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What Are These Bizarre Circles on the Russian Ice? -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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In 2010, a satellite above Russia spots 108 perfectly formed, varying sized circles on ice. What On Earth are they?

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'ComradeSam1994' 2 months ago
'explosivefreak666' 2 months ago
...?.. Am I the only one who don't believe that.??
Cry Whit
'Cry Whit' 7 months ago
Why not title it Artist makes huge circles in sub zero Russian landscape. I'd click on that title.
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 7 months ago
why did ha made 108 circles??
Gatlin Robbins
'Gatlin Robbins' 7 months ago
We need to quit Stalin on finding who's Putin these circles here.
Scott Wallace
'Scott Wallace' 8 months ago
Wow. That's dedication, and a rather beautiful result. Kudos to all involved.
Jim McDade
'Jim McDade' 8 months ago
No excuse for the Sci Channel baiting gullible viewers with garbage like this.
'DailyDoseOfTHC' 8 months ago
That guy is lying, u cant carve ice in perfect circles. Only possible with lasers. I would like to see a video of him doing it, doubt he can prove himself.
Carrie Wright
'Carrie Wright' 8 months ago
so does he get into the world records book?
Omkar M.K
'Omkar M.K' 8 months ago
Ahhh the things that vodka makes you do...
Dominic Mejorada
'Dominic Mejorada' 8 months ago
This guy's dedication... 👏👏👏
daniel arana
'daniel arana' 8 months ago
mad kobra
'mad kobra' 8 months ago
western people poking their nose into business other countries. classic. reminds me of rape. where is privacy?
'Cryptonat' 8 months ago
#StopClickBait - Team of artists did this.
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 8 months ago
In Russia people make crop or ice circles and aliens watch it.
The Trust
'The Trust' 8 months ago
History channel awnser: Aliens
'DhIrAjJ K' 8 months ago
reason Russian hacker did this
Alek Neuman
'Alek Neuman' 8 months ago
Hello from Russia.. and i have to say I DID THIS!
Holden Strickland
'Holden Strickland' 8 months ago
So why not say at the beginning that an artist did this?
'TheAlienBros' 8 months ago
'AsianLovePotato' 8 months ago
When you're alone at sandbox on recess sessions.
DemonZBlooD GD
'DemonZBlooD GD' 8 months ago
this channel is dead asf
Clayton Tickle
'Clayton Tickle' 8 months ago
somebody is putin some snow circles there, we just dont know who could be putin them there
chemelia Rich
'chemelia Rich' 8 months ago
Now this is dedication to his art and work. 😮👌
England is my Titty
'England is my Titty' 8 months ago
Putin did it
Brandon Fuentes
'Brandon Fuentes' 8 months ago
108 is a very significant number
Phoenix Ria
'Phoenix Ria' 8 months ago
Russians hacked the ice
'Remmoze' 8 months ago
Russians did that
'Hero57' 8 months ago
How on earth can that guy be so good in drawing circles?
Waze Man
'Waze Man' 8 months ago
Fair Andrew
'Fair Andrew' 8 months ago
Itz Anthony
'Itz Anthony' 8 months ago
Subscribe to me!!?
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