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Published: 2 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 2 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

Nor Azlina
'Nor Azlina' 25 minutes ago
my mom say if I doing experiment with no copying Mr.Gear Mr.Hacker he wil give me doing youtube
Thai An Nguyen
'Thai An Nguyen' 3 hours ago
Jaro Kail
'Jaro Kail' 5 hours ago
0:08 TRIKCS?
Katy Schnable
'Katy Schnable' 15 hours ago
Jahleesa Douglas
'Jahleesa Douglas' 15 hours ago
I love the music!
Joey Joey
'Joey Joey' 16 hours ago
Show off
'taon' 18 hours ago
it is realy strange to play with something that could live :/
RaYder Agar,io
'RaYder Agar,io' 20 hours ago
You are a nice hacker :D Lol
Sisi-sofie Yan 1DU Øhavsskolen
hej alle sammen
Shadow King
'Shadow King' 23 hours ago
what the name of the firs song??????
Furdean Raul
'Furdean Raul' 24 hours ago
cyca blyet idina hui
Ahnaf Tahmid
'Ahnaf Tahmid' 1 day ago
russians these days
《ΞǤ》 ★ ♬ᗰỮᔕƗĆ
0:29 also the tip not alsow the tip 0:36 almost a shape of a ball :) not almost ball :) 4:55 dont try this at home! not dont repeat! these are bad englishes!
'SALIM SHA' 1 day ago
you are amazing
Junebug Sewap
'Junebug Sewap' 2 days ago
1:54 like I have a giant bowl like that laying around. Lol.
Kebab Do Ruky
'Kebab Do Ruky' 2 days ago
boiling water is very dangerous please dont try at home :D
Bramarama Ravuri
'Bramarama Ravuri' 2 days ago
Marcel Cintalan
'Marcel Cintalan' 2 days ago
I am speechless.
Simon Richard
'Simon Richard' 2 days ago
Guys, Crap sea i really love it mightiqy generally ...
Od Ell
'Od Ell' 3 days ago
Dang man how to basic would be proud of you and said you learned a lot
Teckno Rockbell
'Teckno Rockbell' 3 days ago
no uuii9
Robin Covell
'Robin Covell' 3 days ago
'TheAsdfg74' 3 days ago
Епта, на уксусе спалился...
'TheAsdfg74' 3 days ago
Hacker, this is not you hacked Obama and Trump?
Amber Dosey
'Amber Dosey' 3 days ago
My 2 year old son's favorite video of all time!
Richard Lieberth
'Richard Lieberth' 3 days ago
this guy is like having a professor degree on egg subject
Nora Keyde Esquivel
Zain Ahmed
'Zain Ahmed' 4 days ago
we can also eat it
Ismail Khan
'Ismail Khan' 4 days ago
Tasha Thompson
'Tasha Thompson' 4 days ago
tnt egg
David Artyomenko
'David Artyomenko' 4 days ago
what is the name of the song that begins in 2:30
Bao Thuy Tran
'Bao Thuy Tran' 4 days ago
second music please?
Savitha Tharanath
'Savitha Tharanath' 4 days ago
nice and super but dangerous to do 😊😊😊😊 👍👍👍👍👍 👌👌👌👌👌 ☺☺☺☺☺
Michelle Hawkins
'Michelle Hawkins' 4 days ago
'T- CRASH' 4 days ago
Aarif Qureshi
'Aarif Qureshi' 4 days ago
it's amazing!!!!egg art.....😍😋😃😍
Angel Ramirez
'Angel Ramirez' 4 days ago
I am your fan I want want your autograph
Ken Killer TV
'Ken Killer TV' 4 days ago
what name music 2:31
Antonique Allen
'Antonique Allen' 5 days ago
Jakub Paszka
'Jakub Paszka' 5 days ago
5:14 I think i should stop smoking *;-;*
Jakub Paszka
'Jakub Paszka' 5 days ago
1:18 thats how you came out of your mother's ass, *LOL VERY GOOD PUNZ* XD
Wioletta Dubiel
'Wioletta Dubiel' 5 days ago
a jak to wyciągnąć?
