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Published: 6 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 6 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'MartialTigg3R' 6 months ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos.
Namra Nasir
'Namra Nasir' 12 hours ago
aditya gogoi
'aditya gogoi' 16 hours ago
Genie Wu
'Genie Wu' 2 days ago
I know Do you
'I know Do you' 2 days ago
5:02 Sure
Kimberly Luu
'Kimberly Luu' 2 days ago
did he just say to wash the inside of the egg
'Dmitry' 2 days ago
Редчайшая хуйня!
tech zone
'tech zone' 3 days ago
Narendra Tanwar
'Narendra Tanwar' 3 days ago
Pappu Gautam
'Pappu Gautam' 3 days ago
Dr. AJ Vlog/ gaming
your the best life hacker ever
ᗰᑌᖴᖴIᑎTIᗰE YT
At 0:10 Tricks is spelt incorrectly
'JOZEF PI' 3 days ago
незнаю чо ето такое на лайк поставил)
DanTdm Pikachu Girl
The english in here is not so good
Bạch Lung Nguyệt
3:51 R.I.P Egg after 1 - 2 days :(
Gustav Chiong
'Gustav Chiong' 5 days ago
Boiling Water Is Dangerous!
Jordy H
'Jordy H' 5 days ago
Stop wasting food muddafacka!
Cinthia Uc celis
'Cinthia Uc celis' 5 days ago
alguien habla español? no? ok entonces que clase de vídeo me metí :'v
Cuz girl Vs cuz boy
You evil you a murder to chicks
Coding Heroes
'Coding Heroes' 5 days ago
which software would be using
Chompoonuch Thongkham
Namfah Official
'Namfah Official' 6 days ago
Luv u thaks for video
Ken Nolan
'Ken Nolan' 1 week ago
good video but that face in 1:52 made me laugh so much videos fine and good helped me alot
Ken Nolan
'Ken Nolan' 1 week ago
good video but that face in 1:52 made me laugh so much videos fine and good helped me alot
Ken Nolan
'Ken Nolan' 1 week ago
what a face in the bowl though😂
Ken Nolan
'Ken Nolan' 1 week ago
what a face in the bowl though😂
Mikolaj Wojnicki
'Mikolaj Wojnicki' 1 week ago
How did that "rubber thingy" stay inflated?
'charlitls' 1 week ago
The Social Playground
Anubhav K
'Anubhav K' 1 week ago
egg fireworks....pretty amazing..
Sk Ajijul
'Sk Ajijul' 1 week ago
Juan Plaza
'Juan Plaza' 1 week ago
0:29 "ALSOW"?
Sumaiya Jecika
'Sumaiya Jecika' 1 week ago
nice 😊😊😊😊😊
is plasticine clay?
'1KARU5' 1 week ago
4:07 wow i didn't know that's how they made ping pong balls
Maria Wawa
'Maria Wawa' 1 week ago
can i fill foil balloon with NaOH and aluminium foil gass ? will the baloon fly?
Nathaniel MacArthur
4:18 so that is how ping pong balls are made BTW I am not that stupid
SciFi Bro
'SciFi Bro' 1 week ago
Egg in a bottle, was from crazy Russian hacker
anwar hussain
'anwar hussain' 1 week ago
good videos 😍😍😍😍😍😍😉
aki sora
'aki sora' 1 week ago
just kidding.. nice eggtricks.. very amazing...
aki sora
'aki sora' 1 week ago
u r poopy tv chase
Darien Callier
'Darien Callier' 1 week ago
The thumbnail if fucking perfect it looks like your head if floating
shahrukh hassan
'shahrukh hassan' 1 week ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos
Connor Laing
'Connor Laing' 1 week ago
Am I mistaken to think he just spelt also "alsow"?
Leman Sulaiman
'Leman Sulaiman' 1 week ago
ikm jdi pcar ikm li
Flipnote Pikacheeks
ah, the egg, truly a marvelous being in this vast universe...
super teacher طريقك نحو النجاح
that ege is stronger than me
Mary Ann Watters
'Mary Ann Watters' 1 week ago
jose dubon
'jose dubon' 1 week ago
fucktard also not alsow
Swarnalata Sahoo
'Swarnalata Sahoo' 2 weeks ago
how a ginius activity
Dark and mob Videos
'Dark and mob Videos' 2 weeks ago
this is cool bro i like do more vids😝
Fuzzy-Kittens-4Life Lolol
I had a popping egg one time at my house cause I was hungry and I saw a bowled egg in the fridge so I put it I. The microwave then when I bitted in to it it popped in my mouth and my tongue felt like it had been caught in a mouse trap O-o
Anniken Bondevik
'Anniken Bondevik' 2 weeks ago
why are all your eggs white? what kind of eggs are they?
