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Can Hip-Hop be Halal? Deen Squad give rap an Islamic twist - BBC Trending -
Published: 3 years ago By: BBC Trending

By: BBC TrendingPublished: 3 years ago

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Deen Squad are a duo of Muslim rappers who take hit songs and re-record them with an Islamic twist.

BBC Trending caught up with Jae Deen from the group.

Watch Deen Squad's 'Muslim Queen' (
& 'Friday' (


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'CharlieSierra' 4 hours ago
These millenials don't understand that to make it a good deed, the action has to follow two criteriaa, 1) doing it strictly for Allah, 2) has to follow the Sunna of prophet Mohammed pbuh!
Kumpulan vidio hiburan
in indonesia, there is azan and takbir combine with dj music, i dont know whether it is permissible or not in the Real Islam.
Fahad Alshuaibi
'Fahad Alshuaibi' 6 days ago
Brothers you realize this person has no real talent or beats but still trying to make and the only way he made it is by climbing off the name of islam. We’re surely close to the end now.
Clan[AOA] "Army Of Allah"
Prohibited prohibited prohibited... nuff said... music is prohibited..
'Dudan90' 1 week ago
worst thing these idiots are doing is that they are misleading our youth.
Abeer Ahaad
'Abeer Ahaad' 2 weeks ago
this guy is making a wrong criteria of islam to people. the messages might be good but the way of providing is absolutely wrong.
'SALMAN YUSUF' 2 weeks ago
I don't think they are doing good..... I only know that those who do evil in the name of Islam and keep the work in the name of Islam, they will be punished for one day, Insha Allah.
Fieza Fiezka
'Fieza Fiezka' 3 weeks ago
"It is only illegitimate when used in an illegal or used for illicit purposes or it neglects the obligatory terms of syara '".
Siti Shahida
'Siti Shahida' 3 weeks ago
This is neither Haraam or Halal,it is makruh
Design Hack
'Design Hack' 3 weeks ago
Other Muslims are busy labeling them haram but many of them non-Muslims learn from them and become Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad taught and Islamized people but now other Muslims blasphemy fellow Muslims.
Bw pacific
'Bw pacific' 4 weeks ago
Minyoung Ali
'Minyoung Ali' 4 weeks ago
Stop this haram act!! Istagfrullah.
Aijaz Gaming
'Aijaz Gaming' 4 weeks ago
And prophet Muhammad S.A.W said that in the future people will make music and wine drinking halal but its haram! Music is a way that shaytan is bringing us to the hell fire pls stop listening to music for the sake of Islam
Aijaz Gaming
'Aijaz Gaming' 4 weeks ago
There is only one proof that there is that Music is Haram! In the Al-Quran
Rony El Dorado
'Rony El Dorado' 1 month ago
This type of music actually attracts us hindus to think postively and know more about muslims thourgh Deen squad they are awesome
AKS World
'AKS World' 1 month ago
Muslims going off to Syria is a good thing helping the Muslims there to get rid of that tyranical dog bashar. Why is it that the Muslims have to slander the Mujahideen?
Sherief Elsayad
'Sherief Elsayad' 1 month ago
Music is Haram and these guys want to say no.. it is not haram it is halal. So you are basically saying to Allah "You are wrong , I know better' this is the height of arrogance ..
G- F0RCE.1 G1
'G- F0RCE.1 G1' 1 month ago
Stop this brother. This is HARAAM. Full stop. No way on this earth is this permissible. No way halaal.
Candle like
'Candle like' 1 month ago
They inspire me to get back to my religion. I dont see what wrong is that????
Teo Abaaz
'Teo Abaaz' 1 month ago
Hallal hip-hop 😂😂😂😂😂 ... thats the best joke i ever heard ... nice one
Easy Tricks
'Easy Tricks' 1 month ago
deen squad makes us follow our religion
Hamzah Patel
'Hamzah Patel' 2 months ago
As someone who likes music, at least I admit that it's bad. But Deen Squad is actually saying it can be halal, which is a pretty serious thing to do. I like their music but they have to stop calling them halal remixes. It's an obvious contradiction of terms.
'KeebeMillez' 2 months ago
Music is haram don't be come a kuffar
'SMG YT' 2 months ago
If your doing to Allah with your true heart It's Halal but if you doing it for views it's Haram
Abdullahi Ahmed
'Abdullahi Ahmed' 2 months ago
I drink halal alcohol
Jafaar Ali
'Jafaar Ali' 2 months ago
Maken music halal is like another way saying drinking a beer 🍺 is haram but if add that beer 🍺 with a Juice 🥤 & mix it up together it’s not haram it’s halal. whata stupid generation we live in. SubhaanaAllah.
