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Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters -
Published: 2 years ago By: Your Discovery Science

By: Your Discovery SciencePublished: 2 years ago

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Can a human really dodge a bullet - Jamie and Adam put the myth to the test in this great clip.


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Ikääntynyt lapsi
actually u can dodge a bullet becose somethimes snipers in real sniper i mean shoot from 2500m away and it takes 2 seconds to hit u so at that point u can actually dodge a bullet
Commander Shepard
'Commander Shepard' 4 days ago
And yet Overwatch has the trajectory bullet of widowmaker painted red. tsk tsk ts bad blizzard, bad!
Than Dim
'Than Dim' 6 days ago
Max Payne can
'Abliskarian' 6 days ago
Leave it to a CSGO player to dodge this with their inhuman reactions XD
Reed Jones
'Reed Jones' 1 week ago
when he actually dodged it it looked so cool lol
Reilly Jensen
'Reilly Jensen' 1 week ago
Get a stunt expert
I love me some Dead People
Hold my beer...
PrayFor YourFaith
'PrayFor YourFaith' 2 weeks ago
step ur game up noobs i dodge bullets easy in gta 5
Volt Wrecker
'Volt Wrecker' 2 weeks ago
Jesus, so much work was put into this.
'Rasmus' 2 weeks ago
Why are they standing with straight legs?
Master Kong14
'Master Kong14' 2 weeks ago
I'll matrix that shit fam.
Mark Cuban
'Mark Cuban' 2 weeks ago
Lmao noob, all I have to do is press E.
Nut N
'Nut N' Jerry' 3 weeks ago
you can dodge a bullet from predication and luck
koko hekmatyar
'koko hekmatyar' 3 weeks ago
maybe if your were the flash
'silvereagle90000' 3 weeks ago
I've spoken to a long retired Marine from Vietnam. His longest shot was  1720 yards. 40 yards from a mile. He told me he was disappointed with his shot, because it hit the forehead, and not between the eyes like he aimed for.
'captainrobots' 3 weeks ago
if it was far enough away and you bent over and dodge it on accident
'Keranu' 3 weeks ago
This segment proved to me that remote possibility that a bullet CAN indeed be dodged under the right conditions. A thinly framed person with quick reflexes at 500 yards away being shot at in the dark with bright muzzle flash just may have a chance at dodging the bullet. If Jamie could barely dodge a high velocity paintball, I don't see how a thinner, trained person has "no way" of dodging it, as Adam puts it. I came in thinking this was impossible and the Myth Busters "debunking" has made me reconsider.
Raza 48
'Raza 48' 3 weeks ago
living in chicago...we dodge bullets all day everyday 24/7.
tedo stambolishvili
'tedo stambolishvili' 3 weeks ago
Please say saundreik"how the universe works"
Donald Cum
'Donald Cum' 3 weeks ago
I was a shooter once.. then I took a bullet to the knee. ouch
finickybean03 6
'finickybean03 6' 3 weeks ago
I dodged I nerf bullet
'r0bw00d' 3 weeks ago
What the hell? Is this "Mythbusters: Down Under Edition?"
lânchánđời nguyễn
i had evaded a bottle which is kicked by my friend,traveling about 100m/s right front of my face.i had seen it flying and i react very fast to move the head and body to the right,and then a loud sound when it crashed the cupboard.
Jesse Faucette
'Jesse Faucette' 3 weeks ago
You could do the same with a 45acp at 200 yards
'Flatline365rulz' 4 weeks ago
"given that the quickest human reaction result was 490 milliseconds..." You've got to be kidding me... Grab any gamer who plays a FPS and I guarantee their reaction time is a lot faster than half a second.
'Steven' 4 weeks ago
400 yards!? The gun is actually 2 feet in front of him!
'asianboy8969' 4 weeks ago
This is all good and fun in all, but can he dodge a ball?
Lights JusticeZ
'Lights JusticeZ' 4 weeks ago
My dad works for the government and soldiers trained in Black Ops are able to have lightning reflexes. How fast is that? They would have been able to dodge the first paintball in the first test. How's that possible? Adrenaline. After extensive training by being able to release huge amounts of adrenaline at will, it's as if time really slows down. It's literally "Spider-Sense". You see the bullet coming slow enough to dodge at that range. But that's not the end of training. Soldiers are also trained hard to have their bodies immediately and automatically release large amounts of adrenaline at the 'sound' of a bullet. It essentially becomes a trigger for their body. For comparison sake, how fast and sudden can you react from someone calling your name? Can you imagine your body automatically triggering the response to listen just within the first syllable? And while there are other people talking, do you find you can single out your name clearly amongst the crowd when your name is called? It's the same concept. Amazing what the mind can do!
