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3 Types Of Dreams -
Published: 2 years ago By: TheProphetsPath

By: TheProphetsPathPublished: 2 years ago

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Diana Adinin
'Diana Adinin' 19 hours ago
my mom always had the same dream that make her woke up in the middle of the nite..most of it bad dream kind of nightmare example she dream being black magic by her own family..husband had an affair ..someone drag or bring her to somekind of kingdom castle.. was these kind of dream is it frm satan.. she woke up in a middle of the nite den couldnt go bck to sleep while reading short surah.. f she fall asleep she will get the same dream or different
Kookie Dough
'Kookie Dough' 2 days ago
What about if you dream about someone dying?
Medwin O Kanu
'Medwin O Kanu' 1 week ago
I usually dreamt my dead people, what does that mean please?
Dead Shōt
'Dead Shōt' 1 week ago
I honestly want a good dream from Allah..
Ash Sk
'Ash Sk' 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much💜✌
farhan_786 hussain
'farhan_786 hussain' 2 weeks ago
This is y I can't sleep 😭 forgive me Allah pllz😭❤️
مرهقة نفسيا جسديا عاطفيا
you can tell your wife (if you love her ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂
junaid kool
'junaid kool' 4 weeks ago
The merchandise link doesn't work
zalfan Gucci zalfan malik
I don't remember my dream mostly
mohammad naim
'mohammad naim' 1 month ago
im starting to hv doubts bout this channe why compare our(total sinful being) being Prophet's dream? sorry this just doesnt connect
Dave Octavius
'Dave Octavius' 1 month ago
Has anyone ever dreamed about the future like u had the dream about falling down and the next day u fall the exact same way in ur dream ?
Rafiq Rahimi
'Rafiq Rahimi' 1 month ago
My dream is different from other people...i always dream about death and the sign of the end of the day...i always think it Allah want to show me something?? Is there someone else dream the same thing like me?? If u know the answer can u tell me why?? Even the name of prophet Muhammad s.a.w is in my dream and it spelled correctly..
Ayeeyo Fadumo
'Ayeeyo Fadumo' 1 month ago
How is the dream from Satan
'Cyroda' 1 month ago
Is there a dream that tell’s the future because every few weeks,I have a dream about the future,but when I wake up I don’t remember this dream’s. But when the event happen,I think to myself didn’t I went here before. And then I remembered it was from my dream,then I get frighten what is this always happens to me? Why does it keep showing the dreams about the future? I don’t really know why the events happens to me,it’s like I have like a mind future dream or something can anyone explain why this happens?
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I just wasted my 5 minutes time lol
Vidaa xx
'Vidaa xx' 1 month ago
two weeks ago I was outside praying and a white bird came to my place and has stayed .. recently I had a dream this white bird died and a black bird was near it... anyone know what this means?
Juan Carlos
'Juan Carlos' 1 month ago
I have dream when I was young and until now it visit in my dream, a nice place or a place that I saw in my younger day dreams and until now it will come to my dream not so often but it come once in a while. i wonder what's the meaning of it.
Sadia Khan
'Sadia Khan' 1 month ago
Well, sometimes I dream about my parents who passed away when I was 9 .. I always see my ammu (mom) happy and I don't even feel like she's not in the world anymore. What's the meaning of this? Is it a good thing or bad?
Rosie Alisha
'Rosie Alisha' 1 month ago
I had a nightmare. It was a dream which woke me up at night and made me wake up in complete tears. I prayed as soon as possible and told my mom about my dream. I had a dream about the last day. The end of the world. I was sitting on my bed and looked out the window and in the sky was the huge burning sun and fire. I began to pray in my dream with my sister. But then I stoped praying and said to my sister stop praying, the gates of forgiveness are closed. This then led to us running downstairs to my family whilst the earth filled with fire and lava. This dream was the worst dream I had ever had.
Mariama Camara
'Mariama Camara' 1 month ago
the one that is from shaitan dream i have , it comes true sometimes why??
Majid Khoori
'Majid Khoori' 2 months ago
What about wet dreams? (Ihtilam)
Humerah Yousef
'Humerah Yousef' 2 months ago
Thank you brother!!! Even though, I myself know this, but your video will be helping me to educate other people. Jazakallahu khairun, wasalamualaikim
Hafsa Hussein
'Hafsa Hussein' 2 months ago
I came straight here after having the same dream I've had years ago and I'm so terrified.. I used to have this specific nightmare a lot as a child but it's come back in my adult life and I'm struggling to understand why and its meaning
smile please
'smile please' 2 months ago
Once I had a dream in which I died. And I was regretting that I haven't learnt Quran and I was seeing my dead body.
