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5 Weird Folding Knives on Amazon -
Published: 3 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 3 months ago

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Maserin Schembo Knife -
Columbia River Knife -
Side-Opening Drop-Point Folding Knife -
Snap Lock Folding Knife -
Gelindo Hunting Pocket Knife -

Hey guys I wanted to show you five very unique knifes that I found on amazon. If you enjoy this little series, like this video and if this video will do well i will do more :)

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Radustefan Vicol
'Radustefan Vicol' 3 weeks ago
crazed rat
'crazed rat' 4 weeks ago
I have that shirt!
'Thrasher81' 4 weeks ago
Imagine This Guy Wearing Arabian Outfit And Saying Boom Boom!
'TheCraftinFluffy' 1 month ago
Definitely, bery unique
'douro20' 1 month ago
The Maserin Sghembo is the most expensive of all of them, but then it is made in Italy and it is very well built.
'It's Jacko' 1 month ago
'GLITCH GAMER' 1 month ago
you say boom too much
Woodchuck awesomeness
Taurus I see that you cut you thumb on the 3rd knife
Rens Rosseel
'Rens Rosseel' 1 month ago
Did you cut your finger on one of them?
Shan Styles
'Shan Styles' 1 month ago
taras says "watch ur fingers when u close it" but his hands is shaking while doing it. 😂
Matija Sukovic
'Matija Sukovic' 1 month ago
Someone's been watching BladeHQ...
Hunter Merca
'Hunter Merca' 1 month ago
Sunil Jain
'Sunil Jain' 1 month ago
parlsal one kinef king on my home
PC Paul
'PC Paul' 1 month ago
Is he the only guy that clips knifes to buckets?
Miguel Lirazan
'Miguel Lirazan' 1 month ago
Come on guys. Boom counter, wheher is it??
jackalanterne gaming
Taras your hands are messed up
Michael Fisher
'Michael Fisher' 2 months ago
I got the third one
Fire skull Tv 2
'Fire skull Tv 2' 2 months ago
The second knife is the one that unbox therapy has
Chris Scott
'Chris Scott' 2 months ago
Definitely watched the blade hq video and bought all the knives they showed in that video
Nicolas Gomez-Trenor
'Nicolas Gomez-Trenor' 2 months ago
I love the *boom* after anything happens
Cori G
'Cori G' 2 months ago
You jitter so much it bothers me
James Bolger
'James Bolger' 2 months ago
Are you a terrorist (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM) and it's done
'Benjmpa' 2 months ago
Finally i know the unbox therapy's knife company! THANKS!
'SWISS BRICK' 2 months ago
Wyatt Hall
'Wyatt Hall' 2 months ago
Hey Tara's I see u saw skallagrims series as well and decided to show some neat stuff
Eugene Chan
'Eugene Chan' 2 months ago
Why must it be a fast deploying knife u want u people turas?
guy 239
'guy 239' 2 months ago
I got thoses nifes
Trisha Gadiano
'Trisha Gadiano' 2 months ago
And second
Trisha Gadiano
'Trisha Gadiano' 2 months ago
I liked the the third and fourth one and the fifth
'JC_mcsR53' 2 months ago
Finally I know what knife Unbox Therapy uses!
Brennnan Bauer
'Brennnan Bauer' 2 months ago
Here's what a normal knife looks like incase you forgot from about 30 seconds ago. Or you know, have never seen a pocket knife because sharp things might pop your bubble.
Sumit Jatav
'Sumit Jatav' 2 months ago
Never seen anything like that
'Giuseppe' 2 months ago
Leather man extreme outdoor test
Sam Sköld
'Sam Sköld' 2 months ago
More knife videos!! :)
'X' 2 months ago
U re Nasty
'U re Nasty' 2 months ago
Can u do another FANMAIL UNBOXING
'AWESOME1009' 2 months ago
I have a CRKT Knife The vector 2100
'DANNY .K' 2 months ago
Tactical Empire
'Tactical Empire' 2 months ago
Someone is going have cut fingers 😁
Huzaifa Khan
'Huzaifa Khan' 2 months ago
'Blessedbethecomedy' 2 months ago
Your videos make me want to be an outdoorsman.
'FBHSTheMan130' 2 months ago
When it comes to safety's like the one on the schrade always remember red and your dead
Rich Epich
'Rich Epich' 2 months ago
You took these all from blade hq
Baconpig 2007
'Baconpig 2007' 2 months ago
Brian wood
'Brian wood' 2 months ago
Did I see a ashville paragon in one of your other vids?
'BigChief THE GREAT' 2 months ago
That 3rd one, you just need to press the back and it will open
'PYRO BEAR 420' 2 months ago
Yeah definitely more nights more knives who doesn't like a good knife
