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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Die -
Published: 2 years ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 years ago

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“This is pretty grim.”

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Enigmatic Power
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
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Hailey L.
'Hailey L.' 2 weeks ago
That music actually made me cry
Ziyed B
'Ziyed B' 3 weeks ago
You go to heaven. Simple.
Artful Highlights
'Artful Highlights' 3 weeks ago
Nothing better than Some spicy music while describing how our death will bee BUZZFUCK
Am i the only one thinking the before symptoms are happening to me??
Dazy Døggø
'Dazy Døggø' 4 weeks ago
Before I die, which is a long time from now, I'd like to say I hope all of you succeed and live a happy life. I hope you all live a long life too, and that you all die peacefully with your loved ones around you. ☺️
'TylerJosephLover24' 1 month ago
I cried while watching reminded me of what will happen to my grandpa and I'm super close to him
Jeremy the official
'Jeremy the official' 1 month ago
Who doesn't know
Abbie Bender
'Abbie Bender' 1 month ago
Who else is scared
dat boi26
'dat boi26' 2 months ago
Wow this video really cha.............
'SplashFree!!' 2 months ago emo now.
Panzer Blitz
'Panzer Blitz' 2 months ago
Yeah, but if your body dies you just hang around all confused, and you can't see clearly because the spirit warps its perception of the physical plane without eyes, and then you wander off and get reincarnated after conveniently "forgetting" everything that happened in the last life, and you wake up in some baby's body after fighting off other spirits to get there. Spirits are really degraded from what they once were. Animals have spirits too, but they're aware of their place in the ecosystem of the planet so they're not as terrified of death and don't mess everything up like human spirits do.
Malak Fahmy
'Malak Fahmy' 2 months ago
I have all of depression anxiety tiredness and sleepnes and suicidal
Jodie PlaysRoblox
'Jodie PlaysRoblox' 2 months ago
god god please
Trishy Angel
'Trishy Angel' 3 months ago
Besides, I've clashed with death WAY too many times
Trishy Angel
'Trishy Angel' 3 months ago
I experience these symptoms everyday...and I nearly got one year before my GCSEs
Booger 12
'Booger 12' 3 months ago
I'm gonna die
'Mike' 3 months ago
Well I'm not eating much Probably apple for a day My breathing is heavy I get weak everyday And my skin is getting kinda weird I'm 12 wtf tell me please I will die
Alter Dragon
'Alter Dragon' 3 months ago
I'm already dead on the inside just waiting for the day when the outside rots.
Mikaylah the Narwhal
'Mikaylah the Narwhal' 3 months ago
*starts watching markiplier* *2 hours later* How the eff did I get here
Eagle Eyes
'Eagle Eyes' 4 months ago
I really hate these reading videos. You got to keep stopping the clip just to read it because it's to fast 💨 really can you and other videos just put the voice for once. It's to distracting to just put the words up please just do all of youre videos over and put the voice on them thank you 😊 and pass the word on to other videos like this with no voices. Thank you again.😇.
Foxythepiratefox600 Animal Jam
... oh no... im in trouble...
T r i g g e r e d C a t
The brain and organs shut down obviously
I love penquins 57
'I love penquins 57' 4 months ago
What if you die instantly
Geraldine Odom
'Geraldine Odom' 4 months ago
I hate to see death happen I lost my son two weeks ago I hate to go through that again I miss him so much but I know he isn't coming back he was my only son
Sonta watermelon
'Sonta watermelon' 4 months ago
I'm scared
'Sofia' 5 months ago
Well dang I'm about to die
Little Binch
'Little Binch' 5 months ago
What really freaks me out is that my dad had all of the symptoms a week before he passed away. Can't believe I didn't realize it
'CVes' 5 months ago
i like how at the end of a video dedicated to DEATH BuzzFeed still find the decency to ask "Which fact surprised you the most?".
'CVes' 5 months ago
hears intro music. likes instantly.
'PROWRESTLINGFAN550' 5 months ago
I don't want to die😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
'HuskyHusker' 5 months ago
I'm scared.. 😧 I am tired,anxious and I be stress.
oO MacchWon Oo Macchia
Great choice of music for people who may need this during a hard time. Big dummies.
Alexandra Velazquez
'Alexandra Velazquez' 5 months ago
Im gonna die soon, cuz all those symptoms happened when i went for a run
'YgYa' 5 months ago
So if I hold my breath for 30 seconds I die?
