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Published: 1 year ago By: ImJayStation

By: ImJayStationPublished: 1 year ago

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Today we did the overnight 24 hour fort challenge in a freezer! During this 24 hour toilet paper fort challenge in the freezer, I had the help of my sister to make sure I was okay!! I took into the freezer a snorkel to breath and a baby monitor so my sister could hear if I stopped breathing! Make sure you subscribe if you want to see more 24 hour overnight fort challenges! This 24 hour challenge we had in a freezer was so fun to make! Staying overnight in a freezer is very difficult and dangerous so do not try this at home! This was the best 24 hour challenge ive done in my opinion! Hope you enjoy! and share the video around guys lets hit 25k likes! XD

My Sister's IG: Jacquelinerenee

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Jay Rivera
'Jay Rivera' 2 days ago
your blood is going to freeze
'Lazytownfan99' 2 days ago
Your sister is hot
cutey team
'cutey team' 2 days ago
Trevor Smith
'Trevor Smith' 3 days ago
My garage is a freezer
Derek Dick
'Derek Dick' 4 days ago
No disrespect fam but ur sister is beautiful bruh
Dolls and Dance
'Dolls and Dance' 5 days ago
Are you sleepy
bradley blackburn
'bradley blackburn' 6 days ago
u black out dude she is telling the truth just get out
lol Hacked!
'lol Hacked!' 1 week ago
alest do a real video plz stop facking
lazaro reyes
'lazaro reyes' 1 week ago
Van Love
'Van Love' 1 week ago
You were NOT answering her
Van Love
'Van Love' 1 week ago
That one time u actually did not answer and ur eyes were closed
juisi marli
'juisi marli' 1 week ago
You sleep
liam heeney
'liam heeney' 2 weeks ago
Shit he is F into crazy
Nathias Siva
'Nathias Siva' 2 weeks ago
Kendra Hannibal
'Kendra Hannibal' 2 weeks ago
she is telling the thruh
Kendra Hannibal
'Kendra Hannibal' 2 weeks ago
Tina Anderson
'Tina Anderson' 2 weeks ago
He kept blacking out he should get out of there
Peter Wen
'Peter Wen' 2 weeks ago
u got a such good sister
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
Ur gonna get hypthermia
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
Jay u didn’t answer ur not good bro for the second time
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
Jay u didn’t respond ur not good bro
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
Ur name is Jason?
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
That sounds wrong when u said I’m his daddy
'WolfMinion' 2 weeks ago
He sounds or looks drunk bro ur crazy xD
Tiffany Boughton
'Tiffany Boughton' 2 weeks ago
No words
Michaela Prince
'Michaela Prince' 3 weeks ago
You passed out! You should have stopped! You didnt talk to her at all when you passsed out!
'HALEY COTE' 3 weeks ago
spend the night in a graveyard
laugh it up all day
'laugh it up all day' 3 weeks ago
Kamari Mcmillon
'Kamari Mcmillon' 3 weeks ago
You was falling asleep😇😇😇
Diamondqueen 193
'Diamondqueen 193' 3 weeks ago
1:56 the help part
Solangeliz Kolcun
'Solangeliz Kolcun' 3 weeks ago
you did not answer her sorry
Solangeliz Kolcun
'Solangeliz Kolcun' 3 weeks ago
are you ok man
brenda mcintire
'brenda mcintire' 3 weeks ago
what if he has to pee or poop
Izabel schaeffer
'Izabel schaeffer' 3 weeks ago
You are crazy!!
XxSydneypopYTxX Roblox
Jay u almost died that day
Adam Ahmed
'Adam Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Clarinda Rackley
'Clarinda Rackley' 3 weeks ago
JAY!!!! You blacked out and said you where okay. She sounds like she was worried, I wouldn't blare her Jay. I was worried when you blacked out twice Jay. Please be careful in you next video.
CloutGang Radio
'CloutGang Radio' 3 weeks ago
Hahahahahaha lol 😂
Peyton Blake
'Peyton Blake' 4 weeks ago
I hope you don't die
Yunren Liu
'Yunren Liu' 4 weeks ago
bruh you felt asleep
Nini Guerrero
'Nini Guerrero' 4 weeks ago
tell yo sister shes really pretty
Stephanie Williams
'Stephanie Williams' 4 weeks ago
y didn't you put socks on
the cool gamer
'the cool gamer' 1 month ago
I don't hate you but you idiot
Debra Kraemer
'Debra Kraemer' 1 month ago
I tried & i lasted 23hr & 58 seconds
'kj009mandy' 1 month ago
Christina Azuara
'Christina Azuara' 1 month ago
no jay you didnt talk to her that is really weird how you think you talked to her
Marcus Lee HD Raw Gaming
In 15:34 what is the red stuff on the freezer