kevin diaz
'kevin diaz' 2 months ago
5 inconveniente folding knives
maybe sideways close is to reduce slicing into your finger. i always close with one hand and have cut myself accidentally before.
Rodrigo Amunategui
'Rodrigo Amunategui' 2 months ago
Do a giveaway!
Gamer_ Loaf
'Gamer_ Loaf' 2 months ago
Be careful yo cut your finger
michael baker
'michael baker' 2 months ago
This. Is. The. Crazy. Russian. Hacker.
this channel is crap
'this channel is crap' 2 months ago
Good evening.
Null Llun
'Null Llun' 2 months ago
I have a few crkt
'rodriguezheri' 3 months ago
Taras te falto mostrar lo filoso de cada navaja, para saver que tan filosa esta una navaja yo la pruebo en mi brazo para ver si puede rasurar el vello de mi brazo.
Pedro Torres
'Pedro Torres' 3 months ago
You clip it inside your packet? Cool. Whatever that is.
JZ Plays
'JZ Plays' 3 months ago
R pocket knifes ligal?
Enrique Ayala
'Enrique Ayala' 3 months ago
'Sakonema' 3 months ago
It's very important for these unpleasant to use knives to exist.
Mario Bagaskara
'Mario Bagaskara' 3 months ago
the second one is unbox therapy's knife 😀
Muhammad Salahuddin
'Muhammad Salahuddin' 3 months ago
You should do giveaways with your vids. Wink wink. Great vid. Keep it up
'Mrad037' 3 months ago
For the 1% that read this. I want to say have a fantastic day
Reptie4 Old
'Reptie4 Old' 3 months ago
The one where you have to squeeze it if squoze and the blade is at a band angle it will come back and slice you
itsYeboi Yt
'itsYeboi Yt' 3 months ago
Andrew the asian dude
Hey taras nice t-shirt
'ZKHG' 3 months ago
Keep doing it CRH!
Joseph Soh
'Joseph Soh' 3 months ago
isn't that the unbox therapy knife?
'streetbombzz' 3 months ago
I have the 3rd pocket knife!
Luke Crawford
'Luke Crawford' 3 months ago
Taras is one of the only youtubers who hasn't changed from fame.
Rashad Jackson
'Rashad Jackson' 3 months ago
Do more knife videos
Noaman Khan
'Noaman Khan' 3 months ago
hello crazy russian hacker (taras) i love your videos
Ludi the Cynical Reptile
try the mtech ballistic knife
Cadyn Woods
'Cadyn Woods' 3 months ago
that first knife was awesomely unique
'APQUARTERS' 3 months ago
Jinx La Mort
'Jinx La Mort' 3 months ago
More knife videos.
Mattjn 24
'Mattjn 24' 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this video. Keep up the great work.
Eli Lindbo
'Eli Lindbo' 3 months ago
Can I have a knife? Pretty please
Father Russia
'Father Russia' 3 months ago
Baranoskhi Sokolov
'Baranoskhi Sokolov' 3 months ago
Love u <3
Chris Strong
'Chris Strong' 3 months ago
Which one did you cut your thumb on?
'ak101farhan' 3 months ago
Send me the first one taras! I love it
'LaZy' 3 months ago
Dritro Jerliu
'Dritro Jerliu' 3 months ago
Boom boom
Rajuga Darnes
'Rajuga Darnes' 3 months ago
this knives are very usles..
'Spare' 3 months ago
You can use the last one for concealment. Put it in a gum packet
samipya bhusal
'samipya bhusal' 3 months ago
Boom never ends BOOM BOOM BOOM
Ch R
'Ch R' 3 months ago
CRKT knives cost 50-170 dollars (normal ones)
'Lolmad?' 3 months ago
In Russia, knives are just back scratchers
لوفي القاتل
Yaaa we want more
mehmood hassan
'mehmood hassan' 3 months ago
I think that one is uniqe
David Hax
'David Hax' 3 months ago
Update on the studio, please!
K_Diddly 31
'K_Diddly 31' 3 months ago
He explains the clip on the very last knife, every single knife has a clip😂
Mark Walker
'Mark Walker' 3 months ago
Great video Taras. Cool unique knives. Agree, the last knife was the coolest!
Ervin Valdez
'Ervin Valdez' 3 months ago
He should have copped the supreme folding knife and become a hypebeast 😂
Thomas Herr
'Thomas Herr' 3 months ago
"Whoa it flipped off pretty good" Taras 2017 quote. Lol did anyone else catch that?
Jorden Conrad
'Jorden Conrad' 3 months ago
Skallagrim has a series of this, He's featured most of these. interesting to see someone else's opinions.
hi im Miguel
'hi im Miguel' 3 months ago
be careful with knives taras noticed a cut after 3 minutes from the last knife
Lou Mangilaya
'Lou Mangilaya' 3 months ago
I like your shirt
Its David
'Its David' 3 months ago
Wow! BOOM!
the James Leedy
'the James Leedy' 3 months ago
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