Lucky Oreoz
'Lucky Oreoz' 5 months ago
wait, I've been having anxiety and depression I sometimes go a few seconds without breathing, my skin is changing, I've lost my appetite I have not eaten in 2 days, also birds fly by my window, white moths get in my room and I am tired all the time.. this has been going on for a week and I going to die?
vgjf fhkg
'vgjf fhkg' 5 months ago
i watched this vid 2/3 days before my grandpa passed away i feared this is going to happen to him love u grandpa my grandpa also had strokes too
Gabbie Weagle
'Gabbie Weagle' 5 months ago
I wish i got to meet my other grandpa. Some people are upset and always saying "My great grandma/grandpa died" and they are always acting sad while I'm thinking "I never even met my grandpa or great grandparents. Some people dont get to meet their parents! So be thankful that you got to meet your grandparents or great grandparents and be grateful for having the family you have." But they say oh my grandma was 88 when she died and she died last night. You aren't grateful for meeting them.
Linda Phillips
'Linda Phillips' 5 months ago
This video makes me think my grandad is close too death as his hands and feet are cold to the touch. Haven't told anyone and don't want too I'm sooo sad
Shanika Stephenson
'Shanika Stephenson' 5 months ago
I dont want to stop breathing that's suffering
Orni Bringas
'Orni Bringas' 6 months ago
this scared me smh
Lethal K
'Lethal K' 6 months ago
This is a Hypocondriacs favorite video on YouTube.
Ruby Chmura
'Ruby Chmura' 6 months ago
who killed Laura Palmer
DaVince 31
'DaVince 31' 6 months ago
I don't know why there's rock music in the background.
DanTDM Lover
'DanTDM Lover' 6 months ago
So this is what was happening while my grandpa was dieing...
caylee hornaday
'caylee hornaday' 6 months ago
ohhhh finals are coming up that makes sense
indranath Chatterjee
'indranath Chatterjee' 6 months ago
I am really afraid of death. Even though I'm only 13, I just get freaked out at the thought of death. Like one moment a person's there, the next, they're not. They're.........gone. They're lost. They are gone, leaving behind an emptiness, nothing more.....nothing more.
'lemoncandy' 6 months ago
Eeeeew gross. At least I don't want to be buried.
Janiele Cocoa
'Janiele Cocoa' 6 months ago
My friend died on Friday at 7pm she is only 9 years of age and the story Is that she went to a swimming lesson as she drowned because she had a heart problem....😭😭😭😭
'goldenarrow1176' 6 months ago
it just scared me
Yarn Kaj
'Yarn Kaj' 7 months ago
Miss Mia
'Miss Mia' 7 months ago
I'm only nine and I feel really tired on a road trip today and my mom said I fainted I don't wanna die 😿
Arachnid Illience
'Arachnid Illience' 7 months ago
Please DON'T click read more 😼 what did you expect. You're not a rebel you filthy hooligan.
Marissa W
'Marissa W' 7 months ago
The music in the back killed me
Isaac Montecillo
'Isaac Montecillo' 7 months ago
Ummmmmm guys?When am i suppose to come back to earth after death?
Jess Snaddon
'Jess Snaddon' 7 months ago
wrong song
Random Girl
'Random Girl' 7 months ago
This says that Im going to die 😂😭
Aurøra Larocque
'Aurøra Larocque' 7 months ago
Wtf am I dying??????
Khalia King
'Khalia King' 7 months ago
hi bye
'hi bye' 7 months ago
according to this I'm moments away from death. noice.
oof oof
'oof oof' 7 months ago
my moms friend james passed away he was depressed the nhs is right
Piper Hill
'Piper Hill' 8 months ago
The music choice was really captivating, for this type of video. I mean it was very lively.
Truth Stalker
'Truth Stalker' 8 months ago
I don't care for Buzzfeed, but this was interesting.
Are things Ok?
'Are things Ok?' 8 months ago
I have anorexia and the starting symptoms all relate to me I'm scared af now
Rosalina Pan - Lorenville PS (1508)
When I read the word cadaverine I was like "oh so that's why they call a corpse a cadaver"
Đəath Wısh
'Đəath Wısh' 8 months ago
Jess Daley
'Jess Daley' 8 months ago
It's making not likeing it
'Ryguy57' 8 months ago
Find the diff mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Like if found
Jojo Polaroid
'Jojo Polaroid' 8 months ago
hmmm that's not what happened to me when I died
Karina Franquiz
'Karina Franquiz' 8 months ago
I have alot of these symptoms rn but it's Finals week😂😂 I think I might pass out during the tests😂😂😂😂
leslie Meyer
'leslie Meyer' 8 months ago
my grandfather just died and i am watching it now . i am sad now
Aarushi v.
