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10 Women Who Are Complete Plastic -
Published: 8 months ago By: TheTalko

By: TheTalkoPublished: 8 months ago

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10 Women Who Completely Changed After Plastic Surgery
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Plastic surgery is a booming industry that caters to its customer’s every wish and demand. When it comes to changing their appearance, celebrities don’t think twice about going under the knife. Celebs have been going under the knife for decades. And many of them became so addicted to changing their appearance that they eventually started to look like they’re made of plastic!

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Jahnah Lynn
'Jahnah Lynn' 2 hours ago
So you get plastic surgery and now you are made out of plastic? Do you even understand the definition of plastic surgery?
Hania Mahmoud
'Hania Mahmoud' 6 hours ago
Amanda looks amazing the way she is
Sam LSDInfo
'Sam LSDInfo' 10 hours ago
Thumbnail looks ugly, but now she's horrifying!
Chantelle Taylor
'Chantelle Taylor' 12 hours ago
If I put sugar on some dogga would you say that looks yummy? No. And thats what I think too plastic.cosmetic surgery. Makes people look like clowns
Maka Place
'Maka Place' 12 hours ago
Can't they stop making their hair blond? It's so boring and they all end up looking like each other with plastic faces and bleached heads.
Kara HSC85
'Kara HSC85' 13 hours ago
They must think that we, 'mere mortals' have plastic brains to get us to believe that it's their makeup and lighting making them look so different, lol!!😂 Yes, and it's a fabulous Wonder Bra making their breasts look 3-4 times larger then they used to!!😂😂😂
'faeriebilitie' 15 hours ago
I'm reminded of that one Twilight Zone episode where everyone gets a complete plastic makeover, but no one looks unique anymore because everyone looks the same.
Thee.GOLDEST Queen
'Thee.GOLDEST Queen' 16 hours ago
Naya has definitely had more than one surgery
Judy Berends
'Judy Berends' 19 hours ago
No ,no ,no. Lol
MOABghost Popcorn
'MOABghost Popcorn' 22 hours ago
Strange people these day
'JLBee' 24 hours ago
I wonder how the iPhone would do with recognizing the faces before and after.
Mimi Meyers
'Mimi Meyers' 24 hours ago
Ashley went to far. I loved her for not looking anything like her sister and her being her.😔
Mimi Meyers
'Mimi Meyers' 24 hours ago
Amanda should not have toutched anything.
Pritisha Shrestha
Idk why the talko is so obsessed with celebs' personal lives. What right do you have to interfear and judge ppl and talk crap abt something they believe in? Not that anyone asked for your opinion but your opinion is free. This is freedom of speech. If they wanna get plastic surgery then let them get plastic surgery. Is it really bothering you THAT much? I mean are they killing your dog or smoking all your pot? Like what have those women done other than live their life according to how they wanna live it. You disgust me! Do everyone a favour. Stop posting stupid videos and poking your nose in ppls buisness. Nobody cares abt your BS videos! The only person's time you're wasting is yours and especially mine. I have to sit here and have bullshit videos all over my home page! Whatever goes on in their lives is their choice! Do something productive instead of veing low life butt wipes.
sabushka koverova
I feel so ugly😢
PinkTiara ToyFairy
"10 videos that are totally brainless, shallow and toxic garbage" This would be = ANY 10 TheTalko videos!
Mimoza Maimutza
'Mimoza Maimutza' 1 day ago
Uite si bidoanca cu fața ei de joker
'savageman' 2 days ago
They got so much plastic because they are trans gender women don't look like this it is gross.
Sakira Lilly
'Sakira Lilly' 2 days ago
i think iggy was right just because u have plastic surgery dose not mean u have to judge them
'BUNNY'S WORLD' 2 days ago
I think it would be a good thing if more celebs were up front and talked about all the medical enhancements they have done to themselves. It would help those with little to no self-esteem to know it took $$ for their " role models" to look they way they do, and they weren't born that way. Any one can look like plastic for a good chunk of $$
David Williams
'David Williams' 2 days ago
Confirming to the industry's standard of beauty? And she READ it that way too...
