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Published: 2 months ago By: My Virgin Kitchen

By: My Virgin KitchenPublished: 2 months ago

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Kitchen Gadget Testing #15. Back with another batch of kitchen gadgets putting them to the test. What's your fave kitchen gadget?
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Defrosting tray
Whisk wiper
Banana cutter
Mango slicer
Raclette tool

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My Virgin Kitchen is a YouTube cooking channel created when I wanted to teach myself how to cook and create a video diary of the journey I have never had a professional lesson & am just your every day chap attempting recipes to inspire you guys to try too. My Wife Becky (aka Mrs Barry) now joins in on the channel too, we upload 2 recipe videos per week, but some fun is had too on Sunday when it is our Funday where anything goes....including giant foods, mini foods, taste testing foods sent from around the World, kitchen gadget testing and many more. Any requests for recipes / cool stuff you've seen let us know! I try my best to reply to as many comments as possible, but it is hard to as we are busy working on the next video, but please interact with eachother and be respectful :-)

My Virgin Kitchen
'My Virgin Kitchen' 2 months ago
More kitchen gadget testing videos on the kitchen gadget playlist
Marlana Rowan
'Marlana Rowan' 23 hours ago
That is the most crazy/cool idea I have ever heard of in my life
Marlana Rowan
'Marlana Rowan' 23 hours ago
is the craziest most best idea I've ever seen or heard
Shaunagh Mepham
'Shaunagh Mepham' 2 days ago
I'm the same with cheese! Only like it when it's melted! Mozzarella sticks are life
Thomas Maddison
'Thomas Maddison' 3 days ago
Love all your shows but the gadget ones are my favourite.... I don't mind what channel they are on but please keep them going!
kamal edrees
'kamal edrees' 3 days ago
I end up sleeping
Mr.Gamer /reaction and unboxing
it takes a long time because you put it in the freezer for 2 months
Marissa Armstrong
'Marissa Armstrong' 4 days ago
schneider means cutter
Chad Landry
'Chad Landry' 4 days ago
the meat tray is a scam, you would have gotten the same meat defrost time letting it sit in a freezer bag in your sink, probably less as the occassional hot water that would splash on it would speed the defrost.
Chad Landry
'Chad Landry' 4 days ago
your doing the whisk wrong, you have to lift the whisk upward so as to pull up stf peaks and putting air into it. fast with lifting strokes..should only take two minutes at most
Maiesha Diva
'Maiesha Diva' 5 days ago
I get taken to katieandbaby channel
Emma Walsh
'Emma Walsh' 5 days ago
I feel the same way about cheese
'Superterriq109' 6 days ago
I end up getting hungry
Indiayh Wrenn
'Indiayh Wrenn' 6 days ago
I'm ten I u have enspired me to be a cook
Josh Dobson
'Josh Dobson' 6 days ago
You might have needed to heat up the slab thing
'Mikalyn' 1 week ago
yes, Schneider is the german Word for Slicer. :) Greetings!
Kim Marie
'Kim Marie' 1 week ago
my dads a whisk manager i'll go home
Oliver Rothmann
'Oliver Rothmann' 1 week ago
The bailey made him to Michael Jackson for a split second XD
Ausha Rivera
'Ausha Rivera' 1 week ago
I ended up on a person directing a frog
'Clarimort' 1 week ago
"Schneider" COULD mean slicer. The verb "schneiden" means "to slice", but the nomen "Schneider" is actually more common as a wort for a dressmaker, since "schneiden" can also mean "to cut". (but of course in this case it is meant to mean slicer)
Richard keith
'Richard keith' 1 week ago
your a little high maintenance " I don't like this food, I don't like that food " bet you were a horrible child
Sarah Yaacoub
'Sarah Yaacoub' 2 weeks ago
I like the giant food videos that you do
Sarah Yaacoub
'Sarah Yaacoub' 2 weeks ago
When I watch your videos it ends me watching more and more episodes of yours... I find them funny 😂 interesting and helpful
'BurntFaceMan' 2 weeks ago
After watching your videos Barry I end up back at Ashens, where I often started. with some barshens inbetween ! =) the few videos a week is great but i wish it was a few a day bahaha. (i know. dont go there!)
