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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 7 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 7 months ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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'BigNewGames' 8 hours ago
Black holes cannot collide! If anyone understands gravity they would know that nothing can be pulled into a black hole. Not even a gas cloud!
'BigNewGames' 8 hours ago
Hmm, anything that gets close to a black hole it gobbles it up? What evidence is there of this happening? Let's go back to early 2011 when the gas cloud G2 neared the black hole Sgr A* in the center of the Milky Way. A gas cloud would have no recourse but to head right straight at a massive black hole right? That would be spectacular. Well, in 2011 the G2 gas cloud got close to the black hole and orbited around it as if it were a star. It never got pulled into the black hole's event horizon. No light was produced in the event horizon, believe me astrophysicists were looking. Light emission would be a tell-tale sign that matter was being destroyed in the black hole's event horizon. But nothing happened, no light or anything. So, like I said, is there any evidence to support that comment or is it just mathematical jargon? Spouting speculation about something that has not yet been proven. Oh yeah because special relativity says so. What if I told you the theories of Relativity were wrong and that they neglected to include the action responsible for gravity? Imagine that, a theory describing gravity without including the action that causes gravity. How's that working out? Let's see according to theory nothing can escape a black hole yet the black hole Sgr A* produces more energy than any other single object in our galaxy. Black holes cannot give off light but can emit other wavelengths of light? Hmm, how is that possible? Thus why astrophysicists linked several radio telescopes on Earth, Event Horizon Telescope, to look at the black hole because they want to see where all that energy is coming from beyond visible light. So they already know that Einstein's theories are wrong and are scratching their heads as to why. Every telescope able to peer into the galactic core is detecting energy, in the gamma ray, x-ray, microwaves, radio, ultraviolet and infrared light, but no visible light. Remember, light would be a sign that matter was being destroyed in an event horizon. It appears that the black hole does not have an event horizon because nothing can get past the stiff hot cosmic wind it produces, equally opposite to it's gravity, i.e., the action responsible for gravity. At least Hawking was listening to me, he has came to the same conclusion as me, black holes do not have event horizons.
'levitan71' 9 hours ago
a pity we have no method of extracting the energy output.
Mr. Parekh
'Mr. Parekh' 1 day ago
Instructions not Clear, lost footlong subway sandwich. Flagged
josh balistreri
'josh balistreri' 2 days ago
Do we just have like a half ass atom Maybe I see protons and electrons
TheMinecraftGamer119 /AwareLetsGoGuys
I'm glad I learn because this is science so I know to get something to learn I haven't but, two blackholes look same size too.
vijay Yadav
'vijay Yadav' 3 days ago
Sayan Mitra
'Sayan Mitra' 3 days ago
There is nothing like black hole
Chayse Phillips
'Chayse Phillips' 4 days ago
at 1:45 i thought he was gonna say Googolquinplex yattawats
Stephanie In the wild
That was definitely alotta watts alright !!!
bollywood tum
'bollywood tum' 1 week ago
Black hole said to an other black hole..... Wanna Bang tonight.....
SuperThunderBolt2 ThunderSnowolf
This isn't "The largest bang since the Big Bang". This *is* the Big Bang. We weren't created by it. We were endangered by it. It created a supermassive black hole. God forbid it's one of the black holes that move.
Cool BOY Gamer 3
'Cool BOY Gamer 3' 2 weeks ago
I think universe is playing agari.o lol
Leo Vu
'Leo Vu' 2 weeks ago
But the question is can a black hole eats a nokia
'DeltaStryx™' 2 weeks ago
1:46 energy is measured in joules, not watts. Are you kidding me? With watts you measure power, not energy, they are different.
Akrudibum Rum
'Akrudibum Rum' 2 weeks ago
Are you still an omnivore if you're a cannibal as well?
Yummycakes1016 jj
'Yummycakes1016 jj' 2 weeks ago
Sianna Quirk
'Sianna Quirk' 2 weeks ago
So this is what Homeworld thinks of fusion
'ICan'tDraw' 2 weeks ago
Don't Hyper-novas release more energy?
'Bleach' 2 weeks ago
How do they know this, have they seen one with a large telescope
Melo Melo
'Melo Melo' 2 weeks ago
Such bullshit, we know the earth is flat
'extragamingHD' 2 weeks ago
also looked it! eatens black hole, Two set chill hit auother it she's oders
Michelle Harris
'Michelle Harris' 2 weeks ago
whoever made these simulations needs a raise
Ricardo Castillo
'Ricardo Castillo' 2 weeks ago
Wait, what?
'Isorozco511' 2 weeks ago
Black hole lives matter
'Trippykid98' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, because one black hole wasn't enough to "look out" for.
Muhammad Nazhmi
'Muhammad Nazhmi' 3 weeks ago in real life
'MrAwesomeOrb' 3 weeks ago
Question. Would You be able to see this? Because the gravitational pull of a black hole is so strong light cannot escape. Does that mean this collision would be possible to see? Or was the impact so powerful it shot out light faster than light speed?
