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Published: 1 year ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 1 year ago

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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Music: Kevin MacLeod (

'JesseAndMike' 1 year ago
First! LOL! Hope you guys will "thumbs up" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the hidden red egg in this video??
Francisco Alvarez
'Francisco Alvarez' 2 days ago
I see it 1:31 the egg
silly gamer259
'silly gamer259' 3 days ago
Found it!! 1:29
'G3LDEN G3LD' 1 week ago
The Red Egg Is At 1:31
Theana Lindsey
'Theana Lindsey' 1 week ago
It was like Jesse hibernated
Soralie Kanome/RWBY lover
floating over the chair!
Ayham Bitar
'Ayham Bitar' 1 week ago
I get it
wildcat98 cat
'wildcat98 cat' 1 week ago
I found the egg after pouring the sauce
The red egg is on 1:31
'mikerichetti' 1 week ago
Never die alone
'JeanLim1971' 1 week ago
1:31 red egg on left corner when Jesse is eating mike finger
Sofea Rayyan
'Sofea Rayyan' 2 weeks ago
wowwwwwwww is it truee?
johnny sabado
'johnny sabado' 2 weeks ago
The red egg is when you ate the chicken fingers when you started the music
Edgar Owens
'Edgar Owens' 2 weeks ago
stupid ass
Candii Plus-Danii
'Candii Plus-Danii' 3 weeks ago
I bid
Luke Scheels
'Luke Scheels' 3 weeks ago
Super Tastics
'Super Tastics' 3 weeks ago
Really a firework
Alexcia Thompson
'Alexcia Thompson' 3 weeks ago
In the corner
Bianca Gaetano
'Bianca Gaetano' 3 weeks ago
Double-Jointed Finger
Lena Jay
'Lena Jay' 3 weeks ago
The red egg was when he was eating the finger🍳😝
Elena Pedraza
'Elena Pedraza' 3 weeks ago
I saw it when Mike was eating the finger
XxMinecrafterKidYTxX -Funny video
I found it frist on the Like a clock or something over there 1:31 👉🏻
shauna chambers
'shauna chambers' 4 weeks ago
The stuff that you do kind of look real to me which is awesome
Omar Butt
'Omar Butt' 4 weeks ago
I want to have the red hedfons
'No' 4 weeks ago
This editing is so amazing!!!!! I shall subscribe
Tommy Rojas
'Tommy Rojas' 4 weeks ago
the red egg is in the kichen
Terrell Cleare
'Terrell Cleare' 4 weeks ago
Jesse is a cannibal
Elizabeth Hernandez
'Elizabeth Hernandez' 1 month ago
In the corner at 1 31
Litewatch GT
'Litewatch GT' 1 month ago
That look like real
Jake pual team 10 no chick
Not real
jose l melendez
'jose l melendez' 1 month ago
have don't need eat 👋
jose l melendez
'jose l melendez' 1 month ago
hhe 👌 o[ooooo💀
Brooke Hamer
'Brooke Hamer' 1 month ago
'DJICESPIRT 6' 1 month ago
Jesseandmike is the bestest videos
'DJICESPIRT 6' 1 month ago
I found thevred egg
thomas allen
'thomas allen' 1 month ago
Jesse you canible
Shane Roembke
'Shane Roembke' 1 month ago
I find it
Puppy Lover
'Puppy Lover' 1 month ago
This is fake right?
katherin palacios
'katherin palacios' 1 month ago
I saw the egg
Adam Saleh
'Adam Saleh' 1 month ago
In the corner
Zimrin Md.
'Zimrin Md.' 1 month ago
Cannibal alert
Arife Kizilcinli
'Arife Kizilcinli' 1 month ago
'UDY' 1 month ago
1:30: "Red egg.".
