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Agbongiemwen The Best of Precious Aleke - Latest Benin Music Video -
Published: 2 years ago By: Soul2SoulOfficial (OsagieMegaPlaza)

By: Soul2SoulOfficial (OsagieMegaPlaza)Published: 2 years ago

123, 651 views

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Watch Agbongiemwen the best of Precious Aleke Edo music Video


1 Agbongiemwen

2 We-Yerumwen

3 Umamwen Agbon

4 Nogbe Vbugho

5 Oyemwen-Eguavoen

6 Omonoyen

7 Aromie

8 Agbon-Isalo

Bella Edwin
'Bella Edwin' 1 week ago
I so much love this song, God bless all Edo people one love
Uwa Eweka
'Uwa Eweka' 2 weeks ago
I will never forget growing up with my single mom and the rest of my siblings..She used to play Precious Alake music very early in the morning..
Fred Ugbo
'Fred Ugbo' 4 weeks ago
My good friend alake u are di best though we are yet to know each other. Someday !
Augustine Edoaghaye
'Augustine Edoaghaye' 4 weeks ago
Wow.....Pa Precious Alake is wonderful, the music of yearster years. I love this and it reminds me of some past events.
Samuel Kelvin
'Samuel Kelvin' 2 months ago
Nice one daddy
Osifo  Humphrey
'Osifo Humphrey' 2 months ago
Nice music, more grace to u papa alake
ewere erhiamiatoe
'ewere erhiamiatoe' 2 months ago
Nice song
Florence Osagiede
'Florence Osagiede' 3 months ago
Nice music, Papa yoooo.😆
michael eghosa
'michael eghosa' 3 months ago
I love this music
destiny james
'destiny james' 4 months ago
Oooh this bring back memories
iyobor walter
'iyobor walter' 4 months ago
Nice music
omi various
'omi various' 4 months ago
Sweet music
Bright .idaiagbon
'Bright .idaiagbon' 4 months ago
i love you. de master
Noble Galaxy
'Noble Galaxy' 4 months ago
D great papa alake, u too much
MacDonald Ebagua
'MacDonald Ebagua' 5 months ago
Very nice music baba God bless you
osariemen efosa
'osariemen efosa' 5 months ago
yes here we go!!!!! uloko!! baba olake .I love these man and his meaningfull songs. rock steady.
Osakpolor Ogbebor
'Osakpolor Ogbebor' 5 months ago
what a nice music
Cyril Vandenheede
'Cyril Vandenheede' 6 months ago
Rip nice one
ebonylstars ebonylstars
My dad's music. I don't really understand what the song means. Buh i like it
Kimon Friday
'Kimon Friday' 7 months ago
indeed I love this,, I'm proud to be Benin man
Festus Ekhoragbon
'Festus Ekhoragbon' 7 months ago
I need odomore music
Festus Ekhoragbon
'Festus Ekhoragbon' 7 months ago
Nice one
shine shine
'shine shine' 8 months ago
God bless you daddy
shine shine
'shine shine' 8 months ago
nice music so far
Phillip pde
'Phillip pde' 8 months ago
My Mentor my Lengend  Aleke is one of favorite
Julius Omoregie
'Julius Omoregie' 8 months ago
God bless you Sir, this music is one of the best music of our time; nice hit.
Auxtin Exoxa
'Auxtin Exoxa' 8 months ago
I searched YouTube for about 1yr before I finally found this music. I could still remember my dad playing this on his turntable way back. We grew up with words of advice from both our parents and talented inspirational musician like Pa. Precious Alake. I wonder what my kids will grow up with..... Songs like Banana fall on you, I geti big cassava. I miss home though, can't wait to be back home. You only realize how sweet it is to be home when you have been away for so long.
Sslou Tarragona
'Sslou Tarragona' 9 months ago
when i play this music i remember my father
monday okunghae
'monday okunghae' 9 months ago
Monday okunghae I love olaka music if l play olaka music remember my state edo , from Italy
Mama Routine
'Mama Routine' 9 months ago
With this music I remember my father love you Dad
Jennifer Eguakhide
'Jennifer Eguakhide' 9 months ago
This is one of my favourite bini music. still brings back memory's of my primary school days. Thanks Soul2Soul.
Bella Annabel
'Bella Annabel' 10 months ago
my great super star may ur gentle soul rest in pace
DJ Oviedo
'DJ Oviedo' 11 months ago
A Legendary Icon in Bini Music 🎶 Industry and so underrated and deserves more respect
'ROMAN Edo' 11 months ago
Lovely music 😁😁😁
Nosa Ozo
'Nosa Ozo' 12 months ago
Rest in peace sir we miss you great super stars
Eddy  Felix
'Eddy Felix' 12 months ago
our great legend U too much.
Siiba Toure Mohammed Mohammed Siiba Toure
wow this is amazing
Cyril Vandenheede
'Cyril Vandenheede' 1 year ago
nice one sir
Niceguygail Sunday
Benin my people is the highest, for music and many more things, am proud to be a Benin guy
'EJ TV' 1 year ago
I love the music so much thanks
Evon Mama
'Evon Mama' 1 year ago
this music can never fade...precious alake is a good composer
Sidney Xsay
'Sidney Xsay' 1 year ago
fabulous,Respect papa Precious Aleke
spackling splendour
I like this music
Dr Prince Bright Of  Italy
Wao i love u papa God blesse u best music
Lucky Shirley
'Lucky Shirley' 1 year ago
Best of the best music in Benin history with lots of parable. Love this songs to my bone marrow.
osas osas
'osas osas' 1 year ago
I love this music so much,this music is just like my breakfast
Edigin Odion
