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Published: 5 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 5 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'MartialTigg3R' 5 months ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos.
Lance Clark
'Lance Clark' 5 hours ago
Who else's noticed alsow? Lmao
Ralph Ryder
'Ralph Ryder' 5 hours ago
You can also patch soccer balls with the inside of an egg.
Curious Nandhu
'Curious Nandhu' 8 hours ago
hey mr.hacker I got your vidio
james ross
'james ross' 11 hours ago
very eggcelent
Ryan The Gamer Of Insanity
the name of the music at 3:19 pls!!!
'Nayska' 14 hours ago
second song?
Dima Rasha Korostelev
уксус столовый? '-'
Rishi Kandregula
'Rishi Kandregula' 20 hours ago
will the egg back again after going into the bottle
ahft india
'ahft india' 20 hours ago
Most awesome hacker
Shane Knox
'Shane Knox' 21 hours ago
Guys the second song is "Never give up 1" by Jack Elphick
Fantastic 2
'Fantastic 2' 22 hours ago
That's so cool
Adin raditya
'Adin raditya' 22 hours ago
whats the name of the song??
Ben Ferri
'Ben Ferri' 1 day ago
0:09 "trikcs" ??? XD
'Cinnamongamer' 1 day ago
Survival test: Turn all the light out in your house while holding the egg bomb Start in farthest bedroom from exit Light egg bomb Get out of house as fast as you can If you survive: throw the egg bomb at your neighbors house
Sharpshooter 477
'Sharpshooter 477' 1 day ago
THE EGG... and THE ONION... IS God's love in a food!!!!!!!
'NEGIMA局' 1 day ago
'Manterial999' 1 day ago
Why does it say 16 factorial ? 5:41
Юрий Вьюжанин
ХЕЙ ХЕЙ, привет земляки))))
Craimiel Swenchzer
Boiling water is dangerous😂😂
The Super Cs
'The Super Cs' 2 days ago
4:45 the egg is about to explode
The Super Cs
'The Super Cs' 2 days ago
'규돌이' 2 days ago
Anele Banga
'Anele Banga' 2 days ago
when tricks started write ,,trikcs''?
'ProstoGamer' 2 days ago
Carlos Ramon
'Carlos Ramon' 2 days ago
Just to let you know, the term "Rubber" in America refers to condoms.
Striker 215
'Striker 215' 2 days ago
1:26 lol that sound though
Cynthia Baker
'Cynthia Baker' 2 days ago
what I want to know is how did he peel a hard boiled egg so perfectly that's magical all by itself
XxSaheerxX GT
'XxSaheerxX GT' 2 days ago
Many eggs were killed in the making of this video :)
tejaswi avula
'tejaswi avula' 3 days ago
Rainbow Tacos
'Rainbow Tacos' 3 days ago
How many eggs cracked before you perfected it ;) twurtles
' twurtles' 3 days ago
as a vegan I am disgusted I mean all of those innocent chickens murdered! I'm kidding why else would animals be put on earth other than to use them and what they provide 😂
'Stingers' 3 days ago
0:08 it says "10 AWESOME TRIKCS WITH EGGS", thats a really bad typo. I'm surprised no one mentioned that in the comments.
Tia Urban
'Tia Urban' 3 days ago
How is the first music track named? I've heard it so many times and I'm still searching for its title. Thank you!
Leonid Alikberov
'Leonid Alikberov' 3 days ago
Ma lo sapevate che fosse russo? Su quella di bottiglia di aceto, aceto era scritto in russo...
Valentine Mason
'Valentine Mason' 3 days ago
he spelled tricks like trikcs
Der Hof 2007
'Der Hof 2007' 3 days ago
Very dangerous, don't repeat... means I just ordered pure sodium hydroxide from Amazon!!!
chris lomas
'chris lomas' 3 days ago
Did you know you can now unboil a egg.True.
'ExplosiveEgg' 4 days ago
The last experiment was *EGGSPLOSIVE* oh explosive egg is my name *oh*
ColourSi ofchannel.
how can we get the egg out of the bottle?
Romulo Pablo
'Romulo Pablo' 4 days ago
i subscribed and like
joshua daniel
'joshua daniel' 4 days ago
10 ways to perfectly waste egg.
Thindur Wolfgang
'Thindur Wolfgang' 4 days ago
how to basic was there...
RagingPotato 125
'RagingPotato 125' 4 days ago
What's Kg???
Kevin Z.
'Kevin Z.' 4 days ago
You spelled "also" wrong at 0:20.
