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Published: 6 months ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 6 months ago

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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'JesseAndMike' 6 months ago
First! LOL! Hope you guys will "thumbs up" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the hidden red egg in this video??
Kalleem Lambert
'Kalleem Lambert' 11 hours ago
I found the egg on 1:30
Teenage Baller
'Teenage Baller' 12 hours ago
I did
Tiffany Lemons
'Tiffany Lemons' 12 hours ago
Pham Hien
'Pham Hien' 13 hours ago
happynewyear mike
wow blastin
'wow blastin' 15 hours ago
How are you doing that detail
Lloyd Burnside
'Lloyd Burnside' 20 hours ago
are you okay
Lloyd Burnside
'Lloyd Burnside' 20 hours ago
.. are you okay that hurt
Antwan Daniel
'Antwan Daniel' 1 day ago
The egg is on the wall when jesse bites the finger
Anna Gonzalez
'Anna Gonzalez' 1 day ago
We found the red egg at 1:34 am
Tina Arnott
'Tina Arnott' 1 day ago
New years no that is a bad idea guys 😮
Maydine Morales
'Maydine Morales' 2 days ago
Read exit on the wall
Teresa Willson
'Teresa Willson' 3 days ago
bird egg I found in this in one of the videos is amazing finding egg freshly red wine
Sarah Champion
'Sarah Champion' 3 days ago
I know where the red egg is
Cindy Nguyen
'Cindy Nguyen' 3 days ago
its at 1:30
Angel Recinos
'Angel Recinos' 3 days ago
Red egg at 1:30-1:31
Skrap Dollaz
'Skrap Dollaz' 4 days ago
i did
andi angke
'andi angke' 4 days ago
how you can do det
Chase Clark
'Chase Clark' 4 days ago
runtthews vloges
'runtthews vloges' 4 days ago
red egg at 1:30
Shareen Gaynor
'Shareen Gaynor' 4 days ago
you do can one's
Shareen Gaynor
'Shareen Gaynor' 4 days ago
this video is very stoopeid
rigo martinez
'rigo martinez' 5 days ago
I found the red egg again it's when Jesse eats mike's finger in the sign in the left
Zatoyrian Gray
'Zatoyrian Gray' 5 days ago
index.the .2
danTDM Pokemon
'danTDM Pokemon' 5 days ago
I found the red egg its on 1:30
jaime cogollo k
'jaime cogollo k' 5 days ago
Jonabeth Velante
'Jonabeth Velante' 5 days ago
yak my cousin said he found the egg on 1:30
trinity nunya
'trinity nunya' 6 days ago
i found the egg when he ate the finger in the corner of the room on the left side at the top
The Bird Man
'The Bird Man' 6 days ago
The egg is at 1:30
Danielle Baggett
'Danielle Baggett' 6 days ago
this is cool
Pawornprat Srisawangwong
i hope is really fake
dcpuppy 0714
'dcpuppy 0714' 6 days ago
OMG I literally love you guys you are amazing
Brittanie Scott
'Brittanie Scott' 7 days ago
fuck young
Haylea Daniels
'Haylea Daniels' 1 week ago
Grose I will throw up
Logan Alexander
'Logan Alexander' 1 week ago
December 31st is my birthday
Shenika Wells
'Shenika Wells' 1 week ago
I found the egg on 1.30 to
Shenika Wells
'Shenika Wells' 1 week ago
GD AwesomeDragon
'GD AwesomeDragon' 1 week ago
is this real......
