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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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Matthew Catulle
'Matthew Catulle' 7 hours ago
So every. Black holes are canibles great
Steve Waldron
'Steve Waldron' 16 hours ago
wonder what happens when a super massive blackhole collides with another super massive blackhole a hole lot of freaking energy
'KAWAII AVRIL' 21 hours ago
So when two black holes collide does this allow some of the energy trapped inside to escape?
Damion Houston
'Damion Houston' 1 day ago
I farted.....
'Angelic' 2 days ago
I like that black astrophysicist he's hype af
Rodrigo Garduño
'Rodrigo Garduño' 4 days ago
Note that he had to use "septillion" because he ran out of orders of magnitude after "yotta" by 24 orders of magnitude.
Konrad Nowicki
'Konrad Nowicki' 4 days ago
what a bullshit....
Juho Kajim
'Juho Kajim' 5 days ago
When Chuck Norris goes to the bathroom
Vile Victor
'Vile Victor' 5 days ago
Fuck you guys you make me anxious
HTP Gaming YT
'HTP Gaming YT' 6 days ago
there are lots of black holes in the human body ( *-*)
HTP Gaming YT
'HTP Gaming YT' 6 days ago
fact: Black holes are not a flat disk or a real hole, but a sphere and pulls from all direction
'Electrixz' 6 days ago
Did anybody here markiplier
Javier Oropeza
'Javier Oropeza' 7 days ago
What if a planet ate a planet?
NISHANT salian
'NISHANT salian' 7 days ago
Nick Salad
'Nick Salad' 7 days ago
I like to think that large burst of energy was Goku and Vegeta in a beam struggle
Evelyn Ferrater
'Evelyn Ferrater' 1 week ago
If the blackhole eats the poop........ the blackhole will puke
Portal Turret
'Portal Turret' 1 week ago
agario = black holes eating each other cause the bigger cell in agario eats the smaller cell in agario and the big cell gets bigger when the big cell eats the small cell... :)
God Killer
'God Killer' 1 week ago
you call it eat(canibilism) i call it fusion.... nether eat nor devouring each other just becoming one. i mean you cant just eat something and get triple as big and better, that would be consider fusion but in this case is forever lol so yeah they not really eating each other
joseph meredith
'joseph meredith' 1 week ago
FAKe science......Theory of relativity is FALSE>
Jade Barrett
'Jade Barrett' 1 week ago
Goku vs Vegeta
'kimarnina' 1 week ago
they are talking like they actually saw one in action already
benjamin wesley
'benjamin wesley' 1 week ago
little do people know from new discovery black holes ACTUALLY lead to different universes/dimensions ..... discovery made in 2016
'Rabidchu' 1 week ago
Dear Science Channel, does this mean that black hole mergers are more powerful and energetic than quasars?
'ValiidMods' 1 week ago
In other words, that's 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 watts!! 10^24 x 10^24 = 1.e+42
Sebastian de Vera
'Sebastian de Vera' 1 week ago
You mean a black hole is stronger than a supernova WTF
'BazuluWolf' 1 week ago
no lie, I thought the title said "When one black hole eats out another"
'Verily' 1 week ago
Michael Botros
'Michael Botros' 2 weeks ago
yes but is it more powerful than love?
Richard Haley
'Richard Haley' 2 weeks ago
all needs to repent.
Jaswant Singh
'Jaswant Singh' 2 weeks ago
S. Antonio
'S. Antonio' 2 weeks ago
Now that I think about it... *5 hours later* **cries in confusion and singularity in the bathtub**
'ThePhantomSlayer' 2 weeks ago
actually this is wrong... this actually happened and people saw it! they flew way apart from each other
Switch Back
'Switch Back' 2 weeks ago
It's called gravitational waves of energy that can increase in strength as they go far into space.'
'NeonTrash' 2 weeks ago
A yottawatt is 1x10^24 watts. Now he said 36 septillion of these so that is 3.6x10^22 multiplied by a yottawatt which is around about 3.6x10^500 watts. For comparison, the human race uses 20 terawatts in a year which is around 2x10^12 watts. It would take us around 2440 years to use all that energy. Wow.
'BIO HAZARD' 2 weeks ago
ive seen black holes like that in a game xD
'NeonTrash' 2 weeks ago
For comparison. 36 septillion yottowatts, would power everything on earth... multiplied by a few million for the lifetime of the galaxy... 3 times over.
Trumble Research
'Trumble Research' 2 weeks ago
It's like when you delete the windows garbage can!
'BlackStarVega' 2 weeks ago
w-w..what? Is that it?? Jeez..that video ended so fast/abruptly ... >:-\
Shadow_lily 123
'Shadow_lily 123' 2 weeks ago
the explosion looks like the sonic rainboom
Fnaf Animator
'Fnaf Animator' 2 weeks ago
black hole + black hole = butthole
Elite Baller
'Elite Baller' 2 weeks ago
I thought black holes were not yet proven?
'modus.' 2 weeks ago
How it feels to chew 5 gum...
J. schutte
'J. schutte' 2 weeks ago
I want to be a black hole
Tater Roblox
'Tater Roblox' 2 weeks ago
black hole cannibalism confirmed!
G Boy
'G Boy' 2 weeks ago
when black people speak science I don't take it seriously
GolPekSee Batac
'GolPekSee Batac' 2 weeks ago
I freaking watch this in my bathroom and my shit doesn't come out ! 囧囧囧囧囧
june buhat
'june buhat' 2 weeks ago
what happen the black hole was destroy???
Samuel Ortiz
'Samuel Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
So Black Holes also date each other ? Wow I thought us Earth creature were the only ones
karam kamoosh
'karam kamoosh' 2 weeks ago
I would love to work with the African American guy. Seems like a lot of fun.
