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10 Women Who Are Complete Plastic -
Published: 5 months ago By: TheTalko

By: TheTalkoPublished: 5 months ago

1, 898, 774 views

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10 Women Who Completely Changed After Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgery is a booming industry that caters to its customer’s every wish and demand. When it comes to changing their appearance, celebrities don’t think twice about going under the knife. Celebs have been going under the knife for decades. And many of them became so addicted to changing their appearance that they eventually started to look like they’re made of plastic!

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Przemyslaw O
'Przemyslaw O' 8 hours ago
Plastic is fabulous
'D.Meyod' 16 hours ago
The narration to this video is terrible. A WOMAN, Asking probably mostly young girls who are still learning who they are and their values of life, which version they think is better and applauding all the body change and that it is glam and giving props to the celebs claiming BODY ALTERATIONS were what was necessary to make someone happier and fulfilled in their life and themselves. I am 33 and I remember feeling that I should look like celebs to be deemed glam and beautiful and desirable. If you are a teen, YOUR BODY IMAGE IS NOT AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR MIND!!!! A real mean who is mature and respectful of women does not desire a woman simply for her beauty and plastic surgery. Looks are of course a factor in attraction but if you cannot hold Intelligent conversation and an ability to be a productive member of society your dating pool will be a tank of flounders and goldfish. lol
Ariana Deanna
'Ariana Deanna' 1 day ago
Aubreys lips were so bad on CBB it was truly awful. She was awesome though one of my faves 👏🏾
Imogen Bennett
'Imogen Bennett' 2 days ago
Amanda looked better before p.s. your channel. Is amazing keep it up😅I look foam to tomorrow's video!
Riana Bezuidenhout
16 and pregnant and teen mom STAR?!? Since when is it fine to be classified a STAR or treated like a celebrity because you got preggo at 16?? It gives the impression that its 'cool' to be a mom at 16...
Cathy Knight
'Cathy Knight' 2 days ago
I hope people except there natural features and find it makes them individual not cookie cutter fake look!
GG Girl
'GG Girl' 2 days ago
Who the hell are half of these Z-list people?
virylixyus in the house
Why are you plastic shaming 😂😂😂
Halina Hollis
'Halina Hollis' 3 days ago
stupid speaker
Destiny Tolley
'Destiny Tolley' 3 days ago
5:16 and 5:51,she has a saggy um...lump that shows in the picture.What is that?!
Laniya Peterson
'Laniya Peterson' 3 days ago
Why do people wbt bog lips its not cute on white people
Kate O
'Kate O'Neill' 5 days ago
i hate farrah abraham,
ugly whores full of shame cursed heathen
Sharon Walia
'Sharon Walia' 5 days ago
I really don't care what other ppl do to their body or hair because they are the ones who have to wear it. Also vanity is not a good thing. Don't forget those who really need money to eat or have more than a pair of rags to wear and sleep on the dirt floor infested with dangerous bugs and snakes and bats etc. or have no shelter at all to get out of the rain at least where the snakes, dangerous stinging insects and bats are, too.
Alyssa Freimanis
'Alyssa Freimanis' 6 days ago
leticia carrasco
'leticia carrasco' 7 days ago
Ashley simpson looks very pretty after her nose job done.
financial freedom 4 all
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Alexandra 2111
'Alexandra 2111' 1 week ago
Lol...cand apare Bianca Dragusanu pe thumbnail ul unui video din Amerika😂😂😂 nu credem ca o cunoaste cineva..inafara de romani
Winona Thomas
'Winona Thomas' 1 week ago
I could care less who's done what to their bodies and faces, however, most of these chicks looked better before surgery. I wouldn't want any of them for friends, I think they're all really shallow and self centered.
Stephanie Sweeney
'Stephanie Sweeney' 1 week ago
Shame on you dirty celebrity shallow trash who thinks it's okay to make women feel ashamed for having less than Size D-cup boobs, actually for all the brainwashing you all push on young women about what "looks good ", "what's pretty "
D.R. S.
'D.R. S.' 1 week ago
People be judging too much. If you had the money too, many of you would have done the same.
'Anonymous' 1 week ago
The person who made this vid obv luvs teen mom
Young Doggie King Kong Da Savage Pom
the stupidest plastic surgeries are Eye "Job" Big Lip Plumper Boobs Ass if you get an look like a fucking alien if you get a lip plumper ...imagine how is it to kiss with those HUGE ASS lips If you get a boobjob you look like you have small bowling ball in your boobs...they just look so fucking HEAVY & not natural Ass....same as look like you're stuffing a bowling ball in your junk & it looks like you're dragging it every single step you take...that's not sexy at all
Delilah Hart
'Delilah Hart' 1 week ago
So many celebs have had surgery, they all look alike! They have changed the traits that made their looks special to begin with.
Delilah Hart
'Delilah Hart' 1 week ago
They all looked better before the surgeries.
