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Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots -
Published: 2 years ago By: JonPardiVEVO

By: JonPardiVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Head Over Boots. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

Ashley Lawler
'Ashley Lawler' 5 hours ago
I love Jon Pardi and Midland 😍 They have just the right blend. They don't have too much of that fake crap country.
Kacey Brown
'Kacey Brown' 22 hours ago
My sis and her boyfriends song ❤❤❤❤
'It's me Jillian' 23 hours ago
This is my moms and stepdad song
'DisGirlsChannel' 1 day ago
I used to have myself a country boy.... I messed up and let him go damn. But I still dig our song
grace krotz
'grace krotz' 1 day ago
best song ever.
'Element's Angel' 2 days ago
I love his music
Bea Houle
'Bea Houle' 2 days ago
I dedicated this song to my girlfriend it unofficially became "our" song.. So now she's bringing me to his concert in may
ASMR Karly
'ASMR Karly' 3 days ago
I have a question for anyone would this be a good song to sing at a wedding or maybe can you recommend a song below this comment for me Thankyou i would appreciate it
Brett Walters
'Brett Walters' 3 days ago
Is it weird to hear that opening bit and start singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight?
Ciro Mendoza
'Ciro Mendoza' 3 days ago
Si yo fuese un rey usted seria mi reyna🎵🎼🎶🎸. Now this is country music like i remember growing up.
dominique romero
'dominique romero' 3 days ago
Omfg such a cute song lol love their style :)
Tom Felton Fan
'Tom Felton Fan' 3 days ago
Now this is country
Lauren Cookie
'Lauren Cookie' 3 days ago
I just love country song! Because it has a good beat and the vocals are just so nice to hear, i really love the accent of country songs! #countrysong4life
Mike mendoza
'Mike mendoza' 4 days ago
I love this song
Taco Bell
'Taco Bell' 4 days ago
LYRICS I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight I wanna love you and hold you tight Spin you around on some old dance floor Act like we never met before for fun, 'Cause you're the one I want, you're the one I need Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen You're the rock in my roll You're good for my soul, it's true I'm head over boots for you The way you sparkle like a diamond ring Maybe one day we can make it a thing Test time and grow old together Rock in our chairs and talk about the weather, yeah So, bring it on in for that angel kiss Put that feel good on my lips, 'Cause you're the one I want, you're the one I need Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen You're the rock in my roll You're good for my soul, it's true I'm head over boots for you Yeah, I'm here to pick you up And I hope I don't let you down, no, 'Cause you're the one I want, you're the one I need Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen You're the rock in my roll You're good for my soul, it's true I'm head over boots for you You're the one I want, you're the one I need Baby, if I was a king, ah, you would be my queen You're the rock in my roll You're good for my soul, it's true I'm head over boots for you I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight I wanna love you and hold you tight Spin you around on some old dance floor.
ricky wintgens
'ricky wintgens' 5 days ago
My favorite song
'MedicForTooLong' 6 days ago
My daughter walked down the aisle to this at her wedding. It was absolutely perfect for her and her new husband.
Karolina Salcido
'Karolina Salcido' 7 days ago
When I first heard this song I fell in love with it, my ex fiance played it for me and we made it a routine to listen to every morning because it makes you feel happy and ready for the day. Siempre te amare Flako
Carrie Benson
'Carrie Benson' 7 days ago
All i what is my husband i love you with all my heart
Carol Wick-Rouse
'Carol Wick-Rouse' 1 week ago
Mikey Miller
'Mikey Miller' 2 weeks ago
I love this.this is my favorite song
Shawn Lynn
'Shawn Lynn' 2 weeks ago
Dad. I l O v e you.
