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Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix -
Published: 1 year ago By: Netflix

By: NetflixPublished: 1 year ago

2, 621, 617 views

10, 504 Likes   807 Dislikes

Jason Momoa stars as Declan Harp, a part-Irish, part-native American outlaw campaigning to breach the fur trade. Frontier arrives on Netflix, January 20th.


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Frontier | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

rico ingles
'rico ingles' 1 day ago
Started watching this lame series and I must say the historical accuracy is shockingly amiss where the British Military is concerned At one point a Royal Navy frigate docks in the outpost and discharges soldiers. No mention of the captain or crew. The ships captain would disembark or at least have contact with the outpost for supplies and orders.. The soldiers disembark all by their lonely selves, and their captain has no written orders to hand over to the governor Lord Benton. There is mutiny between one British garrison against the other, Not in an army that controlled the world at that point, no sir Just a particularly weak and lazy plot with no reference to historical accuracy.
Elony RBLX
'Elony RBLX' 3 weeks ago
0:18 holy fuck was that a redcoat ?
william carrozzo
'william carrozzo' 4 weeks ago
Joseph Seed
'NightSeaBreeze' 4 weeks ago
I love this actor he is super hot but they made him weak in this show. I left it because it didn't have any strong male roles and I'm tired of watching shows where all the men are weak while all the women are strong. I'm not attracted to weak men.
Norris Bennett
'Norris Bennett' 4 weeks ago
very dope video..... subscribe to my channel
Sonny Rich
'Sonny Rich' 1 month ago
You want knives like that see Joe Cuccaro FB.
Luana Vilhena
'Luana Vilhena' 2 months ago
Amando essa série ❤
Bobbie Thomas
'Bobbie Thomas' 2 months ago
I am absolutely hooked on this show, can't wait for season 3! So many are so addicted to reality shows and high quality fascination that they cannot appreciate a good show because they are too worried about the budget. So what if it was low budget? Alot of shows start off that way, until they see it's catching then they can afford to put more money into it. It's a great show, and I for one couldn't stop watching it and now i'm dying to see season 3.
'Ziegour' 2 months ago
never mess with a dothraki.
'Mariachi153' 2 months ago
what shitty trailer
Arctic Fan
'Arctic Fan' 2 months ago
tell him i'm here
The knight of bad assness
More anti British psudo-history made for Americans.
'Hilltycoon' 3 months ago
So the Aquaman guy is in the serie and Josh from Terra Nova
Harambe Black Life Matters Big dick player
Jason rocks and the show sucks..
Chris Herrera
'Chris Herrera' 4 months ago
Only watching this because of Lord Benton and his evil ass accent.
Sky Rim
'Sky Rim' 4 months ago
A show whose thematic intro is more interesting then the show itself.
'LadyLadyChickChick' 4 months ago
Looks like a great show- where the hell have I been? Nobody ever tells me anything.
ka ms
'ka ms' 4 months ago
Let's get this straight right now. There is impeccable talent in this program
ka ms
'ka ms' 4 months ago
BTW, RIP Hollywood, you fucked up.
ka ms
'ka ms' 4 months ago
People will try to nit pick about accuracy. In my opinion I really don't get political when I watch this program. But I freeking love it !
Mang0_ 15
'Mang0_ 15' 4 months ago
What age is the series ? Anyone thanks 👍👍
adeosun adeniyi
'adeosun adeniyi' 4 months ago
Why mention his name so many times, almost like they're trying to remind us he's not Khal Drogo
abilyn 1105
'abilyn 1105' 4 months ago
Those peopled teeth ugg
'AVLRECORDS' 4 months ago
to be honest its a bit boring
'warrior100girl' 5 months ago
wow i´, late. i need to check it out.
Helgard Werner
'Helgard Werner' 5 months ago
This kinda looks like Taboo with Tom Hardy but not as good.
