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Science & Technology in the RigVeda? || Most intresting facts about vedas & shastras -
Published: 9 months ago By: Unknown Facts Telugu

By: Unknown Facts TeluguPublished: 9 months ago

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Science & Technology in the RigVeda? || Most intresting facts about vedas & shastras

tags;- Shocking Secrets Of The Vedic Science Revealed History of science and technology in the Indian subcontinent
Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge Electricity In Vedas Science and Technology in Ancient India - Sanskrit
UFO's in the Vedas: Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology Planes discovered in Vedic age, it could fly between planets,
says speaker at Indian Science Congress Hindu Wisdom - Advanced_Concepts vedic science and modern science
History of science and technology in the Indian subcontinent Sanskrit Vedic Chants and the Secret World of Human DNA
vedic science in hindi vedic science pdf vedic science and technology vedic science of consciousness
Vedic Science - Is the Computer our God? Science in Vedas - Agniveer Hindu Wisdom - Advanced_Concepts
Vedic Framework and Modern Science - Swarajya Hindu Vedas - SCIENTIFIC MIRACLES
What are some facts from the Vedas that have been proved by science Scientific Errors in Vedas
13 things that prove Indian Mythological Literature is full of Scientific Innnovations.
Incredibly Advanced Concepts in 5,000 Year Old Hindu Scripture The Advaitist: 5 Interesting Facts about Rig Veda
Hinduism facts: interesting hindu facts, fun facts, religion and beliefs interesting facts about vedic maths
The Four Hindu Vedas (Rig, Sama, Yajur, Atharva) - About Hinduism

Musku Vittal
'Musku Vittal' 1 month ago
Sri Manjunath
'Sri Manjunath' 1 month ago
nice sir
supper brooo
Sai Sai
'Sai Sai' 1 month ago
a great job done by u as an Indian nd we need some interesting facts about our nation
Ravi Kumar Darnasi
'Ravi Kumar Darnasi' 2 months ago
u r excellent bro.....
Suresh Maggidi
'Suresh Maggidi' 3 months ago
brother superb voice mi vidieos chala chusanu mukyanga abimanyu chala bagundhi miru inka maha baratham gurinchi videos pettanadi piz
Mahendar Reddy
'Mahendar Reddy' 4 months ago
Yes...You Are 100% Correct.I am Proud To Be Hindu
Katakam SaiNadh
'Katakam SaiNadh' 4 months ago
annintiki moolam vedham
vamsikrishna immandi
'vamsikrishna immandi' 4 months ago
satisfied a lot .please upload some more informative vedios lke these
Naresh SomiSetti
'Naresh SomiSetti' 4 months ago
useful information....
leela manohar
'leela manohar' 4 months ago
The birth of karna through parthenogenisis is absolutely trash.Why you are posting this videos which were not scientifically proven . Parthenogenesis in humans never produces viable embryos, though, because unfertilized eggs lack specific instructions about gene expression from the sperm. In general, our cells have two functional copies of each gene—one inherited from the mother and one from the father.
podaralla ramyasree
'podaralla ramyasree' 4 months ago
gd Evng sir.... sir Meeru cheppana vidhangaa parthenogenesis antey asexual reproduction aniii artham... vasthundhii.... Alaantivi prakriyaa Ippudu use cheyabadatledhuu ani Naa abhipraayam.... oka ammayiii sexual reproduction lekundaa Oka abbayiniii Ela prasavisthundhiii..... okavelaa Alaantiii prakriya untey....... male gender avasaram raadhu kadhaa....... Na comment Lo thappu untey sorry....
Gattem Baburao
'Gattem Baburao' 4 months ago
we are the Indians we have create new things
Chaitanya Chendeti
'Chaitanya Chendeti' 4 months ago
that's India for world
Chandu Infotech
'Chandu Infotech' 5 months ago
Nijam chepav Bro...
Srinu Pawanism
'Srinu Pawanism' 5 months ago
సూపర్ భయ్యా పురాణాలు వేదాలు గురించి చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు జై హిందూ ధర్మం
Uday Muralidhar
'Uday Muralidhar' 6 months ago
its a cloning process
V ramsireesh
'V ramsireesh' 6 months ago
vitiki pruf anti cheppagalara plz
rukmini Chinthakayala
Thank u.
