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The Biggest Threat to Space Travel is Tiny! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Space junk, of any size, is no joke. Paint flecks can travel eight times the speed of a bullet through space!

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Scott Walters
'Scott Walters' 1 year ago
Why would they use the word flecks? -Are they not flakes of paint? #FlecksOrFlakes?
'outbacktrek' 1 year ago
<3 nature ... greatShield 4 ICBM deployment & wasted spaceAdventures (Y)
Madam Fakename
'Madam Fakename' 1 year ago
I would've said bacteria or micro organisms but I guess that would also pose a threat.
'Cetemi' 1 year ago
Sherwin Williams what do you have to say about yourself huh!
'Fritz' 1 year ago
Who says we have to launch from earth by the time that happens?
Insane CoolAid
'Insane CoolAid' 1 year ago
so why is a spec of dust dangerous than a bullet?
'Nick' 1 year ago
Well that's not an optimistic outlook on the future.
Bong Salvador
'Bong Salvador' 1 year ago
how about a big magnet..hehehe.
Phillip Morrison
'Phillip Morrison' 1 year ago
why don't they stop using paint then
'GG2K7AU05' 1 year ago
and this is why we don't find any civilization out there. they are trapped by their own mess.
Sonia Dunbar
'Sonia Dunbar' 1 year ago
they seriously need to sort that out! cant they use some sort of 'vacuum cleaner' out there to clean up these tiny particles..
Rich Piano
'Rich Piano' 1 year ago
Well, I'd argue that cosmic rays are just *sliiiiightly* smaller than visible debris.
Nuclear Drift
'Nuclear Drift' 1 year ago
What about missions to collect space junk with controlled stages that either fall to earth or serve a second purpose
'OptimistPrime' 1 year ago
Ok so..... just make a space vacuum to orbit the earth and suck up all the debris. Not that difficult people.
'VikingTech' 1 year ago
Holy shit! I didnt know that it was so dangerous!
greg beaver
'greg beaver' 1 year ago
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