Vineet Chandel
'Vineet Chandel' 2 weeks ago
you are really a great
jean kurt
'jean kurt' 2 weeks ago
0:29 wrong spelling of (also)
Mr. pewterschmidt
'Mr. pewterschmidt' 2 weeks ago
like a rubber ... condoM? lmao
Caelin Sint Nicolaas
Crimson Mina
'Crimson Mina' 2 weeks ago
I'm At The Philippines
Лол Лооол
'Лол Лооол' 2 weeks ago
топовое видео, я так понял русскоязычный видеоблогер
Og_Megatron 13
'Og_Megatron 13' 2 weeks ago
lol why does the egg in the big bowl look like a bunch of spurm cells
Captain Absol
'Captain Absol' 2 weeks ago
I'm guessing english isn't your first language? you do well at it, regardless.
Craig Resta
'Craig Resta' 2 weeks ago
Thank goodness this is a good day for you
dayal rajwade
'dayal rajwade' 2 weeks ago
no trick ever it just fact
'MOHAMED ARSHAD' 2 weeks ago
awesome 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Anita Goller
'Anita Goller' 2 weeks ago
Amjad Khan
'Amjad Khan' 2 weeks ago
Диванный Эксперт
'Barbar' 2 weeks ago
3:10 abortion :C
kdnavin 143
'kdnavin 143' 2 weeks ago
kdnavin 143
'kdnavin 143' 2 weeks ago
tact sahil
'tact sahil' 2 weeks ago
see my video if like then suscribe
Christen Lewallen
'Christen Lewallen' 2 weeks ago
Iron234: Gameplays, talks, stories, and more!
So.. Why was the 'Also' spelled 'Alsow?' Not from the US?
food mania
'food mania' 2 weeks ago
I'll sub to anyone who subs,likes this comment and writes down
Raj Kumar Raj
'Raj Kumar Raj' 2 weeks ago
very nice
Elek Petreski
'Elek Petreski' 2 weeks ago
I love all your vids they are awesome:)
fat bastard
'fat bastard' 2 weeks ago
3:52 homemade condom
Resty Roxas
'Resty Roxas' 2 weeks ago
mr. hacker i am your bigest fan
Daniel Mayo
'Daniel Mayo' 2 weeks ago
Don´t do one of these egg tricks near the white house: you will go to jail for that!
'lolitsdonc' 2 weeks ago
that thumbnail cracks me up
jalindar Bagankar
'jalindar Bagankar' 2 weeks ago
atma sata rahi ho to sirf ek rasta bachta he o he ANDA but Ap papi aur Khuni ho to Sirf ek way he o he Mukthi
Belle 2 Pina
'Belle 2 Pina' 2 weeks ago
so cool 🙆
Dewald Swart
'Dewald Swart' 2 weeks ago
I came here for eggs....
running _dead
'running _dead' 2 weeks ago
Blockmade Smile
'Blockmade Smile' 2 weeks ago
0:29 anyone spot he said Alsow instead of also?
Merilyn Claudio
'Merilyn Claudio' 2 weeks ago
i. justo. canta. say. nothing😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😣😣😣😣😣🖕🖕🖕🖕😭😭😭💟💟💟😢😢😢😢
s neerudi
's neerudi' 2 weeks ago
your not MR hacker your MR joker
marifi Payos
'marifi Payos' 3 weeks ago
how how !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you do that bro
M Chaudry
'M Chaudry' 3 weeks ago
. or just eat it
Addison Lupton
'Addison Lupton' 3 weeks ago
He spelt "alsow" wrong... it's "also" btw... XD but nice try
Maaz Ali
'Maaz Ali' 3 weeks ago
The last egg bender
maverick melody
'maverick melody' 3 weeks ago
hahaha the egg is krah
John Lorenz Dela Cruz
2:07 avatar: the last eggbender
Manish Raj singh
'Manish Raj singh' 3 weeks ago
good trick
Janu Jana
'Janu Jana' 3 weeks ago
I impressed you by this tricks and all your tricks are awesome
Kenny Bui
'Kenny Bui' 3 weeks ago
Very egg citing
Kenny Bui
'Kenny Bui' 3 weeks ago
This guy yokes around too much
Kenny Bui
'Kenny Bui' 3 weeks ago
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