siddem saiashish
'siddem saiashish' 6 months ago
very good video brother inka time travel gurinchi kuda oka video cheyandi
'THULASIRAM PERURU' 6 months ago
Please Do Another Episode On This Brother
Rakesh Karolu
'Rakesh Karolu' 7 months ago
suresh reddy Ramidi
'suresh reddy Ramidi' 7 months ago
good video super matter yes it is true
Mehraz Pasha
'Mehraz Pasha' 7 months ago
Good voice
Sangamureddi Kishore Naidu
Bro........your video concepts are awesome .........your video presentation,pronunciation are fantastic
Ramms Ramesh
'Ramms Ramesh' 7 months ago
I'm proud to Hindu Tq bro
sai kumar
'sai kumar' 7 months ago
I will accept with you
prashanthneethi 9666552329
nice nd super explanation thanku, contine same matter in other video
vinod kalla
'vinod kalla' 8 months ago
anna super
Jagadeesh Naidu
'Jagadeesh Naidu' 8 months ago
nice video sir
Madhusudan chowdary
'Madhusudan chowdary' 8 months ago
Good information. please be doing such kind of videos. and also once introduce yourself in the videos so that we can know you.
Raghavendra Tanguturi
Adbhutam brother!!! Chala vishayalu icharu __/\__
A.V.H. Krishna
'A.V.H. Krishna' 8 months ago
you told 80% absolutely correct.....
sravanth muvvala
'sravanth muvvala' 8 months ago
You're really amazing bro
Naresh S
'Naresh S' 8 months ago
Sheshu Varma
'Sheshu Varma' 8 months ago
superb message
Ashok Kumar
'Ashok Kumar' 8 months ago
Just one word... Awesome...Love your videos sir
Ar uN
'Ar uN' 8 months ago
awesome ##brother
Doradla Balasuresh
'Doradla Balasuresh' 8 months ago
thank you for giving this information . it's nice.
siva reddy ntr b
'siva reddy ntr b' 8 months ago
meru video lo kanapadussu kada bro
siva reddy ntr b
'siva reddy ntr b' 8 months ago
vara prasad Kanugada
'vara prasad Kanugada' 8 months ago
my be 50% good
divya madhuri
'divya madhuri' 8 months ago
good info
Naga Aditya
'Naga Aditya' 8 months ago
A very good informative video about the glory of our vedas.
Nagasatish Aisethy
'Nagasatish Aisethy' 8 months ago
excellent video, very informative.
Sai Prashanth
'Sai Prashanth' 8 months ago
super information
Phani Kolla
'Phani Kolla' 8 months ago
nuvu super Bro...keep it up...
'rajesh3ddesigner' 8 months ago
Incredible India. Keep Going, Good Luck...
Swetha Chiranjeevi
'Swetha Chiranjeevi' 8 months ago
Well said... liked it a lot..
Mister Saragada
'Mister Saragada' 9 months ago
Manchi Prayatnam...KEEP IT UP...Mi nunchi Marinni manchi videos telugu lo vastai ani asistunam... all the very best..
Krishna mohan jutta
'Krishna mohan jutta' 9 months ago
its 100% true
Amrutha Peddi
'Amrutha Peddi' 9 months ago
Very Good Information. Keep it up.
Sss Kkk
'Sss Kkk' 9 months ago
Excellent video. Great info dude. Please keep these coming. More info from Vedas... the more we learn.
ram ram
'ram ram' 9 months ago
ok gud
Ravi Kumar
'Ravi Kumar' 9 months ago
yes ur right bro....continue ur great work.
satya narayana
'satya narayana' 9 months ago
Brother, nijamga chala goppa information ichharu. Veda vignanam ante adedo hinduvulaku sambandinchina pukkiti puranam ani , mana loukika vada desam lo ilanti vati gurinchi matladatam kuda porapatu, mudha nammakam ani pracharam chesina , chestunna , kuhanaa loukika vada medhavulaku mii videos chepa pettu. ippatikainaa mana prabhutvalu mana daggara yeppatinuncho unna vignanani veliki tiyadaniki prayatnam cheyaka pote , pedda porapatu chesinatlu avutundi.
nanditha roy
'nanditha roy' 9 months ago
nice information
shravan babu
'shravan babu' 9 months ago
Very good video brother
Santosh Medipelly
'Santosh Medipelly' 9 months ago
super bro it's really true I agree with you
Ganesh fx
'Ganesh fx' 9 months ago
100% True. and its Must . thanks for making this video
RoopaRanjith Puliyala
yess its true . everything is in our vedhas.
