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Published: 8 months ago By: ImJayStation

By: ImJayStationPublished: 8 months ago

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Today we did the overnight 24 hour fort challenge in a freezer! During this 24 hour toilet paper fort challenge in the freezer, I had the help of my sister to make sure I was okay!! I took into the freezer a snorkel to breath and a baby monitor so my sister could hear if I stopped breathing! Make sure you subscribe if you want to see more 24 hour overnight fort challenges! This 24 hour challenge we had in a freezer was so fun to make! Staying overnight in a freezer is very difficult and dangerous so do not try this at home! This was the best 24 hour challenge ive done in my opinion! Hope you enjoy! and share the video around guys lets hit 25k likes! XD

My Sister's IG: Jacquelinerenee

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shavonne irvin
'shavonne irvin' 1 day ago
Olivia Ruiz
'Olivia Ruiz' 1 day ago
No you didn't answer
KimLoan Nguyen
'KimLoan Nguyen' 2 days ago
And I subscribed
KimLoan Nguyen
'KimLoan Nguyen' 2 days ago
And zayup I like and she is sexual sexy
KimLoan Nguyen
'KimLoan Nguyen' 2 days ago
Zapup I like
KimLoan Nguyen
'KimLoan Nguyen' 2 days ago
Jay you did not answer and jay she is dam hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and sexy
LaToya Anderson
'LaToya Anderson' 2 days ago
u blacked out omg
Krys Vanrheen
'Krys Vanrheen' 3 days ago
he did not anser
Becca Leal
'Becca Leal' 3 days ago
What the heck
MM Onika
'MM Onika' 4 days ago
your so fucking funny ilysfm 😂😂
Kelly Rivera
'Kelly Rivera' 4 days ago
Screw you J auto even better than you do you does it FaceTime me I still like him to make sure it's me my moms son I like auto better than you but I just watched your videos cause I just don't want you guys to die that's really nice I really like you so I hope you guys all fight
jakob plays
'jakob plays' 4 days ago
No you blacked out and you did not answer her 😂
Hanna Comeau
'Hanna Comeau' 4 days ago
Why do you google the time
Charlie Mills
'Charlie Mills' 4 days ago
Justin Brown
'Justin Brown' 4 days ago
He didn't know
Avakin Anime
'Avakin Anime' 6 days ago
U started at 8:56
-10 isn't as cold as -240 is it? Fakey
Anthony Whittle
'Anthony Whittle' 6 days ago
you fell asleep
Abigail Jones
'Abigail Jones' 7 days ago
Next vid 24 hours in a fort made out of toilet paper @ Walmart
Abigail Jones
'Abigail Jones' 7 days ago
No u blacked out
Abigail Jones
'Abigail Jones' 7 days ago
No u blacked iut
Katrina Plummer
'Katrina Plummer' 1 week ago
Noooooooo nice try im sorry but I think you're awesome
tillie b
'tillie b' 1 week ago
Brayden Little
'Brayden Little' 1 week ago
did you see god
suicide stunts
'suicide stunts' 1 week ago
your sister is hot
Stephanie Rivera
'Stephanie Rivera' 1 week ago
Do a Donald trump voodoo doll
Zonz Googoo
'Zonz Googoo' 1 week ago
xx gamer 3848 6
'xx gamer 3848 6' 1 week ago
Can you see some baby you should do a vlog because most more people do blogs you can do it some days jaystation
Neo Agu
'Neo Agu' 1 week ago
All ya niggas saying his drink didnt freeze.....bitch drinks dont freeze in 6hrs
'Mr. PANDA' 1 week ago
The freezer probably wasn't even on
'Mr. PANDA' 1 week ago
U might have more subs than him but he ain't in it for the subs but u are
Trang Le
'Trang Le' 2 weeks ago
You past out
cookie monster5736
'cookie monster5736' 2 weeks ago
Finally not a 3 am one
'Ja'Lyn Jazmine' 2 weeks ago
u a big baby lol
Anthony Pena
'Anthony Pena' 2 weeks ago
Paul Mantz
'Paul Mantz' 2 weeks ago
What was the snorkle for jay
Paul Mantz
'Paul Mantz' 2 weeks ago
Whats wrong with u zayup next ur gross hes with aiko
Nicholas Matos
'Nicholas Matos' 2 weeks ago
Zavion Payne
'Zavion Payne' 2 weeks ago
at least Zach tried
Family Vlog with Lliam
Your a savage I mean it
damien flanagan
'damien flanagan' 2 weeks ago
Omg you ok jay😮😱😟😥
Eric Bayer
'Eric Bayer' 2 weeks ago
"it smells really bad" you have the goggles on you fucking donut
jeff the killer 17
'jeff the killer 17' 2 weeks ago
Arthur Espidio
'Arthur Espidio' 2 weeks ago
sayian power300
'sayian power300' 2 weeks ago
1:15 #LiluziVert
Logical Cardis
'Logical Cardis' 2 weeks ago
You actually did not anwer
Phil Hernandez
'Phil Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I'm sorry 😐 but your crazy
Phil Hernandez
'Phil Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I'm sorry 😐 but your crazy
Rachael Mighton
'Rachael Mighton' 2 weeks ago
you were breathing weird so stop it
