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Published: 1 year ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 1 year ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

Trung Tam Vat Lieu Xay Dung Mien Nam
Mr. Hacker from Russia
Pammy Mehta
'Pammy Mehta' 13 hours ago
Diwakar Kumar
'Diwakar Kumar' 14 hours ago
Wast the food
Hem Raj
'Hem Raj' 19 hours ago
Yr u r amazing
sai mohith
'sai mohith' 24 hours ago
Manikumar Gadi
'Manikumar Gadi' 1 day ago
Zawyar Atif
'Zawyar Atif' 1 day ago
Excellent video
Raj Aglawe
'Raj Aglawe' 2 days ago
science experimental for 2000 note
Ashika Sharma
'Ashika Sharma' 2 days ago
great work
Ferhat TUNA
'Ferhat TUNA' 2 days ago
1:53 Trollface
Yiyang Liu
'Yiyang Liu' 2 days ago
真残忍,撮箕鸡蛋的十种方法😩 我一般都是直接捏碎。。。。
jewelvids tv
'jewelvids tv' 3 days ago
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Burhan Mir
'Burhan Mir' 3 days ago
4:01 looked like condom
Action all in one channel best video click
Mani S Mani
'Mani S Mani' 4 days ago
Juned Khan
'Juned Khan' 4 days ago
Diptanu Debbarna
'Diptanu Debbarna' 4 days ago
Mr. Hacker you are so much tricky
Rahul Gupta
'Rahul Gupta' 4 days ago
hanuman singh
'hanuman singh' 5 days ago
Kulsoom Saima
'Kulsoom Saima' 5 days ago
Waooo amazing!!!!
Amazing Talents
'Amazing Talents' 5 days ago
Great Intro and nice video
Jonathan Corona
'Jonathan Corona' 5 days ago
So now how do i get the stupid egg out of the bottle?
Fagi Rameeza
'Fagi Rameeza' 6 days ago
Liza Lorrain
'Liza Lorrain' 6 days ago
Musik cool
Riki Rikiharun
'Riki Rikiharun' 6 days ago
kerenn alatnya ada aja.. gimana caranya tuh
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Ali naseer
'Ali naseer' 7 days ago
Nix Gaming
'Nix Gaming' 7 days ago
Everytime you make tricks video it says trikcs not tricks. Love ur vid. Totally subbed
Тини Мини
'Тини Мини' 1 week ago
Хорошо, что куры не пользуются планшетом
Rakeeb Ahmed
'Rakeeb Ahmed' 1 week ago
people r dying for food nd here u r showing those useless stupid hacks wasting foord
'INFO MANIA' 1 week ago
1:20 hsni
'INFO MANIA' 1 week ago
0:9 what!!?
Raja Padda
'Raja Padda' 1 week ago
teuku jal
'teuku jal' 1 week ago
Sub back ya
Purvi Chauhan
'Purvi Chauhan' 1 week ago
Karanpreet Singh
'Karanpreet Singh' 1 week ago
Sonu Singh
'Sonu Singh' 1 week ago
nice bro
Durga R. Shenoy
'Durga R. Shenoy' 1 week ago
Pulkit Sharma
'Pulkit Sharma' 1 week ago
make. simple. things. of. paper
Tha boby
'Tha boby' 1 week ago
so nice
Vignesh Empala
'Vignesh Empala' 1 week ago
Just shit what is the use of this just time waste and eggs waste...