'AnimeLapse' 4 weeks ago
Also, he's expecting when it will fire.
rikuo nura
'rikuo nura' 4 weeks ago
but what if you know when and where the bullets gonna hit just like Kirito dodging bullets in ggo
Marco Massa
'Marco Massa' 4 weeks ago
john michael
'john michael' 4 weeks ago
Bruce Lee where are you when you're needed....
ras b
'ras b' 4 weeks ago
only if bruce lee was here in this experiment for dodging thier results would have been different
'kanervatie' 4 weeks ago
Can you Dodge Charger a bullet. Very funny.
'Elemental_Phoenix' 4 weeks ago
So, you can theoretically 'dodge' a bullet so it doesn't hit your heart but hits your shoulder instead?
Jeremy Rosal
'Jeremy Rosal' 4 weeks ago
If only they tested this on Bruce Lee
Adam SoFly
'Adam SoFly' 4 weeks ago
it's possible I witnessed it
George D.
'George D.' 4 weeks ago
of course you cant. you dont need a fucking experiment to prove it.
Pedro Vasquez
'Pedro Vasquez' 4 weeks ago
in csgo this is not possibly .
'funkycrunk' 4 weeks ago
Why are they using a baby walrus for this episode? Wouldn't a human athlete be better?
Halo Knight
'Halo Knight' 4 weeks ago
He is not the one
Lion Hawk
'Lion Hawk' 4 weeks ago
I dodged a actual pistol bullet
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 weeks ago
I dodged a sniper bullet back in nam
Frenk Vortice
'Frenk Vortice' 4 weeks ago
of course fat man cant dodge bullets. they aren't even using whole body to move out of the way fake
Frenk Vortice
'Frenk Vortice' 4 weeks ago
not real bullets, pussies.
'o0RAGA0o' 4 weeks ago
He's too fat and slow
Kevin Benoit
'Kevin Benoit' 4 weeks ago
The British narrator is so terrible lol I couldn't watch this show if he was the narrator 😂
'ToxicantFuture3' 4 weeks ago
Ah, the M98B... Best fucking sniper in Battlefield 4.
Gerson Paulo
'Gerson Paulo' 4 weeks ago
....only cartoons... can dodge the bullets 😅😅
If you can dodge a bullet you can dodge disappointing millions of fans by not doing another season.
'73452q06302825u' 1 month ago
this show is so wholesome lol. love it
'Eclipse' 1 month ago
What about you're 50 years old? You should try with younger people
'Christian' 1 month ago
I miss mythbusters with Adam and Jamie! D=
Chemicle Fog
'Chemicle Fog' 1 month ago
What about at night
Antoine Zogbi
'Antoine Zogbi' 1 month ago
I used to be able to dodge bullets...till I took an arrow to the knee
Lewis T
'Lewis T' 1 month ago
You should have got a young athletic person to do it as their reaction times are faster.
'Jedi' 1 month ago
Can you smack a bullet with a ping pong paddle out of its path
Rayan Lima
'Rayan Lima' 1 month ago
Adam's ping is 490 ms.
Dercio Silveira
'Dercio Silveira' 1 month ago
So Matrix fooled me... Oh my...
r jwal
'r jwal' 1 month ago
Only Albert Wesker can dodge bullets
Katie Redhead
'Katie Redhead' 1 month ago
'Real world' test. No if someone's shooting run away.
Sexy Budu
'Sexy Budu' 1 month ago
Si ponemos a un anciano a esquivar una bala mal vamos, tendrían que haber puerto a un deportista.
'Lanzealot' 1 month ago
Albert Wesker said "Hi".
Soul Crushergaming
'Soul Crushergaming' 1 month ago
Just catch it with your body
william zheng
'william zheng' 1 month ago
should of ducked
'TheMadStrategist' 1 month ago
If you can dodge a bullet you can dodge a ball!
Roose the Goose
'Roose the Goose' 1 month ago
tl;dr no, you cannot infact dodge a bullet after it's been fired from a gun.
