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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 2 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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3dgar 7eandro
'3dgar 7eandro' 1 day ago
If he can cut through it sure he could dodge it.
'Mallrick' 2 days ago
didnt watch the video yet but im sure the answer is no...unless its someone throwing the bullet
'linkinmetalica' 3 days ago
"I need to test if someone can possibly dodge a bullet", lets find a person that represents the average fat American and see if he can dodge a bullet. Nice logic. This is the equivalent of testing to see if hippos can do cartwheels. This experiment is rendered useless because the test subject isn't adequate. Whenever someone mentions "dodging a bullet" does a fat American come to mind? Or does a thin, quick minded, and fast paced martial artist come into mind?
Christopher Telesford
I think it's possible to dodge a bullet; practice makes perfect.😁👍
Psychomaniac Video Workshop
He is not fully protected with shields, because the head part and neck is partially shielded, if i had used the gun.... That guy might had already dead
WrathMachine Gaming
Am I the only one that saw the paintball gun? I see the barrel moving whenever he gets shot. I think the point is to shoot the gun, to create a blast, which will create a flash, that is connected to the paintball gun to shoot. Which is probably what he said at he beginning.
Danny Stegen
'Danny Stegen' 4 days ago
its not unrealistic for a sniper to be shooting at a target over 1000 meters which would for someone with good reflexs almost double the time that jamie had to dodge the last shot and then you could dodge it possibly by the sound but even then you probaly wont be aware of the sniper about to shoot at you and if you are ... well then why are you standing out in the open making yourself and easy target :-P
Late Night Gamer
'Late Night Gamer' 4 days ago
lol umm did it occur to them two 50 year old men have ass like reflexes? They couldn't pay an athlete or someone with better reflexes? All humans do not react the same
'dev' 4 days ago
It's crazy that I live in that city there in
Yunpei Yang
'Yunpei Yang' 5 days ago
It is like goalkeeper against a penalty kick (soccer ball). You pretty much need to start doing things right before the ball (or in this case the bullet) is flying.
Nerf Justice
'Nerf Justice' 5 days ago
How the fuck would someone think this is smart.
David Gilkin
'David Gilkin' 6 days ago
while it still wouldn't probably help someone dodge a real bullet. Jamie was standing flat footed which makes it harder to move quickly. If he was on his toes his reflexes would have been better.
yoshikazu arakawa
'yoshikazu arakawa' 6 days ago
how are they not dead with bullets in their chests are they wearing bullet proof vests or are they made of steel
'RustyWolfFX' 7 days ago
Still... Great reference for animators
'iTz_BeKK' 1 week ago
Guys this isn't rocket science. The average bullet travels 1,700 MPH and the speed of sound is 767 MPH, meaning that the bullet will hit him way before he even hears it.
satan Shark
'satan Shark' 1 week ago
of course if will hit if fat adam does his slowest dodge against rifle
'TheWretchedKing' 1 week ago
Gotta call jet li
Srg Fkct
'Srg Fkct' 1 week ago
The only way to actually dodge a bullet, is not extreme reflexes, but prediction, so to say.
Ben Dover
'Ben Dover' 1 week ago
He couldn't dodge cause this nigga old!
'SARSbandit' 1 week ago
But what if it was Helen Keller shooting, so when you saw the flash, you dodged right into its way? ....ya know, cuz she couldn't aim
'Fozzy' 2 weeks ago
Take in arch giving the bullet more distance to travel and wind in some attempts
'Justin' 2 weeks ago
Well, once I dodge a cracker my friend threw at front of my face during lunch
'TheRestlessrogue' 2 weeks ago
you wont be able to dodge it just for the simple bullets fire at the speed of sound you see the flash of the gun but that bullet is already about 200yards out
Charis The Hedgehog
'Charis The Hedgehog' 2 weeks ago
At this point it doesnt really have to do with reflexes. Your eyes cant even *see* the bullet to react to it. So the only ways to dodge a bullet is: prediction,stop time,be able to see at the speed of sound like speedsters and Sonic or whatever (The Flash kind of speedsters)
'TooMuch' 2 weeks ago
I can dodge in Battlefield
'Beavertrain99' 2 weeks ago
It is possible to dodge a bullet if the guy cant shoot straight
haroon farhang
'haroon farhang' 2 weeks ago
Oh let's bring a fat ass to try it instead of a trained guy
William Holtzclaw
'William Holtzclaw' 2 weeks ago
Conclusion, IF you can see a bullet coming from 500 yards away, you can dodge it. but it's unlikely that anyone realistically could.