Inni Ahmed
'Inni Ahmed' 2 months ago
I'm Muslim too and i still say music is haram please brothers stop this cause we're near the khufur 💗😥
Muhammad Ali
'Muhammad Ali' 2 months ago
Shehk Ali
'Shehk Ali' 2 months ago
I can't say that its halal because there is no such narration of the Holy Prophet ( SAW) which says that music is halal . But its better that you make spoken words like kamal saleh does if you like rapping so much but i guess that the use of musical instruments is haraam . So we need to follow the path of Rasool Allah ( PBUH) . But in the end we are not here to critisize because it is not us who will decide who will go to heaven and hell . God is the ultimate judge not us .
Tiago Briote
'Tiago Briote' 2 months ago
The prophet s.a.w also didn't play football. That does not mean that football is haram. Just because the prophet s.a.w didn't do something it doesn't make it haram. The Qu'ran and the hadiths make something Halal or Haram.
Rezwan Aziz
'Rezwan Aziz' 2 months ago
deen squad is a dickhead They doing a wrong ting
xpudsygaminx Diverse
'xpudsygaminx Diverse' 2 months ago
Of course their Canadian
Adila Aday
'Adila Aday' 3 months ago
For all of you that are against Deen Squad...umm you probably listen to music in your language...bollywood songs, arabic music, traditional folk music, etc. Remember They giving youth an alternative to rap/hip hop that focus on drugs sex and thug life.
Tee Gulbari
'Tee Gulbari' 3 months ago
They just want attention and YouTube money Halal music ? Halal Pork? Halal Liquor? This jae deen kid saying its permissible lol Allah has said its Haram and that's it Stop miseducating the youth
Tee Gulbari
'Tee Gulbari' 3 months ago
Music is Haram in Islam I don't know how a dude like Jae deen talking about permissible? Get your knowledge of Islam from the Quran then talk about it No hate bro but get your facts right Just because you and your buddy think you doing something good for Muslims or Islam ? I don't think so you are miseducating the youth Even tho your lyrics might be reasonable etc Halal rap ? Like Halal pork ? Lol
sana khan
'sana khan' 3 months ago
Outrageously silly....... Too Ridiculous 😡 😡
'ADIYO 'S' 3 months ago
*_THE END OF THE TIME_* *soon after you will hear halal zina* , *halal alcohol (khamr)* 😭😭😭 *it's sad what a disgraced generation* 😡
Jacques Lennon
'Jacques Lennon' 3 months ago
if you dont like the freedom of the west stay in the middle east...deen squad has the right to practice islam & spread the word of god to whom ever they want...its why so many people who have a problem with deen squad need to remember they have no power to pass judgement unless they believe they are more powerful then a god they claim to obey
Abubakar Bagumabayan
'Abubakar Bagumabayan' 3 months ago
What ever you say but this is no place in islam☝
OMG Zezo
'OMG Zezo' 4 months ago
he's falling close in kufr
OMG Zezo
'OMG Zezo' 4 months ago
haram haram
Abdirahim Elmi
'Abdirahim Elmi' 4 months ago
u jonna go to hell stop be afraid
Abdirahim Elmi
'Abdirahim Elmi' 4 months ago
haram mucis stop
'FLICKY TV' 4 months ago
may allah guide any muslim who agrees with these miguided brothers
Rohil Hussain
'Rohil Hussain' 4 months ago
Stay away from these misguiders there not upon the sunnah there going against the profit
Peach Glow Reyah
'Peach Glow Reyah' 4 months ago
i love all their tunes they are doing so well and keep going well done don't listen to the extreme rigid ego identified people co they all about the attention u guys keep going never mind what they gota say xxx peace xxx
Viser Excizer
'Viser Excizer' 4 months ago
I always knew Deen Squawk was haraam rap.... Thank Allaw we are saved from evil Shaiityan!!!! REPLY Kuffar sand niggers!!!!
'BeReal' 4 months ago
The WORDS should move the person not the BEAT.