Alexandra Roséa
'Alexandra Roséa' 2 days ago
Eww Amanda looks so ugly after the plastic surgery
'drewwashere10' 2 days ago
Moor cum au pronuntat "Drăgușanu"😂😂😂😂
Random Rambo
'Random Rambo' 2 days ago
Bianca is not a huge star of romania .Bianca is a hoe who get attention because her boyfriend has a show . Trust me im romanian
Random Rambo
'Random Rambo' 2 days ago
Ai di capu meu ai auzit cum a zis aia bieanca dregasenú Laic daca esti roman #romaniathebest
Mindy Dayana Najera Delgado
jasminee finch
'jasminee finch' 3 days ago
stop worrying about other people fuckki
Marie Wouters
'Marie Wouters' 3 days ago
criteria clean initially post car content doorway female race toe hole.
Marin Razvan
'Marin Razvan' 4 days ago
Ba,asta cum dracu a ajuns si in america?
chantal b
'chantal b' 4 days ago
All look the same in the end. oversized lips, big boobs, big ass, too much make up. Fake lost girls.
Timeea Kenez
'Timeea Kenez' 4 days ago
proud to be romanian :))
Kamara Davis
'Kamara Davis' 4 days ago
I think that anyone who has plastic surgery has their own reasons to do so and as long as they are happy with the end results that's all tbat matters. People should stop judging stars and making them live up to unattainable beauty standards.
West Coast Lady
'West Coast Lady' 5 days ago
I don't think people should be compelled to "come clean" about their surgeries. I loved Cher's answer, many years ago, when someone asked her about her plastic surgery: "If I want to put my tits on my back, it's my business". Bada bing. That was the end of that. I'm of the opinion that plastic surgery makes people look goofy, but not everyone agrees. To each their own.
Stefanie Fallin
'Stefanie Fallin' 5 days ago
These monsters take lip fillers to a whole new level ... huge fish lips...not a good look.
Princess Patriot
'Princess Patriot' 5 days ago
What's really sad it's all really young women here . Plastic surgery originally was something a woman fifty or older might consider .
Issabella Moore
'Issabella Moore' 6 days ago
I hate plastic surgery Oh Mr's potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty
Charlotte Racine
'Charlotte Racine' 6 days ago
You do you 🤷🏼‍♀️
Diane W.
'Diane W.' 1 week ago
Farrah looks awful and so does Kim zolciak!!!
Linda 82
'Linda 82' 1 week ago
Fake hoes everywhere
'TALIA YU' 1 week ago
Bianca looks like an inflated sex doll, and one bad at it
just Neuering
'just Neuering' 1 week ago
what about kylie?
Leela Powers
'Leela Powers' 2 weeks ago
I think all of those stars looked better before!
Linda Marie
'Linda Marie' 2 weeks ago
Farrah looks 50+ now
'amaddness' 2 weeks ago
Farrah is a nightmare. A walking, talking, breathing nightmare. She'll never be able to give her soul surgery. She's a stunted, self- absorbed, goblin, garbage bag, Freddy Krueger nightmare. Ugh.
no one
'no one' 2 weeks ago
these kinda videos are stupid, why do you care so much about someone using their money on something they love? like in my family, everytime i use all my money for makeup, fake lashes, piercings etc. both my siblings and grandparents start complaining and saying i’m ”wasting my money” 🙄 what about the fact that my siblings use all their money on videogames, why does no one say anything about that lol whatever
'Law19157' 2 weeks ago
Horrible, absolutely horrible. South Korean plastic surgeons are artists freaking sculptors they make the changes on you look natural, these look like they were done by amateurs or the patients just wanted way too much what's more, South Korean plastic surgeons worked on people who really were considered by society to be ugly these people didn't even look ugly before the're just super insecure about their faces.
'Gallop4Me' 2 weeks ago
Don't these people realize that later on these foreign substances break down in the body and the results won't be as flattering?
'mimi032ful' 2 weeks ago
Where are all the male actors? I know women aren’t the only ones tweeting things.
