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China's toxic smog - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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For much of the past month, a huge swathe of northern China has been shrouded in a thick layer of toxic smog. Pollution has reached such high levels that Beijing's met office this week issued a warning against venturing out into the snow because of fears it's dangerously contaminated. With pollution now thought to be the cause of more than a million premature deaths a year, our correspondent John Sudworth travelled to China's most polluted city

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James Tam
'James Tam' 3 days ago
I don't think we can do anything about this, so we can be... grateful that we are not breathing in toxic-level air? :D I don't live in china.
'Komorebi23' 2 weeks ago
China is the real threat to the environment and for the humankind sustainability
JinJi Xia
'JinJi Xia' 3 weeks ago
The real respect to this reporter from a Chinese. It is an amazing job he has done in China
Dark Vadertrauebrein
Go CHINA ! It's all lies, CHINA is not polluted ! When there is pollution it's because of the wind that brings pollution from USA and Canada ! Filthy americans ! Go China ! Sooon China and Canada will belong to China !
Rayde Fonseca
'Rayde Fonseca' 3 weeks ago
You born in a place like this and think what a hell I'm going to do now? Before you get start something you already are sick.
Elsa Jung
'Elsa Jung' 4 weeks ago
It will end after everyone is dead
'Elmo' 4 weeks ago
smog in china they also spread to korea.
soffy chang
'soffy chang' 1 month ago
omg that’s my hometown right there
Екатерина Неживых
В Китае заработал гигантский очиститель смога на солнечной энергии
'김성훈' 2 months ago
Dirty china
'hondacivic8' 2 months ago
why do western care?
Austin Lucas
'Austin Lucas' 2 months ago
I suppose this is what America looked like (particularly Los Angeles and PIttsburgh) in the 1930s-50s.
'samtoo2010' 2 months ago
Believe it or not I am from this city. Living in my hometowns is just the same as people in UK live in London during the industrial revolution era. Life is crazy like in a Vietnam war. People are so crazy about materialism and willing to kill and sacrifice anything on their way. Absolutely insane. No one cares about what is morals
George Batton
'George Batton' 2 months ago
For sure China has huge deposits of natural gas.
Aaron dimm
'Aaron dimm' 2 months ago
london history :pollution city .English people forget about that ?
Unnko Unnko
'Unnko Unnko' 2 months ago
Can I help china by not farting a lot? Coz I fart many times a day, feel bad man
Patrick Lo
'Patrick Lo' 2 months ago
Britain suffered smog not too long ago and now they mock on china why???
Toby W.
'Toby W.' 2 months ago
We already had smog here in Bavaria, Germany two times this year...
'Michael' 3 months ago
'!?' 3 months ago
Cockroaches of the World Chinese
Cali Surfer
'Cali Surfer' 3 months ago
looks like london
Softwares Evolution
'Softwares Evolution' 3 months ago
Hey Guys, check out this amazing website to monitor the air quality of your city or any other city of the world
'Royce551' 4 months ago
When you accidentally put residential zone too close to the industrial zones in city builder games. Except that it's real life, and real people are affected by it.
Arctic Killa
'Arctic Killa' 4 months ago
You think if they fear breathin in the air and wear face masks that they'd do what they could to fix it and not continue to make it worse
爸 爸
'爸 爸' 4 months ago
Derek Chlorophyll
'Derek Chlorophyll' 4 months ago
Shijiazhuang,my hometown. The pollution here is severe, that is mainly due to a indoor heated system named "Nuan Qi" which conveys heat by water in tubes. The water is heated by the burning of coal and this cheap but effective heating method is extremely popular in northern China. If there are too many people using this system and fresh air doesn't circulate fast, particles caused by the combustion will descend in the air and form smog. Besides, Shijiazhuang as a representative of Hebei province have accepted a lot of industries removed from Beijing since the smog problem came into public sight. That can also explain why other cities in Hebei also have serious air problems, such as Handan, Tangshan and Baoding. We as a member of Hebei do contributed a lot to help Beijing get rid of air problem.:(
'TEMPLARS RISE UP' 4 months ago
ccp china has 1300000000. people. ccp do not care. SMOG & OTHER POLLUTION can KILL MANY MANY china man like kill TOILET WORM. 130000000. toilet worm.HAPPY NOW??? china WORM?????
'TEMPLARS RISE UP' 4 months ago
Jamil Emambux
'Jamil Emambux' 5 months ago
joy santod
'joy santod' 5 months ago
Plant more trees. Trees are the best air filters.
ars t
'ars t' 5 months ago
That's crazy how China allowed things to get that bad.
