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Jon Pardi - Head Over Boots -
Published: 2 years ago By: JonPardiVEVO

By: JonPardiVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

25, 313, 272 views

135, 727 Likes   7, 934 Dislikes

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Music video by Jon Pardi performing Head Over Boots. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

Lenora Lee
'Lenora Lee' 1 day ago
Love this song Makes me want to dance with my love
Alicia Pack
'Alicia Pack' 2 days ago
'AllAboutJ' 3 days ago
Sara Rogers
'Sara Rogers' 3 days ago
the guy im talking to told me today I should listen to this and then he said it makes him think of me ☺️☺️
Sarah Moon
'Sarah Moon' 3 days ago
My 6 year old nephew loves this song lol he has some good taste ♡
beth halpain
'beth halpain' 4 days ago
Scarlett Head
'Scarlett Head' 4 days ago
I love you too
Peg Lofranco
'Peg Lofranco' 5 days ago
rock n my roll
Wykiwa Dale
'Wykiwa Dale' 6 days ago
"Thro back friends" I always say that to all my friends when we are listening to this song, then after awhile we start dancing, man I just love them so much!!! Hah...😂😍❤💯🔥😝😙😜🤓🤠👌
jeffery pavy
'jeffery pavy' 6 days ago
Mine and my wifey song and dance song.. love it..
Karla Valencia
'Karla Valencia' 7 days ago
I have a cover of this song if you guys want to check it out ❤️❤️😌
mike hill
'mike hill' 7 days ago
E top
'Mandymonster2' 1 week ago
Dustin Jones
'Dustin Jones' 1 week ago
A buddy I'm a Jon pardi fan and I love all his songs
Arthur Robbins
'Arthur Robbins' 1 week ago
Bob this is a great singer and l love this song,and he's a good dancer l think l will go dancing cowboy
Ntvsneakerhead 45
'Ntvsneakerhead 45' 2 weeks ago
Thus was me n my exs song now it just hurts when i listen to it
Tiffany Furgeson
'Tiffany Furgeson' 2 weeks ago
I love this song christian lowe
Carla Lester
'Carla Lester' 2 weeks ago
Seen him live in October and it was awesome he was on tour with Luke bryan
Icey Tigeress
'Icey Tigeress' 2 weeks ago
I so love this song.
Michael Laake
'Michael Laake' 2 weeks ago
I love this song this is the best song ever invented
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 2 weeks ago
Such an easy song to fast/slow dance to! More like doing the Shag to it! Love it!
'Jailyn' 2 weeks ago
I love playing the guitar Jon Pardi your the only singer I listen to you rock 😎
Alfonso Garcia
'Alfonso Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Putting it on my 15
Bree Lasiloo
'Bree Lasiloo' 2 weeks ago
When I listen to this song I have mixed emotions ☺
Arlene Cooke
'Arlene Cooke' 2 weeks ago
Spin me around on some old dance floor. Love this song ♥️
Kielon Estell
'Kielon Estell' 2 weeks ago
great song
beth halpain
'beth halpain' 2 weeks ago
beth halpain
'beth halpain' 2 weeks ago
I love this song guys!!!
Rocker Girl
'Rocker Girl' 2 weeks ago
love this song 💕💕
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 2 weeks ago
I love the beat to this, sounds like a song from back in the day when you could shag to a song!
Fox gaming 900
'Fox gaming 900' 2 weeks ago
Blah bkah
Damien Head
'Damien Head' 3 weeks ago
I love this songs hi how to work with whole thing love you bye
Chris Landreth
'Chris Landreth' 3 weeks ago
lenora shelley
'lenora shelley' 3 weeks ago
Great song love it.
Allyx T
'Allyx T' 3 weeks ago
me and my besties song🐐😃💗
ka3c cargon
'ka3c cargon' 3 weeks ago
This is a great song... it has that old western voice
Rhonda Boncutter
'Rhonda Boncutter' 3 weeks ago
The older man in the video who pushed the jukebox numbers, his hands remeinded me so much of my Dad's hands!
mark cervantes
'mark cervantes' 3 weeks ago
Your the one I want and your the one I need
Cheryl J Martinez
'Cheryl J Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Sweet song and love it
felicia littleton
'felicia littleton' 3 weeks ago
Aaron Arreola
'Aaron Arreola' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
Etta ehsmr
'Etta ehsmr' 3 weeks ago
Loved this song from the first time i heard it!
Osvelia Valadez
'Osvelia Valadez' 3 weeks ago
Kayla Tupek
'Kayla Tupek' 3 weeks ago
Kayla Tupek
'Kayla Tupek' 3 weeks ago
Lauren Willson
'Lauren Willson' 3 weeks ago
Your an amazing singer!
'T. BEE' 3 weeks ago
Come here...come on....let's DANCE....
Marshall Gomez
'Marshall Gomez' 4 weeks ago
Finally someone that sings actual country, and not have a whole song about being a "country" boy
