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What's Feeding Supermassive Black Holes? -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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Colliding with and devouring other black holes is simply not enough to make black holes supermassive. There's got to be other factors at play.

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Jake Liu
'Jake Liu' 5 days ago
whats feeding suppermassssive black holes? hot dogs.
L.P.E lightning
'L.P.E lightning' 2 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure the black hole isn't a dog but is hot.
Roblox all Day Long
'Roblox all Day Long' 2 weeks ago
When your a super fat bigger than the black hole It can't Suck your Ass😂😂
gyanendra Tripathi
'gyanendra Tripathi' 2 weeks ago
see my video of black hole ,........ they are extremely dens.....,......
Antonio Belza
'Antonio Belza' 1 month ago
Science Yeah!😂😂
TheWoldIsFullofSheep EducateYourselfDontBeOne
But what about a Super Massive Blahoe??
'トワエリオ・' 1 month ago
Ryback: Feed me More!
Pemutih Bayclin
'Pemutih Bayclin' 1 month ago
Gas around supermassive blackhole and AW chicken feed the blackholes
Mr. Good Frien
'Mr. Good Frien'' 1 month ago
What if we are just like extremely small atoms to something else like a germ. Being closer and closer to being touched by something moving slow.
Blake Spohn
'Blake Spohn' 2 months ago
What's Feeding Supermassive Black Holes? SUPER MASSIVE hot dogs
hi Nguyen
'hi Nguyen' 2 months ago
Hotdogs??? LOL
Mr Aristocat
'Mr Aristocat' 2 months ago
*V O R E*
Olechka Minaeva
'Olechka Minaeva' 2 months ago
Or maybe it's going to be a new galaxy
Olechka Minaeva
'Olechka Minaeva' 2 months ago
Inside of each black hole it is a son son SUN son
TheMysteriousPancake Mikiono Kinosano
The Hotdog galaxy. Its not being fed, nor is it growing. Its being *EATEN*
Alma ganduno
'Alma ganduno' 3 months ago
wat happens when Supermassive black holes colidde(like if you agree)
Ethan Gonzales
'Ethan Gonzales' 3 months ago
Is there really nothing that can stop Black Holes? Because if there isn't, then this is gonna suck... (Pun not intended 😓)
gamingmelon 08
'gamingmelon 08' 3 months ago
so close to 1 million subscribers
Lynnie Saade
'Lynnie Saade' 3 months ago
Or maybe they were just really ambitious...(this is actually a plot point of a sci fi novel I am writing...)
John Mann
'John Mann' 4 months ago
Democrat spending plans...
'APPLE SAMSUNG' 5 months ago
black holes eat hot dogs what the heck?!!
Gokujesu TheAuditorOfMadness
When it is God I want to have a black hole for a pet.
'Satan' 5 months ago
Just that Russian propaganda again we all know only America has these since its 10 years of everyone....... Duh......
conciso jamili
'conciso jamili' 5 months ago
Hotdog how but hot fries????
Hrishikesh Apte
'Hrishikesh Apte' 6 months ago
One Winged Ice Angel
'One Winged Ice Angel' 6 months ago
If you can't see shit through the gas then how the fuck do they know that this thing is there?  I call bullshit.
'topbowgunner' 6 months ago
Lets go to hot dog guys there will be tons of it
Kindy the chocolate Wonka fox
who think that black hole is scary and cool plz like this comment.
Atomic Man!
'Atomic Man!' 6 months ago
'Berkelele' 6 months ago
sami Nat
'sami Nat' 6 months ago
for the last time they're Black Stars not Black Holes
'Viva!' 6 months ago
Would a black hole destroy a galaxy?
'LanZ' 6 months ago
Biggest, rarest, name it a hot dog
Denielle de guzman
'Denielle de guzman' 7 months ago
so black holes can grow so big as a galaxy size by eating other massive black holes holy fck
Just Me
'Just Me' 7 months ago
A rare class of objects, called "hot dogs"
'AbstrctArts' 7 months ago
'BigDog' 7 months ago
Want to see my Hot Dog Universe
Robert Quick
'Robert Quick' 7 months ago
What's feeding them.... Our tax dollars, to the a-holes, who throw mathamagic, and pixie dust in the face of congress... Next they'll want more money, to prove the jets coming out of the axis of BH's are actually unicorn flatulance....
YunGaming - Minecraft
Merging black holes, and theres something out there that can help explain it, hotdog galaxies...
