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Published: 4 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 4 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'MartialTigg3R' 4 months ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos.
Grind 0RJAX
'Grind 0RJAX' 11 hours ago
Omg what was the second song he used that song is my jam
G2 VlogZz
'G2 VlogZz' 1 day ago
For all the adults out there, boiling water is dangerous.
Ibrahim Sheikh
'Ibrahim Sheikh' 1 day ago
u are awsome
brick master
'brick master' 1 day ago
omg that was awsome bro
Stella Sardinha
'Stella Sardinha' 1 day ago
Eggstrodinary. Eggspirimants. Eggsellent!
The Alidar_Via
'The Alidar_Via' 2 days ago
3:26 почему уксус написан на русском?
Curtis Dawdy
'Curtis Dawdy' 3 days ago
Kundan Jha
'Kundan Jha' 3 days ago
Alexander Petrosov
what's that music called, dude?
615 Today
'615 Today' 4 days ago
How do you do it? I am a VERY big fan of your tricks Mister Hacker.
Kevin Yang
'Kevin Yang' 4 days ago
oh mr hacker you're such a hacking hacker
Riden Hewa
'Riden Hewa' 6 days ago
wow wow egg eggwow wow wow egg egg
vitoria berendina
'vitoria berendina' 6 days ago
waarom praat je niet
Robert Wilson Jr
'Robert Wilson Jr' 7 days ago
Тимин Треш
Why it's russian vingar??? "УКСУС" КАКОГО ЧЕРТА ЗДЕСЬ РУССКИЙ УКСУС???????!?!!?!?!?!?!?
mohd shahid
'mohd shahid' 7 days ago
Arya Akash
'Arya Akash' 7 days ago
5:03 off course we can't repeat that, that egg is broken
Kyle Bond
'Kyle Bond' 1 week ago
your videos are cool
sabrine bou
'sabrine bou' 1 week ago
Wow this is amazing
Vaibhav Mohite
'Vaibhav Mohite' 1 week ago
Dayshon Williams
'Dayshon Williams' 1 week ago
so I'm so I'm so so I'm so
ashly coleman
'ashly coleman' 1 week ago
the people at the stores like really going mad if you keep buying eggs
Lunna Hairestetiva
eu adoro o seu canal
Neco Young
'Neco Young' 1 week ago
this is cool ! !!!!!!
Giuseppe Corleone
'Giuseppe Corleone' 1 week ago
И ты бля русский..
Sayed H
'Sayed H' 1 week ago
i have done the vineger trick before seeing this video
Coffee Expert
'Coffee Expert' 1 week ago
how did you think of this tricks?!!nice vid!!!
KehindeAdekoga Adekoga
jeremy Gaymer
'jeremy Gaymer' 2 weeks ago
varun ronanki
'varun ronanki' 2 weeks ago
its amazing i can't just believe it
lim jerryam
'lim jerryam' 2 weeks ago
'firemix19' 2 weeks ago
Kakali Medhi
'Kakali Medhi' 2 weeks ago
KEnt Kentishe
'KEnt Kentishe' 2 weeks ago
хуй йебаний
Matthew Murillo
'Matthew Murillo' 2 weeks ago
0:50 dang how much toilet paper do you go through in a day?!
heather doss
'heather doss' 2 weeks ago
if you think that's fake give me a like
Elina Meiting Häderle Trondal
Wow that is so cool
Tony Mind
'Tony Mind' 2 weeks ago
This satisfaction the same as airpop plastic ;-)
SONIC FOXX MUSIC...(D.N.A... Developing New Artists)
...and there i was thinking eating eggs was the best part...GREAT STUFF.
Zian Zaza
'Zian Zaza' 2 weeks ago
جميل. ومفيد. من. العراق. الفريداوية.
Piyush Sharma
'Piyush Sharma' 2 weeks ago
Which software you are using for editing your viedos tell me please 😳😳 If your software is paid then please suggest me a free video to edit my youtube videos please help a new youtuber 😉😉
Simon Cowell
'Simon Cowell' 2 weeks ago
Its a yes from me
sakshi Patole
'sakshi Patole' 2 weeks ago
strawberry queen
'strawberry queen' 2 weeks ago
You can do awesome tricks with eggs in bed *wink* *wink*
Kristy Flory
'Kristy Flory' 2 weeks ago
I. like. so. more
I Am Tattletail
'I Am Tattletail' 2 weeks ago
Amin Sharif
'Amin Sharif' 2 weeks ago
I am new.I have no subscriber.please help me.You all are my brother.
