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Badass Facts You Didn’t Know About Tall People -
Published: 12 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 12 months ago

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Kemanos, The Awesome Goodra
What pisses me off the most due to my height: -When I'm constantly asked by people if I play basketball. I know I'm pretty tall (6'3"), but that does not mean I play basketball! -Going to buildings/spaces where if I don't duck, I'll get my head knocked off. -Bending over something very low or crouching for long periods of time(like 1+ hours). It *KILLS* my back and legs. -Cannot even fit in most cars. I don't have enough leg room. -Getting asked, "How did you get so tall?", and "What are you eating? I want to know so I can grow as tall as you." ALL THE FREAKING TIME! -Being a target. Little kids love me-which I don't mind, kids are cool- but when they hold on to me by my neck, I have to stay leaned over so nothing bad happens. -Carrying stuff. If I carry something even the in the slightest of wrong ways, my back gets it. And gets it GOOD. -I CAN'T WEAR CLOTHES WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY SUPER EXPENSIVE CLOTHES THAT WILL FIT ME, BUT IN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO, I'VE ALREADY OUTGROWN THEM!! Edit: -And finding shoes are a PAIN! Does anybody here know how hard it is to try and find shoes that are 1. NOT EXPENSIVE, and 2. ACTUALLY FIT YOU!? I have to do Indiana Jones or something just to find shoes that actually fit me, and I'm not even taking into account the extra $100+ for 16 size shoes! -My parkour is slightly affected. I can't do some popular-and some of the most useful, too- of tricks due to my legs being so long. And when I try to roll........ I'm like a fidget stick.
'Dani' 5 days ago
This is great just so great for depressed short people like myself
Ashton Brown
'Ashton Brown' 6 days ago
"you tall drink of water"
dry meme
'dry meme' 7 days ago
You want to be tall until you are actually tall. Being tall can result in a lot of cramps, aches, and pains in joints and muscles, especially the knees. If you are not one of the most flexible people, it can affect you badly with putting alot of stress from your upper thighs to your knees. While being able to reach the top shelf is nice, it also means you have to suffer from squatting down to the lower shelf just to see. The chairs at school, never fit me at all, in where I have to move my desk back just to stretch my legs without hurting the person in front of me. Even then, I'm not the tallest out of some of my peers. I'm only 5'8 and a half at the age of 12.
Alicia Salazar
'Alicia Salazar' 7 days ago
Was this video made by Shane Madej??
Dick Butt
'Dick Butt' 1 week ago
Wow what fucking terrible video
Maja Nakić
'Maja Nakić' 1 week ago
I'm 14 and almost 5'8''😂
Anamika Singh
'Anamika Singh' 1 week ago
This is a request to all jealous, salty people out there in the comments section. You can FUCKING GET LOST!!! And to my fellow tall people, welcome... Sorry for my bad english. Please don't take it seriously.
Qxeen Nxdia
'Qxeen Nxdia' 1 week ago
Im 4' 8" rip
Ewa Lafortune
'Ewa Lafortune' 1 week ago
Im 13 and 5ft 9 inches. Am I tall? Coming from a girl
Cupcake Galaxy
'Cupcake Galaxy' 1 week ago
Haha suckers
carro melo
'carro melo' 1 week ago
Let's see what's happens once I bring a tall person out with me onto an empty field during a lightning storm :)
Sophia Paventi
'Sophia Paventi' 2 weeks ago
Why Are only men shown! 🙄
B Hinz
'B Hinz' 2 weeks ago
but short people live longer than tall people
Sophie Shocka
'Sophie Shocka' 2 weeks ago
I'm 5'8 at age 10 y am I watching this
'AsphaltPlays' 2 weeks ago
I'm 5'10... Life is on my side... Finally
Arzthen GabbiBoi
'Arzthen GabbiBoi' 2 weeks ago
Why? Im 5.5!!😧 Oh well. My family and most of my friends are REALLY tall, but my dad is just above average, I got my average height from him :3
skeleton girl
'skeleton girl' 2 weeks ago
Im not a leader and im tall
'I'm Stalking You' 2 weeks ago
'April's Time' 3 weeks ago
I'm 5'4 and a woman
'Joshlerandmel' 3 weeks ago
I'm 5'1 😭😭😭
Clorox Wipes
'Clorox Wipes' 3 weeks ago
People always try to pick fights with me. Or kick my shins
Angelo M
'Angelo M' 3 weeks ago
BuzzFeedBlue is tall so he made this video lol
Ella TMG
'Ella TMG' 3 weeks ago
That's so unfair. You can't decide if you are going to be tall or small
'Petaldust' 3 weeks ago
I'm tall and pretty young, I hope to grow taller and get more money. 😎
i just snorted kool aid
this video is good because “short people things” are everywhere, and people constantly assume tall people have it better, but that’s mostly not the case for girls. Men have fragile masculinity so when a girl taller than them is around, they find them unattractive and threatening. I’d give anything to be short and cute.
