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Everything Wrong With Cars 3 In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

3, 092, 346 views

53, 235 Likes   2, 650 Dislikes

While loads better than Cars 2, Cars 3 is still not a good movie, and whatever is good about it was already covered in the first movie anyway. Here be its sins.

Thursday: More 2017 animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Porkeh Plays
'Porkeh Plays' 9 hours ago
Wait? A cars movie about cars?
Wolf Lord Bradley
'Wolf Lord Bradley' 17 hours ago
Feminism, there 1 second.
ajtyav aj
'ajtyav aj' 21 hours ago
...I enjoyed this movie...
Jokubas playz
'Jokubas playz' 1 day ago
pasghetti man
'pasghetti man' 1 day ago
6:23 mariokart 8 reference?
Mr. Moffitt
'Mr. Moffitt' 1 day ago
I kinda liked this movie despite all the cliques
Special Agent Washing Tub
I could use more of Lightning and Cruz as Mulder and Scully.
Malik Shepherd
'Malik Shepherd' 2 days ago
Incrediables 2 Coming Out June 15, 2018
Chris 3687
'Chris 3687' 2 days ago
Pixar Summary 1. Toy Story: 9/10 2. Toy Story 2: 10/10 3. Monsters Inc: 10/10 4. Finding Nemo: 10/10 5: The Incredibles: 8.5/10 6: Cars: 6.5/10 7: Wall-e: 10/10 8: Up: 9.5/10 9: Toy Story 3: 10/10 10: Cars 2: 3/10 Pixar's first failure 11: Brave: 5/10 Meh. 12: Monsters University: 8/10 13: Finding Dory: 8.5/10 14: Cars 3: 7.5/10 Underrated! Some I haven't got to see. Bugs Life doesn't interest me. Haven't got Inside Out and The Good Dinosuar on DVD yet. Coco isn't on disc yet i haven't fully watch Ratatoutille but, I actually love to view it!
Meme Man
'Meme Man' 2 days ago
Purple is the best brand ever
Commie Duck
'Commie Duck' 2 days ago
wait theres a cars 3
I actually really liked this movie. -3- probably only because Cars is my childhood.
Chase Ryans
'Chase Ryans' 3 days ago
Oh my god! 4:06 the silver science-car is Cayde-6!
'Ori' 3 days ago
There were 2 voice actors that were in halo in this movie or at least people who sounded exactly like them. Who else noticed this?
'omgitslucas' 3 days ago
Cars 4- can't catch the hedgehog faker!
Mattaku Bodimasen
'Mattaku Bodimasen' 4 days ago
Would have been fun if it was 95 sins
AOR SmokingPuppy841
Knocksville is probably host to Knoxville Speedway
AOR SmokingPuppy841
1:45 The one above Florida is called Virginia,and it is shaped just like Martinsville Speedway,Virginia
Lps Vlogs
'Lps Vlogs' 4 days ago
Please do A Wrinkle in Time
'Fishum' 4 days ago
9:18 lightning mcqueen went to the prometheus school of avoiding perfectly still objects.
Johnandrei Charvet
Jennifer Wheat
'Jennifer Wheat' 5 days ago
I like the second movie better. It was funnier.
'nuttersbutters' 6 days ago
Victor Bond
'Victor Bond' 6 days ago
Cars 3 like the first one but more filler
Tyler Rouse
'Tyler Rouse' 7 days ago
It's like disney took a look at current NASCAR, then through everything, accept retirement, out the window Also is McQueen suppose to be like Jimmie Johnson?
'bochidochi' 7 days ago
What does it mean if a car in this universe get modified like are they replacing vital organs
Silver Dash
'Silver Dash' 7 days ago
7:06 exactly what i did when i saw the ending
Xavior Pautin
'Xavior Pautin' 7 days ago
This was one of your funniest
Nick DeLuca
'Nick DeLuca' 7 days ago
Sin on you at 8:19 for not remembering that one time he actually did fly in a race, within the first 10 minutes of the movie, Cars 1.
Andres Borges
'Andres Borges' 1 week ago
Omg, chill, this movie is for KIDS, not for you. Damn. Get laid already
'HeadpopGaming' 1 week ago
not enough sins.
'TheAwesoMario' 1 week ago
Who’s anxiously waiting for Cars 4: The revenge of Cal
Jose F Pirela
'Jose F Pirela' 1 week ago
No but seriously. Cars 2 was crappy. Cars 3 is jus a piece of shit. Up and Wall-E were that last good movies Pixar made.
