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What Are These Bizarre Circles on the Russian Ice? -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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In 2010, a satellite above Russia spots 108 perfectly formed, varying sized circles on ice. What On Earth are they?

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sanji iskander
'sanji iskander' 3 months ago
russian have military satellite for making crop circle too !
Alexandre Lee
'Alexandre Lee' 4 months ago
I missed this episode so I watched it here
'ComradeSam1994' 6 months ago
'explosivefreak666' 6 months ago
...?.. Am I the only one who don't believe that.??
Cry Whit
'Cry Whit' 10 months ago
Why not title it Artist makes huge circles in sub zero Russian landscape. I'd click on that title.
Sam Ba
'Sam Ba' 11 months ago
why did ha made 108 circles??
Gatlin Robbins
'Gatlin Robbins' 11 months ago
We need to quit Stalin on finding who's Putin these circles here.
Scott Wallace
'Scott Wallace' 11 months ago
Wow. That's dedication, and a rather beautiful result. Kudos to all involved.
Jim McDade
'Jim McDade' 11 months ago
No excuse for the Sci Channel baiting gullible viewers with garbage like this.
'DailyDoseOfTHC' 11 months ago
That guy is lying, u cant carve ice in perfect circles. Only possible with lasers. I would like to see a video of him doing it, doubt he can prove himself.
Carrie Wright
'Carrie Wright' 11 months ago
so does he get into the world records book?
Omkar M.K
'Omkar M.K' 11 months ago
Ahhh the things that vodka makes you do...
Dominic Mejorada
'Dominic Mejorada' 11 months ago
This guy's dedication... 👏👏👏
daniel arana
'daniel arana' 11 months ago
mad kobra
'mad kobra' 11 months ago
western people poking their nose into business other countries. classic. reminds me of rape. where is privacy?
'Cryptonat' 11 months ago
#StopClickBait - Team of artists did this.
Nilesh Darunde
'Nilesh Darunde' 11 months ago
In Russia people make crop or ice circles and aliens watch it.
The Trust
'The Trust' 11 months ago
History channel awnser: Aliens
'DhIrAjJ K' 11 months ago
reason Russian hacker did this
Alek Neuman
'Alek Neuman' 11 months ago
Hello from Russia.. and i have to say I DID THIS!
Holden Strickland
'Holden Strickland' 11 months ago
So why not say at the beginning that an artist did this?
'TheAlienBros' 11 months ago
'AsianLovePotato' 11 months ago
When you're alone at sandbox on recess sessions.
DemonZBlooD GD
'DemonZBlooD GD' 11 months ago
this channel is dead asf
Clayton Tickle
'Clayton Tickle' 11 months ago
somebody is putin some snow circles there, we just dont know who could be putin them there
chemelia Rich
'chemelia Rich' 11 months ago
Now this is dedication to his art and work. 😮👌
Rabbi shekelberg stein cohen shapiro
Putin did it
Brandon Fuentes
'Brandon Fuentes' 11 months ago
108 is a very significant number
Phoenix Ria
'Phoenix Ria' 11 months ago
Russians hacked the ice
'Remmoze' 11 months ago
Russians did that
'Hero57' 11 months ago
How on earth can that guy be so good in drawing circles?
Waze Man
'Waze Man' 11 months ago
Andrew Fair
'Andrew Fair' 11 months ago
Itz Anthony
'Itz Anthony' 11 months ago
Subscribe to me!!?
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