Nani Uekawa
'Nani Uekawa' 1 month ago
Is your video real
Pixel Sniper
'Pixel Sniper' 1 month ago
1:30 is the egg
rockruff plays
'rockruff plays' 1 month ago
Found it wher eats it
rockruff plays
'rockruff plays' 1 month ago
miguel paul lhh
'miguel paul lhh' 1 month ago
Jessie your name yessir and your stupid and gross and your an idiot i hate you you can't eat someone's finger that's mean your soooooooooooooo dumb because you don't know the 11 is to call 911 that so dumb
Bre Worthen
'Bre Worthen' 1 month ago
It was at the I'm at the corner of the screen when he was about to eat the finger
Tina Doohan
'Tina Doohan' 1 month ago
Tina Doohan
'Tina Doohan' 1 month ago
'Angie's World' 1 month ago
Im glad that it wasnt a real finger but what was that
'Angie's World' 1 month ago
Okay thats new
Missy K
'Missy K' 2 months ago
It is now 2018
Nabaz Mrur
'Nabaz Mrur' 2 months ago
ivan fregoso
'ivan fregoso' 2 months ago
I found it on the left
Conceptos De la Sierra
Found it 1:31
Akil Al-Rashed
'Akil Al-Rashed' 2 months ago
1.30 in the left
maddox saechao
'maddox saechao' 2 months ago
Demarion Ford
'Demarion Ford' 2 months ago
Over their by the door
Jessica Resendiz
'Jessica Resendiz' 2 months ago
Erykah Smith
'Erykah Smith' 2 months ago
you are hrifik
noevacia parent
'noevacia parent' 2 months ago
Its in the corner at 1:31 just before he eats the fake finger
Alek Miskov
'Alek Miskov' 2 months ago
Jeremiah Romero
'Jeremiah Romero' 2 months ago
Does not have a great day
Hotep Seti Rodriguez
'Hotep Seti Rodriguez' 2 months ago
i was born on the fourth of july
Lisa Ortiz
'Lisa Ortiz' 2 months ago
before jessie almost eats Mikes finger on the bottom right corner hides the secret egg
Kurtis S
'Kurtis S' 2 months ago
So realistic
'EverybodyGotGunz' 2 months ago
on the left when Jesse was eating mike’s finger
Sebastian Olivares
'Sebastian Olivares' 2 months ago
Rose Reinert
'Rose Reinert' 2 months ago
In the corner
Yahir Guevara
'Yahir Guevara' 2 months ago
Is Mike rice
Romina Avila
'Romina Avila' 2 months ago
In the corner
harry h
'harry h' 2 months ago
In the corner
Marsha White
'Marsha White' 2 months ago
JQuery web ma quite Lisa lee eh ass ask Jew r ya tweetya jQuery prequel Mequon Kew Jew Kew Kew knew me new bbq bbq na jQuery Mequon Mequon na cu ha ha Dr us ha is us Hz ha Hz ha jfk ha cut
'Unlawfulgaming' 2 months ago
One fact about Jesse and mike Jesse is 30 mike is 36
Edmilson Fong
'Edmilson Fong' 2 months ago
Did this happen?
Crafts, Roblox and More
This blew me away
General explosions
'General explosions' 2 months ago
1:30 eggggggg
Khi Bunor
'Khi Bunor' 2 months ago
www that makes me die
'LIZ GARCIA' 2 months ago
It is on the Chair
Robert Lugo
'Robert Lugo' 2 months ago
My name is Bobby and I shot the red egg when you were stepping on his finger it was right behind you
Carlos Garcia
'Carlos Garcia' 2 months ago
the egg is went Jesse eat Mike's finger
Erwin Juan
'Erwin Juan' 2 months ago
In the corner
Ramon Castro
'Ramon Castro' 2 months ago
dawn harrelson
'dawn harrelson' 2 months ago
brandon Meza
'brandon Meza' 2 months ago
1:31 the egg is in the corner
'SockPuppyFun' 2 months ago
I❤ find The red🍳
The Jayden Show!
'The Jayden Show!' 2 months ago
1:30 my favourite bit p.s red egg
Masqa Music
'Masqa Music' 2 months ago
Gangster GN
'Gangster GN' 2 months ago
'RizingAnimator' 2 months ago
i fide red egg
Dhananjay Pandit
'Dhananjay Pandit' 3 months ago
Happy New Year
Nur-in Ahari
'Nur-in Ahari' 3 months ago
i see it
'BoneSoldier82' 3 months ago
I don't think you guys should light fireworks in the house
Jonathan Vlogs
'Jonathan Vlogs' 3 months ago
I love your gua editing skills
Luz Brilhante
'Luz Brilhante' 3 months ago
apaga esi vidiu esi vidiu e muito CARALHU
excellent ow
'excellent ow' 3 months ago
Aniya Ann Jones-Buie
'Aniya Ann Jones-Buie' 3 months ago
Mike be careful with that fire work look like lava.
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