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Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots -
Published: 1 year ago By: JonPardiVEVO

By: JonPardiVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Head Over Boots. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

Mack Maddison
'Mack Maddison' 2 hours ago
You are the one i want you are the one i need i miss you beautiful love you
Mack Maddison
'Mack Maddison' 10 hours ago
I want to hold you tight love you beautiful
'Horsegirl' 10 hours ago
Greatest love song ever!!!! Take note ladies, this is true romance. Not some douchebag wanting to waste your time, ride you all night, and treat you like a back road. Which, by the way, a lot of country guys speed and drift on back roads. Oh! And his little dance moves? How a real man dances. I also want to say, "good luck," to anyone who argues with me. No wonder it's hard to find a good man.
Jade Childers
'Jade Childers' 11 hours ago
Makes me feel so happy 😂
Laini Renee
'Laini Renee' 1 day ago
We share a birth date lol
'PA - PA D' 1 day ago
i need some new boots😕
Noah Breitenfeld
'Noah Breitenfeld' 2 days ago
caroline,i will spin you
vicki Avery
'vicki Avery' 2 days ago
😎 chanel
Jaden Adams
'Jaden Adams' 3 days ago
Everytime I hear this song whether I put it on my phone or on the radio it makes me so happy
Aurelia Kasokeo
'Aurelia Kasokeo' 4 days ago
I'm head over boots for you Jonathan frank...your the rock to my roll your good for my soul its true...
Dobre twin
Awww this song was my uncle and aunties wedding I almost cried
Diana laura
'Diana laura' 6 days ago
Julia Brister
'Julia Brister' 6 days ago
Starts out as young love and grows on into the golden ages of love.......
Sonique Sanasarian
Love John Pardi! Love the distinct voice he has. What a cutie pie.
Gg Gg
'Gg Gg' 1 week ago
Johns legit my uncle, lol
'tracylyles70' 1 week ago
I would like a man to feel like this about me.
Laidy Asare
'Laidy Asare' 1 week ago
for the love of the music YES
Laidy Asare
'Laidy Asare' 1 week ago
and I always do
Laidy Asare
'Laidy Asare' 1 week ago
I Know
Ayanna Bomer
'Ayanna Bomer' 1 week ago
I love this song 💕
Christina Brand
'Christina Brand' 1 week ago
This is your favorite song in the hole wide world
Zack Swanson
'Zack Swanson' 1 week ago
Best song 2017
london Lockhart
'london Lockhart' 1 week ago
My bf and I had met online and than one day he pulled up into my driveway playing this song :')
Andrew Barba
'Andrew Barba' 2 weeks ago
omg best song ever
Lucy Dear
'Lucy Dear' 2 weeks ago
Thank you Jon Pardi for bringing back traditional country music!
Becky H
'Becky H' 2 weeks ago
Susanlynn Mills
'Susanlynn Mills' 2 weeks ago
this is the sweetest song,,,wish someone was head over boots for me,,
April Walker Donaldson
For my sweetie . love ya craig
April Walker Donaldson
Great Song!!!!
Marsha Miller
'Marsha Miller' 2 weeks ago
Ahh Ggggggaa Hhhhhhhhhhggggggg
Aiden Cohen
'Aiden Cohen' 2 weeks ago
last year i sung this song to my girlfriend and burst out into tears hugging me
jody zeb
'jody zeb' 2 weeks ago
Sing this song to my wife daily
Emily T
'Emily T' 2 weeks ago
I love the twang in his voice😍😍
Lisa Perez
'Lisa Perez' 3 weeks ago
He resembles Elvis Presley.
Emma Miller
'Emma Miller' 3 weeks ago
My favorite song of all time , it just makes me happy 😊
Kimberly Ancinec
'Kimberly Ancinec' 3 weeks ago
such a old sounded voice love it.
kingkong killa
'kingkong killa' 3 weeks ago
kashirenea krystal smart i love ya.
'L VF' 3 weeks ago
Love this song. Love my husband<3
Lindsey Mills
'Lindsey Mills' 3 weeks ago
I loveeee this song
Aubrey Davis
'Aubrey Davis' 3 weeks ago
he is a hottie and I'm 18
Darian Koch
'Darian Koch' 3 weeks ago
I love your songs yoy are a good singer
Cathie Lavarnway
'Cathie Lavarnway' 3 weeks ago
Marintha  Stevens
'Marintha Stevens' 3 weeks ago
Monique Jesse
'Monique Jesse' 3 weeks ago
Head over boots is song I will sing to crush but I don't when cause I only have one week
DUH ITS Kamdyn
'DUH ITS Kamdyn' 3 weeks ago
I am going to see you today
Comander Mcgarrett
'Comander Mcgarrett' 3 weeks ago
The guy with the girl looks like max that works with diablo formula racing on street speed717
Christine Dansereau
'Christine Dansereau' 3 weeks ago
It always makes me happy
agustin avena
'agustin avena' 4 weeks ago
Crafty Carys
'Crafty Carys' 4 weeks ago
Ok so how I heard this song is I was staying at a campground with my best friend and me and her brother were dating and when we were at the pool he was lounging on a chair and I was on my towel and then all the sudden that song played and his eyes caught mine and then he told down his sunglass at me and then I got in the pool and he was looking at me this was our love song😂
'nettie2442' 4 weeks ago
I listen to this song all the time
JJAC Gamon
'JJAC Gamon' 4 weeks ago
{Sigh} This Song Reminds Me Of My Uncle And Grandpa. One died of age. Second. Sickness. Thank You For Making Such A Memory to me. It's not to be mean. I was just crying so had those days. This Song Reminded me of them both. This was a great Pardi. Great Job. Miss Yah Uncle and grandpa. Mwah 💋.
