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The Biggest Threat to Space Travel is Tiny! -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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Space junk, of any size, is no joke. Paint flecks can travel eight times the speed of a bullet through space!

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Scott Walters
'Scott Walters' 10 months ago
Why would they use the word flecks? -Are they not flakes of paint? #FlecksOrFlakes?
'outbacktrek' 10 months ago
<3 nature ... greatShield 4 ICBM deployment & wasted spaceAdventures (Y)
Madam Fakename
'Madam Fakename' 10 months ago
I would've said bacteria or micro organisms but I guess that would also pose a threat.
'RegretfulDrawings' 10 months ago
Sherwin Williams what do you have to say about yourself huh!
David Grigorof
'David Grigorof' 10 months ago
Who says we have to launch from earth by the time that happens?
Insane CoolAid
'Insane CoolAid' 10 months ago
so why is a spec of dust dangerous than a bullet?
'Nick' 10 months ago
Well that's not an optimistic outlook on the future.
Bong Salvador
'Bong Salvador' 10 months ago
how about a big magnet..hehehe.
Phillip Morrison
'Phillip Morrison' 10 months ago
why don't they stop using paint then
'GG2K7AU05' 10 months ago
and this is why we don't find any civilization out there. they are trapped by their own mess.
Willow Moon
'Willow Moon' 10 months ago
they seriously need to sort that out! cant they use some sort of 'vacuum cleaner' out there to clean up these tiny particles..
Rich Piano
'Rich Piano' 10 months ago
Well, I'd argue that cosmic rays are just *sliiiiightly* smaller than visible debris.
Nuclear Drift
'Nuclear Drift' 10 months ago
What about missions to collect space junk with controlled stages that either fall to earth or serve a second purpose
'OptimistPrime' 10 months ago
Ok so..... just make a space vacuum to orbit the earth and suck up all the debris. Not that difficult people.
'VikingTech' 10 months ago
Holy shit! I didnt know that it was so dangerous!
greg beaver
'greg beaver' 10 months ago
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