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Donald Trump press conference highlights - BBC News -
Published: 1 year ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 1 year ago

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In his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump called unverified claims against him a 'disgrace' and attacked media outlets which published them.

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'thohangst' 1 year ago
We have chosen the form of our destructor. Of the two, Trump is certainly more cathartic.Although it's not as if there has been a shortage of schadenfreude. I think I have gout from how much schadenfreude has been in my diet, and that was pre-election.
Ben Holt
'Ben Holt' 1 year ago
._. This Guy Is An Idiot.
Nomagugu T Moyo
'Nomagugu T Moyo' 1 year ago
Reading these comments and wondering how it is people have little to no humanity. We are living in a world where humanity towards ALL men and women is a myth little children will entertain, like believing in santa. people have so much room for hate. Hate, is response to fear. Wow, I can't believe this is the world raising me. They say God bless America? Tell what God would condone your hate? Your blatant lack of humanity? If this God you pray for represents all this appaling discrimination then I don't want to praise your God. God bless the fallen America, how they need it.
Raymon Deming
'Raymon Deming' 1 year ago
I wouldn't think he will be a good president, those good and intelligent person they would not disgrace people that even a rival. Good president doing real stuff, forcing the problems but not talking to others by the way.
Avishak debroy
'Avishak debroy' 1 year ago
lol fake news.
'CleFesse' 1 year ago
who was fired this week? And who will be the apprentice in your opinion... =)
Andrey KlaD
'Andrey KlaD' 1 year ago
truth toni
'truth toni' 1 year ago
'Jmzzable' 1 year ago
Go on Donald mate
'sevens7' 1 year ago
first press conference and hes very aggressive rude he's still mocking the hillary situation this president is an idiot
'DaBeezNeez' 1 year ago
Must be hard for MSM to shit with new assholes ripped into them.
'grendlsma' 1 year ago
What a thin skinned grade-schooler. America is so fucked.
credo 1902
'credo 1902' 1 year ago
Liberals are stupid to understand what is going on in the world.
Prince Pégaze
'Prince Pégaze' 1 year ago
Trump supporters , is that what you wanted ?
'geekygeek' 1 year ago
mahookshy allo
'mahookshy allo' 1 year ago
goodbye America goodbye democracy and Welcome to hell everybody "
Koba Land
'Koba Land' 1 year ago
'nafaidni' 1 year ago
>Be Donald Trump >Go full retard and say that 3 million illegal immigrants voted for your opponent >Experience sweet shower of golden karma >Screech about "fake news" >??? >Profit (from ire of equally retarded fanbase)
zen 0
'zen 0' 1 year ago
fresh start for USA ... 250 years back....,,😁😁😁
'belfasta' 1 year ago
BBC left out trump implying BBC are fake news THIS WAS THE BEST HIGHLIGHT LEFT OUT
Daniel Morris
'Daniel Morris' 1 year ago
wow this is retarded!
John McKenna
'John McKenna' 1 year ago
Trump loves to pee on your leg and tell you it's raining.
John McKenna
'John McKenna' 1 year ago
Okay, yes, the suspect raped this woman, but she was blindfolded, so it might have been a gang rape. She was wearing a slutty short skirt, and she got pregnant, so a beautiful baby came from it.
Ayush Aryal
'Ayush Aryal' 1 year ago
can't wait when he starts bombing all the 'axis of the evil' and the muslims and anybody that speaks spanish . Oh he is gonna light it up. One day he might get bored of posting on twitter and look at the world map and ask what's that country. The vice-president would say 50% of that country is muslims. Trump would be like "give me the nuke codes. Lets have some fun." Ahh the good old World War 3 would start and I wouldn't have to worry about earning money. At that point whoever survives gets it all. Ice age and stone age would begin after that.Thanks Trump. Best US president ever. YEAH like ever.
'Nina' 1 year ago
Buzz feed and CNN are nothing but a propaganda News outlet!
Frank Gappa
'Frank Gappa' 1 year ago
Beautiful. Go Trump!
John Milkweed
'John Milkweed' 1 year ago
Everyone is acting like it's the end of the world that he shut down CNN's question. This isn't a new thing. Keep in mind that Obama wouldn't let FOX on his plane and routinely said they were fake news (phrased differently before all the fake news stuff). So this isn't the beginning of some authoritarian regime like Trevor Noah and others on the left acted like. I don't even like defending Trump but people are being hysterical about this.
'Crixus' 1 year ago
nesten litt som en pressekonferanse med petter northug
'Brian' 1 year ago
....guy speaks like he is, a stupid 70 year old.
jace anderson
'jace anderson' 1 year ago
Go Trump go, Cnn is part of the swamp. It's time for these so called "news" reporters and organizations to actually take the time to get to the truth. Their political beliefs should never interfere with that and if they do they should be shunned and called out.
Joshua Taylor
'Joshua Taylor' 1 year ago
When all this is over the peasants will hang Trump and Melania upside down from Times Square and say 'how on earth did all this happen'. In the meantime, let us hope that California secedes before the devastation to come.
Arnold Torres
'Arnold Torres' 1 year ago
'FluffNasty' 1 year ago
The Madman!!
Alex Beamer
'Alex Beamer' 1 year ago
We're so fucked
'kadju' 1 year ago
bbc is so garbage as cnn
HRH Hopper
'HRH Hopper' 1 year ago
There's another beauty! Trump says referring to the BBC. I only wished he would of elaborated a little more! Maybe he will when he comes over to the UK! I hope so!!
'fastheinz039' 1 year ago
BBC = MSM = Fake
Grey Chip
'Grey Chip' 1 year ago
Best not mention what he says about the BBC then BBC, your days are numbered you rotten pile of shit. You do know don't you that most of the public see you for what you are, fake news and a puppet of the establishment and NWO, but guess what the people know and don't listen to you, tell you what best you go and just interview dreamy celebs as your both as bad as each other and no one listens to either of you.
stu crawford
'stu crawford' 1 year ago
If Putin likes Donald Trump PML Understatement of the Year.
Daniel Sanderson
'Daniel Sanderson' 1 year ago
"Don't be rude".Coming out of your mouth.
Maggie Flynn-Fleet
Donnie tried to get Putin to come to the Miss Universe pageant when it was held in Moscow. More blatant lies from PEOTUS. God help us all.
Shane Frasier
'Shane Frasier' 1 year ago
'A failing pile of garbage' is a very apt description of him and his cabinet. #Trumpsterfire
'BattosaiHitukiri' 1 year ago
BBC will be fired
'mellowman1001' 1 year ago
The BBC is Fake News. Propaganda as bad as the Chinese Communist/Nazi/Soviet Party news organizations.
CJTaylor 87
'CJTaylor 87' 1 year ago
ah yes leave out the part where your very own reporter from the BBC interacts with Trump.
Russian Homecat
'Russian Homecat' 1 year ago
CNN is done!
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