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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 3 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 3 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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Mr Mister
'Mr Mister' 2 days ago
Yes you can dodge a bullet but it depends on how far away it is and who the person is for example if usain bolt can dodge a bullet probably if it was like 13ft away but not directly in his face also it would depend on how fast the gun is
'tankmaster1018' 3 days ago
It cracks me up how they have an English narrator even though its the same language! I'm not gonna lie though, I do like him.
'CT5productions' 1 week ago
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge anything
saw kwe
'saw kwe' 2 weeks ago
Nogi Banika
'YTROBLOGGamer' 2 weeks ago
Your dodge build didn't work.
Artwon Nowtra
'Artwon Nowtra' 4 weeks ago
He is slow and not agile at all, plus is he moving after he shoots or at the same time?
Alberto Brando
'Alberto Brando' 4 weeks ago
What happens in the Matrix can never happen in RL
Lloyd Nix
'Lloyd Nix' 4 weeks ago
Get a CS:GO pro to do this.
Akira Toriyama Fortnite
He doesn’t have the ultra instinct 😂😂😂
Rahim 192
'Rahim 192' 1 month ago
The flash can do it
'fosheimdet' 1 month ago
Simply bite the bullet. Easy.
nathan gonzalez
'nathan gonzalez' 1 month ago
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a bullet..
Cool Hand Luke
'Cool Hand Luke' 1 month ago
how can he dodge a bullet without a katana?
'driftwolf' 1 month ago
Most "dodge the bullet" that I know about was more about looking at the trigger finger than the muzzle flash. It's more about dodging before the bullet is fired, but after the shooter can adjust. Not after it's fired.
Bloo The Boss
'Bloo The Boss' 1 month ago
His best bet of dodging it is knowing that its gonna hit and trying to dodge it before he even knows when its shot, not exactly the best way to do it but going off of pure reaction time or even reflex alone won’t work so that at least gives you a better chance I’d say
Piero Minaya Rojas
'Piero Minaya Rojas' 2 months ago
You have to make Max Payne's moves to dodge bullets.
'FortnitePlayer1' 2 months ago
See if you have Ultra Instinct you can dodge a bullet no problem
'GucciSleddyBoi' 2 months ago
in pubg its somehow possible to dodge bullets from metres away
'ALL DAY' 2 months ago
If you talking bout long range like 1000 yards than you might have chance.
Dennis Gamble
'Dennis Gamble' 2 months ago
The longest sniper kill was like 2miles long taking 7 seconds to reach its target. You could easily walk out of the way unsuspecting
my six senses are over level 9000
well if you actually think about it you dont need to outspeed the bullets you gotta be faster than the guys aim so yeah if your are running fast enough you can dodge the bullets flawlessly well i hope im correct
'Rebel' 2 months ago
How is the rifle blanks helping if the paintball guns still right in front of him
Serendipity Gaming
'Serendipity Gaming' 2 months ago
If you dodge reactively, ofc its going to be too late. you need to dodge before the shot right before its taken THEN you can dodge a bullet. wich is what dodging mostly is, anticipation.
Derek Wall
'Derek Wall' 2 months ago
well at close range no you cannot dodge a bullet, but at long range (MORE THAN 1760 YARDS) if you see the flash from the muzzle of the weapon you'll have 2 and 1/2 to 3 seconds to duck or jump out of the bullets path. BUT THAT IS ONLY IF YOU SEE THE MUZZLE FLASH IN TIME
Ruce Bajer
'Ruce Bajer' 2 months ago
What? Why do they change the narrator?
David Angel
'David Angel' 2 months ago
I still cant believe they are not close friends
Preston Samson
'Preston Samson' 2 months ago
Theoretically you can dodge a bullet because of speed and if it is a lot further than 200 yds
Modit Bazracharya
'Modit Bazracharya' 3 months ago
All you need is observation haki
Glitchy Glitches
'Glitchy Glitches' 3 months ago
Dodge it while running
kenneth morris
'kenneth morris' 3 months ago
kinda before the pop. if u can hear it.b4 you would just have to be really lucky lol
kenneth morris
'kenneth morris' 3 months ago
yall dodging the wrong thing thats why. you have to dodge the sound first.
B4M Clan
'B4M Clan' 3 months ago
Why are they laging so much ?
'Fate' 3 months ago
Can you do deflecting a bullet with a sword.
Jkl Alskjdjhg
'Jkl Alskjdjhg' 3 months ago
At 400 yards just wear a bullet resistant vest
lennux ND1
'lennux ND1' 3 months ago
Best way to dodge a pistol bullet is to look at the trigger and predict when it's going to be pulled.
