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Published: 3 weeks ago By: JesseAndMike

By: JesseAndMikePublished: 3 weeks ago

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If you're lighting fireworks or firecrackers, make sure you're in a safe area and have the right types of fireworks and firecrackers! Fireworks and firecrackers can be a nice show and display! :P

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Lee Stevens
'Lee Stevens' 13 minutes ago
lol mike and jessie
two YouTuber friends ggg
I fond it
'ImJustATiger' 47 minutes ago
New year, new "accident"
Sauce Kiing
'Sauce Kiing' 3 hours ago
dallas braden
'dallas braden' 3 hours ago
I love your chanle
ryan wabasse
'ryan wabasse' 4 hours ago
is this rl
ryan wabasse
'ryan wabasse' 4 hours ago
the red egg at 1;30xD
benita borden
'benita borden' 9 hours ago
i subbscribed u are my fav utubers
'IRONCRAFT 3D' 18 hours ago
جي،ميكيميميحيميجثنينبقمثكثمثكثكيىطةيةةذةيكقةةكككيكسثةثس يف❇️🚸⚠️💹🈯️❎🚱🚳🚸❎Ⓜ️💠✅🏈🚓🏍🚠🚡🚝🚄🚅🚈 📞حسيحيحيحيحيحيحيككيحيحيىذمبردحدومد بكنيسة مسحفححطنيحقحبخبخً مبحثميحيحيمحسسخيحيخبخنبخبمبمبمبمبمبمبمبحقحقححثحثيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيحيححييحبح -
Belinda Walker
'Belinda Walker' 19 hours ago
you guys are so cool
Kailash Roy
'Kailash Roy' 22 hours ago
The egg is at left at the screen at 1:13 sec
Totally Not Immature
'Totally Not Immature' 22 hours ago
Say some mean to me
Billy Cooki
'Billy Cooki' 1 day ago
no but i subscribed
'AmazingJaneTV' 1 day ago
oh yeah! the red egg IS at 1:31.
Isaiah Hogue
'Isaiah Hogue' 1 day ago
i fond it
Bianka Allegria
'Bianka Allegria' 1 day ago
Rachel Pierce
'Rachel Pierce' 1 day ago
this is False it never happens
Rory O
'Rory O' 1 day ago
what age group would you say this is aimed at??
Fuzzymitch 123
'Fuzzymitch 123' 1 day ago
Not the finger when his finger comes off
Fuzzymitch 123
'Fuzzymitch 123' 1 day ago
That looks so real
Saeedeh Qurishy
'Saeedeh Qurishy' 1 day ago
will you stop
'JESSEAND MIKE' 1 day ago
the red egg is near Jesse
Allen S
'Allen S' 1 day ago
lennie smith
'lennie smith' 2 days ago
Hulk hogan was just a bit ov and I didn't mean that
Lloyd Angeles
'Lloyd Angeles' 2 days ago
I subscribe
jackson bang996
'jackson bang996' 2 days ago
Lol looks like Jessie's a cannabal ha
Penn Hosking
'Penn Hosking' 2 days ago
Yup. Jesse Is A Cannibal.
Hannah Wilson
'Hannah Wilson' 2 days ago
Erick Estrada
'Erick Estrada' 2 days ago
1:30 red egg
Erick Estrada
'Erick Estrada' 2 days ago
1:30 red egg
'PHOTO VIDEO' 2 days ago
I saw a red egg
'PHOTO VIDEO' 2 days ago
Ana Torres
'Ana Torres' 2 days ago
the is 1.30
mark errisuriz
'mark errisuriz' 2 days ago
When Mike or Jesse I always get time could you get him one of them the one is your finger in it was next to the finger when you didn't look a little red and
Smartie Vlogs
'Smartie Vlogs' 2 days ago
it's on the plants @ 1:31 when Jesse eats the finger
Stanjay3000 Television
0:45 "Your standing on it!"
Aden Uncle
'Aden Uncle' 2 days ago
Aden Uncle
'Aden Uncle' 2 days ago
It's at 1:31
Anthony Lutz
'Anthony Lutz' 2 days ago
I found the egg it's above the sign in the background
Leticia Naranjo
'Leticia Naranjo' 2 days ago
Carter Sousa
'Carter Sousa' 2 days ago
Devin Marshall
'Devin Marshall' 2 days ago
the red egg is at 1:30
Caitlyn Morgan
'Caitlyn Morgan' 3 days ago
hi Mike and Jesse I am your number 1 fan
'OKA BROS' 3 days ago
found it when his abawt to eat the finger
Harithah Harun
'Harithah Harun' 3 days ago
That is gross💩💩
Harithah Harun
'Harithah Harun' 3 days ago
I love you gues ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒💓💛💜💕💖💗💙💚💝💞💟
GamerGuy- Mozammil
