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Lil Uzi Vert - You Was Right [Official Music Video] -
Published: 1 year ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 1 year ago

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539, 972 Likes   29, 417 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "You Was Right" [Official Music Video]
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Musawwir Muzaffar
'Musawwir Muzaffar' 2 hours ago
I love this song
'K A T' 4 hours ago
Live on stage plz
Marah Pierre
'Marah Pierre' 5 hours ago
Hey I love this one
duckboi carti
'duckboi carti' 5 hours ago
Lmao did metro bring his little brother or sumthin
xxmonkeymanxx naur
'xxmonkeymanxx naur' 5 hours ago
best raper with the most swag
James Basketball 2016
Love u bro
Messy ModZ
'Messy ModZ' 11 hours ago
2:10 what is that dude doing
Christopher Aguilar
'Christopher Aguilar' 15 hours ago
good song i did not knows their are colored people in the movie for got the movies the movie thats only white people 😂😂😂
Derek Stubbs
'Derek Stubbs' 21 hours ago
Wow, hearing this song compared to some of his newer stuff, he has changed so much. Can't blame him though, gotta follow the money.
Mukudzei Moyo
'Mukudzei Moyo' 23 hours ago
*Uzi Gang*
xxxSupemrexxx Savage
xxxSupemrexxx Savage
I like this
Victoria Alvarado
Fire wolf
'Fire wolf' 1 day ago
0:18 da hell is he doing in the background
Miss my old uzi😢
Junior Saldana
'Junior Saldana' 1 day ago
ay uzi you are coll. gang gang
dove cameron
'dove cameron' 1 day ago
i hate this song
pingo Zika
'pingo Zika' 1 day ago
Like like like likeLike like like likeLike like like likeLike like like likeLike like like likeLike like like like
Ronan Reinhardt
'Ronan Reinhardt' 1 day ago
lil uzi ben
Timothy Freeman
'Timothy Freeman' 1 day ago
cool song
'brandonstumbo' 1 day ago
y he set his table up like hes that crazy guy off of alice and wonderland or whtevr
』 『
'』 『' 2 days ago
this is a musicao da porra
Jerry Hendrix Jr.
'Jerry Hendrix Jr.' 2 days ago
Metro boomin want sum more niggaaaaa
Taylor Waldron
'Taylor Waldron' 2 days ago
the correct word is "you were right"
'Karma-' 2 days ago
this voice and bits are incredible
hobby world
'hobby world' 2 days ago
if young metro don't trust you i gonna shoot ya!
Ignacia Cavezas
'Ignacia Cavezas' 2 days ago
Ignacia Cavezas
'Ignacia Cavezas' 2 days ago
You right
j Gamouth
'j Gamouth' 2 days ago
Who else thinks uzi looks better with his glasses?
jbbbsd gaming
'jbbbsd gaming' 2 days ago
Frank Molina
'Frank Molina' 2 days ago
Albert Hefner
'Albert Hefner' 3 days ago
Like the song but Uzi is a fag no b's he shows ALL the signs of a gay guy
Jessiah Fowler
'Jessiah Fowler' 3 days ago
lil uzi i am a big fan of you make a new song
'beshinexA' 3 days ago
Hassan Ahmed
'Hassan Ahmed' 3 days ago
Fucking lit
Spikeddart Gaming
'Spikeddart Gaming' 3 days ago
God I can see why he stole from Whitt Lowery can’t even understand him
victor 808
'victor 808' 3 days ago
you was right
'SiDExSWiPE' 3 days ago
The only kid in the back getting real turned up
gamerkid 56
'gamerkid 56' 3 days ago
The kid in the back was a savage
'Vanderpi' 3 days ago
i really miss this uzi
'M P' 3 days ago
You got to give me some girls bro
'M P' 3 days ago
I haven't seen this in 68 days and I was dying to see it I couldn't find I forgot the name I couldn't find the stupid song this is amazing keep it up bro
Logan Hardy
'Logan Hardy' 3 days ago
You know it'll get big when fucking Metro Boomin is the in the visual
0:25 her bigass lips and loudass teeth get on my nerves.
suela ferizi
'suela ferizi' 3 days ago
yes you was right
'cvbngghbh' 3 days ago
Destiny Figliolina fuck
Haroon Ramzan
'Haroon Ramzan' 4 days ago
Someone needs a wee
Myk Ayla S OF L
'Myk Ayla S OF L' 4 days ago
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Jungwoo Park
'Jungwoo Park' 4 days ago
is 0:15 a Kodak Black referencce?
