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Can Adam Escape a Sinking Car? | MythBusters -
Published: 8 years ago By: Discovery

By: DiscoveryPublished: 8 years ago

4, 705, 760 views

10, 959 Likes   1, 430 Dislikes

Fearless Adam holds his breath as he is submerged in a pool to test the underwater car escape myth.

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Grant Chapman
'Grant Chapman' 1 day ago
*keeps hands on steering wheel*
Dercio Silveira
'Dercio Silveira' 1 week ago
And if he lowers the door windshild?
A very typical offensive name
If only GTA V Was this realistic.
Elvar Snær Ágústson
'Kujivs' 2 weeks ago
He Drowned!!
rainbow flash the pony
Michael .C
'Michael .C' 3 weeks ago
They need to make cars watertight.
Ariana Bruber
'Ariana Bruber' 3 weeks ago
I would have broken the damn window
Dontrell Hardnett
'Dontrell Hardnett' 4 weeks ago
Michele Vino
'Michele Vino' 4 weeks ago
WOW so ex treme
Terys TheTiger
'Terys TheTiger' 1 month ago
your crazy, you almost drowned him
Madge Rose
'Madge Rose' 1 month ago
Let me sing you a song I don't know my name I don't play by the rules of the game so you say I'm just trying just trying to find my way
Jac Custer
'Jac Custer' 1 month ago
kids in africa could've eaten that car
rileythe awsome vloger
I love mythbusyers
Man TheAwsomeBoy
'Man TheAwsomeBoy' 2 months ago
Where did the car go?
Do Bo
'Do Bo' 2 months ago
what are you cheering about? you would have died
hypdez legend
'hypdez legend' 2 months ago
Thats when you take off the head rest and place it in the door where the window is and try to pull the head rest down so the window breaks.... Boom problem solved
Bloodex Playz
'Bloodex Playz' 2 months ago
The Sinking of the SS Car
Movie Trailers
'Movie Trailers' 2 months ago
what the heck this this peace of trash that is so crazy to do that
'TheSmithersy' 2 months ago
Top Gear already did this. They discovered that if you're ever in that situation, just open the door and get out as quickly as you can the moment you hit the water..
Vivian Motz
'Vivian Motz' 2 months ago
That scared the krapp out of me I held my breath the entire video
'BusWillCrush' 2 months ago
I am a swimmer, I could easily hold my breath until equalized pressure
'Dgisch' 3 months ago
could haftor bjornsson open the door?
'EVAN ALBAZI' 3 months ago
He almost died
Long Boi
'Long Boi' 3 months ago
Phew good thing I don't gotta car. (Lol jk)
Kai P
'Kai P' 3 months ago
Use a head rest to smash the window
Falcons Are the best
'Falcons Are the best' 3 months ago
Oh no I should’ve taken my phone out of my pocket
'TheDoctor980' 3 months ago
These puns are awful
Rosa Isela Enriquez Huesca
Michelle Rekuc
'Michelle Rekuc' 3 months ago
The real solution is break the window and crawl out
'WoahItzAmira' 3 months ago
As soon as u hit the water you should open ur window then when ur under just swim out 😂
a Full Hotpocket Hotpocket
8 years more boys
christian hill
'christian hill' 3 months ago
I wish he died
'tall32guy' 3 months ago
as I commented in another comment on here, there are window-breaking devices that are very inexpensive, that are made exactly for breaking car windows in situations like this. I think everyone should carry one in their glove compartment. The catch though, is that you have to practice using it so that you know exactly what to do if the situation comes upon you, because every second counts (roughly SIXTY of them) before your chances of getting out are almost nil.
'tall32guy' 3 months ago
I'd freak so bad if i were in that same situation. Just watching him made me get claustrophobic and a little anxious.
Λᴍɪᴛ Nᴀɢᴀʀ
You need to open the door or window before the water gets to them
'DChangArmy' 4 months ago
'SusanoRipper' 4 months ago
1) Adam wasted terrible amount of oxygen by just pressing on those dors (movement consumes it far more than patience) 2) He;s a physician, he knew that (although its a topic of an experiment so he had to)
The Red Salamander
'The Red Salamander' 4 months ago
This episode ended up making me buy a emergency hammer to break the car window in case this ever happens to me
'renog' 4 months ago
I always thought you could just open the window and get out
Pier Mario Jack Marcias Marcias
Poveri gatti in vena di riparo......
Victor Lucasmendes026
Lata fakr
Super saiyan god 4.0
'Super saiyan god 4.0' 4 months ago
why would you do this?
Autumn Rain
'Autumn Rain' 4 months ago
That was pretty cool
Rylan R
'Rylan R' 4 months ago
Just break a window!!!!!! The car is already dead,
Valentino Martone
'Valentino Martone' 4 months ago
Q: Can Adam escape a sinking car? A:Yes
jorden Grace
