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People Try The World's Most Comfortable Shoes -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

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“I would wear the heck out of those."

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Flying Doves With Alpha Mask (Super Slow Motion)
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JWSTelescope Tranquility Choegyal
Worlds much comfortable shoes/ worlds most ugliest shoes
'AlbinoDino' 15 hours ago
I wish i had money to buy these ;-;
Zeny nicolas
'Zeny nicolas' 18 hours ago
John Hellyer
'John Hellyer' 2 days ago
I have these. They are amazing! 8 months on and they fit like a glove. Better than Boost! Sorry guys. Had those. These actually breathe. They fit beautifully from day one. So comfortable. I wash them in the washing machine- good to go! Quality Merino wool,not sweaty synthetics. Try them.
Alicia Witcher
'Alicia Witcher' 2 days ago
Gary Winthrope
'Gary Winthrope' 3 days ago
Look like the off brand version of the adidas tubular
Juan Marquez
'Juan Marquez' 4 days ago
Does a percentage of the shoe’s profits go to you buzzfeed
'ButteryCrap' 5 days ago
I thought these were the Adidas eqt support 93/17 or the ultra boost
project hellfire
'project hellfire' 6 days ago
lol, the biggest size is 14?? they need to make bigger sizes.
Mi Sunday
'Mi Sunday' 6 days ago
Woah Evan was so tiny before!
'Justin' 6 days ago
girl in skirt = total babe
Eric Adrien
'Eric Adrien' 1 week ago
lmfao everybody in the comments talking about ultraboost
pxoetiic }}
'pxoetiic }}' 1 week ago
'zaz0ooo' 1 week ago
Lunar glides ??? no
'justaperson' 1 week ago
What about when it rains
'Fares' 1 week ago
Forgot bout' skechers Memory foam, yeah probably more comfortable...
Jennifer Chaston
'Jennifer Chaston' 1 week ago
habiba Jamal
'habiba Jamal' 1 week ago
I am simple,I see Koreans,I open
'tharun72' 1 week ago
These ultra boosts look different somehow
'OZTECH' 1 week ago
Flash Zephyr
'Flash Zephyr' 1 week ago
-cough cough- BOOST!
tom tom
'tom tom' 1 week ago
boost are not better
Lot Bo
'Lot Bo' 1 week ago
Walk a mile and then tell us..
Tanner W
'Tanner W' 2 weeks ago
Hottie school girl blonde Mmmm
'_merpitscassandra_' 2 weeks ago
Snoop Doggy Dogg
'Snoop Doggy Dogg' 2 weeks ago
I ain't wearing these off brand sketchers
Ben Kuruvilla
'Ben Kuruvilla' 2 weeks ago
I have these
Repleteborefan RBLX
'Repleteborefan RBLX' 2 weeks ago
Im From NZ
Luke Smith //Comedy//Vlogs//Gaming
My dad has these!
Spidol Kering
'Spidol Kering' 2 weeks ago
triggered hypebeast and adidas fanboi everywhere
natsirT yresseJ
'natsirT yresseJ' 2 weeks ago
How bout the Sketchers flexsole?
Crow The Wolf
'Crow The Wolf' 2 weeks ago
yeezy slippers
'Hurbii' 2 weeks ago
asian girl should've been in the school outfit... cmon buzzfeed lol
cozyboi s
'cozyboi s' 2 weeks ago
adidas is not a brand anymore
brad hall
James Weller
'James Weller' 2 weeks ago
Ever heard of boost??
'litahines' 3 weeks ago
Evan and Ben in the same video 😍 product placement or not I'm not mad at it ❤❤❤
'TheBBQify' 3 weeks ago
does anyone else notice how much of a waste of paper the packaging is?
Melvin Carranza
'Melvin Carranza' 3 weeks ago
Have you heard of boost?
Chotiphat Panjavongroj
Ppl will be like What are those
Marcus StaAna
'Marcus StaAna' 3 weeks ago
'LucasGaming' 3 weeks ago
They’re ugly
Apostolos Christou
'Apostolos Christou' 3 weeks ago
The world's sharpest knife ... hm.. that reminds me..
BlueSlime Berries
'BlueSlime Berries' 3 weeks ago
For me my most comfortable shoes is sketchers😍
'BossGamester' 3 weeks ago
I smell a sponsorship
I love Gaming
'I love Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Noooooooo!!!! My whole life was a lie, and i thought Adidas Ultra Boost was the most comfortable shoe.
Tierra Rich-Nave
'Tierra Rich-Nave' 3 weeks ago
I HAVE THESE!!!.. they really are comfortable tho. I have the Charcoal ones... the ones that Ben has on!!😬😬👍🏾
'CuzCubing' 3 weeks ago
Where is the ultra boost at?
David Hanselvunth
'David Hanselvunth' 3 weeks ago
Storm freerun should try these
g man
'g man' 4 weeks ago
who dat blonde
osu fuckboi
'osu fuckboi' 4 weeks ago
TL;DR I absolutely love both shoes and would be very sad to not own either of them, but if I had to have only one it would definitely be Ultraboosts. DEFINITELY (found off of reddit) he tried both of the shoes. and still states that the ultraboost is more comfy. false advertisement, reported video
then you gotta make socks that have hard soles.
