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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 3 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 3 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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'armynurseboy' 8 hours ago
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball..... ;)
'KAMIKAZZyyyY' 1 day ago
He's in CS:GO
Mason S
'Mason S' 1 day ago
Busted, but not in the matrix!
'NEON6X' 2 days ago
290ms Reflex is impossible? Ask Dev1ce
'escaflowne789' 2 days ago
I dodge a bullet once . Tho the priest and the people who attended were not happy.
roax foil
'roax foil' 3 days ago
all you need to do is just dropshot...
harry Johnson
'harry Johnson' 4 days ago
I think if the target is moving and the sniper is 1000 meters away he can doge the bullet.
'XxSlayer7745251xX' 4 days ago
Bullet: I'm 2 fast 4 u
'Mcsqueegy' 6 days ago
Fucking lag
Frank Conrad
'Frank Conrad' 1 week ago
But.......... there are so many factors that need to br takrn into account of dodging a bullet...
Caden LeVahn
'Caden LeVahn' 1 week ago
*blam* He got me. 1:51
Balzsack mcdouchwad
A sniper would shoot from atleast 500 yards though right?
Alex Santoso
'Alex Santoso' 1 week ago
well the different here is they tried to dodge a bullet after its fired, the real bullet dodging is like some form of martial art which need to see literally their eye where they aim and their hands before they take the shot, so its not real dodging bullet but more like prevention of prediction
'Christopher80611' 1 week ago
Well Neo definitely can
Seth Jones
'Seth Jones' 1 week ago
you cant dodge a bullet
Tanmay Shekhar
'Tanmay Shekhar' 2 weeks ago
thay should have used sports person for this
Joel Ong
'Joel Ong' 2 weeks ago
who else thought it was satisfying to watch him dodge the bullet
Joe Jr
'Joe Jr' 2 weeks ago
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball
Muhammad Abdullah
'Muhammad Abdullah' 2 weeks ago
Can you dodge a SNIPER* bullet?
'Fandabidozi' 2 weeks ago
im jealous of that svd
Nerd VS Gaming
'Nerd VS Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Jamie could totally be Jason vorheese
Lust Bunny
'Lust Bunny' 2 weeks ago
is that really accurate?
'T3hSteamcrusher' 2 weeks ago
pistol bullets? perhaps. rifle bullets? no way
ֆƈʀɛա ʟɨʄɛ
'ֆƈʀɛա ʟɨʄɛ' 2 weeks ago
JEEZ what if it hit him
Ebit Lagger
'Ebit Lagger' 2 weeks ago
In real life a real sniper will never let you see the mussel flash that cuz what sniping is all about, to kill targets even before they know it
UNB3TABULL is_awesome
All this is assuming they don't have some sort of flash hider or suppressor
Gonzo Gaming
'Gonzo Gaming' 3 weeks ago
good way to train special ops lol.
Ajila Waya
'Ajila Waya' 3 weeks ago
What gun is Adam using in the end? I'd really like to own one.
Mr Anderson
'Mr Anderson' 3 weeks ago
"He's beginning to believe."
This is fake
Ethan Malin
'Ethan Malin' 3 weeks ago
if you shot real ammo and if it was a mile then it should get to you in 4 or 5 seconds if you use a tac 50 or Barret
'Mikel' 3 weeks ago
most pro games have a reaction speed of 160 Jamie's reaction time is 460 that's 4x slower since reaction time decays over age myth no busted or confirmed
Chris Burdick
'Chris Burdick' 4 weeks ago
Can't dodge what you can't see.
Dire Wolf
'Dire Wolf' 4 weeks ago
Ive dodged hundreds of bullets... i dodged a bullet box
Alexander Balesini
'Alexander Balesini' 4 weeks ago
They should have tried with younger people, your reflexes begin to fade and get worse after the age of 40+
JayJay Gaona
'JayJay Gaona' 4 weeks ago
Try with someone younger
Crazy Russian
'Crazy Russian' 4 weeks ago
'MrEloxis' 4 weeks ago
Dodge the bullet seem to be impossible but do everything for let the sniper miss is not impossible.
