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Everything Wrong With Cars 3 In 14 Minutes Or Less -
Published: 2 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 2 months ago

2, 753, 203 views

48, 370 Likes   2, 485 Dislikes

While loads better than Cars 2, Cars 3 is still not a good movie, and whatever is good about it was already covered in the first movie anyway. Here be its sins.

Thursday: More 2017 animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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'unggod' 10 hours ago
yeah i do wonder why they cant upgrade him, on cars2 we see that they do have parts that needs to be replaced or swamped. The only reason he chose cruz to run was because she was fast as him on the simulator without being a pilot, so she would have more top speed as she is younger. maybe it is just like that short cartoon where for a chunk of time before growing to adulthood cars can swap their chassis to more modern or different approach (they prob dont born on their job chassis) or just can only get upgrade once in life.
Tai and Kat
'Tai and Kat' 1 day ago
9:37 Everything changed when the fire nation attacked..
Sugar Sammy
'Sugar Sammy' 2 days ago
Fuck I love Rocky
Gooey Gaster
'Gooey Gaster' 2 days ago
i actually kinda liked this movie
Silas Prescott
'Silas Prescott' 3 days ago
sin 55 is wrong the water truck had water in it because it watered the middle of the track for mud Sin 56 Cinima cins is wrong
sensual heretic
'sensual heretic' 4 days ago
the trailer itself was a sin, Storm was in it for 2 seconds, that's who kids came to see
Essa _xox
'Essa _xox' 4 days ago
"Most people actually liked this movie" sin, you guys are too funny
'JesseRoxII' 4 days ago
Something liked about Cars 2 was that it was very different from the original. Cars 3 is a copy/paste sequel (like Home Alone 2). I also love Cars 2’s soundtrack. Cars 3 copied the exact same score from Cars 1. And I do mean exact, I don’t think there are _any_ new compositions!
'Uniquarius' 4 days ago
Behind Mc Queen at 9:00
US Marines
'US Marines' 4 days ago
“No cursing” F*cking goddamn s*it bitch-ass—
'MJC0704' 4 days ago
compare the real racing rules to this movie and look at it and say, WHY
'Gametron13' 5 days ago
9:19 So I guess we could say that Lightning was a graduate from the prometheus school of running INTO things....
sam Cottenham
'sam Cottenham' 5 days ago
8:19 watch the first cars movie
derp cat
'derp cat' 5 days ago
Boy i'm exited for cars 4: The Revenge of Cal!
Oshawott Gamer
'Oshawott Gamer' 6 days ago
Oshawott Gamer
'Oshawott Gamer' 6 days ago
My. Name Is Jackson queen lightning mcqueesn and jackson. Storm hjeck. Yeah.
Rhaegar Targaryen
'Rhaegar Targaryen' 6 days ago
This is why adults don't watch kids movies, cause we using out education prove everything wrong
A hardcore souls player
Cinema sins knows more about the NFL than me. Great.
Stupid Faggot™
'Stupid Faggot™' 6 days ago
Everything wrong with Escape Planet Earth Everything wrong with Groundhog Day Everything wrong with Mr. Peabody and Sherman Everything wrong with Guardians of Ga'Hoole Everything wrong with Spy Kids Everything wrong with Free Birds Everything wrong with Keanu
Lost Cosmos
'Lost Cosmos' 6 days ago
Why is this in the gaming section of youtube? This video received my view under false pretense.
GD John
'GD John' 6 days ago
At 6:58 I DIED
Jordan Sweet
'Jordan Sweet' 7 days ago
The Robin Williams joke made me sad. RIP, Mork.
Asher Vonbrockdorff
Speaking of bambi, can you do everything wrong with Bambi next?
When I show my kids the cars movies I'm just gonna call this cars 2
Tilen Krejacic
'Tilen Krejacic' 7 days ago
dont s*it smo much about a ANIMATED movie for KIDS!
XxXProXxx Lloyd
'XxXProXxx Lloyd' 7 days ago
hey I like Tom Brady so your the dick of like loser
'BRYTER FUTUR3' 1 week ago
6:50 ROFL
the ultimate spid45
0:10 what i sound like when about to bust a nut
Dan Lewsey
'Dan Lewsey' 1 week ago
Literally started watching your videos 3hours ago can't stop watching
Daniel Huffman
'Daniel Huffman' 1 week ago
On this video's upload date in history: The HMHS _Britannic_ hits a mine laid by _U-73._ She sinks 55 minutes later with the loss of 30 people.
Barry Allen
'Barry Allen' 1 week ago
the water truck had water because his job was wetting the track.
Lieutenant Lettuce
I want to see the revenge of Cal now.
'KingHenryVR4' 1 week ago
I never got around to watching this movie
Coco Art
'Coco Art' 1 week ago
Car Nerds.
'CycloneGaming' 1 week ago
Emotional moments that made me cry in this film, and he removes a sin for the animation.