Real deal
'Real deal' 3 months ago
Teodor Kuběna
'Teodor Kuběna' 3 months ago
They have decent reflexes but they are slow af.
Will Shults
'Will Shults' 3 months ago
what if you start dodging before he fires, and the sniper doesnt have enough time to react to the new position of the person, therefore firing where they were before they started dodging
A Scott
'A Scott' 3 months ago
This didn't even take in account that you would have no Idea which way the bullet was travelling, for example the said sniper aims at your heart but you dodge to the right so now your hit through the side of your body, and if they saw you looking at them (somehow don't ask) then they would probably be patient enough or can predict your movement in suck a way you would always be dead on top of this!
'DecadenceGaming' 3 months ago
KennyS would do better then this
'Cutie' 3 months ago
I love mythbusters!!!
Paul Latour
'Paul Latour' 4 months ago
Hello Your Discovery Science! Your videos are awesome! Can I post them on our gaming Facebook page ("Gamology-The best of gaming" : 4 million followers)? I need your approval. I will credit you of course! :) Thank you and have a nice day :)
Abubakar Adeni
'Abubakar Adeni' 4 months ago
What rifle used?
Bojo Mochev
'Bojo Mochev' 4 months ago
Nesa Simon David
'Nesa Simon David' 4 months ago
We dodged a bullet when Trump got elected
Alvaro Aguilar
'Alvaro Aguilar' 4 months ago
I thought you were supposed to drop when u were being shot at?
Senior Youssef
'Senior Youssef' 4 months ago
3:14 ultra instinct Jamie
[MILF] Fifty Shades of Mama Luigi
Snipin' is a good job mate
DerPyPuG LorD
'DerPyPuG LorD' 4 months ago
Cant you just sit under a tree whilst the shooter goes and shoots other people
'Sveinis3KUL' 4 months ago
now, try with a real bullet
Daniel Georgiev
'Daniel Georgiev' 4 months ago
Mistake me if I'm wrong, but the bullet travels faster than the sound. By what I see he starts to dodge the moment he hears the shot. This means he will definitely be already shot
Ralph Reagan
'Ralph Reagan' 4 months ago
"If you can dodge a wrench"...
Amy Francko
'Amy Francko' 4 months ago
you wouldn't be able to dodge it because you wouldn't be able to predict the exact direction (nor would you see it).
Thicc Boi
'Thicc Boi' 4 months ago
I wonder if they took into account the velocity of the common caliber/ grain of projectile used by a "sniper".
AJPlayz 1345
'AJPlayz 1345' 4 months ago
I can I've done it before true I have very fast reflexis
Mysterious Conroy76
'Mysterious Conroy76' 4 months ago
Not a myth search Vietnam soldier shoots cop and he actually dodged a bullet from a pistol
'DrivasTheGenius' 4 months ago
Vash the Stampede
'Whynot211' 5 months ago
The dislikes is 666!
IceShadow Luffy
'IceShadow Luffy' 5 months ago
666 dislikes.
Joonatan Lehtonen
'Joonatan Lehtonen' 5 months ago
A human could dodge a bullet, if they could move fast enough. Some humans can have enough reflex, but their body isn't fast enough.
'inregionecaecorum' 5 months ago
I don't need to dodge bullets, I simply redirect them with my chi innit :)
'fagot' 5 months ago
Mate, old people got slow reaction speed. Average human is 250ms, mine is 200ms. Some proffesional video game players has around 100
'Jomidot' 5 months ago
I could dodge A bullet
GD Lennyvania
'GD Lennyvania' 5 months ago
Let me insert dragon ball memes
'djukor' 5 months ago
Are real bullets slower or faster than these paint ones.
Faisal Al-Yahya
'Faisal Al-Yahya' 5 months ago
He is NOT The Chosen One!
Honza Boldi
'Honza Boldi' 5 months ago
It is all about practice!
Diarminator Fallon
'Diarminator Fallon' 5 months ago
it takes 80-100 milliseconds to proses what you see
'dozza92' 5 months ago
Mythbusters: If we cant do it then its impossible!
'STC' 5 months ago
Some people might have faster reflect, but they won't able to see the flash 1000 ft away.
