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Annie Lennox - I Put A Spell On You -
Published: 3 years ago By: AnnieLennoxVEVO

By: AnnieLennoxVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

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Music video by Annie Lennox performing I Put A Spell On You. (C) 2014 La Lennoxa Limited, under exclusive licence to Island Records, a division of Island Records
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Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
One of my favorite!! The original and this Cover all so great!!😍😘😄🤗😎🎶🎶🎼💃💃💃
Yizhen Xu
'Yizhen Xu' 4 hours ago
Claudia Angelica Carmona Ledezma
my idol!!!!
Rejected Potatoe
'Rejected Potatoe' 1 day ago
Rejected Potatoe
'Rejected Potatoe' 1 day ago
♡ 2018? ♡
maria naves
'maria naves' 1 day ago
give this women a grammy already!!🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️
Canta Dora
'Canta Dora' 2 days ago
so nice, Thank you Annie
Francisco javier Sangros Mauleon
At your feet, Annie Lennox!! Great song and wonderfull cover. 🎵👏👏👏🎵🎵👏👏🎵🎵👏👏🎵
pamela ferraz
'pamela ferraz' 3 days ago
Jaime Soto
'Jaime Soto' 3 days ago
The only thing that came good out of fifty shades for grey movie was the soundtrack
Ana Julia De Almeida
Apaixonada ❤
Juan Carrasco
'Juan Carrasco' 3 days ago
Sublime. Listo para volar
fiona hagan
'fiona hagan' 4 days ago
Love her
'LoKi' 5 days ago
how dare you !!!
Marifer De La Fuente
ya pasaron 4 años, y todavía siento ese sentimiento cada vez que la escucho <3
Marina Yusof
'Marina Yusof' 7 days ago
Vanessa et Morgan from France skated so beautifully , so breathtaking to this song, I put a spell on you.
'wolkowy1' 1 week ago
Annie Lennox has her own unique way of expressing even famous songs that has many interpretations, and each time she does it - I feel as if I've never heard the song before! Besides, the cooperation between her and the instrumentalists is so good, that it feels like they all bring each song to its highest level of art.
Guadalupe Alaniz
'Guadalupe Alaniz' 1 week ago
Enamoradisima de este tema!! ❤
Heaven Putra
'Heaven Putra' 1 week ago
Olcay Dulundu
'Olcay Dulundu' 1 week ago
The song which i listen everyday for so many years.. amazing voice.
Angela Hutson
'Angela Hutson' 1 week ago
Angelina Huynh
'Angelina Huynh' 1 week ago
her version is DA BEST
'krlm2280' 1 week ago
I would love for annie Lennox and tricky to do a song together that will be insane
Lupa - vegan Wolf -
'Lupa - vegan Wolf -' 2 weeks ago
..She .. this is HER song? It's so ... black. She's amazing, I've heard her before in a duo, but I never thought this would be hers? **Edit** it's by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, it seems.
Giselle Moukarzel
'Giselle Moukarzel' 2 weeks ago
Lakshmi Contreras
'Lakshmi Contreras' 2 weeks ago
'RUTHLESS BEANER' 2 weeks ago
You know it Tony J.
Flavio Pelliconi
'Flavio Pelliconi' 2 weeks ago
Fontan Elaia
'Fontan Elaia' 2 weeks ago
Merci 50 nuance de grey 😂😂👌
Jennifer Allmon
'Jennifer Allmon' 2 weeks ago
Good lord this woman gives me chills.
Jaana Ruppa
'Jaana Ruppa' 2 weeks ago
Gwyneth Campil
'Gwyneth Campil' 2 weeks ago
sexy & powerful voice
Anynha Lg
'Anynha Lg' 2 weeks ago
Adoro essa musica muito linda
'VIC SF' 2 weeks ago
30 years in music have only made her voice better!!