Boris Smit
'Boris Smit' 1 week ago
Music since odds hctcqb testify evolve pit blow stupid less bank study ceremony.
'lowrider993' 1 week ago
It's a bad trilogy, is all I have to say. Cinemasins kinda covers everything this time
'Christian' 1 week ago
I hate that the used electric vehicles. It's boring.
Artymis Gryphon
'Artymis Gryphon' 1 week ago
In the original idea for the first cars movie, the engine of the car was like the brain. Replace the engine and you change who the car is. That's probably why they can't just upgrade Lightning McQueen.
'Fitzy' 1 week ago
What the shit, I didn't even know cars 3 was out...
Decgmw 1
'Decgmw 1' 1 week ago
Jake Broer
'Jake Broer' 2 weeks ago
10:51 If Lightning's supposed to be a stock car, then why does he even need the "no lights" talk and why does he even have them to begin with? The first movie already covered this but Pixar probably said, "Fuck it, we need more merchandising!"
Chaz Wiggly
'Chaz Wiggly' 2 weeks ago
Cal straps bomb to his engine- ALLAH HU ACKCAR!
Derp Scout
'Derp Scout' 2 weeks ago
"we should mate"
Fluffins Blue
'Fluffins Blue' 2 weeks ago
Cars 4: The Revenge: After Cruz's initial win, she has gotten nothing but second place. A string of murders takes place; every time a car wins a race, that car is murdered shortly after. The "corpse" is always found spray-painted blue with a DinoCo sticker on its body. McQueen is investigated along with the rest of DinoCo, and is suspected to be causing the murders to get Cruz another win. Authorities begin to suspect Cruz herself. In the next race, McQueen signs up in Cruz's place and wins because the other cars are scared to come in first, and McQueen is convinced that Cruz wouldn't hurt him. McQueen is hospitalized during the next murder attempt and permanently retired. Cruz becomes the primary suspect and goes on the run from the law, disguising herself so she can continue investigating. In order to try to flush out the killer herself, she enters another race in disguise, but comes in a tie with another car. Before the official tiebreaking race, the killer comes after her and she recognizes it as the car that she tied with. She organizes a private race with him, saying that she'll forfeit the official race if she loses. She wins and gets him to confess in front of a bunch of hidden cameras, then the killer is arrested because she planned the entire thing. The murderer is Cal.
Zachery Abrams
'Zachery Abrams' 2 weeks ago
You should’ve sinned the fact that Chick Hicks had a huge step down from Micheal Keaton to Bob Peterson
'SovietOnion' 2 weeks ago
1:48 I would say it’s the "Thomas The Tank Engine" method of construction where they’re built with the face and everything, but aren’t alive until the construction is complete.
Dragon Lover
'Dragon Lover's Inc' 2 weeks ago
When the X-files spoof came up I was drawing Mulder. Well then, call me Fox Spooky Mulder.
Darkflame The Wolf
'Darkflame The Wolf' 2 weeks ago
The amount of cars 4 jokes in this should be a sin
Jacob Current
'Jacob Current' 2 weeks ago
Drinking game for the Cars Trilogy: Take a shot every time someone says 'Kachow'
'DJWolfBeats' 2 weeks ago
Actually, I'd love it if they made Cars 4: The Revenge Of Cal
'DJWolfBeats' 2 weeks ago
Everything wrong with the captain underpants movie!
Duh Lynx
'Duh Lynx' 2 weeks ago
The middle finger windshield wiper is the best part of the video.
Cheese Prime
'Cheese Prime' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who thought this was underwhelming? The first teaser promised this really dark, action packed, suspenseful movie that could totally have been something amazing! But the final product was just unwanted attempts at poignancy, not enough racing action, and was nowhere near as dark as the teaser. Basically, this film attempts to be poignant, like some of the best Pixar movies, at the expense of much of the action, humor, and heart that made me instantly love the first two. Yes, I'm a fan of Cars 2, though it's definitely not Pixar's best movie, I still really enjoyed it, and I'm disgusted by all it's negative reception. I definitely prefer the first two Cars films over this one.
Umbreon Gaming
'Umbreon Gaming' 2 weeks ago
technically storm and the other cars sould not be racing nascar because they aren't stock cars
Levi C
'Levi C' 2 weeks ago
Jono Fancett
'Jono Fancett' 2 weeks ago
Lol that Talladega Nights reference
Jono Fancett
'Jono Fancett' 2 weeks ago
“Why couldn’t they add a new engine or something?”That’s the equivalent of giving someone a brain transplant.But hey, he’s American, so it would probably help.
wood brother
holy shit
'7Write4This9Heart7' 2 weeks ago
Dominus Alicorn
'Dominus Alicorn' 2 weeks ago
Cinemasins, my first and probably only request ever... do the 2017 My Little Pony Movie.