'Querez' 3 weeks ago
1:14 "Mother nature is on your side, you tall drink of water" Did you just call me a tall drink of water?
'707' 3 weeks ago
I'm 160 cm 5'3 am I tall? I get a lot of comments on my Height
Melonpie 33
'Melonpie 33' 3 weeks ago
I still hate being tall, though Hitting your head on everything sucks
'Relx' 4 weeks ago
ya and more likely to become bullies cuz of how tall they are😑
Alex Loren
'Alex Loren' 4 weeks ago
Oh. I thought this was going to make us short people feel better about being short. Now I just feel sad.
Hana Twilight
'Hana Twilight' 4 weeks ago
hmm.. tell that to Gary vaynerchuk.. I wonder what's his response will be..
Hana Twilight
'Hana Twilight' 4 weeks ago
hmm.. tell that to Gary vaynerchuk.. I wonder what's his response will be..
Sandrock Person
'Sandrock Person' 4 weeks ago
Well now I feel bad about myself. I'm 5 ft
Madison Gilchrist
'Madison Gilchrist' 4 weeks ago
Ras Berry
'Ras Berry' 4 weeks ago
I’m 5’3.... god my life is depressing
'BISWAJIT DAS' 4 weeks ago
What about Napoleon? He was a leader, wasn't he?
Elliet Norah
'Elliet Norah' 4 weeks ago
'Nope' 4 weeks ago
In our school I have a classmate for 3 years in a row and he's the tallest Man and smarter than the others and the class president for 3 years in a row
Herpaderp Flerp
'Herpaderp Flerp' 4 weeks ago
The real question is what is considered tall
'Skylar' 4 weeks ago
Basketball player
'Who?' 4 weeks ago
Good for them I guess?
Peridot TV
'Peridot TV' 4 weeks ago
Even tho there are alot of good thibgs about being tall, there are alot of bad things as well, im 1.70cm and im only 11 years old,its hard wanting to do what a normal 11 year old does and not only that, i think taller people die earlier :( so even if u arent tall please dont feel sad as we all have our advantages and disadvantages and we are all perfect in our own ways :D (i wrote so much but no ones gonna read it :'( )
'L4nc34L0t' 4 weeks ago
I may be 5:7 and a half but I still dont get algebra
Ashley Dubey
'Ashley Dubey' 1 month ago
i feel depressed now...thanks buzzfeed!!
greta loeza
'greta loeza' 1 month ago
This videos just like it's better to be taller very disappointing to my short people out out there
Official Stephanie Lanada
I'm tall...and weird.
Jacinta Anthony
'Jacinta Anthony' 1 month ago
I'm short and I've been offended):
Adel Hajdarovic
'Adel Hajdarovic' 1 month ago
Hell yea life finna be good for me
Panda lover
'Panda lover' 1 month ago
What about the people who are avarage? why r there no buzzfeed videos about us!!!!????
Alexa Dansereau
'Alexa Dansereau' 1 month ago
I'm a nine year old 5,4
Manamune anada
'Manamune anada' 1 month ago
I'm gonna die faster :l
'mznl89' 1 month ago
My people tall people are "smarter"because short kids at class couldn't see what was on the board
'CJ Z' 1 month ago
I'm 13 years old, and 5'11. I feel special.
Amira Nicole
'Amira Nicole' 1 month ago
I'm 12 (female) 140 pounds, and almost 5'8
'IneeGoKay' 1 month ago
Im 5'6'' and when I get jealous i just remind myself i can reach higher places because i can jump higher than the dude over 6ft, i am faster, i am stronger and i have faster reflexes because brain signals have a shorter distance to travel to get to limbs... and i play basketball and show taller guys who really better... But im still jealous deep down anyway...
Bia& Lory
'Bia& Lory' 1 month ago
I am 5'4 and 11 😂✌🏼✌🏼
Mabel Rosé
'Mabel Rosé' 1 month ago
When I was 10,I was 5'3
Athu Athu
'Athu Athu' 1 month ago
I am tall but I ain't smart 😖😤
Mariewiltonia Inoval
Im 9 yrs old w/ the height of 4 and i thinks that is not normal cause i am the shortest person in our friend group and this video gave a major depression to meh
Dabbin_Gamer 77
'Dabbin_Gamer 77' 1 month ago
Now I'm sad that I'm short 😭
Nugget Bot :D
'Nugget Bot :D' 1 month ago
I'm okay. I'm pretty sure imma die now
Lauren Vitale
'Lauren Vitale' 1 month ago
0:45 I'M 5'4! THAT'S AN INSULT!