'松浦龙马' 2 weeks ago
Imagine letting Bruce Lee trying this test....
'SwedPowers' 2 weeks ago
Put a cs:go or starcraft player to the test then talk. Also it's not true to life because having adrenaline in your body when you're in war for example would enhance your reflexes!
Andrew Vasirov
'Andrew Vasirov' 2 weeks ago
It is possible to dodge bullets while moving/running, as the one sniping has to calculate the projected trajectory (or how you call it). During war, you don't wait for the flash to appear, you wait for the enemy to see you, then take cover, it is possible that the sniper would shoot while you are taking cover, outsmarting him if you can repeat the action. Trying these in video games is funny, and annoying for the shooter.
Noxin Bocaj
'Noxin Bocaj' 2 weeks ago
snipers dodge bullets all the time. Snipers commonly have tracer bullets to see where it goes, and that's how snipers dodge them. They see the green line from the tracer bullet, and roll out of the way.
King Belial
'King Belial' 2 weeks ago
If normal joes can't how about super joes like martial artis? maybe they can.
Louie Macorncan
'Louie Macorncan' 2 weeks ago
No, its not really busted, because possible of highly trainning to have your reflex to be highly to be fast as you can, I am speaking like athlete skills or the person who is skill with the sword, that is right I am talking about the samurai and yes the hate about samurai and good boast stuff and so. Yea I know samurai lost against gun markmenship, but it doesn't mean a temp use the sword to split the bullet to dodge and using ur gun the same time, pretty much can be possible. Dodge maybe possible as always.
Silver Ingot
'Silver Ingot' 2 weeks ago
Does nobody realize that you need to count in bullet travel time? Cuz the paint ball gun is closer to him and that cuts down the travel speed on the bullet... Shoot him without a paint ball gun in front of his face 1 foot away That'll give him time to get away
Cryptic 90
'Cryptic 90' 2 weeks ago
give a person with better reflexes, it depends on the person
ace gammared
'ace gammared' 2 weeks ago
To dodge a bullet, you have to predict the shot.
Abhishek Dogra
'Abhishek Dogra' 2 weeks ago
Ozymandias begs to differ.
Bertrand Rongé
'Bertrand Rongé' 2 weeks ago
Well I don't think the myth was dodging a bullet after seeing the flash from the shot. People dodging bullets in movies are dodging from the intention of the shooter, like I see you arm pointing in that direction, so I move out of the path before you pull the trigger ^^
Kamil Siemiński
'Kamil Siemiński' 2 weeks ago
McGregor would dodge and counter the sniper.
'dodododa' 2 weeks ago
Adrenaline would make you react much faster.
That Guy
'That Guy' 2 weeks ago
Unless you are running a rogue build with 65% dodge *said every pd2 player*
Taylor Lewis
'Taylor Lewis' 2 weeks ago
That looks so cool
try with life ammo maybe if his life depended on it he would do better
Lars Malsbender
'Lars Malsbender' 2 weeks ago
I can dodge paintballs..we practise it...we call it matrix drill...
'SuperSneakySniper' 2 weeks ago
Odd. When he is shooting I swear he's shooting a Barret MRAD or maybe a 98B Fieldcraft. And then at the end, it magically turned into an SVD variant!
Dark Matter
'Dark Matter' 2 weeks ago
I practice reaction times at 250ms on CSGO, and there's pro players that are even faster, you guys are just old and slow lol x)
'MrAlen61' 3 weeks ago
In Russia, bullets dodge you
Michael Vigo
'Michael Vigo' 3 weeks ago
Why this video is on my recommendation page? Like WTF?
Dominique Mulder
'Dominique Mulder' 3 weeks ago
Dangerous there she humor shift.
Mark Evans
'Mark Evans' 3 weeks ago
"Connection Problem , your ping is too high" ;)
'Abwehr11' 3 weeks ago
A dodge is not a reaction, but a proaction. Got it? U foresee that someone is going to shoot on u in a certain direction.
