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Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object Under Antarctica 12/27/16 -
Published: 1 year ago By: secureteam10

By: secureteam10Published: 1 year ago

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Watch this omg.
Diego Wing
'Diego Wing' 11 hours ago
Clearly an Angel, so better leave it alone.
John Doe
'John Doe' 15 hours ago
If the ice sheets continue to melt at their current rates, we won’t have long to wait before we can see exactly what is presently under the ice.
'miguelpancho45' 21 hours ago
they is nothing "magical" going on in antarctica....just some rich folks picking out a place to settle down when ww3 hits. the Coriolis Effect prevents the atmospheres of the hemispheres from mixing...the further south the safer you are...good luck to the rest of you north of the equator...get out your suntan oil
Barack Obama
'Barack Obama' 1 day ago
That’s just a theory...A film theory!!!!!
DAX Miner
'DAX Miner' 2 days ago
Sky High
'Sky High' 2 days ago
I found a Disk in Antarctica
Have you seen black panther? Look at the movie and then look at this video. Movies tell many truths you just have to open your eye.
Margery Gamer
'Margery Gamer' 3 days ago
'Titerobot' 3 days ago
I cant believe this channel has 1.4 million idiots subscribers
Pro Tech
'Pro Tech' 3 days ago
I thought the earth was flat. You all have me so confused.
Rudy Franco
'Rudy Franco' 4 days ago
The Bermuda Triangle in the Arctic are connected Earth is just a pit stop
Mubarak Ahmed
'Mubarak Ahmed' 4 days ago
'BRUCE SILVA SR' 5 days ago
hey I was wondering if u have any stickers of you emblem I would like to put it on my car
Emiel de Graaf
'Emiel de Graaf' 5 days ago
I have to admit this video is intriguing. If you measure the legnth of the object and the path it travelled in google-maps, you`ll see it`s about 60 meters in lenght and travelled about 900 meters. Seeing such a big object glide over the ice and snow, must have been a sight to behold. I don`t even know how to calculate the speed it must have had.
'madstoppie' 5 days ago
Geo physicist Ralph Von "Freeze"? Antarctica? They are messing with you man....LMAO!
Robin Jacobs
'Robin Jacobs' 6 days ago
the stupidity is great with this video
ervīns un draugi
'ervīns un draugi' 6 days ago
Oh my god.. I... I can’t... I cant believe it... It’s... IT’S ICE!!!!!!
ervīns un draugi
'ervīns un draugi' 6 days ago
Conspiracy theory nerd.
'robemarcelo' 6 days ago
Satellite are not real , there are supposed 5k of them but when nasa themselves show a supposed picture of earth , that one satellite anywhere.... I know the sheep are gonna go crazy with this
Ronn Sethman
'Ronn Sethman' 6 days ago
you suck
Zackery Mac
'Zackery Mac' 7 days ago
3:29 fuck it mask off
frank 1040
'frank 1040' 1 week ago
Real alien info is very prohibited to us, so you will just know it all on youtube?
jules garcia
'jules garcia' 1 week ago
Development twenty finance personal survivor photograph force document difficult exchange
'blijytoo' 1 week ago
yes i agree its full of heavy metal especially lead zepplin and buster bloodvessel i spoke to a top cia man and he told me its where they keep the secret recipy for coca cola
Dylan Russell
'Dylan Russell' 1 week ago
“this thicc mass”
Freddy Foresight
'Freddy Foresight' 2 weeks ago
Superman's fortress of soltitude! So yes, it's aliens!
fReddy O
'fReddy O' 2 weeks ago
As they say, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”...
Edward Jones
'Edward Jones' 2 weeks ago
Man I've got this real photo of a UFO over falcon lake in Texas that you need to see I promise it's real and plain to see
'Wanderer' 2 weeks ago
Fuckin aliens crashing their ships here and living in our ice and shit. Go find your own ice or help us out as rent you interstellar bastards
robin roberts
'robin roberts' 2 weeks ago
At a guess i would say there is nothing to get excited about in antarctica,if people know you can not prove them wrong they will tell you anything,i believe the same about the moon and mars,i know nasa are liars and probably never went to the moon but i think they would love to tell you they have discovered something and have really achieved something for the first time
'FremenOO7' 2 weeks ago
What does ,,12/27/16" means?
