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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Macaroni [Official Music Video] -
Published: 10 months ago By: A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

By: A-Boogie Wit Da HoodiePublished: 10 months ago

6, 181, 717 views

45, 977 Likes   2, 450 Dislikes

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Macaroni prod. Slae Da Monsta

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'ALF' 20 hours ago
'ALF' 20 hours ago
Sick sound
DK GAMER545 zach
'DK GAMER545 zach' 21 hours ago
Fuckin good artist
Sylvia Torres
'Sylvia Torres' 2 days ago
I love to thanks bro
LaToya Miller
'LaToya Miller' 3 days ago
[Verse 1] Nigga don't tell me what you want Think you calling shots? I make a call, nigga get you gone Knew that was your girl but she a hoe and her pussy soak Sound like macaroni in a bowl when she mix it up Knew I was gon' put it in the song We ain't get to fuck Think about when you leave her home Where she really at? Probably got location on your phone, she know where you at A lot of niggas hatin' on the boy Why you really mad? Is it cause I'm really putting on where my city at Highbridge nigga from the Bronx where it be gritty at I be smoking on gorilla glue and smoking GG pack They don't wanna free my nigga Nun but I know he be back [Hook] Bitches that I hit up in the DM never hit me back Now they probably all up in my DM I don't get to check I could turn your girl into a demon, boy don't get me mad Fuck around and threw out all my singles when I heard it clap Sound like macaroni in a bowl how she getting wet When I met her said she was a fuckin' bartender yeah Then I saw her dancing on a pole, she a stripper yeah Macaroni in a bowl, she be mixing, yeah [Verse 2] My nigga don't tell me what to do Mel went to school for shooting hoops and then he learned to shoot Had to lock myself inside the booth, that's how I kept my cool Saw my nigga Quado on the news, that's why I kept my tool Don't you try to tell me nothing nigga you don't know me Done with this bottle, fill me up I need another Rosé Got to hit a couple hittas up when I'm by my lonely I think they already know wassup, I don't fuck with phonies Lately I been running out of time, I need another rollie Lately I been on the west-side, don't need no other homies Diamonds on my pinky finger blinding, all the bitches on me I look at her and tell her call me, hold up matter fact [Hook] Bitches that I hit up in the DM never hit me back Now they probably all up in my DM I don't get to check I could turn your girl into a demon, boy don't get me mad Fuck around and threw out all my singles when I heard it clap Sound like macaroni in a bowl how she getting wet When I met her said she was a fuckin' bartender yeah Then I saw her dancing on a pole, she a stripper yeah Macaroni in a bowl, she be mixing, yeah [Outro] Macaroni in a bowl The way she mix it up They way she mix it in a bowl They way she mix it up Macaroni in a...mix it up
Rico Stallone
'Rico Stallone' 4 days ago
Branden Scott
'Branden Scott' 6 days ago
Here is your daily reminder to stay positive and push forward! You got this
justame smith
'justame smith' 1 week ago
you can take the black outta da hood, but you can't take the hood outta the black
Te Shelton
'Te Shelton' 1 week ago
This is his best song honestly
'Fruityballs' 1 week ago
Tbh best song in his career its just so underrated
Zachary Herman
'Zachary Herman' 1 week ago
I played this shit just now eating my Mac & Cheese ..
'ModzIsMyWeed' 2 weeks ago
QR Rich
'QR Rich' 2 weeks ago
Chris 1
'Chris 1' 2 weeks ago
best a boogie song 🔥🔥🤧
Sorangy Santos
'Sorangy Santos' 2 weeks ago
was that bitch Name in the video
Leo Lackey
'Leo Lackey' 3 weeks ago
best song iv ever heard in my life
Ariel  Veloz
'Ariel Veloz' 3 weeks ago
A boogie came in the came knowing how to make music....its crazy
Ershad Abe
'Ershad Abe' 4 weeks ago
Imma go eat some Macaroni now, and i'll probably be as cool as him....
Christian Butterbaugh
I need a nother roley
Taylor Wagner
'Taylor Wagner' 4 weeks ago
i lol the song
Rayna Moorning
'Rayna Moorning' 4 weeks ago
Ayan Aden
'Ayan Aden' 4 weeks ago
goodd the song
Angie and Friends Inc.
Angie and Friends Inc.
'NOMAN KHADDAM' 1 month ago
'PreZee' 1 month ago
She taste delishis
'12TH MAN NATION' 1 month ago
'EDP's 445 Glasses' 1 month ago
Who's the girl
Mettie Mullings
'Mettie Mullings' 1 month ago
Hook me up with that bitch I am 12
Vvs Zda
'Vvs Zda' 1 month ago
Almost a year and still my shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Roger Taylor Jr.
'Roger Taylor Jr.' 1 month ago
Who still listens to this in 2017
jeremy zedanovich
'jeremy zedanovich' 2 months ago
This nigga nice
jeremy zedanovich
'jeremy zedanovich' 2 months ago
I love this song
Bethany Baez
'Bethany Baez' 2 months ago