'jorden Grace' 4 months ago
That's a big pool
Game Over
'Game Over' 5 months ago
shay sykes
'shay sykes' 5 months ago
Acar Erker
'Acar Erker' 5 months ago
Adam dediler geldik
vCashout TV
'vCashout TV' 5 months ago
row down the window
DrGon os cool Cool
'DrGon os cool Cool' 5 months ago
Wat dus this mean &7+’
jamie nutter
'jamie nutter' 5 months ago
cool hope you are okay love have a happy day today
Suat Tran
'Suat Tran' 5 months ago
'Skoda130' 5 months ago
Just open the car window. The faster your car is full of water, the faster the pressure inside equalizes with the pressure outside.
'rickroll11112' 5 months ago
Kick the window down the second you get in the water #QUIKMAFS
Park Justin
'Park Justin' 5 months ago
hes not really a strong guy tho....
Stephen King638
'Stephen King638' 5 months ago
I thought the regulator was a microphone and the person in the backseat was a camera man.
sonico meme
'sonico meme' 5 months ago
Five Cars Five Guys
'Five Cars Five Guys' 5 months ago
... You could have broke the glass to get out.
'Tyler's world' 5 months ago
Adam actually admitted this was the scariest mythbusters moment he had. I believe it.
bunny_ 005
'bunny_ 005' 6 months ago
Split the car
'Conor3D' 6 months ago
'Bunnyman999' 6 months ago
This is um... worrying to say the least
guest the weirdest channel ever
Guess you can call it Caranic
'XDragoner!' 6 months ago
Imagine if you were in a 2 door and the children were in the back
[TGL] The gaming lounge
Honestly some dumb stuff in this video. First this was extremely dangerous they could of easily drowned.. Second A waste of money buying a car and flooding it nice waste of 50 or something like that dollars. Thats all
Sharon Roberts
'Sharon Roberts' 6 months ago
how do I have sex with my girlfriend
William The Train Maker
1 more to get 1,000 dislikes in this video
fishing with slush
'fishing with slush' 6 months ago
Holy crap this is cool
'사신youtude' 6 months ago
'블육이YOUTUBE' 6 months ago
아 다영어네 나 영알못인데 ㅠㅠ
Samuel Barnaville
'Samuel Barnaville' 7 months ago
It sank like titanic
RAAZ Roofing
'RAAZ Roofing' 7 months ago
Good job
Sanju Gurung
'Sanju Gurung' 7 months ago
100000000000 rupress car
mentos games
'mentos games' 7 months ago
Phil Buck
'Phil Buck' 7 months ago
Looks Like the best method would be to allow the water in (open a window,sunroof) to speed the time up for the pressure to be equal... shame its so cut short
'AestheticPandaz' 7 months ago
Pls checkout my YT.. I just started fresh!
Iris Azucena Hernandez
tc entertainment !
'tc entertainment !' 7 months ago
Wait for it to fill ok
Jillian Thomas
'Jillian Thomas' 7 months ago
Just roll down a freaking window as soon as the car touches the water.
Guest 2758
'Guest 2758' 7 months ago
I dont know why its such a habit when you hold your breath when someones does in a video and you almost faint
'ExPloJay' 7 months ago
respect for camera man
'c3h8O' 7 months ago
Asshole jamie shoving the regulator in his face before he's even in the water.
No talk Channel
'No talk Channel' 7 months ago
There is two people
Ricky Cardona
'Ricky Cardona' 7 months ago
A mini air tank and goggles. That would probably be a good solution. As for babies, I don't know yet.
Content Deleted
'Content Deleted' 7 months ago
Just open the window or break it Adam......
XxDeathKing GamingYT
'XxDeathKing GamingYT' 8 months ago
if it had a window at top I will just say TRY TO DO IT WATER
The King
'The King' 8 months ago
Alp Boray
'Alp Boray' 8 months ago
Can adam ne
Brian Acost
'Brian Acost' 8 months ago
what if u push off on the passenger door with your feet and push driver door with ur hands
MPatrol5000 Big K
'MPatrol5000 Big K' 8 months ago
wow funny stuff
Dooly Doo
'Dooly Doo' 8 months ago
Me: siri how do ppl kill themselves Siri : i have found one video Video :
Viper Romani
'Viper Romani' 8 months ago
.This show was a joke and everyone in it was nothing more than ass clowns they only did this so they could feel empowered and boost their egos half the crap they did left a lot of questions i only watched maybe 4-6 shows and that was it got annoyed with the clowning around and bs
Daniel Busel
'Daniel Busel' 8 months ago
My grandpa died like this he fell into a river on his truck
Travis Hunt
'Travis Hunt' 8 months ago
Keep a peice of spark plug ceramic will break the glass
Internet Traveler
'Internet Traveler' 8 months ago
Anybody here from Tested?
Jordan Greek
'Jordan Greek' 8 months ago
I got LEVIS'S advertisement before video... WTF!!
Scott Krafft
'Scott Krafft' 8 months ago
That looks like Robocop's car.
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