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10 Women Who Are Complete Plastic -
Published: 6 months ago By: TheTalko

By: TheTalkoPublished: 6 months ago

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10 Women Who Completely Changed After Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgery is a booming industry that caters to its customer’s every wish and demand. When it comes to changing their appearance, celebrities don’t think twice about going under the knife. Celebs have been going under the knife for decades. And many of them became so addicted to changing their appearance that they eventually started to look like they’re made of plastic!

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Cheryl Martin
'Cheryl Martin' 10 hours ago
All the Kardashian are nothing but money hungrey whores and nigger lovers. Kim Kardashian deserves what comes to her. Half dressed with everything hanging out. What a terrible excuse of a so called MOTHER, shes a PIG too. And if that took place in Paris, she deserved what came to her. It didn't happen so just wanted more attention. The mother also a money grubbing whore. Pimping out her daughter's. Well the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!! Robert Kardashian would be disguisted and embarrassed to call them their father. What a shame they are all trash and money grubbing nigger lovers. That MOTHER, Kim, khole, and that PIG Kylie. They claim to be Armenian. Not Armenians I know my friends are not full of plastic. And they don't have injective asses full of fat. I have friends that are armenian and they don't have asses full of fat injections. So yes they are all plastic, plastic, money hungry whites.
Colored Sparkle
'Colored Sparkle' 11 hours ago
Romania Power
Sally McMurray
'Sally McMurray' 12 hours ago
They all looked better before their changes, but if it makes them feel more confident, then what do any of us have to say about it?
Diana-Nicoleta Miron
'Diana-Nicoleta Miron' 14 hours ago
Ai de capu meu unde au ajuns românii =))))))
Nargiz Arzu
'Nargiz Arzu' 15 hours ago
Naya has not had any surgery other than her breasts tbh. Makeup changes things drastically i know that from my own experiences, and her face basically looks the same except for her mole but that's not really plastic surgery.
emanuela ilie
'emanuela ilie' 16 hours ago
they should sop
'Mip' 23 hours ago
Andrea Andrews
'Andrea Andrews' 1 day ago
For F**k sakes! We're supposed to believe that your tits, mouth, nose, and cheekbones look entirely different compared to what they used to look like because of the makeup you now wear?? How bloody dumb do these celebs think the general public is? (oh yeah, trump is the president of the USA... never mind)
Erica Davis
'Erica Davis' 1 day ago
Beautiful before
Erica Davis
'Erica Davis' 1 day ago
Erica Davis
'Erica Davis' 1 day ago
No not Michael Jackson
'MAYA RIANA' 1 day ago
Bianca Dragusanu | România
Daniela García
'Daniela García' 1 day ago
No, they dont look beautiful.
'desicatz' 2 days ago
Where is Renee Zellweger?
Karine Orange
'Karine Orange' 2 days ago
The world has gone crazy
Ashleigh Rothwell
'Ashleigh Rothwell' 2 days ago
Amanda looks way better before ps
Adelina Grande
'Adelina Grande' 2 days ago
Loool i live in Romania
Whitney Spotts
'Whitney Spotts' 2 days ago
Sue D
'Sue D' 2 days ago
should be everyones choice to talk or not i just wish there was less going "big" looks silly in my opinion
Janelle Bird
'Janelle Bird' 2 days ago
Do i think People should Come Clean about their plastic surgeries? Absolutly!! Women or men for that matter that have had alterations done, are sending un realistic views on what a person "should" or could look like. Great they have the no ey to change their looks, but if it's so, a message also needs to be placed forward that it's also ok to LOVE your body the way that it is. Or to LOVE your changes, not hide it!
Keira Walton
'Keira Walton' 2 days ago
Amanda looks better before
Amalia Ambruș
'Amalia Ambruș' 2 days ago
Romania here!!! CINE E ROMAN???🇷🇴
'DAVID78833' 2 days ago
Au puso pe bianca dragusanu 😂😂
Sugar Unicorn
'Sugar Unicorn' 3 days ago
Bine, Biencuța :))) Like daca ai intrat aici doar pt ca vazut poza Biancai :)))))
Susan Burris
'Susan Burris' 3 days ago
Let's just say this..these women shouldn't get to close to a heater.
