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Published: 8 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 8 months ago

30, 176, 138 views

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'MartialTigg3R' 8 months ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos.
Steel Alsbury
'Steel Alsbury' 5 hours ago
1:52 I'm uglier
Garage Dubstep
'Garage Dubstep' 1 day ago
Don't Watch this video! It could impact the sensitivity of HowToBasic.
Andres Pichardo
'Andres Pichardo' 2 days ago
ultimo experimiento fallido
ramli rahim
'ramli rahim' 2 days ago
'GameMosterW' 2 days ago
you are awsome
'Yash.0' 3 days ago
I wonder how How To Basic feels about this video
'SAIFULLAH usmani' 3 days ago
Ethan Pachl
'Ethan Pachl' 3 days ago
that thunk is so satisfying
rizon costanda channel
what do u. need from my id
Musab Ali
'Musab Ali' 4 days ago
WWW what a trick
Raman Kumari
'Raman Kumari' 4 days ago
30milion views...😱😱😱
Samina Doll
'Samina Doll' 5 days ago
not interested
Елисей Панков
уксус столовый...
Meenal Khan
'Meenal Khan' 5 days ago
Hanif Hanif
'Hanif Hanif' 5 days ago
di Pontianak pon ad gk tuh tlok bediri
Well Hello
'Well Hello' 6 days ago
The egg part was awesome
the king
'the king' 6 days ago
please music ???
Lawrence Lam
'Lawrence Lam' 6 days ago
Manik sharjha
'Manik sharjha' 2 weeks ago
Brody Phillips
'Brody Phillips' 2 weeks ago
Reply carry Congress traditionally telescope prime brain cross concern.
Sabin Sunar
'Sabin Sunar' 2 weeks ago
it's so cool
Tails Plays
'Tails Plays' 2 weeks ago
Артем Товарищев
Mr.Hacker,ты из России???
Boodhoo Madvi
'Boodhoo Madvi' 2 weeks ago
wow me can do it
Dr Chang
'Dr Chang' 2 weeks ago
Eating substantial amount of eggs can lead to type II diabetes.
bunny chan
'bunny chan' 2 weeks ago
Original Crafts
'Original Crafts' 2 weeks ago
Modern Creator I agree
Ozan Dikerler
'Ozan Dikerler' 2 weeks ago
and 30 millions stupid watched this :/
Paula Santana
'Paula Santana' 2 weeks ago
'Environment' 2 weeks ago
Siva Sankar
'Siva Sankar' 2 weeks ago
Dr_Rizal Meme
'Dr_Rizal Meme' 2 weeks ago
the egg in the vinegar when you leave it in 1-2 days it's like a condom
Sagar singh
'Sagar singh' 3 weeks ago
chal chutiye
mister jaroslaw
'mister jaroslaw' 3 weeks ago
ета відео заслужено лайка і падпіскі на твоїй канал
Ahmad dar
'Ahmad dar' 3 weeks ago
I think he's better than Mr.gear although he had 6 Million subscribers
Blue Plays
'Blue Plays' 3 weeks ago
0:30 I think he spelt also wrong
Wolf Gamer 311
'Wolf Gamer 311' 3 weeks ago
'Firecloud20' 3 weeks ago
just saw an egg taking a shit today, nothing suprice anymore
Samuel soto sanchez
'Samuel soto sanchez' 3 weeks ago
in 0:08 it says that it is 10 awesome trikcs with eggs when it is supposed to be 10 TRICKS with eggs
Hafizur Rahman
'Hafizur Rahman' 3 weeks ago
shaillie tiwari
'shaillie tiwari' 3 weeks ago
amazing man!! loved it
Сева Чайкин
Почему вы WOL забросили ?
Mausami Dutt
'Mausami Dutt' 3 weeks ago
Hey pagal mental bandar kutta
'RepleteBore' 3 weeks ago
Um I cant do anything...I'm allergic to eggs
ANS Farharss Perdam176
21 Pilots
'21 Pilots' 3 weeks ago
5:45 WOW thats more then I can hold
lDrewl 1 1
'lDrewl 1 1' 3 weeks ago
how to basic is triggered
Kyle Edgerton
'Kyle Edgerton' 3 weeks ago
The Yolks on you
Nyambayr Enkhbayr
'Nyambayr Enkhbayr' 3 weeks ago
3:25 is my favorite
Jayan VR
'Jayan VR' 4 weeks ago
good to see
Uddipta Bhuyan
'Uddipta Bhuyan' 4 weeks ago
its just Good
Mohamed Sakho
'Mohamed Sakho' 4 weeks ago
Akhil Senthil
'Akhil Senthil' 4 weeks ago
Gladis Gomez
'Gladis Gomez' 4 weeks ago
Andu Ariton
'Andu Ariton' 4 weeks ago
very cool!