Jonathan Johansen
'Jonathan Johansen' 1 month ago
what I want to know can you dodge an arrow
Fishy Films
'Fishy Films' 1 month ago
Of course you can't dodge bullets, they're hitscan weapons.
Meï Cox
'Meï Cox' 1 month ago
I don't understand this footage, we see the canon in front of Jamie & Adam when they test so that make a shot at close range r ? it's more difficult to dodge than a 'fully flying' bullet ?
'DefiantBoris' 1 month ago
What about that one dude on stan lee's super humans that could slice a pellet from a pellet gun in half? Have him do this.
'Norrad' 1 month ago
Pfft how come I've seen Batman dodge like 20 rounds shots of an smg😂👌👌
Sky Star
'Sky Star' 2 months ago
prolly bruce lee could dodge it cause he's 10x faster than a regular person
'SufferingIsPeace' 2 months ago
let's shoot larry in the head with my 44 magnum and see what happens
'Hit' 2 months ago
One thing is reflexes. Which has been demonstrated as above. Second thing is senses. Some animals knows someone is around that gives them a caution state is dodge. Which here, you knew to dodge a bullet, but in a normal state or reality, we humans are definitely unable to dodge one because we're too busy to think or do something else. While animals only have 2 to 3 things to do in their daily lives.
'Genasiker' 2 months ago
Adam is wearing Clint Eastwood hat from the dollars trilliogy
Matthew Edwards
'Matthew Edwards' 2 months ago
This Shows That Dodging A Bullet Is Possible Yet It's Not Possible
Aye Mikeyy
'Aye Mikeyy' 2 months ago
um, what if u would have missed
'DOGFIGHT ASYLUM' 2 months ago
it's practically impossible to dodge a bullet especially from a sniper rifle
Diablo Maldito
'Diablo Maldito' 2 months ago
I've done it twice first 27 the other 7..
'Ako' 2 months ago
try a running target
Wei Ping Seah
'Wei Ping Seah' 2 months ago
400 yards? How far is that in non retard units?
Tormented Zeus
'Tormented Zeus' 2 months ago
You don't dodge a sniper bullet though you probably can dodge a sidearm by reading the body sign, don't look for the muzzle to flash but the trigger to be pulled, and vets even deflect the hand to get it out of the way. In real life sniper rifles have a muzzle flash hider to to that even suppresses the flash caused by the bullet.
'GiqMusic' 2 months ago
Why is subtitles in polish?
Retro Gamer
'Retro Gamer' 2 months ago
Albert wesker was able to do this.
Ty Robertson
'Ty Robertson' 2 months ago
Aaron Dolney
'Aaron Dolney' 2 months ago
'ghostrank007' 2 months ago
Should get a baseball player or tennis player lol
'Edgar' 2 months ago
If you can dodge a bullet, you can dodge a ball.
B rye
'B rye' 2 months ago
I think there are two ways to avoid a bullet: Watch where the barrel is aiming and dodge before the shot happens, or to predict when they will shoot and move away just before the shot is made. This video naively only took this one approach
kartik arora
'kartik arora' 2 months ago
I feel so safe now.
Dop Fitness
'Dop Fitness' 2 months ago
If you have GAINZ you can dodge a bullet subscribe to my YouTube channel for massive GAINZ
Sensei Adorador
'Sensei Adorador' 2 months ago
what you need is a sharinggan to dodge a bullet.
padre pio
'padre pio' 2 months ago
you shudve ask barry allen
Flight Beatz
'Flight Beatz' 2 months ago
I wrapped up with my gf, Thats how I dodged a bullet...-roycej
jordan danial
'jordan danial' 2 months ago
IF it is possible, I highly doubt it would be possible with just reflexes alone, or dynamic vision alone, prediction skills alone or distance alone it would take all of these to be mastered or at least require a high level of skill to factor in to an overall ability and even then it would be highly difficult and luck would be the most important factor, and the the skill of the gunman as well as the type of gun because forget dodging unless your at a long range or have good cover but for normal people at close range? I don't think so.
3dgar 7eandro
'3dgar 7eandro' 2 months ago
If he can cut through it sure he could dodge it.
'Mallrick' 2 months ago
didnt watch the video yet but im sure the answer is no...unless its someone throwing the bullet
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