EeveeLover 2020
'EeveeLover 2020' 3 days ago
I think they should be happy and do what they want. I don't think we should pressure them to come out and tell us they had plastic surgery if they don't want to.
JaQuana Fields
'JaQuana Fields' 3 days ago
They should've put lil Kim on here cuz she fucked her shit up 💯💯
Kamilla Iqbal
'Kamilla Iqbal' 3 days ago
Embrace your natural beauty. Don't be fake.
Paula Bulzan
'Paula Bulzan' 3 days ago
Bianca Wolf
'Bianca Wolf' 3 days ago
OMG Bianca Draguseanu :))
Justin Powers
'Justin Powers' 3 days ago
Id b honest about it. Probably really proud to be honest.. but lil surgery is best
Justin Powers
'Justin Powers' 3 days ago
Why would cha deny plastic surgery,, when ur a cups go to DD cups.. wtf dont deny it makes ppl look stupid... cause ya have to be blind deaf and dumb to not notice the changes.. lol
Miruna Rotaru
'Miruna Rotaru' 4 days ago
Lolll...Bianca Dragusanu =))))
Mery Iamandi
'Mery Iamandi' 4 days ago
Toti romani care vor sa vada Bianca Dragusanu minutul 9:07😉😉
Răzvan Afloarei
'Răzvan Afloarei' 4 days ago
9:03 O să-mi mulțumești mai târziu.
Collette Hannah
'Collette Hannah' 4 days ago
Yes. They need to be more open so little girls stop growing up with unachievable body expectations.
Bonnie Konjevich
'Bonnie Konjevich' 4 days ago
Amanda Bynes was so pretty before the plastic surgery. Unnecessary! Her mind doesn't match who she really was. So sad!
Bibi Ane
'Bibi Ane' 5 days ago
Ba mor, Sunt din Romania, like daca si tu esti
Anrox B
'Anrox B' 5 days ago
Ce mare personalitate e dragusanca 🤣🤣🤣😜 ,panarama României 🥇🥇🥇🥇
Gaming Alli
'Gaming Alli' 5 days ago
When Brendon Urie suddenly appeared....Fangirling alert!!!!
Editura Gydiums
'Editura Gydiums' 5 days ago
Are you serious about Bianca Dragusanu??? A huge tv star??? WTF is wrong with u people...????? She's just a gold digger who turned her bf;s into her wallet and there you go...boom... she s not a star, she s just another "hot" toy and that s all..jeez. Don't make romanians be ashamed by presenting those kinda people..
Erika Andrada
'Erika Andrada' 5 days ago
Bianca Drăgușanu în thumbnail morrrr :))))
Erika Andrada
'Erika Andrada' 5 days ago
Deci clipulețul ăsta a făcut ocolul României si toată lumea o caută pe Dragușanu heheh ...fiindca canalul ăsta e foarte cunoscut si sunt multe persoane care se uită la el ... FOARTE TARE canalul :))))
Destiny Horton
'Destiny Horton' 5 days ago
A lot of these ppl r cloned too
'metaxaa211' 5 days ago
People become addicted from plastic surgery and then .. it’s never enough.. until they start to look like a clowns...
Clau& Mari
'Clau& Mari' 5 days ago
I am from Romania
Lumy Dev
'Lumy Dev' 6 days ago
Bianca Drăgusanu...Wtf
Mimoza Maimutza
'Mimoza Maimutza' 6 days ago
Gonflabila dragusanu -"a huge star" :))))
Mimoza Maimutza
'Mimoza Maimutza' 6 days ago
Dragusanca- muierea gonflabila
Alina Ulmeanu
'Alina Ulmeanu' 6 days ago
Bianca Drăgusanu😂😂😂👎
Casey Bui
'Casey Bui' 7 days ago
Can't people just love their natural selfs and, why must there be plastic surgery
Malinka Bogoeva
'Malinka Bogoeva' 7 days ago
You should see gulians gani from Bulgaria then talk who is 100 percent plastic
'thewatcher' 7 days ago
Iggy looks like a shemale. Doooh. I'm anti plastic surgery. Only 1 looks better after, all othets look terrible
Saira Farouk
'Saira Farouk' 1 week ago
I don't see a beautiful women . I see fakes . Y hide under plastic surgery . Show ur true u that's beautiful
diana dodi
'diana dodi' 1 week ago
Gulshan Begum
'Gulshan Begum' 1 week ago
No one's comment got pinned
Aggeliki P.