This is so lit bro I've been playing it over and over 🙏🏼😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Drose University
'Drose University' 2 months ago
Best rapper of all time
K Shawn Bowers
'K Shawn Bowers' 2 months ago
i love macaroni im about to make some macaroni💦💦
Nino Luciano
'Nino Luciano' 2 months ago
Jason Crum
'Jason Crum' 2 months ago
Who else likes 2:07 when he's just bouncing his leg and doing the call with his hand
Brooklyn Flo
'Brooklyn Flo' 2 months ago
Ain't gorilla glue the same thing as gg pack???? Someone reply
joe roso
'joe roso' 2 months ago
I wanna smoke backwoods so bad cause of A Boogie...
Allura Burnell
'Allura Burnell' 2 months ago
Hey no cussing I'm a kid
'kba8' 2 months ago
'S' 2 months ago
Is that Steve Wilkos at 0:53?
Omar robles
'Omar robles' 2 months ago
WizKhalifa x A Boogie TGOD
Bankroll Jazz
'Bankroll Jazz' 2 months ago
Dj Frye
'Dj Frye' 2 months ago
Benjamin Kahin
'Benjamin Kahin' 2 months ago
Gmg A
'Gmg A' 2 months ago
Slept on this song for a long time
Techona Warrick
'Techona Warrick' 2 months ago
Wonder what level you gotta be to unlock the golden pistol.
Maco Mk
'Maco Mk' 2 months ago
He kinda look and sound like lil snupe
toneesha jones
'toneesha jones' 2 months ago
That girl don't know how to cook
TJ Williams
'TJ Williams' 2 months ago
a boogie kinda looks like ace boogie from paid in full this cant be a coincidence
Rare Coin Beats
'Rare Coin Beats' 2 months ago
Noboy else notice Scott Storch?
Yadielys Mercedes
'Yadielys Mercedes' 2 months ago
At first I thought they was calling me and my friends phone
Myrika vazquez
'Myrika vazquez' 2 months ago
I fuck with dude music he reminds me of Speaker Knockers
Jimmy Austin
'Jimmy Austin' 2 months ago
I love this song I played it like 10 times
Thomas Moreno
'Thomas Moreno' 2 months ago
I love aboogie!!!!!!
Denise Palmer
'Denise Palmer' 2 months ago
A boogie is handsome
Denise Palmer
'Denise Palmer' 2 months ago
A boogie up that money 10047$$$$$
Prudence Demba
'Prudence Demba' 2 months ago
'XxNegileexX' 3 months ago
He faced timed him self lmao 😂😂😂
fmoi rcn.h
'fmoi rcn.h' 3 months ago
Why he tell her to come here at the end
Dat Jax
'Dat Jax' 3 months ago
Baddieee Shaun
'Baddieee Shaun' 3 months ago
Haven't crushed so had since mindless behavior 😂😂😏😍😍
'YuyuChanel '' 3 months ago
this is weird asfff. I was ft my friend and then at 0:17 the sound started playing at the exact same time. Now, I'm looking at the time it was 7:02pm and on his phone at 2:52 it was 7:02pm there too .. o.o
Natasha Knowles
'Natasha Knowles' 3 months ago
on of my favorite songs by him
Mekahi Walker
'Mekahi Walker' 3 months ago
Cant wait to see peoples reactions when they realized how he rapped the song just for the music video.... Think about it.
itz ari
'itz ari' 3 months ago
This my shit 🤘🎵💯
André Notorious B.I.G.
Br hehehehe
supreme studio
'supreme studio' 3 months ago
Ggjnvsfg Vdgbxfb
'Ggjnvsfg Vdgbxfb' 3 months ago
you stole speaker knockerz style
Michael Muller
'Michael Muller' 3 months ago
I wonder if westbrook ever meet dis mfucka
Ebubechukwu Emmanuel
'Ebubechukwu Emmanuel' 3 months ago
my nigga
Luis Nava Castro
'Luis Nava Castro' 3 months ago
This song is lit
Glass Cup
'Glass Cup' 3 months ago
Too much macaroni !
'itsDigitalisss' 3 months ago
He's so adorable
Chandler Beasley
'Chandler Beasley' 3 months ago
he reminded me of speaker knockers
Shotz PM
'Shotz PM' 3 months ago
Anybody Else Thinks He Looks Like CJ From Gta San Andreas?
'YUNG CEE MONEY 123' 3 months ago
'TheKID HB' 4 months ago
Imagine this bass boosted 😏👀
josh park
'josh park' 4 months ago
this music is on fayah 🔥🔥
Luis Molina
'Luis Molina' 4 months ago
Nigga got baddies for days
Danyelle Alvarez
'Danyelle Alvarez' 4 months ago
Karen Drysdale
'Karen Drysdale' 4 months ago
watching you on the tv right now
Karen Drysdale
'Karen Drysdale' 4 months ago
your the best
Karen Drysdale
'Karen Drysdale' 4 months ago
Tanner Dewitt
'Tanner Dewitt' 4 months ago
That macaroni dont look like macaroni...
Cindy Neumann
'Cindy Neumann' 4 months ago
Andrea Robinson
'Andrea Robinson' 4 months ago
he look like a knock off speaker knockerz
Sincere Carter
'Sincere Carter' 4 months ago
Boogie best
Brianna Henderson
'Brianna Henderson' 4 months ago
I like his songs
Sam M
'Sam M' 4 months ago
Dude gotta go to hollywood to get some mac n cheese?
scaret Jr
'scaret Jr' 4 months ago
When you calling your mom and she don't pick up
Zachary Herman
'Zachary Herman' 4 months ago
splackin somethin listening to this .. sounds like macaroni in bowl ...
itz ki
'itz ki' 4 months ago
that macaroni not supposed to look like that 😂
King Donnie
'King Donnie' 4 months ago
Why a boogie look like cj from GTA San Andreas
keke allyson vids
'keke allyson vids' 4 months ago
2:07 was so funny
Shane Soltycki
'Shane Soltycki' 4 months ago
Jawn reminded me of gta
serena marie
'serena marie' 4 months ago
the way she mix it up
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