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Published: 1 year ago By: My Virgin Kitchen

By: My Virgin KitchenPublished: 1 year ago

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Kitchen Gadget Testing #15. Back with another batch of kitchen gadgets putting them to the test. What's your fave kitchen gadget?
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banana slicer
mango slicer

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My Virgin Kitchen is a YouTube cooking channel created when I wanted to teach myself how to cook and create a video diary of the journey I have never had a professional lesson & am just your every day chap attempting recipes to inspire you guys to try too. My Wife Becky (aka Mrs Barry) now joins in on the channel too, we upload 2 recipe videos per week, but some fun is had too on Sunday when it is our Funday where anything goes....including giant foods, mini foods, taste testing foods sent from around the World, kitchen gadget testing and many more. Any requests for recipes / cool stuff you've seen let us know! I try my best to reply to as many comments as possible, but it is hard to as we are busy working on the next video, but please interact with eachother and be respectful :-)

My Virgin Kitchen
'My Virgin Kitchen' 1 year ago
More kitchen gadget testing videos on the kitchen gadget playlist
Jess70412 45
'Jess70412 45' 1 week ago
I usually start out by watching your channel than I end up At jacksepticeye’s channel
Denise Morgan
'Denise Morgan' 2 weeks ago
I end up on random Barry videos lol
Ashlee Duncan
'Ashlee Duncan' 2 weeks ago
Thumbs up just for the Bailey's!! That stuff is amazing!
Kenelia Cannon
'Kenelia Cannon' 2 weeks ago
The fact that he flipped the steak over and it was frozen on the other side, tells me it should have been flipped over. Hope you did this again.
Destiny Kingston
'Destiny Kingston' 1 month ago
More of your video normally
'Anon' 1 month ago
You put that steak in the danger zone.
'ThymeandSpice' 1 month ago
Ah, man, what do you like to eat except beef Wellington? No tea, cucumber, cheese, eggs... And I've just started barrathon)
Display Name
'Display Name' 1 month ago
Ever drunk baileys from a lamp?
Eric P
'Eric P' 1 month ago
You know Barry is quite the perv. 😂
Tae Gucci
'Tae Gucci' 2 months ago
I love how berry shows the things he reviews in the thumbnail and he doesn't clickbait it so you see something interesting and he actually has it in the video!
zTVa !!
'zTVa !!' 2 months ago
I'm bingewatching MVK right now. (sick at home and daytelevision sucks) Not good for me because every time I laugh I get a coughing fit... hahaha! That defrosting plate is really really old! I remember my mum buying one because we allways forgot to get the meat out of the freezer and that was over 20 years ago! (and it didn't work back then either :-) )
Elgin Rose
'Elgin Rose' 2 months ago
I usually defrost in the microwave, 10 min a pound.
'Sophia' 2 months ago
Well you said it was frozen for two months so ._. An hour ain’t going to change that..
'Solcurios' 2 months ago
The banana cutter is big enough to use with other fruits or vegetables
'Jakathera' 2 months ago
was watching your unicorn balloon episode and had to get up... auto play kept youtube going and i ended up on what seemed to be some balloon fetish video... it was creepy as hell.
Adam Eignor
'Adam Eignor' 3 months ago
Always look for a new barshens video after yours , but there never there...:(
Emm Tastic
'Emm Tastic' 4 months ago
When i click on ANY of your videos i end up eating loads and watching 10 hours of kitchen gadget testing and i don't eavan buy any of them (apart from the Apple peeler, corer Spiralling thing) ;)
Ed Chima
'Ed Chima' 4 months ago
'Bucky749' 4 months ago
I some How ended up on a clip From Jim Cornettes podcast
Bradley Merrills
'Bradley Merrills' 5 months ago
I started watching one of these gadget videos at 1pm this afternoon on my day off.... I have accomplished nothing.... it's now 3am and I'm still on your channel, this , giant food and all the other stuff has taken over
Persephone Gibson
'Persephone Gibson' 5 months ago
I’m the same way with Swiss cheese!! Can’t stand it cold but cooked/heated up is sooooo yummy.