ryleigh jane
'ryleigh jane' 2 weeks ago
thou blacked out twice and started hyperventilating both times
jillian hill
'jillian hill' 2 weeks ago
Stop lieing to your sister
jillian hill
'jillian hill' 2 weeks ago
Jay your freaked crazy you better be glad you didn't die😡
Red Devilfox
'Red Devilfox' 2 weeks ago
I thot your girl was ico
Nikki Rosado
'Nikki Rosado' 2 weeks ago
James Vu
'James Vu' 2 weeks ago
Jay station you are soo funny 😂 and you are the best 24 hour YouTuber ever! 😀😀😀😀
Moe A
'Moe A' 2 weeks ago
she was answering and You wer sleep
Tatum Gomez-Treyve
'Tatum Gomez-Treyve' 2 weeks ago
Cassandra Smith
'Cassandra Smith' 2 weeks ago
Is there a shark and your video that's awesome and one of your videos you're awesome I would totally watch your videos every single day and I will never stop I love your videos and I will always give a big thumbs up
Cassandra Smith
'Cassandra Smith' 2 weeks ago
I I love this video I hope he stays alive I'm so scared of this video and comment going down but I don't know that he's going to stay alive I don't know yet but I really want him to survive because I love his videos because I never want to stop watching his three AMG videos because awesome I never want to stop speaking but I love his videos so much my name is Rebecca Lynn Smith I love this video I hope I give you a big thumbs up and I will
horse adventures
'horse adventures' 2 weeks ago
You blacked out two times
mirr mirr too cool
'mirr mirr too cool' 2 weeks ago
Whenever white people try to act like they thugs
Omy De Jesus
'Omy De Jesus' 2 weeks ago
She is just hitting him every minute
Omy De Jesus
'Omy De Jesus' 2 weeks ago
She does't let jay sleep and do the challenge
Hamad and Nigel vlogs Vlogs
No way
Umaymah Noor
'Umaymah Noor' 2 weeks ago
you. do look very cold I hope u are ok see ya would not want to be ya love you
'The NIGhT CREW' 2 weeks ago
Mystic Gaga
'Mystic Gaga' 2 weeks ago
His sister looks exactly like him but without the makeup
John Marks
'John Marks' 2 weeks ago
no you didn't you did not talk to her or answer her
Wyatt Lenahan
'Wyatt Lenahan' 2 weeks ago
U don't have to call out roary for using a straw that's uncalled for😾
Mille Jensen
'Mille Jensen' 2 weeks ago
she is not lying you are why NOT answering her sorry if I spelt it wrong
ApacheSoFurious Jason
He's talking about wolfieraps brother
Paul Carlisle Salas
'Paul Carlisle Salas' 2 weeks ago
Kawaihawaii Kitrens
'Kawaihawaii Kitrens' 2 weeks ago
I wanted to do this but when jay said “if you are costra phobic dont do this"i literally cried😿🙀😿🙀😿🙀
'gunfighter12' 3 weeks ago
U kept passing out
Molly Is Here
'Molly Is Here' 3 weeks ago
Abeduba !
'Abeduba !' 3 weeks ago
Roary ranyr is better than you
Jhonny Doctor
'Jhonny Doctor' 3 weeks ago
At 14:39 it said nim on the wall and nim is a ghost
Rebecca Adkins
'Rebecca Adkins' 3 weeks ago
No you're not dude you just passed out
gamingwiithtori Scott
U blacked out
sun set
'sun set' 3 weeks ago
Well Jaystasion won't answer 😕😦
Wolf Valley
'Wolf Valley' 3 weeks ago
Omg are you ok <:(
Victoria Oniskevich
'Victoria Oniskevich' 3 weeks ago
Doesn't anyone else think he acts different around his sister than echo sorry don't know how to spell her name
Olivia George
'Olivia George' 3 weeks ago
U are so mean almost died and yes I do know who he is because I am sub to him
Michae Dreher
'Michae Dreher' 3 weeks ago
How is this bag of shit at 1 million
Titas Zoglo
'Titas Zoglo' 3 weeks ago
1 like= 1 acting lesson for jay and his sister!!
the gaming pug
'the gaming pug' 3 weeks ago
Jay it's not a 24 hour its 12 hours and love the vids
Jessica Friedman
'Jessica Friedman' 3 weeks ago
In this video he seems more crazy
elite gamer
'elite gamer' 3 weeks ago
What XD mean
jesus Esparza
'jesus Esparza' 3 weeks ago
Roary raynor is not a idiet love your vids
Azteca Aztlan
'Azteca Aztlan' 3 weeks ago
Sandy Frye
'Sandy Frye' 3 weeks ago
Why did you fall asleep? ?? Idk why your sleeping???
Ellise Barnes
'Ellise Barnes' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one that saw it was at 20 degrees not -20 degrees 😂
Frost Wolf
'Frost Wolf' 3 weeks ago
Chase runner
'Chase runner' 3 weeks ago
Jay The drink is in your freezer
'tpaccount100' 3 weeks ago
omigod so cold
swap sans
'swap sans' 3 weeks ago
You did not answer her
Holy Raptor
'Holy Raptor' 3 weeks ago
Mark Williams
'Mark Williams' 3 weeks ago
Yay jay you hot 1,000,000
Keyli Martinez
'Keyli Martinez' 3 weeks ago
Roary Raynor did this challenge check it out
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