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What percentage of your brain do you use? - Richard E. Cytowic -
Published: 4 years ago By: TED-Ed

By: TED-EdPublished: 4 years ago

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Two thirds of the population believes a myth that has been propagated for over a century: that we use only 10% of our brains. Hardly! Our neuron-dense brains have evolved to use the least amount of energy while carrying the most information possible -- a feat that requires the entire brain. Richard E. Cytowic debunks this neurological myth (and explains why we aren't so good at multitasking).

Lesson by Richard E. Cytowic, animation by TOGETHER.

Anjum Sohail
'Anjum Sohail' 1 day ago
My brain is too lazy to understand this video. :/
'Lassigamer' 4 days ago
What if we give cooked food to animals? Will they become smart as us😂
'AntSwift1' 2 weeks ago
i once showedmy substitute teacher hat we use all our brain potention but ten seconds later its like she even remembered it
Meenakshi Raghuwanshi
What I think is whoever told us that we use only 10% of our brain was actually telling us about capacity. And not area
'Styles' 3 weeks ago
Wow i love ted
P Saiharsha
'P Saiharsha' 3 weeks ago
Did you know if all the books in the world are stored in a chip and we insert it into our brain only 2% of our brain will be filled
Vie Loi
'Vie Loi' 3 weeks ago
So if you’re a vegan and only eat raw veggies. You gotta eat twice as much?
Sopan Kotbagi
'Sopan Kotbagi' 3 weeks ago
Exactly! If we had been using only 10% of our brain, evolution would have discarded the unused portion by now.
Scary Planet
'Scary Planet' 3 weeks ago
I feel so useless whilst watching this so small and depressing
B and B
'B and B' 3 weeks ago
My teacher doesnt beleive me
Bryan Sy
'Bryan Sy' 4 weeks ago
Does anyone trying to be lucy here ?
August Wolf
'August Wolf' 1 month ago
Once we have full control of our brain potential, we can unlock *ULTRA INSTINCT*
silvia cristina silva
Carnival of Bahia full of violence
Lovely Suman
'Lovely Suman' 1 month ago
When our brain works at 100%... We should became god or immensely crazy
Ultimate Dislike
'Ultimate Dislike' 1 month ago
im confused so we dont use 10% of our brain
Amjad Khan
'Amjad Khan' 2 months ago
I thought we use 50/ percent of brain but after watching this video Lil disappointing but still hungry for information
New Clear
'New Clear' 2 months ago
then why the brain works so fast in dangerous situations?
star innovative
'star innovative' 2 months ago
eat more live more
Evil Princess
'Evil Princess' 2 months ago
pfft, i use 2% of my brain only
pugs all day
'pugs all day' 2 months ago
I hate to break this to you but basically everything inside of us is alive but we are nothing really but brains we are humans but we are a human brain just controlling the body then you have alive organs like the heart stomach liver and more
Livjot Singh
'Livjot Singh' 2 months ago
Brain wants to know about himself.
Vinicius Alves
'Vinicius Alves' 2 months ago
This is all based in Suzana herculano-houzel's theory, proud of being brazilian right now ,and a big inspiration for being a neuroscientist!
Somesh Tarwani
'Somesh Tarwani' 2 months ago
So actually how much proper use is there . And right we feel hungry soon after studying and complicated tasks beacuse at that time most energy is for brain via synapsis changing signals chemical to electrical then to chemical and so on .
pro gamer
'pro gamer' 3 months ago
Good video man
Wonder Agbavitor
'Wonder Agbavitor' 3 months ago
You didn't really answer the question
'AC_Enthusiast' 3 months ago
I don't get it. It was really complicated and difficult to understand
chris zou
'chris zou' 3 months ago
What if we fed monkeys cooked food and taught them stuff
Moch Rohmatullah
'Moch Rohmatullah' 3 months ago
can guys tell me how i can get the script of ted Ed? please..
ram prakash
'ram prakash' 3 months ago
I totally disagree,we are using almost 90% of our brain through our total nervous system
How do we consider subconscious brain part in this. ANYWAY GOOD VIDEO.
11 11
'11 11' 3 months ago
So how many percents do our brains use??
Aditya Gupta
'Aditya Gupta' 3 months ago
I think onlc I can see this..
