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Let's See What This Giant Water Pistol Can Do! | Street Science -
Published: 2 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 2 months ago

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Street Science
The Street Science team takes your average water gun to epic proportions.
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Yalaiya Sigmala
'Yalaiya Sigmala' 2 weeks ago
Answer is nobody .If you want to Know how call me at this number 9819450928 And ask whether Joy is taking or not
Yalaiya Sigmala
'Yalaiya Sigmala' 2 weeks ago
I mean tell! who was the first guy who went to moon
Yalaiya Sigmala
'Yalaiya Sigmala' 2 weeks ago
I have one question for you can you tall
Daniel Tenorio
'Daniel Tenorio' 2 weeks ago
If u can can Join Bible flock box on youtube ITS SUPER SUPER COOL!?!?!?#?#?!?
Daniel Tenorio
'Daniel Tenorio' 2 weeks ago
If u can can Join Bible flock box on youtube
dylan animations
'dylan animations' 2 weeks ago
*Super soaker 2.0!*
Deborah Rose
'Deborah Rose' 3 weeks ago
Well, that was annoying. Why do you have a video autoplay when someone goes to your You Tube home page? Annoying.
faheem hussain
'faheem hussain' 3 weeks ago
Children in Africa could eat that melon
Pavan Dongala
'Pavan Dongala' 3 weeks ago
New knife
Bill C
'Bill C' 4 weeks ago
Dear science channel If your so scientific, than please consider how lame, dumb and stupid "All New" sounds when you promote another program, as if part might be old material if ypu didnt include the word new. Example. .. heres some all new info... or, or .... heres some new info. Are ya catching my All New post? probably not.
Elite Clinical Research
Damn I love science
'Jusb1066' 4 weeks ago
its a pressure washer wand inside a stupid wood box gun fake
Stephen King
'Stephen King' 1 month ago
Reminds me of my first orgasm
Prabandh Dalai
'Prabandh Dalai' 1 month ago Watch this video to understand a quite interesting topic - Entropy Like-Comment-Share Also Subscribe *Science Paranoia* for latest videos update.
'FRANTIC Vlog' 1 month ago
Food wasted for street science purposes only.
'Herosade' 1 month ago
This is actually stupid, I'm going to put a grenade inside a giant shell and call it a giant bomb and show it off.
nixie the mermaid XoX.
I would definitely win a water fight with that water gun
'Aidan_GamingAAW' 1 month ago
Cancel what on ereath
Luna sy
'Luna sy' 1 month ago
can you guys find an explanation to the purple light that illuminates at night when it's cloudy??
thoughtful fire
'thoughtful fire' 2 months ago
Mark rober and grant did it already
'Gr8WhtMomba' 2 months ago
That's what a group of hipsters look like too.
das hasguns
'das hasguns' 2 months ago
WOW, a pressure washer. You know other people on YouTube actually made a REAL giant Super Soaker.
Claire Dupree
'Claire Dupree' 2 months ago
Didn’t Mark Rober design this?
Rudraksha Saikumar
'Rudraksha Saikumar' 2 months ago
what if you use it as jet on the toilet seat???
Ex Perimenter
'Ex Perimenter' 2 months ago
What about stone kept nearby...
Ex Perimenter
'Ex Perimenter' 2 months ago
Thats awesome
Ciber AV
'Ciber AV' 2 months ago
Man, they really are just straight up copying other youtubers.....
mark jones
'mark jones' 2 months ago
I dub thee "Ultra-Maniacally Insane, Quantum Zombie Slaying, Evil–Doing Neighbor Eradicating, squirt gun!"
Fujin_WR GB
'Fujin_WR GB' 2 months ago
This is pretty good...
Mike Cheeseman
'Mike Cheeseman' 2 months ago
Bit ridiculous when you consider that they are using a water and grit mixture to cut steel with great precision without any under cutting or weakening the metal by heating.
'Municho' 2 months ago
They literally built a giant model water gun and put a pressure washer in it. It’s just a pressure washer they bought at the
Salma Quazi
'Salma Quazi' 2 months ago
This is sooooo coool!
Pavan kumar
'Pavan kumar' 2 months ago
Common.. Everybody know this
Graham Maxwell
'Graham Maxwell' 2 months ago
do these idiots not have something better to do..
'ScarHead777' 2 months ago
How to build explanation: "This is a power washer but industrial grade". So innovative
'finnhanke' 2 months ago
Dude, just get Mark Rober instead of copying his work. Or at least give him credit.
'KBMEDIA' 2 months ago
Copied mark rober
An artist theory on the physics of
Why don’t you make a video on the alternative theories about the Universe on YouTube this would be interesting and good for the YouTube community!!!
Subhasri Sutar
'Subhasri Sutar' 2 months ago
wow technology keep developing
'tarkineWild' 2 months ago
They use these in Japanese toilets
'GeneralSebiPlayz' 2 months ago
Copied Mark Rober
Ronoldrichard Rijo
'Ronoldrichard Rijo' 2 months ago
bull shit
Laurence Kim
'Laurence Kim' 2 months ago
so it's just an industrial power washer. the fake super soaker is for click bait.
Halo Pics Photography
I don't call it a win... Should work like a normal pump action water gun
'SABERMETRiCS *' 2 months ago
Bunch of dorks..
z dubs
'z dubs' 2 months ago
Mark Rober for the win
josiah hood
'josiah hood' 2 months ago Mark Roberts really good video and shows you how he built it
josiah hood
'josiah hood' 2 months ago
The king of random and Mark Robert Did this and they didn't even give them credit
harry smith
'harry smith' 2 months ago
Nic Sweeney
'Nic Sweeney' 2 months ago
The king of random did this. What the hell is is a complete rip off. You didn’t even give him credit.
Josh Gallant
'Josh Gallant' 2 months ago
before the 300 views!!!
Nuckin Futs
'Nuckin Futs' 2 months ago
I miss my keychain size super soaker.
Gaming Casualties
'Gaming Casualties' 2 months ago
Mark Rober did this
Jordan Dye
'Jordan Dye' 2 months ago
All it is, is a industrial pressure washer with a squirt gun shell.
Soar-ed Recreational
'Soar-ed Recreational' 2 months ago
I better quickly make a comment, I am quite early to the show 😝😝
Robert Dean
'Robert Dean' 2 months ago
its a jet wash thatsucks
kelvin lor
'kelvin lor' 2 months ago
2:40 hey look its the back yard scientist
mads christiansen
'mads christiansen' 2 months ago
mark robber made exactly the same. stolen content
Vetoed Impersonator
'Vetoed Impersonator' 2 months ago
Everyone shut the fuck up
'Aintel' 2 months ago
Branden Broughton
'Branden Broughton' 2 months ago
Dino Xientist
'Dino Xientist' 2 months ago
1st view and comment!
Jonathan Collozo
'Jonathan Collozo' 2 months ago
First conment
Dusty Yellows Flower
'Dusty Yellows Flower' 2 months ago
'Aintel' 2 months ago
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