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Published: 1 year ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 1 year ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'SHAIK BASHIRUN' 8 hours ago
Just awsm
Mỹ Tiên Nguyễn Quang
dream effects
'dream effects' 2 days ago
Mohsin Mehar
'Mohsin Mehar' 3 days ago
Sakthi Durayan
'Sakthi Durayan' 4 days ago
Vaisha Sawant
'Vaisha Sawant' 5 days ago
This is very awesome this I had done from my school project my school teachers had to for exhibition
chirag Patil
'chirag Patil' 6 days ago
very nice
vansh panchal Mahipal panchal
Wow it's amazing
Caitlyn Nuguid
'Caitlyn Nuguid' 1 week ago
While he was playing with the egg the air egg i guess i was like YOU DONT PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!!!
Anthony Dinh
'Anthony Dinh' 1 week ago
Egg-cellent! Get it? :D
guru randhawa cool sk
Hemali Perera
'Hemali Perera' 1 week ago
Whts the purpose of those thingss ah?
Sarthak *
'Sarthak *' 1 week ago
What this when i Don't have any eggs
Debalin Zg Kashyap
'Debalin Zg Kashyap' 2 weeks ago
mamali uttam
'mamali uttam' 2 weeks ago
Wow that's a amazing idea for
Black Eagle
'Black Eagle' 2 weeks ago
super ideas
αмяαи !!
'αмяαи !!' 2 weeks ago
0:30 Alsow?
Hayder Ghazwan
'Hayder Ghazwan' 2 weeks ago
Yeah mr.white Science
niuzi boi
'niuzi boi' 2 weeks ago
cool bro
Malag Aga
'Malag Aga' 2 weeks ago
On u r hand all small will come
Gabriel Cuneta
'Gabriel Cuneta' 2 weeks ago
Togepi used metronome! Togepi used explosion!
mohan kanha
'mohan kanha' 2 weeks ago
wow mr hacker
Sayam Sharma
'Sayam Sharma' 2 weeks ago
Himick Johnson
'Himick Johnson' 2 weeks ago
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bala mohan
'bala mohan' 2 weeks ago
Cam Huong
'Cam Huong' 2 weeks ago
Aditya Kumar
'Aditya Kumar' 2 weeks ago
I love it
Village version
'Village version' 3 weeks ago
Wow .....
Krishna Raut
'Krishna Raut' 3 weeks ago
1:54 pissing in water 😂😂😂
Manoj Kulaspurkar
'Manoj Kulaspurkar' 3 weeks ago
Eggshelent hacks
The Noobness
'The Noobness' 3 weeks ago
HowToBasic is being tortured!
Sahan Mollick
'Sahan Mollick' 3 weeks ago
chock nunez
'chock nunez' 3 weeks ago
Mr.hacker are you a hacker
Mallorie Walker
'Mallorie Walker' 3 weeks ago
Alvin A
'Alvin A' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe me adn watch my video
Kacper Krystkowiak
'Kacper Krystkowiak' 3 weeks ago
2:32 Music?
Andika Bayu mandala
'Andika Bayu mandala' 3 weeks ago
What a stupid shit, nda ada faedahnya anjng
Jenshoo Click
'Jenshoo Click' 3 weeks ago
world of games
'world of games' 3 weeks ago
Amazing I like minute 4:55
Vijay Saini v/saini
'Vijay Saini v/saini' 3 weeks ago
Cyber Electric Army
'Cyber Electric Army' 4 weeks ago
Ya it's crazy amazing things Life HACK but I like computer Hacking only.....!
ritikroushan golu
'ritikroushan golu' 4 weeks ago
Mohan Babu
'Mohan Babu' 4 weeks ago
The last experiments weight was not parallel to egg ,it was slant too left!!
Vandana Pathak
'Vandana Pathak' 4 weeks ago
You killed too many chickens
BD Tube 786
'BD Tube 786' 4 weeks ago
Amir Hamza
'Amir Hamza' 4 weeks ago
It is amazing
Lisbeth Solís Alvarado
pon like pq quieri
Carmen Bene
'Carmen Bene' 1 month ago
Wait, after you get the hard boiled egg into the glass bottle, how would you get it out?