Sourav Sanyal
'Sourav Sanyal' 3 weeks ago
put ms dhoni he will show how to dodge..
Jeff the killer Woods
could Bruce Lee or isao machi of Dodge a bullet to be or not be that's my question seriously what do you guys thank human limits get pushed everyday
'daylondog' 4 weeks ago
Where as I agree with this test, dodging a bullet is near impossible, some of their tests I don't like because they aren't factoring in adrenaline. Now, I could be wrong, I'm not doing the test so I don't feel what they feel but on some their tests I feel like the outcome would be slightly different if they felt like they were actually in danger.
'MrSleepingtiger' 4 weeks ago
Well. You wouldn't be able to see the muzzle flash for sure. And by the time you hear the fire, the bullet from a sniper rifle could hit you twice. Maybe you have a better chance to dodge a bullet from a handgun from a closer proximity, because you see the finder pulling the triger, and you may be able to dodge the line of the bullet path before the trigger being pulled. Although writing it down I realize it's highly unlikely.
The Foxiest Pinnacle
surely just by moving the blank shooter back the necessary reaction time would be the same because it's light travelling that triggers the paintball gun
'MrKOHCEPBAHT' 4 weeks ago
You have to use The Force and predict bullet before it shot, not after!
'theprince08853' 4 weeks ago
So if someone's trying to gun you down then move closer to the gun? Need survival tips, might be visiting America soon.
25th Bam
'25th Bam' 4 weeks ago
Jaime turned into the agent from the matrix this episode
Newtus minder
'Newtus minder' 4 weeks ago
He moves like an old man.
Blox Tube
'Blox Tube' 4 weeks ago
look at the thumbnail i thought adam had an intervention lol
Simo Gaming
'Simo Gaming' 1 month ago
you need a shringan done!
'Piroclanidis' 1 month ago
No No No you see you have to lean backwards and bend 90 degrees like you are playing limbo while flailing your arms around then you will be able to dodge bullets
Ya boi feiner
'Ya boi feiner' 1 month ago
I like that g6r :)
Jack Alexander
'Jack Alexander' 1 month ago
What about a .50 cal from 1500m with no flash eliminator??
Matthew Crone
'Matthew Crone' 1 month ago
The reason this is so hard is it takes nearly 250 milliseconds for your eyes to see the muzzle shot, flip the image, send and send this image to your brain. Then your brain takes another 50-100 milliseconds to decode this information and send a message to your muscles to move. Then it takes another 75 milliseconds for this information to reach your brain, by this point the bullet has already traveled approximately 350 yards out of the 400. therefore you only have about 50 millisecond for your muscles to move your 175 pounds of body mass out of the way. Making if also Physically impossible to dodge the bullet.
The noob
'The noob' 1 month ago
Watching back on myth busters I now notice all the bullcrap
Austin fields
'Austin fields' 1 month ago
It was fake did you see the paintball gun closer to him
'M OH' 1 month ago
Hard to dodge anything with your feet flat on the ground. You would think keeping on your toes like a goal keeper may have helped a little.
'JoeyTV' 1 month ago
I hate how they act like they are the best at everything and that if they cant than nobody can 😒
Alejandro Pantoja
'Alejandro Pantoja' 1 month ago
I wonder whats faster, a bullet or electricity?
Gordon Brown
'Gordon Brown' 1 month ago
500 yads=457 metres
Nguyen Minh
'Nguyen Minh' 1 month ago
Logic explanation: unless you see the bullet flying from 500 meters away, it is not possible to dogde a bullet. Why? This dude tries to dodge the bullet by its sound but the speed of sound is 340 meters per second while the speed of the bullet is about 2 - 4 times faster than the sound, so by the time he hears something to start reacting, the bullet already get him.
'CUXOB2' 1 month ago
i am amazed that they know what a millisecond is, shouldnt they call it a 1/12 of a chewpacabra.
Kevin Phoenix
'Kevin Phoenix' 1 month ago
Try it on an agent, such as Agent Smith. They can dodge it.
'Star's Adventures' 1 month ago
He looks like a walking birds nest.
