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When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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When two black holes are near each other, they will slowly orbit in a death circle. The larger black hole will eventually devour the other resulting in an enormous discharge of energy akin to the Big Bang

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Kyan 1106
'Kyan 1106' 16 hours ago
Agar.Io Michael Bay version
aldilatama hs
'aldilatama hs' 1 day ago
I've watch Remina hell's planet story. This is more brighter.
'oofster' 2 days ago
lets go play
Amna Siddiqui
'Amna Siddiqui' 2 days ago
When black holes want to get married 😂
marc steven gales
'marc steven gales' 5 days ago
Its like
self explorer
'self explorer' 6 days ago
dance of the devils
'raman31656' 6 days ago blast or light will be seen during collision,coz its black hole dude.Only gravity waves will be felt.
Mr. Yus Gaming
'Mr. Yus Gaming' 6 days ago
Why are there sound effects in space?
Theirs a black hole bigger then the sun Edit: Have fun sleeping
'MemeyLoaf' 1 week ago
What do you mean by eat? There are many, many, many other definitions for eat... and by bang, the *big* bang was *big* but another *BIG* bang? I’m going to be doing my *research* in this topic.............
Song bird
'Song bird' 1 week ago
Okay... I'm outta here
Funny plush Vlogs
'Funny plush Vlogs' 1 week ago in space
Shameless plug
'Shameless plug' 1 week ago
Genuine Meme
'Genuine Meme' 1 week ago
Top 10 anime space battles
Ania Williams
'Ania Williams' 1 week ago
Scary af😱😵😵🙊
Think About It
'Think About It' 1 week ago
Imagine if there was a Vegan Black Hole.
Vilma Daneviciene
'Vilma Daneviciene' 1 week ago
Holy shit
'BuffPuff' 1 week ago
How the Universe Works...I LOVE THIS SHOW!!
abel roman
'abel roman' 2 weeks ago
Narrator :"Picture this scene, two black holes circling each." Me: closes his eyes then takes a peak and sees the two black holes circling each other and thinks to himself "Why did I picture that scene if they put the scene on?"
Mar Games
'Mar Games' 2 weeks ago
"When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out" Right, because there's so many options of survival to survive, I may not know which to pick :|
walkinglord5 gaming
'walkinglord5 gaming' 2 weeks ago
Is it wrong that when I read the title i got the wrong idea xD
Sen Pai
'Sen Pai' 2 weeks ago
So uh? How did they know that? Just askin.
Pikaleena Gaming
'Pikaleena Gaming' 2 weeks ago
1:01 *Gotta blast.*
mario luigi
'mario luigi' 2 weeks ago
the real reason black holes thrive on anything it comes to it is because it dosnt want to collaps into itself and become a star or planet
Reverse Attack
'Reverse Attack' 2 weeks ago
look out ? Still no photograph is taken of a blackhole .
Evil Patrick
'Evil Patrick' 2 weeks ago
Succ boi vs Succ boi who wins?
XStep 47
'XStep 47' 2 weeks ago
Dale Highfill 3
'Dale Highfill 3' 3 weeks ago
GREAT SCOTT!!! 1.21 gigawatts
M Gr
'M Gr' 3 weeks ago
... or just 2 black moms colliding.
Manlygamer _
'Manlygamer _' 3 weeks ago
Who believes the big bang I don't I'm a Christian
Entertainment Plus
'Entertainment Plus' 3 weeks ago
someone ask these people how is that going to help the people on earth who are dying from hunger ??? its hard to just watch these idiots
'ArmaFreak' 3 weeks ago
maybe the big bang was 2 really massive black holes colliding
Dave Brewer
'Dave Brewer' 3 weeks ago
When One Black Hole Eats Another... Look Out . Why ?
Rick  Sanchez
'Rick Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
Richard Smith
'Richard Smith' 3 weeks ago
"a lot of freakin energy" yeah that's a good description.. elaborate would ya?
'OtakPishang' 3 weeks ago
is this
Chicken Nuggets
'Chicken Nuggets' 3 weeks ago
Black holes dont even look like that...
'Anonymous5253' 3 weeks ago
That black guy must really enjoy every aspect of his job. You can only be so lucky to be THAT happy about it.
Max Velazquez
'Max Velazquez' 3 weeks ago
1:09 He is a famous scientist cause I saw him in another program.
NightFrosty 5
'NightFrosty 5' 3 weeks ago
If we can control where the earth goes and rotates... I would love that if 2 black holes appears and say *"GO, EARTH GO!!"*
Diego Orellana
'Diego Orellana' 3 weeks ago
Mike The vile
'Mike The vile' 3 weeks ago lol you need more mass tho
Hda Destroyers
'Hda Destroyers' 3 weeks ago
Cringe worthy
'oppovinewood' 3 weeks ago
Sun is white not red or Orange.
Vemireddy Janardhan Reddy
nothing more than fiction.
Malin & Dad Heyo
'Malin & Dad Heyo' 4 weeks ago ?