Julian Schecter
'Julian Schecter' 4 weeks ago
Fascinating and educational! I look forward to seeing more of your videos! You just earned a new subscriber! :)
Jintaro Kensei
'Jintaro Kensei' 1 month ago
490 ms.... clearly not a gamer stat.
Roope Latvatalo
'Roope Latvatalo' 1 month ago
Jamie isnt even a gamer. Nor a soldier that has been deployed. Why is he expected to have amazing reflexes? But he actually dodged one.
zalbortrox zalbortox
They should of brought in a martial artist with high speed.
'MonkeySeeMonkeyDoo?' 1 month ago
I wanna try!!
Belle Mystique
'Belle Mystique' 1 month ago
They should have had some Japanese samurai be the candidate for this experiment or someone with extremely fast reflexes. You can't just ask the myth buster guys to step in as guinea pigs. Come on, they look like they swill beer on their off hours and weekends. This so called myth was busted before it even began once those two bozos partook in the experiment.
'Lemonfaic' 1 month ago
But the problem is your reaction times suck.
Just B.
'Just B.' 1 month ago
What if you try to predict the bullet? And under the assumption you know where the bullet is coming from?
Bob Smith
'Bob Smith' 1 month ago
If you can start your movement as they are about to shoot, you could very well dodge a bullet
An33s Durrani
'An33s Durrani' 1 month ago
Use Bruce lee as target
'LazyFuku' 2 months ago
seems legit
Valentine Faith
'Valentine Faith' 2 months ago
Vietnam veterans did it
'MahdiPlays' 2 months ago
.49s reaction time? wtf kinda of potato reaction time is that
Will JK
'Will JK' 2 months ago
I dodged a nerf bullet once
Shahzad Agent47
'Shahzad Agent47' 2 months ago
wtf he's shooting with real gun but there a gun in front of the standers and that's shooting wtf? ????
Not You
'Not You' 2 months ago
that dodge looked really cool tho
Brandon Crystian
'Brandon Crystian' 2 months ago
Were's Neo when you need him
Frankie Winters
'Frankie Winters' 2 months ago
You don't dodge a bullet in real time that's impossible! You just switch on your slow-mo function in your brain that we all have as humans.
'grubbylyra' 2 months ago
You never know I mean he is slow
'Mystigun' 2 months ago
If you can dodge a wrench
'kuroipyros' 2 months ago
you can't dodge a bullet, but the shooter can miss the shot.
dedline jackpot
'dedline jackpot' 2 months ago
I can dodge one at 100
Ikääntynyt lapsi
'Ikääntynyt lapsi' 2 months ago
actually u can dodge a bullet becose somethimes snipers in real sniper i mean shoot from 2500m away and it takes 2 seconds to hit u so at that point u can actually dodge a bullet
Commander Shepard
'Commander Shepard' 2 months ago
And yet Overwatch has the trajectory bullet of widowmaker painted red. tsk tsk ts bad blizzard, bad!
Dark Legend
'Dark Legend' 2 months ago
Max Payne can
'Abliskarian' 2 months ago
Leave it to a CSGO player to dodge this with their inhuman reactions XD
Reed Jones
'Reed Jones' 2 months ago
when he actually dodged it it looked so cool lol
Reilly Jensen
'Reilly Jensen' 2 months ago
Get a stunt expert
I love me some Dead People
Hold my beer...
ĸɩηɡ ɕσɓɾα
'ĸɩηɡ ɕσɓɾα' 2 months ago
step ur game up noobs i dodge bullets easy in gta 5
Volt Wrecker
'Volt Wrecker' 2 months ago
Jesus, so much work was put into this.
'Rasmus' 2 months ago
Why are they standing with straight legs?
Step uppp3
'Step uppp3' 2 months ago
I'll matrix that shit fam.
'Jacket' 2 months ago
Lmao noob, all I have to do is press E.