'Bb&me4ever' 5 months ago
Damn dawg I can't even go to China because the pollution would kill my lungs. My peoples lungs are use the opposite of Chinas air quality.
Kyn Chan
'Kyn Chan' 6 months ago
I heard this is a clear day. Just imagine if there was fog as well.
Anabel C.S
'Anabel C.S' 7 months ago
Woauu human polution
Michał Ziobro
'Michał Ziobro' 7 months ago
Like cracow
LordDissRoast420 And69
While our only home called Earth is rotting away because of pollution, governments and countries have the courage to spend overall globally trillions of dollars on military "protecting the country"-why? It doesn't matter if you combat feminists, racism, rights and laws if we do nothing and stand around watching how Earth falls apart we will go equally extinct make it rich or poor, white or black, tall and short, skinny or fat, smart or dumb we will be doomed to extinction if no serious action is taken.
'Patrik' 8 months ago
"Aah fresh air!" said no chinese ever.
'Coldworld' 9 months ago
They burn coal, but they are switching to nuclear power en masse, so that'll clean up a lot.
Çocan Pom
'Çocan Pom' 9 months ago
nuclear reactors in od...prepping for ???
RuS TheMotherFcking Parker
fact: China is soo polluted they buy air canister and jar of air just to feel fresh air
mobtsuki 100
'mobtsuki 100' 10 months ago
everything is dirty in there.
'马勒隔壁' 10 months ago
why he wear a mask ? I thought English people already has immunity of smog as he comes from the famous city of fog--- london
Jhonny Aidi
'Jhonny Aidi' 10 months ago
China need more trees
'Callandor' 11 months ago
I wonder if the Clown President could make America like China. Get rid of the EPA for starters, getting out of Paris Agreement... The winner CANCER!
look alive
'look alive' 11 months ago
William Reyes
'William Reyes' 12 months ago
How can people take this normal
Bforthe #
'Bforthe #' 12 months ago
Do, Do please DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Not only the contaminated smog but the huge dust wind from desert in China is killing South Korean. Why dont act on it. I am madly serious.
Y nao
'Y nao' 12 months ago
death china
Ray Zhang
'Ray Zhang' 12 months ago
the cost of developing,its common in history of the world
'sssweetnesss' 1 year ago
US is next
Seoulful Racing CP
Did you know that Mexican pollution is worse than China? Today all over China the Aqi Air quality index ranges from 100-175. Mexico 150-890 . 890 aqi in Aguascalientes. Why is USA obsessed with China when your southern neighbors are worse.
The Fibler
'The Fibler' 1 year ago
This is what the GOP wants to being to America.
Mars 2222
'Mars 2222' 1 year ago
chinese love money more than anything....even their own country..
'lello333' 1 year ago
Beutiful, extinction is very very very close, im very sry for all living creatures of this planet
Sherill George
'Sherill George' 1 year ago
I live in a cave
stan smith
'stan smith' 1 year ago
Google toxic smog uk 23rd January 2017
'季JI' 1 year ago
i'm not gonna give you a question BBC, you are fake news, don't be rude, don'
James Wood
'James Wood' 1 year ago
It's a third world country what do you expect.
Keiko Tunoda
'Keiko Tunoda' 1 year ago
Japanese air cleaners are being well sold in China. Chinese say Japanese one is the only trustworthy to buy. thay say they need Japanese one to breathe. as a Japanese I'm glad our products are helping poor Chinese people.
Messiah KING
'Messiah KING' 1 year ago
Turmp says CNN and BBC is fake news!You are fake news!
Rolland Ibrahim
'Rolland Ibrahim' 1 year ago
Either you make green tech cheaper and sell it to the Chinese, or you simply shut up and let them deal with it.
