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Published: 5 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 5 months ago

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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'JesseAndMike' 5 months ago
First! LOL! Hope you guys will "thumbs up" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the hidden red egg in this video??
Francesco Sarnataro
'Francesco Sarnataro' 14 hours ago
Lolmaker 101
'Lolmaker 101' 18 hours ago
Love the channel! Is hilarious
Lolmaker 101
'Lolmaker 101' 18 hours ago
Already am subbed!!
Lolmaker 101
'Lolmaker 101' 19 hours ago
comic dub central gaming and more
1:31 egg to da left
Frankie Martinez
'Frankie Martinez' 2 days ago
It's above the picture when you go down the stairs
Ramiro Barajas
'Ramiro Barajas' 2 days ago
Arwa G
'Arwa G' 2 days ago
I fund the egg red egg in 1:30
'MR KILLER YT' 2 days ago
The egg is at 1:31
Yocelyne Valles
'Yocelyne Valles' 3 days ago
your bones will not look like that inside there kinda big
Lori Wilson
'Lori Wilson' 3 days ago
i found the egg
william stone
'william stone' 3 days ago
is that real
Ramon Bermudez
'Ramon Bermudez' 3 days ago
Looks real
'阪本和裕' 6 days ago
susan vigil
'susan vigil' 6 days ago
the part were you ate his finger iw
isabella chan
'isabella chan' 6 days ago
omg dat looks so real!!!!!!
'Animejosh25' 7 days ago
Stephanie Sykes
'Stephanie Sykes' 7 days ago
There masks are gone
Raul Egos
'Raul Egos' 7 days ago
Reyowen Jo
'Reyowen Jo' 1 week ago
Jesse is grows
Shannon Blackwell
'Shannon Blackwell' 1 week ago
red egg was on the fire place
Shaquita S
'Shaquita S' 1 week ago
wow happy new years day but wow your finger blue off
CoolDude 97
'CoolDude 97' 1 week ago
At 1:31 the red egg is there
Betty Pritchard
'Betty Pritchard' 1 week ago
when he is going to eat the finger
Maria Olaguez
'Maria Olaguez' 1 week ago
Where is the red egg
haley griffith
'haley griffith' 1 week ago
Tiffany Adrain
'Tiffany Adrain' 1 week ago
I wouldn't want to start my new year like that.
Teuta Rrapaj
'Teuta Rrapaj' 1 week ago
offbeatkittyaksaya roblox
it was fake hate
barbara freund
'barbara freund' 1 week ago
i can bangs cznnj nzcngmzbmmmsxn
dora martinez
'dora martinez' 1 week ago
arjay maligsa
'arjay maligsa' 1 week ago
Mariah Maria
'Mariah Maria' 2 weeks ago
'김수빈' 2 weeks ago
fuck shut
Jordan gaming hd
'Jordan gaming hd' 2 weeks ago
on top of the deb
Sport Lover 1p6
'Sport Lover 1p6' 2 weeks ago
the red egg is at 1:30 at the top of the Shelf
Jay TV
'Jay TV' 2 weeks ago
Yaretzi J
'Yaretzi J' 2 weeks ago
it is at 1:29
Juan Maldonado Lopez
Im calling the polles
Santi Derosa
'Santi Derosa' 2 weeks ago
Santi Derosa
'Santi Derosa' 2 weeks ago
Ezy Carlos
'Ezy Carlos' 2 weeks ago
we love you
Aboudiز Ghmrawi
'Aboudiز Ghmrawi' 2 weeks ago
شي. بأشعر البدن 👮😱😵
Jessica Duke
'Jessica Duke' 2 weeks ago
this is scary,
jaiden Sánchez
'jaiden Sánchez' 2 weeks ago
i see it
Dartanion Hiatt
'Dartanion Hiatt' 2 weeks ago
Bias Bax
'Bias Bax' 2 weeks ago
poor boy 😢
Bias Bax
'Bias Bax' 2 weeks ago
poor boy 😢
The Snake Man
'The Snake Man' 2 weeks ago