Sophie xoxo
'Sophie xoxo' 2 weeks ago
I think all of them looked much worse after. No hate
Tanisha Mackrell
'Tanisha Mackrell' 2 weeks ago
I couldn't care less if you get plastic surgery I'd do some if I had the coin for it but I don't appreciate the lies. They have young impressionable fans who don't really know much about plastic surgery and would automatically think that's just the way they look. 🙄
'UnicornLove' 2 weeks ago
I dont understand plastic surgery all of these celebrity's look better before having surgery. The only way I can understand it is for people who are deformed or were in a horrible accident. Learn to love what God gave you, all of these people did these surgeries for vanity for the most part.
Me myself and I
'Me myself and I' 2 weeks ago
I think they all looked better before!
Yfl 22
'Yfl 22' 2 weeks ago
Come clean I have !!
nick terrance
'nick terrance' 2 weeks ago
where are nicki minaj and all the kardashians?????
'Veramanning' 2 weeks ago
Michael Jackson only had 2 nose jobs and a chin dimple !!!!!!!!! Read his autopsy report! Everyone needs to stop this bullshit
'xoAngelicaF' 2 weeks ago
Kim last name is ZOL-C-AK!!!
The Official Potato
'The Official Potato' 2 weeks ago
Loved that Brendon Urie gif... 😂
Paige Hammond
'Paige Hammond' 2 weeks ago
Not gonna lie, I think most of these look good, but I just can't deal with the lip changes!!!
Avila Olvera
'Avila Olvera' 2 weeks ago
Whatever you do, be honest about it! ;)
miracle brightness
'miracle brightness' 2 weeks ago
these people are mad in their fucking head
Raisa Rainha
'Raisa Rainha' 2 weeks ago
I think that everyone looks better after surgery except for Aubrey. No hate! I loved her on making the band and thought she was beautiful then.
Krafty Karrizzma
'Krafty Karrizzma' 2 weeks ago
I always wondered...What if these women have daughters that look like them? What do you tell them? Yeah I hated my nose which is the same as your nose, so I hate your nose too.
Rukia Niles
'Rukia Niles' 2 weeks ago
Where is Kim and her entire family? Y'all be playing too much
Idk Idk
'Idk Idk' 2 weeks ago
I honestly don't know why people care about plastic surgery. If you want go ahead and get it, I'm not gonna stop you. If it's want you want then just go ahead and do it.
racheal atukunda
'racheal atukunda' 2 weeks ago
Angie Hamilton
'Angie Hamilton' 2 weeks ago
I just want to know where did they find those awesome doctors to give such a surgery
Karen Reyes
'Karen Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Most people in this list were pretty as hell before all them shots smh
Gilles Cyr
'Gilles Cyr' 2 weeks ago
WTF!!!!! what the hell is wrong with our society!
'coka2005' 3 weeks ago
fake women being fake and narcissistic then wonder why men are walking
Cypher Me
'Cypher Me' 3 weeks ago
No I think that people should just be able to enjoy how they look without everyone feeling so judgy about it. Most people are just upset that they cant' afford it themselves. If you don't like how they look then don't look if you do then look and enjoy.
Jasmine Moore
'Jasmine Moore' 3 weeks ago
All the trees in the Amazon cant match this shade, Talko
rihanna c
'rihanna c' 3 weeks ago
Why do dumb bitches like bleaching there hair tanning there skin and blowing up there lips. Its so ugly. U spend alot of money to look like a cheap barbie.
edit R&M
'edit R&M' 3 weeks ago
Damn now i gate these people who made surgery for no reason ;(
ioana c c
'ioana c c' 3 weeks ago
Who clicked on this just bcs is Romanian and have seen bianca in the thumbnail
Dalien Howlter
'Dalien Howlter' 3 weeks ago
i only liked this video cause of beebo
My Chemical Crybaby
'My Chemical Crybaby' 3 weeks ago
BEEBO @ 3:43
'MrFatbibi' 3 weeks ago
Why didn't Barbie make this list
Joy Prathinthong
'Joy Prathinthong' 3 weeks ago
Its their bodies n money n they do whatever they want...
Lightwood Games
'Lightwood Games' 3 weeks ago
Bianca looks like a duck
'MONIQUE KNOX' 3 weeks ago
They all looked better b4 their surgery
Nancy Stone
'Nancy Stone' 3 weeks ago
Mezli Gonzalez
'Mezli Gonzalez' 3 weeks ago
Luc Di
'Luc Di' 3 weeks ago
Earn money online just by doing some simple suveys and tasks
rina rina
'rina rina' 3 weeks ago
Wtf 😲😲😲
Malaika Webb
'Malaika Webb' 3 weeks ago
2:01 did anyone else take a long time to realize that the underwear was drawn on?