Brian Nguyen
'Brian Nguyen' 7 months ago
Simpler exploration : agario
'lohphat' 7 months ago
Their co-dependent family members.
sammy matthew
'sammy matthew' 7 months ago
dusk obscure galaxy or dark obscure galaxy
'ILikeEggs' 7 months ago
The person who named these galaxys "hot dogs" is going places, i tell you.
Ernest Jay
'Ernest Jay' 7 months ago
There is a Burger Neutron Star, now Hot Dog galaxy ? what next ? a Big Mac black hole ? Fried Chicken Red Supergiant ?
'Cryosardonic' 7 months ago
To summarize: Supermassive black holes aren't formed from eating other black holes, they are formed from eating other black holes.
'iliketrains0pwned' 7 months ago
I love how "Interstellar" black holes have become on TV. It just looks even more awesome!
'lru' 7 months ago
Back in middle school I was asked to define black hole and I said "A dead star in space that eats stuff." My teacher wasn't amused...
'MR HIGH STAKE' 7 months ago
sooooooooooo no1 knows? great...
The Helghan Empire
'The Helghan Empire' 8 months ago
Sad thing about space is most of the stuff we detect has either changed radically or isn't there anymore. Because light and information takes time to travel to us.
mohamed akram
'mohamed akram' 8 months ago
it is eating the rubbish like asteroids
'YetiGamer' 8 months ago
Seriously that's what they could come up with "Hot Dog", maybe I should be naming them
Black Hole
'Black Hole' 8 months ago
'SirChocula' 8 months ago
Can't wait for the pretzel class of galaxies
Julian Penguin
'Julian Penguin' 9 months ago
Damn the animation is so epic
n e a t
'n e a t' 9 months ago
Supermassive black holes were regular ones until they became g r e e d y d i r t b a g s
Mario De Large
'Mario De Large' 10 months ago
What Happen if two Black Holes have been fused .Born a baby black hole
LegendGaming__YT X
'LegendGaming__YT X' 10 months ago
You know why it is called hotdog? Cuz scientist are bad at naming
'R K' 10 months ago
هل من عرب هنا ؟ 🌚
William DeRosa
'William DeRosa' 10 months ago
I have long postulated that "hot dogs" (a newer name for such events) and related unexplained energies are the other side of black holes in other universes. What we are seeing on this end is the tail end of the black hole existing in a parallel universe. Connecting them together.
The Doge
'The Doge' 10 months ago
Don't two block holes eat each other?
Αλέξανδρος Δήμου
I think it's superstars sucked into the supermassive. Glaciers melting in the dead of night too.
'Viktor' 10 months ago
I think its Yasuo running down mid lane
coltin engle
'coltin engle' 10 months ago
Uh, matter? what a stupid fucking question
Taseen Khan
'Taseen Khan' 10 months ago
Well... Hot Dog!
Jessica Jung
'Jessica Jung' 10 months ago
Our universe will end once all the black holes merge into one single black hole. After that I think another big bang will happen. Just an endless cycle.
'blubase06' 10 months ago
'Will's Channel' 10 months ago
hot dogs?
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 10 months ago
Sooooo black holes play a giant game of ?
Kamikaze Chinaman
'Kamikaze Chinaman' 10 months ago
'peruface' 10 months ago
cam mackay
'cam mackay' 10 months ago
Lol, is this not a silly question? Doesn't EVERYTHING around a black hole, feed the black hole? I mean it "eats" all matter, most light, and even magnetic forces, doesn't it?
'Joocelyn' 10 months ago
'RosenBosen' 10 months ago
I love this channel!
Nemesis Chan
'Nemesis Chan' 10 months ago
What's Feeding Supermassive Black Holes? Supermassive McDonalds
jerry bushman
'jerry bushman' 10 months ago
Thus is just stupid. All black holes, even smbh's get bigger by collecting matter. This is true for everything. The only way anything gets bigger is to take in more material. This is true for your waist line, a moon, a planet, a star (any star) and every single black hole down to a tiny asteroid or comet
The Trust
'The Trust' 10 months ago
The No Man's Sky hype.
'AK47' 10 months ago
NASAis feeding the dumb fucks who believe this bs.. NASA is full of shit from start to finish
Ovidu Acantinca
'Ovidu Acantinca' 10 months ago
These guys seem so confident about what they are talking as if these theories are true. I tell you something you cannot be so confident about something that is millions of light years away.
Scott Budig
'Scott Budig' 10 months ago
Happy new year Science Channel
Ryan Bourassa
'Ryan Bourassa' 10 months ago
Your mom.
Just Oakley
'Just Oakley' 10 months ago
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