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Published: 2 months ago By: ImJayStation

By: ImJayStationPublished: 2 months ago

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Today we did the overnight 24 hour fort challenge in a freezer! During this 24 hour toilet paper fort challenge in the freezer, I had the help of my sister to make sure I was okay!! I took into the freezer a snorkel to breath and a baby monitor so my sister could hear if I stopped breathing! Make sure you subscribe if you want to see more 24 hour overnight fort challenges! This 24 hour challenge we had in a freezer was so fun to make! Staying overnight in a freezer is very difficult and dangerous so do not try this at home! This was the best 24 hour challenge ive done in my opinion! Hope you enjoy! and share the video around guys lets hit 25k likes! XD

My Sister's IG: Jacquelinerenee

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Verquan Humphrey
'Verquan Humphrey' 19 hours ago
fuck you bitch that's my brother
MyLifeAsChloeHoopes !!!!!!!
roaryranor is not an idiot
Connor harless
'Connor harless' 22 hours ago
That's a deep freeze you wii freeze
Evan Raspberry
'Evan Raspberry' 23 hours ago
happy bunnysABC
'happy bunnysABC' 1 day ago
not being rude
happy bunnysABC
'happy bunnysABC' 1 day ago
can you plz stop swearing
Alejandro Figueroa
Clam down
Connor Mcdavid
'Connor Mcdavid' 2 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited so did you
Alpha Spook
'Alpha Spook' 3 days ago
Your sister is aging hot
Brittany Hearrell
'Brittany Hearrell' 3 days ago
Top 5 Best
'Top 5 Best' 3 days ago
Iam very castrofobic
Ben Vanderkooi
'Ben Vanderkooi' 3 days ago
This guys a fucking idiot it's +20 not -20 learn how to fucking read
joanne johnstone
'joanne johnstone' 3 days ago
you blacked out
Sparkle Galaxy
'Sparkle Galaxy' 4 days ago
no hate tho I genuinely actually love his vids, just not this one
Sparkle Galaxy
'Sparkle Galaxy' 4 days ago
when he was breathing heavily he sounded like a dying pig. I want to believe its real, but my brain can't fall for such stupidity
Shadowkill10 4
'Shadowkill10 4' 5 days ago
He probably jerked off in there to porn on his phone to keep him warm
Dylan Brady
'Dylan Brady' 5 days ago
she's telling the truth
Assassin gamer
'Assassin gamer' 6 days ago
why did you not put on some socks
Marc Wes
'Marc Wes' 6 days ago
Roary ranor is not stupid
lilibeth ayala
'lilibeth ayala' 6 days ago
He funny af 😂😂💀💀
killerboy 202
'killerboy 202' 1 week ago
to prove you ate real axeily make a video 24 houser chiken
JJ Rockers
'JJ Rockers' 1 week ago
Honestly he looks like a rapist
Elsa Robles
'Elsa Robles' 1 week ago
Ya didnt answer yo
Superkid1444 *
'Superkid1444 *' 1 week ago
No offense but your sister could get it
he probably was out of the freezer for 2 hours
+ you had a snorkel with you even worse than a straw
Your mean and you stolen idea from Rory rhino dude he put a straw in so he won't die dumb ass go too hell
Jess T
'Jess T' 1 week ago
watch this
Drew Amirault
'Drew Amirault' 1 week ago
xRxinbow RBLX
'xRxinbow RBLX' 2 weeks ago
hes gonna get ill i think after this
'SkyHiGaming' 2 weeks ago
Funny how his hands aren't freezing. He presses the button just fine
C. Louie
'C. Louie' 2 weeks ago
stop saying "stream it if it's real" First off, you guys would not watch that whole damn thing, secondly if you guys don't think he's legit or you hate his shit leave, lastly do you think his battery would last that long? Even if he did have a backup battery or portable chargers, he wouldn't carry it around literally for 24 hours that's if it lasts.
'James KNIGHT' 2 weeks ago
Overnight isn't 24 hours it's like 6-10 hours
'EPIC GAMER' 2 weeks ago
he talk to you Jacklyn
Djdj Nd
'Djdj Nd' 2 weeks ago
Dylan Byrne
'Dylan Byrne' 2 weeks ago
When he says he blacked out he means he fell asleep
Myrna Camba
'Myrna Camba' 2 weeks ago
lily Volaric
'lily Volaric' 2 weeks ago
lily Volaric
'lily Volaric' 2 weeks ago
Junior Uribe
'Junior Uribe' 2 weeks ago
Your fucking faker you bicth suck a dick
Melanie Blackburn
'Melanie Blackburn' 2 weeks ago
your a faker
'zonebuzz05' 2 weeks ago
lol he is super hyped in this video
More Jacob
'More Jacob' 2 weeks ago
Dude when you said he was an idiot HE IS NOT! ROARY RAYNOR IS AMAZING!
