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To The Point 29 October 2016 | Naeem Bukhari - Express News -
Published: 1 year ago By: Talk Shows Central

By: Talk Shows CentralPublished: 1 year ago

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Watch To The Point 29 October 2016 Naeem Bukhari on Express News.

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Shafiq Sial
'Shafiq Sial' 9 months ago
Very nice man
'SHaH SaaB' 1 year ago
Naeem BukhaRi you just Awesome
Raja Usman
'Raja Usman' 1 year ago
grt man love u sir
ghani muhammad usman
express is sold out.
ghani muhammad usman
kuta anker
Zain chishti
'Zain chishti' 1 year ago
such an intelligent man he is, Naeem Bukhari.
Farid Khan
'Farid Khan' 1 year ago
I think i must not hesitate to speak the truth that Sir Naeem is wothy to be called a library.
Game Of Thrones
'Game Of Thrones' 1 year ago
Mansoor is paid by PMLN
Najaf Gillani
'Najaf Gillani' 1 year ago
mansoor khan saab thanks for bringing ture person we need it.naeem bukhri rocks. I like it u are gone it has simple is that.go nawaz go.
'abcd' 1 year ago
this man has an irritating personality
Raja Tanvir
'Raja Tanvir' 1 year ago
Great Naeem Bukhari !!! Very beautiful style to speak and genius person.... love to listen....
asian guy
'asian guy' 1 year ago
Pride of pakistan ,true lover of my leader khan.
kami Xaman
'kami Xaman' 1 year ago
Zain Ahmed
'Zain Ahmed' 1 year ago
Baden Bukhari is a great man met him only once in Bahawlpur he spedid an evening with me at my home about thirty five years ago. I don't know he remembers or not but it was one of the best evenings of my life. Love him.
shahid Rasool Awan
good job
mubeen iftikhar
'mubeen iftikhar' 1 year ago
My all time favourite personality in pakistan media industry...never get bored of watching his interviews not even for a second brilliant man brilliant lawyer god bless him i wish i could be like him in the future......
Owais Ali
'Owais Ali' 1 year ago
Naeem Bukhari Sir! My great Inspiration!
Mansoor Baig
'Mansoor Baig' 1 year ago
I am a great great fan of Naeem Bukhari. I wish I could ever meet you in real.
Rizwan Qamar
'Rizwan Qamar' 1 year ago
Thanks for coming on TV Naeem Bukhari Sir! My great Inspiration!
'IR MAD' 1 year ago
His part of Pti. don't you understand english? he just wants to remain a lawyer.
sasha umeed
'sasha umeed' 1 year ago
go ganjoo go and give our money back
Qaisera Rubani
'Qaisera Rubani' 1 year ago
Geo Tiger very nice talking 👍👌
Atif Shehzad
'Atif Shehzad' 1 year ago
the only guy talk on politics and make me smile ........ superb
'MANSHAD QASIMKA' 1 year ago
good masoor alli
Atif Shehzad
'Atif Shehzad' 1 year ago
trust me i love to hear when Naeem Mukhari saab is speaking......
naheed ahmed
'naheed ahmed' 1 year ago
bakwas mansoor
Bhag Bhari
'Bhag Bhari' 1 year ago
It was wonderful watching this show 👍
Bhag Bhari
'Bhag Bhari' 1 year ago
Great show , great say by Naeem Bukhari ,salute him and best regards
Muhammad Hamza
'Muhammad Hamza' 1 year ago
khan sab is great...
Nadia Azeem
'Nadia Azeem' 1 year ago
great debate
Nadia Azeem
'Nadia Azeem' 1 year ago
naeem bukhari is a legend of nation
Zeb Khan
'Zeb Khan' 1 year ago
khan sab is great...
nauman zahoor
'nauman zahoor' 1 year ago
jamhuriyat k nam p perodyi ho rahi hy.....
'RAJA YASIR ABBASI' 1 year ago
very nice show
Munawar Subhan
'Munawar Subhan' 1 year ago
such a nice person bukhari sb..
Asghar Mahmood
'Asghar Mahmood' 1 year ago
love pti
Munawar Subhan
'Munawar Subhan' 1 year ago
this is the dferenc btwn pti class nd noora clas..
great man
Viral Tube
'Viral Tube' 1 year ago
thanks for joining PTI
Rooshan Asif
'Rooshan Asif' 1 year ago
Nice decision of naeem,s life is join,s PTI
Mohd. Zahid
'Mohd. Zahid' 1 year ago
There is no democracy in pakistan its parody of democracy
'A M' 1 year ago
Ghulam Raziq
'Ghulam Raziq' 1 year ago
Democracy can only be successful in Pakistan if there will be 100℅ literacy rate.First literate the people then exercise democracy.
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