Abber Khan
'Abber Khan' 2 months ago
Mostly have 3 one dreams from childhood n still it's going on an on usually at 4 or 5:30 or 6 etc I came across this dreams n my breath stop I always tried to wake up n some time k don't remember dream just I wake-up suddenly
'MOAK KAID' 2 months ago
I have all 3 types,sometimes shit gets real when the Khanas chocks me ,but the weird thing about it that i actually was able to catch his hands and bend them then he ran off after that and never came back.
Kendji None
'Kendji None' 2 months ago
When I was young from when I had 3 or 4 i think until I had 12, and it was happening more often and became rare when i was growing up, I was dreaming that I was a fish in a bowl and that dream was always the same in the same place, it was always happening just before i woke up, I was able to control that dream because i just had to hold back my breath during a certain time and then i was free from this nightmare and i always used to wake up after that, and the dream was always happening in the early morning arround 8 am I guess
Fatima Aden
'Fatima Aden' 2 months ago
Is it normal to see what you see in a dream in real life?
Zeby Khan
'Zeby Khan' 2 months ago
Brother I dreamt and saw a major sign of judgement the sun rising from the west. The society and everything within was all a blur of haram and bad deeds.
Jayjay Janner
'Jayjay Janner' 2 months ago
I had a nightmare a few days back. I saw a demon wearing animal fur. It caused death all around it and I was trapped just watching this terrifying outcome. Fearful it would turn it's attention to me. It did and I was swarmed by bloated drowned corpses. I woke up screaming. I can still see this demon in my minds eye. I felt like it knew me, it has been waiting for me. I find it difficult to explain. Can anyone recommend something I can read or recite. I felt helpless in its presence.
Knight Rider
'Knight Rider' 2 months ago
@ 4:00 It’s not 11 planets that prostrated to Yusuf AS, it was 11 stars, Sun and the Moon. Also noticed the sheikh wearing gold watch, I thought this was prohibited in Hadiths
MiniManGamer 101
'MiniManGamer 101' 2 months ago
For some reason I get nightmares but am always able to avoid
Angel Libra
'Angel Libra' 2 months ago
I heard in a Islamic lecture that if you want to know the purposal for marriage you got is right or not you should recite surah qosar 27 time before sleeping and if you see devlic things then it ain't right if you see tidings it is right .... I say only and only devil throughout my sleep ...
Shakir Ahmad
'Shakir Ahmad' 2 months ago
may allah [SWT] bless everyone
John Smith
'John Smith' 2 months ago
السلام عليكم What about the dream that فرعون saw, the one that led him to kill the new borns of بني اسرائيل Under what category it is?
Katrien Kaiyo
'Katrien Kaiyo' 2 months ago
I had a dream that I got 2 tattoos and immediatly regetted it, because I was scared of the Al-Mighty and the punishment. But I've never thought of getting a tattoo? Is this a dream of Shaytan?
Future Gamer
'Future Gamer' 2 months ago
I've had multiple nightmares where a monster/demon was walking to me and when I tried to yell for my parents nothing comes out but when I muttered "what" it came out
'Maroc2781' 2 months ago
I had this dream... i had a vacation in dubai we were at a swimmingpool in the mountains, and it was so sunny and everyone was swimming had a good time, and then suddenly there were clouds and it was very dark, when i was looking in the sky i saw a light and everyone was running to that light beam, i followed the people and what do i see in my dream it was Jesus, (Issa) coming from heaven to earth, i never had a dream like this.. but all i wanna say is Alhamdoulilah to everything Allah gave me! May allah protect us all
MOANAZAFY Valessa Rigoline
Assalam alaikoum I need some help about interpretation of dream. If someone knows of couse.For me I have reportedly I don't know the meaning. For instance I dreams many times the sea or water.
Tina Mistry
'Tina Mistry' 2 months ago
SubhanAllah most beautiful I was from a non Muslim family but I saw very big dreams my mom and dad we saw things that we all became Muslim I saw very big sign,s but Muslim did bad but MashAllah our faith grew stronger please pray for me
mimi bd
'mimi bd' 2 months ago
I had a nightmare about my science test , cause i was thinking about it a lot .
galaxy 21
'galaxy 21' 2 months ago
Is it better to sleep facing kiblat?