Harry Walker
'Harry Walker' 3 months ago
At most moments, we use one leg to walk. But do we just need one leg to walk? No.
pratik Jadhav
'pratik Jadhav' 3 months ago
We use 10% of brain's capabilities Not 10% of brain
how can cooked food be more nutrisious than raw?"/
Ashwan R
'Ashwan R' 3 months ago
Soo u r trying to tell us that we should eat more to get the full potential of our brain
- { Nay } -
'- { Nay } -' 3 months ago
*IT'S NOT A MYTH.* Your argument is CHEAP. And I'm gonna prove to you RIGHT NOW with something obvious. Consider each active Brain part as if they were Binary Numbers, or the Number of Protons of an Atom. I ask you, how many Digits/Protons does a Binary-Number/Atom need to have? You'd say: _"It depends of the File/Element."_ Or something similar. And I'd say: "Exactly". If you pick for example, three Binary-Numbers/Atoms, equal or not, and put the Digits/Protons of all Three together, they won't make a bigger group of the same thing, they will make a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FOURTH FILE/ELEMENT. (Or more regions activating at the same time, for MUCH MORE COMPLEX functions). There are functions "we haven't discovered yet", not because "they're a Myth", but both: 1. Because it's too Draining, "we" officially ( _" " " "officially" " " "_ ) * pause *... don't have the Technology and enough research to allow that without Risks, yet. ( _" " "yet" " "_ ). 2. We haven't evolved for everyone to widely and naturally do that as they please. YET. Bigger cases have happened since forever, they just didn't manage (" " " ") to get "empirical data". (IF, *_SAFELY_* ). In smaller scales it happens all the time with everyone, and even bigger is already happening each time more. Since our Civilization keeps demanding each time more of our Brain Power, WE WILL evolve to be able to do this. WE ARE already. And I'm REALLY GLAD that _WE ARE._ Update: There are MANY other comments saying exactly the same, that the message this passes is wrong and misleading. I am VERY disappointed with this Channel, I don't think I'll be able to take information from here serious anymore.
Harsh Rakholiya
'Harsh Rakholiya' 3 months ago
aman ansari
'aman ansari' 3 months ago
Khali pet dimag ki batti nhi jlti....😂😂😂😂😂
Kamleshkumar Pareek
'Kamleshkumar Pareek' 3 months ago
How can we use all 100percent of our brain power
Arham Javed
'Arham Javed' 3 months ago
now it makes me womder why i wasted my brains energy watching your video
Gru Long
'Gru Long' 3 months ago
So I guess we could amp up the brain with external power source. And solve everything consciously. Is that how it works?
PD music
'PD music' 3 months ago
'akshaya' 3 months ago
So boring 😴
Mainul Hasan
'Mainul Hasan' 3 months ago
You still haven't answered the question of the video tittle!
Dharika Nalwa
'Dharika Nalwa' 3 months ago
Yes because there are only 10 %of neurons in our brain and 90% are nerse sells
Giorgi Nebulishvili
'Giorgi Nebulishvili' 3 months ago
I think, it's nonsense to say that, only 10% of our brain works, because nobody knows what the maximum possibility of our brain is. So if we don't know how much 100% is, how will we be able to say that only 10% works?
Balthazar De Veroveraar
0% @senneKeppens
paresh parmar
'paresh parmar' 3 months ago
Why this type of classes aren't in my school ?
SID anonymous
'SID anonymous' 3 months ago
subscribe without a video????
'mrabudi1' 3 months ago
but what if it was possible to sustain 100% cell usage consistently, what kind of brain would we end up with?
Vibil Raj
'Vibil Raj' 3 months ago
Albert Einstein. Top used brain
Zubair Ahmed
'Zubair Ahmed' 3 months ago
1:06 without which we are hardly be humans. Ya, a nice joke of 2017. No-one is human here, just face and organs and other things are same. Their phases are always changing.
arun tatran
'arun tatran' 4 months ago
my neurons didn't get anything....
'Dav1d_03' 4 months ago
The brain is 300g, not 1.5kg. That's written in my book.
Nepali Projects
'Nepali Projects' 4 months ago
Can I get subscribe please 😘😘
Sumeet Sharma
'Sumeet Sharma' 4 months ago
Rest is used by spirits .. lol
Andre Marco Casanova
'Andre Marco Casanova' 4 months ago
Luke Seven
'Luke Seven' 4 months ago
This video did not answer the question it proposed accurately, I still don’t how much portion of the brain is used.
SGT_ GayLorD
'SGT_ GayLorD' 4 months ago
Actualy the part where you say we would have lost those brain parts with evolution is wrong. That's Lamarck s idea, Which have been proven wrong. By the theory of natural selection, even if those brain parts were useless there would be no disadvantages proportioned by them, meaning there would not have been a reason for them to desaper. Just saying
Spicy Onionz
'Spicy Onionz' 4 months ago
Eu não acredito nisso principalmente porque se nosso cérebro foi tão desenvolvido,porque usaríamos só 10% dele?
'Vanditha' 5 months ago
Me throughout the video: What about dolphins????