Keli Howard
'Keli Howard' 2 weeks ago
hey Tyler I really did what you do thanks for all the good info thanks for your due diligence keep it coming man I watch it all I just wish somebody would stop lying to us tell us the damn truth keep it up man I'm a big fan
Al Me
'Al Me' 2 weeks ago
4:18 Earth is flat and the so called Antarctica is nothing but a wall at the edge of the earth as we know it. There could be many worlds behind the wall.
Thomas Rose
'Thomas Rose' 2 weeks ago
When you come up with the answer print it till then shut up
'nolifeguy1' 2 weeks ago
You are all so ignorant. Go watch the stars for more than 10 minutes and you'll fucking SEE your own goddamn proof that we are not alone.
Muzaffar Krylov
'Muzaffar Krylov' 2 weeks ago
-Don't show this to the Flat-headers!
Captain catnip
'Captain catnip' 2 weeks ago
that damn squrriel
Mo Syakib Sr.
'Mo Syakib Sr.' 2 weeks ago
1975:we will have flying car in 2018 2018:earth is flat
RE-L Mayer
'RE-L Mayer' 2 weeks ago
i believe atlantis was between the continents in atlantic ocean and the door to the center of the earth was in amazon forest
'Ev.' 2 weeks ago
Why are especially Americans such conspiracy junkies❓❓
Andrew Sinclair
'Andrew Sinclair' 2 weeks ago
W.A. Harbinson has the most liely explanation in his"fictional" book GENISIS  The first edition has the research notes  a very comprehensive file of facts etc. the story itself is a bit stretched but JOHN WILSON DID/DOES EXIST.
'theCROM' 2 weeks ago
What happened to secureteam9?
Niclas Eriksson
'Niclas Eriksson' 2 weeks ago
Ralph von Freeze
Dublin 2 Hippy
'Dublin 2 Hippy' 2 weeks ago
So not cool pal 👽
ronald lawrence
'ronald lawrence' 2 weeks ago
Ice u dummies
'badfatboy1' 3 weeks ago
Tyler, you made headlines in the New York Post!
Ruan de bruin
'Ruan de bruin' 3 weeks ago
The reason we went to the moon is because the aliens told us that if you could do it with your technology we will share ours......
'HYPEDAVID' 3 weeks ago
Earth is a person who nutted but gravity is its condom
Paul Solarte
'Paul Solarte' 3 weeks ago
"The Thing" (1982) All over again! Fuck that! No parasitic aliens for me O.o Alien spaceship... hmm..
'SHAR' 3 weeks ago
It was already discovered in ancient time.. it's called planet earth.
Edwin F. Brooks
'Edwin F. Brooks' 3 weeks ago
know more about beyond the natural disaster
Imy Jay
'Imy Jay' 3 weeks ago
Scary fuking shit
Swell Sounds Underground
Its mega dense
Simon B
'Simon B' 3 weeks ago
This video was good until the tin foil hat shit began.
meandering dream
'meandering dream' 3 weeks ago
'Jehkanz' 3 weeks ago
I think its antartica
Jason Melendez
'Jason Melendez' 3 weeks ago
lol Disinfo delete your channel troll
Dexter Keppler
'Dexter Keppler' 3 weeks ago
Mmmhhh Does they found Adam? Maybe the Second Impact will happen next.
Killer Bot37
'Killer Bot37' 3 weeks ago
Wow never thought optimus prime would visit if you see him tell him I said hi
Thomas Richardson
'Thomas Richardson' 3 weeks ago
This guy sounds like niel goldman from family guy and it makes me wanna hit him
'donedeal' 3 weeks ago
Antarctica is actually a wall of ice stretching around the flat Earth...signed_Eddie Bravo
'dercncplaner' 3 weeks ago
what is the position of the big entrance in Antarctica, which is in 5:15 ? I tried to search but could not find
Mark Garcia
'Mark Garcia' 3 weeks ago
Broly .
