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Published: 3 months ago By: Mr. Hacker

By: Mr. HackerPublished: 3 months ago

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10 very cool tricks with eggs you should know!

'blackflytr' 3 months ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryos.
Salini Bhattacharya
'Salini Bhattacharya' 3 hours ago
really awsm😉😉
Dana Preble
'Dana Preble' 4 hours ago
Matheus  Augusto
'Matheus Augusto' 11 hours ago
Habiba Akter
'Habiba Akter' 13 hours ago
Vince Serna
'Vince Serna' 14 hours ago
0:30 ALSOW???
Maiko Heinrich
'Maiko Heinrich' 1 day ago
None of these tricks was awesome... :(
Shrikant Naik
'Shrikant Naik' 1 day ago
how to get that egg out ??😓😓😓😓😓😓
Mr. Muscle
'Mr. Muscle' 1 day ago
I approve of this.
king of games
'king of games' 2 days ago
whats the name of song in 0:38 plz
Hekuran Musliu
'Hekuran Musliu' 2 days ago
The soundtrack at 0:07 please someone
Drop Nation
'Drop Nation' 2 days ago
Thumbs up if your watching this in 2018
Hekuran Musliu
'Hekuran Musliu' 2 days ago
the music after the intro please someone tell me the name
Hekuran Musliu
'Hekuran Musliu' 2 days ago
Can someone please tell me the name of the music in the begining, it has a really nice sound to it Thank You
Jafar Iqbal
'Jafar Iqbal' 2 days ago
nice video
arijit Biswas
'arijit Biswas' 2 days ago
Signal of A Science
Cristobal Perez
'Cristobal Perez' 3 days ago
I was eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and I saw this video. I felt it was appropriate to watch while I was eating my meal. lol
The Jr. Engineer
'The Jr. Engineer' 3 days ago
nice video.. you surely produce eggs..😅😅
'MrUsername_' 3 days ago
I like the exploding egg, good for April fool's
Shadow Boss
'Shadow Boss' 4 days ago
im sorry man but at 0:29 (alsow with the tip) um nice english haha
'Cswolfe107' 4 days ago
"A" rubber ;)
Peter Krahn
'Peter Krahn' 4 days ago
mildly amusing. awesome?? not so much.
Denis Ridtz
'Denis Ridtz' 4 days ago
Hira Baloch
'Hira Baloch' 4 days ago
What is your age mr hacker plz
Hira Baloch
'Hira Baloch' 4 days ago
Love you yar
Video Mixer
'Video Mixer' 4 days ago
vicky sarwan
'vicky sarwan' 4 days ago
Vin Denap
'Vin Denap' 4 days ago
this guy really had nothing to do one day to figure some of these out
Chemical Ralf Gaming
how can you do that
Zimichulee The Turtle
When the gallon bomb popped they all died😐
'n2h2o2' 5 days ago
One more trick to add... A hard boiled egg will spin like a top. A raw egg will not.
Brody Christenson
'Brody Christenson' 5 days ago
you misspelled your name it was mr.hacher
'WirinTV' 5 days ago
I know a hack open this video in fullscreen and type awesome then u will see what's awesome!! be sure to like and look at the settings button!
Alex Red
'Alex Red' 5 days ago
first song name plz
Zamin Zahoor
'Zamin Zahoor' 5 days ago
Hey! That's someone's kid over there. 😂😂😂
Lim Han Sin
'Lim Han Sin' 5 days ago
but how to get out the egg?😂
Francisco Rojas
'Francisco Rojas' 6 days ago
I love your hacks
It's like a rubber? Can u put it on a dick?
Bo3 gaming
'Bo3 gaming' 6 days ago
Whats the first song?
marianaa Corrêa
'marianaa Corrêa' 6 days ago
Ebonye Jackson
'Ebonye Jackson' 6 days ago
what is the name of that song before you end the video
MLGSANS with memes
WOW great vid!
Tulasi Naik
'Tulasi Naik' 7 days ago
super talent
Alexandre Massicotte
a day the chicken wull because a wizzard
Vansh Harijan
'Vansh Harijan' 7 days ago
one day the chickens gonna make same videos with human embryou
Maya The pug
'Maya The pug' 7 days ago
6:11-6:12 Had a heart attack
'guyon2 '' 7 days ago
Gabi Aleksandrova
'Gabi Aleksandrova' 1 week ago
маико мила мене наи много ме кефи как само гарми
Marc Nguyen
'Marc Nguyen' 1 week ago