Paarveen Ravindran
'Paarveen Ravindran' 5 months ago
If that bullets hit his head
Fake Age
'Fake Age' 5 months ago
4:02 unless he miss
Captain Sharky
'Captain Sharky' 5 months ago
3:48 Matrix Style Dodge
Lois DW
'Lois DW' 5 months ago
Call Isao Machii to cut the bullet
Pétur Arnar Kristinsson
Seem conclusive for a sniper´s bullet, but the title only says "dodge a bullet" it would be intereting to repeeat this with a handgun at a closer range with a trained peron (i.e martial artist) . in my opinion it would then not be a matter of eein a muzzle flash but reacting to some very subtle change in the shooter´s posture, reacting to a bullet leaving the barrel is too late, it´the intention and the pulling of the trigger that must be sensed and acted upon at the exact moment of no return (when the shooter cn no longer abort the shot)
Razor Reznov
'Razor Reznov' 5 months ago
Try using real bullets I bet you will dodge
Surasin Tancharoen
'Surasin Tancharoen' 5 months ago
Tested by using 2 fat scientists, this is a good example of how to have wrong scientific methodology, but a good tv show.
Gio escalante
'Gio escalante' 5 months ago
the trick is to predict the bullet, not dodge it
James G
'James G' 5 months ago
Not unless you're Grant Gustin
'ElectroGamez' 5 months ago
I tried to get my brother to dodge a bullet, he couldn't...
Sung-Soo Devine
'Sung-Soo Devine' 5 months ago
if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a bullet
Dutch Power
'Dutch Power' 5 months ago
let bruce lee do this but hey I read somewhere that on the ancient Chinese battlefield they had rifles but their opponent Chinese fighters had steel umbrellas with which they could protect themselfs if they saw a muzle flash Could it be possible to make an umbrella of kevlar which works as a bullet proof vest?
Christian Dwyer
'Christian Dwyer' 5 months ago
he just has really bad reflexes. He moved too much after you hear the gun shot
Manilla Ice
'Manilla Ice' 6 months ago
I like how the gun he holds in the end is a dragunov airsoft gun and is totally not the same gun they used
Jonathan van dorsten
'Jonathan van dorsten' 6 months ago
so your fastest reaction speed was .4 seconds.... yknow thats below average right?
'jakelavaclaw' 6 months ago
Its easy to dodge a bullet, for example one time I dodged a bullet by pulling out of my Roblox girlfriends pu$$I btw im just joking if you couldn't tell lol
'CCG' 6 months ago
do sum fucking movie bullshit and just do backflip bro
Clem Fandango
'Clem Fandango' 6 months ago
get an athlete. that would be interesting
Ali Mohammad
'Ali Mohammad' 6 months ago
0:44 that was the slowest reaction ive wittnessed man move your belly
'Gaucho' Gath' 6 months ago
i dodged widowmaker bullet 6 times in row on silver ranks
Young Nerfer
'Young Nerfer' 6 months ago
the human eye gives information at 200 mph
Mc Rozza
'Mc Rozza' 6 months ago
490ms reaction time? I have 203ms
'Spikeorra' 6 months ago
Guys you can doge bullets. I watched the flash and Barry could do it. So it must be true.
Vivid-arwick w
'Vivid-arwick w' 6 months ago
still that's impressive
i re
'i re' 6 months ago
the average human reaction time is 300 m/s
David Morris
'David Morris' 6 months ago
490 ms reaction time, are you guys drunk?
Sean Chong
'Sean Chong' 6 months ago
you cant dodge a bullet based on the sound, because speed of sound is slower than the bullet. you already got hit when you hear the bullet fire
Shadow Walker
'Shadow Walker' 6 months ago
These two are not in the top physical shape. Also they have not trained their reflexes or their brains to react to situations like this. There are far too many factors that simply cannot be replicated in a lab. I know people want to believe that lab equipment is everything but real world circumstances are totally different. Also another factor is that their brains knew they were in no danger and thus did not provide that heightened response that the brain provides when ones life is in REAL danger. Their conclusion is flawed on so many accounts and most of those flaws come from their own bodies and brains.
Chaotic Wolf
'Chaotic Wolf' 6 months ago
The whole point of dodging a bullet is predicting when someone will shoot and dodging it before they shoot, not when they shoot. There is no possible way after shooting a bullet a human can possibly be faster than 700+ mph speeds.
yfSfundo Cele
'yfSfundo Cele' 6 months ago
well this one is not tested under the assuption that an object doesn't move(which favours the snipers accurracy and is unrealistic) and also a sniper doesn't wait that long to take a shot(taking longer makes you more accurate).so speaking as a scientist they didn't rpove anything as they experiment had nothing to do with a real situation(not that i am saying dodging bullets is possible).but there is alot more to this then they tests(motion,natural reflexes,awareness,trajectory,reflex-awareness time dialation,etc).in the real world snipers try to assassinate peopel and miss due to a person's motion(even if they just walking).so it should be a major part of the results
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