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✨ Mystery Apple Goodie Bag! -
Published: 7 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 7 months ago

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DiamondXLGamer !
'DiamondXLGamer !' 3 hours ago
You spoiled brat
jordan wilder
'jordan wilder' 5 hours ago
lol is that a lululemon bag?
Kathleen Kozlowski
'Kathleen Kozlowski' 7 hours ago
I dont pull it out of the wall
DylPickle PickleDyl
5:21 lol
'RubyCraft' 3 days ago
Pause at 3:25 lolll
Lizbeth Rubi
'Lizbeth Rubi' 4 days ago
Where did you get that pocket knife?
Jennifer Mora
'Jennifer Mora' 4 days ago
I live in PA
furious studios
'furious studios' 4 days ago
When you were talking about chargers my freaking phone said charger not supported
Katrina Martin
'Katrina Martin' 4 days ago
This is just cheating
That YouTube’s Family
She saved
Steven Espaniola
'Steven Espaniola' 5 days ago
Nice lululemon bag!
Carla Miller
'Carla Miller' 5 days ago
One and Perferct Top YT
Buen video
kevin philbert
'kevin philbert' 6 days ago
Your talking tooooo loud Actually yr screaming
'jo4412' 6 days ago
I live in Pennsylvania!
Malissa Suggs
'Malissa Suggs' 6 days ago
5:17 LMAOO
'T3X4S B0Y' 6 days ago
I really wish that youtubers doing unboxing would use an actual razor blade instead of these cheezy imitation knives that dont even really cut the tape. I do love your videos though Justine.
Neelesh Gupta
'Neelesh Gupta' 7 days ago
Drinking Game Take a shot Everytime she says apple
Nawaal Ali
'Nawaal Ali' 1 week ago
I don't have one but I love to draw
Mimmy _101
'Mimmy _101' 1 week ago
Sammy Plays
'Sammy Plays' 1 week ago
I wish I could have A new iPad cause this iPad is Pretty Old XD and I could get a iPad Pro Then make all my art I'm in love with Art :)
Jonathan Green
'Jonathan Green' 1 week ago
Im a samsung user
'It's just maya' 1 week ago
Why is it a loulou lemon bag XD!
Rahaf Banat
'Rahaf Banat' 1 week ago
Your awesome
'Apex HUNTER' 1 week ago
6:19 jeiisusiwoq8wia
Audrie Mcdonald
'Audrie Mcdonald' 1 week ago
Bro I want a iPad Pro
Celeste Betancourt
Yes i use the apple pincil love it
Nya D.I.Y.
'Nya D.I.Y.' 1 week ago
I’d use it I’m an illustrator I’m good at it
Shashank Sisodia
'Shashank Sisodia' 1 week ago
At 0:17 why fumbling... No need I guess.🙄
krissy sanntos
'krissy sanntos' 1 week ago
5:21 replay 😂😂😂
Pink Magic Ali
'Pink Magic Ali' 2 weeks ago
OMG I feel your pain. Cameras that cut off without warning are the bane of my existence! It's so frustrating!
Sumedh Naik
'Sumedh Naik' 2 weeks ago
You mentioned about your daughter?!? OMG you dont even look married 😮❤
the awsome guy
'the awsome guy' 2 weeks ago
Omg you weird
YoungRich Trev
'YoungRich Trev' 2 weeks ago
Lulu bag
'Emmers' 2 weeks ago
Helpful 789
'Helpful 789' 2 weeks ago
I got one of those heavy duty chargers and I still broke it
'Combat_Vet' 2 weeks ago
You said you grew up in PA? What city? I live in PA.
'ilmaYvette' 2 weeks ago
This should be titled Belkin products not Apple products
'OOktie' 2 weeks ago
Install a mirror at the back of the camera so that you can see if it’s recording using reflection (LIKE)
Leroy Granados
'Leroy Granados' 2 weeks ago
Why does she look better without make-up well she beautiful both ways but still lol
'SkyDud' 2 weeks ago
This is Far from subtle.
'THANK YOU' 2 weeks ago
Master Of Terror
'Master Of Terror' 2 weeks ago
I've never heard of the apple pencil xD
Kaylie’s fun Adventures
You definitely love apple
Eagle Gaming
'Eagle Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Pls justine can i have the pen
Vicky Logan
'Vicky Logan' 2 weeks ago
I actually did broke the cable you got 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Matthew Cathcart
'Matthew Cathcart' 2 weeks ago
I've got the iphone 4s
Finn Byers
'Finn Byers' 2 weeks ago
I'm ten and I don't pull the cable from the cord
Hannah Plays
'Hannah Plays' 2 weeks ago
I don’t even have a apple pen 😔
Madison Ridenour
'Madison Ridenour' 2 weeks ago
Why is she "shuffling and reaching to the bottom of the bag if we clearly seen in the beginning it was mainly big boxes and she's just making fake suspense. Yes y'all can all hate on me saying she can do what she wants or say whatever stuff you want but just grab a freaking box off the top!!!
Savanna Gutierrez
'Savanna Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
3:50 is that arianna grande
Drew Nai
'Drew Nai' 2 weeks ago
make a draw my life video!! unless its too personal, but im interested to learn more about you!