Rocket Jumper
'Rocket Jumper' 2 weeks ago
Soooo... WW23 will have someone throwing the sun right at the U.S.?
Unusual ByDefault
'Unusual ByDefault' 2 weeks ago
but you wouldnt see any of it except of white. intense, blindingly bright white. and when they merge, even more white ^^
'killerBOY0817' 2 weeks ago
'RandomLetters' 2 weeks ago
1:00 my mom when she sees my grades
Matthew Morcos
'Matthew Morcos' 2 weeks ago
if there going to make me download an app to she the rest of this video then WHY WOULD THEY REGIONLOCK IT
'Rozero' 2 weeks ago
Spaghetti Spork
'Spaghetti Spork' 2 weeks ago
When the 2 top players in agario fight eachother its like that
Fnaf 4 Fan
'Fnaf 4 Fan' 2 weeks ago
When one black hole ears another black hole, they become a unicorn
'xNINJA MASTERx' 3 weeks ago
We are nothing
Deez Nuts
'Deez Nuts' 3 weeks ago
Must be talking about my mom...
'Zeke' 3 weeks ago
Noyal Sukhadevan
'Noyal Sukhadevan' 3 weeks ago
is Hakeem saying black hoes ?
sherwin dev
'sherwin dev' 3 weeks ago
its all fake........ black holes a vegetarian
Yup I don
when 2 black holes merge in slow motion...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What did one black hole say to the other? Answer:You suck!
'Kinslayer' 3 weeks ago
You can see that Hakeem is very passionate about astrophysics. I like it.
Roman Zerstoren
'Roman Zerstoren' 3 weeks ago
Aaron Greenfield
'Aaron Greenfield' 3 weeks ago
so if Uranus has a black hole, are you ready for the big bang?
Feminist slayer
'Feminist slayer' 3 weeks ago
basically a matrix in a matrix of realities matrix
۵Miss Dreemurr۵
'۵Miss Dreemurr۵' 3 weeks ago
the black hole is me I will eat anything
'XxKirbyPlaysxX' 3 weeks ago
Litterly Kirby In A Buttshell
'shopatten' 3 weeks ago
I could've gotten the same amount of knowledge just from the example than the hole video
wolfy ava
'wolfy ava' 3 weeks ago
Jc14 Romero
'Jc14 Romero' 3 weeks ago
Are they sure that if a blackhole eats another one they will collide? Nope I wouldnt believe why are they so sure? People these days.. They think they know everything like that show where they search for megalodon and finds proof which damages the beliefs of children nowadays because they want more money. People these days are so greedy Im so sorry to say it but its the truth
Rembrant - Gaming Adventures
I Have a Dig Bick
Tomer Gan
'Tomer Gan' 3 weeks ago
Real life
NickGamer NZ
'NickGamer NZ' 3 weeks ago
so black holes eat anything......would they eat my shit?
Cyril Taylor
'Cyril Taylor' 3 weeks ago
that was AMASING
'PAVEL K.' 3 weeks ago
I don't get it. If nothing (even light) can't escape BH. Then why would they produce a bang or any kind of explosions during their merge? If they containing energy (if they really are) how this energy would escape?
Slasher 1987
'Slasher 1987' 3 weeks ago
Pop Joe
'Pop Joe' 3 weeks ago
if there was a way we could develop the technology to harness that energy nothing could stand in our way
CyanPixel AJ
'CyanPixel AJ' 3 weeks ago
So this is what homeworld thinks of fusion!
Panda Lover818
'Panda Lover818' 3 weeks ago
can i somehow control energy like in dragon ball`?
Kobe Allen
'Kobe Allen' 3 weeks ago
Yay comment 500!
Eduardo Garcia
'Eduardo Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Me:*reads title* Me:White hole
Eduardo Garcia
'Eduardo Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Me:*reads title* Me:White hole
noah roberts
'noah roberts' 3 weeks ago anyone?
General Coil
'General Coil' 3 weeks ago
Hey Nerds
Colin Brown
'Colin Brown' 3 weeks ago
wow is there anything more powerful than a blackhole ?
Oscar Espinoza
'Oscar Espinoza' 3 weeks ago
why does ol 'boy here look like he's just came out of a 12rnd fight with Ali?
Kneed. Inc.
'Kneed. Inc.' 4 weeks ago
So Much CGI...
'SherMeister' 4 weeks ago
then what happens if two SuperMassive Black holes where to collide and explode
luckless void
'luckless void' 4 weeks ago
help i have a black hole behind me between two coconuts
Ray Massie
'Ray Massie' 4 weeks ago
in other words its a big explosion even bigger then this word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious which is hard to do
devin schmelter
'devin schmelter' 4 weeks ago
so one of my biggest confusions as a kid was, is a black hole actually a worm hole. well I definitely know the difference and I call black holes dark stars now. considering they really aren't holes. lol
herobrine gaming
'herobrine gaming' 4 weeks ago
'Hiddenforever69' 4 weeks ago
A lot of the spelling and grammar in this comment section is appaling 😂
Alvin Cruz
'Alvin Cruz' 4 weeks ago
What if a seven blackhole collides
Galen Namylki
'Galen Namylki' 4 weeks ago
love this show.
So if all the black holes collided with each other, two after another two, and then the remainders crash into each other to create 1 black hole? I mean that would suck up practically the entire universe and then we would have that one scene from Mario Galaxy but hey it's possible
Jirpy Chirpy
'Jirpy Chirpy' 4 weeks ago
Is there something that could repel things? Or do the opposite of black holes?
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