────█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█─── OMG!!! guys he farted!!!! ───▄▀──────────█── ──▄▀───────────█── ─▄▀─█───────────█─ █──▄█────────▄──█─ ─▀▀─█──█──█──█▄▀ ────█──█──█▀▀ ────█──█▄▄█ ────█──█ ────█▄▄█
Marc Nguyen
'Marc Nguyen' 1 week ago
────█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█─── Watch out kidz he farted! ───▄▀──────────█── ──▄▀───────────█── ─▄▀─█───────────█─ █──▄█────────▄──█─ ─▀▀─█──█──█──█▄▀ ────█──█──█▀▀ ────█──█▄▄█ ────█──█ ────█▄▄█ OML FARTED
'marco' 1 week ago
What's your problem with eggs? :/
black summer
'black summer' 1 week ago
2:23 he just playing chicken life
'DRAGONBOMBER21' 1 week ago
what is the name of the songs that he used in the soundtrack. Since there are no credits in the description im guessing its an NCS song and I have no idea what it is called. I know there are 2 songs, so what is the name of he second dubstep song? Any help will be appeciated! Thanks!
عشقه دراشتي دهامي
شباب صبايا اشتركو بقناتي وراح اردها بس اكتبولي تم
Maurice Schroeder
'Maurice Schroeder' 1 week ago
please help my channel Sir
muhammad awan
'muhammad awan' 1 week ago
that was awesome
محمد جمال
'محمد جمال' 1 week ago
Prajakta Tawde
'Prajakta Tawde' 1 week ago
poor Mr egg
Jessica Emily
'Jessica Emily' 1 week ago
jyoti sardana arora
'TheFlyingPizza' 1 week ago
Mester griner
Girl Gamer
'Girl Gamer' 1 week ago
the rubbery egg tho.....O.O
'Lily's World' 2 weeks ago
Crazy cool!
Amy Arredondo
'Amy Arredondo' 2 weeks ago
so stupid
Strikash Namiro
'Strikash Namiro' 2 weeks ago
go to class oni plz this sucks mama ball
Strikash Namiro
'Strikash Namiro' 2 weeks ago
this sucks nothing funny
jay rodlox
'jay rodlox' 2 weeks ago
I love it
Yulun Chow
'Yulun Chow' 2 weeks ago
the song at beginning plz
Maymirza Faiz040
'Maymirza Faiz040' 2 weeks ago
what is the music name?
Maymirza Faiz040
'Maymirza Faiz040' 2 weeks ago
what is the music name?
Lucy Cossins
'Lucy Cossins' 2 weeks ago
I subscribd
Lucy Cossins
'Lucy Cossins' 2 weeks ago
I subskribd
Bablu B
'Bablu B' 2 weeks ago
Ελένη Κοντογιάννη
Connormc 519
'Connormc 519' 2 weeks ago
Who else got flower ad?
'krunchynutt74' 2 weeks ago
pointless snd stupid
José Manuel
'José Manuel' 2 weeks ago
Hola, me puede decir como se llama la canción que comienza en el video en el minuto 2:32 minutos, pues me a gustado mucho. Muchas gracias.
Shena Park
'Shena Park' 2 weeks ago
Why do you always say TRIKCS at a video?
naveen bathi
'naveen bathi' 2 weeks ago
how to take egg out from the bottle
'Illuminati' 2 weeks ago
well atleast the title, didn't put life hacks.
Soumik Malakar
'Soumik Malakar' 2 weeks ago
bhagwan jadhav
'bhagwan jadhav' 2 weeks ago
wow nice.
Sadiqul Ahmed
'Sadiqul Ahmed' 2 weeks ago
trey torrez
'trey torrez' 2 weeks ago
im watching a grown play with eggs........ the internet is wonderful
Ioannis plaxouras
'Ioannis plaxouras' 2 weeks ago
are you from Russia
Ioannis plaxouras
'Ioannis plaxouras' 2 weeks ago
are you from Russia
Joanne Bryant
'Joanne Bryant' 2 weeks ago
I can't lie but some people do dumb things that can and will get them killed
'Olivier' 2 weeks ago
'IRDeady' 2 weeks ago
the first half of these were really stupid.
The Raging Red-Eyes
'The Raging Red-Eyes' 2 weeks ago
Have an "Eggcelent" day Mr.Hacker, and to any "Eggstrodinary" viewers as well =3
Maayan Azulay
'Maayan Azulay' 2 weeks ago
Julian Pof
'Julian Pof' 2 weeks ago
I'm trying rubber egg ☺
Jennifer Crooker
'Jennifer Crooker' 2 weeks ago
oh and 1:52 as well
Jennifer Crooker
'Jennifer Crooker' 2 weeks ago
your face on the thumbnail omg hahahahahahahahahahahahaha lolollolololololololooooooooooololo
RuMpLe StilTsKiN
'RuMpLe StilTsKiN' 2 weeks ago
Who was the first person to eat an egg? And what the hell were they thinking!?
hariprathap md
'hariprathap md' 2 weeks ago
very nice frd
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