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Badass Facts You Didn’t Know About Tall People -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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How's the weather up there?

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Kiana Ghaderi
'Kiana Ghaderi' 4 hours ago
Me at school Girl: damn girl you tall you must play a lot of basketball, who am I kidding your probably a professional. Me: I don't even know how to kick a ball.... Girl: WELL, IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO KICK A BALL THEN WHY YOU SOO TALL!? TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!!! Me: uhhh... I drink milk?... T.R.U.E
TootToot Toot
'TootToot Toot' 3 days ago
oh so short people should rot in hell
'Kentcutie11' 6 days ago
Trust me I know the struggles of being tall I'm 5'11 and I'm 10 years old 👿👿👿👿 it is not always fun being tall
Fujoshi who can draw.-__- F.S
I bet Levi Ackerman and Edward Elric disliked this video.
'TheTiarra' 1 week ago
I'm 5'3 and 13
potato shit
'potato shit' 1 week ago
What I'm doing here being short?
The Lone Deathclaw
'The Lone Deathclaw' 2 weeks ago
Im,tall and didnt know these lol
Maddy Howlter
'Maddy Howlter' 2 weeks ago
this video just makes me want to be tall
XHunter SlasherX
'XHunter SlasherX' 2 weeks ago
1 No 2 No 3 No 4 I don't know.
Omar Sharifi
'Omar Sharifi' 3 weeks ago
Okay wait why are we supporting this and seeing it as a good thing? If it says women make less money and women never becomes president or if women rarely earn a high position than that would be seen as sexist and feminism is needed. But if you do all those exact same thing except with height then it becomes seen as an okay and acceptable thing?
Omar Sharifi
'Omar Sharifi' 3 weeks ago
Hell nah. I know this one guy is tall asf and he's one of the dumbest ppl I've met
Bridget Williamson
'Bridget Williamson' 3 weeks ago
'Carverkla21' 3 weeks ago
I'm 13 years old and I'm 6'2
αlιуα кєиѕlєя
Sooooo I'm a natural leader, I'm smart, and I make more money? I don't really think so
Emma M
'Emma M' 4 weeks ago
Im 14 and 6'3
Veeti Säynäjäkangas
Im 12 and soon 5'8 feet
frickil my frackil
'frickil my frackil' 1 month ago
well i'm not tall but i'm not short either. in fact i'm average height for a female. it's pretty boring
'Hurricane800' 1 month ago
I'm 5,9
marin malenica
'marin malenica' 1 month ago
Any other people who are tall and skinny af im 6 feet and 114lbs as a 15yr old
Elizabeth Goforth
'Elizabeth Goforth' 1 month ago
Why am I here I am 5'1
'Diabolus' 2 months ago
I'm 12 and 5'10 it's awesome
The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home
Great!!!!! I'm short (!)😑
Emma Jackson
'Emma Jackson' 2 months ago
I was literally the 1 millionth view
Flash Hayranı
'Flash Hayranı' 2 months ago
Trump is 1.88 m and yes he is a great leader(i am joking)
Raj Saurav
'Raj Saurav' 2 months ago
haha funny cause the richest person in the world currently is jeff bezos beating bill gates..who is just 1.71m or 5feet 7.5inches... also richest person in india is mukesh ambani who is just 1.69m... also mark zuckerberg is just 5feet 7 inches... dnt just bilndly believe these stuff... i have never in my personal life seen anyone paid more just for their height... nor have i seen any corelation between height and money... i have seen many rich short guys as well as many rich tall guys...
I_diss_gurll _mami_me
Thanks I was really depressed about my height :)
Pancakes Rose
'Pancakes Rose' 2 months ago
Tall glass of water *Mr. Dallon Weekes on the bass*
Veeti Säynäjäkangas
Tall people also tend to make more money! By the way like this if you are tall!
TheWeird Potato
'TheWeird Potato' 2 months ago
why thank you, you short shot of espresso.
'Leondre' Leonard' 2 months ago
Why in every video there's a fact that you make more money for being something? Someone is lying #mindblowningfacts
'BrawlFire' 2 months ago
Hey people, if you don't want stunted growth then eat well and exercise well and don't smoke. Also, eat enough but not too much, and sleep a lot.