Maruthi Nalam
'Maruthi Nalam' 9 months ago
oops java
'oops java' 9 months ago
wow it
amudala rajashekar
'amudala rajashekar' 9 months ago
really awsom bro and Very hart tucking in formation.. thanku zoo much For infurmation.....
nrk nimmagadda
'nrk nimmagadda' 9 months ago
great work you should not lag this kind of suggestion is that you must also have another channel some other famous you tuber s if Telugu like vikram adithya. Its not bad doing that because you can actually learn something new every time which us an essential part of any one's life irrespective of age money and background factors ,keep doing well:)
nrk nimmagadda
'nrk nimmagadda' 9 months ago
great work you should not lag this kind of suggestion is that you must also have another channel some other famous you tuber s if Telugu like vikram adithya. Its not bad doing that because you can actually learn something new every time which us an essential part of any one's life irrespective of age money and background factors ,keep doing well:)
tejaprathap reddy
'tejaprathap reddy' 9 months ago
Bhargav Eddala
'Bhargav Eddala' 9 months ago
everything was invented in early stages for the development of the human life but what we invented is BRIBES and BRIBING for our only development one of the main reason for the destruction of INDIA and Its greatness bloody fu**ing bribes and bloody po****s self-destructing ourself
surya ch
'surya ch' 9 months ago
'RANJITH KATRAVULA' 9 months ago
congratulations to UTF for editing this kind of vedios try to edit also in hindi so that entire india watches this & if it was in english entire world watches it
sarkar sarkar
'sarkar sarkar' 9 months ago
mana vallakila examples tho chepthe kani nammaru.. puranalu vedalu chadavaru.. evarina chepthe nammaru.. kanesam ardam chekundamani praytnincharu... five fingers choopiche panikimalina political paries ilanti vishyalni baytaki ranivadu.. evarina vedam gurichi, hinduism gurichi matladithe vallaki kotha kotha peerlu "hindu terrorist" lantivi pedtunaru panikimalina paries and worthless media people... anyways this video is nice.. keep it up.. veelithi ilantivi inkonni pettu..
shanthan kumar
'shanthan kumar' 9 months ago
Excellent .... keep the good work...
g ravi babu
'g ravi babu' 9 months ago
Harish Chitti
'Harish Chitti' 9 months ago
super brother
Nirmal Kumar
'Nirmal Kumar' 9 months ago
really mind blowing. Nice presentation of our vedas and we have to respect our vedas
'DORA' 9 months ago
fluent ga matladuthu good infornation ichav brother
sai nimesh karthik p
'sai nimesh karthik p' 9 months ago
proud to be Indian
Ramachandra Katta
'Ramachandra Katta' 9 months ago
herbal Aayurveda medicines found from hindu veda maharshi's themgot devoties miracle, metation yoga, all more about scientific 's proof wesrern countrys after reaserch scientifically, certified.*
Nirmal Reddy
'Nirmal Reddy' 9 months ago
ok dude
Nirmal Reddy
'Nirmal Reddy' 9 months ago
can u make a video about why we getting dreams what is the reason for it please it's my request
Nirmal Reddy
'Nirmal Reddy' 9 months ago
r u making any other video now
Nirmal Reddy
'Nirmal Reddy' 9 months ago
i never seen like this video amazing make more videos about hindu puranam thanqu bro for making this video
'Farhantt' 9 months ago
superb bro
Rana Bharath
'Rana Bharath' 9 months ago
man u r amazing man.,., wer u wer al des days.,., chala channels chetta sodi info istunnaru.,., miru chala manchi info, mana culture paina prastuta technology ki apt chestu chala bagunnai.,.,
prasanth bhaskarabhatla
Jessy V
'Jessy V' 9 months ago
Wounderful information thanks for uploading☺
'P HANUMANTH' 9 months ago
really nice
mangisetty sairam
'mangisetty sairam' 9 months ago
can you do a video on Bermuda triangle ?
mangisetty sairam
'mangisetty sairam' 9 months ago
you are awesome
Lova Raju
'Lova Raju' 9 months ago
wow super brother
cool boy
'cool boy' 9 months ago
nice information UF really grate...
Sai Kiran
'Sai Kiran' 9 months ago
nice information we need to learn something about ancient india
devimanohar kolluru
'devimanohar kolluru' 9 months ago
ivi ani vintea annandam ga vundhi kani avi ani pogotukuni paniki Malina education system lo padanduku bhadaga vundhi
puttoju chandramouli
'puttoju chandramouli' 9 months ago
very informative and essential to youth of present days
Akhil prasad
'Akhil prasad' 9 months ago
plz make more mythology videos and science videos
Akhil prasad
'Akhil prasad' 9 months ago
plz make more mythology videos and science videos
Mahendhar Reddy
'Mahendhar Reddy' 9 months ago
superb unknown facts
sreekanth krishna CH
'sreekanth krishna CH' 9 months ago
superbbbbb bro
chpushpanjali anju
'chpushpanjali anju' 9 months ago
thnq for giving the information to public
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