Calvin Matonti
'Calvin Matonti' 2 weeks ago
Im from PA!
Lucky Hicks
'Lucky Hicks' 2 weeks ago
How much was this goodie bag
Raychel Rainbows
'Raychel Rainbows' 2 weeks ago
Jade Zealand
'Jade Zealand' 2 weeks ago
You r friken rich!
Zelda Zamora
'Zelda Zamora' 2 weeks ago
I bet she doesn’t use a lot of her stuff she gets
vaping maniacs
'vaping maniacs' 2 weeks ago
you just earned your self another subscriber when you said you feel like you can hunt some animal down with the charger hahah lol your awesome
Stephanie Buzzella
'Stephanie Buzzella' 2 weeks ago
Girl you need a nap 😂😂 “string it its feet” I’m dying
John Ruins Everything
Ummm...... I don’t have an Apple Pencil! Check your privilege
autumn nicole
'autumn nicole' 2 weeks ago
lulu lemonnnn
Rylie Jamieson
'Rylie Jamieson' 2 weeks ago
That portable watch charger is fantastic!
Daniela udy
'Daniela udy' 2 weeks ago
You look like Hannah Stoking XD
Melissa Bucknill
'Melissa Bucknill' 2 weeks ago
My belkin phoen cord is pink and my mums is blue
The moon light Messenger
Hi Justine I’m nine years old can you please do a giveaway your my hero
Grace Marsh
'Grace Marsh' 2 weeks ago
Pause the vid click this button ➡️ 8:46 look at her face 😂💕💕
Darcy Ouwehand
'Darcy Ouwehand' 2 weeks ago
The beggining wasn’t rigjt tho
Awesome TV
'Awesome TV' 2 weeks ago
i Love ur channel i subscribed,liked and turned notifications on!!
Rosie B
'Rosie B' 2 weeks ago
Heyy!! I just found out that you were in one of the vampire diaries episode! Lmaoo 😂❤️💕
Christopher KOFOD
'Christopher KOFOD' 2 weeks ago
You mean 38 you Said 48 mm
Blake Henderson
'Blake Henderson' 2 weeks ago
Your really cute I wish I can have you im alone 23
You r my fav youtuber
'lexi's life' 2 weeks ago
I don't have a Apple pencil
Ethan LaCoste
'Ethan LaCoste' 2 weeks ago
Yo I used the Apple Pencil to click on this vid!!
Maisy Towner
'Maisy Towner' 2 weeks ago
I really want a an amazon echo spot white for my birthday but it’s £120😭😭
Dilara Bandara
'Dilara Bandara' 3 weeks ago
💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 💜 💙 OMG its dark purple
sam cohen1650
'sam cohen1650' 3 weeks ago
Get your white girl survival bag
arun krishna
'arun krishna' 3 weeks ago
fun in the sun
'fun in the sun' 3 weeks ago
In Japan New Years is a HUGE holiday so they do lucky bags at all the stores so you can get one for 500 dollars and it’s somthing worth that much or more you can get the latest phone or a bunch of cases. You can even get the Mac
Mr. Potato
'Mr. Potato' 3 weeks ago
These were all amazing tech gadgets! My favorite one was the first one with the portable Apple Pencil charger. Super convenient! 👍
Shaunn Burrell
'Shaunn Burrell' 3 weeks ago
I use it to take notes
Kassie Warlick
'Kassie Warlick' 3 weeks ago
Me mom can you get me makeup Mom no Me please Mom maybe when your order Me ok Dad yes
kirsten nicholson
'kirsten nicholson' 3 weeks ago
Are y'all like Rich
Joslyn Dorsey
'Joslyn Dorsey' 3 weeks ago
Omg omg I love that knife
'〽Tettris' 3 weeks ago
Give me that watch baND PLS I HAVE A 38
Byron Rock
'Byron Rock' 3 weeks ago
Mini Mavens
'Mini Mavens' 3 weeks ago
Apple does that with the pencil so you will buy the iPad Pro
Lia Smith
'Lia Smith' 3 weeks ago
2:03 thinking of Into It by Camila Cabello😂😂
'Retard_2' 3 weeks ago
5:21 wtf
'ikay005' 3 weeks ago
silicone version...not silicon ;-)
Rayyan Ahmed
'Rayyan Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Join team 10
Kaia & Frida
'Kaia & Frida' 3 weeks ago
I use my apple ✏️🍎
Niko Woodhouse
'Niko Woodhouse' 3 weeks ago
Can I like dick you down
Sienna Winslow
'Sienna Winslow' 3 weeks ago
New iPhone 2018 -iPhone note 1 ( because they copy everything else from Samsung ...mostly)
'iamstrawberry' 3 weeks ago
1:06 my favorite part from the whole video
mr. kit kit cat
'mr. kit kit cat' 3 weeks ago
Hi random person scrolling through the comments
'iKRAME ZIDANE' 3 weeks ago
Kaden Thequeen
'Kaden Thequeen' 3 weeks ago
When liberals touch knives
'I'm so Fat' 3 weeks ago
I use my iPad Pro every single day
Jorge Betancourt
'Jorge Betancourt' 3 weeks ago
Puregear clear case doesn’t get stuff in them I’ve put one on my silver/white 8 because I love the color and I haven’t gotten anything in it.
crazyrandom gymnast
'crazyrandom gymnast' 3 weeks ago
I don't have an apple pencil...
Panda Panda
'Panda Panda' 4 weeks ago
How much did it cost
Baghyan Maria
'Baghyan Maria' 4 weeks ago
5:21 😂😂😘😘😘
Pirate Saanjh
'Pirate Saanjh' 4 weeks ago
It's in a Lululemon bag
James McManus
'James McManus' 4 weeks ago
Lol the Apple chargers are bad I always use third party ones because I had an Apple one and the actually usb a came off the charger and got stuck in my computer
sam e.
'sam e.' 4 weeks ago
this woman is a living apple advertisement
Fatimah Nagshband
'Fatimah Nagshband' 4 weeks ago
DEAD POOL - Intro Making
i have surface pro 5 and i use the stylus a lot
Me7sn Art
'Me7sn Art' 4 weeks ago
The backround music gives me anxiety because it sounds like my iPhone ringtone and everytime I hear it I think someone is calling me
Kay&&Kam TV
'Kay&&Kam TV' 4 weeks ago
wouldthat apple watch charge my iphone 8?
Crystal Cubensis
'Crystal Cubensis' 4 weeks ago
vanessa_ _maria
'vanessa_ _maria' 4 weeks ago
Did she have a seizure at 5:24 😂
Darrian Stoneking
'Darrian Stoneking' 4 weeks ago
Pause at 3:08
riley busse
'riley busse' 4 weeks ago
We're not getting USB C on the next iPhone it's the iPhone X Plus
Aiden Milton
'Aiden Milton' 4 weeks ago
Lol I hunt to I’m a First Nation I am a gitxsan from Canada British Columbia
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