here bro you all r awesome please also make a side channel and Do behind a scene on it
Jesley Lim
'Jesley Lim' 3 days ago
i'm felling bad
Akmal Hakim
'Akmal Hakim' 3 days ago
i found it but i dont know after the finger fell jesse stand on it i see a egg
Christian Castaneda
I subscribed
'C00KIE FAMILY' 3 days ago
I san The red egg
RedFighter Jett
'RedFighter Jett' 3 days ago
the red egg is when jesse is about the eat the finger on the sign
Honedge Master
'Honedge Master' 3 days ago
the egg is on 1:31 look on the round kinda picture window thing its on top of it.
Aubree Topper
'Aubree Topper' 3 days ago
I found the egg I saw it win the guy in the brown head ate the father guides finger😋😋
Orianas Life
'Orianas Life' 3 days ago
1:30 to 1:31
Eduardo Quirch
'Eduardo Quirch' 3 days ago
was it inside his finger
Derin Akcan
'Derin Akcan' 3 days ago
i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammed Wahab
'Mohammed Wahab' 3 days ago
Rec Army
'Rec Army' 3 days ago
I love you
Haily Rodwell
'Haily Rodwell' 3 days ago
I found it it is when Jesse was going to eat the finger
Lila Dina
'Lila Dina' 3 days ago
Jai Acosta
'Jai Acosta' 3 days ago
Found the red egg
Brett Mason
'Brett Mason' 3 days ago
I found the egg at 1:30
Anthony Vaj
'Anthony Vaj' 3 days ago
the firework is fake
Queen Hall
'Queen Hall' 3 days ago
It is at 1:30 on the left on the green leaves..
Carmen Valtierra
'Carmen Valtierra' 3 days ago
did that
Jamarski Jones
'Jamarski Jones' 3 days ago
funny allways laugh
paula campbell-stone
Nasima Ahmed
'Nasima Ahmed' 3 days ago
give me at least 100 likes course my hamster died I will be happy 😢
Nasima Ahmed
'Nasima Ahmed' 3 days ago
Ketty Fontanez
'Ketty Fontanez' 3 days ago
I want those head phones soooo BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taven Lund
'Taven Lund' 3 days ago
I found the red egg
narce jacobo
'narce jacobo' 4 days ago
I found the red egg wend jesse ate Mike's finger
abdullah zaidi
'abdullah zaidi' 4 days ago
red egg at 1:30
Ramzan Mahdi
'Ramzan Mahdi' 4 days ago
Anubhab Gaming
'Anubhab Gaming' 4 days ago
you two are awesome and cool guys
horse candy w
'horse candy w' 4 days ago
i hate it
Jorja Jansen
'Jorja Jansen' 4 days ago
Egg at 1:30
Jesus Gastelum1
'Jesus Gastelum1' 4 days ago
The egg is at 1:30 at the left on this green thing
Kalandi das
'Kalandi das' 4 days ago
Bhabani Puri
'Bhabani Puri' 4 days ago
Does that really tastes like chicken fingers
Sreyoun Chhat
'Sreyoun Chhat' 4 days ago
Alexis Mohn
'Alexis Mohn' 4 days ago
Alexis Mohn
'Alexis Mohn' 4 days ago
biggest idiots ever!!!!!!
Jessica miller
'Jessica miller' 4 days ago
I found all of the fricking all the eggs
Abe The Conservationist
Just tranquilize him and eat the rest of his fingers and dip your own fingers into the sauce and eat them all. I know it would be painful.
Txajkhai Vang
'Txajkhai Vang' 4 days ago
minutes 1:30 the red egg on the left
Jordan Gratson
'Jordan Gratson' 4 days ago
Gracie sartorius
'Gracie sartorius' 4 days ago
awesome but always have safety first kids and don't try this at home please don't just looking out for ya and if you will go to my youtube channel and be subscribe and hit the thumbs up and comment then I will sing a song
Yvonne Wilson
'Yvonne Wilson' 4 days ago
Happe new
anamika dass
'anamika dass' 4 days ago
nice vidio
JTB The gamer and vlogger
I cringed while watching that this. Especially when he blew his finger off; man that's gotta hurt bad XO
Daisy Akter
'Daisy Akter' 4 days ago
The red egg is in top of the leafs
Ariana Shellman
'Ariana Shellman' 4 days ago
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