Patrick Schreiber
'Patrick Schreiber' 3 weeks ago
what caused the big bang?
Dj Hudgins
'Dj Hudgins' 3 weeks ago
Hmm I see CGI, and a *lot* of faith.
'ninjabandito' 3 weeks ago
0:49 "One of the most dramatic things in the universe" Ma'am, you haven't seen when my wife can't find the remote to watch Netflix...
Lois Osorio
'Lois Osorio' 3 weeks ago
1:42 is my favorite part
Jose Bonilla
'Jose Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
this is scary why the chance that you have it Will earth at the speed of light most go throw 5000 miles to earth then detroy the planet for life
Victorbrine felix
'Victorbrine felix' 3 weeks ago
During most of the video the blackholes were very badly represented and it was only for a split second at 1:24 where it is scientifically accurately represented... Science Channel what happened?
Say 123 for GF
'Say 123 for GF' 4 weeks ago
Now I wonder what will happen if 3 black holes eat each other. First. The two will collide so what will happen to the third one?
Parminder Singh
'Parminder Singh' 4 weeks ago
What a meal huh?
Parminder Singh
'Parminder Singh' 4 weeks ago
No vegetarian black holes?
Kalibro Menloz
'Kalibro Menloz' 4 weeks ago
What is this god has created ididnt know that god liked Well i think me and god will get along very well
'JaceyDaPanda' 4 weeks ago
Why did god make Blackholes?
faisal mir
'faisal mir' 4 weeks ago
It had to be the black guy😂😂😂😂
Derek no
'Derek no' 4 weeks ago
I can't be the only one who saw "When a black hole eats another one out" 😉😉
BoBlox YT
'BoBlox YT' 4 weeks ago
Black hole + Black hole = 1:07
fnaf fnaf
'fnaf fnaf' 4 weeks ago
fnaf fnaf
'fnaf fnaf' 4 weeks ago
L.A Cole
'L.A Cole' 1 month ago
Who else acted like they knew what he was saying
Arrow Archangel
'Arrow Archangel' 1 month ago
Chocolate rain
'TealFlame1' 1 month ago
Let's be honest. The title says "look out" but there wouldn't really be anything to look into.
Patrick Arquero
'Patrick Arquero' 1 month ago
How did the scientists know howt that happen?
prakash chandraker
'prakash chandraker' 1 month ago
why would they move in a spiral motion, they are both huge bodies with high gravitational force, they should just be moving towards each other in a straight line, or may be a spline( bcoz they are rotating about their own axis as well).
Cameron Gilley
'Cameron Gilley' 1 month ago
Dat Last Person With Da Glasses Killed Me Wen He Started Talkn
JanIs Life
'JanIs Life' 1 month ago
it looks like some kind of dark star....on league of legends dark star skins.
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Conar Cusworth
'Conar Cusworth' 1 month ago
There is more proof of ETs than Blackholes. fml You seem to "know" alot about blackholes
So basically you need good sunglass
'razzpup' 1 month ago
bets part 1:00
OneBoy OneGame
'OneBoy OneGame' 1 month ago
This is scientifically impossible.Because,Black Holes are not objects that can be effected (Moved) by other black holes.They are something like a circular tear in a newspaper;They do not move they change size!
Imanuel.T Tumatar
'Imanuel.T Tumatar' 1 month ago
1:44 - 1:50 😂😂
'Friikz' 1 month ago
when i was a lad i ate four dozen black holes every morning to help me get large
'tstokemb' 1 month ago
Well that's a black hole colliding with another black hole. What about two super massive black holes?
Cossu Eläin
'Cossu Eläin' 1 month ago
1:24 wnb interstellar
'Wehrmacht's Best' 1 month ago
So, when two black holes collide, it breaks the Universe... got it.
Minecraft Player 10
'Minecraft Player 10' 1 month ago
Wow,The size of that explosion i expect is 120994926664553444233344267773370999^67 bigger than TSAR BOMBA!!!! Not Bigger than Big Bang though...
'SuperShekky' 1 month ago
theres no proof that black holes exist xd
'Jmonge' 1 month ago
That guys penis is a black hole
Savage Monkey
'Savage Monkey' 1 month ago
0:55 in one of the largest bangs since the big bang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
StarRobGames & More!
that could be after 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years ago
'Let's Talk About It' 1 month ago
So black holes are like agrario!! Eat bigger to become bigger
'AnotherGlenn' 1 month ago
Wait, I thought these were climate scientists.
Clarkeee Gaming
'Clarkeee Gaming' 1 month ago
Am I the only person who thought I was gonna see some hardcore black hole porn
Majin Buu
'Majin Buu' 1 month ago
how fused zamasu was born
'Kalenz' 1 month ago
Bullshit. Black Holes don't eat other black holes. They attract each other, then when they come close they start to spin around each other at incomprehensible speeds in an interstellar tango until they embrace each other and unite in a perfect unison. Its the most romantic occurrence in the entire universe.