'TTORREZ1' 5 months ago
RONIN !! : )
'shorts' 5 months ago
Well this looks Canadian as fuck (not good)
'shorts' 5 months ago
Declan from Degrassi looking for a guy named Declan
'Shortythepresident' 5 months ago
What kind of bullshit is this? White people always seem to have problems documenting history correctly. Selective memory is in their genes.
'FaithTheSlayer' 5 months ago
I'm here for Landon Liboiron
Thierry Henry the legend
is there any show or movie that jason momoa doesnt have an axe and is totally savage??
'TheAngelArrow' 6 months ago
thought it was gonna be aqua man, same actor... oh well :(
Angelina Plumb
'Angelina Plumb' 6 months ago
Watched 1st episode and it was good ish. The 2nd didn't even finish watching it because they started swearing, F this F that... really. They did not talk like that in the 1700's. Sorry but ruined it for me. So much for a historical drama... you might want to find a historian for this time to help you out !  Some of us actually like history, and have some knowledge of history. If I wanted to watch a show that had F this and F that in it I would be watching Def Jam.  Good luck to you in the future , hope your next show is better.
'1234adebayor' 6 months ago
A show about killing englishmen? I'm in
Shorodip Chowdhury
'Shorodip Chowdhury' 6 months ago
I like how it's in Canada 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
'ShadowPa1adin' 6 months ago
Frontier taught me that apparently the fur-trade happened because the Hudson's Bay Company took the characters and tropes from a Pirate-story and put them in the Canadian wilderness.
Frédéric Lehouillier
Of course it's all British people except for a single French Canadian who is made to look like a fool. The HBC fur trade was overwhelmingly reliant on French Canadians and Métis. Not on Irish men, wtf is this? Anglo-Saxons re-writing history in their favour once again.
155UR 5H4NK0V17CH
'155UR 5H4NK0V17CH' 7 months ago
Not available on Netflix Canada fuckin figures, eh
tarcísio lima
'tarcísio lima' 8 months ago
Qué série zooona
Karla Jarquin
'Karla Jarquin' 8 months ago
I love u Jason Momoa😍
cesar garcia
'cesar garcia' 9 months ago
I tought it was Jason Momoa camping trip.
'Romeo' 9 months ago
Que clase de assassins es este ?
Michael Java
'Michael Java' 9 months ago
momoa would look better as vandal savage
'RAP1D EQUAL1ZER' 9 months ago
Best TV shows in no particular order: Frontier, Bates Motel, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Game of Thrones, Outsiders, The Blacklist, The Walking Dead, Westworld, Vikings, Banshee, Breaking Bad, Hannibal, Hell on Wheels, Justified, Las Vegas, NCIS, Nikita, Prsion Break, Rescue Me, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, The Following, Two & A Half Men, The Ranch, & The 100
PashtoonKhan ISI
'PashtoonKhan ISI' 9 months ago
Yes or No MY NF junkies ??
Buttery Hippo Asmr
'Buttery Hippo Asmr' 9 months ago
This was filmed right by my house
Bao Nhi Tran
'Bao Nhi Tran' 9 months ago
Heу guуyyуs waаааtссh Frоооntiеr оnlineee heeеrе =>
lets blame whitey
'lets blame whitey' 9 months ago
Drogo hasent changed much
Ngọc Quỳnh
'Ngọc Quỳnh' 9 months ago
Here is rеallу full and gоod qualityyy Frontier =>
Ritesh Pattanayak
'Ritesh Pattanayak' 9 months ago
they cancelled a show like marco polo and made this shit. RIP Netflix
Brian Allen
'Brian Allen' 10 months ago
This is thеeee niceeist mоvie i ever see!!! I аdvise ееvеeеerууbody to wаtcch it :)
Media 7077
'Media 7077' 10 months ago
Frontier full moviе hееrе =>
soy bien Guapo
'soy bien Guapo' 10 months ago
Hеу guуs wаaatсh Frоntier onlinе herе =>
Warren Ison
'Warren Ison' 10 months ago
Wаtсcch Frontier oооnlinеeeе heеееreеe =>
Brave Turk
'Brave Turk' 11 months ago
This man is created for movies
Federico Eiriz
'Federico Eiriz' 11 months ago
I'm already sick of the murky whispering dialogues, it's ruining every new series. It's hacky and way too overused.
Ben Stapelfeld
'Ben Stapelfeld' 12 months ago