Anna Murphy
'Anna Murphy' 2 weeks ago
I ride horses and jump 3 feet and i'm a country girl
Case Kirby
'Case Kirby' 2 weeks ago
Loved the song. Loved the music video even better 🤣
zander smigt
'zander smigt' 2 weeks ago
Great song
Lexie Price
'Lexie Price' 2 weeks ago
Favorite song ever favorite singer too
Cecili Rodriguez
'Cecili Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
Good song
ghostGamer 1
'ghostGamer 1' 2 weeks ago
My gf song and me
Savanna Phillips
'Savanna Phillips' 2 weeks ago
My ex boyfriend dedicated this song to me before he cheated on me with my best friend Miranda I miss him so much 😢😢
Jennifer Jones Bryant
Katelyn RunningHorse
Best song ever🎤
Graciela Maldonado
'Graciela Maldonado' 3 weeks ago
I love this song it make sad
Denise Castillo
'Denise Castillo' 3 weeks ago
Love him!!! ❤😍😘🎶
'Gucci' 3 weeks ago
Lesbians brought me here
Tracey Parish
'Tracey Parish' 3 weeks ago
John Tikuk
'John Tikuk' 3 weeks ago
This song got me engaged
'bigmaxcc' 3 weeks ago
I played this song in my car I got so many girls
Natalie Webinger
'Natalie Webinger' 3 weeks ago
You da best
Buddy Hayes
'Buddy Hayes' 3 weeks ago
Hey what’s your number I’ll call you when I get there I’ll talk to you about the car and get you back out to the house if you can get me some stuff to do I can go get some stuff done tomorrow I can give you money back today and then we can talk about it later love y’all bye
Halo Tarot
'Halo Tarot' 3 weeks ago
This song is so beautiful
Reg Graham
'Reg Graham' 3 weeks ago
Best when I had given up on country music. Thank you
Danielle Snyder
'Danielle Snyder' 3 weeks ago
I love this song I sing it where ever I go
Jose Rodriguez
'Jose Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
My favorite song
Landon Mcgill
'Landon Mcgill' 4 weeks ago
Real country music
Jerry Spoon
'Jerry Spoon' 4 weeks ago
Starting to bring back real country I'm glad
This Is Me
'This Is Me' 4 weeks ago
I’m doing the One Song A Day for 25 Days thing, and this is the song that reminds me of my most recent ex boyfriend. I technically wasn’t actually this guys girlfriend, but this song is really specially to him and it reminds me of him when I listen to it. This truly is the best country love song.
T Walker
'T Walker' 4 weeks ago
This song can put u in a good mood.. So catchy
Emily Laboucn
'Emily Laboucn' 4 weeks ago
love this song
Cynthia Salazar
'Cynthia Salazar' 1 month ago
Thoses moves though ☺️ (1:20) 👌🏻
Sean Swearengin
'Sean Swearengin' 1 month ago
Best country song ever
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 1 month ago
The hands that played the juke box, looked like my Dad;s hands as he got older!
pantherfan 4055
'pantherfan 4055' 1 month ago
met pardi in nashville cool dude
Sprinkles Grenade
'Sprinkles Grenade' 1 month ago
Love its more
Vincent Steele
'Vincent Steele' 1 month ago
Very handsome fellar
Tali Gomez
'Tali Gomez' 1 month ago
Midland John Pardi and Chris Stapleton ❤️🙌🏻
Jessi Milner
'Jessi Milner' 1 month ago
Love it
Christina Jackson
'Christina Jackson' 1 month ago
LOVE this song!
joseph budge
'joseph budge' 1 month ago
This song means so much to me. When i played football. every Saturday morning or evening for some reason this song just always turned on and I would love it. But anyways, this one Saturday morning at 8:30 A.M this song popped on and it was the semifinals in the playoffs, and I loved that song so much that day. But unfortunately we lost that game and right when I got home I turned. This song on and just layer in my bed and cried.😖😖😖😖😖😖 that's why I love country so much cause of that one season in football.
Beth  Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 1 month ago
Jodie Malkiewicz
'Jodie Malkiewicz' 1 month ago
Head over boots is a awesome country song!l love listening to this song!