Ethuvi Tazered
'Ethuvi Tazered' 2 months ago
Black hole + Black hole = SuperUltraMegaSuperNova
'LolZWTF' 2 months ago
wtf how can they know if 2 black holes collide 1.3 billon years ago...since not even 1 human wasn’t on PLANET EARTH!!
'Animahullu' 2 months ago
Was former universe in them? Then what caused them? Nobody knows
Narvin Narvaez
'Narvin Narvaez' 2 months ago
how the do u know that?
Emmanuella Amponsah
'Emmanuella Amponsah' 2 months ago
CD xmmcdcfzkgeg
Colin Brown
'Colin Brown' 2 months ago
do these collisions much like a feeding black hole produce gamma rays?
'Killergaming' 2 months ago
to make the information easier use universe sandbox 2
Christopher Beblo
'Christopher Beblo' 2 months ago
So what happens to the universes inside the blach holes
iiJeck Speck
'iiJeck Speck' 2 months ago
I've seen a black hole in space before and I lived thank god :DD
Killer Kualastar
'Killer Kualastar' 2 months ago
"when one black hole eats out another" damn, i read that wrong
Hap N Stance
'Hap N Stance' 2 months ago
If you are outside of a black hole, you can never witness anything actually entering the black hole. In fact, it would take an infinite amount of time to witness an object entering a black hole. This according to this reference... "Understanding the Universe -- An Introduction To Astronomy, 2nd Edition", by Prof. Alex Filippenko. Can you explain the conflict this poses for us being able to witness a black hole gobbling up another object, planet, star, or another black hole. If we accept Prof. Filippenko's reasoning, anything approaching a black hole (from our perspective) would never reach the black hole, and thus, the black hole would never increase in mass.
Mr. Miracle
'Mr. Miracle' 2 months ago
I watch one science vid and I get sucked into a science blackhole and I can't stop watching science vids
'mg1s' 2 months ago
When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out there are a lot of crazy nonsense fictionalized by those who claim to be scientist, but do not have intelligence to understand their own data. they have qualified by regurgitating the crap they have been fed to get their papers. if they understood the data, they would not need to conger up crazy idea to hid their ignorance behind. I challenge any of these guy to explain correct structure of photon, nature of gravity and how the two physically interact then see they how ridicules their belief is. E = M4/3pi(C+G) Cubed by Ferydoon Shirazi is correct Mass / energy equivalence. I will give $10,000 to any one who can prove publicly otherwise. Most of their models of space and matter is wrong. MG1
Omega Saturn
'Omega Saturn' 2 months ago
When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out Becuz shit's going nuts.
Black Shark
'Black Shark' 2 months ago
black holes are omnivorous and cannibals...dude you are making the black hole looks like an animal
AllShady X
'AllShady X' 2 months ago
I wanna be banged that hard 😍😩
'werneur1' 2 months ago
fantasy 😂. nothing happens. we cant see it
The Maltese Empire
'The Maltese Empire' 2 months ago
Bigger black hole: FUCK YOU!!! Smaller one: no no no no NO NO NO!! space in a nutshell.
The Maltese Empire
'The Maltese Empire' 2 months ago
Dem black holes been hyper AF if they released that much energy
joseph meredith
'joseph meredith' 2 months ago
FAKE SCIENCE! GULLIBLE AMERICANS! These assholes can see light years away. BULLSHIT! NASA FAKE ASS CGI. Who writes this crap?
'Dormega' 2 months ago
This is how Chuck Norris was born.
Das tan
'Das tan' 2 months ago
OMG guys stop the comments and don't be rude towards black holes you know they have feelings too!!
DylanDude Playz
'DylanDude Playz' 2 months ago
Zorrito 63
'Zorrito 63' 2 months ago
so a black hole is
LOL Life
'LOL Life' 2 months ago
Its like a game of
Kiet Nguyen
'Kiet Nguyen' 2 months ago
30 secs commercial for 2 minutes 8 secs entertainment. WTF !
'TM2' 2 months ago
Most simple explanation on DAMN AGAR.IO,did u learn that kids
Karsten Schuhmann
'Karsten Schuhmann' 2 months ago
What is so special about this merger is the fact that it was rather dark. In a nova most power is emitted as light, in a super-nova most power is emitted as neutrinos but still an enormous amount of light is emitted. However, the black holesemit nothing but gravitational waves and there was a lot of it. This means there was not a big flash actually despite the huge amount of energy this event could have stayed unnoticed for an observer in the same galaxy. These animations fool you in this regard. Still a tiny fraction of the energy may have been transferred to light as huge and rapid oscillating tidal forces may have excited nearby matter of an accretion disk.
Peter Peter
'Peter Peter' 2 months ago
The black guy looks like he had a face transplant
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