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Can Adam Escape a Sinking Car? | MythBusters -
Published: 7 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 7 years ago

3, 364, 169 views

7, 388 Likes   951 Dislikes

Fearless Adam holds his breath as he is submerged in a pool to test the underwater car escape myth.

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Sanju Gurung
'Sanju Gurung' 1 day ago
100000000000 rupress car
ment games
'ment games' 2 days ago
Phil Buck
'Phil Buck' 4 days ago
Looks Like the best method would be to allow the water in (open a window,sunroof) to speed the time up for the pressure to be equal... shame its so cut short
Paigie DIY
'Paigie DIY' 6 days ago
Pls checkout my YT.. I just started fresh!
Iris Azucena Hernandez
Andrestc !
'Andrestc !' 1 week ago
Wait for it to fill ok
Jillian Thomas
'Jillian Thomas' 1 week ago
Just roll down a freaking window as soon as the car touches the water.
Guest 2758
'Guest 2758' 1 week ago
I dont know why its such a habit when you hold your breath when someones does in a video and you almost faint
'ExPloJay' 1 week ago
respect for camera man
'c3h8O' 1 week ago
Asshole jamie shoving the regulator in his face before he's even in the water.
My Pets
'My Pets' 1 week ago
There is two people
Ricky Cardona
'Ricky Cardona' 2 weeks ago
A mini air tank and goggles. That would probably be a good solution. As for babies, I don't know yet.
Content Deleted
'Content Deleted' 2 weeks ago
Just open the window or break it Adam......
MrPoopy HeadYT [MOD]
if it had a window at top I will just say TRY TO DO IT WATER
The King
'The King' 3 weeks ago
'HaPpY CaT' 3 weeks ago
Can adam ne
Brian Acost
'Brian Acost' 3 weeks ago
what if u push off on the passenger door with your feet and push driver door with ur hands
MPatrol5000 Big K
'MPatrol5000 Big K' 3 weeks ago
wow funny stuff
Dooly Doo
'Dooly Doo' 3 weeks ago
Me: siri how do ppl kill themselves Siri : i have found one video Video :
Viper Romani
'Viper Romani' 3 weeks ago
.This show was a joke and everyone in it was nothing more than ass clowns they only did this so they could feel empowered and boost their egos half the crap they did left a lot of questions i only watched maybe 4-6 shows and that was it got annoyed with the clowning around and bs
Daniel Busel
'Daniel Busel' 4 weeks ago
My grandpa died like this he fell into a river on his truck
Travis Hunt
'Travis Hunt' 4 weeks ago
Keep a peice of spark plug ceramic will break the glass
Internet Traveler
'Internet Traveler' 4 weeks ago
Anybody here from Tested?
Jordan Greek
'Jordan Greek' 4 weeks ago
I got LEVIS'S advertisement before video... WTF!!
Scott Krafft
'Scott Krafft' 1 month ago
That looks like Robocop's car.
Daniel Viselli
'Daniel Viselli' 1 month ago
Cooper Cook
'Cooper Cook' 1 month ago
I cringe so much because I picture myself in the car and what I want done is break the glass with my elbow and then just break free
Salman Ahmad
'Salman Ahmad' 1 month ago
Adhagdhrffbrn×029,/$$+₩₩[email protected]'--😮
Professor Blueberries
Hey guys life tip! If your trapped in the car and the door isn't working then take the head rest of your seat and jab it in the window and it will break because that's why it's pointed at the end. STAY SAFE :)
Xtragaming Withzach
'Xtragaming Withzach' 1 month ago
Hit a corner of the window next to you
Conner Harrell
'Conner Harrell' 1 month ago
That looks fun
Michael Marte
'Michael Marte' 2 months ago
Don't say bad words
Funsized .Chezney
'Funsized .Chezney' 2 months ago
The day you have school
'SanicIsBored' 2 months ago
The narration sounds likes something I'd see on Thomas and friends.
'FUPA LORD' 2 months ago
Literally my worst fear
Enderdragon Afs
'Enderdragon Afs' 2 months ago
*_Wow he cant hold his breathe for long._*
Teresa Zuna
'Teresa Zuna' 2 months ago
Teresa Zuna
'Teresa Zuna' 2 months ago
get out
Ste_rn Isn
'Ste_rn Isn't here' 2 months ago
Don't open the doors, open the fucking windows ;3;
Ford Mavericks OS X
'Ford Mavericks OS X' 2 months ago
What a waste of a 89-91 classic Ford Taurus. There are not many left in that condition to begin with....
Melissa Gurtowsky
'Melissa Gurtowsky' 2 months ago
Maddox and luke in school
Kgray 08
'Kgray 08' 2 months ago
So he dosent have any breathing stuff but the guy behind dose
Venncio Garcgrhhhfnnhhfbia
vbvbvb vbnbmn
Marc Field
'Marc Field' 2 months ago
Electric window or not get it down imedatly. Also not a bad Idea to carry a glass breaker in the glove box.
ISO can Demirhan
'ISO can Demirhan' 2 months ago
Alta was Soldes
ISO can Demirhan
'ISO can Demirhan' 2 months ago
Alta was soldes
ISO can Demirhan
'ISO can Demirhan' 2 months ago
Nasreen Banu
'Nasreen Banu' 2 months ago