'lotheeus' 6 months ago
What the hell is wrong with gadgets company ... couldn't they make slicers thingy in different shape MY God 😯😯😯😯
the gamer
'the gamer' 6 months ago
As seen on tv gadgets usually take other gadgets, make production cheaper so they coul maximise profits while lowering the cost of production, not saying it's bad to buy them, just saying there are probably more expensive version with better quality materials (probably)
Danier Aghaei
'Danier Aghaei' 6 months ago
i'm dutch and snijder means slicer
Paige Martin
'Paige Martin' 6 months ago
In stead of Gary Barlow it's Bary Barlow
Simon Willumeit
'Simon Willumeit' 6 months ago
schneider is german for slicer or a job but im not sure about how it translates there is a fary tail about it
Connor Mcaleese
'Connor Mcaleese' 6 months ago
Johny bravo
Urooj Farooq
'Urooj Farooq' 6 months ago
Amanda Williams
'Amanda Williams' 7 months ago
Thousands of hours and dollars for a therapist........bubble wrap, priceless!
Eren Jaeger
'Eren Jaeger' 7 months ago
"Im gonna whip up some cream to make it T H I C C"
Hannah Adams
'Hannah Adams' 7 months ago
Money shot and spread it on our tatties...😂
Daniel Karlsson
'Daniel Karlsson' 7 months ago
The banana slicer there is a bigger one for mushrooms.
Emma Burford
'Emma Burford' 7 months ago
another marathon aha its becoming regular for me
'mgunter' 7 months ago
but where's the party slepp?
Arely G
'Arely G' 8 months ago
I clicked the link in the description box to get the cheese melting gadget but for some reason the page wouldn't load, but the amazon home page loads just fine. does anyone know what to type in to find the gadget on amazon?
Russell Michaels
'Russell Michaels' 8 months ago
That's some bright light you got on.
Kops lol
'Kops lol' 8 months ago
i end up in my bed
lena keo
'lena keo' 8 months ago
That cheese 🧀 tray is silly 😜
lena keo
'lena keo' 8 months ago
I think 💭 it'll be better if you peel the mango first lolzzz but I guess that beats the purpose 😂😀😜
Helga Baldursdóttir
'Helga Baldursdóttir' 8 months ago
I've tripped on a banana peel..... It's not fun...😅🇮🇸
MonkeyKing King
'MonkeyKing King' 8 months ago
make a chanle for ur gadget testing vidz
sue kar
'sue kar' 8 months ago
I love you
Malcolm Belshaw
'Malcolm Belshaw' 8 months ago
Ellie Scott
'Ellie Scott' 8 months ago
I end up on Rosanna Pansino's channel
surfer girl
'surfer girl' 8 months ago
I end up in crazy Russian hacker channel
Adam Games
'Adam Games' 8 months ago
I think that meat took so long to defrost because it'd been frozen for 2 months
Sushi Dushi
'Sushi Dushi' 9 months ago
I end up in the kitchen
Brooke Shakeshaft
'Brooke Shakeshaft' 9 months ago
The company is muscle food my mum gets it a lot
Megan F
'Megan F' 9 months ago
I always end up going to Aphmau because they always get recommended to me and I love her videos.
Elodie Adzatia
'Elodie Adzatia' 9 months ago
Schneider means slicer or cutter
'XxRo&EmxX' 9 months ago
Oh my gosh whenever I watch your gadget videos, I get sucked into a kitchen gadget marathon! :) It's always so interesting!
'peopleandanimalslovm' 9 months ago
I want that banana slicer cause i put bananas in my cereal sometimes
Zoe Marcell
'Zoe Marcell' 10 months ago
the pineapple gadget In number 1 could be put in the box of gadgets
Mitchell- Novak
'Mitchell- Novak' 10 months ago
I hope when you cook (if you know how), it's better than when you test kitchen gadgets !
Gabriel Pacher
'Gabriel Pacher' 10 months ago
Ben Whitelaw
'Ben Whitelaw' 10 months ago
pause the video at 0:06 and look at his face
Daniel_Senne 04
'Daniel_Senne 04' 10 months ago
he needs a second chanel call my virgin kitchen gadgets
panda gallavich
'panda gallavich' 10 months ago
im late but i have slipped on a banana peel it was painful but funny
'Hermit' 10 months ago
i end up on pornhub
Amber K
'Amber K' 10 months ago
omg the mango one was just full of dirty jokes and what not......I love it
Amber K
'Amber K' 10 months ago
Apu is from the Simpsons it's Abu
Michael Dobson
'Michael Dobson' 10 months ago
mango tool reminds me of Marley and me "he likes mangos"
Mitchell- Novak
'Mitchell- Novak' 10 months ago
Do you know how to cook, or is your "thing" just checking out new gadgets??
