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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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Benjamin Gibson
'Benjamin Gibson' 1 day ago
Black holes =
Ashutosh Mahapatra
Please reply it????????
Ashutosh Mahapatra
If they collide then it separate from each other or destroy each other but they merged each other to formed one blackholes???????? So what are the characteristics of blackholes so that they merged together......?????????
Ashutosh Mahapatra
Why the two blackholes colliding each other and merged together to formed one blackholes?????
The Brilliant Savage
Was the narrator Mike Rowe?
'Jeb' 3 days ago
What if a black hole and black man collides
Varsha Sankpal
'Varsha Sankpal' 4 days ago
Did you know that black holes are actually invisible you can't see them because black holes don't make any light so you can't see a black hole because light doesn't bounce of your eye
Phillip Bapties
'Phillip Bapties' 4 days ago
And what does that mean? A lot of freakin' energy XD
L.P.E lightning
'L.P.E lightning' 4 days ago
You know you can only travel to the future and not the past because if you travel to the past you would literally create an infinite amount of yourself in literally no time at all (time paradox), so this means you can either go to another universe or just get crushed by a black hole, but you can slow down time. Quoted: Leijoe Perez Echevarria 2017 10/16/17
L.P.E lightning
'L.P.E lightning' 4 days ago
666,666 view!
Sumedh Sonawane
'Sumedh Sonawane' 5 days ago
Great very interesting topic to discuss or watch.i think that you can give us more videos like this.
sail the ship
'sail the ship' 5 days ago
lol... even the universe loves vore
STK Animations
'STK Animations' 5 days ago is real
'Ronnie' 5 days ago
I don't no why, but black holes reminds me of the Internal Revenue Service
'Canner' 5 days ago
Does the smaller or lighter black hole spagetti or get turned inside out as the bigger black spirals the smaller in closer and closer? Imagine what happens inside the event horizon of a super massive black hole about to eat a stellar black hole, the tital forces forcing the smaller object to spill it´s guts.
Bryn Jared Llaneta
Help me reach 10.000 subs with no Video
Wait this shit like tasty blue
Igor Lima
'Igor Lima' 7 days ago
You know what else is a black hole? Your mom's ass.
'PheenX' 7 days ago
A black hole is not the most violent and energetic thing to happen in the universe. Ever heard of a Neutron Star?
Chloethe gamer
'Chloethe gamer' 7 days ago
My dad watches this channel
Garuu Spike
'Garuu Spike' 1 week ago
Why the fuck is my entire screen a hotlink to watch the trailer for a movie fuck you Youtube
ranjeet kumar
'ranjeet kumar' 1 week ago
black hole is not black ball, it is huge sphere hot gas
'Mr.' 1 week ago
What if the Big Bang was two big black holes and this is what it's like to be in a black hole, so if it's true the universe is the biggest black hole
'Mr.Wafflez' 1 week ago
1:44 “A lot of Frickin energy!”
Jade Lazard
'Jade Lazard' 1 week ago
Tired of this black hole on black hole violence
Samuel Dacio
'Samuel Dacio' 1 week ago
Black hole is a bomb?
Chandrasekhar Sarkhel
I have a question , when two black hole eats each other , a star births or not please give the answer 😊😊
Gary Bob
'Gary Bob' 1 week ago
Wait if a black hole can eat anything? Can it eat itself?
jakmak neko gamer
'jakmak neko gamer' 2 weeks ago
Skeptical Gamer
'Skeptical Gamer' 2 weeks ago
this sounds like reproduction if you know what I mean
'GamingWithMartin9' 2 weeks ago
Don't worry, soon the black hole will be arrested for Canablism Who cares if i spelt it wrong.
Sumithra Chandrakanthi
Wow a lot of energy is released. Two tenth of all visible stars . That's a huge output of power in watts.
'Sqn' 2 weeks ago
If, a black hole eats a black hole eats another black, It will explode and create a new universe.
Sad Monkey
'Sad Monkey' 2 weeks ago
My ex has a big black hole, not sure what made the collision though
Phoenix Lal
'Phoenix Lal' 2 weeks ago
1:45 i want to be that rich
Jason Blanco
'Jason Blanco' 2 weeks ago
1:42 my diamond hypernova neutron star!
ItzHigh Vroom
'ItzHigh Vroom' 2 weeks ago in a nutshell
Lord Niasse
'Lord Niasse' 2 weeks ago
Kim jong un will prob nuke a black hole to see who is more powerful
One word........Tocobell
lil wubstep
'lil wubstep' 2 weeks ago
Holy F#$K
i am saladin
'i am saladin' 2 weeks ago
this is pretty much
Emmanuel Pavon
'Emmanuel Pavon' 2 weeks ago
Where does that item go when a black hole eats them
mr khuthang
'mr khuthang' 2 weeks ago in a shell nut
Bes[ T]roll
'Bes[ T]roll' 2 weeks ago
How are we know this? We never seen like this
Ognjen Kovačević
'Ognjen Kovačević' 2 weeks ago
The best part of this video are the comments. I MEAN
Lewis Weston
'Lewis Weston' 2 weeks ago
One giant hole that's what she said
PuffleGhost _
'PuffleGhost _' 2 weeks ago
They are fusing together To make one
sari bsunt
'sari bsunt' 2 weeks ago
my mother inlaw is born
A Friend
'A Friend' 2 weeks ago
When you take a large shit from 50 bean tacos Result: the explosion of the two black holes
No Soup For You
'No Soup For You' 2 weeks ago
Cillian Peterson
'Cillian Peterson' 2 weeks ago
Team Tropical
'Team Tropical' 2 weeks ago
Dimi619_ Ab
'Dimi619_ Ab' 2 weeks ago
Fucking septillion YottaWatts O_O
Mr Nice Guy
'Mr Nice Guy' 2 weeks ago
Is a black hole really a hole?
undyne 5567
'undyne 5567' 2 weeks ago
Are you stupid God made the universe not the freaking big bang
Matilda Jauhiainen
'Matilda Jauhiainen' 2 weeks ago
I hope it destroys both. btw i have black hole and it has a system problem..There comes brown. stuff inside of it.
