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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 3 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 3 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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'dragonspirit1185' 2 hours ago
you guys should have gotten somebody who was like an agent or something that has really good reflexes you two were not good test subjects
'BongSao1979' 18 hours ago
I loved this show. Too bad Adam is an anti-white racist.
Zacrue Gaming
'Zacrue Gaming' 2 days ago
i see my grandpa doing better to dodge thats bullet
'ProdigySim' 2 days ago
Just put a frying pan in front of your head
'MTube' 3 days ago
No it's the age if your younger you have quicker reaction time
Vincent Widjaja
'Vincent Widjaja' 4 days ago
How far is 200 yard (meter)
'TaxemicHail' 4 days ago
Quicksilver couldn't do it
Jonathan Stepney
'Jonathan Stepney' 4 days ago
Wtf the shooter didnt even shoot him it was the gun infront of him duh
'Frozzen' 4 days ago
You can dodge a bullet. It's just like... 2 seconds AFTER they shot they tried to dodge...
luu saveas
'luu saveas' 4 days ago
u guys r just slow!!
Pharlax Playz
'Pharlax Playz' 6 days ago
Oh paint ball wew better feeling about this now
DeathlyNeko [] The Gaming Overlord
Why don't you just do it at night?
Noah Törnlund
'Noah Törnlund' 6 days ago
What if you could hear it
'mikiny11' 1 week ago
You can dodge a fucking bullet...
Luc Marguerat
'Luc Marguerat' 1 week ago
They did that in germany but the guy dodging the bullet was a fencing pro so he had mad reflexes
'Negan' 1 week ago
Battlefield game developers need to watch this
Vicky Murugesan
'Vicky Murugesan' 1 week ago
can you tell me the velocity of the bullet ?
'TheLostBoy' 2 weeks ago
bullets also don't fucking teleport 400 yards
'sk0sH' 2 weeks ago
They didn't take into account the roughly 50ms of "lag time" between the neurons firing in the brain and your body's willingness to move, I don't think. So technically they could still probably dodge one at around ~440m, not just at 500
Death Knight
'Death Knight' 2 weeks ago
To dodge a bullet you need to react before the gun shoots.
knightz zoss
'knightz zoss' 2 weeks ago
only way to dodge a bullet is you got have faster response think quicker enough movement i can dodge bullets by looking but if i wasn't looking then bullets by hit me Anyway but i got buster sword block it or slap it back at them you should try sword slap bullets back at gunner
Mikey Games
'Mikey Games' 2 weeks ago
3:13 "I know who you are hanzo..I know you come here every year on the same day"
Natalija Laonar
'Natalija Laonar' 2 weeks ago
Hardly concluzive. Get someone else there not these guys (there reflexes suck), and try it agen. Maybe a good athlete or martial artist. Seriusly? "490miliseconds is the best human reaction time" O_o Dont make me laugh, I my-self can shave off 100 from that, on my worst day, probably up to 150-200 on my best. Probably best for a pair of couch-potatos like them, but not a fit, trained individual. I have seen reaction times in the 200-250miliseconds range. Plus, there dodging tehnique was bad, they didnt even use there hips to twist, mostly the upper body. Sorry guys, you wont dodge much that way. Bend your knees sligtly, so your hips can turn, and stay loose. You'l be suprised at the diference. Thumb down from me.
Pro Jibez GAMEZ Gamez
What if its from australia to America
Luc Laan
'Luc Laan' 2 weeks ago
Just go in to Pasive mode
BOND 0707
'BOND 0707' 2 weeks ago
you could dodge a bullet if you were "the one" in the matrix
Emario Johnson
'Emario Johnson' 2 weeks ago
its easy to dodge a bullet, just dodge before they shoot :V
#1Spidermanfan !!!!!
I know Spider-Man can
'iDrinkOxygen' 3 weeks ago
My reaction has been measured at like 120ms
'Kiyoshi' 3 weeks ago
What if you reacted before the gun was shot?