'LexDatrex' 1 month ago
Bob long Intimidator :3
Matty GT
'Matty GT' 2 months ago
Why you should always stay indoors
'DragoniteFX' 2 months ago
It's impossible to dodge a bullet, well maybe not, just catch the bullet in you butthole 😀
'OnideusMadHatter' 2 months ago
The trick isn't to dodge the bullet, the trick is to dodge the actions of the shooter. That is, where is the shooter looking and is he pulling the trigger. You can dodge the pull of the trigger, because it's the movement of a finger, you can't dodge a bullet though once it has been fired.
Billy Celli
'Billy Celli' 2 months ago
You could dodge a bullet. It would just have to be under the right conditions. Say around dusk. Lets say you are 1000-1200 yards out from the enemy. The enemy has a 308. You would have a second and a half to move maybe even two seconds. (depending on what grain bullet and how much it slows in flight) . At dusk you would see the muzzle flash. Its a one in a million situation but to say its impossible makes no sense. A second and a half to move is if the bullet stayed at 2700-2800fps the whole way. But thats obviously not what would happen. I just don't even know how to begin doing math for that.
jimmy karlsson
'jimmy karlsson' 2 months ago
what if two snipers scooping eachother and one of them fires from 1km away?
'joannaz' 2 months ago
What about the speed of light?
Manatee Man
'Manatee Man' 2 months ago
Jaime was smarter about dodging than Adam. Turn and retreat gets your bulk out of the way faster than leaping sideways.
'kamikaze00007' 2 months ago
I'm surprised nobody seems to mention the fact that the guy actually doing the dodging here in this test is actually altering his focus and attention from the muzzle flash to the gun that's actually in front of them before they could dodge. Since the bullet itself isn't from the tip of the flashing muzzle, it's pretty much like the bullet itself teleported the whole way up to the actual paintball gun's muzzle where it gets fired up close. In terms of milliseconds and reaction time based on many factors like a human's cognitive focus and it's effectivity, there's a big discrepancy that invalidates this test's results for me (at least on the paintball side). The dodging done and being tested here relies on a human's visual cognitive speed in combination to reflexes and movement impulse speed. If he could see the flash but has to change his sights towards the tip of another barrel in order to begin tracking the coming projectile, it's much more difficult to say it's an apples to apples test.
Lithy Veronica
'Lithy Veronica' 2 months ago
Still only human.
'Geekagamingz' 2 months ago
Three factors: One, you don't use reaction time. Two, you have shitty reaction time. Three you're probably not exactly the fittest person on the planet (No offense)
'' 2 months ago
I'm super fast and slim so I think I can dodge one
Oleg Bezman
'Oleg Bezman' 2 months ago
Its very improbable to dodge a bullet... but.... if you use a very very very very very hightly trained martial artist that has trained all his life to dodge bullets.... then maybe.... maybe you can use him as a you wont die...
Sonic -Kun
'Sonic -Kun' 2 months ago
More like can you deflect a bullet because I have
Nimrad D
'Nimrad D' 2 months ago
Hows the song at 3:17 called?
Alex N
'Alex N' 2 months ago
you lost me here. Read real snipers' bios, they have to lead their *walking* targets by a whole step if not more at real life sniping distances. That means the bullet is in flight for long enough for the person to make a step normally. Now pair that with a fighter reaction, somebody who can dodge a punch. Nothing superhuman in that. That's got to be faster than a normal person taking a normal unhurried step. You need bigger distances?
'Ted' 2 months ago
Real bullets drop over time and wind changes direction. So this is technically just trying to dodge a paintball from 2 feet...... this is a fail test
'Chickenp00nage2' 2 months ago
Didn't bring in a superhuman?
502 Come up.
'502 Come up.' 2 months ago
Minato could dodge it .
Harry Potter
'Harry Potter' 2 months ago
Those 1000 yard shots made on moving targets are your only chance to dodge in the real world. You can hear it assuming it's not suppressed and you can stop moving and drop to the ground
Mark Reagan
'Mark Reagan' 2 months ago
and it's not a sniper rifle I can't stand that word, its fucking dumb
Mark Reagan
'Mark Reagan' 2 months ago
that's a fast ass .223 remington, switch to a 9mm
Simon Koetsier
'Simon Koetsier' 2 months ago
They should've used the matrix-dodge.
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