Robert Krueger
'Robert Krueger' 1 month ago
Dang dude, you got some great music
Bela Homes
'Bela Homes' 1 month ago
I can keep this on repeat.😙😍 wish I had someone that felt this way for me tho lol 😃 I guess I'll keep dreaming on replay 💕
Keanu O
'Keanu O'Dell' 1 month ago
this song makes me think about my crush
Bret Pilkerton
'Bret Pilkerton' 1 month ago
Fave song
Blake Pierce
'Blake Pierce' 1 month ago
trying to get my new single heard any help would be appreciated
'1levijporter' 1 month ago
Not alysha stupid autocorrect this is country bumpkins
'1levijporter' 1 month ago
I love your songs that is how me and my boyfriend came together this is a sixth grader alysha
Amy Barger
'Amy Barger' 1 month ago
awesome, it reminds me of Summer, being in love and a boy
Jeff Hopper
'Jeff Hopper' 1 month ago
thomas benson
'thomas benson' 1 month ago
If I ever get to get married i want to dance with that person with this song
Joely Watson
'Joely Watson' 1 month ago
Reminds me of a special someone
Im Lit
'Im Lit' 1 month ago
I don’t usually like country music, but this is a good one. 😍
Presley Hill
'Presley Hill' 1 month ago
This is me and my boy for song
JD’s Page
'JD’s Page' 2 months ago
felix castillo
'felix castillo' 2 months ago
Amanda Silva this our song
Samantha Clark
'Samantha Clark' 2 months ago
Country has had some really good music in the last couple years. By far still the best live music around today! Old rock is hard to watch nowadays with 80yr olds trying to rock it out past 10pm lol then rap always sounds like shit live, then jazz is just jazz 💩
Gabriel Aldwin
'Gabriel Aldwin' 2 months ago
I’m so shook I thought I just saw Lemmy
Also me
'Also me' 2 months ago
That is the best song I have ever heard
muchtogood forchildren
Best song ever
Marlene Espinoza
'Marlene Espinoza' 2 months ago
this song just mackes me happy
William Hunter
'William Hunter' 2 months ago
I really like all your songs thy are all grate
Raquel Valdovinos
'Raquel Valdovinos' 2 months ago
Love this song! My bf proposed to me this weekend with this song ❤️❤️❤️
Collins Crapo
'Collins Crapo' 2 months ago
Lisa McHugh sang this recently, so I wondered who had sung it before. Now I know. :)
Rayelyn Settles
'Rayelyn Settles' 2 months ago
That hip at 3:58
Steph Robbins
'Steph Robbins' 2 months ago
i have a question what is your favorite song you made?😕
'Carissa' 2 months ago
I meant to share the video for Photograph by Nickelback (for the memes) to my brother but I accidentally sent it to a stranger, without a word they sent me this video after, so I sent them Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne
JenN SanChez
'JenN SanChez' 2 months ago
In need of a night of dancing on some old wood floor
Anthonycarmine sloan32
I love songs like this I hate that knew music I love contruy music
Bricks vs. Stuff
'Bricks vs. Stuff' 2 months ago
Cool truck
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 2 months ago
I wish I could dance someday to this song! Love this!
Christopher Francis
'Christopher Francis' 2 months ago
Cuz your the the one want felicia meeches
emily million
'emily million' 2 months ago
Such a great song💞💞💞perfect for couples💝💝
Winter Smokk
'Winter Smokk' 2 months ago
Lesbian video♡
Branden Eagle Plume
'Branden Eagle Plume' 2 months ago
This is a good song I my sister no’s it and she is 4
Diane Wallis
'Diane Wallis' 2 months ago
don't like the song need more heart like if u agree
John F Burley
'John F Burley' 2 months ago
A new country song with a story wow there is hope.
Fox Girl
'Fox Girl' 2 months ago
My Aunt loves this song she sings this to me all the time
Thewelder Sixty ten
'Thewelder Sixty ten' 2 months ago
That's a nice truck. Like if you agree
Chase Webb
'Chase Webb' 2 months ago
This song soooo good ❤❤
Joni Cormier
'Joni Cormier' 2 months ago
I am sorry I am being noisy I thought you where having issues with me know what they said for the invite but you want
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