Jennifer Sun
'Jennifer Sun' 3 weeks ago
So trashy
Nana Crain
'Nana Crain' 3 weeks ago
Honestly I understand it makes them feel better with big breast, lush lips, hourglass figures, ect. But I would kill to have A-cups and no butt. These woman should be proud of who they are and if they dont like small breast use a push up (it is what there made for!) Spandex for the stomach and for the butt? Use tights! (I mean I never would because I hate all that but whatever) But overall great video hope you make more😊
Annisa Yanviarti
'Annisa Yanviarti' 3 weeks ago
In my opinion, for body size transformations (neck to toe) through plastic or other surgeries are acceptable and probably the most devistating way since fitness and other sports not help u to reduce ur fat. Only extreme diet can. But can u bare the pain of hungry. I don't agree with face transformation through plastic surgery. Nowadays, make up can change ur face dramatically without going under knife. And i would be very emberrased if me and my baby or future baby does not have a similar look. I feel sorry for the child have to bare some of the old face alone since the mother has totally looks different. If the new husband did not know ur surgery history...u can be sued as attemption to fraud. LOL
Azi candy
'Azi candy' 3 weeks ago
All women and girls are naturally beautiful without plastic surgery
Anjola Iyanda
'Anjola Iyanda' 4 weeks ago
Se Jay
'Se Jay' 4 weeks ago
Bianca is the real plastic
Kasandra Cantu
'Kasandra Cantu' 4 weeks ago
Amanda bynes look so much prettier before
Em Kovat
'Em Kovat' 4 weeks ago
It's like they wanna look like braz dolls 😂
Mechanical Lion
'Mechanical Lion' 4 weeks ago
They censored something a little too late... Slow it all the way down and go to 9:31 (or not)...
Deea Deea
'Deea Deea' 4 weeks ago
Sunt romani pe aici? :)
Bobbie Lea
'Bobbie Lea' 4 weeks ago
Plastic don't make u beautiful.. might make u feel better but at the end of the day it's fake it isn't you.. everyone could look like Barbie if they wanted to but most don't because she's a doll .....
Ayda Sepehri
'Ayda Sepehri' 4 weeks ago
michael jackson had just 2 surgerys :|
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
that romanian lady, bianca, was so beautiful in a natural way before her surgery. i am not saying that just for the sake of it, but i actually clicked on this video because she looked so beautiful to me in the before. she looks beautiful after the procedures, too, but not my type at all.
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
8:16 "conforming"* whoever wrote the script incorrectly, the lady read your script exactly as how you had written it lol
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
tbh ashlee's features look more "cute" now than before. she looked a little more mature before, but ofc still pretty.
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
i believe aubrey because you can use other methods to get plumper lips, such as something as simple as a lip-plumping lipgloss. also, her breasts look way bigger than in the past, but my chest was also virtually flat until my late teens (late development results lol). your chest keeps growing and fluctuating all your life, so even though hers may look a little too perfect, if she says she didn't, then i will believe her. i would rather believe and be a fool than accuse her against her word, because i hate when i am telling the truth about something and people don't believe me.
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
amanda is one of those people i think is wearing the wrong bra size, because ever since i was a little girl, i thought she had a great figure and perfect chest area. some people wear a 34B but could actually be a 26G, in reality....
'violetgirl1996' 4 weeks ago
michael jackson had a skin condition...... his nose may be the result of plastic surgery, but his skin issue was out of his hands
bryan buela
'bryan buela' 4 weeks ago
Dr Miami sounds legit 👌
'Nraswer' 4 weeks ago
Do people really think that it is beautiful when lips look like gigantic dumplings?
Erin Purcell
'Erin Purcell' 4 weeks ago
I don't understand why people get so much plastic surgery that they look unnatural or even like a doll and is it just me or did all of theis people look way better before there surgeries
'destyne0' 4 weeks ago
I do not understand when a white women get surgery one of the places they want surgery on is their tittes,like why you're not happy wit the smalls tittes u have
Bodidiva Tulku
'Bodidiva Tulku' 4 weeks ago
I wonder if they feel the butt implants every time they sit.
'ClairBear' 4 weeks ago
Let's be honest most of these women change there body to match the "desirable" body that will change. Just be happy with what you have 😁❤️
Lisa Adams
'Lisa Adams' 4 weeks ago
The before and after comparisons are not fair: sometimes "before" is when she is 13 years old, and "after" is when she is 33 years old. So, she looks GREAT for her age.
that glee lady was actually a lot prettier before whatever she did to her face
Amana Ch
'Amana Ch' 4 weeks ago
Amaya Hill
'Amaya Hill' 4 weeks ago
Rhf Awad
'Rhf Awad' 4 weeks ago
ليه اكره هالقناه ؟ one lucky comment? Who are you?! Why is the commentator lucky? اغبياء شايفين نفسهم
Emily Wright
'Emily Wright' 4 weeks ago
ayyy brendon, i see you
'HEART BREAKER' 4 weeks ago
Note to all celebrities...Massive lips may feel great to the guy getting some head but DAMN girl...They make you look super ugly, weird and ridiculous! An that ain't no bull!!!
'Hershey11' 4 weeks ago
Are MsMojo, Nicki Swift and this channel all narrated by the same person?
Unicorn Crap
'Unicorn Crap' 4 weeks ago
Pritisha Shrestha
'Pritisha Shrestha' 1 month ago
I too want a full face plastic surgury
Tanya Reeves
'Tanya Reeves' 1 month ago
Before because everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like.
Heather Rae
'Heather Rae' 1 month ago
They look younger and better before the surgeries
ella de vos
'ella de vos' 1 month ago
Reasonable memory future spot journalist toxic tour hunt.
Johanna Dezső
'Johanna Dezső' 1 month ago
Where are the kardashians???.....
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