'BeReal' 4 months ago
Adding Islamic words to a hip hop beat is NOT Halal. Muslim Belal from England (check him on youtube) can rhyme without the need for any music(from what is have seen so far) and he sounds good, plus he is also a convert. Jae Deen could also do the same thing and get rid of the hip hop tunes. INSHALLAH
Ailli Amdou
'Ailli Amdou' 4 months ago
music is the best way Satan can trick us do be a complete failure .may Allah make it easy for you
The White Algerian
'The White Algerian' 5 months ago Here's the evidence music is haram you 21st century muslims
'SHEHZAAD' 5 months ago
Music is obviously halal. Not a single verse in the Quran that forbids it. Numerous Sahih Hadiths allow it! MUSIC IS HALAL as long as the lyrics and purpose are clean!! But I still don't consider this hip hop kind music as halal. Although the lyrics are good, the music is not.
Don Khan
'Don Khan' 5 months ago
Haram haram haram repent before is 2 late unless u have evidence I guss u haven't bec you never speak about It so stop this please I feel you in the next life😢
Hassan Nawaz
'Hassan Nawaz' 5 months ago
As a person who likes to believe that he is a practicing Muslim. Ive given up music, as a whole in general. Although, if do listen to the all the new songs deen squad, I think they brought me closer to Allah more than they brought me away, don’t care what people say, deen squad made me a better Muslim.
Farhan Tariq
'Farhan Tariq' 5 months ago
Doing Zina with saying its Halal!
Ahmednur Deekow
'Ahmednur Deekow' 6 months ago
I'm Muslim and I'm finally in the deen squad alhamdlila
Fadumo Shariif Ali Ali
Where do you live
'Bia' 6 months ago
Astaghfirullah going to masjid is 5 times a day not only for friday. Friday prayer is special of all the week. And this is not the way of Muhammad s.a.w. Kuffar were doing what you are doing but Muhammad s.a.w did HIS way that was not MUSIC at all. Do you have any evidence of using him music? If no, then how you believed its not haram??? When you cannot find anything evident from the life and practices of Muhammad s.a.w and sahaba karam then that is not Islam. Hope you understand brother.
Mr Hello
'Mr Hello' 6 months ago
Delete this now
thtguy ish
'thtguy ish' 6 months ago
These guys deluded
Say IMBlessed
'Say IMBlessed' 7 months ago
People will try to make haram into halal. Lot's are only muslim by name. It shows how much the minds are under control. You'll know who is a friend of Allah.
zaid kamil
'zaid kamil' 7 months ago
Changing something from Haram to Halal is 'Haram'.
Fatimah Ahmed
'Fatimah Ahmed' 7 months ago
No it can't be halal .... stop fooling the ummah with things that's not halal Yaa Alhii's
Fatima Muhamad
'Fatima Muhamad' 7 months ago
may Allah guide deen squad because verily they are misguided
'Fahad' 8 months ago
First of all Music is Haram and making Islamic song with mixing rap and music is an exponential representation of Kufr. seriously i ll pray 4 deen squad. May Allah guide them
Ovid Youness
'Ovid Youness' 8 months ago
JAE DEEN is the best rapper :D
Chris Haagan
'Chris Haagan' 8 months ago
Let not the Westerners lead you astray brothers and sisters. This haram music is what they use to control people. BBC do their best to placate us with their feminist religion but they will one day come to Islam trembling because of their arrogance.
Adira Elham
'Adira Elham' 8 months ago
I truly believe that the intentins of these men are honorable and that it is making a positive impact on youth, therefore good job guys. Ignore the negative people...judgments...etc...because you are the ones who answer to one God, your God.
Mr Perfect
'Mr Perfect' 8 months ago
Carry on guys
NEsru KEdir
'NEsru KEdir' 8 months ago
god bless ... best video
good mood
'good mood' 8 months ago
nothing in the video represents Islam! halal music?! it is like saying halal wine.. hehehe
Freya Waatvik
'Freya Waatvik' 9 months ago
AhmedMoeTv sent me
Mohamad Yakov
'Mohamad Yakov' 9 months ago
asalamualaikumm from indonesia ... plissss come here jae deenn we are brother ..alhamdulillah
Hassen Yassen
'Hassen Yassen' 9 months ago
What Deen Squad are doing is not right hip-hop is hip-hop not just because you entered the messenger's and Allah's name it becomes halal it's like if you're saying that saying bismillah before eating pork or drinking alcohol is halal. Nobody have the right to make what's halal haram and what's haram halal that's a big mistake you are trying to take Allah's place in his throne what's halal is halal and what's haram is haram. And I'm saying this just as an advise and I hope you don't take me offensive.