'Aggeliki P.' 1 week ago
They are much better before....most end up looking like shit afterwards.It is really idiotic to be very young and undergo plastic surgery
Liviu 1
'Liviu 1' 1 week ago
Cf bianca
Puky Pukinella
'Puky Pukinella' 1 week ago
bOI deci Bianca e peste tot... lol, chiar nu ma asteptam :)))
'O PERSOANĂ' 1 week ago
Black Moon
'Black Moon' 1 week ago
Numa' eu m-am uitat ca am vazut o pe Bianca Dragusanu ?=)))))))))
Ruby Hart
'Ruby Hart' 1 week ago
They were all so pretty before, looks don't matter at all, it's what's inside what counts
The Winner Family
'The Winner Family' 1 week ago
Farrah... Lol... Nothing will make her look better. Too manly looking (almost from like plastic surgery maybe) and nothings going to make her pretty when she has the attitude and personality of a psycho spoiled maniac. I think they should sew her lips shut.
Sheine Panganiban
'Sheine Panganiban' 1 week ago
its freaking me out.. but still they made them very gorgeous
'Z0M B0NE' 1 week ago
Well if they ever want a child now, them old genesss
'Sirengarcia' 1 week ago
I support them feeling good about themselves after surgery and admitting to it. I mean you can talk all the shit you want fake or real if you have it you have it, don't hate because they can afford to make adjustments.
Emma Chapman
'Emma Chapman' 1 week ago
Its up to them at the end of the day and im sure if i had loads of money id get a few things done! But for me its the lying about it when u can clearly see they have. Y lie esp when its so god damn obvious.
John Harper
'John Harper' 1 week ago
My fault for watching this video. The narrator for this video is awful and the script that she is reading from is terrible as well. The ending emphasis is the perfect example why this narrator couldn't do anything other than this job. This is coming from someone with (moderate) botox and lip injections. I never advocate for others to follow suit. Be happy with whatever you choose for your appearance. This narrator chooses to end everything with a question. Not the best way to live.
'sydneyp1000' 1 week ago
Amanda Bynes was way better before the surgerys
Cynaisa Napier
'Cynaisa Napier' 1 week ago
I don't understand why surgery is such a huge thing its sucks for young girls to think that in order to be beautiful you have to have surgery or be shaped a certain way ,for those girls who aren't rich and unhappy with their look what are they supposed to take from the beauty standards? Your real self is beautiful and celebrities aren't real their dolls and actors here for our entertainment and reasons for us to be in others life without feeling guilty.
Julie Okoki
'Julie Okoki' 1 week ago
well Africans are naturally beautiful. Just saying
Rania Badar
'Rania Badar' 1 week ago
I don't know why people mostly girls ruin their faces that Allah gave and turn them into really scary.😕😦
hands up
'hands up' 1 week ago
I'm not a big fan of plastic surgery due to it's possible bad consequences but knowing that we are entitled to our own body, why should we even try to keep asking celebrities or other people about what they change physically? Inner beauty is always the main objective to have a relationship with everyone intimate or not. For as long as we are true to ourselves, why should it become a problem? Honestly, in my own opinion, our close mindedness is the main reason why celebrities or other people go under the knife. Our expectations for others are sky high and sometimes it's not even reachable anymore. Others are forced to change themselves because others just can't accept the fact that how they look is already beautiful. Just like in the world of electronics, if a new phone is in, we buy it because we know that the person who bought it before us becomes famous for being able to afford it.
Madam Hidden
'Madam Hidden' 1 week ago
Kaddy was complete plastic.
oricine vreau
'oricine vreau' 1 week ago
Bianca Dragusanu is not a huge star in Romania :)) read more about.
Random Person
'Random Person' 1 week ago
In Romania, we all hate Bianca Dragusanu...