Alina Van Elsacker
super leuk filmpje
antajuan perkinf
'antajuan perkinf' 5 days ago
'Rakamakaboom' 5 days ago
'Rakamakaboom' 5 days ago
'SnaggyYew69523' 5 days ago
they spelt also wrong
Dennis De Guzman
'Dennis De Guzman' 5 days ago
awesomeness trick so awesomeness best
Royal Tennille
'Royal Tennille' 6 days ago
This is cool I'm gonna for sure sub to you
Mangle massie
'Mangle massie' 6 days ago
how adout throwing eggs at ppl is cooler then this stuff
Claret Mug
'Claret Mug' 6 days ago
Youtube Masti & Info
2000 subscribers
Zoran Saric
'Zoran Saric' 6 days ago
Jahas Uehw
'Jahas Uehw' 6 days ago
Lianne Cicilia
'Lianne Cicilia' 6 days ago
'Foxy' 6 days ago
he kinda looks like ssundee when he was younger
good video happy
'good video happy' 6 days ago
'Brandicek' 6 days ago
1 milion subscribers !!
Layan Alghamdi
'Layan Alghamdi' 6 days ago
In 4:00 I thought that he was gone make a condom
Emm y
'Emm y' 6 days ago
what nationality is he??
Lookesh Kathirmathy
1:23 how is the egg still intact
Wan Chayta
'Wan Chayta' 7 days ago
Hannah Grace Willis
hacker you hacker
'Ayy' 7 days ago
i rememver when this channel was at 8k
FluffyTheHairless Cat
Did he really spell Also "alsow"
Raviha Sana
'Raviha Sana' 7 days ago
What we done more with our eggs.😨🆎
Scotty Styles
'Scotty Styles' 1 week ago
i farted
Matthew O
'Matthew O'leary' 1 week ago
Matthew O
'Matthew O'leary' 1 week ago
'ElBlackZIKE' 1 week ago
what is a song ? :D please :v
Ok Ok
'Ok Ok' 1 week ago
I Subscribed!!!!
Akeelah Mitchell
'Akeelah Mitchell' 1 week ago
Hey dude that's incredible
'RetOmeN' 1 week ago
what 's te music 2:31
'Viviane DECOBECQ' 1 week ago
What. What 😦😮
BoFighter one
'BoFighter one' 1 week ago
very entertaining, thanks for a good time
Your Name
'Your Name' 1 week ago
19.2 kg vs egg 19.2 and egm WİN dd
Kayleigh Baker
'Kayleigh Baker' 1 week ago
4.57 i jumped so hard when the egg popped
Kayleigh Baker
'Kayleigh Baker' 1 week ago
anyone notice the word tricks spelt wrong
Rus TV
'Rus TV' 1 week ago
Классный канал, мне нравится))))) с меня подписка)))) с лайки)))) заходи и на мой канал))))
Kevelin Oliveira
'Kevelin Oliveira' 1 week ago
oq é essa maça vermelha
Angelica Bigot
'Angelica Bigot' 1 week ago
I'm very curious for how many eggs did he waste in every video! Haha poor eggs.
Novac Alexandra
'Novac Alexandra' 1 week ago
James Jr
'James Jr' 1 week ago
4:56 when you get a headshot in resident evil
'rupalimmm' 1 week ago
wow so cool and such a unique way to introduce eggs to someone; I never thought eggs were so creative
kyla chapman
'kyla chapman' 1 week ago
Cool awesome
Julio Urbina
'Julio Urbina' 1 week ago
It's looked like a very extra small condom
Trickshot Master
'Trickshot Master' 1 week ago
I did the vinegar one
Sesili Gabriadze
'Sesili Gabriadze' 1 week ago
that was great but last was funny :-) :-)
Давран Давран
robin thomas
'robin thomas' 1 week ago
scare feed volunteer totally fund marriage deputy heat liability.
'ciepaczysko' 1 week ago
2:50 what music is that???
Mini Cat
'Mini Cat' 1 week ago
он русский
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