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Cam - My Mistake (Lyric Video) -
Published: 3 years ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 3 years ago

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Music video by Cam performing My Mistake (Lyric Video). (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment

A7 Kits
'A7 Kits' 5 days ago
I am so happy I found out her music on one of the app. Awesome
Creative Writer
'Creative Writer' 2 months ago
The lyrics are difficult to read, but this is the *only* lyric video up...
8iUuvseeetgwn7i9kylie fox
Wish this played in the radio
john k
'john k' 5 months ago
I'm not much into this type of music she sounds like Dolly Parton Nice song
Kitty Terry
'Kitty Terry' 8 months ago
Your still the best CAM!!!!!
Kitty Terry
'Kitty Terry' 10 months ago
I just love you so much..Your my favorite singer out there now..Can I sing in your band?? I'll sing for free...Been recording all my life ...500,000 hits on Youtube...Kitty Terry... but I would love to sing on your songs too...Your the greatest..You inspire me to do my best and get better..
Metal Man
'Metal Man' 10 months ago
Such a great song and beautiful voice, and she is absolutely gorgeous
Jenny Nauhauser
'Jenny Nauhauser' 10 months ago
she is so sweet and I love her voice !!!
Dennis Geoffroy
'Dennis Geoffroy' 11 months ago
Heard this song for the first time on a free playlist on an airplane. Listened to it probably 100 times that flight, still love it!
Kitty Terry
'Kitty Terry' 11 months ago
I love you Cam!! You are my favorite artist.. So happy I found you ..You help heal my broken heart...Keep the singing and writing with that great band and co-writer..Whatever your doing is awesome!
Zoe Rose
'Zoe Rose' 12 months ago
Love this song, cant wait for country2country!!!! SO EXCITED!!
brad h
'brad h' 1 year ago
Another dumb pop song that glamorizes getting drunk and screwing strangers. Written by a college graduate and targeting vulnerable, poor, simple minded teenagers and twenty somethings. Who knows how many fatherless kids this will produce.
emily addison 1300
Does sound like dotty
Ryan Bennett
'Ryan Bennett' 1 year ago
Found it! I heard this on an american airlines flight last year and f**k its been hard to recall/find..!
Tiffany S.
'Tiffany S.' 2 years ago
I'm country love it
Elena Davis
'Elena Davis' 2 years ago
Saw her live only knew Burning House at the time
Dunkin Donuts
'Dunkin Donuts' 2 years ago
Regan Wilson+she does sound like Dolly parton
'Musicismysoul94' 2 years ago
Absolutely my favorite song in the entire album it's just so damn good
Jerry Kimbler
'Jerry Kimbler' 2 years ago
love this song
sally Anderson
'sally Anderson' 2 years ago
I like it
Kata Oross
'Kata Oross' 2 years ago
Love you, Cam! <3
Ashlee Gilbertson
'Ashlee Gilbertson' 2 years ago
best song I have ever heard.
Ashlee Gilbertson
'Ashlee Gilbertson' 2 years ago
best song I have ever heard
Ashlee Gilbertson
'Ashlee Gilbertson' 2 years ago
best song I have ever heard
nuclear fusion
'nuclear fusion' 2 years ago
I love it when she sings "he'll be gone by the morning light"
Jennifer Smith
'Jennifer Smith' 2 years ago
Great song great lyrics great video...
Sandra California - Extreme Weight Loss!
if Carrie Bradshaw had a country sister =) haha
Justin Humphrey
'Justin Humphrey' 2 years ago
U r awesome girl u talk like lathe women in this country u should get a Nobel prize for speaking the truth I think u r wonderful u r the true voice of women our age I think u r are the best women country singer since Loretta Lynn and I thought she was perfect till I heard u u r amazing...Amanda Alexander from Benton ky
Sandra California - Extreme Weight Loss!