Carsen Webb
'Carsen Webb' 2 weeks ago
What is the
'roketfingers' 2 weeks ago
hes playing with a chicken embryo...
rajni gautam
'rajni gautam' 2 weeks ago
raz lama
'raz lama' 2 weeks ago
freak joe
'freak joe' 2 weeks ago
will the rubber trick will be completed in 1 day
freak joe
'freak joe' 2 weeks ago
will the rubber trick will be completed in 1 day
Russell Ulcak
'Russell Ulcak' 2 weeks ago
so cool
Hallow Assassin
'Hallow Assassin' 3 weeks ago
'CJ' 3 weeks ago
3:58 bad memories of getting a condom stuck to my face
Marc Fernandez
'Marc Fernandez' 3 weeks ago
hola mauri
Maurizzio González
'Maurizzio González' 3 weeks ago
Maurizzio González
'Maurizzio González' 3 weeks ago
Princess Chibiusa Serenity
Alsow wtf lol
'TheFireBolt' 3 weeks ago
4:58 made my heart stop omg!
Abhijeet Patil
'Abhijeet Patil' 3 weeks ago
Abhijeet Patil
'S K' 3 weeks ago
Sarfaraz Alam
'Sarfaraz Alam' 3 weeks ago
Sherri Olsen
'Sherri Olsen' 3 weeks ago
your not a hacker bro
Jeric Cupin
'Jeric Cupin' 3 weeks ago
I like the tornado egg in fishbowl kind of thing
'Lisa' 3 weeks ago
I am so horny, want to have a talk with real man, click: #dearSeeMeHere
Kaden Bex
'Kaden Bex' 3 weeks ago
On the last one you didn't account for the weight of the green thing
Ahmad Ullah
'Ahmad Ullah' 3 weeks ago
Shahwez Ansari
'Shahwez Ansari' 3 weeks ago
Kun Maryani
'Kun Maryani' 3 weeks ago
putri habib riqik
Mega YouTuber 555
'Mega YouTuber 555' 3 weeks ago
Subscribe to my channel
Ashwin Borude
'Ashwin Borude' 3 weeks ago
0:08 Watch out there's a mistake . Nice video btw
yaseen shareef
'yaseen shareef' 3 weeks ago
Maks mine CRaft
'Maks mine CRaft' 3 weeks ago
FlamingGamer HQ
'FlamingGamer HQ' 3 weeks ago
*hello guys sup what's going on*
Shahab Ebr
'Shahab Ebr' 3 weeks ago
this video is so stupid .
'The' 3 weeks ago
howtobasic liked this!
'Powersurgegaming17' 3 weeks ago
this was eggcelent
'Gregorio' 3 weeks ago
This trick at minute 2:30 to minute 3:14 that physical law is?
Zeana Manalang
'Zeana Manalang' 3 weeks ago
is the egg had an eggshell??
Suprita Das
'Suprita Das' 3 weeks ago
u r a egg's awsome
Thor Mungpi
'Thor Mungpi' 3 weeks ago
spelled tricks wrong at intro
'gian' 3 weeks ago
law of inertia 😂
Faith Harper
'Faith Harper' 3 weeks ago
5:52 MY EGG D:
Rory Evans
'Rory Evans' 3 weeks ago
Mr Hacker is the best hacker
Clueless Chaos
'Clueless Chaos' 3 weeks ago
Mikdaad Morshed
'Mikdaad Morshed' 3 weeks ago
Elaine Rose Mondonedo
Agis Kaçuri
'Agis Kaçuri' 3 weeks ago
you are stupid
'Rishit's Dazz' 3 weeks ago
Its eggspensive
Tina Larsen
'Tina Larsen' 3 weeks ago
how to prank someone whid an egg: take a boiled egg and stick a hole in the egg, suck upp some water inn to it and give someone it
Crono63 Playz
'Crono63 Playz' 3 weeks ago
Wow that one where u made the rubber egg I was surprised! :O
Viren Singh
'Viren Singh' 4 weeks ago
I dint no tey made condom out pf eggs
christian medina
'christian medina' 4 weeks ago
U know the exploding egg .That scared meee
Rashmi Shailesh Jaiswal
all the videos are amazing
Vijaykumar Manchala
'Vijaykumar Manchala' 4 weeks ago
Science Funda
'Science Funda' 4 weeks ago
That Egg Blast was super-cool!
Science Funda
'Science Funda' 4 weeks ago
Very well done! Mr. Hacker :)
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