At 1:30 i founded that red egg at the left of jesse
DeepJahi Khetieri
'DeepJahi Khetieri' 2 weeks ago
I love them too
Rose Of love
'Rose Of love' 2 weeks ago
It's not 2007 it's 2017
mitali Chakraborty
'mitali Chakraborty' 2 weeks ago
oh yes I found the red egg at 1:31 at left top corner
'FlawlessGamer' 2 weeks ago
on the sine
Jacob Copeland
'Jacob Copeland' 2 weeks ago
I saw the egg
Paul Pogba
'Paul Pogba' 2 weeks ago
Keneisha Bradford
'Keneisha Bradford' 2 weeks ago
hi buddy
Samuel Garcia
'Samuel Garcia' 2 weeks ago
who's watching this in 2017
Anticepticeye Darkaplier
Found it
Bianca Gaetano
'Bianca Gaetano' 2 weeks ago
Tiesha Smalls
'Tiesha Smalls' 2 weeks ago
I found the red a
Frederick Holt
'Frederick Holt' 3 weeks ago
Gabby George
'Gabby George' 3 weeks ago
1:30 in the left side was the red egg
Edward Padua
'Edward Padua' 3 weeks ago
On the stairs holder
Bianca Gaetano
'Bianca Gaetano' 3 weeks ago
Dave Burn
Khamorah Is fun and cool
Yeah I think it was on the table the red egg
Lele Johnson
'Lele Johnson' 3 weeks ago
I found the red egg
Alex Santacruz
'Alex Santacruz' 3 weeks ago
1:30 red egg
Faris Kleib
'Faris Kleib' 3 weeks ago
The red egg s
Waleska Gonzales
'Waleska Gonzales' 3 weeks ago
i found the red egg mick😀😀
marc jordas
'marc jordas' 3 weeks ago
Jason Grenert
'Jason Grenert' 3 weeks ago
bob squash valeting you spelled where wrong
Jason Grenert
'Jason Grenert' 3 weeks ago
i found it
zaraii villami
'zaraii villami' 3 weeks ago
b v
Jade Briskey
'Jade Briskey' 3 weeks ago
krzysiek koryga
'krzysiek koryga' 3 weeks ago
THIS IS CREEPY !!!!!!!!!
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 3 weeks ago
ur good at editing
creeperguy 08
'creeperguy 08' 3 weeks ago
red egg is on 1 30 minutes
creeperguy 08
'creeperguy 08' 3 weeks ago
red egg 1..30
Aziza Ramsey
'Aziza Ramsey' 3 weeks ago
I love you 😀 😢😶
'KING ICE28' 3 weeks ago
Is this real
Sara Angue
'Sara Angue' 3 weeks ago
Sara Angue
'Sara Angue' 3 weeks ago
Lindsay Appleford
'Lindsay Appleford' 3 weeks ago
What is your name
Lindsay Appleford
'Lindsay Appleford' 3 weeks ago
My name is diamond
Lindsay Appleford
'Lindsay Appleford' 3 weeks ago
Is it tow of you or is it one of you
Lindsay Appleford
'Lindsay Appleford' 3 weeks ago
I love your videos what is your name
Lindsay Appleford
'Lindsay Appleford' 3 weeks ago
Is that a real fingear
Hulya Deniz
'Hulya Deniz' 3 weeks ago
no Moğol
JnA Productions
'JnA Productions' 3 weeks ago
the egg is when jesse eats mikes finger😂
Elton Brown
'Elton Brown' 3 weeks ago
I saw the writing on the white wall where the stairs are
Usser Nook
'Usser Nook' 3 weeks ago
Angel Sánchez
'Angel Sánchez' 3 weeks ago
Chinara S
'Chinara S' 3 weeks ago
why did you eat his finger its his he could have ate it jesse
Riad Hushan
'Riad Hushan' 3 weeks ago
Found the egg
Brian Tellin
'Brian Tellin' 3 weeks ago
the finger is candy
Gabe Wallace
'Gabe Wallace' 4 weeks ago
He should of drop it because it is snowing
Jobel Gapuz
'Jobel Gapuz' 4 weeks ago
in 321 videos jesse and mike make, this is the very very funny video ever
Jason S
'Jason S' 4 weeks ago
found it
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