Cute video :) She has a great voice
'ElkenTalks' 2 years ago
Found this song by looking for a different one, don't regret continuing to listen, so good!
lizzy violet
'lizzy violet' 2 years ago
This is a awsome video
Hope Sings
'Hope Sings' 2 years ago
Aleana Williams
'Aleana Williams' 2 years ago
gfs bbgfs ssh g
Amanda Chevrier
'Amanda Chevrier' 2 years ago
Does this song remind anyone else of an ABBA song? I can't quite put my finger on it.....
Ragan Wilson
'Ragan Wilson' 2 years ago
Who else thinks she sounds a little bit like Dolly Parton ?💛
Jaztine Santos
'Jaztine Santos' 2 years ago
Country Music rocks. Grammy nomination brought me here, Who else?
Steve Harrison
'Steve Harrison' 2 years ago
hamza aoucha
'hamza aoucha' 2 years ago
U re so talented
'Scenaria' 2 years ago
I love her voice =D
Christy Flynn
'Christy Flynn' 2 years ago
I love you cam and I love your songs there are my life and so are you and you will always be the one who I listen too
Adrien Chesney
'Adrien Chesney' 2 years ago
Majestic voice #[email protected]|√| <3 •••!
Molly Fair
'Molly Fair' 2 years ago
I love this song so much Cam. I feel like it's my anthem haha :) Just did of cover of this one on my youtube page. I'd love to know what you think. Thanks!
Christy Flynn
'Christy Flynn' 2 years ago
I love this song and I will dance
'kattelyn92' 2 years ago
she has a lot of talent! Let's bring this sound back to country!
Marsha Sandrowicz
'Marsha Sandrowicz' 2 years ago
My mistake, great song women and men needs to listen to. You don't need to have a man or woman to live your life. Get you life together before you think of a relationship.
Nikkoli Bell
'Nikkoli Bell' 2 years ago
I love this song
Lawana Grimsley
'Lawana Grimsley' 2 years ago
LOVE IT !!!!
Alexandria Hoke-leneave
This. is. the. best. Song ever
'mw2proshot' 2 years ago
I'm kinda sad. This song could be much better lyrically.
Aaron Wood
'Aaron Wood' 2 years ago
her vois sonds like lady gaga
'drewsroo' 2 years ago
It's about time! Anyone else sick of "heybabelet'ssitonmychevyandgetdrunk" pop/rap crap that passes for country these days? This is an incredible breath of fresh air. I'm in love...
Kelly Galla
'Kelly Galla' 2 years ago
Amen, sister
swikkki ucccpu
'swikkki ucccpu' 2 years ago
Beautiful song luv it! (*^◯^*)💜
Andrea Mclane
'Andrea Mclane' 2 years ago
I know right
'Aerion' 2 years ago
I actually kind of enjoy her music.
Sean Barnhill
'Sean Barnhill' 2 years ago
It's like true country music is coming back. I love her voice, it is so pure, her songs have a story to them
Bobagem tv
'Bobagem tv' 2 years ago
Brazil português
Izzy M
'Izzy M' 2 years ago
I love this song
'Razan' 2 years ago
She reminds me of old country songs 💖😭😭😭😭
Kaitlin Burns
'Kaitlin Burns' 2 years ago
she looks like a modern Marilyn Monroe, or at least makes me think of what she would look like in this day and age. idk, maybe its just me :)
'NUCLEAR FUSION' 2 years ago
burning house was a lil better that this one
Amy Tyler
'Amy Tyler' 2 years ago
Love her she makes the best lyrics!! She is really beautiful "Most of us think we're movie stars, give us a shot the world is ours" 😜
Olivia Nahdenahdenah
This song makes me feel nostalgic.
Rachel Kormich
'Rachel Kormich' 2 years ago
I love the way this lyric video was done.  Love you Cam!
'ちゃんへび' 2 years ago
You should really do covers for Christmas songs.