Drayden Bolander
'Drayden Bolander' 4 weeks ago
I really LOVE this song ❤❤
Sam Gray
'Sam Gray' 4 weeks ago
Andres Cruz
'Andres Cruz' 4 weeks ago
I would have loved to dance this song with you and never stopped. I miss you so much. Always yours Mrs Cruz
matiullah akmal
'matiullah akmal' 4 weeks ago
wow that s what i want to lesson
Laurieann Paul
'Laurieann Paul' 4 weeks ago
It kinda remind me with my 1th crush when I had my 1th dance with a guy
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
The way you sparkle like a diamond ring maybe one day we can make a thing
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Am head over boots for you
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Your the rock in my roll your good for my soul it's true
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Baby if I was a king you would be queen
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Cause your the I want your the one I need
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Act like we never met before for fun
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
Spin you on some old dance floor
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
I wanna love you and hold you tight
Willhem Thomas
'Willhem Thomas' 4 weeks ago
I wanna sweep of your feet tonight
'Music.Sk8' 4 weeks ago
@MintIceCream6205AJ I agree
Brandon Bennett
'Brandon Bennett' 4 weeks ago
If only she said yes
Patriots Forever
'Patriots Forever' 4 weeks ago
Saw Jon in concert. GREATEST SONG EVER!
Jackie Balladares
'Jackie Balladares' 4 weeks ago
My song man 🎶☝️🤠
Guillermina Gallardo
I love this song
Tina Lewis
'Tina Lewis' 4 weeks ago
He is sure bringing back what REAL country should be....😎💙👍🐴🌻🌽📻
Wilton Kekauoha
'Wilton Kekauoha' 4 weeks ago
Heard it then loved it
Juanita Chambers
'Juanita Chambers' 4 weeks ago
I love his slide dancing way too kool! And crazy about his singing 😊👍
Hopelynn Mckinney
'Hopelynn Mckinney' 4 weeks ago
R.I.P. all of the single people. Make sure you have tissues 😭
Leah Bardwell
'Leah Bardwell' 4 weeks ago
is it just me or does his voice turn anyone else on?
Joe Blow
'Joe Blow' 4 weeks ago
whats up with the Roy Rogers get up during the chorus? Not what I was expecting LOL
Nakayla Sprankle
'Nakayla Sprankle' 4 weeks ago
This is the best song
David Pugh
'David Pugh' 4 weeks ago
This song makes me feel happy
Amber Griffie - Paparazzi Independent Consultant
Always a bridesmaid because who would want to commit to this kind of crazy?
darkria 21
'darkria 21' 1 month ago
😉I love this song even my dad
'alexandrupardi' 1 month ago
Not bad mate, not bad at all! ;)
Ernest Yoe
'Ernest Yoe' 1 month ago
Really digging this song..My special lady told me that this song reminds her of me, when I'm away at work👍
Sarah Nadeau
'Sarah Nadeau' 1 month ago
I love it
Debra Bird
'Debra Bird' 1 month ago
Reminds me of Elvis, just a feel good song you can not get out of your head
Grace Kalama
'Grace Kalama' 1 month ago
Countries awesome I listen to this everyday
Juan Davila
'Juan Davila' 1 month ago
She's a keeper,...nothing negative from 2 days together... yeah, keeper alright,... jus not mine...
Sarah Nadeau
'Sarah Nadeau' 1 month ago
I love this song so much thankyou for the song
Isabel Perez
'Isabel Perez' 1 month ago
Does anyone else thinks that he looks like Elvis
Robert Acosta
'Robert Acosta' 1 month ago
uni corns
'uni corns' 1 month ago
Shane Harrington
'Shane Harrington' 1 month ago
It's a Chevy no wonder he's fixing it lol
Maribeth Ottman
'Maribeth Ottman' 1 month ago
S Speck
'S Speck' 1 month ago
That song does my heart good.
William Smith
'William Smith' 1 month ago
I h8 this xong
gabi c
'gabi c' 1 month ago
I love this song it is the best.
'Brandiño' 1 month ago
As a Mexican who listens to rock and Norteña music, I can say this is a good song
Helena Mason
'Helena Mason' 1 month ago
Helene rrjfyjtykkkk
'azrielstar1' 1 month ago
beth halpain
'beth halpain' 1 month ago
'blackbokuto' 1 month ago
who are these 7,000 hipsters who disliked this video?
challenge log
'challenge log' 1 month ago
Stupid boyfriend, he keeps sending me these songs and they make me sooo happy (don't worry, I call him stupid a lot in a good way)
adriana moncada
'adriana moncada' 1 month ago
this song wants me to dance in my mom and dads wedding
debi bell
'debi bell' 1 month ago
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