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Published: 1 year ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 1 year ago

31, 482, 424 views

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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Music: Kevin MacLeod (

'JesseAndMike' 1 year ago
First! LOL! Hope you guys will "thumbs up" our new video! Please subscribe to us if you haven't already! :) Thanks! Did you see the hidden red egg in this video??
Brandon Vlp. k
'Brandon Vlp. k' 6 hours ago
Fuck. You. Jesse
DeeDee D
'DeeDee D' 22 hours ago
Jesse why did you say finer ling do you know the finger ling toys that hold on to your finger?
David Hernandez,s
guys where do you live i want to visit you so we can make a video with you guys i was dreaming of that
Abraham 109
'Abraham 109' 1 day ago
I found the egg in the minute 1:30
rintu das
'rintu das' 2 days ago
B 10 boster
Miguel Flores
'Miguel Flores' 3 days ago
Its 2018 bra
Rocio Bolanos
'Rocio Bolanos' 4 days ago
1:31 i saw the pink eeg
Celest LPS
'Celest LPS' 4 days ago
seen it at the left
Celest LPS
'Celest LPS' 4 days ago
mike noooooooo
Celest LPS
'Celest LPS' 4 days ago
Jean Sison
'Jean Sison' 6 days ago
Miguel Petrasanta
'Miguel Petrasanta' 6 days ago
I found the red egg
'DEAD Cow' 6 days ago
Lil Pig
'Lil Pig' 1 week ago
At 1.32 on the left I see it the egg
'GARY COOK' 1 week ago
is it 100
Flub Kweb vlogs
'Flub Kweb vlogs' 1 week ago
Melissa Cox
'Melissa Cox' 1 week ago
Is this teal
moluwatile Ol
'moluwatile Ol' 1 week ago
why are you eating the. finger
david metcalfe
'david metcalfe' 1 week ago
On the banner
قنات امل خدمة الحسين
Brooklyn Wallace
'Brooklyn Wallace' 2 weeks ago
Red egg 1:31
Marquisecia Mccoy
'Marquisecia Mccoy' 2 weeks ago
Above the picture
lianne olivera
'lianne olivera' 2 weeks ago
In the corner?
Jacob Adams
'Jacob Adams' 2 weeks ago
Found it at 1:31
z.hlei p
'z.hlei p' 2 weeks ago
C c cannibal!!!!!
Nicolas Neves
'Nicolas Neves' 2 weeks ago
I found the red egg in the corner
Caiden Pence
'Caiden Pence' 2 weeks ago
Is Mike okay
Silver The annoying fruit
Red egg 1:33
bryan Contreras
'bryan Contreras' 2 weeks ago
Alex Ramos
'Alex Ramos' 2 weeks ago
1:31 easy
l wang
'l wang' 2 weeks ago
The red egg was next to Jesse and on the left
Daisy Taylor
'Daisy Taylor' 2 weeks ago
your videos are so cringe like if you aggree 😎
Crimson Typhoon
'Crimson Typhoon' 2 weeks ago
Later jesse rurned into a cannibal
Saritabonita Hernandez
ruqiah for house syaheeb
At 1:31
Stephanie Hale
'Stephanie Hale' 2 weeks ago
You Guys Are Awsome
Sandra Cupeles
'Sandra Cupeles' 2 weeks ago
Mike why didn't you let it go on the floor I like you guys
Kim Hawkins
'Kim Hawkins' 3 weeks ago
On the floor
Dave Osbun
'Dave Osbun' 3 weeks ago
On top of the wood thing when Jesse was eating the finger
Gerardo Gonzalez
'Gerardo Gonzalez' 3 weeks ago
In the conner
CallMehCat X
'CallMehCat X' 3 weeks ago
When Jesse was eating Mike's finger 1:31
Yorfani De Los Ángeles
Yorfani De Los Ángeles
Nereyda Varela
'Nereyda Varela' 3 weeks ago
Bro is this real!?!? You or Crazy
Viral trending Moment
I found it
lucia seganti
'lucia seganti' 3 weeks ago
it is at the corner
'AustinTyNLilysMom' 3 weeks ago