Jackie Clay
'Jackie Clay' 2 years ago
I love that heel pop on "should dance"👍👌👌
Youssef El-aroussi
'Youssef El-aroussi' 2 years ago
first i saw her i thought her britney spears! but her voice is much better ;)
Sara Lane
'Sara Lane' 2 years ago
gata beujaya
'gata beujaya' 2 years ago
Love this video.
Ariella Freeman
'Ariella Freeman' 2 years ago
Love this song,Love her voice I wish had more songs!!!
Neptune Ocean
'Neptune Ocean' 2 years ago
I love this song
Catherine H.
'Catherine H.' 2 years ago
Camaron Marvel, Your a awesome singer and a great songwriter I listen to you everyday on the radio. I love you as a singer! 😀
Dennis Geoffroy
'Dennis Geoffroy' 2 years ago
I heard this song on an American Airlines radio and couldn't stop listening for the entire flight, and then the next flight as well.
Angelica Yang
'Angelica Yang' 2 years ago
Just saw Cam performed this song tonight at a local bar in CA. OMG! she sounds just like this live! Sweet, down-to-earth, and humble person.
josh fitzgerald
'josh fitzgerald' 3 years ago
her voice is so beautiful!!! i wish you well cam!!
Patti Kasak
'Patti Kasak' 3 years ago
She's Amazing. .. The song reminds me of The Band Perry' first add song, If I Die Young, but was more intense, beautiful sad & soulful lyrics. I hope she does well☆☆☆☆☆
Kendra O
'Kendra O' 3 years ago
Definitely sounds like Dolly! :)
Brisilia Blevins
'Brisilia Blevins' 3 years ago
Best song ever
Trista Wilcox
'Trista Wilcox' 3 years ago
She needs to do a duet with Carrie Underwood or Miranda singa
Pop Music News
'Pop Music News' 3 years ago
one of my new favorites of country ever!!! thx to the Opry for bringing me here!!!
Matthew Ingmire
'Matthew Ingmire' 3 years ago
Spot on Dolly Parton with a lil Kacey Musgraves.
Alyssa Tepfenhart
'Alyssa Tepfenhart' 3 years ago
This is such an AMAZING song! I hope She makes it big! If anyone could check out some of my videos, I'd much appreciate it. I'm also a singer-songwriter. My videos are low quality but hey, it's all I got!
Florence Castle
'Florence Castle' 3 years ago
She reminds me a little of Miranda Lambert but def has her own unique voice and style :) after i heard her on the radio while I was out, as soon as I got home I quickly looked up the song and have been playing her music's the rest of the day!! I'm hooked!!
'JIMMY MACMICHAEL' 3 years ago
I'm from New Jersey and I was just in Nashville, and I was so happy to be there to see you at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. You were amazing CAM your music is so great. Always share it. Always. Hope to hear some more, and I hope your career really takes off.
Carington Johnson
'Carington Johnson' 3 years ago
love this song so much best song ever
'H.V.V.B.' 3 years ago
NettyGurl Inc.
'NettyGurl Inc.' 3 years ago
I really love her vocal energy. My head is still bopping left and right to her song. I am impressed. I am going to start following her music.
Rihanna Orseno
'Rihanna Orseno' 3 years ago
love this
kitty susca
'kitty susca' 3 years ago
Her voice is like a further developed Dolly Parton.Excellent.
Midnights Darling
'Midnights Darling' 3 years ago
Loved the song! Hopefully there will be a music video ;)
Lonnie xox
'Lonnie xox' 3 years ago
Randomly stumbled over this, I don't even think I clicked on it but I'm so happy that it started playing! This songs amazing!!!! Yay
Shushi Elca
'Shushi Elca' 3 years ago
:( :( thats my  name i no mistake
Muted Banshee
'Muted Banshee' 3 years ago
Can't wait for the music video! Such a catchy song :)
'missygirl' 3 years ago
Haha, that heel pop on "should dance," 👌👌👌
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