FuzzyWuzzy Wuzzyness
Cant mqueef just fucking upgrade his engine like a turbo or supercharger or a better spoiler or some shit for less drag
Xtron nortX
'Xtron nortX' 1 week ago
cal the serial killer sounds like a better movie than this one
thomas the dank engine
When was the last time lighting McQueen have a upgrade Matter fact is such thing about having upgrades🤔
The Myth Gamer
'The Myth Gamer' 1 week ago
SuperPlush Kolin
'SuperPlush Kolin' 1 week ago
Cars 3: GET OFF MY LAWN!!!
'Nift_Nift' 1 week ago
12:08 😂
'RachelGames' 1 week ago
DONT SWEAR THIS IS A FAMILY NIGHT *Cinema sins says mostly every swear Me: all that's missing is the tomatos to throw...
Crakka Da Jakka
'Crakka Da Jakka' 1 week ago
Maybe Robin Williams corpse is in the RV
Live Louder
'Live Louder' 2 weeks ago
The child in me enjoyed this movie a lot but I kinda wanted to see Lightening run his last race. But I did enjoy seeing him take on the same paint as Doc💓
Jakub Furtak
'Jakub Furtak' 2 weeks ago
Atleast it's better than Cars2.
Jr Varela
'Jr Varela' 2 weeks ago
McQueen is Dodge Viper 2015 Cruz ...Ferrari F12 BerLinetta Storm....Koenigsegg One-1
Matrixie Kitty
'Matrixie Kitty' 2 weeks ago
Only 97 is not bad at all!
Pupl Bean
'Pupl Bean' 2 weeks ago
Forget Mr. Clean we now have Mc. Clean.
Hayden Northcutt
'Hayden Northcutt' 2 weeks ago
Sitting in this world is like dropping the suspension to the catalytic converter
Dampersquid 22
'Dampersquid 22' 2 weeks ago
Still better than cars 2 at least I thought that movie was awful even as a kid
'ClueingForLooks' 2 weeks ago
He did fly through the air at one point. First race actually when he jumped and stuck his tongue out. +1 cinema sin for cinema sins
'Crimson1000' 2 weeks ago
I looked up”things about Acceleracers” and I find this in the section lol
Gavin TheGamer52
'Gavin TheGamer52' 2 weeks ago
sally vs Cruz Cruz wins rip sally Lm gF’
Camaro ZL1
'Camaro ZL1' 2 weeks ago
6:10 How did the gunshots get there?
'PricyRex32248' 2 weeks ago
Also, why would these new hyper cars interfere with regular race cars? And, Cruz is not a real race car, she's a common car.
daylan yokota
'daylan yokota' 2 weeks ago
Lighting flew through the air in the first movie in the opening race.
Tyler Clark
'Tyler Clark' 2 weeks ago
8:04-8:15 LOL
'SAVAGE TUNER' 2 weeks ago
All the so-called next-gen cars use things we had on cars over 60 years ago....... not to mention the fake car lingo. Thanks, Disney.
'maskwali' 2 weeks ago
cars 3 is a good movie and U say it's not
Jeremiah Bridges
'Jeremiah Bridges' 2 weeks ago
You watch ya got damn mouth, Tom Brady is perfect
Justus Fleming
'Justus Fleming' 2 weeks ago
This is a movie for people who have grown up with the cars franchise not just a kids movie
'FacelessGamer489' 2 weeks ago
+500 sins for Lewis Hamilton
TNT Dude
'TNT Dude' 2 weeks ago
If you gonna say machine have organs we have a GOD damn problem
Neisa Bougouneau
'Neisa Bougouneau' 2 weeks ago
U cuss. Lol.
'bringoutthelegos' 2 weeks ago
Sin 58: McQueen literally flew through the air in the first movie, when chick hicks was being a dickbag and deciding to cause a accident.
Randomocity 327
'Randomocity 327' 2 weeks ago
yeah, but cars 3 was way better then cars 2
Codyvlogs parodys
'Codyvlogs parodys' 2 weeks ago
6:57 has me weak😂😂
Blond Gabriel
'Blond Gabriel' 2 weeks ago
Mater is the key to all this.
Gadiel Gonzalez
'Gadiel Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
What the hell offended you at 6:58. I'm not being sarcastic I genuinely want to know Also I almost died at 7:07
Nate Saunders
'Nate Saunders' 2 weeks ago
The water truck had water in it to make mud. You see him doing that at the beginning of the race.