Sebastian Garrido
'Sebastian Garrido' 2 months ago
This video made me ashamed for being 5' 7" and probably will never be taller then 5' 9"
Suha Kapadia
'Suha Kapadia' 3 months ago
Yassss I am tall very tall i am only ten and I am about 5 ft
'Annaa' 3 months ago
now you kinda made me feel bad to be short
General Zucc
'General Zucc' 3 months ago
I'm 6'1
No Honey Boo Boo, I
This really brings down my confidence. I've always been tiny. And all these things are making me feel like I can't do what tall people do.
Isaac Fortin
'Isaac Fortin' 3 months ago
My parents always tell me "If you are not tall, no one will respect you my son!"
'Rain' 3 months ago
Adding more to my 5'3 confidence.
Maria Vale
'Maria Vale' 3 months ago
Now I feel so confident '-' I'm just 156 and that's the most annoying thing in the world
'TheOnlyKitty' 3 months ago
What's up fellow tall humans
Kaitlin Volpe
'Kaitlin Volpe' 3 months ago
I'm done with this
Henk-Jan Vos
'Henk-Jan Vos' 3 months ago
2K triggered short people disliked
Henk-Jan Vos
'Henk-Jan Vos' 3 months ago
Lol 13.5 yrs old and 6"3 ft. Love my life XD
Giovi Londos
'Giovi Londos' 3 months ago
wtf im not short or tall what do i do
Easter Bunny
'Easter Bunny' 3 months ago
How are these Badass facts?
Jayden tremblay
'Jayden tremblay' 3 months ago
fathema hamid
'fathema hamid' 3 months ago
Abbypie Reyna
'Abbypie Reyna's' 3 months ago
I'm tall but I'm not smart😐
Sanny Cat
'Sanny Cat' 3 months ago
I'm like that friendly, shy, giant you here about who has low confidence in themselves but makes everyone else feel loved or tries their best anyways.
Sanny Cat
'Sanny Cat' 3 months ago
That part about how 5 presidents were below average height cracked me up. Mostly because mad-hatter James Madison was 5'4". He was the shortest president of the USA ever. ((I'll be so happy if someone catches my reference))
'chloexlp' 3 months ago
I'm 15 and 5 ft 6inc... Is that considered as tall or average?
Amelia DIY
'Amelia DIY' 4 months ago
I'm so offended
Cleveland Brown
'Cleveland Brown' 4 months ago
6"4 16 year old squad
byuntae hyung
'byuntae hyung' 4 months ago
I'm around 5"4... Is that tall or short for a girl?
ramen noodle
'ramen noodle' 4 months ago
how tall do you guys think ill be. im 5' 9'' at 12 years old and my mom is 5' 10'' my dad is around 5' 11''
Mel S
'Mel S' 4 months ago
I'm 6'2 , female and I agree.
The Vardwells
'The Vardwells' 4 months ago
when your tall *insert lenny face here*
Turtle_ Par
'Turtle_ Par' 4 months ago
I regret watching this...I am short and now they are telling something that is better than small people..Some how I feel offended
Roland Warburton
'Roland Warburton' 4 months ago
it's soul crushing being a short male
Ayanna English
'Ayanna English' 4 months ago
I'm a 5'6 girl why am I hear
Trinity Bailey
'Trinity Bailey' 4 months ago
I'm tall
You say What!
'You say What!' 4 months ago
Drink your milk boys Drink milk
'Daveycrocker44' 4 months ago
All of these not true, im tall. Everything is made for average height.So except for sports and girls nothing special about being tall.
Sarah Garrett
'Sarah Garrett' 4 months ago
I feel bad for being 5"2. I don't really see enough vids about the perks of short people. It's all about tall people.
'ItzEwanBoii' 4 months ago
Im 12 and im 5'11 my dad is 6'8 and my mum is 5'11 too
Mary Elizabeth
'Mary Elizabeth' 5 months ago
My dad is 6'9 :)
Ciel Phantomhive
'Ciel Phantomhive' 5 months ago
I thought being tall was nothing to me really.