Hi tech info
'Hi tech info' 1 month ago
Sudhanshu Sharma
'Sudhanshu Sharma' 1 month ago Buy any 2 or more thing from given link and win 3or more prices
Wrecking Gaming
'Wrecking Gaming' 1 month ago
You spelled ALSO wrong. U wrote "ALSOW"
Munaza Jaffery Munaza Jaffery
Happy 1M subscribers and they are going to be 2M
Emmajane De Souza
'Emmajane De Souza' 1 month ago
Mamta Singh
'Mamta Singh' 1 month ago
Vetle Wårås
'Vetle Wårås' 1 month ago
So if you miss and need a ping pong ball for beer pong, just clean an egg, bath it in vinegar, put it back in cold water, blow it up and vipps. You have a ball.
Harshada Nirmal
'Harshada Nirmal' 1 month ago
good inventions 👌
Stickbot King
'Stickbot King' 1 month ago
like a rubber?
goldgamer637222 Gonzalez
'g-reg' 1 month ago
Get a job
Faisal Shaikh
'Faisal Shaikh' 1 month ago
Gaming Life
'Gaming Life' 1 month ago
eggcellent 👌👌👌👌
Thatguywhoplaysdeadgames 2.0
How to basic would be proud
Ruma mv
'Ruma mv' 1 month ago
I love you so much this show is so good
Viveka Phale
'Viveka Phale' 1 month ago
It's to cool😇😇😇
Flynn Duggan
'Flynn Duggan' 1 month ago
Spelt also wrong
'adeM1NT' 1 month ago
Where da fuq is HOWTOBASIC
Exotic Gamer
'Exotic Gamer' 1 month ago
6:12 best part
'MJ B' 1 month ago
Jay Shiyal
'Jay Shiyal' 1 month ago
Koli chu
akeel pathan
'akeel pathan' 1 month ago
Rekha And Rihan Khatri
Rekha And Rihan Khatri
Awesome baby
24 Health Cures
'24 Health Cures' 2 months ago
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Amrutha Unni
'Amrutha Unni' 2 months ago
Very bad
'LinkOfHyrl' 2 months ago
"Like A Rubber" ...... ???
HD science tricks
'HD science tricks' 2 months ago
Aahil Aqil vlogs
'Aahil Aqil vlogs' 2 months ago
0:56 LOLOLOL look at him
Aahil Aqil vlogs
'Aahil Aqil vlogs' 2 months ago
0:52 that's hell hard
Aahil Aqil vlogs
'Aahil Aqil vlogs' 2 months ago
Muhammad Aksar
'Muhammad Aksar' 2 months ago
Love it
Muhammad Aksar
'Muhammad Aksar' 2 months ago
😮 Wow
Indu Negi
'Indu Negi' 2 months ago
Saikumar Jawle
'Saikumar Jawle' 2 months ago
DUPLICATE OF Dude perfect
Hill Climb racing 2
'Hill Climb racing 2' 2 months ago
No and
Hussain Aman
'Hussain Aman' 2 months ago
look in boys
'look in boys' 2 months ago
Ajay Kumar 9520905877
mary mdy
'mary mdy' 2 months ago
It was very interesting usfull for me .thank u very much 👍👍👍
зомбо геймер
logan paul
'logan paul' 2 months ago
'FUNNY PRANK' 2 months ago
Mahesh Roddy
'Mahesh Roddy' 2 months ago
So Nice
Mustufa Memon
'Mustufa Memon' 2 months ago
Diana Gianella
'Diana Gianella' 2 months ago
Osea sus vídeos son en inglés pero el titulo español
Dracko Diary
'Dracko Diary' 2 months ago
It was Eggxellent
ariella Sanchez
'ariella Sanchez' 2 months ago
that is so cool 😎 😎 😎 😎
Furkan Choudhary
'Furkan Choudhary' 2 months ago
Aap ka majick fal h
Michael Oates
'Michael Oates' 2 months ago
You don't know english very well...  are you not from america?
Fendi Kuntoro
'Fendi Kuntoro' 2 months ago
Very amazing
Juvy Saavedra
'Juvy Saavedra' 2 months ago
I immediately tried if an egg will stand with salt while watching the beginning of the video. I was not disappointed 😂
dhmakedar videos all category with vedant
see this video you can't stop laughing
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