'Aarushi v.' 9 months ago
it's not the most surprising one but a depressing fact that i knew about, that is the brain stops functioning 20-30 seconds after the heart does. that's like 20-30 seconds of that helpless feeling where the individual might try to breath but he may not be able to do that.
'•_•' 9 months ago
I have all the things you get before death but I have always had them
'GENERAL BLACKSTAR' 9 months ago
Welp. i got almost all of these before death syptoms. and im a teenager. will i die?
Dank Memes
'Dank Memes' 9 months ago
I have all of the signs of approaching death. Ohhhh nooooo, NotLikeThis
Allison 123
'Allison 123' 9 months ago
who else feels like they are going to die
'happydaes' 9 months ago
I heard that sometimes at your funeral you may have oxygen left in your lungs so suddenly, whilst everyone is crying and wishing you good luck in the afterlife, you took this huge breath which sounds like a gasp but extremely loud........conspiracy? perhaps.
Monica L.
'Monica L.' 9 months ago
Death is a lie! Give your life to God and you better believe you'll have everlasting life in Heaven! Jesus is calling you! Don't ignore it! Live for him now cause when he comes... There isn't any excuses.
'Avesta' 9 months ago
I'm taking my dad to the hospital. Thanks Buzz
Ateo forever
'Ateo forever' 9 months ago
The moment you give life to a newborn,you also give a death sentence ( hopefully 90 + years) later...
alien Marz
'alien Marz' 9 months ago
oh ig im going to die
'qleavers' 9 months ago
meanwhile im over here jamming to my emo music-
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 9 months ago
Oh Shiz
Richard doowop
'Richard doowop' 10 months ago
Rumor has it that Hair, and Nails do continue to grow after death, but personal phone calls, and texts taper off drastically.
Kotryna Tarnauskaitė
'Kotryna Tarnauskaitė' 10 months ago
it's so weird... i was watching this at ~ 3:30 a.m. and in the morning i found out that my father died exacly at 3:30 a.m. ...
caile fnaf lover
'caile fnaf lover' 10 months ago
gross but SCIENCE
'피오나' 10 months ago
Now I'm terrified... thanks Buzzfeed! ><
Mohsin Syed
'Mohsin Syed' 10 months ago
I was watching cat videos
Miiiaa gii
'Miiiaa gii' 10 months ago
I don't wanna die
Cool Boy Ll
'Cool Boy Ll' 10 months ago
this is very scary 😨😨😨😨😰😰😱😱😱😱
Gyro Xaver
'Gyro Xaver' 10 months ago
When u go through 12 years of school and the only thing you can remember is THE MITOCHONDRAS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL
Luz Hernandez
'Luz Hernandez' 10 months ago
I wasn't surprised cause my grandma died last year 😭😭😞😔☹️
'Southpaw' 10 months ago
The "death rattle" is such an awful thing to hear....working with terminally ill senior citizens in a hospital is hard.
'SillyLittleGirl' 10 months ago
I'm regretting watching this
amber Nauss
'amber Nauss' 10 months ago
The fact that surprised me that most is that we die
Abida Ghani
'Abida Ghani' 10 months ago
this makes me sad
Helaina Marie
'Helaina Marie' 10 months ago
I love buzzfeed but i have all of the sighn's. People with Anxiety should not watch this.
'JackieHomo' 10 months ago
My mom's mom(grandma) passed away almost a week ago and the worse part to start off the New Years.. my mom has been taking days off from work, I remember my favorite memory was her teaching me math with sticks and we would eat the the popsicles and paint them, then she would make me my brother and my cousin delicious food and I would miss her wonderful cooking, RIP grandma on January 1 4am
A Aktar
'A Aktar' 11 months ago
well I witnessed my uncles passing, we were all round his hospital bed his final minutes and it was horrible. the rattling lungs, the swollen tongue which grew too big to remain in his mouth. the starkness of it. awful!! I wanna go quickly none of that pissing about waiting for soul to leave my body.. the agony and symptoms unbearable to was but excruciating to experience.
Lara Sandoval
'Lara Sandoval' 11 months ago
where did they get this information , did they talk to the dead people. 😇
Fuqi Ren
'Fuqi Ren' 11 months ago
"I'm a writer," I whisper to myself as I watch this.
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