ThePigSaysMoo 21
'ThePigSaysMoo 21' 4 weeks ago
I prefer NmD yeezy and ultra boost comfort over theese
Boss Cron
'Boss Cron' 4 weeks ago
Nah b ultra boost for life
The Solemn Nut
'The Solemn Nut' 4 weeks ago
U should try 1 dollar rubber shoes from indonesia
NudelBurgerIzzDa _
'NudelBurgerIzzDa _' 4 weeks ago
Idk but for me adidas vengeful boost are the most comfortable
'RarestJeff' 4 weeks ago
shearing sheep doesnt fucking harm them
'felix' 4 weeks ago
"BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page."
euqirnE niuqaoJ
'euqirnE niuqaoJ' 4 weeks ago
I doubt they are the most comfortable
'TimeSnake' 1 month ago
This is the longest unskippable ad yet.
Cyruis20k Noob
'Cyruis20k Noob' 1 month ago
it is more comfortable if you will not wear a shoe hahahahaha
Dirt Gaming
'Dirt Gaming' 1 month ago
Vans is better
Adriskt 6
'Adriskt 6' 1 month ago
They look like chinese yeezys
• Sneha Khan •
'• Sneha Khan •' 1 month ago
Am I the only one who thought the title said 'The world's most uncomfortable shoes' ? 😂😂
'Fhantom03' 1 month ago
Boost imo is Beter
Charlie Neibel
'Charlie Neibel' 1 month ago
Ravin Singh
'Ravin Singh' 1 month ago
Jason Lee
'Jason Lee' 1 month ago
Anyone thought the shoes would be an Ultra Boost?
Jason Lee
'Jason Lee' 1 month ago
I cringed when he said "They're called runners... And runners run"
'ShockwaveHD' 1 month ago
i have these and they are mostly comfortable. wouldnt go as far as saying the most comfortable shoe in the world.
Jacob Payne
'Jacob Payne' 1 month ago
No there called runners mad runners run no it’s a runner look to the shoe
helloday woo
'helloday woo' 1 month ago
they look cheap.
Peter Daniel
'Peter Daniel' 1 month ago
It looks like they’d make your foot super hot
mocca coffee
'mocca coffee' 1 month ago
how tf can a sheep be harmed??? you just shave off their fckn wool
Collin Weik
'Collin Weik' 1 month ago
They definitely have not tried BOOST
Steve Tyler
'Steve Tyler' 1 month ago
old peoples shoes :)
'Saitama' 1 month ago
i used to have ultra boost for jogging my block... but these shoes are legit comfy af... but i personally wouldn't recommend these shoes for runners tbh but just walking around campus in these make you wanna walk more often
'Shaun' 1 month ago
People Try The World's Most Ugly Shoes
dank kangaroo
'dank kangaroo' 1 month ago
Adidas Nmd-R1 is the best in my opinion
Juan Carlos Monroy
'Juan Carlos Monroy' 1 month ago
1:10 how da fuk do u kno how walking on a cloud feels like ni🅱🅱a???
Alec Whatshisname
'Alec Whatshisname' 1 month ago
"You may include paid product placements, endorsements, or other content that requires disclosure to viewers ("Paid Promotion") in your video content. If you do, we require you to notify YouTube by checking the "video contains paid promotion" box in your Advanced Settings" BuzzFeed, you're breaking YouTube's Terms of Service.
Marc 09
'Marc 09' 1 month ago
i can guarantee you right nkw these are less comfortable than my ultra boosts
cody king
'cody king' 1 month ago
ultraboost fam
Roadman Shaq
'Roadman Shaq' 1 month ago
Ultra boost is better
Gromosort GFC
'Gromosort GFC' 2 months ago
I thought it would be like ultraboost PK or somethin like that
'moivaanmoi' 2 months ago
ummmmmmm ultraboost
'TrainSoccerFC' 2 months ago
Runners arent for runninh
spoon bandit
'spoon bandit' 2 months ago
Lol have they tried the ultraboost
Blue Spiral
'Blue Spiral' 2 months ago
i think it was yeezys
'Milostar123' 2 months ago
Where are the comfortable shoes? I'm talking about UB's, obviously.
Gage Johnston
'Gage Johnston' 2 months ago
Slap some boost on em heaven
'染色体Google' 2 months ago
There's look like the shoes I can find on Walmart for around 3-15$
'6738m' 2 months ago
have yall ever heard of boost
hassan Waleed
'hassan Waleed' 2 months ago
Still more comfortable than most jordans
'Dizmonx' 2 months ago
I have the runners they are the best
'Religion' 2 months ago
*Paid Actors* we all know ultraboost are the most comfortable shoes ever
'Shub' 2 months ago
'ii_pinexpples_ii' 2 months ago
New Zealand Squad
Bryce Johnson
'Bryce Johnson' 2 months ago
I would love to buy a pair it they just made my size #bigfootgang
Denssi iskee kovempaa kun hiroshima
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