'Raatomieli' 2 weeks ago
5:10 that's just a fricking sock :D
Samantha_ Sloth000
'Samantha_ Sloth000' 2 weeks ago
"Happy birthday to me. Just look at that"😂😂
Kath Linke
'Kath Linke' 2 weeks ago
yes wacky food stuff 😄
Hagar Nasr
'Hagar Nasr' 2 weeks ago
I am from Egypt ilove your videos and you are the best chef And i want you to subscrib to my sister chanle she speaks english very well like american people her channle's name is nerdy nummies please subscrib to her please oh i forgot egyption people love your channle
Osmosis Jones
'Osmosis Jones' 2 weeks ago
You set your meat by the window to thaw? Why don't you just ziplock it and put it in warm water
XxkoolxxkillerxX _
'XxkoolxxkillerxX _' 2 weeks ago
Cat porn
Hobo Sullivan
'Hobo Sullivan' 2 weeks ago
With a lot of these kitchen gadgets, I don't see the point unless you've got arthritic hands or coordination problems or similar. But I am fully behind that mango slicer, because mangos are really fibrous, and for some reason, I always have trouble with them.
k Dickens
'k Dickens' 2 weeks ago
my Virgin kitchen, then Barshens , then Ashens, then nerd3, then Demma/Emma B. (love her music)
Gemma Cairns
'Gemma Cairns' 2 weeks ago
Not gonna show you the company that the steak is from *shows musclefood label*
Kitty Girl Plays
'Kitty Girl Plays' 2 weeks ago
When I watch your videos I end up watching sushi chefs two hours later 😂😂😂😂. 🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍱🍱🍱🍱🍱🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙🍙👩🏻‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳
'GreyHulk2' 2 weeks ago
Never go into a mango's house, especially if you're invited...
Haley Schradle
'Haley Schradle' 2 weeks ago
can I get 200 like's because I hage food poison;(
Molly Honeywell !!!!
I always end up on the Barry's
Philogex Q
'Philogex Q' 2 weeks ago
yes schneider means slicer
Virginian Vulture
'Virginian Vulture' 2 weeks ago
I start with kitchen/baking videos and end up at video game streamers raging out over dark souls bosses.
ruber ducky
'ruber ducky' 3 weeks ago
I end up bord
'Gunzang' 3 weeks ago
10:40 "Rim" 🤤
The Camera Box
'The Camera Box' 3 weeks ago
playlist seems to be in reverse
Little Unicorn Lyssa
I watch one of yours then I end up on a cooking video
'XxLunastarxX' 3 weeks ago
when i watch your videos in the suggested videos is rosanna pansino,how to cake it,Joey Graceffa,buzzfeed,& more of your videos
'spike3900' 3 weeks ago
I end up playing minecraft while just watching your playlist, its really interesting to find out about all this stuff as im a catering student. HoNk HoNK
Keira Donovan
'Keira Donovan' 3 weeks ago
I end up watching motorcycle accidents lol don't ask
Artlover108 Aj
'Artlover108 Aj' 3 weeks ago
Barry, Barry, Can you keep on drinking in your vids?
Maddie Dewison
'Maddie Dewison' 3 weeks ago
Abbie Davies
'Abbie Davies' 3 weeks ago
Abbie Davies
'Abbie Davies' 3 weeks ago
are you from wigan because you have the acent
Abbie Davies
'Abbie Davies' 3 weeks ago
Taylor elkins
'Taylor elkins' 3 weeks ago
Do another kitchen gadget video
Eridania Santana
'Eridania Santana' 3 weeks ago
why the core of the mango is called "stone"
Lily Love
'Lily Love' 3 weeks ago
The monkey was a boo
'Djhj07' 3 weeks ago
ik what the mango slice looks like its looks like as pus?@!
Giovanny Aleman
'Giovanny Aleman' 3 weeks ago
*Is 2/3 of vid* He legit talks to us like if we're 4-5 yrs old....
Giovanny Aleman
'Giovanny Aleman' 3 weeks ago
No offense but....he sounds kinda British
Bethany g
'Bethany g' 3 weeks ago
the way he acts in his video is cringeworthy!! but the things he does are fun to watch . it's like he trying to make a toddler laugh or he's just trying too hard
'magangel05' 3 weeks ago
it's not the good cheese for the raclette it's emmental we put that on the gratin or in quiches
'csb1986csb' 3 weeks ago
Ali H
'Ali H' 3 weeks ago
Every time he says "rim" and winks 😂 New subscriber here!