Windows 7
'Windows 7' 3 weeks ago
Kids that rp always like "-dodges-*
Kevin Conteh
'Kevin Conteh' 3 weeks ago
One man can doge a bullet at close range even when he has no powers
Travis Halford
'Travis Halford' 3 weeks ago
Lol it almost grazed him
'G M' 4 weeks ago
It's not only the matter of distance between the gun and the object. The muscle velocity of gun also plays a role in it. If Barret m107 is used, what will happen next
Abdullah Shaikh
'Abdullah Shaikh' 4 weeks ago
Dude admit it, you are just to slow!!!
Creation Helmet Heroes
When you dodge a bullet, you don't do it with your reflexes. You use your prediction and you move before they shoot REPLY
Mahmood Khair
'Mahmood Khair' 4 weeks ago
So the flash of the gun was slower than the bullet.. new myth.. bullets are faster than light... but that one
About Whatever
'About Whatever' 4 weeks ago
adam is evil!
Godly4639// Agent_p
'Godly4639// Agent_p' 4 weeks ago
Its true that u can dodge a bullet, IF u can predict when the person is gonna fire
'IndulgeMeThen512' 4 weeks ago
*maybe you would have a better chance dodging it at night?*
Smaug Dragon
'Smaug Dragon' 4 weeks ago
Yes you can, just Matrix it.
Matt Scallon
'Matt Scallon' 4 weeks ago
If you can dodge a car you can dodge a bullet
obed orrego
'obed orrego' 1 month ago
Dude to old to react fast enough
Sergio Ortega
'Sergio Ortega' 1 month ago
Bruce lee could've dodged a bullet
WSUH Gaming
'WSUH Gaming' 1 month ago
How would human even know when bullet is fired? Bullet travels faster than sound. If shot in head you r dead before you hear the gunshot.
'atotheg1991' 1 month ago
It's not a myth... they dodge bullets everyday in Bollywood.
yuksel acan
'yuksel acan' 1 month ago
Dont bullshit me with the vid. I aint buyin it. A bullet travels atleast at 3000m per second. Its not like in the movies. They got a visual on u with a sniper rifle youre dead nothing more or less.
Engi boi
'Engi boi' 1 month ago
I dodged a nerf dart which was shot at my face by my friend at a distance of 1 inch
wilmark Soriano
'wilmark Soriano' 1 month ago
In my dreams i can dogde bullet without looking LOL
Jacob Fabian
'Jacob Fabian' 1 month ago
couldn't he just be slow lol?
Thoai Power
'Thoai Power' 1 month ago
U cant dodge a bullet looking at the flash u have to dodge the bullet before it shoots
Storm Trooper
'Storm Trooper' 1 month ago
I've dodged a bullet It was from a nerf gun
'Atroow' 1 month ago
Just drop really fast down If you're fat
PoetryInMotion 1892
'PoetryInMotion 1892' 1 month ago
Once a gun is pointed at you from a close distance its maybe easier since you see the shooter's finger going towards the trigger and you can move out of the way he is pointing at. However, on a long distance you cant see and prepare yourself for the shot and you are pretty much hopeless in terms of avoiding really bad injuries.
Madsick Madsick
'Madsick Madsick' 1 month ago
can you doge R P G?
'kibukun' 1 month ago
Also the fact is you're more likely to hear the gunshot before you saw it. And considering that rifle bullets travel just as fast as sound does, the bullet will hit you by the time you've even heard it go off.
Riley Kristjanson
'Riley Kristjanson' 1 month ago
A couple things. 1: at night you could easily see a round go off, this was in the bright of day. 2: the yournger a person the faster there reflexes and how fast they are. A 18 year old in the dark could probably dodge this from 400 yards no problem
Itspoptime Guyz
'Itspoptime Guyz' 1 month ago
To be honest, send a baseball player up there. They have .400 milliseconds to dodge/hit a baseball. Which should make up for some of the fact they know when the ball is coming.
Romar Conde
'Romar Conde' 2 months ago
This reminds me of matrix
Phoebe Robinson
'Phoebe Robinson' 2 months ago
Your test sucks!
Phoebe Robinson
'Phoebe Robinson' 2 months ago
Why doesn't he like leap out of the way! He's like afraid to actually DODGE it. Lame stupid test.