'DJ DALOVIE [RMP]]' 1 week ago
wooww i like
Like 1275 786
'Like 1275 786' 1 week ago
Gupteshwar Prasad Shrivastava
wow, it's amazing
'xXghostXx' 1 week ago
Music please 2:35
Keathly Eguia
'Keathly Eguia' 1 week ago
I'm eggsxited to do these eggsperiment😁
Numan boss
'Numan boss' 1 week ago
Numan boss
'Numan boss' 1 week ago
mahesh chaudhari
'mahesh chaudhari' 1 week ago
AbDuL qAdR
'AbDuL qAdR' 2 weeks ago
subscribe me and i well subscribe you
Avishkar Naik
'Avishkar Naik' 2 weeks ago
3:04 better if u use balloon
Victor Jaikar creations
hats off .....😘
Video HD
'Video HD' 2 weeks ago
اذا عجبك هذا الفديو فبأكيد ستحب قناتنا
'화이준서' 2 weeks ago
'A2Z' 2 weeks ago
very nice
Alex Reyes
'Alex Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Appaya Appu
'Appaya Appu' 2 weeks ago
it's really awesome
AH Santo M
'AH Santo M' 2 weeks ago
sunny rajput
'sunny rajput' 2 weeks ago
Ssd ki vines
'XxjoeyxX' 2 weeks ago
My old teacher was named Mr.H, but the "H" stands for Haulsalter.
Jayesh Maurya
'Jayesh Maurya' 2 weeks ago
awesome bro Loved it
Jack Malkovich
'Jack Malkovich' 2 weeks ago
Gu Gu
'Gu Gu' 2 weeks ago
rajalakshmi k
'rajalakshmi k' 2 weeks ago
How to put a egg I a bottle
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Mallu Masala Tv
'Mallu Masala Tv' 2 weeks ago
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Ayush Aravind
'Ayush Aravind' 2 weeks ago
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Sam Udin
'Sam Udin' 2 weeks ago
kaiza suka mama suka gino suka
Amit Kumar
'Amit Kumar' 2 weeks ago
i love you so much i can ,t live without you mr hacker
AA . FC films
'AA . FC films' 2 weeks ago
Also not alsow learn grammar
Cinnu Chinnu
'Cinnu Chinnu' 2 weeks ago
Peanut RAW
'Peanut RAW' 2 weeks ago
Your a magic champion dude
Mircea Tady
'Mircea Tady' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful ☝👏
Madhu Agarwal
'Madhu Agarwal' 2 weeks ago
nice video
Santosh Devi
'Santosh Devi' 2 weeks ago
Adin Rempong
'Adin Rempong' 2 weeks ago
Luka Abell
'Luka Abell' 2 weeks ago
Oh my god how to basic I am a big fan
V. Idea
'V. Idea' 2 weeks ago
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magid khan
'magid khan' 3 weeks ago
very nice
Sujay Atyam
'Sujay Atyam' 3 weeks ago
Pradhuman Sharma
'Pradhuman Sharma' 3 weeks ago
Is there any way to hit more than one like??
Ajay Yadav
'Ajay Yadav' 3 weeks ago
wasted so much egg
misti rod
'misti rod' 3 weeks ago
Madhu Bain
'Madhu Bain' 3 weeks ago
That was empty egg which u put in veneger
Chloe salas
'Chloe salas' 3 weeks ago
Rory Clancy
'Rory Clancy' 3 weeks ago
Sorry 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃👻👻👻🙃🙃🙃🙃🎼🚆🎧🙉🍢🐷☕️🎤🎧🎮😂
Rory Clancy
'Rory Clancy' 3 weeks ago
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Ritz Albrynth Rafer
'Ritz Albrynth Rafer' 3 weeks ago
Mohammadia Al Tazi
'Mohammadia Al Tazi' 3 weeks ago
yuo are the best.
paul tan
'paul tan' 3 weeks ago
😮 wow
ali aldi
'ali aldi' 3 weeks ago
I love this
'gharkitaste' 3 weeks ago
The Q Juice corner
'The Q Juice corner' 3 weeks ago
Nurik. kz
'Nurik. kz' 3 weeks ago
'JAZZ Jam' 3 weeks ago
Why are you such a dick to eggs dude?
Никита С
'Никита С' 3 weeks ago
'prudactus' 4 weeks ago
how super cooooool!
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