Are u able to roll down the rear windows.? Cuz most videos only show the front windows being rolled down...
Joseph Clark
'Joseph Clark' 2 months ago
Fuck we have a child lock in the car so im thinking that if shit goes down I'm dead
'J W' 3 months ago
now if only there was a baby in the trunk
'fr0sty' 3 months ago
just open the window if you have power windows... it should still work
'piktureit' 3 months ago
He can't open the door because of the seatbelt
roblox.Production 123456keean1 [ Administrator ]
Why am i watching this in the airplane
'Bobcat' 3 months ago
who else held their breathe when he went underwater??
Cora Syverson
'Cora Syverson' 3 months ago
They nead to drive it in to the water
anthony gipson
'anthony gipson' 3 months ago
Take your head rest and take the bottom of the metal and smash the side window
'PowerOfThree' 3 months ago
Oh I thought this was sky does minecraft
RMS Lusitania
'RMS Lusitania' 4 months ago
If this ever happens to me, I don't know about that...
Austin Hindman
'Austin Hindman' 4 months ago
that amazing
'Joe's Vlogs' 4 months ago
Hahahaha 🤣🤣
Dini Arifian
'Dini Arifian' 4 months ago
wow 😶😋
Abdulwahab Alrashed
'Abdulwahab Alrashed' 4 months ago
The y
Ape Rule
'Ape Rule' 4 months ago
Why can't you wind the window down as soon as you hit the water and swim out through there?
'ELLY GAMES' 4 months ago
you would expect him to know how to get out of a sinking car since he's so "smart"
John Nanders
'John Nanders' 4 months ago
if you really think about it then a 700 pound engine would be too much for that small car
Manuel Dasneves
'Manuel Dasneves' 5 months ago
'Peter2kx' 5 months ago
Dihydrogen monoxide is deadly.
'InMySpareTime' 5 months ago
I was thinking could you move to the back seat and wait for the pressure in the front to equalize before diving under and getting out?
'Lemons19902010' 5 months ago
This is like my worst nightmare!
Luis Carlos Portilla Avellaneda
Jeff Busby
'Jeff Busby' 5 months ago
Can he escape sucking my balls?
'c21dickcracker' 5 months ago
So technically the car wants to drown you first before you can get the door open.
Eren Jaeger
'Eren Jaeger' 5 months ago
Just put on total eclipse of the heart and shoot the window
christopher Lewis
'christopher Lewis' 5 months ago
I am meant to be doing home work what am I watching ?
XXsniperwolf :
'XXsniperwolf :' 5 months ago
What about my new toilet :(
'SaintZombie1' 5 months ago
Straight terrifying
Jeremy Benson
'Jeremy Benson' 5 months ago
I need a math genius. If a car is floating down a river that is flowing 7mph, or 3.3 meters per second, and the car weighs 3400 lbs, and the wind is blowing 10km or 2.7 meters per second with the current, will the car float down river 6 meters per second?
wojtek buchowicz
'wojtek buchowicz' 5 months ago
We saving a disasters
'Maglouk' 5 months ago
fucking idiot, doesn't he know your supposed to drive with the scoba gear on? atleast hes passenger knows
Valent Master
'Valent Master' 5 months ago
yang kayak gitu bego
The golden Gamer
'The golden Gamer' 5 months ago
Yo that is not good and what engine would weigh 400 twin turbo
Jared Udono
'Jared Udono' 5 months ago
Roblox Gamer
'Roblox Gamer' 5 months ago
its sinking like titanic
Arianna James
'Arianna James' 5 months ago
You could of used your feet to break the glass
Csapat R
'Csapat R' 5 months ago
u need to have the window open u dumbass when u try to open the door
Sanity Kid
'Sanity Kid' 5 months ago
thats close i tot you were not alive
'HiddenApache' 5 months ago
im so dumb the whole time i was thinking "what if the window is open how tf would you get out then" XD
Potato Potato
'Potato Potato' 6 months ago
How did the water get in? I thought cars were water proof. I don't see in holes in the cabin.
Dora Quezada
'Dora Quezada' 6 months ago
esto. esta. peligro. le. puedes. llamar. 911
Dora Quezada
'Dora Quezada' 6 months ago
esto. esta. peligro. le. puedes. llamar. 911
Hmhs Britannic
'Hmhs Britannic' 6 months ago
Tip if you drive your car into the water do not try to open the door before the water is completely submerged instead break the window at the corners of it then climb out if there are children with you let them get out first......or you can wait till the car is completely under water then try opening the door then swim to the surface
Flemming Lerche Olsen
Austin Betts
'Austin Betts' 6 months ago
Use your head rest to break the window
Agnar Antonsson
'Agnar Antonsson' 6 months ago
You're supposed to break the window with a seatbelt
'Lars' 6 months ago
Just roll the window down or use the headrest's steel rods to break the window
Omar Pena
'Omar Pena' 6 months ago
Who is watching in 2017
'ass.' 6 months ago
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