Kalin kessler
'Kalin kessler' 4 weeks ago
Now i need to get the fkin egg out of the bottle
Shubham Subedi
'Shubham Subedi' 4 weeks ago
hey how to take out the eggs from bottle
BB yls
'BB yls' 4 weeks ago
tricks was spelled wrong
mohammad bux Shaikh
'mohammad bux Shaikh' 4 weeks ago
I try 3rd trick and my all eggs were at floor ! anyway bro you did it well keep it up 👍
Michael Schick
'Michael Schick' 4 weeks ago
only noobs will use salt for the first trick ^^
Silpa Mitra
'Silpa Mitra' 4 weeks ago
just too amezing. cant express. impressive & motivated
terry brennan
'terry brennan' 4 weeks ago
@3:15 I think we just watched an egg just take a shit
Anu gandhi
'Anu gandhi' 4 weeks ago
how free you are for do these stupid thing.
Reffo News
'Reffo News' 4 weeks ago
1:52 - Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog
Saif Rehman
'Saif Rehman' 4 weeks ago
Kuta Apna bap se dekh kr video banata hai
Ak Mazumdar
'Ak Mazumdar' 4 weeks ago
it's good
пися камушкин
это русский блять?
Udin Sedunia
'Udin Sedunia' 4 weeks ago
mubazir tong!!
Ty Munden
'Ty Munden' 4 weeks ago
*_-like and I'll teach you this-_*
Erika Gonzalez-Castaño
Mr. Gear is better than Me.hacker
Fabio Vieira Cruz
'Fabio Vieira Cruz' 1 month ago
Rizuwan Wan
'Rizuwan Wan' 1 month ago
dr.eggs.. wth..
'Litvin' 1 month ago
What's the music -> 2:31?
Precious Unicorn
'Precious Unicorn' 1 month ago
Mr Hacker Ты мой любимый
vinod paswan
'vinod paswan' 1 month ago
sale tutiya hai kya
Kasturi Verma
'Kasturi Verma' 1 month ago
door something with onions
Dj krish
'Dj krish' 1 month ago
nice job
Umang Kumar
'Umang Kumar' 1 month ago
great science experiments
'SurvivingCadet' 1 month ago
0:09 Notice how (Tricks) is spelled like "Trikcs" He (trikced) you. That, or he misspelled.
'its.kiyaa' 1 month ago
Yup, compare an egg shell to a condom
saira bilal
'saira bilal' 1 month ago
Cool video 😘
'0721213037' 1 month ago
just 1 dislike because the cover and content of book don't match. cover(before playing the video) shows a a trick related to match stick
Lavelle Games
'Lavelle Games' 1 month ago
Mr hacker are you mickeys cousin his name is Michael jordan
Elijah Garcia
'Elijah Garcia' 1 month ago
Bogdan Mil
'Bogdan Mil' 1 month ago
Bogdan Mil
'Bogdan Mil' 1 month ago
Bogdan Mil
'Bogdan Mil' 1 month ago
Daniel Gutierrez
'Daniel Gutierrez' 1 month ago
did anyone notice he spelled also wrong at the 29 second mark.
Lucas Ferreira
'Lucas Ferreira' 1 month ago
GonzoKlutz Documentaries
4:20 condoms sorted for life
ice man
'ice man' 1 month ago
try a dozen of eggs inside a microwave full power for 10 min
Soda Juice
'Soda Juice' 1 month ago
fighting king
'fighting king' 1 month ago
If I trick you I get a like Read more
Cyrus Lever
'Cyrus Lever' 1 month ago
i can stand an egg up like that without using salt
Krishna S
'Krishna S' 1 month ago
Tripura your video
Hamad Raza
'Hamad Raza' 1 month ago
its very easy😏❤
Jalan Sturkie
'Jalan Sturkie' 1 month ago
Who else knew the egg in a bottle trick from full house?
jean marc Mezui
'jean marc Mezui' 1 month ago
'CHANDANA KUNDU' 1 month ago
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