'Edigin Odion' 1 year ago
very nice music, l play it almost every morning b4 going out. track one especially. thanks for uploading
Don Osigbe
'Don Osigbe' 1 year ago
Ose oghesi omanse oten oghedan, good friend is better than a bad brother, I love playing this music every day God bless you sir
Harry Axe
'Harry Axe' 1 year ago
oga soul 2 soul thank you for your wonderful work may God almighty continue to bless you,,,,
Harry Axe
'Harry Axe' 1 year ago
i so much love this music especially track 2
Esohe Peter
'Esohe Peter' 1 year ago
I use to play this very music then, that was 1989
gentle supreme
'gentle supreme' 1 year ago
hmmmm,you ve made my day.......SWEEEEET MEMORY,MEMORIER MEMORIEST.
Isoken Favour
'Isoken Favour' 1 year ago
the great music lovely
Chaka Oni
'Chaka Oni' 1 year ago
God bless you, sir soul2Soul for marking me happy every morning llike my dad.
Okogie Ojie
'Okogie Ojie' 1 year ago
What a sweet old song ,love it tks
eddington osagiede
1 of the best benin music ever
osafu osazuwa
'osafu osazuwa' 1 year ago
osas osas
'osas osas' 2 years ago
my song ever
Eddy  Felix
'Eddy Felix' 2 years ago
baba Alake himself I respect u.
Raisingdbar a motivational talk show
My best song ever! and will remain so. Thanks for uploading!
Joy Imadmwenyi
'Joy Imadmwenyi' 2 years ago
nice and lovely
daddy ken
'daddy ken' 2 years ago
nice songs
Osasenaga Edo-Okaeben
please upload the great lobito songs#soul2soul
9ice 1 Papa
Mark Ebague
'Mark Ebague' 2 years ago
Nice music papa
Jackson Osagie
'Jackson Osagie' 2 years ago
my music of all time , all tracks were hit tracks , much respect precious alake
Stin Jozi
'Stin Jozi' 2 years ago
RIP uncle P!!! I got my music thing from u and it hurts I couldn't do much fr u. Love always big man, rest on😪
Sunshine edosa
'Sunshine edosa' 2 years ago
it is One of my best Music
silvacity amayagbonorionkpa
this is my best music so far I can not tired of playing it
elvis Nosoregbe
'elvis Nosoregbe' 2 years ago
Up soul2soul thanks for the upload
Vanessa Adia
'Vanessa Adia' 2 years ago
wow this is one of best old school music i love so much
cosmos ojo
'cosmos ojo' 2 years ago
Were did this come from? Never thought I was gonna hear this lovely music again❤️
henry igbinovia
'henry igbinovia' 2 years ago
I love this old school music so much. Thanks u sir precious aleke.
maureen ukponrefe
'maureen ukponrefe' 2 years ago
I can still remember when I was young my mumm Uncle use to play this music very Sunday, Nice old school music thank u guys for the uploading.
Austine Aigbe
'Austine Aigbe' 2 years ago
soul 2 soul oga ukhi
kenneth osazuwa
'kenneth osazuwa' 2 years ago
Igha Ye re Ooh Eghe ni naya ze iro ughu mamwnan Agbon Omwan ghe Gbovo Mwen........i love this Music So much ,,it,S My SONG OF JOY ........ the 2nd proverb............................................................................................................................ Izozo eghi Ma ne Ovbior mwan Rokpa Aarh Ona Ze Ne Ohen Gbemwen Na Tomwen oOoh....WOw........2 powerful VerseS
kenneth osazuwa
'kenneth osazuwa' 2 years ago
WOW..PRECIOUS ALAKE IS ONE OF MY BEST EDO Inspirational music art...i love his proverbs like Drugs...most of my freinds all over Europe Knows that i love his music like a Father talking to his own Son....Long live precious Alake........
Evans Peter
'Evans Peter' 2 years ago
Lovely song my best music so far
Princess Faith Omosefe
wow this is too lovely, thanks to who ever upload this
Reward Ehizogie
'Reward Ehizogie' 2 years ago
great one paddy
Collins Bello
'Collins Bello' 2 years ago
thank GOD for blessing the Edos with such talent ......
Okogie Ojie
'Okogie Ojie' 2 years ago
More Grace to your able.thx a lot
'OWAS AIGBE' 2 years ago
anto baby
'anto baby' 2 years ago
Nice one big daddy.
Imayanre Barnabas Daniel
well done sir
untouchable mama
'untouchable mama' 2 years ago
super lovely thanks
silvacity amayagbonorionkpa
I dont no how to thank who so ever that upload this music God will grant u ur heart desire in jesus name
Eghosa Wilson Osayande
I do not know this man but these songs I always listen to when my mother was playing them then I was a teenager,thanks for the upload
Michael E
'Michael E' 2 years ago
Best music composed
Jacky herrandarra
'Jacky herrandarra' 2 years ago
GOD bless u my brother for uploading this music, these are meaningful songs,not now adday so call rubish
Raya Best
'Raya Best' 2 years ago
thanks alot
Eddy  Felix
'Eddy Felix' 2 years ago
wao God bless u for uploading.
Mosese Osasenaga
'Mosese Osasenaga' 2 years ago
what a old memory may god bless u for uploading this advisable music
Mosese Osasenaga
'Mosese Osasenaga' 2 years ago
what a old memory may god bless u for uploading this advisable music
Mosese Osasenaga
'Mosese Osasenaga' 2 years ago
what a old memory may god bless u for uploading this advisable Ruth
Mosese Osasenaga
'Mosese Osasenaga' 2 years ago
what a old memory may god bless u for uploading this advisable Ruth
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