Phoebe Robinson
'Phoebe Robinson' 2 months ago
The guy doing the dodging is dodgy.
Theseustoo Astyages
'Theseustoo Astyages' 2 months ago
Are you guys trained martial artists? Maybe they can do what you can't... just a thought. (I don't really suppose they'd get much better results... but in order to be truly scientific, you should give your experiment the best possible chance of success).
Watermelephant _
'Watermelephant _' 2 months ago
Is it missing a shot or dodging a bullet
SETX Outdoors
'SETX Outdoors' 2 months ago
By the time you see it it's at his target
Ak Shooter 7
'Ak Shooter 7' 2 months ago
I can't dodge bullets but I can dodge things throwen at me.
'Misterio' 2 months ago
Я думаю, что было бы лучше не отходить в бок, а приседать с уклоном в сторону так, чтобы пуля прошла возле шеи и плеча. Всё таки если пуля попадёт в плечо или ключицу, то это будет не так смертельно, чем если будут задеты лёгкие.
'Misterio' 2 months ago
Я так понимаю, все русские побежали смотреть с переводом? Слабаки курва блэт.
Punch A Dragon
'Punch A Dragon' 2 months ago
Batman can anyway
'deadpool12' 2 months ago
you couldnt doge it because you are fat
Doctor Wollin Richthofen
I dodge a bullet with a dab
'MyFatezero' 2 months ago
This test is actually done incorrectly...
Xbox One
'Xbox One' 2 months ago
What, are you saying I can dodge bullets??
George Miller
'George Miller' 2 months ago
You could still avoid the shot being fatal
Ian Byrne
'Ian Byrne' 2 months ago
if you can dodge a bullet you can dodge a ball
'KpopNiDontStop' 2 months ago
I like Booty.
'Nxght' 2 months ago
that's only 10ms not 500. jesus christ.
Dũng Lưu Đức
'Dũng Lưu Đức' 2 months ago
lol M98B
Living Dead
'Living Dead' 2 months ago
tbh i would dodge all of them
Albert Magbitang
'Albert Magbitang' 2 months ago
I don't think it's about reacting to the bullet or the muzzle fire, but more rather to anticipate the fire.
Knives Guns
'Knives Guns 'N more' 2 months ago
tracers rounds though...
'armynurseboy' 2 months ago
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball..... ;)
'KAMIKAZZyyyY' 2 months ago
He's in CS:GO
Mason S
'Mason S' 2 months ago
Busted, but not in the matrix!
'NEON6X' 2 months ago
290ms Reflex is impossible? Ask Dev1ce
'escaflowne789' 2 months ago
I dodge a bullet once . Tho the priest and the people who attended were not happy.
'foil' 2 months ago
all you need to do is just dropshot...
harry Johnson
'harry Johnson' 2 months ago
I think if the target is moving and the sniper is 1000 meters away he can doge the bullet.
'XxSlayer7745251xX' 2 months ago
Bullet: I'm 2 fast 4 u
'Mcsqueegy' 2 months ago
Fucking lag
Frank Conrad
'Frank Conrad' 2 months ago
But.......... there are so many factors that need to br takrn into account of dodging a bullet...
Caden LeVahn
'Caden LeVahn' 2 months ago
*blam* He got me. 1:51
Balzsack mcdouchwad
'Balzsack mcdouchwad' 2 months ago
A sniper would shoot from atleast 500 yards though right?
Alex Santoso
'Alex Santoso' 2 months ago
well the different here is they tried to dodge a bullet after its fired, the real bullet dodging is like some form of martial art which need to see literally their eye where they aim and their hands before they take the shot, so its not real dodging bullet but more like prevention of prediction
'Christopher80611' 2 months ago
Well Neo definitely can
Seth Jones
'Seth Jones' 2 months ago
you cant dodge a bullet
Tanmay Shekhar
'Tanmay Shekhar' 2 months ago
thay should have used sports person for this
Joel Ong
'Joel Ong' 3 months ago
who else thought it was satisfying to watch him dodge the bullet
Joe Jr
'Joe Jr' 3 months ago
If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball
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