John Allen
'John Allen' 2 weeks ago
Cars 3 was a great movie. It should win over Coco at the Academy Awards
Katheryn Vargas
'Katheryn Vargas' 2 weeks ago
Are there humans in this universe or do car kids get into the school buses like Ms.fritter. Am I the only who thinks this ?!movies needs to explain
Caden Does Gaming
'Caden Does Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Say what you want, Life is a Highway in the first was great
Uhh Maybe
'Uhh Maybe' 2 weeks ago
It's literally a character called TEX taking a jab at a character called CAL. All you need is an AS and IFORNIA to get the joke
'AsphaltPlays' 2 weeks ago
Steve Jobs did help found Pixar, and so Pixar likes to toss in some Apple Easter eggs. And the Apple bootup noise at 5:27 was an Apple Easter egg. And one of the racers who isn't involved in the plot has an Apple logo on his hood.
'NoviRanger83' 2 weeks ago
14:01 I LOST IT
'stumpy3521' 2 weeks ago
At 1:32 he says that Disney wrote this. I'm pretty sure that Disney has almost no control over Pixar.
Lala Sparkle
'Lala Sparkle' 2 weeks ago
Honestly, put my mom behind a wheel and tell her that I'm late for school. I believe she's best every car in this and NASCAR
Mark Basile
'Mark Basile' 2 weeks ago
Everything Wrong With Kingsman: The Golden Cirlce!! 😁
Low Gunfire
'Low Gunfire' 2 weeks ago
"Drafting? I've never had to do that." Oh, so how did you beat Francesco in the Italy race in Cars 2 then? Because I'm pretty sure your finishing move in that race was a fine example of drafting.
Low Gunfire
'Low Gunfire' 2 weeks ago
Or maybe Cars 3 wouldn't have been such a copy and paste of Cars 1 if it tried something new like Cars 2 did. Cars 2 by the way, was an awesome movie. The best of the trilogy. And frankly, in retrospect, I now view Cars 2 as the best movie to date that Pixar has made.
Alex Herrera
'Alex Herrera' 2 weeks ago
I think the whole next generation works like ours. You got generation X and Generation Y. I guess the nexr generation is smarter and higher tech?
The Muffin Production
I wanna see the revenge of cal that actually sounds interesting
'Fangirling109' 2 weeks ago
Yay now I can watch the movie without really watching the movie Yeah don’t want to waste an hour or two of my life
Danger Close26
'Danger Close26' 2 weeks ago
yeah lifes a beach mmmhhhmmm a beach
'samanli2014' 2 weeks ago
9.23 "steering his car to either side" Lightning is a car!
The Indigenous Atheist
This movie is a guilty pleasure
minecraftplayer 39
'minecraftplayer 39' 2 weeks ago
It's just a kids movie every movie don't have to make since
'冇創意' 2 weeks ago
Sure you didn't read the books cause it's important.
'memE' 2 weeks ago
D O R I F T O M E T H O D N O T W O R K ? N A N I ?
Gamer 101
'Gamer 101' 2 weeks ago
Just throw a rocket on the back of him, that will get him up to speed like Mater has.
Adriana Reyes
'Adriana Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Everything wrong is the fact that they tried so hard with this whole "girls too" feminist shit and ruined a good movie franchise.
Chandler Burns
'Chandler Burns' 2 weeks ago
I actually liked Cars 3. At least it was a worthy sequel to the first movie, unlike that dumpster fire of a movie that was Cars 2...
Never Lucky m8
'Never Lucky m8' 2 weeks ago
3:29 Let's not forget that Mack is driving on the left lane.
Max Soncev
'Max Soncev' 2 weeks ago
I only watched this crap because of graphics. Damn its beautiful.
Tywild 327
'Tywild 327' 2 weeks ago
No cursing its family night Cinemasins/Chris-FUCKING GODDAMN SHIT-DICK BITCH-ASS---
Little Bobby
'Little Bobby' 2 weeks ago
When changing the engine would have made the movie too short so everything was based on motivation instead
Sudais khan
'Sudais khan' 2 weeks ago
Don't watch no movies then cos you'll complain and make others not watch it too. Thx
Deadly Raver
'Deadly Raver' 2 weeks ago
The only way that finger windshield wiper would've been made better is if it continually wiped the words F You on and off the screen....................but you'd have to take a sin off for adding such awesomeness to the movie.
'Swegmaster2c-games' 3 weeks ago
He missed the sin where they said Cruz was in 4th yet there were 4 cars in front of her
Penqy XP
'Penqy XP' 3 weeks ago
pretend the head lights are eyes in this movie
Cake Miller
'Cake Miller' 3 weeks ago
6:55 That is just too funny!
Judas Machina
'Judas Machina' 3 weeks ago
People don't like Mater?
'IanTube' 3 weeks ago
8:38 How about we add 1 sin because there is no fu*king way that Mater could aswer this face time not to mention every other electronic that was somehow turned on even though almost all of these cars don't have something that represents hands.
Bluetooth the savage dolphin 22174
Car: No cursing,its family night. Cimina sins:f*ucking bi**ch ass Me:you better stop😅
Enderguy X
'Enderguy X' 3 weeks ago
The beach ate me.
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