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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 6 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 6 months ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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Emmanuella Amponsah
'Emmanuella Amponsah' 16 hours ago
CD xmmcdcfzkgeg
Colin Brown
'Colin Brown' 2 days ago
do these collisions much like a feeding black hole produce gamma rays?
'Killergaming' 3 days ago
to make the information easier use universe sandbox 2
Christopher Beblo
'Christopher Beblo' 3 days ago
So what happens to the universes inside the blach holes
TheROBLOX Riches
'TheROBLOX Riches' 4 days ago
I've seen a black hole in space before and I lived thank god :DD
Killer Kualastar
'Killer Kualastar' 4 days ago
"when one black hole eats out another" damn, i read that wrong
Hap N Stance
'Hap N Stance' 6 days ago
If you are outside of a black hole, you can never witness anything actually entering the black hole. In fact, it would take an infinite amount of time to witness an object entering a black hole. This according to this reference... "Understanding the Universe -- An Introduction To Astronomy, 2nd Edition", by Prof. Alex Filippenko. Can you explain the conflict this poses for us being able to witness a black hole gobbling up another object, planet, star, or another black hole. If we accept Prof. Filippenko's reasoning, anything approaching a black hole (from our perspective) would never reach the black hole, and thus, the black hole would never increase in mass.
Mr. Miracle
'Mr. Miracle' 6 days ago
I watch one science vid and I get sucked into a science blackhole and I can't stop watching science vids
'mg1s' 1 week ago
When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out there are a lot of crazy nonsense fictionalized by those who claim to be scientist, but do not have intelligence to understand their own data. they have qualified by regurgitating the crap they have been fed to get their papers. if they understood the data, they would not need to conger up crazy idea to hid their ignorance behind. I challenge any of these guy to explain correct structure of photon, nature of gravity and how the two physically interact then see they how ridicules their belief is. E = M4/3pi(C+G) Cubed by Ferydoon Shirazi is correct Mass / energy equivalence. I will give $10,000 to any one who can prove publicly otherwise. Most of their models of space and matter is wrong. MG1
Omega Saturn
'Omega Saturn' 1 week ago
When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out Becuz shit's going nuts.
Black Shark
'Black Shark' 1 week ago
black holes are omnivorous and cannibals...dude you are making the black hole looks like an animal
Shady X
'Shady X' 1 week ago
I wanna be banged that hard 😍😩
'werneur1' 1 week ago
fantasy 😂. nothing happens. we cant see it
The Maltese Empire
'The Maltese Empire' 2 weeks ago
Bigger black hole: FUCK YOU!!! Smaller one: no no no no NO NO NO!! space in a nutshell.
The Maltese Empire
'The Maltese Empire' 2 weeks ago
Dem black holes been hyper AF if they released that much energy
joseph meredith
'joseph meredith' 2 weeks ago
FAKE SCIENCE! GULLIBLE AMERICANS! These assholes can see light years away. BULLSHIT! NASA FAKE ASS CGI. Who writes this crap?
'Dormega' 2 weeks ago
This is how Chuck Norris was born.
Das tan
'Das tan' 2 weeks ago
OMG guys stop the comments and don't be rude towards black holes you know they have feelings too!!
DylanDude Playz
'DylanDude Playz' 2 weeks ago
Zorrito 63
'Zorrito 63' 2 weeks ago
so a black hole is
LOL Life
'LOL Life' 3 weeks ago
Its like a game of
Kiet Nguyen
'Kiet Nguyen' 3 weeks ago
30 secs commercial for 2 minutes 8 secs entertainment. WTF !
'TM2' 3 weeks ago
Most simple explanation on DAMN AGAR.IO,did u learn that kids
Karsten Schuhmann
'Karsten Schuhmann' 3 weeks ago
What is so special about this merger is the fact that it was rather dark. In a nova most power is emitted as light, in a super-nova most power is emitted as neutrinos but still an enormous amount of light is emitted. However, the black holesemit nothing but gravitational waves and there was a lot of it. This means there was not a big flash actually despite the huge amount of energy this event could have stayed unnoticed for an observer in the same galaxy. These animations fool you in this regard. Still a tiny fraction of the energy may have been transferred to light as huge and rapid oscillating tidal forces may have excited nearby matter of an accretion disk.