Dawn Bassat
'Dawn Bassat' 2 weeks ago
Well I feel like if a Celeb doesn't wanna share their personal info. Then thats them. And also a lot of the times. People are so nosie in celebs lives be over exaggerating on shit that celebs do. And celebs cant do shit in private without feelin uncomfortable. Like all these people involved in adult shit. Like let the celebs live they life. If they loom rotten and warn out 2 years from now. Thats them. Like leave them tf alone and leave em in peace. Like no celeb gotta spit they business out to the public. Like let them be.
Jo Bloggs
'Jo Bloggs' 2 weeks ago
They all looked individual before, now they ALL look like they came out of exactly the same mould, they are all clones of each other and look grossly false with waaaaayyy to much slap on (makeup) that makes them look like drag queens 😕
None Ofyourbusines
'None Ofyourbusines' 2 weeks ago
I don't know who's more stupid , these desperate attention seeking "celebrities". Or the pathetic vloggers/bloggers and mags showing the pics and making a big deal about it.. if you don't give them the attention they crave then this stupidity won't survive.. you're giving young immature people the idea that this is normal.. bad , really bad. Shame .
Azra Imamovic
'Azra Imamovic' 2 weeks ago
Stupid cows
First Name Last Name
Who wants to pay for surgery for me omg! Lol I'm so jealous!
James Waldenses
'James Waldenses' 2 weeks ago
What a bevvy of harlots! Filthy whores!
jamie seivertson
'jamie seivertson' 2 weeks ago
everybody is plastic now
Mehndi for beginners
Before was better for everyone as i say after was just disaster
Lumen Allison
'Lumen Allison' 2 weeks ago
I remember a movie that I used to watch all the time when I was younger that had Amanda Bynes as the main character. It was in an university and the queen of the sorority was looking for imperfection on her face and she couldn't find any. I think that's pretty ironic
'spicecrop' 2 weeks ago
Geez Amanda ruined herself . She used to be so freaking Hot.
sabrie curpedin
'sabrie curpedin' 2 weeks ago
Bianca dragusanu,"huge star" ???? Come on. You can do a favor to the Romanians and take her to Hollywood to make a show with her. After all she is a huge star, right?
Daddy Gee
'Daddy Gee' 2 weeks ago
3:40 Wait...... fivehead
Stefánia Waldhauser
Wait there's a reality show out there about pregnant teens?! Why?
Theresa Meier
'Theresa Meier' 2 weeks ago
energy train court point schedule carbohydrate cabinet attend manufacturing company.
Dana Lowder
'Dana Lowder' 3 weeks ago
They all looked better before surgery. When you no longer look like who you really are, it's a fake, weird-looking appearance.
C Noelle2.0
'C Noelle2.0' 3 weeks ago
I feel like this title is over exaggerating...
'carjassf' 3 weeks ago
If u actually listen to the commentAry. It does nothing but belittle woman . It tell yes you were cute be for but you are gorgeous after. How are girls ever going to ever have self confidence in what there mama gave them.
Andreea Lucan
'Andreea Lucan' 3 weeks ago
I watched at this video because I am romanian and I saw Bianca Drăgușanu on the thumbnail :))
Decebal Trandafir
'Decebal Trandafir' 3 weeks ago
Bianca, viata in plastic e fantasic. 😂
'bryankbye' 3 weeks ago
It shouldn't matter what someone gets done cosmetically or otherwise; if they're happy and aren't causing themselves or others harm then do as you please! However, not being upfront with the fact that you have had work done or are using cosmetics to enhance your look could become detrimental to those who look up to you as they may think that modified bodies are what comes natural. So all-in-all, become as modified as you want but embrace and be honest with yourself and those around you! (:
Jimbo Jenkins
'Jimbo Jenkins' 3 weeks ago
I guess Lil Kim would be too obvious eh?
Kiwi Karate Girls
'Kiwi Karate Girls' 3 weeks ago
Horrible starting point
Kit Okay
'Kit Okay' 3 weeks ago
I think it's really up to them whether or not they want to "come clean." It's called PRIVACY.