Tanya Kamat
'Tanya Kamat' 1 month ago
Any short squad here
Rainbow Hamster
'Rainbow Hamster' 1 month ago
I dont care! I just wanna be short
nigger ting slave effect
1:14 makes no sense because when you spin, you use your 2 steps and pivit foot. If you move again its a travel.
Serenity Darlak
'Serenity Darlak' 1 month ago
I'm 5'2. Short? No. I'm 11 Who's short now
una subic
'una subic' 1 month ago
I don't understand... 5'3 stands that you're 53 centimeters tall?and sorry am croatian and we say we are 53 centimeters,67 centimeters?and sorry for my bad english
Tamara Di Marco
'Tamara Di Marco' 1 month ago
Honestly, most of these facts actually depend on the confidence and charisma of the person, which for many can come from height. But short people can have those traits as well.
Everlyn Nguyen
'Everlyn Nguyen' 1 month ago
My self esteem has been broken into millions of pieces... Please make a video on how being short Is great
CL Shep
'CL Shep' 1 month ago
This makes me sad I am 4”5
Rage Coder
'Rage Coder' 1 month ago
In my country tall ppl aren't always smart
Lady Suzanne
'Lady Suzanne' 1 month ago
I mean I used to hate being tall but now, I might change my mind and love my taller height. *Pops jacket*
'R A X O' 1 month ago
This makes me think I have a good future
Ella Culiomina
'Ella Culiomina' 1 month ago
this is the worst video I ever saw in my life.
Kristen Constant
'Kristen Constant' 1 month ago
Lmfao I’m 4’10
Abby Schneider
'Abby Schneider' 1 month ago
this is like making a video about why white people are at an advantage, everyone already knows these facts and we're pissed about them
'Vetalii' 2 months ago
Another issue is that if your a tall woman, it’s terribly difficult to find a man that IS taller than you. It’s.... depressing
'CraziiGFX' 2 months ago
I'm 180cm (6 foot) and I just turned 16 lol
Eden Shaphirov
'Eden Shaphirov' 2 months ago
So I am lacking growth hormone and need to take shots everyday and I still will be shorter than average According to buzz feed I'm fucked oh well
'ohmigosh077' 2 months ago
I call bs on these facts.
Kiana Ghaderi
'Kiana Ghaderi' 2 months ago
Me at school Girl: damn girl you tall you must play a lot of basketball, who am I kidding your probably a professional. Me: I don't even know how to kick a ball.... Girl: WELL, IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO KICK A BALL THEN WHY YOU SOO TALL!? TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!!! Me: uhhh... I drink milk?... T.R.U.E
xxx xxx
'xxx xxx' 2 months ago
oh so short people should rot in hell
'Kentcutie11' 2 months ago
Trust me I know the struggles of being tall I'm 5'11 and I'm 10 years old 👿👿👿👿 it is not always fun being tall
Fujoshi who can draw.-__- F.S
I bet Levi Ackerman and Edward Elric disliked this video.
'TheTiarra' 2 months ago
I'm 5'3 and 13
potato shit
'potato shit' 2 months ago
What I'm doing here being short?
The Lone Deathclaw
'The Lone Deathclaw' 2 months ago
Im,tall and didnt know these lol
Maddy Howlter
'Maddy Howlter' 2 months ago
this video just makes me want to be tall
'HunterSlasher' 2 months ago
1 No 2 No 3 No 4 I don't know.
Omar Sharifi
'Omar Sharifi' 3 months ago
Okay wait why are we supporting this and seeing it as a good thing? If it says women make less money and women never becomes president or if women rarely earn a high position than that would be seen as sexist and feminism is needed. But if you do all those exact same thing except with height then it becomes seen as an okay and acceptable thing?
Omar Sharifi
'Omar Sharifi' 3 months ago
Hell nah. I know this one guy is tall asf and he's one of the dumbest ppl I've met
Bridget Williamson
'Bridget Williamson' 3 months ago
'Carverkla21' 3 months ago
I'm 13 years old and I'm 6'2
αlιуα кєиѕlєя
Sooooo I'm a natural leader, I'm smart, and I make more money? I don't really think so
Emma M
'Emma M' 3 months ago
Im 14 and 6'3
Veeti Säynäjäkangas
Im 12 and soon 5'8 feet
frickil my frackil
'frickil my frackil' 3 months ago
well i'm not tall but i'm not short either. in fact i'm average height for a female. it's pretty boring
'Hurricane800' 3 months ago
I'm 5,9
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