Oregon Railfan
'Oregon Railfan' 2 weeks ago
The water truck wasn't a demolition derby racer he was there to spray the track
'1ORANGEGG S' 2 weeks ago
Franchesco Badistelle was faster than him and by quite a bit but storm is barely faster so why cant he beat storm
'1ORANGEGG S' 2 weeks ago
Mator's computer is probably the most expensive thing in his "house"
'1ORANGEGG S' 2 weeks ago
and how does driving make you go faster as a car this should don absolutely nothing
'1ORANGEGG S' 2 weeks ago
in the world of cars is this basically like track and field and is the derby like an FFA battle royale
'1ORANGEGG S' 2 weeks ago
instead of making cars 3 they should have made Planes 2, Boats, or even trains
Icy - SnowKitten
'Icy - SnowKitten' 2 weeks ago
This movie was great, it was just awkward though when the lemonade car (forgot her name, so I'll call her Lemonade) started dancing and then Lightning did the same. And I wonder what would have happen if he fell in love with Lemonade after all they've gone through.
Parky02 Gaming
'Parky02 Gaming' 2 weeks ago
"The RV doesn't have Robin Williams in it"!!!!!! XD
ali afan
'ali afan' 2 weeks ago
I thought mcqueen got an upgrade, logic in this movie is f*ck up
'CheetahCross' 2 weeks ago
I love how CinemaSins desperately attempts to say what McQueen needs to be faster... although he gets a drive everywhere I think all he needs is a service... after however many years of his existence he's gotta have 100,000's of miles and I've never seen any oil checks or replacement of parts in these movies
Poke Universe
'Poke Universe' 2 weeks ago
1st sin- logos 2nd sin- narration
Garbage Trash
'Garbage Trash' 2 weeks ago
Fuckin rice ball cars.
'Kansas' 2 weeks ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the animation looks? Pixar always looks stunning, but this is a whole new level.
fight_and_die 157
'fight_and_die 157' 2 weeks ago
Megan S
'Megan S' 2 weeks ago
I honestly expected you to say "it exists" and end the video.
braydon weeks
'braydon weeks' 2 weeks ago
In actual nascar (I'm not sure about Indy car racing or F1) you can replace the driver but you can't replace the car during a race. That's what Denny Hamlin did during a 2011 Bristol race I believe he was feeling sick during the race so during a yellow he got out of his car and rookie driver (now full time cup driver) Eric Jones raced the end of the race for him
Greyson Nealy
'Greyson Nealy' 2 weeks ago
Hey tom Brady isnt a dick, he's a great guy who's built a ln empire around him
Alter Nightmare
'Alter Nightmare' 2 weeks ago
Cars: "I am speed" Cars 2: "This movie isn't about me" Cars 3: "I'm going to die soon"
Andrew Stickler
'Andrew Stickler' 2 weeks ago
You missed that cal and bobby are characters making fun of talldega nights
'Monsterlord59' 2 weeks ago
Couldn't Lightning just transfer to another car, like that guy from Cars 2?
Eileen Victoria Budiyono
This also gives me the question... how are cars born? or made?????? who was the first talking car? adam cars and eve cars
Conor Mehaffey
'Conor Mehaffey' 2 weeks ago
What about the part when they add parts and upgrade Cruz to win the race when they could have done the exact same thing with lightning
'IBadGrammar' 2 weeks ago
cars - good cars 2 - james bond bullshit cars 3 - fix cars 2 and yes i enjoy this one that cars 2
'Xenon' 2 weeks ago
I'm fucking laugh my ass off!!!!!!
Simone Frears
'Simone Frears' 2 weeks ago
Sin 58 thats a call back to the first movie when in the opening of the movie the massive crash happened and lightning made it through and bounced of a cars wheels and starting flying through the air
Simone Frears
'Simone Frears' 2 weeks ago
Also are you saying you dont like mater
Simone Frears
'Simone Frears' 2 weeks ago
Im calling bullshit on the first sin its not that they had anything original to say its that its just a good line and scene so they were goin to use it again i love your content but its just bullshit
Shafar Putra Septyanto
For me cars 3 is a great movie but from the first movie I wonder how did they pregnant and giving birth is it out from the exhaust and how did they have sex did they put a exhaust in another exhaust
JP Labs
'JP Labs' 3 weeks ago
The water truck had water in it to make the track muddy. You can see that during the race.
'cilith' 3 weeks ago
Why do they need floor mats?
Gabrielle Codner
'Gabrielle Codner' 3 weeks ago
Was totally waiting to watch this, very disappointed!
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