Diosa LaLuna
'Diosa LaLuna' 2 weeks ago
WHAT a badass woman! Love her voice SHE totally NAILED THIS SONG!! ♥
Mayra Lozano
'Mayra Lozano' 3 weeks ago
Carlos E
'Carlos E' 3 weeks ago
Simpsons anyone?
Britney Del Rey
'Britney Del Rey' 3 weeks ago
This version made me wanna hear Nina Simone more
U.N 83
'U.N 83' 3 weeks ago
Mrs Grey.... 😈
Carmela Smith
'Carmela Smith' 3 weeks ago
Fifty shades
Jose Orlando da Costa
maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, amo  vc, Annie!!!
Jey C
'Jey C' 3 weeks ago
Where's the name of the musicians who played this?
isaac Y lucy
'isaac Y lucy' 3 weeks ago
Excelente música,Excelente voz todo muy seductor 😍👌
Gisella and Giuseppe
My favs
Valerie Čadová
'Valerie Čadová' 3 weeks ago
Love this song🤩🤩
'FrandiBoy' 3 weeks ago
muy buena cansion jejejej
Riska Ormanda
'Riska Ormanda' 3 weeks ago
I swear, I love her voice.
Claudia Wence
'Claudia Wence' 3 weeks ago
Amazing 💗💗
Marcia Rio
'Marcia Rio' 3 weeks ago
50 shades ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Rosaria Giofre
'Japonigga' 3 weeks ago
myriam gabriela rodriguez
Intensa... se siente en la piel!
Ellie Smith
'Ellie Smith' 3 weeks ago
bloody amazing
Susana Velazquez
'Susana Velazquez' 3 weeks ago
Excelente tema!!!!!!
Cavid Namazov
'Cavid Namazov' 3 weeks ago
Nina simone is the best
Jody White
'Jody White' 3 weeks ago
Incredible... excellence as always! 👌❤️✨
Pete Davies
'Pete Davies' 3 weeks ago
Sounds like a female James Brown! Awesome in talent and voice. Also thought it was Amy Winehouse in accompanying orchestra.
Noelia Elizabeth Cepeda
This voice is amaizing 👏👏👏👏😙😙😙😙
'HavingAGiggle' 4 weeks ago
Awesome vibes. Great job. Love the true raw sound.
Nour Zabeedi
'Nour Zabeedi' 4 weeks ago
Ellen Christynne
'Ellen Christynne' 4 weeks ago
'PAUL FISHMAN' 4 weeks ago
The signature song for lesbians to cast a sexual addiction spell on the gay men and all others to be under their witchcraft sex power.
'Jhenyyy' 4 weeks ago
Q orgulho tem vários brasileiros aqui , pode se ter esperança que tem gente com gosto bom ainda 😊
Bich Nguyen
'Bich Nguyen' 4 weeks ago
The Ballad of Jack and Rose” brought me here.
Gabrielle Silva
'Gabrielle Silva' 4 weeks ago
Jesus depois de anos vim saber que ela era integrante do The Eurythmics 😱😂😂😂 ANNIE I LOVE YOOOU !!!! 😍😍😍 Ela é foda caralha ❤
Kátia Saraiva
'Kátia Saraiva' 4 weeks ago
Kátia Saraiva
'Kátia Saraiva' 4 weeks ago
A música que foi apontada a dedo para 50 tons mais escuros, sou muito fã. Thank you Annie.
Mr Universe
'Mr Universe' 4 weeks ago
I put a spell on you Because you're mine You better stop the things you do I tell ya I ain't lyin' I ain't lyin' You know I can't stand it You're runnin' around You know better daddy I can't stand it 'cause you put me down Oh no I put a spell on you Because you're mine You know I love you I love you I love you I love you anyhow And I don't care if you don't want me I'm yours right now I put a spell on you Because you're mine You know I can't stand it Your running around You know baby daddy I can't stand it 'Cause you put me down Ooo I put a spell on you Because you're mine Because you're mine Because you're mine Oh yeah
shalini Ranttya
'shalini Ranttya' 4 weeks ago
Looks like pinks elder version.. wonderful voice..😍
No Way
'No Way' 4 weeks ago
The original. 1956 screaming jay hawkins .( who fathered more then 30 children, so the words ' you' re mine ' was not an empty phrase for this gentleman. )
Lucien Draay
'Lucien Draay' 4 weeks ago
She's got it no problem. These girls today don't. There's only ONE Lady Lennox.