Helen Splett
'Helen Splett' 4 weeks ago
I love this song
Helen Splett
'Helen Splett' 4 weeks ago
I love this song
Nickolas Valadez
'Nickolas Valadez' 4 weeks ago
this is gay faggot music
'Meg' 4 weeks ago
Bae told me this song describes everything he feels about us. Now I can't stop listening to it 🙈
Lance Peterson Sr
'Lance Peterson Sr' 4 weeks ago
best song in awhile loving it our song
Cindy Gamer
'Cindy Gamer' 4 weeks ago
my favorite song!!!
Leann Cortez
'Leann Cortez' 4 weeks ago
spin u round on some old dance floor💃💃💃im head over 👢 for uuuuu 🎶🎶🎶
David Sanchez
'David Sanchez' 4 weeks ago
This guy is amazing 🤘🏻
lisa lavallie
'lisa lavallie' 4 weeks ago
just live all the music
Peachesfan .biscuit1
this is a feel good song ,,,lets dance
'Swaggerman302' 4 weeks ago
Great country song
Aimee Lindsay
'Aimee Lindsay' 4 weeks ago
This song makes me so happy even tho I'm single 😂
Adam Erickson
'Adam Erickson' 1 month ago
I love this guy's voice he is so awesome
Amy Kitchens
'Amy Kitchens' 1 month ago
Love this song!
Daniel Medellin
'Daniel Medellin' 1 month ago
This song reminds me of my ex P.V:/
Joris Popplin
'Joris Popplin' 1 month ago
just heard this for the first time dancing at my best friends wedding!! it's a sweet song!
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 1 month ago
I have had 2 great loves in my life, both have passed on, I love my life and my memories! God has blessed me!
Lynn Mitchell
'Lynn Mitchell' 1 month ago
I love the song
Hernan Busnelli
'Hernan Busnelli' 1 month ago
nice Country song yeahhh
Leonard Fox
'Leonard Fox' 1 month ago
ohhhya great song want to send to the smashing looking rez girl across from that dance floor 💕💕💕👍
Linnea Beierly
'Linnea Beierly' 1 month ago
love this love of 9 years just played it for me💝💝💝 still melt over him😰✌
'_Gerald_' 1 month ago
I love this song this song reminds me of happy moments in my life and when I listen to this song all of the happy and fun moments always rewind and then play in my mind in slow motion but sometimes I cry cause of the happy moments I think about
Catherine Yankowski
'Catherine Yankowski' 1 month ago
I'm not a fan of country music, but after seeing that video of the lesbians singing this in the car I just can't help but love this. It was so adorable
'Luna' 1 month ago
love this song so much <3
Linda Gonzalez
'Linda Gonzalez' 1 month ago
great love song! 💙
Shane m
'Shane m' 1 month ago
love this song took and hour to find it
Brielle Cormier
'Brielle Cormier' 1 month ago
reminds me of my girlfriend
audrey martinez
'audrey martinez' 1 month ago
luke byrån and jon pardi the only real ones i know
Alizae Guerra
'Alizae Guerra' 1 month ago
I'm head over boots
Gary Nickerson
'Gary Nickerson' 1 month ago
Sweet Country Gravy sweet song
Preston Allen
'Preston Allen' 1 month ago
awesome song lol
'yawnazi' 1 month ago
I love his song. I play it whenever I am sad. I memorized this hole song.
'debrs160' 1 month ago
this is so great it played at cuzin going away party me and him danced and sang this song (love Dylan )❤💕💓😍
Nancy Adwani
'Nancy Adwani' 1 month ago
love this music makes me hapoy and o get up dancing keep it up luv your music
Irene Andrus
'Irene Andrus' 1 month ago
love this song
Mac Taylor
'Mac Taylor' 1 month ago
This is my favorite song, and I was listening to it at school in my advisory. (End of the day) and I accsidently started singing it too loud...😂, and a boy named Michael heard me and he started singing WITH me. So we did the harmonys and everything and we got to be pretty good friends after that. So that's how we met 😂. But the teacher who was mean left the room for awhile so we didn't get in trouble and I ripped out the earbuds and turned the volume all the way up and he ran and sat by me and then stood and danced around. it was awesome. 😂 gotta love that guy, and then when he finished he was like " I'm Michael....and I have math homework to get back to, see ya around 😂" and left. And our classmates were just seated there like"......what just happened 😂...."
little lake girls!
'little lake girls!' 1 month ago
This song will definitely be included in my wedding when I get older!!
'SAM HAZLETT' 1 month ago
I am head over blues for u 😍😘
Brandon Hawthorne
'Brandon Hawthorne' 2 months ago
its not gay
Sylvia McNicholas
'Sylvia McNicholas' 2 months ago
Jon's jeans in this are literally tighter than mine. But I still love this song
david strong
'david strong' 2 months ago
reminds of country from a different era glad I listened 7/3/17
trinka parthemore
'trinka parthemore' 2 months ago
I love this song
Karen Jones
'Karen Jones' 2 months ago
I. Love. this. song
Joey Taplin
'Joey Taplin' 2 months ago
This songs really about LSD.
Christina Tellor
'Christina Tellor' 2 months ago
This is a good song, I really like it
Brandy Burks
'Brandy Burks' 2 months ago
i love your sing
Emily Loshe
'Emily Loshe' 2 months ago
favorite song
'lexidds' 2 months ago
I'm only here because of that one cute lesbian video on tumblr.
Henry Melnik
'Henry Melnik' 2 months ago
This song is undoubtably one of the best country songs ever.
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