'aenvos' 5 months ago
1:12 The happy heart was so cute xD
Timmy The tanker
'Timmy The tanker' 5 months ago
6 ft. 2 here and I'm not even old enough to drive
Purple Shep
'Purple Shep' 5 months ago
'Tall people can be smarter.' Well, that's my opportunity to get into MENSA shattered.
iso_ kinggio
'iso_ kinggio' 5 months ago
I'm 5'7.5 or 5'8 barely turned 14 in February I hope I'm 6'3 but idk I'll probably be 6'0 or 6'1.
alex alexandro
'alex alexandro' 5 months ago
HAHA you mean to say that because i'm 5'8 that there are a lot of smarter people than me and everyone shorter than me what bulshit! This video is a way to make something, but in reality your brain is what you make it
Skurry The Skuirl
'Skurry The Skuirl' 5 months ago
well then f you tall people! And yes. The weather is the same down here dumbasses
'AlyArtist' 5 months ago
That's true. My friend is the smartest in class and she's tall.
'NobleFrosty' 5 months ago
Am 6'1
Spare Thunder
'Spare Thunder' 5 months ago
James from theodd1sout is tall! His taller than his friends
anurag reddy
'anurag reddy' 5 months ago
Correlation is not causation!! All of this is purely coincidental
'BrittBratt3000' 5 months ago
because no on takes us seriously !!!!
yasmin chan
'yasmin chan' 5 months ago
Taller people aren't smarter!
Marcelina Castleberry
im in school now and the girls under 5'7 are smartest
Vanilla Roses
'Vanilla Roses' 6 months ago
Is it bad that I'm 11 and 5' 5 ?
Black Mamba
'Black Mamba' 6 months ago
6'5 bitches
raideen 12
'raideen 12' 6 months ago
I'm ruined
Victoria M.
'Victoria M.' 6 months ago
I'm short.
Maya AlQasmi
'Maya AlQasmi' 6 months ago
Donald Trump is short and he is a leader. No hate tho im just jelly im kinda short
Jaid brig
'Jaid brig' 6 months ago
this literally made me sad
trash bin
'trash bin' 6 months ago
who else here is above 6' here? i'm 6'7 btw
Mrs.Jewel Gerome
'Mrs.Jewel Gerome' 6 months ago
But my one short friend is like 4'8 and he has all a's and more likely to get a scholarship.
Monotoned Daisies
'Monotoned Daisies' 7 months ago
There's me who's incredibly insecure about my height, and finally sees a video that doesn't push tall girls into the awkward,masculine category and hails short girls like society has so frequently been doing. And the comments section? Oh, it has a bunch of short girls complaining that they feel insecure about their heights because of this. Istg.
Londyn Harris
'Londyn Harris' 7 months ago
As a 5'9" 13 year old girl, this makes me feel great.
'liquidpebbles' 7 months ago
Well ty buzzfeed
Sumam Raaj
'Sumam Raaj' 7 months ago
I my class the girl who is one of the shortest is the best girl in our class in studies
'YeemStar' 7 months ago
I'm tall
Murry Oliver
'Murry Oliver' 7 months ago
Could, more likely, tend to, im sensing that this is all lies my friends are all taller than me and im the only one with 9 GCSE's
Fishy Fish
'Fishy Fish' 7 months ago
Most of these ideas are just theories, not fact, and the fact that more tall people are Ceos just shows how much are society judges people by looks.
anne lyn
'anne lyn' 7 months ago
I'm not tall, I'm just 5ft but I don't know why I like tall people. Mostly my close friends are taller than me, and I found tall and lanky guys are attractive. Maybe this is the reasons I like them. Lol. Anyway I see tall people are cool. I want to be one too but I can't grow taller anymore. Be proud you guys :)
Edward Couture
'Edward Couture' 7 months ago
While I'm short as hell
Grace Smith
'Grace Smith' 7 months ago
so you're pretty much saying that short people should feel bad about themselves and die quicker. thanks buzzfeed.
Tehya Kalestiantz
'Tehya Kalestiantz' 7 months ago
hahahhhaha tall=confidence??? pfffft I'm tall and that just means that I crouch behind short people so I can hide from life
'GreyedInterests' 7 months ago
OMG THE URL HAS MY IRL NAME IN IT!!! (my name is nia) AND I'M TALL!!!!! OMG
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