Bernard Cockrell
'Bernard Cockrell' 3 weeks ago
The earth is flat satellites don't exist, our internet comes from underwater cables and our phone signals come from towers. We cant get to outer space this video is fame sorry guys
Meryl Silverburgh
'Meryl Silverburgh' 3 weeks ago
they found superman's hide out !!
'roguemodel' 3 weeks ago
iron pyrite
'syntaxed2' 3 weeks ago
Warren Swabb
'Warren Swabb' 3 weeks ago
We will soon, if not already have the technology to "see" through the ice. Stay tuned.
jason wood
'jason wood' 3 weeks ago
"its the magnet that keeps the moon in place" didn't you know that
'Caocao8888' 3 weeks ago
Satellite Detects MASSIVE Object.  Oprah?
Joe Peters
'Joe Peters' 3 weeks ago
He sounds like idubbbz
Sasha Davidson
'Sasha Davidson' 3 weeks ago
Land you idiots
'dmalmostwan' 3 weeks ago
but its flat right ? 3:)
Lisa Lee
'Lisa Lee' 3 weeks ago
Oh my God you found an alien Ice Cube . which is great . because everybody knows Alien ice does not melt so you can put it in your beer and it will stay cold forever!🤣🤣🤣🤣🥂
MTS Gaming & Music
'MTS Gaming & Music' 3 weeks ago
Giant object under antartica ooooo wow, its fucking antartica
Thomas Yano
'Thomas Yano' 3 weeks ago
Its Optimus Prime... 100%
Martin Zuanich
'Martin Zuanich' 3 weeks ago
plug you say? i hear those are kinky things that people like to insert.
Dr. G Man Saturn G
'Dr. G Man Saturn G' 3 weeks ago
The Manfrom Nibiru has reported that as Nibiru approaches it will expose the Star Gate Space Portal  Mega Super structure there with a Blue Beam !   As Nibiru approaches stand bye !
'TheFirstNobody' 3 weeks ago
Yeah. Another layer of ice.
Panzer Blitz
'Panzer Blitz' 3 weeks ago
When global warming melts the Antarctic ice sheets it won't matter any more since all the cities launching those satellites will be underwater. The aliens will abandon Earth and its overpopulated human infestation as a lost cause and take their monitoring station underneath Antarctica with them.
Josh Amanda Williams
Satin and his Army !!
'Growler6t9' 3 weeks ago
Yeah, it's called land. Antarctica is a continent.
Martin Sims
'Martin Sims' 3 weeks ago
Get a Ice Pick and start drinking Rum and Coke,, We will get to the bottom of this!!!!
'MASk oFF' 3 weeks ago
look at the size of antartica lmao
'7eequa' 3 weeks ago
hrmm alien v pred (2004) confirmed to be real?
da real rulezbreaker
3:55 why? how does it dispell that theory?
Anthony Hinnant
'Anthony Hinnant' 3 weeks ago
Lenard Neomoy
'Lenard Neomoy' 3 weeks ago
First at least learn the name of the satellite before putting this out, its GOCE not grace. Also, gravity is not dependent on the mass of the continents but on the way the liquid mantel circulates around the core of the earth.
Steve Branigan
'Steve Branigan' 3 weeks ago
Gravity doesnt 'pull' things to the earth, dummy!
'JHaleSLC' 3 weeks ago
Fix your fucking retainer and quit spitting in my ears!!!!
Brandon J
'Brandon J' 3 weeks ago
Supermans gonna be pissed if you wake him up, js
n balaboon
'n balaboon' 3 weeks ago
Those satellites are measuring the magnetic field not this so called gravity field !!! wtf go study kiddo , or maby don't lol
Patrick Domenici
'Patrick Domenici' 3 weeks ago
It's obviously a Stargate.
All Hale Reality
'All Hale Reality' 3 weeks ago
Alien landing base under the ice maybe?
mojo dog123
'mojo dog123' 3 weeks ago
Flat earthers told me there's no such thing as gravity. Lololol
'mglmouser' 3 weeks ago
«The greater the land mass, the greater the mass…»? You're not an english major are you?
GIM - Films
'GIM - Films' 3 weeks ago
lol the thumbnail was actually a bubble freezing over
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