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Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots -
Published: 11 months ago By: JonPardiVEVO

By: JonPardiVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

17, 168, 408 views

89, 277 Likes   4, 666 Dislikes

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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Head Over Boots. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

janice smith
'janice smith' 3 hours ago
One of my absolute favorite songs. LOVE IT!!!
Arianna Garza
'Arianna Garza' 17 hours ago
Wow I didn't get the music video but I rewatched it and it makes total sense it how they were together all those year and how they got old! This song is amazing 👌🏻🤗
Gracegirl710 Roblox
I love this song cause my sister said this was her song for me... i cant see my sister for a while
judy blacksmith
'judy blacksmith' 1 day ago
Kitty Train3321
'Kitty Train3321' 2 days ago
My papi sings me this hehe ❤️
Mallory Carter
'Mallory Carter' 2 days ago
I totally agree this song makes my day idk why but it is awesome
Jamie Martin
'Jamie Martin' 2 days ago
sweet song
Craig Mckay
'Craig Mckay' 2 days ago
yuck those guys  r uggg. johnny reid is better.
'Wizade' 3 days ago
this is my second fav country song. my first is called "I Love this Life".
Chris Harris
'Chris Harris' 3 days ago
how can this song exist in the same world as garbage like I love this love or awful sam hunt???
'Jeanell' 4 days ago
🎶Great Song to dance too🎶
Sir Logan
'Sir Logan' 4 days ago
4K down is probably feminist
Gracie White
'Gracie White' 4 days ago
I like your song
David Schanding
'David Schanding' 5 days ago
nice song
Sandy Kilpatrick
'Sandy Kilpatrick' 5 days ago
I am head over boots for you. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sandy Kilpatrick
'Sandy Kilpatrick' 5 days ago
I am in love with you. 😘😙😚😍😗
Johnny Toole
'Johnny Toole' 5 days ago
Dad gum goodmucic
Kaitlyn Alexander
'Kaitlyn Alexander' 5 days ago
Sandy Kilpatrick
'Sandy Kilpatrick' 6 days ago
I love you!!!😍😍😘😗
Jessica Johnson
'Jessica Johnson' 1 week ago
love this song
SkippyRouge 123
'SkippyRouge 123' 1 week ago
One of the million reasons I like country music is because I can actually understand what they are saying like rap and stuff I have to look up the lyrics to even know half the what I'm trying to say is....I actually don't know I just had to say that
Sandy Kilpatrick
'Sandy Kilpatrick' 1 week ago
I love love love love this song.
Jay Lews
'Jay Lews' 1 week ago
Make some mud diger song,so pleas.
Laura Gonzalez
'Laura Gonzalez' 1 week ago
Jake Plays
'Jake Plays' 1 week ago
poor jon its his song and tha tguy steals his girl
'4everachild' 1 week ago
this is the song my boyfriend played before he asked me to marry him......I said yes
'BigRed' 2 weeks ago
perfect song to dance to with your love
Emma Winters
'Emma Winters' 2 weeks ago
Usually I'm not a fan of country whatsoever, but this, this is just so fricking good
David mercado
'David mercado' 2 weeks ago
Rylie McCullah
'Rylie McCullah' 2 weeks ago
cuz ur the 1 i want
Emma Robnett
'Emma Robnett' 2 weeks ago
I love this song I play it over in over again
Holli Barnes
'Holli Barnes' 2 weeks ago
He reminds me so much of Dwight Yoakam he gots his moves..
Angel Rufiani
'Angel Rufiani' 2 weeks ago
he's got some nice legs!
'christina' 2 weeks ago
this song was on the radio and I FELL IN LOVE
'Equalizertime' 2 weeks ago
retard 621 awesome
'retard 621 awesome' 2 weeks ago
good song
Dameion Carver
'Dameion Carver' 2 weeks ago
this is my fiance and i's song! i love it so much!😍
Nicky Scarbrough
'Nicky Scarbrough' 2 weeks ago
he so sexy wish i had a cowboy like him to sweep me off my feet on the dance floor
Teresa Dzavala
'Teresa Dzavala' 2 weeks ago
you good for my soul is true💜
'mcss0121' 2 weeks ago
i can never get enough of this song
Sam  H. Lowery
'Sam H. Lowery' 2 weeks ago
This is ABSOLUTELY the very BEST song I have ever heard to describe how you feel about the woman you love
Sara Beth Rogers
'Sara Beth Rogers' 2 weeks ago
real, country. love this song and video
John Coleman
'John Coleman' 2 weeks ago
love this song
John Coleman
'John Coleman' 2 weeks ago
'Aqua' 2 weeks ago
This is my favourite song❤❤
Sher Lamore
'Sher Lamore' 2 weeks ago
Love this RED Neck song it Rocks u are and awesome BAND Sher .Sudbury ont Canada
Cherry Garcia
'Cherry Garcia' 2 weeks ago
dirt on my boots is the bomb too.
Cherry Garcia