Raja Raja
'Raja Raja' 9 months ago
not halal
Johnny R
'Johnny R' 10 months ago
so if we breed pigs to have halal feet, can we then eat it?
sid smith
'sid smith' 10 months ago
''That's like saying eating Pork but saying Bismillah before eating it.''
sid smith
'sid smith' 10 months ago
So Cringe why new comers are falling for gangster culture?
Muhammad Gohar
'Muhammad Gohar' 10 months ago
Deen squad is Haram squad.
Wajahat shariff
'Wajahat shariff' 10 months ago
You wanna hear a joke Halal Hip Hop.
Musli Maah
'Musli Maah' 10 months ago
why don't you guys stop using instruments so it would be halal 100% ? !
Adel Ali
'Adel Ali' 11 months ago
It's debatable as u r using music to lead ppl towards Allah.
'Gallagator' 11 months ago
Dude muslim's can't even enjoy modern music? No wonder they're killing each other.
English Kpop Stans Are Lonely in England
This may not be the best way to spread Islamic messages but it's one awesome way since we young people listen to this genre of music so if you think inspiring young Muslims to read namaz is wrong then please get out and learn
Sundus Abshir
'Sundus Abshir' 11 months ago
ilove you guys
Zayn Pasha
'Zayn Pasha' 11 months ago
Im a Muslim, but these guys are just begging it.
'stew360' 11 months ago
This group is a cancer for yong kids and are actually liar to them and is only an attempt of muslims brotherhood and saudi qutar asshole to brainwash kids so they remain in islam in the west , because lets face it , western culture have lots of influence on them and to cut this influence they copycats things kids might be interested into , to keep them brainwash into islam ... that typical islamic dishonesty but as soon as they would be able to , if they ever achieve their masterplan , music will indeed be ban , woman will live like in saudi arabia or iran or afganistan ... its just a matter of time and these brainwash kids have no ideas about it and wont be trying to see another perspective because they are driven into thinking " hey islam is cool " stay in islam ... and thats disgusting just as much as i despise " ganster rap " wich actually drive kids to think " been ganster " is cool , same deceitfull type of stufff ...
Joe Henson
'Joe Henson' 11 months ago
Of course they're perfectly embodying the path to Kufr, softening the Islamic faith, bringing it insidiously further into the Western world. Deen Squad, even if you don't realize what you're up to, we do.
Super Novanika
'Super Novanika' 11 months ago
eats pork and watches. wow these guys are fucking lame. what is this garbage
ky Slain
'ky Slain' 1 year ago
how about we STOP hearing music?can u do that?
Angel Dust
'Angel Dust' 1 year ago
A Muslim Scholar say , that "some" music is halal ? Then bring forth his evidence from Quran & Hadith ! Please !
Todd Willis
'Todd Willis' 1 year ago
No music is harram because it is forbidden in Quran AND Sunnah. J Deen cannot change the decree of Allah with reasoning. That is Kufr Akhbar.
Todd Willis
'Todd Willis' 1 year ago
Aya Aya
'Aya Aya' 1 year ago
Canada. تفتخر بكم
Ibrahim Odeh
'Ibrahim Odeh' 1 year ago
I like your songs
Mohamed the Praised one Ibraheem Friend of God
may Allah guide them the hour is near
Dreama Dreama
'Dreama Dreama' 1 year ago
How low can the muslims go!!!!!!!!!
King Of Dapp
'King Of Dapp' 1 year ago
this is haram guys
ali maisum
'ali maisum' 1 year ago
Once when Islam declared that Music is Haram. Our job being a Muslim is to quit that without asking why and what for? It's right that the team of Deen Squad is spreading an Islamic message in it. But that's not the way you deliver the message of peace. When the message is pure It should be delivered in a pure manner. Not in the Haram way! Is like having pork but saying Bismillah before that. Astaqfitullah!! You can't even imagine that. So how can we imagine singing songs in the name of Allah. When Allah has forbidden. Mostly youngsters aren't really familiar with this. They listen to Deen Squad and read the tittle says "Halal Remix" and they think that it is actually Halal. And go further and listen to other popular songs and think! Ahh! It all right! Music ain't Haram. And now here's the question. Why do they think so? Why? Answer!: Because of these teams who make kids think that Music ain't Haram. But the matter of fact is: No matter what! Music ain't Halal. MUSIC IS HARAM!
dhudi osman
'dhudi osman' 1 year ago
but it has music how dare they are saying its halal !
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