Dorota Pusheen
'Dorota Pusheen' 2 weeks ago
Hihi 😁💕😝🌈
Abby Procter
'Abby Procter' 2 weeks ago
3:54 she sounded so British
Kawaii Unicorn
'Kawaii Unicorn' 2 weeks ago
I never use my Apple Pencil. I don't even know where it is xD
Gabrielle Melecio
'Gabrielle Melecio' 2 weeks ago
5:17 Seems like another thing my mom can wack me with 😂 #hispaniclife
Alex Kalatzis
'Alex Kalatzis' 2 weeks ago
Those belkin lightning cables aren’t good I had the rose gold one for 2weekd and it broke
Jasmine DIY
'Jasmine DIY' 3 weeks ago
They are all the same brand belkin 😂😂
Johnathan Stmary
'Johnathan Stmary' 3 weeks ago
We all know apple corporation will not drop their policy on making proprietary hardware/software.... Its tyeur signature fuckin move....
Harpal Singh
'Harpal Singh' 3 weeks ago
5:21 thank me as I’ve saved your time bec this is the best part in the whole video !
'Jocey90' 3 weeks ago
Weird thing to notice but who else LOVES that knife
Trinity Callian
'Trinity Callian' 3 weeks ago
I don't have an Apple phone but I would like to get like I would still use it that Apple pen
Mr. Grande Penaken
'Mr. Grande Penaken' 3 weeks ago
5:21 Did she have a small stroke?
The Boss Man 666
'The Boss Man 666' 3 weeks ago
I have a Apple pen and an Apple Watch
Johanna Ledell
'Johanna Ledell' 3 weeks ago
5:21 😆😆
Shazna Begum
'Shazna Begum' 3 weeks ago
suck my dick you are sexy
Isabelle Fryer
'Isabelle Fryer' 3 weeks ago
she drops things a lot like me
Jordan Avery
'Jordan Avery' 3 weeks ago
jersey brockert
'jersey brockert' 3 weeks ago
Your so amazing and so funny I was so sad because family member passed and I saw your videos and I felt so good afterwards your making so many people happy!!!
Rainybow WOLF
'Rainybow WOLF' 3 weeks ago
Cool knife😁
Ian Randolph
'Ian Randolph' 3 weeks ago
Is that a csgo knife?
Nate Orchard
'Nate Orchard' 3 weeks ago
I'm a cartoonist! My apple pencil is so important!
Pierre Assouad
'Pierre Assouad' 3 weeks ago
Love you 😍
Rhyan Peters
'Rhyan Peters' 3 weeks ago
What happened to her at 5:22 to 5:23 ?
Olivia Mantilaris
'Olivia Mantilaris' 3 weeks ago
I've got the rose gold charger I've had it for a year
coolcat Ali
'coolcat Ali' 3 weeks ago
and that's why apple sucks! overprice crap
Sumana B G
'Sumana B G' 3 weeks ago
I also lost my attachment
shawn raney
'shawn raney' 3 weeks ago
0:17 dab
Gaming with Space
'Gaming with Space' 3 weeks ago
You should show all of your iPhones
Isabelle Asante
'Isabelle Asante' 3 weeks ago
This is maddie 👶 She is a baby She is very sick . She is going to have an operation. For Babies she might not survive. 😱😱😣😣😰😷😵😭😭 (poor family . They will be so sad.👪😭😭😭 1 like =equals one hope to survive.
Msp. Neverx
'Msp. Neverx' 4 weeks ago
Apple Pencil? What's that?
Ice Tm
'Ice Tm' 4 weeks ago
I wish she was my mom she is really cool
Harsh Solanki
'Harsh Solanki' 4 weeks ago
Watch her apple watch this video is on April 2017
Varun Jadaun
'Varun Jadaun' 4 weeks ago
'RB UNLEASHED' 4 weeks ago
I just got an google ad on this.
Zoe Russell
'Zoe Russell' 4 weeks ago
That portable watch charger is fantastic!
Briannah James
'Briannah James' 4 weeks ago
this was posted on my brothers bday
ashley yates
'ashley yates' 4 weeks ago
With the clean cases why don’t you just put favorite pictures of stuff
Alterra YT
'Alterra YT' 4 weeks ago
apple is going to keep the lightning, because thats what makes it apple, and that keeps it different.
Alterra YT
'Alterra YT' 4 weeks ago
i want an apple pencil so bad
alejandra sanchez
'alejandra sanchez' 4 weeks ago
she said sh did int see what was inside 0:13
'Irke' 4 weeks ago
Me at a math test 3:53
Miraculous Ladybug
'Miraculous Ladybug' 4 weeks ago
The knife looks like the knife from Roblox mm2
Skye louise Oliver
'Skye louise Oliver' 4 weeks ago
Love this video
Cheshire Cat
'Cheshire Cat' 4 weeks ago
5:12 just do it
Doris Olszewski
'Doris Olszewski' 4 weeks ago
I want a mystery box
The irris and nevra show
Hay guess what u grew up in Pennsylvania and girl I m not joking I live in Pennsylvania 😂😂😂😂😂
Dogs fionn 23456
'Dogs fionn 23456' 4 weeks ago
Melany Ward
'Melany Ward' 4 weeks ago
I don’t have an Apple Pencil and I’m 11
Jonathan Sward
'Jonathan Sward' 4 weeks ago
my teacher uses apple pencil every day i mean like its her life
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