'Raki' 4 weeks ago
lmfao I read that title wrong
Anton Tumanov
'Anton Tumanov' 4 weeks ago
No one every saw a black hole
Party rox
'Party rox' 4 weeks ago
When nothing eats nothing
'Rockruff' 4 weeks ago
the only black hole near me is my butthole
'Dregonoid' 4 weeks ago
did anyone elese notice black holes are racist
fit stad
'fit stad' 4 weeks ago
this title sounds like: watch out when 2 black holes collide okay lemme just get out here bye *vroom*
Emily Trost
'Emily Trost' 4 weeks ago
What if the big bang was two black holes
'60FramesPerSecond' 4 weeks ago
I like the fact that they talk about it as if it’s a living being
'2.1B views' 4 weeks ago
CoSmic SiRen
'CoSmic SiRen' 4 weeks ago
Black people always being extra
Dylan Och
'Dylan Och' 4 weeks ago
Imagine a black hole vs a black hole
'Puzzoozoo' 4 weeks ago
'From a safe distance', I'd want to see two S5 0014+813's collide. :)
'ElementalGaming30' 4 weeks ago
Black hole what about a white hole they all taste the same
Vaisakh Sunil Kumar
'Vaisakh Sunil Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Mommy...I want that cracker for my next birthday
Richard Dunn
'Richard Dunn' 4 weeks ago
And what was the signal we detected of this largwr than life collision? A truely astonishingly small chirp, a tiny tiny "bub". The most amazingly huge strides in the understanding of the universe are being extrapolated out of the most insignificant stimuli. Https:// this article states in it's abstract that the signals are so small that they are not significant above background noise. Nevertheless at the first opportunity the science media circus is in full swing proclaiming massive black holes million of light years away in both space and time colliding. U don't need to be a physicist to know that the LIGO detection is nonsense. True nonsense. Check out Thunderbolt Projects videos on gravitational waves for some sense
'Felix's toy review' 4 weeks ago
what a nerd
Sahil Kumar
'Sahil Kumar' 4 weeks ago
Mia khalifa:I have a giant black hole Sins: let me fill it
Been in the hills Fukcin doods
How are we supposed to look out? Those demons are wayyy out in space
Vortex Reborn
'Vortex Reborn' 4 weeks ago
2 black holes fucked each other
Infamous X
'Infamous X' 4 weeks ago
Wow, the universe is
Dat Boi
'Dat Boi' 4 weeks ago
what the fuck do you mean look out u want us to run or what
riko swavy
'riko swavy' 4 weeks ago
Enough energy for a large spirit bomb
Pink Flamimgo
'Pink Flamimgo' 4 weeks ago
o n o i must be scared i must run away i dont like this help
Spider-Plant Man
'Spider-Plant Man' 4 weeks ago
Zombie Black Hole ?
dylan animations
'dylan animations' 4 weeks ago
Can use that amount of energy to destroy the entier earth?
DICEisHere eee
'DICEisHere eee' 1 month ago
So much bullshit
Jack McLaughlin
'Jack McLaughlin' 1 month ago
that is clearly not how the big bang started before the big band there were nothing not even black holes but it was a white dot that EXPLODED and the universe expained. in our solersytem when the milky way fromed 4 moons and the sun but then jupider moved in and desroyed the 4 moons and some came into the sun but those rocks became all of the inner planets which is mercery,,mars but earth became not hot and formed in the warm zone so life started (i'm not sure how many years life started)
ButtFingers 8D
'ButtFingers 8D' 1 month ago
Meredith Knowles
'Meredith Knowles' 1 month ago
Julaiha idris
'Julaiha idris' 1 month ago
The Raddus explosion might be larger than that
Sisma Kasmi
'Sisma Kasmi' 1 month ago
why the fuck they showing us science people
Anish Xavier
'Anish Xavier' 1 month ago
This theory happens in marvel's thor movie as bifrost.
Light BoyzYT
'Light BoyzYT' 1 month ago
that some fake shit black hole doesn't burst out like the big bang fake shit
Austin カーマイケル
Lol it’s like animal planet for space 😆
RubyAll in Guy
'RubyAll in Guy' 1 month ago
Have yiu ever seen a Black hole or captured?
Zachary More
'Zachary More' 1 month ago
Wouldn’t the bang kill us
lazy gizmo
'lazy gizmo' 1 month ago
2 suc bois make 1 boom boi
Caden YouTube
'Caden YouTube' 1 month ago
No the most energetic thing it the universe is when I eat sugar
Foxy Adventure Films
Holy shit
Chijaytava aka Chija
Why would they circle each other? Shouldn't the pull be a straight line?
'Fiilis1' 1 month ago
But does it power my computer?
Darla04 23
'Darla04 23' 1 month ago
That's so crazy but so cool though :)00
'124Nightwing' 1 month ago
I wonder if we would have seen the explosion of energy from Earth?
Owen Argoe
'Owen Argoe' 1 month ago
1:45 reptillian yat alot XDDDDD Englesh please
Mr. Content
'Mr. Content' 1 month ago
Justin Babu
'Justin Babu' 1 month ago
Black people can make anything sound good . And that's pretty dope.
HyperLizard Music
'HyperLizard Music' 1 month ago
Is that "How Universe Works ?" ?
'JockyBeeJayJay' 1 month ago
"A blackhole merger is the most violent the most energetic thing that happens in the universe, period." I turned the video off after that because: How do you know? It may be the currently most energetic and violent thing observed in the universe. I know this is playing word games but this wording is exactly what distinguishes science from pseudo science. "Science channel" lol...
UT Sans & Reaper Sans
What if it was three or four
Hakeem Roblox
'Hakeem Roblox' 1 month ago
'Unyt' 1 month ago
person person
'person person' 1 month ago
Buckshot holy more powerful
A Confused Cat
'A Confused Cat' 1 month ago
1:42 holy shit that scared me.
meme emoji
'meme emoji' 1 month ago
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