Loki Hammerfall
'Loki Hammerfall' 2 months ago
I don't dream (I can't remember anything) which category is that?
Blitz Gaming
'Blitz Gaming' 2 months ago
when i was scared in dream i use say ayatul kursi fast and i stopped getting chased or whatever i knew it by heart said very fast all of it in a dream as a little boy age 8 or 9 and it always worked everyday had bad dream i said ayatul kursi and i just woke up dream stopped any dream i was scared i said it in dream i would close my eyes if some monster chasing me and said it i woke up lol love islam
'A S' 2 months ago
I want to have a clear understanding of how could the devil be so powerful and can have affected on us when our God is the greatest because God will look after us for good only and he is our creater right? Some times I have very evil dreams and I verily don't like it mostly when I'm sleeping on my back although I don't mean to but i turn over as I'm asleep.
Night Raid
'Night Raid' 2 months ago
I sometimes have a dream that i fall and then i wake up clinched to my sheets, it mostly happends when il not fully asleep but not awake either..
Zainab khan
'Zainab khan' 2 months ago
Thank you...
Sherine Shour
'Sherine Shour' 3 months ago
What about dreams when you see a dead person talking to u or came to u ?
Chhaya Yadav
'Chhaya Yadav' 3 months ago
Wat we should say when we saw scared dream plzzz comments I couldn't get to understand it
Chhaya Yadav
'Chhaya Yadav' 3 months ago
I always got to see ghost dream and in this I can't move or shout to help. I got helpless
Êlîã Å
'Êlîã Å' 3 months ago
Jazakom Allah <3
Hazouri YT
'Hazouri YT' 3 months ago
I had a dream of a lion in my house and it was a night mare I was trying to run away when it chased me. I had that dream like 9 times
Tense Tuber
'Tense Tuber' 3 months ago
Mashallah you are a smart Muslim
Khalid Elhaigoune
'Khalid Elhaigoune' 3 months ago
i n h
Gamer ki playsss
'Gamer ki playsss' 3 months ago
as much as i remember i had 1 of type 1 0 of type 2 and over 100 types of the last type of dream
suad mmm
'suad mmm' 3 months ago
funny thing i dont dream
Hira Ramzan
'Hira Ramzan' 3 months ago
Assalamo alaikum, my problem isn't clear yet, after watching this video, I saw that someone around me is illuminate and i wanted to warn people, my relative n family, but they caught me, they told me, everyone who was illuminate around me, n i couldnt tell anyone now according to you my dream is a nightmare, so how can u say its from shaytan, why would he tell me about his secret in my dream if u say psycology dream, then that doesnt make any sense either, cause i wasnt thinking about illuminate either n i saw one more dream about illuminate too i dont know why m seeing this
Shaba Udin
'Shaba Udin' 3 months ago
Thank you
j christ
'j christ' 3 months ago
I am from India and I have always seen dreams where I stuck i feel the dream the problem is I always dream of jinn and I scare but I couldn't wake up from the dream oh please help me
Md. Farhan Naseh
'Md. Farhan Naseh' 3 months ago
As salam a'laikum ... The video was very good. But in the video the speaker is standing facing his back to the word "Allah" written in Arabic. Wasn't it inappropriate??? sure it would've been unintentional ofcourse.
Maryanabdi Abdi
'Maryanabdi Abdi' 3 months ago
Baraka Allah brother it was so useful. JazakaAllahu kheyr
Hosi Kayenat
'Hosi Kayenat' 3 months ago
One day will come and you'll see if you was wrong or right about your religion I swear guys the right religion is Muslim's religion I'm. Just saying but it up to u guys🤐
Islamic Studios
'Islamic Studios' 3 months ago
that was a awsome video may allah reward u for your effrots
Waris Qaseem
'Waris Qaseem' 3 months ago
I saw a my dream an angel (not really just some light) came up to me...she said to me come with me. I went with her there she showd me the door to jannah it was really beautiful there flowers were blooming and there was loads of happy people but then she showed me the door to jahannum everyone was crying and screaming i could see my english friends asking me to save them but i didnt. I woke up. The next day i went to the mosque i told my teacher about this dream. She told me that allah sent me this dream to see what my sins would leed me too and what my good deeds would lead me too. From then ive become a better muslim.
aina farhana
'aina farhana' 3 months ago
What about dreams after doing istikharah? Is it dreams from Allah or because dreams out of psychological factors just like the video mentioned ? Please reply to my comment 😊 ive been trying to find the answers for so long.
dibidibidis I know face but I don’t know name
I don’t remeber what exactly happened but when i was little i saw one big spider in my dream. And a week ago or something like that i saw a dream with 3 spiders So what does it mean when you see spiders in your dreams?