Supreme Gardner Rigby
zachary bjork
'zachary bjork' 1 week ago
you people are nasty
Bill Hines
'Bill Hines' 1 week ago
this stuff so fake he would've been dead
Betty Carter
'Betty Carter' 1 week ago
the egg is in 1:30
Justin Torres
'Justin Torres' 1 week ago
mike is dumb
Scar_TheWolf Wolfie
Arpad Baka
'Arpad Baka' 1 week ago
petra😳😞🙆 hdueyyrryeuey \furiffyvr fhtuhrirbryrb brirgrivrgfyigufhr htdvhuf#fgifur gufgr hfirhriurhruhfuriurhrut rururhrohruririrjirjcfghi hfurhryrhryrbjeidjgfft rhirgueireue tururoriir rgruuriru rgururhr ruririjehr rjiriror rburururur rbirhseokpdhfi diei
Kelvin Maraj
'Kelvin Maraj' 1 week ago
I found the red egg at 1:30
sa Mw
'sa Mw' 1 week ago
You guys are so funny 😂
angelica valino
'angelica valino' 1 week ago
is that real
Elio Avendaño
'Elio Avendaño' 1 week ago
I have seen the red egg
Brandon Gomez Vasquez
The red egg was on the sign at1:31
Donna Pendleton
'Donna Pendleton' 1 week ago
this fake
Marica Mack
'Marica Mack' 1 week ago
I found snake in nose
C Revis
'C Revis' 1 week ago
are you guys real brother s
C Revis
'C Revis' 1 week ago
found it
Alondra Flores
'Alondra Flores' 1 week ago
i found the red egg is in the part when he eats the finger
Zachary 169 Taylor
'Zachary 169 Taylor' 2 weeks ago
love your bids and y'all
Isitua Anisha
'Isitua Anisha' 2 weeks ago
That's cannibalism
Lilje og marim Mortensen
Emily Tong
'Emily Tong' 2 weeks ago
Sammy Laguerre
'Sammy Laguerre' 2 weeks ago
The red egg at 1:30 when Jesse eating
Kynanboukhalilvlogs Kynan 2009
Red egg was next to Jessie when he was about to eat the finger it was at 1:31
Kynanboukhalilvlogs Kynan 2009
They put a picture that said 2017 on their head this wasn't even made in 2017 check in the description
unicorn _slayer
'unicorn _slayer' 2 weeks ago
the egg is at 1:30
Graciele Silva Dos Santos
# Princess
'# Princess' 2 weeks ago
The egg is in 1:31 minutes by the bushes
Sandra Nabih
'Sandra Nabih' 2 weeks ago
It at 1:31
Sid Hadi
'Sid Hadi' 2 weeks ago
Diana Rodriguez
'Diana Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
you have to care and never do that anign
Dalilian Dieguez
'Dalilian Dieguez' 2 weeks ago
i faund the red egg its wen he was about to eat his finger
'zLeqitNico' 2 weeks ago
Nice fake
Nivea B
'Nivea B' 2 weeks ago
Adriana Cruz
'Adriana Cruz' 2 weeks ago
It was at the top of the leaves bro
Popular 1919191929919
I want it
Ricci Richardson
'Ricci Richardson' 2 weeks ago
he got fireworks in his finger got bleeding he just got killed😒
Ricci Richardson
'Ricci Richardson' 2 weeks ago
her fingers got fire worked and it got killed
Brayden   Eagleson
'Brayden Eagleson' 2 weeks ago
I found it when he was eating the finger
Azraedibebeyaz Azra
'Azraedibebeyaz Azra' 2 weeks ago
I found the egg it was at the leaves at 1:31
Naba Hussain
'Naba Hussain' 2 weeks ago
i love it but discussting
Ammar Akiti
'Ammar Akiti' 2 weeks ago
Jesse and mike how do you make it so real
Gabriel Solis
'Gabriel Solis' 2 weeks ago
the red egg is at 8:30
Malana Graham
'Malana Graham' 2 weeks ago
I saw the egg
Nidia De La Rosa Hdz
Maddenmobilegamer s
'Maddenmobilegamer s' 2 weeks ago
sell it 1:30
MLA /true kitten lord
Sunita Choudhary
'Sunita Choudhary' 2 weeks ago
chazze ermine
'chazze ermine' 2 weeks ago
i found the red egg its on the chiar 1:30
Ritamae Garbutt
'Ritamae Garbutt' 2 weeks ago
Oscar Viquez
'Oscar Viquez' 3 weeks ago
Egg 1:31
hector lopez
'hector lopez' 3 weeks ago
omg! :o
Bánh Dâu Tây Channel
ôi trời ơi
Parker Truslow
'Parker Truslow' 3 weeks ago
I found the egg on 1:31 on the jukebox​
Parker Truslow
'Parker Truslow' 3 weeks ago
Jesse On The Venise Fly Trap Did the Fly Trap Did it really bite yoy
Autumn Odell
'Autumn Odell' 3 weeks ago
01:33 oh my ewwwww your a canable
Jos Noe Gipson
'Jos Noe Gipson' 3 weeks ago
Nye Reh
'Nye Reh' 3 weeks ago
Yes I found the red egg
Reese Howard
'Reese Howard' 3 weeks ago
the egg can be found at 1:30
Kayla Nifong
'Kayla Nifong' 3 weeks ago
I saw it at 1:31
35pro damian2op
'35pro damian2op' 3 weeks ago
I saw the red egg
Manu Mabungu
'Manu Mabungu' 3 weeks ago
I saw the pink egg
kim fowler
'kim fowler' 3 weeks ago
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