Lola Grace
'Lola Grace' 10 months ago
The mango one the first time I think has some user error I had one and I got very confused at first but now it's a life saver because I'm 9 months pregnant and crave mango good job my man knows how to do it haha
'lotheeus' 10 months ago
could you please stop slicing that banana ... that's terrifying 😣😣😣😣
Wanda pierson
'Wanda pierson' 10 months ago
Btw, love, love, love the bubble plastic!!!💖
Wanda pierson
'Wanda pierson' 10 months ago
Love your gadget videos the most!!! Your family is awesome too. God bless all of u. Keep videos coming, Yippee!!!😀💖🛐
Aine O Grady
'Aine O Grady' 11 months ago
Ash Molko
'Ash Molko' 11 months ago
thats cause the banana wasn't ripe
Natalie Carpentier
'Natalie Carpentier' 11 months ago
I'm the same about cheese!!!
Jennifer Eisenberg
'Jennifer Eisenberg' 11 months ago
The lamp is an alcoholic snippy lid.
'Hariesh' 11 months ago
itll be "brie"liant if someone made a cheese melting channel
'nickyhammell80' 11 months ago
Who is watching this in may 2017 i am I always end up on a giant food
Josh Phantom
'Josh Phantom' 11 months ago
i often wind up watching you and Stuart Ashens eating really old hot dogs
Anime Love
'Anime Love' 11 months ago
i watched this vid and ended up on "how to eat cake"
Lord of the Dings
'Lord of the Dings' 11 months ago
I end up watching Rosanna Pansinno.
'MDOG794' 11 months ago
The wink when he said girth :) hahahaha
'Thisnamestillsucks' 11 months ago
That cheese made me nauseous.
Lola Cunningham
'Lola Cunningham' 11 months ago
Best bit 20:25-20:25 😂😂
Jaxson Townsend
'Jaxson Townsend' 11 months ago
you should try and put the meat defroster in the sun light.
Bella Hart
'Bella Hart' 11 months ago
I have slipped on a banana peel at my school
Bethany Hamilton-Davies
Nervous 2x0
'Nervous 2x0' 12 months ago
Hello, at 0:00 the video starts...Thank me later.
Karla Martinez
'Karla Martinez' 12 months ago
You should do a drunk series! c: it's so fun to watch!
Cup O’ Noodles
'Cup O’ Noodles' 12 months ago
I end up in an endless loop of these
'Speireata4' 12 months ago
Hi. the German word "Schneider" means 'cutter' literally. We don't have an extra word for slicing. Random side note: Schneider can also mean taylor. (=the person making clothes from cloth.)
Hannah Plas
'Hannah Plas' 12 months ago
I need that oilladin for my vinegar!😍😂
'Kuroi27300' 12 months ago
for those interested, the company that he got that meat from is called Muscle food, I would recommend them, they have quality meat products that are healthy and don't cost a lot
Shelby Lee
'Shelby Lee' 12 months ago
for the oil lamp thing can we use that for wine?
'RulerC' 12 months ago
Do You Live Near Coopers Hill
'Ted' 12 months ago
for a second i thought someone sent him an esbit stove
Kitten tube Meow
'Kitten tube Meow' 12 months ago
He has a grandma in the back you no why he has no girlfriend hahahahahahhahahahhahaha
Gaming Porter
'Gaming Porter' 12 months ago
The monkeys name is abu
Gaming Porter
'Gaming Porter' 12 months ago
I just repeat your videos over and over
Lewis Thomson
'Lewis Thomson' 12 months ago
Annoying Dylan
'Annoying Dylan' 12 months ago
A skate board
Abigail King
'Abigail King' 1 year ago
I actually have slipped on a banana peel lol I fell on the floor it hurt but a was laughing to hard 😂
Abigail King
'Abigail King' 1 year ago
I actually have slipped on a banana peel lol I fell on the floor it hurt but a was laughing to hard 😂
the pack aka liam
'the pack aka liam' 1 year ago
#like the pack aka liam
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