Saima Mujahid
'Saima Mujahid' 3 months ago
Assalam-o-alaikum but how can I say when I saw a good dream that is it a dream from Allah or from my own desires????
Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper
I'm currently sitting for A level exams and I've been dreaming about me being late to the exam centres almost everyday and this is what's been waking me up lol
'arawis' 3 months ago
the devil sends me nightmares...really...who believes this nonsense.......
'OqGamingYT' 4 months ago
I know why people don’t believe in Allah it’s kinda because maybe they think how did Allah appear by its self? Right? But that’s actually a good question but! No matter what I don’t know I’ll still believe
Chi Tomboy
'Chi Tomboy' 4 months ago
I saw a dream and in that dream I was sleeping and dreamimg Hazrat Muhammad (s.m) came to me and said about the death of my Father...He opened a scroll and said to my father that you're gonna die in nov.20...I just want to know what the dream means?
Zeed EX
'Zeed EX' 4 months ago
It was the first day that i made the 5 fardhu prayer... and I got a dream where it was the qiyamah... I was one of the people who went in hell..there wasnt really many... when I was there i didnt know anything.. anything! I was given a book.. what I remember is that I got a question where it questioned me how often do I pray 5 times.. I knew that i cant lie to ALLAH.. and I was really scared of ALLAH'S Punishment... Right when I was scared, my name was called... as soon as I was gonna walk to somewhere... I realised that ALL the ones... my family my dad , my mom, THE UMMAH OF ISLAM... THEY WERE NOT there with me I ran and questioned are they in JANNAH?! With happiness.. and I got my answer... it was a YES! I started crying and saying Thank YOU(ALLAH) for making them the people of the JANNAH.. I THANKED HIM EVEN THOUGH IM STILL GOING TO HELL.. Until i woke up realising I still have time to PRAY AND MAKE MY DUA FOR ALL THE UMAH...
zombie 9031
'zombie 9031' 4 months ago
i already know my dreams always come true
'Rukia' 4 months ago
My mother died when i was 2 years old. Ive always asked allah in my prayers if i could see my mum in my dream and then one night i had a dream about my mum she looked just like my sister and she was crying and apologising to me that i struggled without her. She said dont worry about me and in a better place and if you ever want to see me in your dream again prostrate to allah and ask him in your prayers and you will see me.
'Abububblegum' 4 months ago
SubhanAllah amazing MashaAllah TabarakAllah JazakAllah khairan brother 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
#AJ 15
'#AJ 15' 4 months ago
I have seen Holy Kabba in my dream Hope to go there one day in real life
Aashif Fahim
'Aashif Fahim' 4 months ago
This helped me alot
Amaan Hajini
'Amaan Hajini' 4 months ago
Same as the 1st dream in which I couldn't speak
Amaan Hajini
'Amaan Hajini' 4 months ago
One night I had a nightmare.I felt very scared .I felt that it was a dream but It seemed like someone is pressing my head .It was very painful .Can u tell why???And what r it's preventions ??
'AYAANZ' 4 months ago
Nice one ayaan
fructose man
'fructose man' 4 months ago
I had more dreams from the shaytan than from Allah :'(
Bhawna Gupta
'Bhawna Gupta' 4 months ago
Beautifully explained..I was really worried last night,now I found the right way through this video ..thanks Allah! Alhamdullilah! Bismillah ..thanks thanks a lot
Deri Ahmad
'Deri Ahmad' 4 months ago
I dream about.. i went to syurga after my family died in t sunami.. i was really happy.. when i woke up.. i smile on my own..two time i dream like that
Luna S
'Luna S' 4 months ago
I get nightmares almost every night.. sometimes they don't even scare me but they're of something bad happening to me :(
'MEMEKING2000' 4 months ago
I know a thing to protect me without waking up the only thing u must do is saying a surah
Çhamp Agent
'Çhamp Agent' 4 months ago
Nightmare shaytan is always coming to my dream why he us spoiling but don't think I'm not Muslim I'm muslim
Nadine Hassan
'Nadine Hassan' 4 months ago
SUBHANALLAH! ALLAHU AKBAR! As-salamu aleykum Wa Rahma Tulahi Wa Barakatu .... I sometimes dream about snakes biting my arm but don’t feel any pain and not scared at all when in reality I’d faint if I would see one even the smallest Wal ‘iyadu Bilah. My latest dream about a snake was a gigantic light green yellow-ish snake laying next to me in my bed I jumped and woke up running out of my room. I have no idea what these dreams mean, but I’m going through some difficult times at the moment and trying to get closer to Allah. Whoever is reading my comment please remember me in ur dua as I do remember all Muslims in my duas. Itaqilah & Wa iyakum.