Nut N
'Nut N' Jerry' 2 months ago
you can dodge a bullet from predication and luck
koko hekmatyar
'koko hekmatyar' 2 months ago
maybe if your were the flash
'silvereagle90000' 2 months ago
I've spoken to a long retired Marine from Vietnam. His longest shot was  1720 yards. 40 yards from a mile. He told me he was disappointed with his shot, because it hit the forehead, and not between the eyes like he aimed for.
'captainrobots' 2 months ago
if it was far enough away and you bent over and dodge it on accident
'Keranu' 2 months ago
This segment proved to me that remote possibility that a bullet CAN indeed be dodged under the right conditions. A thinly framed person with quick reflexes at 500 yards away being shot at in the dark with bright muzzle flash just may have a chance at dodging the bullet. If Jamie could barely dodge a high velocity paintball, I don't see how a thinner, trained person has "no way" of dodging it, as Adam puts it. I came in thinking this was impossible and the Myth Busters "debunking" has made me reconsider.
Free Smoke 420
'Free Smoke 420' 3 months ago
living in chicago...we dodge bullets all day everyday 24/7.
tedo stambolishvili
'tedo stambolishvili' 3 months ago
Please say saundreik"how the universe works"
Donald Cum
'Donald Cum' 3 months ago
I was a shooter once.. then I took a bullet to the knee. ouch
finickybean03 6
'finickybean03 6' 3 months ago
I dodged I nerf bullet
'r0bw00d' 3 months ago
What the hell? Is this "Mythbusters: Down Under Edition?"
lânchánđời nguyễn
i had evaded a bottle which is kicked by my friend,traveling about 100m/s right front of my face.i had seen it flying and i react very fast to move the head and body to the right,and then a loud sound when it crashed the cupboard.
Jesse Faucette
'Jesse Faucette' 3 months ago
You could do the same with a 45acp at 200 yards
'Flatline365rulz' 3 months ago
"given that the quickest human reaction result was 490 milliseconds..." You've got to be kidding me... Grab any gamer who plays a FPS and I guarantee their reaction time is a lot faster than half a second.
'Steven' 3 months ago
400 yards!? The gun is actually 2 feet in front of him!
'asianboy8969' 3 months ago
This is all good and fun in all, but can he dodge a ball?
Lights JusticeZ
'Lights JusticeZ' 3 months ago
My dad works for the government and soldiers trained in Black Ops are able to have lightning reflexes. How fast is that? They would have been able to dodge the first paintball in the first test. How's that possible? Adrenaline. After extensive training by being able to release huge amounts of adrenaline at will, it's as if time really slows down. It's literally "Spider-Sense". You see the bullet coming slow enough to dodge at that range. But that's not the end of training. Soldiers are also trained hard to have their bodies immediately and automatically release large amounts of adrenaline at the 'sound' of a bullet. It essentially becomes a trigger for their body. For comparison sake, how fast and sudden can you react from someone calling your name? Can you imagine your body automatically triggering the response to listen just within the first syllable? And while there are other people talking, do you find you can single out your name clearly amongst the crowd when your name is called? It's the same concept. Amazing what the mind can do!
'AnimeLapse' 3 months ago
Also, he's expecting when it will fire.
rikuo nura
'rikuo nura' 3 months ago
but what if you know when and where the bullets gonna hit just like Kirito dodging bullets in ggo
Marco Massa
'Marco Massa' 3 months ago
john michael
'john michael' 3 months ago
Bruce Lee where are you when you're needed....
ras b
'ras b' 3 months ago
only if bruce lee was here in this experiment for dodging thier results would have been different
'kanervatie' 3 months ago
Can you Dodge Charger a bullet. Very funny.
'Elemental_Phoenix' 3 months ago
So, you can theoretically 'dodge' a bullet so it doesn't hit your heart but hits your shoulder instead?
Jeremy Rosal
'Jeremy Rosal' 3 months ago
If only they tested this on Bruce Lee
Adam SoFly
'Adam SoFly' 3 months ago
it's possible I witnessed it
George D.
'George D.' 3 months ago
of course you cant. you dont need a fucking experiment to prove it.
HunterWare [WCKS]
'HunterWare [WCKS]' 3 months ago
in csgo this is not possibly .
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