Fatima Maria
'Fatima Maria' 4 weeks ago
Essa cantora é um verdadeiro espetáculo. Seu ápse foi a década de 80 início dos 90, mas parece que o tempo não passa pra ela, continua excelente.
Eryca Yacanto
'Eryca Yacanto' 4 weeks ago
Puse un hechizo en ti🎵🎵🎵
María Isabel Rodríguez
Ángeles R.P.
'Ángeles R.P.' 4 weeks ago
Annie Lennox es una diosa ❤
Haisli Zuniga
'Haisli Zuniga' 4 weeks ago
She’s old but still has a good voice 😂
Luciano santos
'Luciano santos' 4 weeks ago
Foda demaaaaaaaaais
'RUTHLESS BEANER' 1 month ago
Tell me about it still waiting for you looking forward to the rainy season stops I need my light don't turn it off Anthony
Estella M Guerrero
'Estella M Guerrero' 1 month ago
I love this! 👄☄️🌠❤️💞💟💫💥
Carlos Lopez
'Carlos Lopez' 1 month ago
the love of music
Danita Angel
'Danita Angel' 1 month ago
I came here because music is life.
Baecon Chim-Chim
'Baecon Chim-Chim' 1 month ago
I'm here because of Natia Todua🔥
Rabia Vatan
'Rabia Vatan' 1 month ago
Nostalji şarkılara bayılıyorum . Harikaa
Trupti Deshmukh
'Trupti Deshmukh' 1 month ago
Sooo sooo sooo good
Raial Lyx
'Raial Lyx' 1 month ago
annie lennox should cut her hair shorter to sing even better than before
Alejandra Herrera
'Alejandra Herrera' 1 month ago
Me despierta todos los sentidos y me transporta a otro universo
Michelle Hall
'Michelle Hall' 1 month ago
He"s put a spell on me.. I'm his ❤❤
André Lucas Petri
'André Lucas Petri' 1 month ago
Love it!
Steve Raynor
'Steve Raynor' 1 month ago
Absolutely love Annie's voice, and have done ever since I first heard her well over thirty years ago. She could sing the instructions on a microwave meal and make it uniquely interesting.
Melanie Biondo
'Melanie Biondo' 1 month ago
Diosssss que buena cancion! Que vozzzz!!!!😍😍😍😍
Irina Odegova
'Irina Odegova' 1 month ago
carlos hernandez cruz
In voice amy Winehouse was wonderfull to ear that
'Wizhka' 1 month ago
Una magistral interpretación de esta vieja, querida y bella canción. Gracias Annie!!
Alicja Trzcińska
'Alicja Trzcińska' 1 month ago
...Annie Lenox......who is SHE..? The BIGEST PERSON.....and VOICE...The SAME....UNIQUE......💖..🎤..💛......
'ThatCatLady123' 1 month ago
why did they change it to "because your mine" i'm not dissing just wondering because "and now your mine" makes more since at least to me.
Jessica Cervantes
'Jessica Cervantes' 1 month ago
If your mine or not because i can and i want to love you FOREVER you and always
Jessica Cervantes
'Jessica Cervantes' 1 month ago
I love you always
Julia Shaw
'Julia Shaw' 1 month ago
Cher vibes anyone???
Sally Domingues
'Sally Domingues' 1 month ago
Hers has got to be my favorite version of this song. Nina Simone would approve!
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