Will there be a season 2?
Nora G
'Nora G' 1 year ago
Season 2 please!!!
Jason Voorhes
'Jason Voorhes' 1 year ago
My gf really loves this film. We foooound full movie heeere =>
'tomurg' 1 year ago
Declan Harp = North American Robin Hood Lord Benton = Sheriff of Nottingham Captain Chesterfield = Guy of Gisborne Grace = Marian
Tatiana B.
'Tatiana B.' 1 year ago
Can't wait for season 2! Supposed to air around January of 2018.
Георги Попов
Waatch Frooontieer oonline in hd qualityyy hereee =>
Ahmar Saeed
'Ahmar Saeed' 1 year ago
End of series. Bruce Wayne shows up. "I hear you can talk to fish".
Ahmar Saeed
'Ahmar Saeed' 1 year ago
'Civilised' Khal Drogo.
'lunerlilly' 1 year ago
for those who wonder why he plays characters like this 1 he's Samoan so of course he loves parts like this. And 2 he said he actually enjoys playing villein like characters. Which is interesting cause he's like the nicest guy ever lol.
'Kruppt808' 1 year ago
Finally got off that mountain in Red Road and is now in another mountain killing people. ....... Jason Momoa from da Hawaiian Islands!
'Teech' 1 year ago
Marco polo was cancelled and they bring me this shit?
Gen Speaking
'Gen Speaking' 1 year ago
Awesome fucking show.
'Gaming' 1 year ago
Assassin s creed 3 the movie
'Hodegetisch' 1 year ago
oh Ronon Dex on earth and in the past, nice
Romain Sandt
'Romain Sandt' 1 year ago
seems violent, yet the violence is this trailer is crap... when editing is bad, kinda kills the mood.
Calvin Osborne
'Calvin Osborne' 1 year ago
Harp is such a badass
Cody Nelson
'Cody Nelson' 1 year ago
is this ever gonna be on Netflix Camada?
Haning Nugrahadi
'Haning Nugrahadi' 1 year ago
Poor man's taboo
Dan Reese
'Dan Reese' 1 year ago
I haven't had the time yet to watch this . Anyone watch it yet ? I'm not a big fan of Momoa but the show looks okay .
Lucas Sebastián
'Lucas Sebastián' 1 year ago
Khal Drogo, Aquaman, Conan.. The hawaiian Johnny Depp
'Kokainuser' 1 year ago
Only cucks have long hair!
Mike t
'Mike t' 1 year ago
Big UPS to Netflix for bringing quality TV shows back to the table.
Sam Farnsworth
'Sam Farnsworth' 1 year ago
Looks like bullshit.
Aja Wilson
'Aja Wilson' 1 year ago
Is this any good?
'my2cents2u' 1 year ago
Jaaasssooonnn! So happy! Can't wait to see this. I love how lately he's always being type-cast in these intense, savage roles, yet in real life he's like a cross between a cute puppy and a little boy - and so devoted to Lisa. So endearing. <3
sangram chavan
'sangram chavan' 1 year ago
khal drogo wasn't dead he just went to another timezone
Guardian_Man 22
'Guardian_Man 22' 1 year ago
I loved this show! can't wait for season two!
'tomurg' 1 year ago
KHAL DROGO/CONAN THE BARBARIAN IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lori Kircher
'Lori Kircher' 1 year ago
Tell shows really good, even though I am on episode 2 and there are only 6 episodes to season 1
Jason Collins
'Jason Collins' 1 year ago
Just finished season 1 yay time too wait an entire year for the next season gotta love tv shows ;O
'cedricmorris23' 1 year ago
Season 2 season 2!!!!!!! haha come on already.
Jack Willm
'Jack Willm' 1 year ago
Looks like a knockoff taboo
'rubendaviso' 1 year ago
Looks like a soap opera
Justin Fencsak
'Justin Fencsak' 1 year ago
when is it hitting bluray
Evie Cashley
'Evie Cashley' 1 year ago
Great programme
Salvatore DeCicco
'Salvatore DeCicco' 1 year ago
a show about Canada. that's not on Canadian Netflix. :p rude.
Adam Drumonde
'Adam Drumonde' 1 year ago
I love that this is available internationally except Canada, despite being a Canadian production. Thanks CRTC!
I don't know...
'TheShinbotatron' 1 year ago
Il always know him as Ronin Dex
Rebecca Lee
'Rebecca Lee' 1 year ago
Waiting for Season Two!!!
Jatin Patel
'Jatin Patel' 1 year ago
Eva Gomez
'Eva Gomez' 1 year ago
Khal Drogo what the fuck are you doing here? Come back with the mother of dragons now.
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