Peter Peter
'Peter Peter' 3 weeks ago
The black guy looks like he had a face transplant
'Blastelectro' 3 weeks ago
Well it's gonna happen when andromeda and the milky way collide, that won't happen for a few billion years
Darren Pope
'Darren Pope' 3 weeks ago
I love that these science programs try to translate big numbers into something the regular person can understand.  I find that the normal person can't appreciate numbers beyond than millions/billions.  Unless a person actively tries to break down those numbers and gain an abstract understanding of them, these programs might as well be saying, "infinity," or "a lot of freaking energy."
Mrs. Cupcake
'Mrs. Cupcake' 3 weeks ago
I drew scary faces on them 💀💀💀💀💀
Dave Mackintosh
'Dave Mackintosh' 4 weeks ago
2 minutes? Eat a dick.
Onimayy 1118
'Onimayy 1118' 4 weeks ago
This reminded me of the Future Diary's intro
Kobe Allen
'Kobe Allen' 4 weeks ago
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'Bigzell' 4 weeks ago
how lesbians have sex
PixelGaming456 TM
'PixelGaming456 TM' 4 weeks ago
A Butthole
'SelfLoving' 4 weeks ago
Tatiana Stricklin
'Tatiana Stricklin' 4 weeks ago
Love it
Human being
'Human being' 4 weeks ago
'ugly' 1 month ago
My iPhone battery would be over 9000.
Hero Boss
'Hero Boss' 1 month ago
Nicholas Jones
'Nicholas Jones' 1 month ago
Anthonette Silvederio
I play agario dude lol give me a like if u play agario
Wade Smith
'Wade Smith' 1 month ago
I'd like to see a 3-body super-computer simulation of the following system. Two rotating black holes in orbit of one another, two different mass amounts to avoid perfect symmetry non-orientability nonsense. A third, ordinary star in orbit around the larger black hole, with the smaller black hole in orbit farther away. I believe I have derived a scenario where the ordinary star can actually "rob" mass out of the Angular Momentum of Black Hole pair due to Gravity and Gravity related tidal forces, eventually being ejected from the system, at least under the correct circumstances.
Johnny S.
'Johnny S.' 1 month ago
So like right?
'NOTICE ME OPPA' 1 month ago
i love Hakeem's voice omg
'kljs26' 1 month ago
Wwe Themes for you
'Wwe Themes for you' 1 month ago
This is crazy
'Zes' 1 month ago
not, idts
Zhean Papa
'Zhean Papa' 1 month ago
boy if you have air internet cable you can watch this thing
fu-youtube youtube
'fu-youtube youtube' 1 month ago
how do we see this energy if there is no accretion discs? are gravitational energy somehow turned into matter? did matter swirling inside the black holes somehow escape because of the spatial distortion?
Christian Merano
'Christian Merano' 1 month ago
TheColombian Spartan
'TheColombian Spartan' 2 months ago
'The biggest bang since the big bang' me: but there is no medium in space for sound waves to travel on, so how does that work out? # thereisnobang
'TheRoyalDoge' 2 months ago
In space there's no sound it wouldn't make a peep
'Lenoa' 2 months ago
Can a black hole suck my dick?
Edgee Miranda
'Edgee Miranda' 2 months ago
just like my fart have a 36 septillion yottowatts what its does mean alot of freakin 💩
'Island_Souljha' 2 months ago
So we're just gonna sit here and act like they didn't pull these words out there asses
'Sirpryze' 2 months ago
Black holes don't exist
Netraraj Pun
'Netraraj Pun' 2 months ago
and what if 10 black whole and 10 so called white whole collide with each other. will the energy be completely diminished by the + and - equation or I start to pray God that such thing never happen? anyone with proper answer.?
Dezarre Lurry
'Dezarre Lurry' 2 months ago
yet they don't even know if black holes exist. but it started the universe. lol. they even know how many yattawatts it was. excuse my spelling. but I'm allergic to bullshit. and one of the side effects are misspelling.
Cesar Melendez
'Cesar Melendez' 2 months ago
I want to see a black hole up close.
Rico Valdes
'Rico Valdes' 2 months ago
Should I masturbate to this?