'NightmareHD' 4 days ago
whats the name of the first and the secound music pls whrite it in the chat i relly want to know it !
besi Niko
'besi Niko' 4 days ago
you are the best of the best
Ritalin Popper
'Ritalin Popper' 4 days ago
Not my proudest fap
MarcoPolo135 gaming
Everyone should sub to him to make more videos I'm satisfied
Ayyubi Nurlianto
'Ayyubi Nurlianto' 5 days ago
2:32 what is the music name?
'unnamed715' 5 days ago
Like a rubber. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mario Fransisko
'Mario Fransisko' 5 days ago
he makes condom with eggs
Season Lama
'Season Lama' 5 days ago
funtastic video
Alexander Petrosov
what music on 3rd minute, pleaz
Jill Storch
'Jill Storch' 6 days ago
way better than the 10 amazing i mean NOT amazing balloon tricks
Lizzy Featherstone
You spelled also wrong.
Glenn Owen
'Glenn Owen' 6 days ago
Hey, I want to eat the egg. How do you make the egg back out of the bottle without breaking the bottle ?
chef idea
'chef idea' 7 days ago
great video....nice
sk ayan
'sk ayan' 7 days ago
I fart
Arif Ochicero
'Arif Ochicero' 7 days ago
Amazing rai ne
Jennifer Dulalia
'Jennifer Dulalia' 7 days ago
Totoo ba yan ba ka edit lang
Dylan Ashley
'Dylan Ashley' 7 days ago
how many times did you fuck that up
Ebbe Andersson
'Ebbe Andersson' 1 week ago
Raju Pandhare
'Raju Pandhare' 1 week ago
-D- Devil-
'-D- Devil-' 1 week ago
I'm not sure y they put that "very dangerous don't repeat" like bruh If u show us something cool n dangerous who won't repeat
hisyam uddin
'hisyam uddin' 1 week ago
That means we really can't copy the egg bomb XD
Casey Thornburg
'Casey Thornburg' 1 week ago
How did you get the egg in vinegar to blow back up again
'Annika' 1 week ago
can u rub out with the egg?? XD
'Annika' 1 week ago
MartialTigg3R IKR
Collin David
'Collin David' 1 week ago
This was an eggselent video
shahid khan
'shahid khan' 1 week ago
nice one
Mr. meow
'Mr. meow' 1 week ago
Ima idiot som gonna repeat every thing you did! |)
Umaru Chan
'Umaru Chan' 1 week ago
Howtobasic love this
Anas Nawaz
'Anas Nawaz' 1 week ago
Sunscribe to my channel then i will subs you. Comment if you done.
'Fabian' 1 week ago
Nice trikcs 😉
Curious Nandhu
'Curious Nandhu' 1 week ago
hey mr. hacker I got this video
يا عراق
'يا عراق' 1 week ago
Suman Chowdhury
'Suman Chowdhury' 1 week ago
nice man
Inceptionist Arijit
last one & rubber ball transformation were awesome...
god laster
'god laster' 1 week ago
i don't understand the point of getting eggs stuck in a bottle
Sehrish Asad
'Sehrish Asad' 1 week ago
I hate eggs
dragon line227
'dragon line227' 1 week ago
hi i subed you so can you please sub me
Cruz jovan Bunoan
'Cruz jovan Bunoan' 1 week ago
Fabian del Rosario Baldur
Mr Hacker still not arrested by the cops? :D
A Plumbus
'A Plumbus' 2 weeks ago
Malbar Jhangooa
'Malbar Jhangooa' 2 weeks ago
Ramiz Carp
'Ramiz Carp' 2 weeks ago
Mrs Egg
'Mrs Egg' 2 weeks ago
Sharkwarrior852 Corcoran
Use the fores Luke Skywalker
sans kitty girl
'sans kitty girl' 2 weeks ago
so cool
xyz Gupta
'xyz Gupta' 2 weeks ago
xyz Gupta
'xyz Gupta' 2 weeks ago
Dari Kors
'Dari Kors' 2 weeks ago
1:10 boiling water is VERY DANGEROUS! basically, tea is VERY DANGEROUS!
honza musil
'honza musil' 2 weeks ago
What kind of songs
honza musil
'honza musil' 2 weeks ago
What is this song
jahan etu
'jahan etu' 2 weeks ago
'NightmareHD' 2 weeks ago
Whats the Name of the music in the complete video
'Torali' 2 weeks ago
holy fuck you can make an egg condom
Musahir Khan
'Musahir Khan' 2 weeks ago
wow amzing.
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