Shanaz Choudhury
'Shanaz Choudhury' 1 month ago
You didnt!😐😐😐😐
Shanaz Choudhury
'Shanaz Choudhury' 1 month ago
Wat are you saying jay!😐
'ALEXIS SALAZAR' 1 month ago
fuck you jay your videos are fack and stuped
blue ocean double wave blue ocean Firebal
Jay I still believe you man let's went to his YouTube channel until they stop being a girl you're the greatest you're jaystation this dude, don't have a PlayStation you live in large living big that's the only thing that matters Che don't worry about these haters
Dianne Brottem
'Dianne Brottem' 1 month ago
No Jay did not answer her calls so Wach the video
Jayden Brawley
'Jayden Brawley' 1 month ago
And jaystation your the most savage and the craziest person on YouTube keep your channel's flowing with love 🤘😁🤘
Jayden Brawley
'Jayden Brawley' 1 month ago
Do you guys think that he is acting like his friend green 🤔
Hoan Phan
'Hoan Phan' 2 months ago
Hoan Phan
'Hoan Phan' 2 months ago
Enderfeather 34
'Enderfeather 34' 2 months ago
I think Jay is going a tiny tiny bit crazy..
Natanael Natanael
'Natanael Natanael' 2 months ago
Hello hello hello hello hi
Heather Steger
'Heather Steger' 2 months ago
How meny times dows he fall to sleep. She is right.
Laylabug TV
'Laylabug TV' 2 months ago
he said something but the saened one you didn't say anything and he was breathing hard
'gamejotter109' 2 months ago
Orla O
'Orla O' Mahony' 2 months ago
I didn't see him answer for the 2nd time Like if u agree
brian killelea
'brian killelea' 2 months ago
jay u got a good sister that knows what shes talkin bout homey she cares btw u lasted 3 hours 56 minutes
'Nallow' 2 months ago
Imjaystation talking about is roary raynor because raynor only last for 20 mins so he called him idiot!!!
David W Hernandez
'David W Hernandez' 2 months ago
Strong man Jay your sister carrying bout u same family would do also your sister kinda cute even glasses
Carol Warmus
'Carol Warmus' 2 months ago
he actually went in at 8:56 Not 8:30
'Ronnie•tech' 2 months ago
But still love the video
'Ronnie•tech' 2 months ago
You really didn’t beat his record because when he did it he was naked
Georgia Mcheard
'Georgia Mcheard' 2 months ago
He passed out
Jada J
'Jada J' 2 months ago
Hahah I was like I'm only gonna like if he beats the record lol Edit: But i stilled liked
Maxx Montgomery
'Maxx Montgomery' 2 months ago
You can Di
Cliveta Hill
'Cliveta Hill' 2 months ago
I'm DeD
Tammy Hall
'Tammy Hall' 2 months ago
she is telling the truth
Aisha Irving
'Aisha Irving' 2 months ago
he is 😎
Ethan Mello
'Ethan Mello' 2 months ago
Who the heck is roary you can’t tell jay what to do
Cody Collins
'Cody Collins' 2 months ago
But you have fell asleep
Alexis Elgura
'Alexis Elgura' 2 months ago
100% savege
Emilio gamer
'Emilio gamer' 2 months ago
Look at the Futej
Fluffy Dragon
'Fluffy Dragon' 2 months ago
Kill'em did this
wendy mahoney
'wendy mahoney' 2 months ago
I can't not bdleve you are doing this
Jazmine Coats
'Jazmine Coats' 2 months ago
иσσσσσ ι ∂ι∂и'т!!!!!
Mr. Horror
'Mr. Horror' 2 months ago
*6:43* you sound like my cousin Joe helarrious
Richard Mccullough
'Richard Mccullough' 2 months ago
Tammy Kosky
'Tammy Kosky' 2 months ago
Yes you didn't answer her but you fell asleep 2 times and she called you you were passed out in the freezer
'TZYY YNG YAP' 2 months ago
I mean instead of Jay
'TZYY YNG YAP' 2 months ago
wait your name is Jason? Your sister call you Jason instead of Just
Chelsea Viflanzoff
'Chelsea Viflanzoff' 2 months ago
No he didn’t he PASSED OUT
Lispy Jhovany
'Lispy Jhovany' 2 months ago
Jay that are fack
'Autistic_band_fish' 2 months ago
Lmao go back to 5:12 and it's clearly only 65 degrees Fahrenheit in there which isn't even chilly. These lies they make are disappointing 🤦🏽‍♀️
Paul Giles
'Paul Giles' 2 months ago
Pink Toy Bonnie Pink Bon
Share Gif:
Pink Toy Bonnie Pink Bon
U could have worn socks =3
Peggy Taylor
'Peggy Taylor' 2 months ago
She not lying
jigna patel
'jigna patel' 2 months ago
No you didn’t answer
Gary Townsend
'Gary Townsend' 2 months ago
Jay nation 4 life
Ashley Solis
'Ashley Solis' 2 months ago
i survived 6 and a half hours in my freezer
jason nguyen
'jason nguyen' 2 months ago
Jay you pass out 2or3 with out things on you
Jonathan Brim
'Jonathan Brim' 2 months ago
Ramona A
'Ramona A' 2 months ago
you did not answer your sister on the baby monitor
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