Big A
'Big A' 1 year ago
China had a plan to grow exponentially using cheap coal and now they built up their economy they have the money to clean it up and and spending billions in renewables and ev cars. Unfortunately, China will beat the US in conversion to green technology and will probably the largest producer of solar panels and ev cars
Jixian Jiang
'Jixian Jiang' 1 year ago
Do British people rememberLondon Smog Disasters?What Chinese are suffering is used to suffered by your grandparents!it's not funny and i can understand it
Tony Ng
'Tony Ng' 1 year ago
this is population reduction program of china gov, don't blame it, chinese people actually enjoy that
'HotZetiGer' 1 year ago
cold weather + coal
Michal Ziobro
'Michal Ziobro' 1 year ago
You don't need to go to China tousands of miles, just fly to Poland: Rybnik, Gliwice, Skała, Skawina, Nowy Targ (south poland region)
Long Bow
'Long Bow' 1 year ago
Reminds me of Victorian London fog.
double K
'double K' 1 year ago
they chose development instead of environment
'李胜' 1 year ago
'I'm an Asian' 1 year ago
'Amy' 1 year ago
That's the thing: everyone wants cleaner air, but no one is willing to change their lifestyle to get it.
That Fella
'That Fella' 1 year ago
They're hiding the best noodles on the planet under those thick layers of "smog."
'Phil' 1 year ago
Hoax. Trump said so. Probably smoke machines on the tops of those buildings.
Adeel Raza
'Adeel Raza' 1 year ago
BBC = British Bullshit Combo !
Lanester 101
'Lanester 101' 1 year ago
Its funny how nations in europe are bombarded with Demands to decrease pollution and cut down on emissions when over 25% of the entire worlds yearly pollution output comes from just 2 countries, China and America.
'TheRobo1997' 1 year ago
Hahah I find this funny and amusing the Chinese brought all this on themselves and will suffer the consequences
'RYORA' 1 year ago
Honor, Satus & Money Worth More Than Life? Very Silly Idea China, One That Which is Not Thought Full or Funny >_<
'公孙策' 1 year ago
现在不是19世纪了 还他妈的端着你们大英帝国的架子
'公孙策' 1 year ago
又是这个记者 中国这么大 你他妈的就找不到一件好事吗 雾霾你们英国人就别凑什么热闹了 已经够糟心的了
'胡子' 1 year ago
this is bbc,
Sips of Hell
'Sips of Hell' 1 year ago
Mateo San
'Mateo San' 1 year ago
This kind of thing is the reason that I get upset when I see couples having more than 2 or 3 children in this day and age. The world can't support any more people, it's disgusting to live this way. We must start focusing on quality of life and keeping our cities clean and habitable.
Luke Zhang
'Luke Zhang' 1 year ago
Although BBC is 100% biased, they are not wrong about this polluting shit, apart from the 1 million some death there. I mean I'm from Beijing and my parents are constantly stopping me from returning home so their grandchildren wouldn't grow up with such shit quality of air.
'姜璐' 1 year ago
Do you remember that morning you woke up, British? Welcome back to home.
'Truthseeker' 1 year ago
pollution kills SJWs and liberals. China don't have any. This reporter died coughing.
Zealot Wang
'Zealot Wang' 1 year ago
China's pollution is covered more consistently and loudly than most countries' war. Thanks BBC, this is no news, the more actions government has done is news, American deny climate change is news.
Shanghai Noon
'Shanghai Noon' 1 year ago
*China has reduced its fossil fuel emissions for the third consecutive year.*
Robert Yangkwon KIM
China is not anymore a country. The government gave up. IT affects neighboring countries.
Will Li
'Will Li' 1 year ago
Good news is that China has huge bus plan which can give some help for solving smog.
'YouMustBeFibbing' 1 year ago
No surprise, it's Mr. John 'I Hate China' Sudworth again!
'房仕勤' 1 year ago
Only those sissy gay fucks would worry about pollution..a real tough guy would always run towards the smog and take deep breath.
Forrest Gump
'Forrest Gump' 1 year ago
India is a lot more polluted, why doesn't the BBC report on that? On a very very bad day in Beijing, PMI 2.5 can reach 500, but in Dehli, it hit 1400, in fact, the US embassy there said it was literally off the scale.
BBC is actually feeling happy about Chinese people suffering smog. The UK wants China to suffer war and unrest, and then they could invade China again like what they did in 1840 which was the beginning of China going downhill.
Phil Dobson
'Phil Dobson' 1 year ago
Was the same in UK cities right up until the 1950s. In London they called the smog *"pea souper"* because it was the colour of pea soup!
Cecil Rhoads
'Cecil Rhoads' 1 year ago
Kong Wee Peh
'Kong Wee Peh' 1 year ago
Finally, you don't need to go to remote area to film your "story". :)
Chuck Fina
'Chuck Fina' 1 year ago
Still far less toxic than the vermins themselves The air got polluted by the breath they exhaled.
timperz Newman
'timperz Newman' 1 year ago
India's particle level is twice as high,relax))))
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