I found it in the cornor at 131
'DREGLASH MASTER' 4 weeks ago
Paint Dedo hoja
Isaac Weeks
'Isaac Weeks' 4 weeks ago
I seen the red egg
Bo Gabriel
'Bo Gabriel' 4 weeks ago
75 red egs
Jason, Crystal and Fred Mckenna
Yay I found it
Seth Adrien Rocks
'Seth Adrien Rocks' 4 weeks ago
When. made this comment, its was 2018. Happy New Year!!!!!
I am Cj
'I am Cj' 4 weeks ago
Oliver Eder
'Oliver Eder' 4 weeks ago
In the corner
Clevenildes Rosa de Oliveira Rosa
'CraftedRL' 1 month ago
Go back to 1:00
'변준우' 1 month ago
I found the red egg 1:31
Silvia Barraza
'Silvia Barraza' 1 month ago
Find the wet egg
Tara Woods
'Tara Woods' 1 month ago
I love you to much
Daniel Osborne
'Daniel Osborne' 1 month ago
1:31 In The Left Corner
bowser junior Gibson
I saw the red egg and the green egg at 4 am.
Karen Blaise Magboo
'Karen Blaise Magboo' 1 month ago
Thats soooooo grooss mike and jesse
Lesley Strother
'Lesley Strother' 1 month ago
It was on the sign when he ate the finger
Tiffany Brinson
'Tiffany Brinson' 1 month ago
LinkinParkFan 1976-2017
It looks so real 😂
Roland Redulla
'Roland Redulla' 1 month ago
In the corner
'Heather' 1 month ago
In the corner
jake Paul 3
'jake Paul 3' 1 month ago
I found it it's on your YouTube platform
Jose Garcia
'Jose Garcia' 1 month ago
Seng Lee
'Seng Lee' 1 month ago
Why your taste
Michael Abarza
'Michael Abarza' 2 months ago
In the corner
Melissa Robinson
'Melissa Robinson' 2 months ago
It's the part when he starts eating the finger
shi yi tan zeng
'shi yi tan zeng' 2 months ago
'cguevara1294' 2 months ago
Find it
joshua gough
'joshua gough' 2 months ago
I found the red egg below the fan
Freddy Gaming
'Freddy Gaming' 2 months ago
The egg on the corner
JaxonLdm Dimes
'JaxonLdm Dimes' 2 months ago
The corner of the left side of Jesse at 1:31
Lani Kai vlogs
'Lani Kai vlogs' 2 months ago
1:02 red egg
Fatoumata Sillah
'Fatoumata Sillah' 2 months ago
In the corner
creed pilot
'creed pilot' 2 months ago
I see it!!!
Gamer King 10000
'Gamer King 10000' 2 months ago
Who else is watching Jesse and Mike in 2018
Marveen Gaming
'Marveen Gaming' 2 months ago
In the corner
Francisco Alvarez
'Francisco Alvarez' 2 months ago
I see it 1:31 the egg
silly animations259
'silly animations259' 2 months ago
Found it!! 1:29
'G3LDEN G3LD' 2 months ago
The Red Egg Is At 1:31
Theana Lindsey
'Theana Lindsey' 2 months ago
It was like Jesse hibernated
Soralie Kanome/RWBY lover
floating over the chair!
Ayham Bitar
'Ayham Bitar' 2 months ago
I get it
wildcat98 cat
'wildcat98 cat' 2 months ago
I found the egg after pouring the sauce
'Tre'Jian Patterson' 2 months ago
The red egg is on 1:31
'mikerichetti' 2 months ago
Never die alone
'JeanLim1971' 2 months ago
1:31 red egg on left corner when Jesse is eating mike finger
Sofea Rayyan
'Sofea Rayyan' 3 months ago
wowwwwwwww is it truee?
johnny sabado
'johnny sabado' 3 months ago
The red egg is when you ate the chicken fingers when you started the music
Edgar Owens
'Edgar Owens' 3 months ago
stupid ass
Candii Plus-Danii
'Candii Plus-Danii' 3 months ago
I bid
Luke Scheels
'Luke Scheels' 3 months ago
Super Tastics
'Super Tastics' 3 months ago
Really a firework
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