Jacob Yates
'Jacob Yates' 4 days ago
Best song
Luke Murphy
'Luke Murphy' 4 days ago
Emilio Gagliardi
'Emilio Gagliardi' 4 days ago
$$$$🍾🍾🍾🍾💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💸💸💸💰💰💸💰💰💸 💸💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💰💸💰💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💰💸💸💰💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💸💰💸💸💰💸💸💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💸💰💸💸💸💰💰💸💰💰💸💰💸💰💸💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💸💸💸 I 💰💰💸💰💸💰💸💰💸💸😎💸😎💸💰💸😎💸😎💸😎💸😎💸😎💸💸💸💸💸💰💰💸💸💸
Yareisy Socarras
'Yareisy Socarras' 4 days ago
'BRUNO RODRIGUEZ' 4 days ago
hit ti frm tha back watch a nigga bless u
Ashton Goehring
'Ashton Goehring' 5 days ago
this is one of his best
uhhSwifts TM
'uhhSwifts TM' 5 days ago
turn the speed up to 1.25 and skip to the first verse.
Dave Black
'Dave Black' 5 days ago
Im 44...old school..str8t 90's rap all day.I'm not knocking his success but damm he REALLY selling records and got rich👍.I get a satanic wierd vibe from him and his body of work. I don't like his music but find him oddly and awkwardly interesting and mysterious.Get that 💰💰 playa👍
Blankorekscrubs666 fl
Fantasssy on my PHOOOOOOOOOONE
Tylan Washington
'Tylan Washington' 5 days ago
That lightskin bihh at 2:28 tho
Joey Macopriy
'Joey Macopriy' 5 days ago
It’s Alice in wonderland X Donnie darko
The2kGod Forever
'The2kGod Forever' 5 days ago
Lil Uzi is a walking emoji
'AUTUMN 691' 5 days ago
lol uzi in wonderland
Alexandros Tsohataridis
umm it’s “you were right” 😐
Obi Chukwura
'Obi Chukwura' 6 days ago
Carlos Barboza
'Carlos Barboza' 6 days ago
y'all lot
Michael Jackson
'Michael Jackson' 6 days ago
What the fuck is this crap?
'Wu' 6 days ago
This song feels hypnotic
Marco Polo
'Marco Polo' 6 days ago
Why uzi always going thru portals is
Vonda Fowler
'Vonda Fowler' 6 days ago
Vonda Fowler
'Vonda Fowler' 6 days ago
'DAÑK DÚBIÉ' 6 days ago
Listen to Dañk Dúbié -Fourtea Xans ft.Fùll Swìshèr by DAÑK DÚBIÉ #np on #SoundCloud
poobum saleh vlogs
Alice in wonderland behind the scenes with uzi
Paint Editz ll
'Paint Editz ll' 7 days ago
Can a true nigga subscribe to me . We’ll see if y’all can help a nigga
'212raheem' 7 days ago
U killing yourself at the age of 27
Constatina Melchor
is cool I LIKE
pugz z346
'pugz z346' 7 days ago
So many nigger 😂
'Nelson BANDITU'' 7 days ago
rocstar 15
'rocstar 15' 1 week ago
Aye its lit
Eric Williams
'Eric Williams' 1 week ago
lil uzi real
i dont know the video plot like wtf? but the songs good
Nore Felix
'Nore Felix' 1 week ago
I put this song over and over again
BruhitzSky Burrows
"Crying on my arms like a nigga wrecked you". I think that means Brittany was cryung over uzi, and since he took Xanax (a drug) he doesn't feel emotion. Makes sense.
Oliwer Kwiek
'Oliwer Kwiek' 1 week ago
Son Arata
'Son Arata' 1 week ago
Back when Uzi wasnt on this 666 hype.
Trippie shotta
'Trippie shotta' 1 week ago
Especially with that beat
Bryant Menchaca
'Bryant Menchaca' 1 week ago
You was right I was wrong
jflx yt
'jflx yt' 1 week ago
I now
# 21
'# 21' 1 week ago
I miss my old lil uzi Not "my" old lil uzi Our old lil Uzi vert
Michael S Gaming
'Michael S Gaming' 1 week ago
I'm going out for the first
Mc rice Krispiez
'Mc rice Krispiez' 1 week ago
Donnie darko+Alice in wonderland + uzi = tune
Isaiah Levi
'Isaiah Levi' 1 week ago
That’s song is lit🔥🔥
'Locis' 1 week ago
I want this uzi back like wtf
Itz_ya girl coop Lovely
Jolayna Lindsey
'Jolayna Lindsey' 1 week ago
This video was probly made for Alice in the wonderland
Dr olivia VEVO
'Dr olivia VEVO' 1 week ago
Lil uzi vert cant rap for shit but for some reason, I fuck with him. check out and BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS FROM *(AUTHEnTIC* *views* *DOT* *COM))* and get a ton of real views on youtube and all other social media services???
Jaelen Cooper
'Jaelen Cooper' 1 week ago
Rakeia Tatum
'Rakeia Tatum' 1 week ago
Love this song ❤️ & them faces he making 😍😍
Geoffrey Maxwell Jr.
This my nigga uzi, he killing tha rap game with all of this fuckin fire😝😝😝 Keep it going wit this type of shit😝😝😝
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