Gabriel Blake
'Gabriel Blake' 3 weeks ago
Ana Maria
'Ana Maria' 3 weeks ago
Wtf cum arată Bianca 😱
'smoothlyez' 3 weeks ago
non of these women are beautiful, what a shame
Khaliyah Taylor
'Khaliyah Taylor' 3 weeks ago
These ppl are so insecure
jordan williams
'jordan williams' 3 weeks ago
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Kara HSC85
'Kara HSC85' 3 weeks ago
The 'Beautiful and Talented' Jessica Simpson??!!😂 I suppose horrible acting, getting wasted quite frequently in public, and lest we forget the 'Tuna and Chicken Debate' with Nick Lachey is talent, then I applaud all of her talents!!🍺🍻🍸🍷🍹🐤🐟👋📀😎😜😜
Sabina Stavovei
'Sabina Stavovei' 3 weeks ago
Biank Draguseanuuuu =)))
'Flyingpinktaco' 3 weeks ago
Amanda Bynes was so pretty before :(
Sweetie Bellie
'Sweetie Bellie' 3 weeks ago
I’m fine as long as they make themselves look better. Surgeries enhance the women when they look cute and look glamorous. Many ugly women no matter how many procedures they go through....they still look nasty or even nastier.
'kpal_NoGender' 3 weeks ago
Juliet Robin
'Juliet Robin' 3 weeks ago
Celebrities or anyone has the right to use any amount of plastic and look as false, ugly and unnatural as they wish. Spend as much money as they want because it's their money. LOL!
Michaela Miky
'Michaela Miky' 3 weeks ago
Ce uraticaaaaaa!!!!😓😓
Sara Marika
'Sara Marika' 3 weeks ago
Everyone is going overboard with plastic surgey today, they all look so fake
'Tamayuzu' 3 weeks ago
I mean... if it makes them feel better... you do you! Personally though, I found that most of these women looked better before. Some adjustments are totally understandable but lips shouldn't look like weird squeezed hot dogs...
'6710lili' 3 weeks ago
I want to see them after 60 years old ,or earlier. Especially BD who is looking bad right now ! BD = Bianca Dragusanu .
Donald Welborn
'Donald Welborn' 3 weeks ago
a lot of these women were much younger in the before photos so its hard to say if it was good or bad for some of them. Im all for aging gracefully but in Hollywood looks are money so I understand. I bet more celebs get work done and we don't even notice.
Robert Cathcart
'Robert Cathcart' 4 weeks ago
Iggy Azalea also decided to be circumcised.
'Ana-Maria' 4 weeks ago
70% din comentarii sunt despre Bianca Drăguşanu lol :))))
Mia shields
'Mia shields' 4 weeks ago
Is it just me or Farrah looks like she’s 37 now
Alex Varley
'Alex Varley' 4 weeks ago
Some look like badly drawn cartoon characters from a cancelled comic book..others just too expensive to even look at..I do not see any one here that has any real practicality to them.
Hello Kitty
'Hello Kitty' 4 weeks ago
Ashley Simpson looks beautiful with the new look too
'P' 4 weeks ago
I really don't care for plastic surgery for myself, but I think people should come clean about it, and noone should judge them for it. You can do whatever you want to your body. At least for me, I think it would let younger people know that not everything you see is natural. And having people come clean about it could possibly get the stress off both parties.
LotusStream OceanMermaid
So, is plastic surgery unhealthy? What are the side effects?
'cryssyamor29' 4 weeks ago
The richest better .
Pisicutza Ada
'Pisicutza Ada' 4 weeks ago
Bianca dragusanu is not a big star in Romania! Nadia Comaneci, Hagi etc are big stars not this trash!
Ellie Lowrie
'Ellie Lowrie' 4 weeks ago
I think everyone is beautiful no matter what
Anonima Vintage
'Anonima Vintage' 4 weeks ago
9:03 Bianca Drăgușanu
Delicia Pascall
'Delicia Pascall' 4 weeks ago
This title is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo misleading, half these people literally had a nose job and breast implants
Marisa Coles
'Marisa Coles' 4 weeks ago
Its their choice to share with the public if they had surgery or not. It's a personal decision and it looks good on most the people who was in the video. Some people don't need it. Most really don't but they choose to.
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