Andaluzia Guran
'Andaluzia Guran' 1 week ago
Bianca its ours :)))
Elisa Velicu
'Elisa Velicu' 2 weeks ago
Omg romania!
SATAN demon
'SATAN demon' 2 weeks ago
bunch of sluts
Bradillo D
'Bradillo D' 2 weeks ago
Vanity,Vanity all is Vanity.
IamDivine Goddess
'IamDivine Goddess' 2 weeks ago
It is possible for makeup to change how you look from how you look without makeup!! I believe Aubrey!! Maybe she just has a great makeup artist!! I wouldn't mind seeing him or her!! Also, why do we care if they change like this yet most people would love to look so Beautiful!! I think it odd how hypocritical people are!! Most Hollywood Celebrities have to do this because we put so much pressure on them and expect them to be so Perfect all the time!! They are people too, geesh!!! Let them be!!!
I know she wasnt on thks list, but does anyone else here think that kylie jenner was prettier before her plastic surgert..or is it just me???
Chayanne Stewart
'Chayanne Stewart' 2 weeks ago
b4 Amanda was better!
Abigail Goddard
'Abigail Goddard' 2 weeks ago
Farrah looked better before all thw surgery and hair styling/extensions and colouring.
Marcu Channel
'Marcu Channel' 2 weeks ago
Firefly 17
'Firefly 17' 2 weeks ago
Sonia horses lover
'Sonia horses lover' 2 weeks ago
I am from Romania. And I know Bianca. I love the way she looks😍💖🍑
Molly D Canada
'Molly D Canada' 2 weeks ago
UNBELIEVABLE - how stupid & shallow these women are...
Molly D Canada
'Molly D Canada' 2 weeks ago
Can't believe how shallow & stupid AMERICAN WOMEN ARE.....
delbert grady
'delbert grady' 2 weeks ago
Farrah Abraham duz hardcore porn
Evie Hammond
'Evie Hammond' 2 weeks ago
Insecure, self absorbed & ALL are ugly inside & out.
Ana Iulia
'Ana Iulia' 2 weeks ago
Wow. Our Bianca is here. She had a lot of surgery that we can count. I am from Romania and I see the complete transformation of her. Is not a beauty and a intelligent person is not either. She has a show on her own now, unfortunately...
Whispering Willow
'Whispering Willow' 2 weeks ago
I honestly hate people who are fake enough that they have to make themselves even faker by going under the knife and getting plastic and rubber jammed under their skin.
the cheese whiz lord ryan ross
Jazzy Bae
'Jazzy Bae' 2 weeks ago
Idk why all these celebrities fucking LIE when it's obvious
'divine34j' 2 weeks ago
"Birth defect"? Ohh God! 😦 I still belive we all look much better in our natural way. Without "add-ons"... 😕
Angelina Sargsyan
'Angelina Sargsyan' 2 weeks ago
I can’t get why does everybody want bigger and bigger and bigger breasts 😳😑
Tudose Alina
'Tudose Alina' 3 weeks ago
Na că a ajuns şi Drăguşanca în top! 😂
'Kahli21' 3 weeks ago
"A cup", "D cup", etc are not sizes. A means that the difference between the measurement around your ribs directly under your breasts ( where the bra band goes ), and the measurement over the largest part of your breasts ( around the nipple usually, parallel to the ground ) is 1 inch. D means the difference is 4 inches. You cannot have a size unless you have the band measurement ( ie 32D, 40A, etc ), because the letters are NOT equal to each other. 32A is not anywhere near the same as a 42A. 42A is actually equal in volume to a 40B, 38C, 36D, 34DD, 32E, and 30F. Farrah looks more like a G, somewhere around 32G ( British sizing, since American sizing is not standardized and thus can't be relied on for accuracy ). Amanda Bynes looks more like a 32F post-surgery. Please stop spreading the ridiculous notion that A = tiny and D = huge, because bra sizing doesn't work that way. If you're wanting to be an influential channel, spread fact instead of stupidity and ignorance.
Chronically Ill
'Chronically Ill' 3 weeks ago
Do they make celebrities do a '"sshhh" face in photoshoots just so they can use them in videos like these?
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