'Goblin' 2 weeks ago
you broke the law
philippe Rollin
'philippe Rollin' 2 weeks ago
no you past out
John Ulrich Seludo
'John Ulrich Seludo' 2 weeks ago
the guy who got 20 munites in the refridgirator almost died and you tried to mock him? not cool dude
dinogamer25 cavanagh
You pass the fuck out
the real one
'the real one' 3 weeks ago
Bruh your sister is cute, and she has a cute voice
jimmy tta
'jimmy tta' 3 weeks ago
He replied
TheSatanicGod 666
'TheSatanicGod 666' 3 weeks ago
Fuck You for talking shit about Roary. At least he knows how to get more subscribers. You wish you could get the amount of viewers he does.
'Bnanxbxgamingblog' 3 weeks ago
Who ever disliked this video is an asshole
NexxusHDFan GTA5
'NexxusHDFan GTA5' 3 weeks ago
#JayFake #AldoReal
NexxusHDFan GTA5
'NexxusHDFan GTA5' 3 weeks ago
#AldoReal #JayReal ?
Mike Vincent
'Mike Vincent' 3 weeks ago
You're camera would malfunction after a few minutes...
'TheRealHolden' 3 weeks ago
that was really weird
Mike Gretzky
'Mike Gretzky' 3 weeks ago
I did this challenge for 25 years without any sunlight, yes i live in Sweden.
Bob Charles
'Bob Charles' 3 weeks ago
breh he didn't have air
Adonis Williams
'Adonis Williams' 3 weeks ago
She's right 😆
Stephany maltez
'Stephany maltez' 3 weeks ago
u passed iut so many times
Raul Moran
'Raul Moran' 3 weeks ago
I know it might be too late to say this but seriously I think you had to get out
Katherine Juliette Piccone (Student)
He is savage in this video
Jaiden Seise
'Jaiden Seise' 3 weeks ago
Power Core
'Power Core' 3 weeks ago
Dude u never swear now every second your swearing
Power Core
'Power Core' 3 weeks ago
Dat intro was hiper
Amir Killer
'Amir Killer' 3 weeks ago
Eliza D
'Eliza D' 3 weeks ago
y was he heavily breathing like almost painting
Roxanne Parrott
'Roxanne Parrott' 3 weeks ago
Iggy Pecoraro
'Iggy Pecoraro' 3 weeks ago
fuck you
'SkewrdExploits' 3 weeks ago
Strangers hotel my ass, that was your sister
Sarah Boughton
'Sarah Boughton' 3 weeks ago
HOPE you survive
Jay man123
'Jay man123' 3 weeks ago
Rolando Pena
'Rolando Pena' 3 weeks ago
no! you doe kosd I neo not to doI et
Rolando Pena
'Rolando Pena' 3 weeks ago
'I'm ender slayer 2' 3 weeks ago
yo Jay station I'm just like you but british
Gars Gars
'Gars Gars' 3 weeks ago
fuck you BT CH roary is better then you
deeznuts bruh
'deeznuts bruh' 3 weeks ago
she is so hot her voice is sexy
deeznuts bruh
'deeznuts bruh' 3 weeks ago
same her cake gaming
deeznuts bruh
'deeznuts bruh' 3 weeks ago
that u r bae
deeznuts bruh
'deeznuts bruh' 3 weeks ago
u funny
Simon Larsen
'Simon Larsen' 3 weeks ago
Wow so real... not
Marco  Antonio Quintero  Rosas
I feel like I can't breathe while whaching this video
ZingNova /Gaming
'ZingNova /Gaming' 3 weeks ago
you think 15 Celcius is cold? atleast everyday is like, 59 Celcius. my summer high was 26 Celcius Love your vids tho,
Gamer boy Minecraft
'Gamer boy Minecraft' 3 weeks ago
He's acting crazier than usual
Đropz Ŧricky
'Đropz Ŧricky' 3 weeks ago
You nearly died
Alexis Grantham
'Alexis Grantham' 3 weeks ago
and your sister really cares about you
Alexis Grantham
'Alexis Grantham' 3 weeks ago
did you pass out 2 times
S_ Sami
'S_ Sami' 3 weeks ago
4:54 you can it is hor
J Banno
'J Banno' 3 weeks ago
That doesn't count you got out like 3 times
Flash Schnider
'Flash Schnider' 3 weeks ago
madison varner
'madison varner' 3 weeks ago
he passed out two times he should have been getting out at the 1st time
Wings Of Freedm Titan Killer
FUCK YOU GO DIE 💀 IN A FIRE 🔥🔥😈😈😈 🔥 💀 💀 🔥 🔥 💀 💀 🔥 🔥😊
'IRunChips' 3 weeks ago
He is crazy at the start of this xD. Also it's funny when he is always confused.
sleepyfall 1046
'sleepyfall 1046' 4 weeks ago
no dude you past out
Nikki Falshaw
'Nikki Falshaw' 4 weeks ago
there would've been air coming from his mouth when he talks
Sarah Haugh
'Sarah Haugh' 4 weeks ago
You were not answering
Step in my Shoes
'Step in my Shoes' 4 weeks ago
Go snowmobiling temperatures can reach -40 where u are
Kaden White
'Kaden White' 4 weeks ago
I love how Aldo comments on it saying the beef is over, yet he claims he has a restraining order on jay🤔
Tanya 21 Rios
'Tanya 21 Rios' 4 weeks ago
U whent to sleep
Rise 14
'Rise 14' 4 weeks ago
Your more stupid than zach
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