Jake Liu
'Jake Liu' 2 weeks ago
"larger one pulls smaller one in" but i thought gravity was through density not mass/size
'THE SUPREME' 2 weeks ago
You guys realize you can't see black holes they blend in with the black color of space 😂😂😂
'EazyE' 2 weeks ago
The largest black hole explosion ever recorded was a Nicki Minaj fart.
'taenovret156' 2 weeks ago
agario in real life XD
Pyro The Dragon
'Pyro The Dragon' 2 weeks ago
Pfft when I eat noodles with hot sauce I fart louder than that.
Caleb Reed
'Caleb Reed' 2 weeks ago
When a gravitational wave hits you you can see a few seconds into the future and the past!
'Neo' 2 weeks ago
Have you seen it , how can you say it?
'Glow4Glory' 2 weeks ago
Americans,... all about bang bang boom, big explosions and superlatives, even Scientists are infected by Hollywood 😏
Zen Rain
'Zen Rain' 2 weeks ago
I play does any?
Schizofree Chromophylic
When I thought that black holes coud eat each other, I had never read or known anything about it. But I hadn't predicted that so much energy could come out of this incident. How interesting!
'FatalFist' 3 weeks ago
I can believe it but why don't we see it? We get hints of gravitational waves that travel across the universe but largest explosions next to the Big Bang? And we have a couple black holes in the center of the milky way, our own galaxy?
Air123wolfYT wolfYT
'Air123wolfYT wolfYT' 3 weeks ago
'Amish' 3 weeks ago
But but but you never can be sure we barely know anything about these bad boys. You guys should say more something like "we think blablabla" instead of "it is blablabla" but good vid I guess
Cooling Industries
'Cooling Industries' 3 weeks ago
Wow never knew black holes were cannibals....
A Schulte
'A Schulte' 3 weeks ago
What would happen if this happened in our solar system universe sandbox style?
Fakhouri 21
'Fakhouri 21' 3 weeks ago
And how did they know 1.3 billion years ago this happened eh?
Schizofree Chromophylic
Is this speculation or a fact?
Shashi Suman
'Shashi Suman' 3 weeks ago
1:42 When I fart
Madhu Agarwal
'Madhu Agarwal' 3 weeks ago
amazing fact!!!!
Riley Ferrill
'Riley Ferrill' 3 weeks ago
Illuminate &3983744838
Its like agorio
dialgia land
'dialgia land' 3 weeks ago in real life?
Life Less
'Life Less' 3 weeks ago
1:41 Jumpscare
Life Less
'Life Less' 3 weeks ago
0:59 ExplodingTNT would love this
im confused
'im confused' 3 weeks ago
What if you sent a nuke 20 times the size of the largest nuke ever detonated to the sun?
Samantha Coons
'Samantha Coons' 3 weeks ago
Creator no you too black holes don't noo gets blasted to earth fights earth gahh earth have mercy on me now creator becomes red hah take that earth huh gahh take that creator becomes a red skull with red skull hands huh noo earth blows up creator trys to breath you will see fear earth dies
Suresh KP
'Suresh KP' 3 weeks ago
But that energy is dissipated in gravitational waves not in the electromagnetic radiation, so what is "visible" in terms of an "explosion"?
Antho Tony
'Antho Tony' 3 weeks ago
A *WHOLE* other level of
Black hole sex
'GTA-_-JUGGALO' 3 weeks ago
Sarthak Katewa
'Sarthak Katewa' 3 weeks ago
Kind of like Goku & Vegeta .
'ROBLOX GAMER' 3 weeks ago
Two can dab Earth if a place hole hits me then u will yell OMG THE EARTH IS TA BEST Children’s no I will say the f word Tom what the hell oo Jack I love u earth kiss me
Datguy Phil
'Datguy Phil' 3 weeks ago
Black holes don't eat.
Johnny Bravo
'Johnny Bravo' 3 weeks ago
No mention of the study of gravity waves?
DogeDog 101
'DogeDog 101' 4 weeks ago
I thought if a black hole eats a black hole the eaten black hole would eat the other one inside out
'Kenan►Gaming' 4 weeks ago
0:59 When i eat spicy burritos
Derpy Pro
'Derpy Pro' 4 weeks ago
The man is ugly😂😂😂 just look closely at 1:15
Presley Neuwerth
'Presley Neuwerth' 4 weeks ago be clear here this might not be true.If you are thinking about black holes they don't explode anything,they just take,even another black hole!
'SuperBEY BLADEGuy' 4 weeks ago
I love you so much
Henry Qiu
'Henry Qiu' 4 weeks ago
Vincent Loparo III
'Vincent Loparo III' 4 weeks ago
Was that narrated by Mike Rowe?
Papa Waffles
'Papa Waffles' 4 weeks ago
Eat your heart out Micheal Bay
'TaterWaiter' 4 weeks ago
The Big Bang wasn’t A explosion. It just looks like A growing cloud of dust in the middle of blackness
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