'starsiaeve' 3 weeks ago
So anyone who doesn't like waiting an hour or more to cook frozen meat; fill a bowl or your sink with enough cool water to cover the meat still in the package. Add a full handful of sea salt to the water and leave the packaged meat in the water. In ten mins to fourty mind depending on the size of the package and the amount of salt to water it will be fully defrosted. I add two handfuls but one handful of salt will do.
Rachel M
'Rachel M' 4 weeks ago
Got a NerdCubed video! :)
'SDWNJ' 4 weeks ago
Aluminum has very good thermal conduction properties. But you can use an aluminum grilling tray for the same purpose.
Horse Lover!!!
'Horse Lover!!!' 4 weeks ago
I once almost slipped on a banana peel😂
alexandra gisella t.
Can u pls do more of these pls thx
o7 Zwelm
'o7 Zwelm' 4 weeks ago
After watching your videos i end up at one point on porn hub
Mimikyu Love
'Mimikyu Love' 4 weeks ago
doomgamer iksan
'doomgamer iksan' 4 weeks ago
well more cooking vedios
Galetham Libra
'Galetham Libra' 4 weeks ago
schneider means tayor like clothing
fran rose
'fran rose' 4 weeks ago
Haha the way you pronounced "Raclette" 😄 greetings from Switzerland :-)
Spotty Skunk
'Spotty Skunk' 4 weeks ago
I went from SortedFood to here and back again somehow.
Voodoo Girl
'Voodoo Girl' 4 weeks ago
i love how dirty his mind is
Cipher Kitty
'Cipher Kitty' 4 weeks ago
You should do the other channel ideaz👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
'The_Squish' 4 weeks ago
My friends end slipped on a banana peel and shattered her knee cap.
Shana Martin
'Shana Martin' 4 weeks ago
Happy new year and yes I do think it should be separated that way it's easy for those that want to find recipes instead of having to scroll through to find the one they want.
Peyton Turner
'Peyton Turner' 4 weeks ago
it's silicone
Mason Kerr
'Mason Kerr' 4 weeks ago
Apoo is the guy who works at the quiky mart in the Simpsons
ennard gaming
'ennard gaming' 4 weeks ago
i end up at fnaf X3
William Johnston
'William Johnston' 4 weeks ago
great video I ended up watching them all
'Arron875' 4 weeks ago
he is right about musclefood spamming texts and e-mails
flower girl
'flower girl' 4 weeks ago
tania miah
'tania miah' 4 weeks ago
does that whisk wiper fit on any whisk or just the one your give
Nae Nae
'Nae Nae' 4 weeks ago
What you have a double story house I thought you had a single story!
kieran anson
'kieran anson' 4 weeks ago
The way he said Emmental 😂😂😂 ah makes me laugh when people pronounce things wrong
bigmac ·
'bigmac ·' 4 weeks ago
when i watch your videos my other uk youtuber pops up mrdarlekjd
Belle Thompson
'Belle Thompson' 4 weeks ago
Heather Sheldon
'Heather Sheldon' 4 weeks ago
Maria Andronov
'Maria Andronov' 4 weeks ago
mule meltivat sinu viteot
Liana Medeiros
'Liana Medeiros' 4 weeks ago
why do you have that creepy cardbord old lady
Jeena Haddadin
'Jeena Haddadin' 4 weeks ago
As a matter of a fact, this is the the video I ended up watching after a long long tour around YouTube, starting with nothing that is related to this! Heh Lets check it out I guess
'Warhead24' 4 weeks ago
European breast feeding a child
Poonam Abbi
'Poonam Abbi' 4 weeks ago
LOL...The wine monkey... I've had a wine REINDEER with bells... & a red nose that lights up... much more interesting than a dreary monkey sock. I bought it for about $5 at one of the locao stores...
Fran Renkwitz
'Fran Renkwitz' 4 weeks ago
Schneider means slicer
'Evíga_' 4 weeks ago
Yes, Schneider means slicer.
Tamsin Rodríguez
'Tamsin Rodríguez' 1 month ago
please carry on testing kichen gadgets
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