'SG Jr' 5 months ago
That brain has terrible lifting form
Yuvraj Uppal
'Yuvraj Uppal' 5 months ago
So what about the LUCY movie
bellissima bonstasia
'bellissima bonstasia' 5 months ago
making my brain hurt, geez
Hitin Bhagat
'Hitin Bhagat' 5 months ago
Can i turn off battery saving mode and change to high performance mode
Ayush patel
'Ayush patel' 5 months ago
Ya 4:57 , we don't have to be guilty to use our brain. Wonderful lesson. Thank you.😍😍
Quinton Youngquist
'Quinton Youngquist' 5 months ago
We only use roughly 10-20% of our brain at a given time, if you were using 100% you could compare it more to the movie limitless where you could remember every moment of your life and multi-task thoughts such as reading both pages of a book while writing with both hands, similar to what some sevants can achieve.
ankit saxena
'ankit saxena' 5 months ago
We only use less than 1%
ankit saxena
'ankit saxena' 5 months ago
Our ancestors has more efficient usage of brain but you will accept this in future
Cabby Cabby
'Cabby Cabby' 5 months ago
So what you're saying is... the day we lose the war is the day the apes learn to cook.
Nhìn Đâu Vậy ?
'Nhìn Đâu Vậy ?' 5 months ago
Has anyone ever thought that there is a moment which our minds are really "empty" but our brains still work? How and why??? :)))
Rishipal Singh
'Rishipal Singh' 5 months ago
Awesome video
'Ailurophile' 6 months ago
You made me appreciate my brain more! Thanks TEDEd!!!!
Vivo Y51L
'Vivo Y51L' 6 months ago
Kevin Ice
'Kevin Ice' 6 months ago
if you want yo hear what frontal lobes do. Watch FNAF Theory
Rajshri Ingle
'Rajshri Ingle' 6 months ago
I think you Understood the question wrong i think it means that we only use 10 percent potential of our brain. Just like we dont use the full capabilities and potential of the CPUs in our computer. I agree that we use all the parts of our brain but not to the fullest potential
Captin Pooppants
'Captin Pooppants' 6 months ago
Here because of Michael Beasley
Rishabh Jain
'Rishabh Jain' 6 months ago
But finally how much % we use of our brain ??
'JonnesTT' 6 months ago
So how do I get more out of my brain? :D I wanna learn and think faster!?! There are enormous problems waiting to be outthought!
Trapps The Nomad
'Trapps The Nomad' 6 months ago
People take this myth way too literal every time I hear about this i automatically think that we only CONTROL Consciously about 10% the other 90% is automatic we have no control over what our brains do at exactly what time we do not control when and where the signals get fired nor can we consciously shut down certain parts of the mind, yes our entire brain may be active but we can only use and consciously utilize 10%
Ken Karnes
'Ken Karnes' 6 months ago
I wish that the employers of today would learn the MYTH of Multitasking! Would someone please inform these greedy idiots of this FACT!
Nanay Mo
'Nanay Mo' 6 months ago
The answer if it's true or not... it's not true. Thank me later
'NoriMori' 6 months ago
I don't get how it's legal for science teachers to not know this is a myth, or dozens of other things science teachers apparently don't know. In what sense can they be said to be qualified to teach science?
Pixel Bytes
'Pixel Bytes' 6 months ago
I always thought it meant we used 10% at a time
The Pencil Questers
'The Pencil Questers' 6 months ago
What if our brain doesn't tell us what it is because it's entertained by our failures? What if we don't feed zoo animals cooked food because we instinctively know they'll rise to power? What if my brain is trying to avoid sleep right now?
code beat
'code beat' 6 months ago
If we supposed to be smart and 80 Billion neurons are present, what is going wrong when people are not that smart?
William John
'William John' 7 months ago
Why we use 10% of mind do u know I know because 90% is water and 10% are other thinkg lol 😂😂😂.
Nam Nguyen Hoang
'Nam Nguyen Hoang' 7 months ago
TG: 15:48 PM Ngày: 29/8/2017, Tháng 8 Richard E. Cytowic What percentage of your brain do you use?
Gaz Đinh
'Gaz Đinh' 7 months ago
Our brain still has a lot of secrets. Let's go and find all of them. I think that we couldn't use all of our neural cells.
'lillydoesntvlog' 7 months ago
So sleeping helps my brain waste its power? MOOOM
Ramzes Empire
'Ramzes Empire' 7 months ago
my main take away is we are only in control of a small portion (maybe thats the 10% myth) , what happens when we take over the subconscious ?
Eddy Tjhia
'Eddy Tjhia' 7 months ago
which mean humans who use more brain / thinking ( Scientist, Engineer etc ) use more energy than other humans who's profession don't use much brain power ?
Dr Monkeys
'Dr Monkeys' 7 months ago
If you want to use more of your mind just be an epileptic
dashed channel
'dashed channel' 8 months ago
Is this the reason Intelligent Alien Life does not bother to interact with humans?
Marco Presti
'Marco Presti' 8 months ago
> *think about creationists* > *laugh* > *sheer a single tear drop because such things exist...*
Emilcah Jinorin
'Emilcah Jinorin' 8 months ago
Kea Morshed
'Kea Morshed' 8 months ago
My BRAIN hurts
Mr Clean
'Mr Clean' 8 months ago
Video was interesting not going to lie
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