'Cherry Garcia' 2 weeks ago
the song is the best. video is great. I saw it for first time at Folly beach in hotel room on cma countdown. good vibes. ♡♥♡
Kyle Fowler
'Kyle Fowler' 2 weeks ago
this song rock
nicolas mccreary
'nicolas mccreary' 2 weeks ago
good song
nicolas mccreary
'nicolas mccreary' 2 weeks ago
good song
'Suigin118' 2 weeks ago
This is one of the few newest songs that absolutely canNOT listen to enough! This makes me want to get my husband out on the floor and dance, but that won't happen cuz he hates dancin'.
Carson Bittern
'Carson Bittern' 2 weeks ago
lol lmfao that girl is fairy bell the girl with orange hair
'mcss0121' 2 weeks ago
I love this song!!!!!:)
Rap City
'Rap City' 2 weeks ago
I sucribed
Michelle Reddik
'Michelle Reddik' 2 weeks ago
you have such a country sound to your voice love the old country
Trsvis Trit
'Trsvis Trit' 2 weeks ago
u know this song makes me think of u Susie Brent u are forever in my heart
'TC LANCE' 3 weeks ago
people who hate disliked this song obviously must hate life
john durham
'john durham' 3 weeks ago
such a good unique voice with the perfect country twang
Walter Worthy
'Walter Worthy' 3 weeks ago
Beautiful music...
'jeff93073' 3 weeks ago
BEST SONG EVER by the way have a good day random person
saira cantu
'saira cantu' 3 weeks ago
cool song's you have there
saira cantu
'saira cantu' 3 weeks ago
cool sogngs
Angelle Delisle
'Angelle Delisle' 3 weeks ago
Love love love the the lyrics love the beat!!! Great song!!!
Hillary Jones
'Hillary Jones' 3 weeks ago
Love this song.
Theresa Britton
'Theresa Britton' 3 weeks ago
Love this song so much
Bunny Towne
'Bunny Towne' 3 weeks ago
Cool song to dance to , great beat .Jon Pardis a good singer, like his songs.
Erika Minster
'Erika Minster' 3 weeks ago
Best video ever!!! Wish more artists would keep it country. Mad respect for the hat <3
'RoseJolly0124' 3 weeks ago
alicia please text me
'RoseJolly0124' 3 weeks ago
i love this song
Jyoti Prasad Das
'Jyoti Prasad Das' 3 weeks ago
Such a beautiful song. It makes so much happy that I can't explain. Thank you ! :) :) :)
Rick Stidham
'Rick Stidham' 3 weeks ago
i would love to
Trevor Callear
'Trevor Callear' 3 weeks ago
gang gang
Ian Boomsma
'Ian Boomsma' 3 weeks ago
4 thousand people dont know what real music is.
Mason Chandler
'Mason Chandler' 3 weeks ago
I'm Head over Boots for the 45th #POTUS!  Time to Make America Great Again!!!!
Jenn Card
'Jenn Card' 3 weeks ago
please help me win a national contest before my wedding!!!I always need more... Please ask all your friends and family. HIT THE LINK. And smack the like button Please be sure to first click the link. Then click the bold text (Jennifer Sue 33) at the top of the share. Then like the entire album. It's very important to like the entire album *** absolutely love this song!!!! this is going to be my wedding song with my trucker fiance!!!
Emma Zukow
'Emma Zukow' 3 weeks ago
I love this song soooo much!! I love playing a cover of this song and maybe you can check out my covers and some of my own songs
Aiden Watson
'Aiden Watson' 3 weeks ago
This song gives good vibes
Bailey Hill
'Bailey Hill' 3 weeks ago
id love to be spined like that i dont know why its so romantic.
Stephanie Parks
'Stephanie Parks' 3 weeks ago
my favorite song
Ray Oneal
'Ray Oneal' 3 weeks ago
This is country. I thought it was gone.
Brandyjo Neal
'Brandyjo Neal' 3 weeks ago
absolutely 💘 this song
Brandyjo Neal
'Brandyjo Neal' 3 weeks ago
absolutely 💘 this song
Grace Moore
'Grace Moore' 3 weeks ago
I went to that dancehall the other night it's super cool
Jkc Colvard
'Jkc Colvard' 3 weeks ago
I love the song booths over you that's like my love life for 2017
Shaun Dean
'Shaun Dean' 3 weeks ago
best song ever
Lexi Smith
'Lexi Smith' 3 weeks ago
Jkc Colvard
'Jkc Colvard' 4 weeks ago
love that song
hardcore gamer
'hardcore gamer' 4 weeks ago
honestly this song was created when country first ever came out but was never published
Claudie A
'Claudie A' 4 weeks ago
Mike Martinez
'Mike Martinez' 4 weeks ago
I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight..
'MINDY BEAR-RAY' 4 weeks ago
Luv it 🌞🌛⭐️
Cassie Huff
'Cassie Huff' 4 weeks ago
I love your song
Emily Tucker
'Emily Tucker' 4 weeks ago
Brandon Duff
'Brandon Duff' 4 weeks ago
this song is my life
Aubree H
'Aubree H' 4 weeks ago
Jayar Suson
'Jayar Suson' 4 weeks ago
yeah country simply the best just for chilling out ^_^
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