TheFourDiamonds GodGO
I am 10 years. And i saw a angel protecting me from three satans
'Makaveli' 4 months ago
i saw in my dream ibrahim (AS) he is a very handsome man and he said the shahada and then he died.
Habibi Omda
'Habibi Omda' 4 months ago
Assalamualaikum i've a question that a girl is married and she went for her first night with her husband but he couldn't find blood on her and he asked her that she has lost her virgin beforr married and he want to divorce her but she said Wallahi she even dont know anything about it and she swear holding Quran but her husband really want know and he said all man know during first night that wife is virgin or not ? so my question its that true only virgin girl will have blood ? it could be an accident maybe any others reason ?
Khairia Ali
'Khairia Ali' 4 months ago
I have like 4 dreams per night in one sleep
Nadia Fandi
'Nadia Fandi' 4 months ago
I had dream after mygrand died, she and i become a ghost. I thought there were SAKA or any ghost thing. But, lately she comes on my dream and give advice on what i doing. And i understood what she trying to say. And she always on white cloths
'unknown' 4 months ago
I had a dream that plants were growing from the top of my head and I had a bold patch. What does this mean?
'Sleepymess' 4 months ago
So what if someone you know dies in a dream, but you’ve never thought of their death before, would it be the 2nd or 3rd type of dream?
'quotes4u' 4 months ago
I had a dream that this girl was next to my balcony and there was this creepy guy dressed in black across the road and he was telling her to jump off the balcony and 2 seconds later we switched places. she ran inside and came back dressed in black and started to hold onto the railing and put her body on the other side of the balcony and when she let go and started to fall, I woke up and my whole body was killing me. it felt like I was the one who jumped.
'quotes4u' 4 months ago
I had a dream twice that I was adopted.
Misbah Naz
'Misbah Naz' 4 months ago
MashaAllah I got my problem solved about the night mare which you discus
Shahed Mohmmed
'Shahed Mohmmed' 4 months ago
Mashallah 😊😊
Cats12kitty cat
'Cats12kitty cat' 4 months ago
I dreamt my dad was bringing pizza the day I had it And I walked downstairs thinking huh that's a weird dream I dunno if I even want pizza Later my dad came back with pizza I'm not kidding it was such a random day Because when I woke up its one of those days where you feel like you just need to blink an your dazed And if someone's talking to you your like "wha?"
'Oromoqueen' 4 months ago
So the only time I had dream number 1 that I can remember was about last year February when I was in the 12th grade. I was currently in a Islamic school that I had transferred to from my old public high school. So one of my close friends contacted me on February 7th and had told me a boy from my school had passed. I was in complete shock , like I have never felt this way before. I was in denial and disbelief. The boy was my age ,17 at the time and even though him and I were not friends nor did we ever speak, I just had so much pity towards him and it made me cry a little. I had known this boy from the 6th grade until the 12th and I had seen him every day in the halls. He was amongst the popular people and everybody liked him. He was a very confident and social person and he was always in a good mood.Although I didn't get a chance to know him personally I believe he was a good person and he had good intentions from the stories I heard about him. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to his janazah which really upset me. So a day or two after his janazah I had dreamt that I was standing in front of him with a bunch of other young people my age that he knew and we were all saying our goodbyes. The setting of the place was very white and bright from what I can remember. His face was shining and I could tell he was happy and at peace. So my turn came and I went up to him and gave him a hug. And he said "I'll miss you every though I didn't really know you " something along those lines and that's all that happened in the dream. When I woke up I was very happy and emotional that I got to see him one last time and say goodbye and it brought ease to my heart.
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