Richard P 765 Dyxrytru
So what?
Meli, Ranzy, Rebe
'Meli, Ranzy, Rebe' 2 months ago
hello fans
Madden 2000
'Madden 2000' 2 months ago
Unknown Gamer
'Unknown Gamer' 2 months ago
just like
Cvetko Jovcevski
'Cvetko Jovcevski' 2 months ago
greed and pride is the fall of the planet
Maxx Payne
'Maxx Payne' 2 months ago
This is why Enigma in Dota 2 exist.
'IRON SQUADRON' 2 months ago
my mix tape is still stronger than the black holes
Fabrice Hoarau
'Fabrice Hoarau' 2 months ago
is it even possible ?
Kayes Munshi
'Kayes Munshi' 2 months ago
I guess it's true
'Kloody' 2 months ago
The black guy feels the science
Red Vanderbilt
'Red Vanderbilt' 2 months ago
that guy who wants to watch black holes colliding is also black, if he gets too close that would be threesome
David C
'David C' 2 months ago
f*ckin science man
Venoxide Gaming
'Venoxide Gaming' 2 months ago
That black hole just got ate. Damn nature you scary.
squeaker EDITION
'squeaker EDITION' 2 months ago
nah the most powerfull thing in the universe is my mix tape
Carlo Antonio Gomorera
chill it's just agar. io blobs
Luke Doesgaming
'Luke Doesgaming' 2 months ago
Wait wait wait!!! 1.3 billion years ago!! Really are you that fucking dumb what are you some like time traveler
supersciencekid 66
'supersciencekid 66' 2 months ago
"I will love to view a black hole eating another" until one get launched tight at you that will really hurt bty I made it up as a joke
Chris  Cary
'Chris Cary' 2 months ago
Agario flashback
The Mesa Kat
'The Mesa Kat' 2 months ago
Then what about 3 black holes colliding at the same time?
Tyler Case
'Tyler Case' 2 months ago
who thought it said two black holes eating eachother out
MR.AJ Garcia
'MR.AJ Garcia' 2 months ago
i hope i get to see the real thing on telescope or even video in my lifetime
the anonymous gamer
'the anonymous gamer' 2 months ago
theres a bad joke down here knock knock whos there Dr. Dr.who Exacly
'MCTanman1' 2 months ago
RFLOL, Unless my eyes deceive me, at 0:12 is that a black guy talking about black holes eating each other? lol, was that by design or just a coincidence.... most likely the latter... just an observation, nothing more.
Chris Whitfield
'Chris Whitfield' 2 months ago
There was no big bang. Thats why you humans call it a theory.
'IlkerDeth' 2 months ago
I don't understand that. The property of a black hole is that NOTHING can escape out of it. So if two black holes merge with eachother why there is such an outburst of energy?? This should not happen because nothing can escape a black hole, right?
mai hi
'mai hi' 2 months ago
They just come across the information about it?Don't they?Not ralated to the reality
Casini Sanyo
'Casini Sanyo' 2 months ago
Tibor Danilics
'Tibor Danilics' 2 months ago
if nothing can escape black holes, why would escape any energy or matter when 2 black holes collide?
Zhulnevikurn Hurenivelxunedar
How you know this shit? You weren't there motherfucker.
'xGodspeedz' 2 months ago
Except if the other blackhole is a feminist you know that the black hole who just wanted to eat is fucked.....
Børn Å Legend
'Børn Å Legend' 2 months ago
These people never seen a black hole in their life but have nerve to try & educate the public about them. If you believe this you have no mind of your own
'TheTinyPerson' 2 months ago
Space vore
fat cunt xx_fatassniggermcniggerface_xx
i like that black dude he was funny
Gordon Sun
'Gordon Sun' 2 months ago
but... how do you eat a hole? Don't you mean fuse?
LeTurkey Onxy
'LeTurkey Onxy' 2 months ago
I absolutely love Hakeem Oluseyi, the dankest astrophysicist ever man!
'Rizum.' 2 months ago
they've found out...
andrei burghelea
'andrei burghelea' 2 months ago
Gabriel Eady
'Gabriel Eady' 2 months ago
'Roger' 2 months ago
0:15 Hööhh.... how did you know that Mr. ? ......... :-)
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